Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1061

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1061-Mia didn’t recognize the voice at first, but she caught a strong whiff of perfume. It was as if the person had emptied an entire bottle on themselves. She might not have registered the voice, but she knew who it was from the overwhelming fragrance.

She spun around. Indeed, it was Shelly, who just arrived at the banquet with Sharon. Shelly was fully dressed in designer brands, the pungent smell of her perfume lingering in the air. She was desperate to let everyone know what she was wearing.

Shelly had managed to stoop this low despite being part of the prestigious Barrett family.

Not wanting to meddle any further with her, Mia turned to the server and said, “Report this to the manager now. This has to be resolved right away. Such a basic mistake is unacceptable.” The server nodded respectfully and left.

Shelly sneered, “Look at how arrogant you are, Mia. People might think you’re actually the owner of Aide Castle Hotel.”

Jasmine could no longer bear it. “Who are you to make such comments here? Mia is an expert in landscape design. It’s perfectly normal for her to point out the arrangement issue to the hotel staff.”

“An expert? Mia’s nothing but a spoiled rich bitch. What does she know about landscape design? Aide Castle Hotel is designed by a renowned designer. What could she possibly know? What does she know about aesthetics when she’s deceiving people with fake goods?”

Clearly, Shelly was still bitter about the fake goods incident. She wasn’t aware that Mia Lane was actually Mia Bowen, and she’d been tricked.

Mia deliberately humiliated her with fake goods, causing her to become a laughingstock in the upper crust of Bern City, earning her the nickname “Princess of Fake Goods”. She simply couldn’t put the past behind her.

Mia used to grovel to her back then. How dare she deceive her with fake goods now she was suddenly a Lane?

Shelly felt indignant. Now that she was here, she thought she had to teach Mia a lesson.

However, Mia was amused. She wondered why Shelly attended the investment banquet despite her insolence.

Sharon forced a smile and said, “Shelly, Ms. Lane is no longer an orphan. You better watch your words in Nord City. Otherwise, you’ll be very sorry once she complains to her family.” Shelly faltered, but she steeled herself. “Only kids would complain to their family.”

Before Mia could respond, Jasmine retorted, “How dare you say that when you’ve been nothing but a parasite that leeches off the Barrett family for years? If I were you, I would’ve dug a hole and buried myself out of shame a long time ago.”

Infuriated, Shelly pointed at her and hollered, “Who are you? How dare you speak to me like that? Do you have any idea who I am? You’re going to be very sorry for offending me!”

Mia cleared her throat. “This is the mayor’s daughter, Ms. Shelbert.”

Shelly froze. The color drained from her face, and she swallowed her words in haste. She hadn’t expected Jasmine to be the mayor’s daughter, who was someone she couldn’t afford to offend as well.

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