Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1034

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1034-Yet, Mia found out that the butterfly tattoo was ordinary and commonly seen on many people.

It was a popular tattoo to have on the ankle that year.

She didn’t see the culprit’s face clearly. The mere memory of the tattoo couldn’t be solid evidence.

Now that Luna finally had the mayor as her backer, she wouldn’t admit it that easily even if she was the culprit.

Timothy said coldly, “I’ll ask someone to check who among the workers had a butterfly tattoo on their ankle that year.”

Baffled, Mia looked at him. “Is there a need to look into this?”

Did Timothy not know that Luna had that tattoo on her ankle?

He responded seriously, “Don’t worry. That year, I suspected that there could be another culprit, so I recorded the names of the maids and guests who were there. We can initiate an investigation if we want to.” “You made a detailed record, I know, but that’s not my main point. Have you not noticed that Luna has that tattoo on her ankle? It’s been five years though.”

Mia couldn’t believe that he hadn’t noticed it because she noticed that even before her memories recovered.

Timothy was puzzled. “You’re saying there’s a tattoo on Luna’s ankle?”

“Yeah, you didn’t know?”

“Why would I take notice of her ankle?”

His confident tone rendered her speechless.

She gave him a humorless smile in response.

Men could be so unobservant at times.

Timothy continued, “I don’t have other feelings for Luna. I let her stay because of Asher. I barely met her and I rarely talked to her.”

“Save the explanation. I wasn’t asking about your relationship with her.”

“Are you sure she has the same tattoo?”

She questioned back, “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I’m suspecting an innocent person?”

“No. If you’re sure about it, I can tell my men to catch her right away and make her pay the price!” His tone was brimming with menace.

In fact, Luna was actually on his list of suspects.

She was the one who caught the culprit, but he didn’t have any evidence leading to her.

Mia responded, “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy 1 looked into that tatto It’s common. It’s not strong ase evidence on its own. We need something else, like a witness.”

Frowning, Timothy knew that the tattoo wasn’t enough either. “How dare she do this to Grandma! Grandma had always treated her well.”

“You don’t know women well. Not even Luna. Mrs. Barrett Senior didn’t do anything wrong to her, but she would never let Luna stay in Barrett residence.”

He became quiet for a second. “You’re right. When Luna came to our doorstep five years ago, Grandma refused to see her. She didn’t even let Luna stay in Bern City.” IMS “So Luna must eliminate Mrs. Barrett Senior if she wants to stay. Then, Dana showed up. It was Luna’s chance to have a scapegoat for her crime.”

The sheer thought of what Luna had done sent chills down Mia’s spine.

If something had happened to Mia and her children, Luna might’ve had everything her way.

Mia asked suddenly, “I heard that you’re still going to work with Mr. Shelbert. Is that true?”

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