Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 29

Meet My Brothers

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 29-Liam sensed how good of an opportunity this was for the family.

He cleared his throat and asked, “Mia, do you like interior designing?” “That’s right,” Mia replied. “That was my major at college. At the time, I really wanted a home of my own. Plus, it’s a well-paid career, so that’s why I chose it back then.” After hearing that Mia made her choice partly because of money, Liam felt an ache in his heart. “From now on, you have us. You don’t need to worry about money.” “Well, I can’t rely on you guys forever. I got used to being independent a long time ago,” Mia said.

She didn’t dwell on Liam’s words. The two of them were currently in a car headed for the competition venue.

Liam calmly took out his phone and gave a report in the group chat. “I’ve got news. Dominic, Mia wants to join the Fleur International Design Competition your company’s organizing.” Dominic shot back a reply. “Ask Mia if she likes being the winner.” He was being serious.

Liam was speechless.

Dominic swiftly got someone to make all the necessary arrangements for the competition.

Just then, Eva piped up, “Honey, today’s the last day to register for the competition, right? When I asked the person in charge of the competition, he said the registration was closed a day early.

“If that’s true, Mia will be disappointed if she’s going to register for the competition today.” Dominic frowned. “Who told them to change the registration period at the last minute?” “I heard it was Maya who told them to move it up a day. It seems strange to me,” Eva commented.

Dominic immediately called his assistant. “Get the ones handling the competition to extend the registration period until today. From now on, no one is allowed to change the schedule without my permission!” It didn’t matter if the registration period had ended a day early. Even if it had passed weeks ago, he was still going to reopen for registrations.

He would make sure Mia got to register for the competition!

Meanwhile, Mia and Liam had taken a cab to the competition venue.

When Mia entered the place, she saw quite a lot of posters around. After seeing one of the ones plastered outside, she said, “Liam, in the past, it was my dream to work for Vista Properties.” Vista Properties?

That was Dominic’s company. However, Liam didn’t think there was any fun in being the president of a company.

He calmly suggested, “Mia, It’s so boring to work for a property developer. Why don’t you join the entertainment industry? I’m sure you’ll become a top celebrity.” Liam wanted to convince Mia to join him in the entertainment Industry.

Also, he knew he couldn’t tell Dominic about her dream for fear he would talk her into working at the company.

“I’d rather not. I don’t think the entertainment industry suits me.” Mia said.

When Mia walked to the front desk to hand over the necessary documents, Shelly came over. “I can’t believe you dared to come here, Mia.” Mia was calm as she retorted, “Even you dared to come here, so why wouldn’t I?” “That’s right! Shut up, you ugly woman with a bunch of botched plastic surgery procedures,” Liam snapped.

Shelly was then furious. “Who are you calling an ugly woman? What botched plastic surgery procedures?” “Well, if the shoe fits …..’ Liam’s face was hidden behind a mask and a hat, but his tongue was as sharp as ever. Anyone who had the gall to insult Mia was going to pay for it!

Shelly scoffed, “I suppose you haven’t found out yet, Mia. Well, the competition ended the registration period a day early. The cutoff date for handing in your registration information was yesterday.” “Yesterday? That’s impossible. It’s clearly stated that today’s the last day.” Mia had gone through the registration information. She was sure that the deadline was today.

“If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try to register.” Shelly looked like she was in for a good show. She had spoken to Maya about this competition yesterday.

Since Maya’s older brother owned the company that organized the competition, it was a piece of cake for Maya, his younger sister, to get the organizing committee to do as she instructed.

Therefore, Shelly came over specifically to watch as Mia became the laughingstock.

Mia wouldn’t get the chance to join the competition!

Meanwhile, Mia handed her registration form and other documents to the employee at the front desk.

The employee checked the information before asking, “Are you Mia Bowen?” “Yes, that’s me.” Mia was a little nervous.

The employee stood up and passed her documents back to her. “I’ve checked the information. Everything’s in order. Please hand in your design on time.” “Thank you,” Mia replied.

Mia had assumed that Shelly had been right. She didn’t expect the registration process to go so smoothly!

Shelly was in utter disbelief. “That’s impossible. The registration period ended yesterday. Why did you accept her registration?” Maya had told Shelly that she had already spoken to the head of the organizing committee.

The employee calmly replied, “I apologize, but we didn’t receive any instructions to end the registration period a day early. Ms. Bowen here has fulfilled the requirements, so she can register for the competition.” Shelly stomped her foot in anger. The employees were all useless! Why did they fail to complete such a simple task?

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