Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1033

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1033-As soon as Mia finished, she noticed that Timothy’s expression changed.

What everyone now knew was that her classmate had pushed Laura down the stairs because she was jealous of her identity.

After Mia regained her memories, she had been feeling that something was off about the matter.

In her opinion, the real culprit was still out there.

Timothy pursed his lips. “Who’s the real culprit?”

“Do you also think that Dana wasn’t the real culprit?”

Mia thought that no one doubted it, but he had noticed that something was amiss as well.

He reasoned, “There were many loopholes. The culprit was caught so suddenly. Everything seemed so smooth, but Grandma has yet to regain consciousness. Your brothers were hiding your identity at that time too. We couldn’t pry anything out of Dana because she lost her sanity in prison.”

“Dana lost her sanity?” That was a surprise. “That can’t be.”

Dana was also an orphan. They became friends because of their similar backgrounds.

However, Mia didn’t expect Dana to be bought off by Maya. Dana betrayed Mia and joined hands with Maya in order to become Ms. Lane.

Unfortunately for Dana, Mia’s brothers saw through her plan.

In the end, karma came for Dana and she was forced to quit college.

Mia pointed out, “But Dana was able to work at Barrett residence. That’s not something an ordinary person can do. Reality is different from movies. It’s not that easy to do it. Who helped her get into Barrett residence? That person must be involved in this.”

She looked at him, hoping to get an answer from him.

Timothy should be investigating the matter.


“I investigated how she got into our place. Grandma hired some people to help out with the banquet. Dana got the job after getting

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recommended by the orphanage.”

“That was it?”

“Yes. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Grandma often donated to old folks homes and orphanages. Some of the maids at home are orphans too.”

Mia recalled the past when she was still an orphan. Laura was indeed a nice person.

Laura didn’t look down on Mia because of her background. She even let her and Tomothy get married!

Mia furrowed her brows. “So Dana was taking advantage of Laura’s kindness?”

In actuality, no average person could work as a maid for a rich family.

But Laura was different. She loved charity, and Dana had taken this opportunity to get into Barrett residence.

If it wasn’t for Laura’s kindness, Dana wouldn’t have had the chance to approach the Barrett family. Let alone hurt Laura.

Timothy huffed, “I don’t want to admit that, but it seems like that was the case.”

“Nice people tend to be in trouble

more than bad people do. I can’t et

believe ill-hearted people are still

roaming around freely,” Mia said, a smirk playing on her lips. S

“Do you know who the culprit was?” Timothy questioned.

“I had a guess, but I’m still not sure yet. I don’t have any definite evidence.” She met his eyes. “When went to Mrs. Barrett Senior’s room, it was empty. I was also smacked at the back of my head. Before lost consciousness, I saw a pair of high heels.”

“It was a woman?”

“Yes. She also had a butterfly tattoo on her ankle.”

After her memories recovered, Mia had looked into how Luna got that tattoo on her ankle, thinking that it could be a breakthrough.

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