Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1102

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1102-Raymond thought that if he did Mia a favor, she would help him with the hotel reservation.

However, even without Raymond’s help, Mia could solve the issue on her own. After all, the Lanes were no pushovers in Nord City.

Raymond felt embarrassed when Mia rejected him. “Ms. Lane, the Lanes have always been close to our family. Why wouldn’t you do us this small favor?”

“Mr. Shelbert, why can’t you organize the birthday party using the previous reservation you made here? Or is there something else more important than your wife’s birthday?” Mia retorted.

Jasmine remained silent while listening to the conversation. She knew what her father was trying to do.

When Raymond wanted to say more, Timothy stepped in and said, “Mr. Shelbert, please don’t make things difficult for her.”

Displeasure was written all over Timothy’s face. He did not know what was wrong with Raymond.

Mia had made it clear that she wouldn’t adjust the hotel reservations because of personal relationships.

How could Raymond force Mia right in front of him? Was Timothy invisible to Raymond or something?

Raymond recalled the scene where Timothy hit someone just now. He had always thought that Timothy became successful because of his family, but today, he discovered the dark side of this man. This realization made Raymond start to fear Timothy.

In the end, Raymond said nothing. He turned around and left the business banquet.

Meanwhile, Luna was limping at the side of the hall. She turned around and gazed at Timothy. But he fixed his eyes on Mia and did not look at anyone else.

Luna felt a tinge of sorrow in her heart. Sooner or later, she would prove to Timothy that she was better than Mia.

She would also take revenge for the humiliation she experienced today.

Jasmine stayed back and looked at Mia. “Thank you, Mia. I’ll treat you to a meal one day. I need to go now. Goodbye!”

Since Timothy was here, she did not want to be a third wheel.

“Okay, bye! See you another day.”

Mia felt that she should let Jasmine know some things about Luna.

She would never allow the woman who hurt her and almost killed her son to go unpunished.

Later, all the guests left.

The hall soon became quiet.

Mia knew that the man beside her had never left. Pretending not to see him, she talked to her secretary about what had happened today, including the incident involving Philip.

She was certain that someone had orchestrated this behind the scenes. That was why Philip dared to do such things openly.

She asked her secretary to get to the bottom of this matter so that it would not tarnish the hotel’s reputation.

Peyton nodded. “Okay, I’ll look into the matter carefully and reinforce the staff training.”

“And also, many things happened today. Remember to communicate with the reporters, telling them what they should and should not say. Do you understand?” Mia instructed.

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She had to take some precautions beforehand.

Peyton lifted his head. “Is there anything else, Ms. Mia?”

“Ya, there’s one more thing, but it slipped my mind. Let me try to recall it.”

Peyton was speechless. He was certain Mia was just trying to stall for time to avoid someone.

Standing where she was, Mia was lost in thought when she heard the footsteps of a man drawing near.

“Is there anything wrong?” Timothy asked in a low voice.

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