Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 121

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 121-After Zhao Xixi heard what the principal said, she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

She looked at Huo Hanhui standing over there, her eyes full of rejection.

Finally, Huo Hanhui replied calmly: “No need.”

Zhao Xixi breathed a sigh of relief and saw the principal taking Huo Hanhui to sit down in the middle of the first row. It was obvious that his status was extraordinary.

She didn’t understand what that busy man Huo Hanhui was doing here.

But soon she knew why Because when she was standing on the stage, Huo Hanhui, as the scholarship provider, came on stage to personally award the winning students.

Zhao Xixi looked at the dog man walking over in well-dressed clothes.

Huo Hanhui held the award certificate in his hand and looked at her condescendingly: “Keep up the good work.”

Zhao Xixi: “”

She smiled a little stiffly and took the certificate from his hand. She really wanted to smash the certificate in his face.

The award ceremony ended quickly, and Zhao Xixi left the large classroom without looking back.

As long as she walks fast, trouble can’t find her Just now, the principal looked very attentive and wanted her to talk to Huo Hanhui. He might call her after dinner, but she didn’t want to go.

Sure enough, before she returned to the study room, she received a call from the counselor But she didn’t answer In the evening, Zhao Xixi returned the counselor’s call: “Sorry, I turned off the sound in the study room and didn’t see the phone.”

“It’s okay. It’s just that the principal wants you to have a meal. After all, there are distinguished guests coming over today. But it’s okay now.”

Zhao Xixi knew this would be the case. Fortunately, she was witty After hanging up the phone, she returned to the wedding villa from the study room and saw Huo Hanhui sitting on the sofa in home clothes, reading something with a tablet in his hand.

The man noticed her movements and looked up at her: “It seems you are busier than me?”

“There is no way, the stupid bird will fly first.”

Zhao Xixi held the book and looked at him: “Is it confirmed that grandma’s surgery will be performed this weekend?”

Huo Hanhui’s face didn’t look good: “This is not something you should ask about.”

Okay, she won’t ask Zhao Xixi turned away and left. As long as Lin Xi’s brother could successfully perform the operation on her grandma, she wouldn’t take it to heart.

Huo Hanhui was sitting alone on the sofa. He took out his mobile phone and saw the assistant’s reply: [We haven’t found a suitable doctor yet. 】 The man rubbed his temples, a look of exhaustion on his brows The next day, Zhao Xixi went to school and felt that the classmates in the class looked at her a little strangely.

Soon, her best friend Xu Guoguo sent her a link to the campus post bar: [Revealing the inside story of the great master’s early award, it turned out that he had the backing of a financial sponsor. 】 Zhao Xixi clicked on the post, and the content was very simple: accusing her of winning the award because she had the backing of a sponsor.

And there is also a picture of her bending down to open the luxury car.

This was obviously taken when she got into Huo Hanhui’s car while having dinner with her classmates that day. Fortunately, Huo Hanhui’s face was not photographed.

Zhao Xixi closed the link and replied to her best friend Xu Guoguo: “I know who did it.”

Yesterday, the squad leader came to test me for no reason, and even said that she knew her secret. That woman always likes to praise others and put others down.

After class, the counselor called her directly: “The principal informed me to investigate this matter. Student Zhao, please write a good statement.”

Zhao Xixi immediately called her second brother, who answered instantly: “Xixi, what’s wrong?”

“Second brother, I need your help with something. Can you find the IP address?”

Lin Nan frowned: “Xixi, please tell me clearly what’s going on, and then I can tell you what to do.”

Zhao Xixi sent the Tieba link: “Second brother, I want to find the person who spread the rumors.”

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