Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 75

Meet My Brothers

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 75-Timothy stepped into his office with a nonchalant expression. Mia couldn’t tell how he felt at the moment.

Maya hurried over with a smile.

“Tim, I made some chicken soup for you.” “Please get out first.” Maya couldn’t believe her ears. She even glanced over at Mia and wondered if Timothy was referring to the wrong person. Did he intend to ask Mia to get out instead?

Timothy glanced over at Maya. He seemed displeased.

Although she felt defiant, she still had to pretend that she was cool with it.

“Alright, you guys can go ahead first. I’ll wait outside.” Mia heard Maya leave as the clacking of her heels distanced away from the office.

They were the only ones left in this spacious space.

Mia shot a glance at Timothy as she sat upright on the couch.

When Timothy tossed his pen on the table, a crisp sound was heard.

With a stoic expression, he said, “What is it?” Mia probed hesitantly. “Are you still going to give me the payment?” Infuriated, Timothy loosened his tie.

He glared at her as he snapped, “Mia, do you only care about money?” Mia dusted her clothes as she got up and replied, “If you don’t want to pay me, then forget it.” She regretted bad-mouthing him in the first place. This mistake cost her 800 thousand dollars!

“Grandma hasn’t been well lately. She might’ve heard some rumors, so she’ll visit the marital home in these few days. You’d better move back.” Suddenly, Mia froze.

“Grandma seemed fine before. Isn’t she going to go for surgery soon?” “The date of the surgery isn’t confirmed yet. But I hope you can behave before her surgery and don’t let her find out.” Mia regained her composure as she replied, “I’ll do as you say, but I hope you can make arrangements for her surgery to proceed sooner.” “I don’t need you to tell me what to do.” After she withdrew her gaze, she turned and left his office.

Maya was standing outside. She was boiling in a fit of rage.

When she saw Mia come out of the office, she immediately went up to her and hollered, “Why are you still hooking up with Tim? You guys are already divorced!” Mia wasn’t in a good mood.

Thus, she snickered and snapped, “Is that so? But he just asked me to move back to our marital home.” “Nonsense!” Maya wouldn’t believe it.

“It’s up to you whether you want to believe it.” Maya grabbed her wrist and warned her with a cold expression, “Mia, there’s no way you can win him over. I’m the daughter of the Lane family in Nord City!” Mia raised her brows and retorted, “I really like how you can’t even fend me off despite your deep hatred for me. All the best to you, Ms. Lane!” She gave Maya a pat on the shoulder before she strode quickly toward the elevator.

Maya glared at her direction in disbelief. Her eyes were glinting with murderous intent.

After she managed to hold back her rage, she adjusted her expression and went into Timothy’s office.

She smiled and said, “Tim, the soup- novelbin “Take it away. Don’t do such things in the future.” Timothy didn’t even raise his head. His gaze had been fixated on the documents.

Maya’s heart was boiling with hatred as she stood still. She cursed Mia under her breath.

As she picked up the thermal flask, she suddenly said, “Oh, yeah, Tim. Connor said he’s coming to Nord City for a business trip.” Timothy finally stopped and glanced up at her.

“When is he coming?” “In these few days. I’ll ask him out, and the three of us can have a meal together. Is that alright?” Timothy nodded as he replied, “Yeah, sure.” Joy flickered in Maya’s eyes.

Without skipping a beat, she deliberately added, “Oh, yeah, Ms. Bowen mentioned that you asked her to move back. Is that true?” She was so sure that Mia was lying.

“Yeah, Grandma will be visiting in a few days. I don’t want her to find out before she proceeds with her surgery. I don’t want her to worry.” Maya seemed quite awkward as she replied, “I see. Rest assured. I’ll ask Connor to make time for Grandma.” Narrowing his eyes, Timothy answered, “Thanks.” “No worries. It’s my job to do so.”

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