Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1032

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen chapter 1032-Mia followed Timothy out of the private lounge.

They didn’t utter a word as they waited for the elevator together.

Mia received a message from Peyton, which recounted what happened in the hospital between Luna and Jasmine.

Luna would do anything to achieve her goals.

She tried to earn Raymond’s pity by using the fact that Sharon had poured water on her.

Mia frowned.

Luna was clever. Raymond was her only savior and she would never let him go.

Jasmine wasn’t Luna’s opponent for now.

Putting her phone down, Mia realized that Timothy had been staring at her. But he averted his gaze when she looked in his direction, as though he wasn’t watching her.

She paused. “Luna’s stepping up on her game. She’s able to stay with Mr. Shelbert on one condition, which is to bring Asher to his family and use the last name Shelbert. What’s your next plan?” “What do you want me to do?” He gazed at her.

She bit her lip. “I won’t let her off the hook that easily. She almost killed my child. Judging from her character, I think she’ll come at me once she gains power in Nord City. I have to strike first.” If it was in the past, she wouldn’t have asked for his opinion.

However, now that she knew his family story, she figured that she had to know what he thought first.

After all, Asher was Timothy’s family. Timothy didn’t have that many family members now.

He arched his brow. “Are you worried about me?”

“Don’t be so conceited. Who’s

worried about you? I just don’t want you to take Luna’s side when things get complicated. I have to think of a Plan B. I won’t change my mind.”

Studying the emotions in her eyes, he sighed lightly. “Do whatever you want. You and your child matter the most to me. No one comes before you guys.”

“I didn’t ask to hear this. It’s just a heads-up. I want to know your opinion of Luna.”

“I have had nothing to do with her since the start. I will never get together with my sister-in-law. I have high standards too.”

Mia stepped into the elevator,

looking at their reflection. “How’s

Mrs. Barrett Senior doing lately? remember I gave you the reishi mushrooms in the end. Were they effective?”

“The treatment is going well for now. Her stats are improving, but the doctor can’t say when she’ll regain consciousness for sure.”

He looked at her seriously. “The

doctor also said that it might help to

have people she cares about by her side. If Grandma knows that you’ve given birth to a child, she’ll surely want to wake up to see her grandchild.”


Mia went silent for a moment. “I’ll bring Ginger to her.”

Laura did treat Mia well in the past.

“She’ll be happy to see you guys. Thank you.”

Timothy was aware that she was willing to visit Laura without any conditions.

He was too ignorant in the past to not notice that Mia was the best.

Mia took a deep breath. “On that note, I think I should tell you something so that you can be mentally prepared.”

“What is it?”

“The truth behind Mrs. Barrett Senior’s fall.”

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