Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 981-990

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 981
When Jeremy heard what Lana told him in excitement, his eyes became colder.

Good news?

Madeline was blind, and to Lana, it was good news.

He recalled how Lana filled him up with fake memories during the three months he lost his memories, his eyes turning icy.

Lana did not notice Jeremy’s change in behavior. Instead, she laughed happily and said, “Hmph, I didn’t even do anything and she’s blind. Haha! I think I have to give her a proper visit this time.”

Jeremy glanced at her. “What do you want to do with her?”

Lana heard that and started pondering. Then, she lit up a cigarette. “Um…”

“Lana, your chance is here.” Naomi looked at the message excitedly and reported, “The 52nd anniversary of Whitman Corporation is coming soon and Eveline will definitely show up.”

Lana narrowed her eyes and started plotting.

After a while, she licked her red lips while smirking slyly. “What a good opportunity.”

She smirked and walked in front of Jeremy. Then, she simpered, “Hans, it’s up to you now whether Eveline will get a complete emotional meltdown.”

Jeremy hid the murderous aura and rage in his eyes, asking flatly, “What do you have in mind?”

“Very simple.” Lana took a drag of her cigarette. “When the time comes, you’ll appear at the dinner party as Jeremy Whitman. Then, you’ll announce that you’re going to divorce the fickle homewrecker Eveline Montgomery for seducing Ryan Jones. To end it, tell everyone that I, Lana Johnson, am the only woman in your heart.”

Naomi started clapping after Lana finished saying that.

“Lana, we’ll do that! I want to see that blind bat humiliate herself in public. I wonder if she’ll get so mad that she’ll die on the spot?”

“Heh, I won’t let her die so easily. She slapped me so many times. I want her to wish that she’s dead!” Lana smirked maliciously. “When that happens, I want her to lose all of her reputation and image in front of everyone. Even netizens all around the world will witness her downfall. I will humiliate her severely! I want to wipe that smug grin off her face and let her know that the only result of going against me is death!”

Jeremy stood at one side where he listened to Lana and Naomi’s plan. Even though he looked unperturbed, the fire in his eyes had been burning brightly this entire time. Yet, his heart was bleeding for Madeline silently.


‘I did so many things to disappoint you during the three months of me not being in the right headspace.

‘From now on, I won’t do it again.

‘I won’t let anyone bully you anymore.


Old Master Whitman and Karen decided to not host any events for Whitman Corporation’s 52nd anniversary as they were worried about her health and mental state.

Too many things had happened recently and it caused a lot of harm to Madeline.

Plus, she still needed to take care of a newborn son. She did not have that much time to do so many things.

However, Madeline insisted on hosting an event.

She wanted to use this opportunity to announce something.

The day of the anniversary arrived quickly. A lot of elites from different industries, tycoons, and even people from the upper-class were all gathered here.

Madeline had also invited Ryan.

Ryan was wearing a deep blue tuxedo, looking like a nobleman with the refined pleasure of poetic minds. The moment he stepped into the hall, a lot of gorgeous socialites started greeting him.

Ryan smiled back at all of them politely, but his eyes were on Madeline the entire time.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 982
He had heard about Madeline’s vision loss and wanted to check up on her, but he did not have a valid reason to.

When Ryan was about to go backstage to look for Madeline, Lana and Naomi appeared.

Lana had spent money to buy an invitation for the event. She smirked cockily as she strutted into the hall.

Everyone was looking over at her, but their focus was not on her. Instead, their eyes were on Jeremy who was behind her.

“It’s really Mr. Whitman.”

“No way! Three months ago, didn’t he… What’s going on?”

“Yeah, how strange. I even went to offer my condolences at Whitman Manor. They confirmed that he was indeed dead.”

“I went as well. When I was there, Karen even screamed at Eveline saying she was a bringer of bad luck. She also said that Eveline was the one who killed her son.”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was puzzled when they noticed Jeremy arriving with Lana.

However, they did not know Lana. They only felt that this woman was not someone ordinary.

When Ryan saw Lana, his eyes darkened.

He could guess that Lana was here to cause trouble for Madeline.

When Naomi spotted Ryan in the crowd, she was agitated.

She walked over to him. “Rye, you’re here. You came to see Eveline, right?”

Ryan looked at Naomi with a dull gaze. “I’ve broken up with you, so it’s none of your business what I do.”

Naomi’s face fell when she heard that. She could not get over the anger in her heart.

“Ryan, what kind of attitude was that? Naomi is your ex-girlfriend but you’re treating her this way because of Eveline? Hmph, is this how you should behave, Young Master Jones?” Lana slowly walked over and deliberately increased the volume of her voice to make sure the people around them heard her. This way, they would think that there was something amorous between Ryan and Eveline.

Yet, Ryan was calm. He looked at Lana profoundly and said in an equally profound voice, “Lana, this isn’t F Country. Please watch yourself.”

Lana was taken aback when she heard this. She looked at Naomi with dissatisfaction and thought that Naomi told Ryan about her background.

When she was about to talk back to Ryan, she saw Madeline.

Before Lana could take a closer look, a crowd started gathering around Madeline to congratulate her.

“Lana, look at her. She’s really blind! Her mother-in-law is guiding her! But those guests haven’t noticed that she’s blind,” Naomi said in schadenfreude next to Lana’s ear.

“Hmph, if she wants to be in the center of attention even when she’s blind, I’ll make sure she’s the center of attention!” After Lana said that, she smirked at Jeremy. “Hans, remember to be more savage later. I’ll be waiting to watch your performance.”

Jeremy looked at Lana coldly and said, “Just you wait. I’ll use the most savage way to teach her how to behave.”

Lana was satisfied when she heard that. She had no idea what was the meaning behind Jeremy’s words. After that, she walked through the crowd and toward Madeline who was chatting with someone.

When Karen saw Lana in the hall, she got close to Madeline’s ear and said something.

Madeline smiled slightly and looked ahead calmly.

Lana walked in front of Madeline with a huge grin on her face. However, her eyes were filled with malice. She was thrilled when she saw Madeline’s eyes staring at one side, out of focus. “Mrs. Whitman, today is the 52nd anniversary of Whitman Corporation. Since we know each other, I’m here to give you a gift.”

She said while eyeing Naomi. Then, Naomi took out a box and handed it to Lana. After Lana got it, she handed it to Madeline.

“Mrs. Whitman, take it.” Lana reached out her hand. When she saw Madeline lifting her hand to take it, she smirked and let go.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 983
The box fell and landed next to Madeline’s feet.

Lana frowned pretentiously and said aggrievedly, “Mrs. Whitman, what’s the meaning of this? I have an invitation to come here as a guest. As a guest, I’m giving you a gift, so why are you not accepting it?”

Naomi looked at the calm and unperturbed Madeline while sniggering. Then, she displayed a shocked look on her face. “Ah, Lana, haven’t you noticed? I don’t think Mrs. Whitman can see.”

“She can’t see?” Lana pretended to be confused and started looking at Madeline from head to toe. “Mrs. Whitman, what’s wrong with your eyes? Why are you blind?”

When Lana said this, a collective gasp sounded from around them.

“What? Eveline is blind?”

“No way!”

“Did she go blind from crying so much over her parents’ death?”

“Poor girl. However, how is she going to manage Whitman Corporation now that she’s blind? Will it affect our business collaboration?”

“This is all hard to say.”

Lana was pleased with herself after she successfully stirred up a commotion.

She had also contacted a lot of journalists in advance to humiliate Madeline.

Now that everyone was talking about it, Lana glared at Madeline’s face that was covered with some light makeup. Then, she started provoking her. “Tsk tsk, Mrs. Whitman from Whitman Corporation is blind.”

“Journalists and everyone in the mall, come see! This is the number one young madam and socialite in Glendale. Unfortunately, she’s a blind orphan with a dead husband!

“Say, how will a blind woman manage such a huge company? How is she going to run the business? I think the company will be ruined by this blind bat soon, am I right?”

“Right!” Naomi chimed in. When she saw Madeline staying quiet, she felt even more pleased. “Eveline, do you know why you’re blind? This is retribution!”

Naomi mocked, saying, “Who asked you to seduce my fiancé after your husband died? That’s why your parents died and you went blind. These are all your retributions!”

Lana and Naomi worked together to target Madeline maliciously.

Jeremy was already at his limits. However, when he took a step forward, he heard Madeline saying flatly, “Retribution?”

She muttered that word with a smile. Then, she looked up coldly to look straight at Naomi who was feeling pleased about herself.

“Do you know what’s true retribution? Naomi, true retribution is when you tried to drug me and destroy my reputation but you stewed in your own juice and drank the drugged wine. That’s how you became the female lead of the private room who went viral on the internet!”



Naomi was shocked.

The grin on Lana’s face disappeared slowly.

She looked at Madeline’s eyes in disbelief as they became sharper and brighter.

At this moment, her sharp eyes were directly on Lana’s face.

“Retribution is when a heinous and demented witch like you knelt in front of me like a coward after you threatened me with my family’s safety so that I’ll kneel and apologize to you!”


Lana valued her reputation the most. There were so many people from the upper-class here along with media journalists. If someone uploaded this online and her friends from F Country saw it, she would be completely destroyed.

“Eveline, what are you bullsh*tting about? When did I kneel in front of you? Don’t try to ruin my reputation!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 984
Madeline smiled softly and pressed down on a mini remote in her hand. “Then, let’s all see what Miss Johnson will look like when she kneels and apologize.”

After Madeline said that, the lights dimmed. The scene of Lana kneeling and apologizing to Madeline appeared on the LED screen in front of everyone.

Even though Lana was reluctant at that moment, she did say ‘Eveline, I’m sorry.’

When Naomi saw this, she was stunned. “Lana, w-why did you…”

“Eveline!” Lana exploded. “Eveline, you took a video of me!”

Madeline turned on the lights and smiled. “Of course. I did it by using the hidden camera on my brooch. I captured your sorry face when you apologized to me,” she admitted magnanimously. “This is Miss Lana Johnson who struts around tyrannizing everyone, but from the looks of it now, she’s nothing.”

“You…” Lana was seething.

She lifted her hand to slap Madeline when Madeline took a glass of red wine from the table and splashed it straight onto her face.

Lana froze immediately, her hand also freezing in mid-air.

Looking at Madeline’s cold eyes, she suddenly realized something.

“Eveline, you’re not blind?”

“I won’t be blind even when you are.” Madeline scoffed. “You’ll never win against me even if I can’t see anything in the future, let alone when I can see everything now.”


Lana glared at Naomi angrily.

Naomi’s eyes darted around the place as she murmured, “I-It’s true that I got the news saying that Eveline is blind…”

Madeline smirked when she heard that. “You thought I was blind and that’s why you brought your friend here to cause trouble for me?” she asked Lana who was fuming right now with a smile on her face.

Lana’s face was so dark that it looked like a piece of coal. Then, she heard Madeline say, “Lana, did you think you were going to watch me make a fool of myself today? Let me tell you the truth. You lost the moment you stepped into this place because I knew that a heinous woman like you wouldn’t give up a chance to hit me when I’m down. That’s why I’ve been waiting for you.”


After she heard that, a raging fire was burning in Lana’s chest and she almost exploded right where she stood.

She came here to cause trouble for Madeline today, but now, she became the butt of the joke instead.

If the video of her kneeling and apologizing to Madeline was spread to F Country, her prestige and reputation as the powerful Miss Johnson would be utterly destroyed.

How would she be able to endure this?

Lana felt a raging fire in her heart, and she reached out to strangle Madeline. However, the moment she reached out her hand, she felt a strong grip holding her wrist.

Lana frowned in pain and turned around to see Jeremy looking at her coldly.

Lana remembered something. “Hans, teach that damn woman a lesson for me! I want you to wipe that smug grin off her face!”

“Alright, I’ll wipe that grin off her face now.” After that, a murderous look appeared on Jeremy’s elegant face.

When Lana heard that, she felt slightly relieved. Then, she looked over at Madeline and waited for Jeremy to teach her a lesson. However, in the next second, she received two heavy slaps on her face.

Jeremy was strong, so immediately after, blood started seeping out from the corners of Lana’s mouth.

Lana staggered backward and looked at the man with malice in his eyes dumbfoundedly.

“D-Did you just hit me?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 985
Lana was confused. She felt as if nothing was going according to her plan tonight.

It was fine that she was outsmarted by Madeline, but what was going on with Jeremy?

Lana did not understand and was furious. “Hans, what’s wrong? Why did you hit me?”

Jeremy’s gaze was like daggers. “You’re causing trouble during the anniversary of my company and even brought such a shameless woman to cause trouble for my wife. If I don’t hit you, then my name isn’t Jeremy Whitman.”

“W-What?” Lana was dumbfounded once again.

Jeremy Whitman!

He called himself Jeremy Whitman!

He said Madeline was his wife!

Did he get his memories back?

When did this happen? Why had she not realized this?

Lana looked on in disbelief as the man’s eyes became colder and colder. However, she still smiled cockily. “Hans, don’t joke about things like this. The person you need to hit is Eveline Montgomery! I’m the love of your life.”

“Do you think you’re worthy of being my woman?” Jeremy said mercilessly, “You brainwashed me with fake news and memories when I had lost my memories. However, did you think I’ll be stuck like this forever?”

His eyes were as deep as abysses when he glared at Lana.

“Stop daydreaming. The only person I love in this world is my wife, Eveline Montgomery.”


Lana felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over her head. She was shivering from anger and wanted so badly to take out her gun to kill Madeline right now.

Karen grabbed Madeline’s hand in delight. “Eveline, did you hear that? Does Jeremy remember everything now? He said you’re his wife!”

Madeline smiled faintly when she heard what Karen said.

“It’s none of my business whether he remembers or not.”

Karen’s smile faded. “Eveline…”

“Mom, I’ll go look at Pudding. I’ll come back later,” Madeline said before turning around.

Jeremy noticed Madeline’s departure and ordered the security nearby, “Kick those two troublemakers out. Don’t let them dirty the premises of Whitman Corporation.”

When Lana saw someone coming over to kick her out, she pushed the security away and yelled at Jeremy, “Jeremy, don’t regret what you did to me today!”

Jeremy was unperturbed. His eyes became icy instantly. “Regret? Lana, I remember everything you did to me. I’ll get you back for this. If you don’t leave now, you’ll be the one who regrets.”


Lana’s face turned white as she felt anxious.

She lifted her hand to wipe away the wine stain on her face before turning around to leave.

Naomi knew she would not get any goodies staying here, so she followed Lana and ran away.

Jeremy recomposed himself and smiled at the guests. After exchanging some courtesies with them, he turned around and asked Karen frantically, “Where’s Linnie?”

“Jeremy, did you really get your memories back?” Karen asked in disbelief, her eyes brimming with excitement and longing.

Jeremy nodded. “I remember everything.”

Karen felt tears welling up in her eyes. “Did you really burn down Montgomery Manor?”

When he was asked about this, Jeremy fell silent.

He recalled the fire from that day. Then, he also recalled the horribly burnt Eloise and Sean.

When Karen saw him staying silent, melancholy quickly appeared on her face. “What should we do? You and Eveline—”

“Where did she go?” Jeremy asked.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 986
Karen sighed. “She’s in the lounge. I think she’s feeding the baby now.”

Jeremy turned around quickly after he got his answer and ran toward the lounge.

When he saw a breastfeeding sign on the door, he walked up to it and lifted his hand.

He wanted to knock, but he hesitated.

After a while, he finally knocked.

Then, Madeline’s voice came from inside. “Mom, is that you? Come in.”

Jeremy knew Madeline was mistaking him for Karen, but he decided to just go along with it and went inside.

Madeline was not breastfeeding, but instead, she had her back toward him as she squatted next to the sofa. She looked like she was changing the baby.

“Mom, can you get the wet wipes for me? It’s in my bag.”

Madeline did not see who came in. Her attention was on the child who had just made a mess in his diaper.

When Jeremy approached her and handed her the wet wipes, she finally sensed that something was amiss.

She looked at the man in front of her as her gentle gaze immediately turned sharp.

She threw the wet wipes to the floor and took out a new one to wipe her baby.

Jeremy was heartbroken when he saw her being so disgusted by him.

Madeline ignored him. After she changed the baby and put on his clothes for him, she turned around to leave.

However, when she stood up, Jeremy held her from behind.


He called out her name softly, his sad eyes filled with passion and apology.

Madeline said with no emotions, “Sign the divorce papers as soon as possible. I’ll take the children and find a good father for them soon. I’ll find them a good man who still has his humanity and conscience. My three children and I will have nothing to do with the man named Jeremy Whitman anymore.”

After she said that, she escaped from his arms. However, Jeremy increased his strength on her.

“Linnie, don’t leave me. Please don’t abandon me,” he pleaded with her.

Madeline lifted her head and tried to stop her tears from falling.

“Let go, Jeremy. We can never start over.”

“We can! Linnie, we can start over!” the man emphasized emotionally. “Linnie, I didn’t mean to forget you.”

“Heh.” Madeline snorted. In the end, tears still fell from her eyes. “How do you expect us to start over? How do you expect me to forgive you? You killed my parents! You burned my house down and killed my parents!”

Madeline yelled. There were too much sadness and emotions in her heart. Now, she was finally releasing them.

Jeremy’s eyes were red. He could not deny what he had done.

He let go of his arms and looked at her crying face. Then, he grabbed her hand and knelt.

“Linnie, I’ll surrender and hand myself to the police. Let me use my life to repent for this.”

“Repent? How? Can you make my parents come back to life by doing this?” Madeline yelled emotionally, “How could you do such inhuman things? Even though you lost your memories and forgot about me, how could you do whatever Lana told you to do?”

Madeline scolded him, and he had no explanation for that.

He had been working for Lana in those three months.

Sometimes, he would not remember what he had done. When Lana told him about it, he would vaguely remember himself doing it.

Looking at the remorseful man, Madeline took a deep breath and pushed his hand away.

“Sign the papers as soon as possible. I don’t want to spend another day with you! Go back to Lana and protect her. She’s your woman now!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 987

“Stop calling my name. I don’t want to see you,” Madeline interrupted him and wiped away her tears.

“I never blamed you for forgetting me. I know you only got hurt because you wanted to save me and that’s how Lana got the chance to manipulate you. However, it doesn’t excuse your lack of humanity that let you kill my parents!”

“Jeremy, I don’t know how to face you anymore. When I see you, I’ll think of my dead parents, but I can’t avenge them. Do you understand how I feel?”

Madeline took a deep breath and picked up the innocent baby from the sofa before leaving the lounge.

Jeremy knelt on the ground, his brain replaying what Madeline’s words. At this moment, he felt as if a thousand knives were slicing through his heart.

If possible, he really wanted to exchange his life with the lives of Eloise and Sean.

He would do anything to repent just to make her feel better.

‘But Linnie, you won’t give me another chance to repent and apologize anymore.’

After Madeline left the lounge, she walked forward.

When she walked past the stairs, she heard Ryan’s voice. “Stop wasting my time on this kind of thing. Watch your people closely and don’t let this happen again.”

After Madeline heard that and wanted to walk away, Ryan finished his call and walked out from the staircase coincidentally.

When he saw Madeline, he was surprised. However, his smile was warm. When he saw her red and teary eyes, he asked in concern, “Are you okay, Mrs. Whitman?”

Madeline shook her head. “I’m immune to everything now. I won’t allow myself to collapse for the sake of the children.”

“Okay.” Ryan seemed to admire Madeline’s strength. He looked at the baby in Madeline’s arms. “Can I hold him?”

“Of course.”

Madeline handed the baby over gently, but it was obvious Ryan had never held a baby before. After a while, he handed the baby back to Madeline.

“It’s better if you do it. I’m worried that I’ll hurt the baby.” Ryan smiled softly. “Right, what’s his name?”

When she heard this, Madeline felt an ache in her heart.

She had wanted to wait for Jeremy to remember so that he could name the child.


“He doesn’t have a name yet.” Madeline smiled.

Ryan did not ask any more questions and only smiled. “I heard your eyes were affected when you got hurt that day. I was relieved when I saw you fight those women just now.”

“It’s true that I couldn’t see previously. Perhaps I was triggered in some ways, so I regained my vision a few days ago,” Madeline explained. She recalled how devastated and emotional she felt the day Jeremy came to the hospital to visit her.

After she threw the divorce papers at him, she left the room.

A while after she left, she realized she could see again.

Ryan nodded like he was in deep thought. Then, he said ruefully, “I really didn’t know that Lana’s Hans Zimmerman is your husband, Jeremy Whitman. I know that Jeremy is well-known in Glendale, but I’ve never seen him before.”

He said and started reminiscing, “That summer after I graduated from high school, I went overseas to further my education and only came back not long ago. My parents hope that I’ll have a family soon so that I can inherit the family fortune and business. However, I much prefer painting.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 988
“Mrs. Whitman is a well-known jewelry designer in the jewelry business, so you should know something about painting, right? If you have time, why don’t we exchange tips?”

Ryan had helped her before and was a polite gentleman, so Madeline did not reject him.

On the other side, Lana barged back into her house.

However, the moment she stepped inside, she received a heavy slap.

Her brain went blank and she was dumbfounded.

Then, she tasted blood in her mouth.

Naomi who was close behind Lana saw this and started shivering.

What the hell was going on today?

She was going to watch Madeline make a fool of herself, so why did things become like this instead?

Lana clutched her swollen face and yelled, “Yorick, are you insane? Why did you hit me again?”

“Ask yourself what you’ve done just now.” Yorick’s face was dark as if he was hiding angry emotions. “I told you to stop stirring sh*t and go back to F Country to be a spoiled princess. Why did you have to go and provoke Eveline?”

When Lana heard this, she understood what was going on. “Eveline Montgomery again! Yorick, do you have a crush on her? You’ve slapped me twice for that woman! I’m your sister!”

“If you weren’t my sister, I would’ve shot you to death!” Yorick could not stand this anymore, but he still had to endure it.

“…” Lana’s eyes flickered as she was seething. “Why are you helping her? Do you really have a crush on her?”

“Nonsense,” warned Yorick. He glanced at Naomi with the same sharp gaze. “Remember, stop provoking Eveline. If not, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

“…” Lana was fuming as she slammed her fist on the table. Then, she wiped the blood from her mouth and watched Yorick leave with dissatisfaction in her eyes. “He slapped his own sister for that woman. I want to see how charming Eveline really is!”

Naomi looked in the direction where Yorick left timidly before instigating, “Lana, are we just gonna stop now? We lost our reputation at the event just now!”

“Reputation? Heh! Do you even have one? You lost all of yours after what happened in the private room!”


Naomi looked embarrassed, but she did not have the guts to talk back to Lana. On the contrary, she said, “Lana, why don’t we just stop here? Yorick is forbidding you from causing trouble for Eveline. If you still do it, he might slap you again.”

Lana clenched her fist and punched the wall. “I want to see if my brother will really kill me for that woman!”

Obviously, Lana was still determined. She would not be able to let this go no matter what.

Naomi chimed in after she heard that, “That’s right. You’re Yorick’s sister, so even if he does have a crush on Eveline, he can’t abandon you for her!”

“Hmph!” Lana’s eyes became fierce as she touched her hurting cheek. “I won’t let the people who crossed me live peacefully. Plus, I’ll definitely get my hands on Jeremy!”

After the event ended, Madeline went back to Whitman Manor.

Jackson and Lillian were already asleep while Madeline was patiently coaxing the fussy baby to sleep.

After the baby fell asleep, she took a shower.

However, after she walked into the bathroom, the door of her room was pushed open. A figure walked slowly to the cot and picked up the sleeping baby.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 989
The baby felt someone carrying him, so he opened his huge and round eyes instantly.

The man holding the baby was shocked. However, his heart melted when he saw those innocent and naive eyes.

“Are you Pudding?” Jeremy asked in a low voice as he caressed the adorable face with his fingers.

The baby looked at Jeremy and subconsciously parted his lips into a cute grin.

Jeremy felt his Adam’s apple bobbing when he saw his smile. He could not control his tears from falling.

The scene of Madeline painfully delivering the child prematurely was still fresh in his memory.

She supported her frail body through the pain by using her strong willpower. That was how she gave birth to this premature baby.

When that happened, her clothes and hair were drenched in sweat while her face was extremely pale. She had been longing to reach out her hand to him and call out to him.

However, he was like an emotionless robot and only reached out his hand to her at the last moment.

Then, he felt his heart tighten when he thought about how this child needed to stay in an incubator for almost a month before he could live like normal babies.

“Pudding, I’m sorry. I’m not a good father.” Jeremy leaned down and pressed a light kiss on the baby’s cheek.

This kiss contained a deep apology and a love that came from the deepest part of his heart.

The baby blinked his marble-like eyes and could not understand a word Jeremy said. He only smiled adorably and kicked Jeremy with his plump and fair feet.

“You’re so cute. You’re indeed my son,” Jeremy said proudly.

He did not know how much time had passed, but he was scared that Madeline would notice him.

He knew Madeline did not want to see him now because she did not know how to face the murderer who killed her parents.

He did not want to bring her any heartache, so he placed the baby down before leaving.

However, the moment he let go, the baby started wailing in his cot.

Jeremy quickly picked him up to comfort him. However, the baby started crying even louder. His face had turned red from crying.

At this moment, the door of the bathroom opened.

Madeline did not have time to dry herself, so she hastily wrapped the towel around her and walked out barefoot.

When she saw Jeremy and the crying baby in his arms, she rushed over hurriedly. “What are you doing here?”

She glared at him and took the baby as gently as possible from Jeremy’s arms.

“Don’t cry, Pudding. Don’t cry. Mommy’s here, darling, don’t cry.” Madeline smiled softly and coaxed patiently.

Jeremy looked at her, feeling dispirited. He felt like he was eons away when he looked at Madeline’s smile.

It had been a while since he saw her smile like that.

“Linnie,” he called out to her softly.

Madeline ignored him and walked to one side to continue coaxing the crying baby.

On the other hand, Jeremy stood behind her. They were so close, yet he felt as if they were separated by a mountain and a river. He wanted to touch her, but she was so far away.

For some reason, the baby was crying louder and louder.

Madeline was heartbroken.

“What’s wrong, honey? Are you unwell?” she asked in concern, but of course, the baby could not answer her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 990
She placed the baby down and checked his diaper. However, he had not peed or pooped.

Madeline was worried that something might have happened to the child. She picked him up and was ready to take him to the hospital.

“Linnie, let me try,” Jeremy begged. “When I held him just now, he didn’t cry.”

Madeline looked at him coldly. “If you hadn’t come in, he wouldn’t have woken up at all. I spent so much time putting him to sleep. Why did you come in?”

Madeline grumbled. Despite knowing that the baby might be crying for other reasons, she did not have the capacity to face this man.

“Linnie, let me hold the child. Really, he didn’t cry when I carried him just now,” Jeremy begged again.

However, Madeline did not let him hold Pudding. On the contrary, she scoffed.

“So you know he’s your son now?”


“Jeremy, I don’t blame you. I really don’t blame you for losing your memories. I just hate that you lost your humanity after you lost your memories.”

She tried very hard to control her emotions.

“The nurse told me that after you went into the room, the baby’s face turned purple and he went into shock. I really couldn’t believe that you’re able to take action against such a young child just to make Lana happy.

“After that, I went to see you and what did you do?” Her eyes were red as she stared at the man who was looking more and more remorseful. “You choked me and asked me what my child has to do with you? What does he have to do with you?

“I was the one asking for trouble. I was the one asking for all this trouble. Why did I fall in love with a man like you…” Madeline mocked herself and smiled bitterly. She lowered her head to look at the crying baby as more tears streamed down from her face. “Pudding, I hope I can be like you, to have no worries. I hope with all my might…”

When Jeremy heard Madeline talking to herself, he felt like he had no right being here.

He turned around with tears in his eyes. When he got to the side of the door, he covered his face with his hands and sobbed.

“I’m sorry…”

Madeline and Jeremy cried silently with a door between them.

If there was no love, they would not be in so much pain.

However, they loved each other to the bone. As such, they would feel as intensely even when they hated each other.

Jeremy stood at the door for a very long time. He kept waiting until the child stopped crying and until the depths of night. Eventually, he left when he made sure she had fallen asleep.

However, the moment he got out of the door and into the car, Jeremy felt his consciousness drifting again. There were a lot of weird images in his head, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

He suddenly wanted to smoke. He wanted to smoke the cigarette that Lana gave him in the past three months.

However, after he regained his memories, he did not touch anything Lana gave him. He had already thrown away those cigarettes a long time ago.

Jeremy suppressed his urges. He tossed and turned in his car for the entire night and only fell asleep groggily in the wee hours.

However, after about two or three hours, he heard Lillian’s sweet voice. Then, he woke up and saw Jackson and Lillian. They were holding hands as they got into the school bus to go to school with their backpacks.

On the other hand, Madeline drove away shortly after.

Jeremy saw Karen holding a one-month-old Pudding as they strolled around the lawn. Then, Jeremy stepped on the accelerator to follow Madeline.

He had not been sleeping well these days, and along with the combination of those weird feelings, Jeremy’s vision started to get blurrier.

Then, Jeremy started seeing ridiculous things in front of his eyes. He saw Madeline smiling bashfully as she reached out her hand to him while displaying her dimples. “Jeremy, let’s start over.”

Jeremy reached out his hand to hold Madeline with a longing glint in his eyes. “Okay, Linnie. Let’s start over.”

Madeline was driving when suddenly, she heard a loud crash behind her.

She turned around and saw a car crashing into the divider island. Then, a bloody hand was seen from the car window. When she saw the ring on the ring finger, she felt something tug on her heartstrings.


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