Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 961-970

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 961

Jeremy called out that word frantically as if it was a reflex.

Before he could even think, he carried Madeline into the car and rushed her to the hospital.

When he left, he saw the ambulance and fire truck that he called for just now passing him.

Jeremy looked at the rear-view mirror. The maid who testified against him had already run away.

Jeremy sent Madine to the hospital, and the doctor said she only fainted because she was too sad.

Too sad?

Jeremy understood why Madeline was sad.

He looked at the unconscious woman and felt oddly worried.

Jeremy was not used to what he was feeling for Madeline.

He turned around to leave the room before involuntarily coming to the ward where Madeline’s youngest son was in.

When he was at the door, he saw Karen with two adorable children around the ages of four and five. They were talking to the baby.

“Granny, is this really my brother?” Lillian blinked and asked.

Karen replied happily, “You little dummy, this is your and Jackie’s little brother. Look at his small face. It looks the same as Jeremy’s when he was small. Jack, look. You looked just like this when you were small as well. The two of you and your father look like you were cut from the same mold!”

“No way! I’m not that ugly.” Jackson shook his head and refused to accept that he also looked like this when he was small.

Karen burst out laughing. “All newborns are ugly. They’ll become prettier when they grow up.”

When Jeremy heard that, he felt his heart sink for no reason.

It was evident that they did not know what was happening at Montgomery Manor and had no idea that Madeline was hospitalized.

At this moment, a nurse ran over frantically. Jeremy knew what was going on, so he backed away nonchalantly. Then, the nurse ran into the VIP room and said hurriedly, “Are you Eveline Montgomery’s family member? She just got hospitalized. There was a fire at her house and something bad happened to her parents.”

“What?” Karen’s expression changed quickly. “Where’s Eveline? How are her parents?”

“She’s in the ward, still unconscious. As for her parents… I’m afraid we’ve lost them.”

After the nurse said that, Karen ran out quickly.

Jeremy saw Jackson and Lillian running behind Karen as they rushed to where Madeline was.

Jeremy felt a sense of familiarity when he saw the two children.

Madeline just woke up. When she recalled what happened before she fell unconscious, she felt a splitting headache.

“Miss Eveline, Sir and Madam are still in there. I’m afraid… I’m afraid they’re gone…

“It’s him. He’s the one who asked someone to set the fire.”

The maid’s statements kept replaying in Madeline’s brain. Then, she sat up abruptly.

She felt like it was getting difficult to breathe. Her vision went black like she was about to pass out again.

Then, when she heard Jackson and Lillian calling out for her, she came back to her senses shortly.

Karen walked over and asked carefully when she saw Madeline’s pale face and red eyes. “Eveline, w-what happened? Are you okay?”

Madeline opened her eyes and allowed her tears to flow freely. Even though she was crying, she started laughing.

Karen was even more concerned when she saw this. “Are you okay, Eveline?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 962
“Mommy, what’s wrong?”

“Mommy, you’re crying.”

Madeline heard Karen’s concerned voice as well as the two children’s confused voices.

Yet, Madeline continued to stare ahead blankly. Then, she parted her pale lips. “Why do I have to pay such a heavy price just to love him? Why…”

Karen immediately knew that Madeline was talking about Jeremy.

She started panicking. “Eveline, are you talking about Jeremy? What did Jeremy do?”

Madeline bit her lip and said with tears streaming down her face, “He set fire to my house.”

“What?” Karen was utterly shocked. “No way, Jeremy wouldn’t have done such a thing. Impossible…”

Madeline closed her eyes. She also did not want to believe that Jeremy would do that.

However, the strength he exerted when he grabbed her neck was still crystal clear.

Madeline sobbed soundlessly. She was so heartbroken that it hurt to even breathe.

She lifted off her blanket and got out of the bed before running out.

She called a cab to go to Montgomery Manor. There, she saw the firemen putting out the fire that was still not completely under control.

Madeline stood at the entrance as her face turned pale. She watched as the luxurious building got burnt down into ruins. Then, she rushed inside.

The fireman saw someone rushing into the burning house and ran over to stop her.

“It’s dangerous!”

“My parents are still inside!” Madeline tried to control her emotions. “I want to save them. I have to go in!”

“It’s too dangerous! You’ll be in danger as well!”

“They’re my parents! They’re my birth parents!” Madeline broke down as she yelled and wailed hysterically. Then, she pushed the fireman away to run inside once again.

However, when she put her foot out, she was stopped again.

Madeline was infuriated. She wanted to get away from the grip of the person holding her back, but when she turned around, she saw Jeremy’s icy face.

“It’s too late even if you go in now.” His voice was frigid, and his expression was calm.

Madeline pressed her lips together and gritted her teeth. She looked at the emotionless man and rushed in front of him while enveloped in excruciating pain. Then, she slapped him twice across the face as hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Why did you do something so inhumane? You only lost your memory! Did you also lose all of your humanity?”

Jeremy was unhappy after getting slapped twice.

When he turned to explain himself, Madeline slapped him across the face again. “You did such a heinous thing just to make that insane woman happy and you still have the nerve to stand here as if nothing happened? Where’s your conscience? Jeremy, where’s your heart? Do you only have Lana in your heart and everyone else’s lives mean nothing to you?”

Madeline yelled as she cried. She never expected to experience this kind of debilitating pain again.

She lifted her hand to slap the motionless man in front of her. However, this time, he stopped her.

He grabbed the back of her neck and locked her in place in front of him. “Eveline, I told you I’m not your husband Jeremy. I won’t tolerate and accommodate you just like he did. Don’t challenge my patience again!”

He warned in a cold tone.

Madeline looked at him and laughed. Even though he kept insisting that he was not, but in reality, he was. He was the person who she could not remove from her heart.

Suddenly, she despised herself. She despised herself so much.

“I regret this so much. Why did I forgive you?” Madeline looked at the frowning man with tears in her eyes. “I’d rather we cut all ties with each other and never see each other again than you not knowing me and me being separated from my parents!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 963
Jeremy furrowed his brows when he heard Madeline’s complaints.

‘You not knowing me…’

These four words weighed heavily in his heart.

Madeline pushed him away forcefully after she looked at his nonchalant face. She still wanted to run into the house.

Jeremy knew what Madeline was planning, so he pulled her back to him once again.

“Let me go, Jeremy! Let go of me!” Madeline struggled with all her might but was completely under the man’s control. “Jeremy Whitman, you b*stard! Let go of me! My parents are still in there! They’re my birth parents!’

Madeline yelled hysterically as her tears blurred her vision.

However, Jeremy was unmoved. He only held her tightly in his arms.

Madeline broke down once again. “Let go. Let me go. Jeremy, I’m begging you, please let me go!”

She pleaded as she sobbed, “Do you know that this is the home I finally found after spending more than 20 years alone? You destroyed my house and you can’t even let me see them for one last time?

“Jeremy, will you only be happy when I hate you?”

Despite Madeline’s struggle and beratings, Jeremy did not let go.

Madeline watched as everything in front of her turned into dust. In the end, what was left was an empty shell.

After the fire was put out, the firemen rushed into the house to rescue whoever was left.

Madeline felt her entire body going cold after she saw them coming out with two stretchers. She felt a chill spreading to every inch of her body.

She watched muddle-headed as the stretchers approached her. She pushed Jeremy away with all her might and ran to the stretchers. She lifted the white cloth with her shaky hands and saw an unrecognizable face that was completely burnt. In that instant, she felt as if someone had pulled her heart out of her chest.

The debilitating pain made her almost lose consciousness again.

Then, she felt her knees giving out under her, and she passed out once again.

Madeline started having nightmares again. She dreamed of a raging fire in front of her and it was as if it was burning her heart as well.

She saw her parents inside the fire. She wanted to pull them out, but Jeremy stopped her in a barbaric manner.

Then, she saw a nonchalant scoff on the face that she loved. It was as if he was enjoying the result of his arson.

No matter how she hit and screamed, he remained unmoved.

“Dad, Mom! Please don’t leave me… No!”

Madeline woke up from her nightmare.

She was drenched in a cold sweat, and her face was pale as snow. Plus, she kept mumbling ‘no’ to herself.

“Maddie, you’re finally awake!”

Madeline turned around when she heard a familiar voice. Ava came in unbeknownst to her and was approaching her with a concerned look on her face.

Ava grabbed a dry towel and slowly wiped away the sweat on Madeline’s forehead.

When she saw Madeline in a daze and her eyes blank, Ava was even more concerned. “Maddie, are you alright? Your hands are so cold. Do you feel unwell?”

Madeline looked up and grabbed Ava’s hand tightly. “Ava, I was wrong.”

“Maddie? What are you talking about? What does it have to do with you?” Ava patted Madeline’s shoulder and comforted her. “Maddie, don’t blame yourself. This has nothing to do with you.”

However, Madeline shook her head with her eyes filled with tears. “It’s my fault. I should’ve listened to you and not be so soft-hearted. I should’ve not looked back and forgiven that man.

“Why am I still holding on to him despite everything he’s done to hurt me? Why did I give him another chance? It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t forgiven him, none of these would have happened. It’s my fault…”

Ava held Madeline tightly and comforted her softly when she heard her blaming herself again and again.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 964
“No, Maddie, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. If Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery know about this, they won’t want you to blame yourself too.”

Ava’s comforting words caused Madeline to cry even harder.

She escaped from Ava’s arms and got out of bed quickly.

“Maddie, where are you going?”

“Dad, Mom… I have to see my mom and dad!” Madeline ran out of the room, asking everyone she saw in the long hallway, “Have you seen my mom and dad?”

Ava followed behind her. When she saw Madeline in this state, her vision was instantly blurred by her tears.


She chased up to her and grabbed her as her heart shattered into pieces.

“Maddie, don’t do this.”

However, Madeline ignored her and continued walking forward. Whenever she saw someone, she would ask them about Eloise and Sean.

After Daniel heard what happened to Madeline’s home, he rushed over quickly. However, the moment he stepped out of the elevator, he saw Madeline walking over with tears streaming down her pale face.

She looked extremely haggard and as if she was delirious.

Daniel was petrified when he saw Madeline in this state. “Maddie?”

When he called out to her, Madeline looked at him. Upon seeing Daniel, she quickly walked over. “Dan, do you know where my mom and dad are?”

Daniel shook his head.

“Maddie, are you okay?”

Madeline did not answer him and only continued asking, “Then, have you seen Jeremy? He’s my husband and was the one who set the fire to kill my mom and dad. Do you know where he is now?”


Daniel was stunned when he heard that.

He did not know how to answer this question. He only looked at Ava who was approaching from behind Madeline.

“Maddie.” Ava held Madeline who was going through an emotional breakdown. “Don’t be like this, Maddie.”

Madeline sobbed, debilitating pain starting to invade her bones and flesh from every direction.

Finally, Madeline came to the morgue where Eloise and Sean’s bodies were.

This place was freezing, but Madeline did not feel cold at all. The coldness was nothing compared to how she felt right now.

Ava wanted to stay with her, but Madeline said she wanted to talk to her parents alone, so Ava decided to wait outside. Suddenly, Ava felt some discomfort in her stomach and went to the restroom.

The moment Ava left, Jeremy appeared at the door of the morgue.

The door was slightly ajar and through the gap, he could see Madeline dropping to her knees in front of the two beds with a loud thud.

“If we could do this again, I’d rather we never met. I’d rather you continue to treat Meredith as your biological daughter.

“I don’t blame you. I stopped blaming you a long time ago. When I had no one in those 20 years, I dreamed about having a father and a mother who loved and cared for me. Eventually, I found them, but I never expected us to have such a bad fate…

“I thought meeting a man I loved after losing the love of my parents would be the luckiest and happiest thing in my life. However, this proved that meeting him and loving him were the biggest tragedies of my life.

“I was wrong, Mom and Dad. Eveline was wrong…”

After she said that, Madeline heard familiar footsteps behind her. Then, the man’s deep and seductive voice went into her ears.

“You were indeed wrong. You were wrong for hitting someone you shouldn’t have.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 965
After Madeline heard that, she turned her head slightly to look at the man who was approaching her. “Get out.” She kicked him out in a cold voice.

Jeremy ignored her and continued to approach her.

“Get out! You’re not worthy of standing in front of my parents! Get lost!” Madeline’s voice became stern.

However, Jeremy still ignored her and stood behind Madeline. “If you don’t want an even bigger tragedy to happen, apologize to Lana with me right now. Tell her you were wrong for slapping her.”

“Heh.” Madeline felt like she had just heard a colossal joke. She stood up slowly and looked at the frigid man. Then, her gaze turned sharp before she lifted her hand to slap him across his face.

“Jeremy, listen to me. Not only do I want to slap her, but I want to slap you too!

“Do you think you’re all that just because you’ve lost your memories? Do you think you can murder people, commit arson, obliterate your humanity, and kill my parents just because you’ve lost your memories?”

She grabbed the man’s collar, her red eyes filled with tears. She was in extreme pain as she looked at the man who used to risk his life for her.

“Jeremy, get lost! Go back to Lana and stop appearing in front of me!”

Ava just came back from the restroom when she heard Madeline’s hysterical voice from the door.

She went in to take a look and saw Jeremy inside.

“Jeremy Whitman, you b*stard!” Ava yelled. She pulled the hysterical Madeline back to her, protecting her. Then, she glared at the frigid man before yelling, “Jeremy, what did Maddie do to meet a man like you?”

“She suffered so much torture for so many years but still chose to forgive you because she loves you, but what about you? What are you doing now? You’re holding another woman while doing all those heinous things to Maddie! Are you still human?”

Jeremy was agitated when faced with Ava’s beratings. “I said, I’m not Jeremy Whitman.”

“Sure, you’re not Jeremy Whitman, you’re a murderer! You’re a monster!” Ava defined Jeremy’s current attributes before helping Madeline out of the morgue.

After Madeline walked away, he turned around to look at the two corpses on the beds.

He walked over and lifted the white cloth to see the disfigured bodies. Then, there was an ominous glint in his deep eyes.

Montgomery Manor had been burned to the ground.

However, the investigation result of the fire concluded that it was just an accident.

Madeline did not believe that it was just an accident. Someone had clearly set fire to the manor as it was impossible for such a roaring fire to be an accident.

The person who set the fire…

She closed her eyes, unable to forget the way Jeremy had stood coldly at the entrance while watching the fire burn.

Madeline went back to Whitman Manor and saw that they had set up memorial plaques for Eloise and Sean.

Old Master Whitman felt his heart shattering into pieces when he saw Madeline kneeling in front of the plaques.

“Did Jeremy really do this?” The old master was in disbelief.

To be frank, Madeline still could not believe Jeremy had done such a thing even until now.

However, it was a fact that Eloise and Sean had both passed away.

Karen did not know what to say. She recalled Jeremy’s icy attitude when Madeline had to deliver the baby prematurely due to shock and felt distraught with anxiety.

“If Jeremy really did that, then he won’t be able to stay with Eveline even after his memories come back in the future. He might have to spend the rest of his life in jail too!” The old master lamented. “Why did it become like this?”

“It’s all because of that Lana woman! I don’t know who she is, but she’s a savage! She was the one who forced Eveline into early labor!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 966

After Karen said that, a woman’s pleased laughter came from the door.

Lana was wearing a sexy red dress as she strutted inside while smoking a cigarette.

“Lana!” Karen was infuriated. “You’re just in time, you succubus! You caused my son to lose his memories, my daughter-in-law to deliver her baby prematurely, and killed my in-laws! I’m going to kill you!”

Karen grabbed a broom and swung it violently at Lana.


Jeremy appeared in time to stop her.

“Don’t you dare touch her.”

Karen stopped the broom mid-air and looked at the man walking toward her. Then, she put down the broom angrily.

“Jeremy, why won’t you wake up? She caused your wife to deliver her baby prematurely and used you to kill your in-laws! How can you still defend her?”

Karen berated, only for Jeremy to say nonchalantly, “When did I kill my in-laws? I’m not Jeremy.”

“You…” Karen was so angry that she was speechless.

Old Master Whitman walked in front of Jeremy with his cane and looked at his face closely. It was his grandson indeed.

“Jeremy, do you know what you’re doing? You hurt Eveline so much back then and did so many things to get her back. Do you want to destroy the chance Eveline gave you again?”

Lana scoffed arrogantly, taking a drag from her cigarette. “Where’s Eveline? Tell her to come out.”

“You shameless homewrecker! Who are you to see my daughter-in-law? Get out!” Karen was genuinely trying to protect Madeline, so she blocked Lana from entering. “Get out of our house!”

“Your house?” Lana snorted, her eyes darkening. “If you don’t want your house to end up like Montgomery Manor, then get out of my way.”

“Even if you burn this place down, I won’t let you step foot into my house!” Karen was firm.

There was displeasure on Lana’s face. When she wanted to tell Jeremy to teach Karen a lesson, Madeline appeared.

She was wearing a white shirt, and her hair was in a low ponytail. Her bare face was flawless, and she still looked gorgeous despite looking slightly haggard.

When Jeremy saw Madeline, his gaze was glued to her delicate face for quite a while.

Lana noticed Madeline’s swollen and red eyes. She smirked as she held her cigarette in her hand. Then, she pushed Karen away to walk in front of Madeline.

“Tsk tsk, poor baby.” Lana looked at Madeline. “Are you scared now? Eveline, this is what you get for putting your hands on me.”

She smirked and got close to Madeline’s ear, saying in a low voice, “Is your heart hurting? The man you love the most burned down your house and killed your parents. Even if he gets his memories back one day, you’ll never end up together ever again. Don’t you think I’m smart for doing this?”

Lana continued to mock arrogantly.

“This is what you get for going against me, Eveline. I’ll wear down on your sharp edges bit by bit, tormenting slowly. I won’t end this so quickly.”

Lana laughed and turned around. Suddenly, she felt something hit the back of her head.

She turned around furiously and saw Jackson throwing two oranges at her. “You evil woman!”

Jackson was yelling at Lana. Then, he looked at Jeremy who was not reacting to him at all. He asked in confusion, “Daddy, why are you staying with this evil woman? Are you abandoning Mommy? Mommy will be so sad. Can’t you see that, Daddy?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 967
Lana’s face fell. “Eveline, is this your son?”

Madeline quickly pulled Jackson behind her as she was scared that Lana would take action against him. “Jack, go back and stay with Lily. Don’t come out.”

Jackson frowned. “But Mommy…”

“Listen to me. Go in now.”

“Okay.” Jackson nodded and looked at Jeremy who had his eyes on him. “Daddy, when are you coming home? Lily and I miss you,” the little guy added before looking at Jeremy reluctantly and going back.

Jeremy looked blankly at the little boy who left. Suddenly, he felt dispirited for no reason.

However, his gaze went back to Madeline almost instantly.

It was evident that she had cried before. However, since she was born beautiful, she was still stunning even though she was not in the best state.

Lana did not notice Jeremy staring at Madeline and only fixed her hair in agitation.

“Eveline, your son is just like you. Both of you just love looking for trouble and asking for death!”

Her statement was filled with hints and warnings.

“All of the people who dared to go against me have disappeared from the face of the earth. Eveline, if you don’t want your son to end up like your parents, kneel and apologize to me and my friend Naomi in front of Whitman Corporation tomorrow. If not…”

Lana’s eyes looked vicious as she got close to Madeline’s ear and murmured, “If not, you’ll see your son dying in the hands of the man you love.”

She threatened, her smirk becoming cockier and cockier.

When she turned around, she called out to Jeremy, “Hans, Miss Montgomery is so sad right now. Since you look like her husband, you should comfort her. I’ll be waiting in the car.”

Lana walked away while feeling pleased with herself as she puffed on her cigarette.

After Lana left, Karen hurried over to talk to Jeremy. However, Jeremy ignored Karen and walked straight over to Madeline.

“If you don’t want people around you to get hurt, show up on time tomorrow to apologize.” His voice was icy, and it was clear that he was siding with Lana.

Madeline looked at Jeremy with no warmth in her eyes. “Get lost.”

“Eveline, stop asking for trouble.”

Madeline’s expression remained unchanged as she added coldly, “Go back to your deranged woman and get out of my sight.”

Jeremy frowned. “You’re so stubborn.”

“You’re right. I am very stubborn. I chose you because I was stupid. I should’ve cut all ties with you so at least my parents wouldn’t have died in the fire!”

Madeline scoffed in self-mockery, hatred oozing off her charming eyes.

“Get out now. Take your woman and go!”

Jeremy did not say anything when he saw Madeline being so firm with her decision. Therefore, he turned around and left.

Karen chased after him. “Jeremy, I’m asking you now. Did you really set fire to Montgomery Manor?”

Jeremy replied impatiently, “Stop making me repeat myself. I’m not your son.”

“You are my son!” Karen replied firmly, “Eveline also came back with a different name back then, so I don’t believe there’ll be two people who look exactly the same in this world. You’re my son!”

Jeremy did not want to explain to Karen anymore, so he got into the car and drove away.

However, he still had Madeline’s cold gaze and words replaying in his head.

“What are you thinking about?” Lana asked when she saw Jeremy staying silent.

Jeremy lifted his head. “Did you set the house on fire?”

“Dummy, why would I do that? Did you forget that you’re the one who did that?” Lana’s gaze was amorous. “Hans, are you feeling sorry for Eveline? Did you forget how she slapped me in front of you? I have to make her pay for it, no?”

“You didn’t have to kill her parents.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 968
“Who asked her parents to do a background check on me?” Lana was not bothered. For her, money and power were far more valuable than human life.

“Hans, Eveline is pretty good-looking. Could it be that you’re falling for her?” Lana asked while moving closer to Jeremy.

“How can a dull woman like her compare to me? She’s only good-looking, but beauty is not everything.”

Lana trusted her charm. When she saw Jeremy staying silent, she smiled to flatter him.
“Hans, are you blaming me for going too far? You have to understand that we can’t let people find out about the Stygian Johnsons’ background. If not, we’ll get into trouble. You don’t want anything to happen to me, right?”

Jeremy smiled superficially after he heard that. “Of course not.”

“I knew you wouldn’t.” Lana smiled bashfully as she tried to get close to Jeremy to get a kiss. However, Jeremy asked the driver to stop driving all of a sudden.

“Hans, where are you going?”

Jeremy’s eyes were cold as he said, “I think I’m going too easy on Eveline. I need to go back for a bit.”

Lana’s eyes lit up. “Hans, what do you want to do to her?”

“I want her to feel even more pain.”

Even more pain?

Lana was delighted with this answer.

However, after Jeremy got out of the car, he did not go to look for Madeline. On the contrary, he went to Montgomery Manor that had been burned to the ground.

He felt an odd sense of familiarity when he looked at the ground.

He felt as if he had been here before.

He walked into the door, and the burnt smell was still as strong.

It was such a huge building and it was burned down just like that. Obviously, it was not just a simple fire.

However, Lana told him that he was the one who set the fire.

He recalled that evening when Lana asked him to come here and he did.

Yet, when he arrived, the house was already in flames.

He had set the fire.

However, he did not have any memories of that.

Jeremy walked in and tried to find something in the rubble, but he did not find anything.

It was already sunset unbeknownst to him.

When Jeremy was leaving, he saw Madeline.

She was all alone as she wandered mindlessly into the burned rubble, her eyes filled with tears.

Jeremy wanted to avoid her and keep moving, but she was walking straight toward him.

Madeline turned around when she heard noises, and when she saw Jeremy’s tall, slender frame, her eyes became stern. “What are you doing here? Do you want to destroy the evidence of you setting the fire?”

Jeremy was unperturbed. “If I were the one behind it, then I wouldn’t be here.”

“Heh, sure. You have a woman to wipe your butt for you, so of course you can do whatever you want.” Madeline mocked. “This is my home. Even if it has turned into nothing, I won’t allow a cold-blooded murderer like you to step foot inside. Get out.”

Jeremy’s eyes became sharp, and there was a flash of dominance in his eyes. He walked over to Madeline. “I can do whatever I want and no one can stop me. Not even you.”

He reached out his hand to pull Madeline to him. “I told you, a strong woman will only trigger a man’s dominance. Eveline, it looks like you’ve already elicited my interest toward you.”

He pretended to kiss her, but Madeline fought back with all her might. “Don’t touch me, you b*stard!”

However, Jeremy did not let go. While they were fighting, he ripped apart Madeline’s shirt.

Her delicate collarbone and round shoulders entered his vision. However, he did not notice those things. When he saw the faded shell pendant around Madeline’s neck and above her heaving chest, he felt as if his spirit had left his body.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 969
Jeremy focused all of his attention on the colorful shell.

Suddenly, the same image appeared in his brain again.

Under the hot summer sun, he had his back against a little girl as he ran along the beach hurriedly.

The little girl circled her arms around his neck and called out to him sweetly…


When Jeremy was immersed in his flashbacks and was about to hear the little girl calling out his name, he received another heavy slap from Madeline.

Madeline ripped her necklace away from her neck in front of Jeremy and threw it on the ground.

“I should just forget about you. You didn’t kill my parents, I did! I shouldn’t have forgiven you and I shouldn’t have given you a chance to start over!”

She pushed him away and started running.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s back before squatting down to pick up the smashed shell necklace.

It was such a normal-looking shell, but for some reason, it looked so familiar and special to him.

Madeline ran out of the entrance and continued to run aimlessly.

She came to the manor seeking some warmth and memories, but she never expected to run into Jeremy.

She said she regretted this, but so what?

Even if she regretted it, she could not lie to herself and pretend that she did not love him anymore as if she had already let him go.

Madeline ran extremely far in a single breath. The rays of the sunset were unable to get rid of the bitterness and coldness in her heart.

She then fell to the ground and knelt.

The first rain in the early autumn came all of a sudden. The dense raindrops drenched her entire body, and at the same time, it also drenched her heart.


She lowered her eyelids and asked herself in pain.

“Why? Why do I have to suffer all these just because I love him?”

Madeline lifted her head, looking at the gloomy sky. Her hot tears and the cold rain were intertwined together.

“God, if I’ve sinned, please punish me and not the people around me, please!”

Madeline knelt in the rain as she fell into an abyss of pain.

Madeline did not know when she passed out. However, when she woke up, she realized she was in a strange bed. Everything around her was foreign to her as well.

When she was about to get up, Ryan appeared in her vision.

“Mrs. Whitman, it’s great that you’re up.” There was a soft smile on Ryan’s gentle face.

He handed a cup of freshly brewed ginger tea to Madeline.

“Have some ginger tea so that you won’t get a fever.”

Madeline sat up after coming back to her senses. When she lowered her head, she saw that someone had changed her clothes.

“I asked my maid to change your clothes. You were out in the rain for so long that you were completely soaked.”

“Thanks.” Madeline took over the cup. The tea was scalding hot when she held the cup in her hands, but her heart still felt like it was in an ice cave.

Ryan explained when he saw Madeline’s puzzlement, “I heard something bad happened to your house, so I wanted to see if I could help. When I got to the door, I saw you running out. I was worried that something bad would happen to you, so I followed you.

“I knew you were feeling terrible, so I didn’t dare to disturb you. However, I felt bad when I saw you in the rain. I wanted to go over to tell you to get into the car, but you fainted the moment I approached you.”

Madeline thanked him sincerely after she knew what happened. “Thank you, Mr. Jones. You’ve saved me again.”

“No need to thank me. Actually, you’re the one who saved me.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 970
Madeline looked at the smiling man in surprise. “Did you just say I saved you, Mr. Jones?”

Ryan was taken aback when he heard that. Then, he nodded.

“I don’t know if you remember this, though.” Ryan held a coin in between his fingers.

Madeline shook her head in confusion. “No.”

“So you’ve indeed forgotten about it.” Ryan chuckled in slight disappointment. When he was about to explain, Mrs. Jones walked in.

Compared to her aggressive attitude that day, she looked much friendlier and approachable this time.

“I heard about what happened to your house, Miss Montgomery. If you don’t have a place to go for the time being, you can stay in our guest room. I’m sorry for what happened before and I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

Madeline placed the cup down and got out of bed. “Thank you for your kindness, Mrs. Jones. It was just a misunderstanding, so I won’t take it to heart.”

She looked at the time and noticed it was the next morning.

“I need to go now. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

“You don’t have to be in such a rush. You can clean up and have some breakfast first. I’ll send you to wherever you want to go later.” Ryan was extremely courteous.

Madeline figured that it would not be appropriate for her to go out like this, so she accepted Ryan’s offer.

After she cleaned herself up, she changed into the clothes that the maids fetched her under Ryan’s orders before going downstairs.

After she ate some breakfast, she got into Ryan’s car and arrived in front of Whitman Corporation.

Madeline thanked Ryan before walking to the front door. However, an angry voice called out her name all of a sudden from behind, “Eveline Montgomery!”

Madeline stopped in her tracks and saw Naomi charging over at her with a malicious look on her face.

“You’re indeed seducing Rye!” Naomi pointed at Madeline’s clothes angrily. “These are the clothes that I had my eyes on! Ryan ordered them for me online and now they’re on you!”

Naomi was getting more and more furious as she spoke. There were also jealousy and hatred behind her gaze.

“Last night, I saw him carrying you into the house and you only came out this morning. Eveline, how dare you say the tabloids and paparazzi are the ones spreading rumors about you? You and Ryan are indeed having an affair!”

It was working hours. Many employees and passersby were looking over at them when they saw this happening.

Naomi folded her arms across her chest. “This is the number one socialite in Glendale, Eveline Montgomery. The moment her husband died, she came to seduce my fiancé. She’s such a fickle wh*re!”

“Shut up!”

Ryan got out of the car and hurried over to stop Naomi from slandering Madeline.

“Naomi, I’ve broken up with you. Plus, Mrs. Whitman and I are only friends, so don’t spew anymore nonsense.”

Naomi was infuriated. “Rye, I dated you for two years and you’re treating me this way because of this fickle woman?”

“Ryan, you’re so protective of Eveline that it’s hard for people not to misunderstand you two.” Lana’s voice sounded.

Madeline looked at the man next to Lana and clenched her fists.

Lana laughed while feeling pleased with herself. She looked at everyone around her and stood in front of Madeline. “Eveline, Naomi and I are here. It’s time for you to kneel and apologize to us.”

“What? Kneel and apologize?” Everyone went crazy when they heard that.

“Who is this woman? How dare she ask Mrs. Whitman to apologize to her?”

Lana curled her red lips and smirked arrogantly. “You don’t need to know who I am. You just have to know that someone will kneel here and beg for forgiveness. You just need to watch.”

Naomi was surprised when she heard that.

Lana walked in front of Madeline. “Eveline, what are you waiting for? Perhaps, you want to see Jeremy taking action against your son? If you want your son to meet your parents in hell, then just stand still!”

Lana threatened. After she said that, she turned around to leave.

Madeline quickly reached out her hand and grabbed Lana’s wrist. “You’re right. Someone is going to kneel and apologize, but that person is not me. It’s you!”

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