Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 22

Meet My Brothers

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 22-“I did say I liked you, Mr. Barrett, but I didn’t say forever.” “Mia Bowen! Do you know what you’re saying?” Clutching Mia by the chin, Timothy continued to stare deep into her eyes. He had suddenly realized just how little he understood her.

All this time, she remained by his side and took care of all his daily needs. It was as if she could instantly pick up on his thoughts or feelings and do what was necessary to cater to him.

Her gaze had been simple enough to read as well. She looked at him with love and adoration.

Yet, all of a sudden, that gaze had disappeared.

Timothy felt extremely displeased. The thought of her treating another man the way she used to treat him made him want to punch someone. He really wanted to find the man she was with at the hotel and beat him up!

Mia didn’t back down or retreat from Timothy. They were so close that their noses were nearly touching.

Even their breaths mingled in the air between them. The atmosphere became a little strange.

“Hey! What are you two doing in there? Mia’s pregnant, you brat. Behave yourself. Don’t get handsy with her.” Laura had been waiting for them. They were taking too long, so she couldn’t resist coming over to check up on them, only to find them kissing in front of the sink.

Mia blushed at Laura’s remarks.

Timothy shifted to the side to look at Laura. “She’s not pregnant, Grandma.” “How would you know, you brat?” “She just had her period.” Taken aback, Mia eyed Timothy. Did he remember her period cycle?

She was indeed supposed to get her period a few days ago, but it had been delayed this time.

That was why she felt like something was off and went to the hospital for a checkup. True enough, she was pregnant, though she was still in the first trimester.

Laura was somewhat disappointed. “She’s not pregnant?” Sharon, who was standing beside Laura, scoffed, “It’s been three years since you two got married, and she’s still not pregnant. For all we know, there’s probably something wrong.” Laura nodded. “You have a point.” Sharon immediately jumped on the opportunity. “You agree with me, right, Mom? In my opinion, a full body checkup at the hospital is a must. Maybe it’s some kind of infertility.” She figured that if Mia did indeed have some kind of health issue, Timothy should divorce her as soon as possible.

“That’s right. Go to the hospital and get a checkup tomorrow, brat. See if there’s something wrong with your body. Why isn’t Mia pregnant yet, even though you’ve been married for three years? Are you sure you’re doing your job as a man?” Laura questioned, to everyone’s shock.

Mia was staring wide-eyed at Laura. She didn’t know how to react.

On the other hand, Sharon’s expression instantly soured. “Mom, how can you say that about your own grandson? He’s perfectly healthy. We fed him well all these years. He’s healthier than any other man! How could he have any issues?” Timothy’s lips twitched as he said exasperatedly, “Stop talking, Mom!” This was only making him even more embarrassed.

Sharon refused to give up. “Tell us, Mia. Who’s the reason why you haven’t gotten pregnant in three years? Is Tim performing as a man or not?” Mia didn’t expect Sharon to make her talk on this touchy subject. How was she supposed to answer those questions?

She couldn’t possibly tell them that she and Timothy had been sleeping in separate bedrooms all the years, could she?

Timothy never tried to have any kind of physical intimacy with her, and she couldn’t bring herself to initiate such things either. So, despite being married for three years, they never engaged in physical activities that were expected of a married couple.

The only exception was that incident a month ago. Timothy had been drunk at the time, and he had made the first move.

They did it in total darkness. Mia had been an anxious and inexperienced participant. It was her first time, and she didn’t get to see anything.

How was she supposed to determine whether his performance could be considered good enough?

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