Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1055

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1055-With his gaze affixed to the computer screen, Sage hammered away at the keyboard. His lips stiffened as he stared at the numbers jumping about on the screen. He seemed somber.

He had always been smart and was somewhat renowned in the hacker circle. It had been a while since he encountered any worthy opponents.But now, things were different.Although he hated Timothy, he had to admit that he had some skills. No wonder he could summon so many people to wage a major battle against the terrorists, ultimately eliminating them all shortly after. Realizing that he had become distracted, Sage quickly refocused. Why was he even thinking about the scumbag’s past?Mia spotted Sage perching in front of his computer when she silently entered his room. He was clearly engaged in something, so she didn’t interrupt him. Instead, she took a seat on the couch. He had always been confined to the research institute, unlike the other kids who could go out and play.It was mandatory for Sage to remain in a controlled environment. Otherwise, immediate medical attention wasn’t guaranteed if anything happened to him. In the past, his room had 24-hour surveillance and he was always accompanied by maids. He was never left alone.Fortunately, Sage could finally live like a normal child and go to school after years of intensive treatment.As Mia stared at his screen, it finally dawned on her that he was struggling against a formidable opponent. She knew how capable he was, and it was rare for him to meet his match, let alone to be cornered. A surge of anxiety washed through her, but she remained silent.Sage also realized he was at the losing end. Just then, his minions, who had been watching, said, “Sir, you’re losing. Do you want us to help?””Yeah, I don’t believe we’ll lose if we team up.””No. I’ll handle it myself,” Sage stated solemnly.On the other end of the server, Timothy monitored the screen and said, “You’re already quite impressive for your age. You’re even better than I was at your age.”Sage didn’t think of it as a compliment. His goal was to defeat Timothy, after all.His expression hardened as he snapped, “Shut up. I will defeat you. I haven’t even lost yet.”He suddenly froze. In a haste, he hadreplied to Timothy through thestead of t. Content beping.netFindNovel.netMeanwhile, Timothy was equallyaflabbergasted by the cute, boyish etvoice. Removing his headset, heturned to Caleb and said, “ComeBUMShere.””What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to defeat this kid soon?””That’s not the point. The point is, you said they are twin sisters.”Caleb nodded. “Yeah. What’s the issue?”Pressing his lips together, Timothy said, “But that voice was a little boy’s.””No way, really?” Caleb exclaimed, visibly surprised.”Why would I lie to you?””That means Mia had fraternal twins. Damn, Timothy. I’m suddenly a bit envious of you.”Timothy kicked Caleb. “Get lost. Find a wife and have your own kids.”But Timothy was spiraling in turmoil as he turned back to the screen. No wonder his opponent had been tough to handle-it was a boy. Still, he wondered why Ginger could be so sweet and understanding while her twin was so aloof and obstinate.

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