Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 176

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 176-Hearing these words, the five men on the other side of the phone suddenly woke up.

Lin Dongye’s face turned particularly ugly after seeing the content of the article: “Lao Wu, your legal team over there knows what to do, right?”

Lin Yehan had a cold face: “I know, if we don’t send the person behind the poster to jail, my name will be written backwards!”

The five brothers took action one after another and began to investigate the rumor mill.

Here, after Zhao Xixi hung up the phone with her second brother Lin Nan, she was no longer sleepy.

After she got up, she washed up and went to work. It happened to be the weekend and there were no classes today.

When she arrived at the company, she found that there were many people there But when she walked into the studio, it became very quiet and the atmosphere was a little strange.

Zhao Xixi knows the reason for this atmosphere Zhang Wenwen sneered: “Hey, Zhao Xixi, you still have the nerve to come. I didn’t see that the great masters outside have become famous early. Now many studios are asking us whether our studio’s performance depends on female designers.” How do you want the women in our studio to behave?”

Zhao Xixi adjusted her expression: “This matter is the same as yesterday. It is all a lie. I will call the police to deal with it.”

After Zhang Wenwen heard the word “call the police”, he looked a little guilty. After all, he was the one who gave the old man medicine.

Now she puts all the blame on Zhao Xixi If I call the police, will they find out? But thinking about Huo Shanshan’s presence, she gained a little more confidence that everything would be fine.

Zhang Wenwen immediately retorted: “Who can say for sure? What if the thief shouts to catch the thief? Now that your existence has had an impact on our studio, what do you think we should do?”

The expressions of the other female designers are not good-looking either. After all, what women fear most is this kind of rumor, which kills people invisible.

At this time, Qin Feng came out of the office, his expression not very good: “Xixi, I didn’t expect that this matter would cause such a big fuss and the impact would be very bad.”

Zhao Xixi looked over and apologized: “I know, I will solve it.”

At this time, a call came in from her mobile phone. It must be her second brother Lin Nan!

But when she took it out and took a look, it wasn’t her second brother Lin Nan’s phone number.

Zhao Xixi was surprised that it was Huo Hanhui’s phone number.

She raised her head and glanced at senior Qin Feng: “Sorry, I’m going to take a call.”

She came to the tea room next to her: “Hello?”

“Zhao Xixi, you like to make headlines recently?”

Huo Hanhui was sitting on the chair in the office. He saw the hot search on the computer screen, his eyes filled with coldness. The villa mentioned in this comment happened to be the same villa that Zhao Xixi called him a few days ago. unprovoked phone call It seems that that day was not a truth or dare.

On the other side of the phone, Zhao Xixi was silent for a moment: “Do you think I am willing?”

“I’m scared now. Wasn’t it quite capable back then? Truth or Dare? Keep making it up!”

Huo Hanhui asked people to check, but nothing was found.

But now I saw this hot search and realized what was going on. Zhao Xixi’s phone call was a distress call!

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