Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 33

Meet My Brothers

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 33-Ultimately, Mia held out the pregnancy report to Sharon. “Go ahead and read it if you want. This is a report for myself. It has nothing to do with Timothy.” Her heart was almost jumping out of her chest.

Sharon eyed her for a while before scoffing. “C’mon, be frank with me. I bet you’re here to get treated for infertility. How dare you accuse my son of being the one with the problem if you’re here for that? I couldn’t be bothered to look at your report. Why would I need to?” Mia relaxed a little. It looked like Sharon didn’t suspect her of anything. She put up a calm front and said, “Forget it if you don’t believe me.” “Hold it. Do you have a guilty conscience because I caught you out? Honestly, you don’t even need to treat your infertility. Once Timothy and Maya get married, they’ll definitely have children of their own. Don’t even dream of using a child to tie Timothy to you.” Mia’s gaze was mocking. “The thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I wouldn’t stoop that low.” She put a hand on her belly. After all, she’d always intended to leave the Barrett family with her baby.

Sharon’s tone was condescending as she said, “I hope so. After all, Maya comes from the Lane family and grew up in an affluent environment. She’s beautiful, rich, and classy. Only someone like her is worthy of being with Timothy.

“Only her child would be worthy of being the Barrett family’s heir. Women who lived in squalor shouldn’t even dream about using their child to climb the social ladder.” With that, Sharon turned and flounced away in her heels.

Mia’s grip tightened around her pregnancy report as bitterness washed over her. Her regular upbringing was one of the main reasons Sharon had never liked her. Sharon didn’t think she was worthy of being Timothy’s wife.

But she had never thought about the Barrett family’s money when marrying Timothy.

Mia watched Sharon leave, then looked down at her belly. “Don’t take those words to heart, sweetie. I don’t think like that, and I don’t agree with her. You’ll have six uncles when you’re born; they’ll love you to bits and protect you at all costs.” She wasn’t alone anymore.

On her way home, she transferred the folic acid pills to the bottle with the vitamins. That way, no one would realize what she was taking.

When Mia returned to her room to get some rest that night, she received a WhatsApp message from Gina. “Do you remember the Instagram story I posted the other day? A prestigious company just contacted me-they want to hire you, and they’re willing to pay. Are you interested?”

“Which company is it?” Mia asked. She had to admit she was tempted. She needed novelbin the money.

“Barrett Group. You know how they normally open up mass recruitment for students in the second half of the year? Many students have sent in their applications. Barrett Group pays well and has lots of benefits, but they’re also strict.

“Everyone wants to go there. Things are different for you, though. They’re the ones who want you to join them.” Barrett Group? That was Timothy’s company. This made Mia hesitate. “I’ll think about it.” She didn’t want to have anything to do with Timothy. Besides, she would soon be returning to college to continue her education. Getting a job would only delay that. She wanted to get her degree more than anything.

Mia never would’ve expected that Timothy would one day offer her an olive branch. In the past, he wouldn’t even have spared her a glance. It truly was ludicrous for a woman to give up her career for a man.

After Mia submitted her designs for the final round of the competition, she started waiting for the results to be announced. But there was no news even when it was time for the winner to be announced.

She was confused. “Has something gone wrong this year? I don’t remember the announcement being delayed in the past.” Liam immediately sent a message to One Big Happy Family. “Dominic, why aren’t the competition’s results out yet?” Dominic sounded like he was sulking. “I wanted to throw a grand award ceremony for Mia and take the opportunity to announce who she was, but Eva disagreed. She’s already scolded me for ten minutes.” Eva said, “The award ceremony is fine, but you can’t announce Mia’s identity. She looks casual and breezy but is actually very sensitive. We have to keep a lid on things now that she’s accepted us.”

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