Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 31

Meet My Brothers

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 31-Mia returned home after registering for the competition. She started drafting her design.

That night, her brothers, cousins, and Eva came by for dinner. They talked about her participating in the Fleur International Design Competition.

Dominic’s eyes lit up.

“Do you like winning first place, Mia?” Mia was taken aback by this question. “I don’t think anyone would dislike that.” But who could be sure when it came to competitions? She could only try her best.

Eva stomped on Dominic’s foot. Then, she said, “Your brother just means that you’ll definitely win first place since you’re so good at this.’ Dominic nodded vigorously. He had to ensure Mia won first place. Even if there weren’t a first place to win, he’d create one for her!

What did principles matter when this had to do with his sister?

Mia didn’t think of this. She returned to her room to slave away at her designs. She could finally participate in this competition again after a number of years.

decided to get married if not for James suddenly Three years ago, she wouldn’t hav needing a huge sum of money to stay alive.

This time, Mia wanted a fresh start. It was for herself and also for her unborn child.

A week later, Mia was notified that she’d made it into the Fleur International Design Competition finals.

Gina immediately texted her when she heard. “I told you you could do it!

Congratulations on getting through to the finals, Mia! Your luck’s finally turning around! I just knew dumping that piece of shit would bring you good luck!” Mia replied, “I do have to admit that I’ve been having better luck lately.” Soon, Mia saw the story Gina posted on her Instagram. “Extra, extra! Our amazing Zoe has just made her official comeback. She’s gotten into the final round of the Fleur International Design Competition. She’ll have another victory under her belt soon!” Mia took a deep breath. She hoped she would win first place; she needed the prize money, after all.

Eva soon received word on this. She said to Dominic, “Honey, that Zoe is participating in the competition, too. I’m worried that the odds are stacked against Mia.” Dominic didn’t think this s was too big a deal. “We’ll have two first–place winners, then.” Whatever it was, Mia had to win first place!

Meanwhile, Heath knocked on Timothy’s door at Barrett Group’s headquarters. “Mr. Barrett, the list of finali for the Fleur International Design Competition is out.” Timothy looked up and pretended to look nonchalant as he asked, “Who’s on it?” “I heard that Zoe, that popular designer who disappeared three years ago, is also participating.” Timothy rapped his knuckles on the desk. “Have someone ask her whether she’s willing to work here.” “Yes, sir. I’ll get on it right away.

“Hold it.” Timothy frowned. “Hand me the list of finalists.” Heath handed it to them and asked tentatively, “Did you want to know whether Mrs.

Barrett got in, sir?” “I couldn’t care less about that. I just wanted to see whether anyone on this list has potential.” Timothy skimmed the list. Sure enough, Mia’s name was on it. A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. He hadn’t expected her to actually get through.

She’d been timid and lowly for three years. Now, she seemed like a wholly different person.

Heath said with a straight face, “Mrs. Barrett’s design seems to be pretty unique.

Should we try to get her to join us, too?” Timothy gave him an icy look. “I didn’t tell you to do anything extra, did I?” His gaze darkened as he looked down at the list again. “Tell the panel of judges that I want to be on the panel for the finals.” Heath was lost for words. Would this be considered something “extra“?

He forged on ahead. “Sir, do you remember the person at the registration that you wanted me to investigate? They had a hat and mask on, so I couldn’t find out who it was.‘ Timothy crumpled the list when he heard that. His brows furrowed with irritation.

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