Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 159

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 159-When she saw Lin Xi, she subconsciously hid her bag behind her. After all, it contained the B-ultrasound sheet. Who knew what kind of madness Lin Xi, the white lotus flower, would go into?

“Zhao Xixi, why are you here?”

Lin Xi was also surprised when she saw Zhao Xixi Zhao Xixi looked coldly: “This is a hospital. You can come and I can’t?”

After she stepped out of the elevator, she didn’t want to talk nonsense to Lin Xi and wanted to separate from this white lotus as soon as possible.

However, Lin Xi followed her and caught up: “Stop, I have to tell you something. Now that my family has approved my marriage to Han Hui, there is no help to stop us from getting together. You’d better give up. Don’t leave anything to chance.” Hearing this, Zhao Xixi stopped: “If that’s the case, then why does Huo Hanhui have to find a doctor to perform the operation on Grandma Huo? Isn’t your brother a very famous doctor? You are about to get married, and he refuses to come to perform the operation on Grandma Huo. Operation?”

The questions left Lin Xi speechless. She came here just to talk to her third brother Lin Bei about this matter.

Of course Lin Xi would not admit anything. She raised her chin: “Who said my brother wouldn’t come to perform the surgery on Grandma Huo? It was before and now, my brother would agree.” Xiu Shuzhu Zhao Xixi carefully looked at the white lotus in front of her: “Lin Xi, you should know that Huo Hanhui attaches great importance to Grandma Huo. If he knows that she deliberately lied and used Grandma’s body to deceive others, you will not end well.”

“Humph, Zhao Xixi, you should take care of yourself first. Grandma Huo’s surgery will be carried out soon, and he and I will get engaged smoothly.”

Zhao Xixi watched Lin Xi walk into the elevator. She turned around and sat down in a vacant seat in the lobby. She glanced at the pregnancy test sheet in her bag and put all the negative emotions in her mind behind her.

Now she hopes that what Lin Xi said is true and that Grandma Huo’s operation can go smoothly.

But Lin Xi is a woman who likes to show off so much. If her brother really agreed to the operation, why has he delayed it until now without showing up? Huo Hanhui has already called other doctors.

Obviously Huo Hanhui also doubted whether Lin Xi was lying.

So she still had to make two preparations this time and let her third brother find a suitable doctor for her to perform this surgery.

Lin Xi took the elevator upstairs and went directly to Lin Bei’s consultation room, but there was no one in the office.

But at this time, Lin Bei happened to rush back from the ward, and saw Lin Xi standing outside the office, her expression slightly changed: “Why are you here?”

“Third brother, I came to you because I have good news to tell you. The eldest brother has agreed to the marriage between me and Huo Hanhui.”

Lin Bei paused and frowned: “Lin Xi, although you are not a child of our Lin family, you have grown up in our Lin family since you were a child, and we have never treated you badly. I also hope you can find a good friend. Man, what’s so good about that divorced man from the Huo family? Do you have to marry him?” “Third brother, he got divorced because Mrs. Huo decided to marry a woman. In fact, he didn’t love that woman at all. What’s more, he has already divorced that woman.”

“That woman married into the Huo family for a happy occasion. Later, when Huo Hanhui woke up and everything was fine, he kicked the girl out of the house. Isn’t that ridiculous? It shows that there is something wrong with his character!”

Lin Xi quickly explained: “Third brother, this is not what he wants. What’s more, I still like him even if he is divorced.”

“Lin Xi, since you like him so much, when he was in a car accident and there was a high probability that he would become a vegetative state, you refused to stay in Nancheng and not look for him. Why do you insist on marrying him now? “

Lin Xi’s expression was a little awkward: “Just because I missed it once, I don’t want to miss it the second time.”

Huo Hanhui was in a car accident and was about to die. How could she marry a man who was about to die?

But who would have thought that Huo Hanhui would be fine and wake up again later?

Lin Xi regretted it every time she thought about it. If she had taken the gamble, she would be the young mistress of the Huo family now, and she wouldn’t have to go to such trouble to marry Huo Hanhui.

Lin Xi raised her head: “Third brother, the eldest brother has agreed anyway, and we will be a family in the future. Just help Grandma Huo Hanhui do the surgery.”

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