Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 69

Meet My Brothers

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 69-Mia was stunned. She almost forgot that she had gotten into a fight with Maya, and the latter’s nails had scratched her lips in the scuffle.

“Mia, who hit you? Tell me. I’ll come right away!” Dominic was infuriated. Who had the nerve to beat Mia?

In a haste, Mia explained, “Chill, Dominic. No one beat me up. It was an accident. When I was supervising the site today, my lips were accidentally smacked by a folder.” “Really?” “Yeah. I’m fine.” Mia wasn’t planning to break it to her brothers. The last thing she wanted was to get them involved in this matter. After all, Maya was from Nord City. It was a piece of cake for her if she wanted to do something to Mia’s brothers.

She didn’t want her brothers to end up in trouble.

Dominic no longer pestered her.

Instead, he said, “Mia, if someone’s bullying you, don’t hesitate to tell us, okay?” “I know.” “Mia, don’t worry about the house. I’ll send the information to you by tomorrow, Are you short on money?” Mia was amused.

“I have money,” she replied.

Eva also chimed in, “Mia, I know you wanted to buy a house near the hospital for Aunt Patricia. But a good house isn’t cheap. The six of us gathered some money for you.

“So, you can buy the house first, and you can take your time to pay it back to us in the future. Since you’re thinking of buying a house, why not buy a better one in the first place?” Mia hesitated for a while. She had to admit that Eva’s offer was very tempting.

Without skipping a beat, Dominic added, “Mia, just take it.” In the end, she agreed, “Alright, I’ll work hard and repay you guys as soon as possible.” She ended the call after a brief chat with Dominic and Eva. She was thrilled.

When Mia stood before the mirror, her fingers brushed lightly past her lips. Actually, her head hurt more.

However, it wasn’t any better for Maya either. She was sure the few pinches she gave her would make her suffer tremendously.

She flashed a smile at her reflection as she murmured, “I’ll work hard and buy a house.” The next day, Mia received the information regarding the houses from Dominic. The information was so much better than what her previous agent sent her. Furthermore, the prices were extremely affordable.

Overjoyed, she called Dominic.

“Where did you get these houses?” Dominic cleared his throat. “I have a friend who’s an agent in Bern City. He secretly recommended these to me. He’ll also be responsible for your house purchase in the future.” “Thank you, Dominic. I’ll take a look at the house after I get off work tomorrow.” Mia didn’t expect Dominic to be this quick on his feet. Feeling exhilarated, she was planning to get off work earlier.

Wilhelmina overheard her. She asked while applying her lipstick, “Are you going to buy a house? But how can you buy a house in Bern City with just a million dollars?” I After Mia packed her things, she stood before Wilhelmina as she taunted. “I’ve been wanting to say this for so long. You look horrendous in that lipstick.” Wilhelmina burst into a fit of rage. When she set down her mirror, Mia was already gone.

Once she regained her senses, she texted Shelly immediately.

“Ms. Barrett, I heard Mia say she’s going to buy a house.” Shelly replied in the blink of an eye, “Find out what house she’s buying.” Delight flickered in Wilhelmina’s eyes. She wouldn’t let Mia off the hook for teasing her earlier.

Mia went to take a look at several houses in the afternoon. In the end, she settled on a house that was quite spacious. The renovation was superb as well.

The house was six million dollars. She had four million dollars now from the three million dollars her brothers chipped in and her one-million-dollar prize money.

The mortgage was two million dollars, and the monthly payment was a few thousand dollars.

Now, Mia was a slave to her mortgage, too. She was determined to work even harder in the future.

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