Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1178

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1178-Mia’s expression shifted, her concern evident in her eyes. “How is Timothy holding up now?”

“He’s still unconscious. The doctor mentioned that Mr. Barrett has been really worn out lately and needs some proper rest.” After a brief pause, Mia asserted, “Let him rest then. I’ll take care of matters with Luna.”

Glancing down at Ginger and Sage, she instructed, “You two stay here at the hospital, okay? Wait for me to come back.” Ginger nodded eagerly. “Once we catch the bad woman, Great-Grandma Laura will be safe, won’t she?”

“Yes, exactly. So, make sure you both stay here and keep Great-Grandma Laura company.”

Before leaving, Mia gave Sage’s head a reassuring pat. “I’m trusting you to handle things here, alright? They’ll heed your words.”

Once she had everything sorted, Mia headed straight to the police station.

After a night in confinement, Luna looked utterly disheveled.

Mia intentionally stood before Luna, her appearance impeccable. “What drove you to conspire against me all those years ago?”

It had always been a lingering question in her mind.

Upon noticing the prestigious brand on Mia’s attire, Luna’s eyes flickered with envy. “Just the fact that you don’t deserve to be part of the Barrett family,” she spat.

“If Mrs. Barrett Senior could accept a lowly orphan like you, why couldn’t she accept me and Asher? All I wanted was to teach that old hag a lesson.

“It would have been perfect if she were dead-then no one could stand in my way.”

Mia wasn’t surprised by Luna’s response.

After all, toxic people rarely change.

Fixing Luna with a steely gaze, Mia retorted, “But now, prison is where you’ll spend the rest of your life.”

“Mia, what is there for you to boast about? If our positions were reversed, you might not have acted any differently. I’m convinced I wouldn’t be facing this predicament if I had been born as the heiress of the Lane family.”

“Even now, it’s truly unfortunate that you remain so oblivious to reality. When I was just an orphan, Grandma Laura showed me such kindness. Yet, she never quite warmed up to you. It wasn’t about your status; there’s something inherently flawed in your character.”

Standing up, Mia locked her gaze on Luna. “Rest assured, your time in prison won’t be pleasant. In the years to come, you’ll realize that simply being alive is a luxury.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

With those ominous words, Mia offered Luna a cryptic smile, causing a shiver to run down Luna’s spine.

Upon departing from the police station, Mia’s thoughts were consumed by concern for Laura’s condition, casting a somber shadow over her mind.

Unfortunately, it was a common truth that the virtuous often faced misfortune, while the wicked appeared to thrive unchecked.

Rarely did justice seem to catch up with the latter.

Nevertheless, Luna’s actions had caused harm to many, making it imperative for her to face accountability.

Upon her arrival back at the hospital, Mia noticed Sage deeply engrossed in a laptop, with Heath attentively assisting him. What was going on here?

As soon as he spotted Mia, Heath hurried over to her.

In a hushed tone, he relayed, “The software engineered by the development team has just been delivered, but Mr. Barrett is still. unconscious. Without him, there’s

no one capable of conducting thorough testing.

“Despite pressure to sign off prematurely to meet project deadlines, Sage intervened and identified some critical issues Currently, he’s actively

troubleshooting the bugs.”

Heath was astounded by Sage’s unexpected competence.

It seemed that the members of the development department had initially intended to cause trouble. Thankfully, Sage swiftly thwarted their efforts.

Now, they were left pondering whether Timothy had brought a tech prodigy into the company.

Meanwhile, Mia wasn’t surprised at all.

With a smile, she remarked, “Just let him take care of it. Handling these issues is like second nature to him.”

Heath was rendered speechless. It appeared that talent truly ran in the family.

Suddenly, a nurse approached them. “Mr. Barrett has regained consciousness. Family members can now visit him.”

Mia was puzzled. Why were they all staring at her?

After all, she was only Timothy’s ex-wife.

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