Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1105

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1105-Ginger was not sure how to address him, so she stuttered every time she spoke to him.

She was so excited when she heard that her brother would be discharged from the hospital and come home, so she was eager to share her happiness with others. All her uncles and aunts already got the news.

Timothy was the only one she could share the news with.

When Timothy heard Ginger’s crisp voice on the other side of the phone, surprise flashed across his eyes. “Your brother has recovered?”

“Yes, Mommy said Sage can go to school like me from now on.”

Ginger’s birthday wish was the same every year-she hoped her brother would be discharged from the hospital soon.

Her wish finally came true this year, so she was on cloud nine.

Timothy’s heart melted when he heard his daughter’s soft and adorable voice.

He stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and said, “I’m happy to know that.”

Shaking her legs, Ginger paused for a while before she added, “I’m happy about that too! Sage has finally recovered.

“I hate being sick. I have to take medicines every time I’m sick. I don’t want Sage to take medicines and get injections. That’s why Mommy and I lied to you.”

Ginger knew that lying was a bad habit. Since Timothy already knew about Sage’s existence, she felt that it should be fine to tell him about it.

Timothy softened his voice. “I don’t blame you.”

“Aren’t you angry?”

“No, I’m not. I’m sorry that I didn’t fulfill my responsibilities. And that made things so hard for you all.”

Ginger hesitated for a moment before saying, “No, it’s not. I’m doing fine. It’s just that Sage had always been sick.

“Every time he fell ill, Mommy, Uncle Dominic, Uncle Nathan and the others would get so upset.” “Your brother will recover. I promise I’ll find a way to cure his sickness,” Timothy reassured her. Timothy had done research on Sage’s disease, but he hadn’t gotten to know his actual condition. The guilt in his heart had intensified each day, ever since he found out about Sage’s illness. Mia was right. Nicholas saved their son’s life from the clutches of death back then.

Perhaps Nicholas was the only one who could do this at that time.

Ginger said truthfully, “Uncle Nicholas will cure Sage. Look, Sage is going to be discharged already.” Previously, Timothy would get annoyed and depressed whenever he heard his kids saying they liked Nicholas.

However, Nicholas had no doubt saved his son.

There was no way he could deny this.

“Your brother will grow up together with you, and he won’t be sick anymore.” Timothy’s voice was gentle.

“I believe there are gods in this world. They heard my wishes and let Sage be discharged from the hospital.”

Timothy’s mood was lifted. When he

was still trying to find a way to treat

his son’s illness, he received the good news that his son had

recovered and could be discharged

from the hospital.

Since Sage could be discharged and attend school, it showed that he had healed almost completely.

At least there was no risk of losing his life suddenly.


die aur brother like? I want

to buy

i a present to celis

from the hospital,”

Timothy said with a smile. S

He had never fulfilled his

responsibilities as a father all these years. Now that he knew his kids existed, he wanted to learn to be a good and responsible father.

Back then, he never thought he would have kids one day and worry about how to coax a child.

After all, he used to think that children were the most uncontrollable and unreasonable creatures in this world.

The more confident he used to be, the more embarrassed he felt now.

“Sage likes aircraft and asteroids. And he loves aliens too!”

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