Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1079

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1079-Mia was surprised and glanced at Jasmine, who had truly come into her own today. It was clear that Raymond’s efforts in investing years in educating her had not been in vain. Despite his preference for sons, premium education always paid off. With Jasmine overcoming this obstacle, Luna’s only bargaining chip would no longer hold any advantage. Raymond gazed deeply at Jasmine and said, “Yes, I’ve always preferred to have a daughter, and Jasmine has always been exceptional.”

“Indeed, it has been widely known that Mr. Shelbert has always been an adoring father to his daughter.”

“I truly admire Mr. Shelbert for having such an exceptional daughter.”

Jasmine glanced at Raymond, who stood beside her. She had heard these words repeated countless times before. She used to believe that what Raymond said was true.

However, as she grew older, she realized that the invisible preference for boys over girls truly existed.

It was evident in the words of those two women who were seemingly belittling their son, when in fact they were showing off.

For instance, Mrs. Jonas, the first to speak, always claimed that her son was incompetent and that she would give her daughter anything she desired. However, when her husband retired, the inheritance rights went directly to her incompetent son. Despite her daughter graduating as an executive with outstanding abilities, she was only able to serve as a deputy general manager in the company, with no real authority over the group.

Those who were accustomed to treating their daughters well and their sons poorly would reveal their clear biases when it came time to divide the family inheritance. In those days, all the property was inherited by the sons, while the daughters were married off and received only a small share. However, their daughters would come in handy when they needed someone to take care of them.

After thinking about this, Jasmine instantly felt nauseous. She couldn’t help but wonder how parents could be so vicious to their own children.

Mia noticed that everything was almost ready, so she quickly announced, “Dinner is about to be served. Please go over and grab a bite. Let’s not linger here.”

Once she finished speaking, everyone scattered. Raymond also departed alongside the elders.

Luna glared at Mia with a

discontented expression. “This is a banquet at Aide Castle Hotel. It’s not

hosted by your Lane family. Why are

you acting as if you’re the one

charge here, insisting that go and grab a bite? How



presumptuous of you.” Content

Mia must have been the one who taught Jasmine how to fight back. Otherwise, dealing with a pretentious woman like Jasmine would have been a simple task.

Mia was just a woman who couldn’t stand the thought of someone being better than her. She was afraid that one day someone might surpass her so she tried every possible means to stop that from happening.

Mia observed the furious expression on Luna’s face. It was clear that Jasmine’s counterattack had truly caught her off guard.

Mia smiled confidently, her red lips curving slightly as she declared, “I don’t need to pretend to be the owner. I am the owner of Aide Castle Hotel.”

“Are you claiming to be the owner of Aide Castle Hotel? Are you kidding me? Do you honestly believe that the owner would maintain a low profile to allow others like you to assume their identity?”

“I don’t have to explain to you,” Mia said flatly.

Luna sneered “Mia, I’ve left the

Barrett family, so why do you still insist on targeting me? You were once an orphan yourself before you discovered your own family. You of all people should be able to to o

empathize with my experience.”

Mia’s eyes widened with surprise as she exclaimed, “How could I possibly understand your situation? I am my parents’ biological child!”

Unbeknownst to others, Jasmine discreetly spilled her cocktail onto Luna’s dress. Luna immediately screamed, “Do you know how expensive my dress costs? It’s a limited edition!”

“I know. I apologize for what just happened. My hand accidentally slipped. You don’t mind, right?”

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