Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1100

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1100-Timothy glared at the man. “Did you not hear me? I told you to apologize to my ex-wife.”

Surprised, Mia looked at Timothy, whose anger seemed to come from nowhere.

Mia looked baffled, the situation hasn’t fully registered in her yet.

After all, it had been years since they last met. No longer the supercilious man he was five years ago, he now became careful around her.

He never felt angry too, even when he faced her mockery.

She was so used to his change that she had almost forgotten that he was never a guy with a mild temper.

At that moment, the man who had always been gentle and attentive to her became a merciless businessman.

Mia pulled her senses back and walked over to them. She instructed Timothy, “Let him go first.”

He frowned, looking at the man who was still kneeling on the floor. “Apologize to her and I’ll let you go.” Despite the pain, the man was reluctant to admit his defeat. He raised his voice daringly. “Over my dead body!”

“You have a death wish.”

Mia pulled Timothy’s arm and looked at him seriously. “Let him go first, then we’ll talk, okay?”

Turning his head sideways, he gazed at her. Gentleness willed away the coldness in his eyes.

In the end, he released the man.

The man quickly helped himself up, and began running his foul mouth again. “Feeling scared already? Coward! I thought you were a man when you hit me, but you’re just an obedient puppy who listens to women!”

Suddenly, Mia slapped the man with all her might. Pain numbed her palm. She scowled. “What’s your name?”

“You can call me Mr. Obel-“

“Mr. Obel,” Mia cut Wallace Obel off. “I will file a lawsuit against you tomorrow for causing a ruckus at the party.”

The man was baffled. “I was the one who got hit though! And you want to sue me? How dare you!”

“You sexually harassed me first. And

my ex-husband stood up for me

because he couldn’t stand it.” She continued, “I dare to sue you because my brother is the best lawyer in the largest law firm in Nord City. With the best lawyer on my side, I don’t think sending you to

prison would be a problem.”

Wallace finally felt scared, but he still wouldn’t back down. “If you sue me, I will


I everyone about it! It’ll rely affect Aide Castle’s finanSurely t belongs to set

Timothy took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands. He said coldly, “I will give her however much money she needs. I have nowhere else to spend my money anyways.”

Wallace gulped as he couldn’t rebut that.

He might be able to retort if this was another person, but that was said by the president of Barrett Group.

As a man who possessed as much wealth as a country amassed, Timothy had the right to say that.

Mia clapped her hands and the security guards ran over immediately.

She ordered, “Escort this man out of here and ban him from any associations with us. We will never approve his request for any appointments.”

“Do you think I wanted to be here? It’s not like you’re the only hotel around here. My company isn’t that bad!”

Timothy growled, “Just a heads-up-your company will announce bankruptcy in a week.”

“But this is Nord City.” Wallace tried his best to stay calm.

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