Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1077

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1077-After Mia heard Jasmine’s words, she immediately fixed her gaze on Jasmine.

She had a strong feeling that Jasmine had made a decision.

Luna attended this banquet with Raymond today with the sole purpose of unveiling her true identity. Jasmine’s recent words have effectively thwarted all of Luna’s intended plans and left her feeling trapped.

Raymond had recently confessed that Luna was the daughter of his old friend, and he took her under his wing out of friendship. Although there might be a hint of skepticism regarding her status as an illegitimate child, no one would dare to voice such doubts in public.

Ultimately, the attendees were all highly respected and sensible individuals who would never publicly humiliate Raymond.

Raymond had revealed Luna’s true identity as a friend’s daughter when she made her first public appearance. From that moment on, it would prove challenging to alter her identity later. Luna was undoubtedly furious as her flawless plan had been thwarted by Jasmine.

Mia couldn’t help but notice Luna’s expression, which was one of pure distress. At that moment, Luna’s anger was so intense that it seemed as if she was on the verge of exploding. She had never expected Jasmine to react so quickly this time.

She believed that once she revealed this information, Jasmine would not be able to tolerate it and would immediately expose her illegitimate daughter’s identity or yell at her. If Jasmine had done so, she could have had a chance to explain or control the situation.

However, Luna was taken by surprise when Jasmine chose to remain silent instead of making a scene. Even more unexpectedly, Jasmine claimed that Luna was the daughter of Raymond’s old friend. She even stated that Raymond would acknowledge her as his goddaughter.

Jasmine’s sudden change made Luna instantly wary. This time, she had underestimated her enemy.

She wondered whether Jasmine had followed someone’s advice to do this. Luna suspected that this was the case and looked at Mia who was sitting next to Jasmine.

It was clear that Mia had been her rival from the start.

As long as Mia was present, nothing would go smoothly for her. This was evident when she returned to the Barrett family and relied on Dana’s assistance to get rid of Mia, allowing her to live a comfortable life for five years.

Luna believed she could secure her place in the Barrett family through Asher’s identity, but Mia’s return shattered her plans. She was not only expelled from the Barrett family, but she also ended up in jail.

Despite thinking that she could easily handle Jasmine, she was blindsided by Mia once more, derailing her scheme.

Luna glanced at Raymond with grievance in her eyes and exclaimed, “Dad, aren’t you going to say anything?”

At the moment, Luna’s sole hope

rested on Raymond. According to Raymond’s earlier statement, he

would acknowledge her identity at

long as she agreed to have Asher adopted into the Shelbert family. She spent a lot of time persuading Raymond to let her come to this banquet with him today.

After all, Asher would make his first public appearance at the Aide Castle Hotel later So, Luna attending this banquet today could be seen as a sign of what was to come. Nevertheless, she never expected her plans to be thwarted. S


Raymond’s expression momentarily froze, leaving him feeling trapped. Truth be told, Raymond was unwilling to reveal Luna’s true identity as his illegitimate daughter. Such revelation would greatly tarnish his esteemed reputation.

However, for Asher’s sake, he still decided to bring Luna to the banquet. Little did he know that Luna would audaciously choose to reveal her true identity herself.

It became evident that Luna truly belonged to a modest family and lacked sophisticated manners like Jasmine.

Jasmine had effortlessly handled the situation and earned him praise for assisting his old friend’s daughter.

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