Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1057

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1057-Timothy was stunned when he heard Mia’s voice. Little did he expect her to show up as Sage’s backup. What should he do now? She seemed outraged. He knew he was positively doomed at the moment.

Timothy regretted not listening to Caleb earlier. He should’ve gone easier on Sage to avoid the consequences of his actions catching up with him.

Seeing Timothy in a daze, Caleb was intrigued. “Tim, what’s wrong? Did you make your son cry? Who’s going to console him now?”

Timothy frowned. “It has nothing to do with my son. Mia was his backup.”

Caleb immediately tossed his phone aside. He leaned over to the computer and said, “Hurry up and defend yourself. You can’t afford to mess with her these days.”

Timothy sighed. He eventually gave up resisting and resigned himself to watching his defenses being torn down. What else could he do? He had already completely surrendered himself to her, after all.

Soon, all of his firewalls were breached. Only then did Mia cease her attacks and glance at Sage, declaring, “Sage, I’ve avenged you.”

Sage’s expression was stoic as he stared at the computer. “Mommy, didn’t you notice that something felt off?”

“What’s wrong?”

“That person didn’t resist at all.”

“He knew he couldn’t beat us. Knowing that he couldn’t afford to offend us, he gave up resisting. It proves that he’s quite self-aware.”

Timothy suddenly drawled out, “This is a misunderstanding. I can explain.”

Mia yanked the headset off in an instant once she heard his voice. She glanced at Sage. Was that Timothy speaking earlier? Or was she hallucinating?

She certainly didn’t expect that he’d already found out about Sage’s identity and had secretly been in contact with him. That despicable and shameless man! Was Timothy trying to secretly win Sage over?

In fact, Mia had thought she’d done an exceptional job in concealing Sage’s identity. Although Timothy was aware of Ginger’s existence, she had never told him who the other child was.

But now, Mia began to feel uncertain. When and how did Timothy find out?

She turned toward Sage and asked warily, “Do you know who that is?”

Sage rolled his eyes and replied bluntly, “Mommy, don’t you already know who he is? Why ask me such a simple question?”

“Oh my god, Sage! You know who he

is! How did you get to know

he approach you with ulteriorme

motives and try to trick you

Mia’s thoughts began to spin a conspiracy theory that Timothy was plotting to kidnap Sage.

Yet, Sage seemed unfazed. “No. I was the one who approached him with ulterior motives.”

Mia was flabbergasted. Curiously, she inquired, “Why did you approach him?”

“I warned him to leave Nord City and stay away from us.”

“You didn’t hack his computer to warn him, did you?”

All of sudden, Mia remembered Timothy’s company had suffered a hacker attack before. Gaping at Sage, she continued, “Were you responsible for the hacker attack launched at Timothy’s company in Bern City?”

“Yeah, that was me.”

“Did you already know who Timothy was back then?”

Mia had always thought she excelled at keeping Sage in the dark. But it turned out that she was merely imagining things.

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