Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1179

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1179-Despite her initial reluctance, Mia eventually found herself making her way to Timothy’s ward.

As she entered, she couldn’t help but notice Timothy’s expressionless demeanor as he lay there.

Carrying a tray of food, Mia approached him. “The doctor pointed out your extreme fatigue. It’s crucial that you increase your food intake and prioritize proper rest to reduce the risk of sudden complications.” Upon hearing Mia’s voice, Timothy lifted his gaze to find her seated beside him. His lips moved slightly as he asked, “What did you tell Luna?”

“Not much,” Mia responded. “Just a sprinkle of salt on the wound and a dash of psychological pressure to make sure Luna doesn’t have it easy in prison.”

Placing the tray of food in front of him, Mia urged, “Please, just a few bites.”

“I’ll eat later. By the way, the kids have been here at the hospital for quite a while. You should take them home,” Timothy suggested.

Frowning, Mia insisted, “You should eat something first.”

As her words faded, Timothy glanced up at her, a playful sparkle in his eyes. “Is all this fuss because you’re thinking about giving our relationship another shot?”

“Timothy!” Mia snapped, standing abruptly from her seat. Meeting his gaze, she retorted, “Whether you eat or not is entirely your decision.”

With a sharp turn, she stormed out of the ward, seething with frustration from their recent exchange. Each step felt like a release of pent-up irritation as she kicked out at the empty air. How aggravating. Timothy was truly a piece of work.

Despite her genuine concern for him, he persisted in his playful banter.

He had no one to blame but himself for being alone.

As Mia ascended to the upper ward, she found Ginger fast asleep on the sofa, wrapped snugly in a blanket.

Laura, on the other hand, was awake, a soft smile gracing her face as she watched over Ginger.

“Grandma Laura, how are you feeling?” Mia approached, her voice laced with concern.

Upon spotting Mia, Laura offered a slight nod. “Much better.”

As Mia tenderly held Laura’s hand, she couldn’t help but notice a slight chill. “That’s great news. Just make sure to take good care of yourself and follow the doctor’s advice. You’ll be back on your feet before you know it.”

“Don’t fret, I’m quite in tune with my body. Oh, by the way, Luna has been caught, hasn’t she?”

“You seem to catch everything, don’t you? But we’ve got this covered; no need for you to worry.”

Looking sincerely at Mia, Laura confessed, “If only I had summoned the courage to send her away back then. If I had, you wouldn’t have been hurt, and the children wouldn’t have suffered.”

Mia understood that despite Laura’s illness, her mind remained astute.

In a hushed tone, Mia reassured her, “There’s no reason for you to shoulder the blame for any of this. Who could have foreseen Luna’s cruelty and her capability for such deeds?

“Fortunately, we’ve all emerged unharmed, and the children have grown. That’s all the more reason for you to focus on your recovery. Remember how you once mentioned your wish to see Ginger and Sage?” “Mia, I appreciate your endurance over the years. I assume you’re aware of Tim’s background now, aren’t you?”

Mia fell silent momentarily. “I am. Mrs. Barrett is aware too.”

Laura remained composed as she responded, “If she’s aware, then so be it. Secrets can’t stay hidden forever, after all.”

As Mia’s mind wandered to Timothy’s agreement with Sharon, she felt compelled to discuss it with Laura.

Upon hearing the news, Laura raised an eyebrow. “Did she really make such a demand?”

“Yes. I have no doubt that Timothy is a man of his word. If he’s made a commitment, he’ll surely follow through without hesitation. Remember when Mrs. Barrett hurried to Nord City for her brother’s sake? “If she were to inherit everything from the Barrett family, there’s a danger she could be manipulated or exploited. After all, her family is not to be underestimated.”

“That foolish woman! Who does she

think has been looking out for her all these years? I can’t believe she now wants to take control of the Barrett Group Doesn’t she understand that Timothy has poured his heart and soul into building his company?”

Mia couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a hidden layer to Laura’s words.

She proceeded cautiously, inquiring, “Is there more to this?”

“Yes, there is. Ask her to come and see me. It’s time to address certain matters.”

Mia hesitated briefly before

responding, “But what about your health? The doctor cautioned against getting agitated; it’s not conducive to your well-being. If there’s anything, perhaps I can

convey the message on your behalf.”

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