Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 951-960

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 951
Madeline noticed a dark outline in her peripheral vision. She realized that the outline turned out to be a man, and she quickly hid.

However, while she was trying to hide, she noticed that the man was Jeremy.

Jeremy locked the door behind him and sauntered to the bedside where Madeline was breastfeeding the baby.

His elegant face was calm while his deep-seated eyes looked lifeless as he stared coldly at Madeline.

Madeline no longer tried to avoid him and faced the man who was walking toward her, her ears suddenly getting warm.

“What brings you here, Mr. Zimmerman?” Despite greeting him as such, Madeline knew it well that he was Jeremy Whitman.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s lips. “You’ve made my woman unhappy. So, I’m going to make you feel miserable as well.”

Madeline was holding on dearly to the baby, gently squeezing the baby’s little finger. However, given the current situation, she could not take action rashly.

The baby in her arms widened his eyes, earnestly drinking milk without knowing what was going on at that moment.

Initially, she thought she could take good care of the baby along with Jeremy after giving birth. Unfortunately, her life was always full of obstacles.

Helplessly, she smiled. She stared at the baby in her arms, and the sight soothed her emotions.

The moment she lifted her gaze, she found that Jeremy was staring hard at her.

Suddenly, Madeline felt her cheeks turn warm. Even though he had looked at her so many times before, she still felt unpleasant when Jeremy was staring at her now.

She attempted to get up to change position, but Jeremy suddenly stretched out his arm. His icy cold fingers were placed on the little mole on her left breast.

She was in a daze for a few seconds before she noticed Jeremy staring at the mole while muttering something under his mouth.

‘Could it be that he still has some impression of this mole?’

Just when she was deep in her thoughts, Jeremy suddenly removed his fingers and grasped her chin.

His stony face shifted to her front while his lifeless eyes stared at her with a critical gaze.

“So, this is the number one gorgeous celebrity in Glendale—a famous designer in the jewelry industry and a perfumer.” He pointed out Madeline’s status and let out a burst of soft laughter. Nevertheless, his laughter no longer contained the warmth that he used to treat Madeline with. His laughter was more sinister and disdainful.

“Eveline, do you like this face of mine?” he suddenly asked in a deep and flirtatious voice.

Madeline had no idea what was the man before her up to. She was about to speak, but his silhouette suddenly leaned near her and kissed her on her lips.

“…” Madeline rejected by tilting her head. “What are you doing? Are you thinking of doing the same thing back at April Hill? Sneakily taking pictures of me kissing you, then disclosing it to the public and misleading them that I’m a playgirl?”

“Hmph.” Jeremy did not answer her. Instead, he let out a smirk and kissed her once again.

Madeline could not shove him away as she was carrying her baby.

She wanted to turn away, but Jeremy was pressing on her head.

He kissed her cheeks, and just when he was about to proceed downward, Madeline got to her feet. She placed her baby back into the incubator and quickly put on her clothes.

However, Jeremy had yanked her over to him and locked her right in front of him.

“Tomorrow, you’d better arrive at the villa you came before if you don’t want anything to happen to your baby.”

“Are you trying to threaten me, Mr. Zimmerman?” With composed emotions, Madeline asked with a smile, “Aside from using my kids to threaten a fragile woman like me, aren’t there any other methods you guys can adopt?”

“Fragile?” Jeremy spoke in a suspicious tone and blurted a bitter comment, “Then, I shall have to look with my own eyes, how ‘fragile’ you are.”

He released Madeline and left the scene without looking back.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 952
Madeline was not bothered about the attitude Jeremy had while dealing with her but was bothered that from the beginning to the end, he had never looked at the baby at all.

‘That’s his biological kid, yet he didn’t even bother glancing at him.

‘People used to say one will have a sense for their biological kid, but to him, it seemed like he didn’t sense anything at all.

“Jeremy, perhaps your heart now only contains that lady, Lana, right?”

Madeline let out a smile helplessly and went back to the incubator. Staring at the baby who was sound asleep, she felt rather bitter yet comforted in her heart.

On the next day, Madeline did not obey Jeremy’s order to head over to the villa.

She would not believe Jeremy would lose all his humanity and harm her kid. However, when afternoon arrived, she left the ward for a moment and when she was back, a nurse approached her anxiously. “Earlier when I came in, I saw a man coming out from here. When I headed over to look at the young master, I noticed his face was purple and he wasn’t breathing. He’s in the emergency room right now for resuscitation.”

Madeline felt as though her heart was being clenched by an invisible hand. She took out her phone and pointed at the screen, “Is this the man?”

The nurse glanced at the screen and replied with her eyes glittering, “Yes, it’s this man. I remember he looked very handsome.”

The answer made her heartbroken.

Madeline spun around and sprinted out of the ward when she saw the arrival of Sean and Eloise.

“Eveline? Where are you going, Eveline?!”

At the villa on the outskirts.

Jeremy had been waiting for Madeline for the entire daytime, but she failed to show up.

He got irritated and ignited his car, ready to look for Madeline.

Just when he just got to the doorway of his villa, he noticed a vehicle suddenly stopping at the doorstep. Madeline, with a stony expression, came rushing to him.

With a keen expression on his face, Jeremy looked at the lady who was running toward him. A smirk curled on his lips.

“You finally decided to show up—”

Before he could even finish, Madeline grasped his collar and slapped his face as hard as she could.

Infuriated, she glared at him with her bloodshot eyes.

“Jeremy, you can forget about me or even choose to not acknowledge your biological child, but how could you do something to harm a little kid?!

“You lost all your memories, does that mean you lost your humanity as well?!

“How could you possibly harm such a little kid? Don’t you feel your heart aching?!”

Madeline continued roaring as she raised her hand, attempting to continue slapping him. However, she was halted by Jeremy.

With a powerful force, he restrained Madeline against the door frame. His black and furious eyes were staring hard at Madeline. “How dare you lay a finger on me?!”

“Yeah, I hit you. And I’m going to hit you again to make you wake up and realize how inhumane of a father you are!”

Jeremy’s brows frowned as though he was being angered. His cold palm grabbed Madeline’s neck. “What does your kid have anything to do with me? Eveline, do you believe I’ll make you suffocate to death this instant?”

Madeline did not blink her eyes nor struggle. Instead, her eyes reddened as she stared straight into the icy pair of orbs that were so close to her. She put on a smile while tears came streaming down from her eyes.

“Back in those days, you had grabbed my neck as well and said that I’ve no right to be your wife. Later on, you kneeled before me and said while sobbing, ‘Linnie, please give me another chance’. I gave you the chance, but Jeremy, did you truly love and care for me?

“Or should I put it this way? Is the way you express your love to me by making me heartbroken and even disappointing me over and over again?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 953
Jeremy was about to exert more strength, but after hearing Madeline’s comment, his grip loosened.

He stared at her cloudy eyes, and he was eventually lost in his thoughts

Right then, Madeline’s tears fell on the back of his palm. The temperature of her tears seeped through his skin, traveling all the way to the bottom of his heart. The warm sensation made him snap out of it and return to reality.

“Stop treating me as your dead husband,” said Jeremy coldly as he released his grip.

“Cough, cough.” Madeline choked and gasped after she was released.

His grip on her neck earlier was indeed painful, but it was nothing compared to the disappointment she felt from his cold and heartless orbs.

Despite what she was going through, Madeline remained fearless. “The person who you care most about right now is Lana, am I right? If anything were to happen to my kid, I’ll make sure she pays the same price too!”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s sharp gaze with a look of disapproval on him and chuckled. “Just by yourself?”

His eyes glittered with disdain.

Madeline looked back at him, stern. “I dare you to try me.”

She spouted out those few words, turned around, and left the scene.

Jeremy yanked Madeline back into his arms with his breath engulfing her. “Do you think you’ll be able to get away from here after showing up?”

“What about it? Are you thinking of finishing me as well?” Madeline was not the slightest bit afraid of him.

She thought Jeremy was up to no good. However, he raised his hand and touched her on the cheek gently. “I need you for a favor. If you can do it, I’ll let you go.”

He was speaking in a domineering tone, yet his eyes were serious about what he was saying.

Madeline glanced at him with a cold stare. “Helping you out means helping Lana, that maniac, to carry out some evil doings… I’ll never do such a thing.”

“Hmph.” Jeremy giggled. “What do you think I’m planning to make you do?”

He lowered his voice and placed his lips beside her ear. “Aren’t you a perfumer? I need you to help me create a fragrance oil.”

His request made Madeline thunderstruck.

Nevertheless, Madeline rejected him flat out. “I’ll never help you guys with anything!”

Jeremy frowned. “I’m not begging you right now, Eveline. This is an order.”

Madeline giggled. “I’m sorry. I’m the type of person who needs to be persuaded, not forced to do something.”

“So, you’re saying that you’re rejecting me?” His gaze turned much colder.

Madeline sneaked a peek at him, then turned around with little thought after shoving him aside.

Jeremy could not accept the way Madeline was behaving. He noticed her making a move and sprinted toward her before carrying her from behind.

Madeline struggled, pulling onto Jeremy’s shirt from his back. “Put me back down!”

However, the man did not do as she commanded.

“Put me down, Jeremy!”

Regardless of how Madeline cursed Jeremy, he did not react to it.

He carried Madeline all the way to a bedroom on the second floor and discarded her, who was trying all means to struggle, on the bed.

Madeline quickly sat up and tried to escape, but Jeremy beat her to it and grasped her neck. He was pinning her on the bed.

“Don’t make me angry.” He lowered his orbs while giving a heartless warning. “I’ll let you go when you’ve made up your mind to help me create that perfume.”

“I’ll never provide a helping hand to carry out those nasty businesses and I’ll never help Lana do anything!”

After hearing her reply, Jeremy was crossed and his expression darkened. He suddenly bent over and leaned near Madeline.

Madeline lifted her hand, giving Jeremy one tight slap across the face while her orbs gave off an icy gaze. “Stop kissing me with those lips of yours that have kissed other women.”

Staring at the pair of defensive orbs, Jeremy’s eyes could not help but show an overwhelming sense of desire to conquer her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 954
He grabbed Madeline’s chin and kissed her without giving her a chance to fight back. With his right hand, he violently tore her clothes apart before biting down on her shoulder, leaving a row of teeth marks.

“Hiss.” Madeline frowned in pain.

Jeremy stopped and looked at Madeline’s tenacious gaze.

“Is this the weakness you’re talking about?” There was sarcasm in his voice. “Eveline, I’m not your husband, so I won’t accommodate you nor do I have the time to coax you patiently. It’ll be best if you listen to me. Otherwise, you’ll be the one who suffers the most.”

He left her with a threatening statement before removing himself from her.

After Madeline heard the door closing, she remembered that Lana and Jeremy might have slept on this bed together before. Immediately, she felt disgusted and leaped out of the bed.

She wanted to leave but could not open the door.

Did Jeremy lock her up to slowly torment her?

However, she just got the news that her child had been hurt by someone. As she had come running over in a blind fit of anger, she forgot to take her phone along.

Madeline was worried as she did not know the current status of her child.

The nurse had said the child’s face was turning purple and there were no signs of a pulse. Madeline recalled how hard Jeremy choked her just now and felt a pain in her heart.

‘Jeremy, what did Lana do to you’

‘How did you become so cruel?’

Madeline was locked in the room for a long time. She thought Lana would come and cause trouble for her, but the sky had turned dark and Lana still did not appear. On the contrary, Jeremy appeared.

The moment he stepped into the room, he asked, “So? Are you going to make the perfume for me?”

Madeline peered at him and gave him the cold shoulder.

Jeremy walked behind Madeline and reached out his cold palm to touch Madeline’s neck.

His cold palm touched the skin on her neck softly.

“You’re not afraid of dying, huh?” His low voice blossomed next to her ear.

When he saw Madeline ignoring him, he tightened his hand on Madeline’s neck.

Madeline remained motionless. Even though her freedom to breathe was slowly being taken away, she was still calm and unperturbed.

Jeremy stared straight at Madeline’s cold side profile. Then, the interest in his eyes grew more intense.

He got close to her, his lips inching forward.

Finally, Madeline reacted. “Don’t touch me.”

“Don’t you wish that I’m your husband? I can fulfill your wish for the time being.”

Madeline understood what he meant. She turned around to push him away, but he twisted her arm backward and pressed her against the french window.

He grabbed her neck from behind and got close to her. “Eveline, I’m also amenable to coaxing but not coercion. If you listen to me, I can promise you that you and your family won’t be in any trouble in the future.”

“Do you think I’ll believe you? You’ve been brainwashed by Lana that you don’t even know what you’re doing.

“Lana told you to lock me here so that you can torment me, right?

“Heh, Jeremy, tell me what I can do to wake you up.”

Jeremy fell into deep thought after she said that.

However, after a while, he parted his lips. His seductive voice traveled into Madeline’s ears in a bewitching manner. “Then, why don’t we do this? Perhaps I might be able to find that old feeling and remember that I’m the husband you think of every day.”

His sudden gentle tone stunned Madeline.

Before she could think properly, Jeremy held her out of the blue and kissed her on the lips gently.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 955
He stood behind her while holding her hands in place, successfully trapping her.

Madeline was slightly stunned for a moment. When she came back to her senses to fight back, she found that the man was restricting her movements.

She could not win against his strength.

She did not understand Jeremy’s behavior. Was he not with Lana?

Why was he still doing all these to her?

If Lana was also the one behind Jeremy’s odd behavior, then everything would make sense.

However, when Madeline thought about this, she felt more repulsed.

She bit Jeremy on his lips, making the man more aggressive. Suddenly, he picked her up and threw her on the bed.

“Don’t try to run away. Before you do what I want you to do, you can only stay here. Do you hear me?”

Madeline clenched her fists, and in the end, she could only unclench them without a choice. “I need to make a call. I want to know how my son is.”

“I can give you a chance to know how your son is doing, but you have to listen to me.”

There was a calmness in Madeline’s eyes. She compromised and agreed, saying, “Okay, I promise you.”

Jeremy was satisfied after he got this answer.

He let go of Madeline and tossed a phone to her.

Under his surveillance, Madeline called Eloise to ask about her youngest son. After knowing that he was fine, she felt relieved.

However, when Eloise asked her where she was, she told her she needed to take care of something and asked them to take care of the child before hanging up.

Jeremy took away the phone and said coldly, “I’ll tell you what I want you to do tomorrow. You’ll sleep here tonight.”

“I don’t want to sleep on a bed that you and another woman have slept in together.”

Madeline got out of the bed in disgust. She would rather sleep on the floor than get close to that bed.

Jeremy and Lana had never been intimate in Jeremy’s memory. He only remembered Lana telling him that they had been dating for many years.

He had been sleeping alone after he came to Glendale. Aside from him and Madeline, no other person had been on this bed before.

However, he was too tired to explain and only said coldly, “Whatever.”

He turned around and walked out. His nonchalance made Madeline even colder.

The next day, Jeremy came to find Madeline early in the morning. He had a cigarette between his fingers which made his usual cold and elegant demeanor look a little more wild and unrestrained. He said to Madeline, “I’ve been having the same dream almost every night in these three months. I would dream about a ship exploding, and when that happens, I’ll wake up. Then, I won’t be able to fall asleep no matter what.

“Eveline, I want you to make an aromatherapy kit that will be able to get rid of this nightmare for me so that I can sleep peacefully.”

When Madeline heard Jeremy’s request, she was stunned. Then, she felt debilitating pain in her heart.

What happened on the ship three months ago was still as clear as day in her head.

He had ignored his safety just to protect her.

However, a man who would risk his life for her had no idea who she was now.

Madeline smiled bitterly. She believed that day had left an indelible shadow in Jeremy’s mind, so that was why he kept having nightmares.

She felt heartbroken. However, at the same time, she was devastated at his demeanor and actions now.

After Madeline thought about it, she had a sudden idea in her head. However, she said with no expressions on her face, “I can make that for you, but I have to go back to Whitman Corporation. My fragrance lab is over there.”

“Don’t try any funny business,” he warned. He was clearly treating Madeline as his rival.

Madeline chuckled helplessly. “If you don’t believe me, you can go with me.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 956
Jeremy indeed did not believe Madeline now. As such, he went to Whitman Corporation with her to watch her.

The employees in the company were shocked when they saw Jeremy.

“I-Isn’t that Mr. Whitman?”

“How is that possible? Didn’t he die in that accident three months ago?”

“Ghosts can’t appear in the morning, right?” A few timid employees ran away when they saw Jeremy.

Jeremy noticed the employees’ reaction but was already used to it.

He followed Madeline to her lab and saw all kinds of tools and spices arranged neatly. Then, he started admiring them.

For some reason, he felt like he had been here before.

Madeline put on her white coat and mask before mixing the fragrances.

However, she could not finish this in just a few hours. In the process, Madeline heard Jeremy taking a call. It sounded like it was from Lana. His tone was so gentle. Before this, he would only use this tone with her and not with any other woman.

After Madeline was done with the mixing, she wanted to drink some water. At this moment, her secretary Coco came looking for her. She told her that Ryan was here for her and he was waiting at the reception.

Madeline looked at Jeremy. “Can I go and meet my friend?”

“Is it Ryan?”

“Yeah, it’s him, Naomi Lionel’s fiancé. Naomi is your woman’s best friend, so you should know them, right?”

Jeremy curled the corners of his lips in interest. “You deliberately emphasized how Lana is my woman. Could it be that you’re jealous?”

“I would be if you’re my husband, but you’re not.” Madeline turned around and walked out after she said that nonchalantly.

When Ryan saw Madeline’s outfit, he asked curiously, “Are you blending fragrances in your lab?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded. “Do you need me for something, Mr. Jones?”

“I’m sorry for what happened that day. I didn’t think she’d do something so horrible.” Ryan apologized sincerely. “My parents want to invite you over for dinner as an apology. I wonder if you’re free tonight, Mrs. Whitman?”

“There’s no need for you to go to such an extent. Plus, I’m pretty busy recently.” Madeline declined. “Mr. Jones, I still have something I need to do.”

Ryan looked at Madeline dispiritedly. Then, he smiled. “I’ll ask you out again next time.”

“Okay.” Madeline smiled back before walking away.

However, when she was about to, she heard Ryan calling out, “Watch out!”

Madeline saw an employee playing on his phone with his head lowered, and he was walking over to her with a cup of hot coffee. Madeline quickly dodged away and crashed into Ryan’s chest with her back.

Ryan held Madeline’s shoulders reflexively. When he looked at Madeline who was in his arms, his eyes softened. “Are you okay, Mrs. Whitman?”

Madeline removed herself from Ryan instantly. “Thanks, I’m fine.”

The employee apologized frantically, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Whitman. I didn’t notice you there. I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t walk and play with your phone next time,” Madeline said. Then, she turned around and walked away.

However, when she got back to her lab, she did not see Jeremy anywhere.

She found that it was strange, and when she was about to walk in to take a look, she felt someone approaching her from behind.

She turned around when Jeremy held her. “Why did you let him hold you?”

“…” Madeline was stunned. She did not think Jeremy would ask this kind of question in his current state of mind.

He did not know her anymore, so why did he have so much jealousy in his voice?

However, he was holding her even tighter now. “I don’t think I like seeing you have any physical contact with another man. Eveline, am I really the man you think about every night and day?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 957
He kissed her hair like he was greedy to have her. Then, he pushed her away coldly all of a sudden. “Continue with your business.”

This contradicting attitude seemed strange to Madeline.

Then, he walked to one side to smoke. The brand of the cigarette he smoked was the one Lana smoked.

Madeline knew she would be lying if she said she did not mind this, but she knew Jeremy would not listen to anything she said right now.

The aromatherapy kit was done, but it still needed to sit overnight.

Judging from Jeremy’s reaction, it seemed that he still wanted to take Madeline back to his place with Lana. She declined. “My son is only one month old and needs my breast milk to grow up healthily. I have to go to the hospital now!”

She walked into the elevator with a firm attitude. When she saw Jeremy following her, she wanted to get into another elevator but the man pulled her back.

She fought back but failed when he pressed her tightly against the wall of the elevator.

The man looked straight at her with his charming eyes. “Eveline, men like women who listen to them. Don’t try to provoke me again.”

“If you’re not my husband, Jeremy Whitman, then I don’t need you to like me! Get lost!” She started to feel anger rising in her chest.

Jeremy placed his hand on Madeline’s chest out of the blue, and this action stunned Madeline.

However, his eyes looked flirtatious while his tone was mischievous. “Are you sure you still want to fight back? Are you sure you won’t mind if someone comes into the elevator now and sees us in this position?”

Madeline was helpless against the man’s threat, so she warned him, “Get your hands away from me!”

However, Jeremy did not care. “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll continue.”


Madeline felt a lump in her heart.

At this moment, the elevator stopped. When the door opened, the employees who were about to come in saw Jeremy pressing Madeline against the wall as he kissed her. They were all stunned, and when they came back to their senses, the elevator started moving.

Then, the group chat for that department went into utter chaos.

[Mr. Whitman isn’t dead! I saw him making out with Mrs. Whitman in the elevator just now!]

[For real?]

[Yeah, I saw it too!]

[Wow, how sweet.]

Madeline did not expect Jeremy to kiss her in the elevator all of a sudden.

However, it would be better for people to think they were making out in the elevator than letting them see his hand on her chest.

When Madeline walked out of the elevator, she felt the employees looking at her and Jeremy with weird gazes. In addition to that, they were all smiling amorously.

She figured what happened just now would spread around the company, but she did not know whether it was a good or a bad thing.

She quickly walked to the door so that she could visit her son in the hospital.

When she stepped out of the door, she saw someone in front of her. “Eveline Montgomery!”

Naomi glared at Madeline maliciously. Then, she lifted the hot coffee in her hand to splash it onto Madeline.

When Madeline was about to dodge, Jeremy ran forward and grabbed her wrist to pull her behind him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 958
The coffee did not spill on Madeline, but on the other hand, Jeremy’s shirt became the victim.

Naomi looked at the man who had suddenly appeared in shock. “You… Hans? Why are you here?”

Jeremy looked at her coldly. “Do I need to report to you every time I’m with someone?”

“…” Naomi was unconvinced, so she started targeting Madeline. “Eveline, now that your husband is dead, you’ve started seducing Rye because you can’t stand the loneliness, huh? I won’t forgive you so easily for what happened back then. Just you wait!”

Naomi pointed at Madeline and left after she yelled at her.

“Stop,” Madeline called out to Naomi sternly.

Naomi stopped in her tracks and saw Madeline walking toward her.

“Naomi, do you know that you’ll face legal action if I decide to look into you trying to harm me? Who gave you the courage to tell me that you’ll not forgive me? Was it Lana?”

“…” Naomi did not expect Madeline to be so tough. How could she show her weakness? She shrieked brashly, “That’s right. Lana’s the one who gave me the courage to do so. Eveline, so what if you’re the number one socialite in Glendale? Can you compare with Lana? If she just opens her mouth, you’ll die without a burial plot!”

“Then I’ll just get rid of the female lead of the private room who went viral all over the internet before I die.”

“…” When Naomi heard ‘female lead of the private room’, she felt anger rising in her chest. She lifted her hand to slap Madeline.

Madeline saw this coming. When she grabbed Naomi’s wrist, she gave a slap to Naomi with her other hand.

Her manner was imposing. “Naomi Lionel, listen here. I’m not scared of how Lana intends to come at me in the future. An illegitimate woman who lives in the dark like her will be punished by the law one day! And you, on the other hand, are not my rival at all.”

After she said that, Madeline pushed Lana’s hand away and walked to the side of the road to call a cab.

“…” Naomi clutched her face and stood where she was for a few moments.

When she saw Jeremy chasing after Madeline, she took out her phone to call Lana. “Lana, I went to stir sh*t with Eveline but I saw Jeremy with her. Plus, he was also siding with her the entire time.

“That woman said she’s not scared even if I have you supporting me. She said a shameless b*tch like you aren’t her rival! Also, she said she’ll steal Jeremy away from you and when that happens, she wants you to cry and beg her for forgiveness!”

Lana knew about Jeremy taking Madeline to the villa to stay the night from her subordinates who stood guard at the villa. She was already planning a way to get back at Madeline before Naomi’s phone call. Lana started having even crazier thoughts after Naomi triggered her.

Madeline rushed to the hospital as fast as she could. Then, she saw the nurse bathing the little boy, so she hurried over to give her a hand.

The little guy beamed when he saw Madeline. Even though it was an unconscious one, Madeline was extremely thrilled.

“Pudding, do you miss me? I’ll feed you after you’re squeaky clean, okay?”

“Coo.” The little guy let out an indistinguishable sound as if he was replying to Madeline.

After that, Madeline swaddled the little guy with a blanket and put him in her arms. She kissed him sweetly and asked, “Where are my parents?”

“Sir and Ma’am went out just now. They stayed the entire night with the little young master last night.”

Madeline nodded. “You should rest as well. I’ll feed him.”

“Okay.” The nurse exited the room after she heard that.

Jeremy followed Madeline to the hospital. When he got to the door, she saw Madeline breastfeeding the child through the small window.

The sunlight was bouncing off her skin, and she was smiling sweetly. At this moment, her face and eyes looked gorgeous.

The scene in front of him looked like a painting as it reflected in his eyes.

Suddenly, Jeremy felt his heartbeat accelerating. An indescribable feeling touched his heart. “Linnie…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 959
Jeremy unknowingly uttered that one word.

He felt something tug on his heartstrings, making him shudder.


Why did he just say ‘Linnie’ out loud?

Madeline got up after the child was asleep. When she lifted her head, she saw someone standing at the door.

She walked over curiously and spotted Jeremy.

Madeline closed the door vigilantly. “Don’t come near my son.” There was a hint of contempt in her eyes. “I’ll give you the aromatherapy kit tomorrow. I have to be with my son today.”

Madeline expected Jeremy to reject her request, but to her surprise, he agreed.

After a while, Eloise and Sean arrived. When they found out about Jeremy’s condition, they felt troubled as well.

“I wonder when he’ll get better? I’m worried as he’s still with that Lana woman,” Eloise was concerned and said in a small voice, “Your father contacted his friend in F Country and got some information about Lana Johnson. She’s involved in an organized crime syndicate.

“Plus, her brother, Yorick Johnson, is extremely powerful in F Country. He dabbles in both the good and bad sides. It can be said that this woman had been tyrannizing everyone since she was young and would get everything she laid her eyes on.” Sean was worried as well. “Eveline, now that this woman is interested in Jeremy, she won’t give him up so easily.”

Madeline already knew about all of these.

However, in order to stop Eloise and Sean from worrying, she pretended she had no idea about any of it.
Sean was feeling sorry for his daughter, so he had already taken action. “Eveline, just endure this for the time being. I’ve already asked my people to look into the Stygian Johnson Gang. As long as we get some concrete evidence, I’ll report them to the police. When that happens, we’ll incarcerate Lana so that Jeremy can come back to you.”

Madeline stopped him when she heard this. “Dad, stop the investigation.”

“Why?” Eloise was puzzled. “Eveline, your father just hopes that you and Jeremy can get back together soon.”

“I understand.” Sean was smart. “Eveline, don’t worry. I’ll be careful with the investigation. I won’t let them notice anything.”

However, Madeline was still worried. “No, you can’t investigate them. You’ll be in danger. You can’t underestimate their power in F Country. The people you hire to investigate might be one of them. Anyone who can be bought with some goodies isn’t reliable at all.”

Eloise felt that this made sense after she heard it. “Sean, you should listen to our daughter. Stop the investigation.”

“Alright, I’ll put a stop to it,” Sean answered.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief. The next day, she went back to the office to pack the finished aromatherapy kit and personally delivered it to the villa.

However, when she entered the building, she saw Jeremy on a call with Lana. Then, she spotted a cigarette between Jeremy’s fingers.

He was smoking again.

She glanced at the cigarette box on the desk and walked over. She wanted to take one of them so that she could run some tests on it. However, when she picked up the box, Jeremy turned around after he ended his call.

Jeremy smirked demonically when he saw Madeline with the cigarette box. “You want a taste as well?”

Madeline tossed the box back to where she found it and put down the aromatherapy kit. “I did what you asked me to. Remember what you said to me and don’t cause any trouble for my family.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a small smile. Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips against hers.

Madeline smelled a special scent invading her nostrils and felt her consciousness drifting for a few seconds.

“Do you like this smell?” Jeremy’s charming voice glided into her ears.

Madeline looked at the faint smile on the handsome face in front of her. Then, she lifted her hands without being able to control herself and placed them on Jeremy’s cheek.


Jeremy was sober as he watched Madeline looking at him like she was in a trance.

For some reason, his heart started pounding when he heard her calling him like that.

Madeline circled her arms around his neck and placed her face against his shoulder. “I’m so happy to see you come back safe and sound, but why did you forget me…”

Jeremy felt something sinking in his heart when he heard her confused voice. He felt his heart melt in that instant.

“I’m not Jeremy,” he answered coldly out of the blue.

Then, Madeline’s arms around him loosened abruptly.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 960
This man was truly heartless.

She let go of him, and there was confusion in her eyes.

“If you’re not Jeremy, why did you kiss me?”

“I did it because I wanted to. There’s no reason for it.” His answer was simple and straightforward.

Madeline smiled. “So this is how you kiss Lana as well? Did you hold her to sleep every night for the past three months?”

While looking into Madeline’s eyes, Jeremy suddenly saw the images she mentioned in her beautiful orbs.

He saw himself holding a woman as they slept peacefully in the dead of night.

He did not have that kind of serenity and peace for a very long time.

However, he was very sure that he did not have any memories of holding Lana to sleep.

Madeline pushed him away dispiritedly after she saw him staying quiet.

She still had the image of him risking his life for her. However, he did not have proof of her existence in his heart anymore.

After Madeline left, Jeremy finally came back to his senses after quite a while. He picked up the aromatherapy kit she left. After he opened it, he put it under his nose to take a sniff.

The faint smell of Japanese roses invaded his nostrils, making him feel relaxed.

Before she left, Madeline had taken out a cigarette from the box when Jeremy was spacing out.

She went to the hospital to visit her son before going back to her lab.

Earlier, Jeremy had only pecked her on the lips while smelling like the cigarettes he smoked and it was enough for her to feel as if she was losing control of her emotions.

Her instincts told her that the cigarettes were not ordinary ones.

She cut it open and did some tests on it in the lab.

The results came out in the evening.

When Madeline was about to look at the report, she received a call from Jeremy. “If you like it, I can give it to you. Why did you steal from me?”

It was obvious he was talking about the cigarette. Plus, he sounded annoyed.

“Eveline, a strong woman will only elicit a man’s lust to dominate her. Plus, it’ll even trigger an invasive sense of control. Congratulations, you’ve succeeded.”

“What do you want to say?” Madeline asked directly.

However, Jeremy only laughed. “You’ll find out.”

He hung up the phone after he said that.

Madeline did not think too much about it. She picked up the results to take a look, and there was a lot of jargon she did not understand. However, after some research, she saw something that shocked her.

She looked at it in disbelief when the phone rang all of a sudden. This time, it was Lana.

“Eveline Montgomery,” Lana said slowly, “Your parents are as gutsy as you. Do you know they’re looking into the Stygian Johnson Gang? I won’t allow anyone who’s going against me to live in this world. You’re an exception because I want to torture you slowly. Unfortunately, it won’t be the same for your parents.”

Madeline sensed danger. “Lana, what do you mean?”

However, Lana only snorted. “Go home and take a look. The man you love will be giving you a huge surprise.”

Madeline got up abruptly, and as she ran, she called Eloise and Sean. However, no one answered the phone. In addition to that, no one picked up the phone in the manor as well.

She drove home quickly, but before she could get to the entrance, she saw fire devouring the extravagant building without mercy.

Madeline got out of the car frantically and saw Jeremy at the entrance. In front of her, the fire was burning everything in its path.

One of the maids ran out of the building while coughing from the heavy smoke. “M-Miss Eveline, Sir and Madam are still in there. I’m afraid… I’m afraid they’re gone…” she said as she pointed at Jeremy, “It’s him. He’s the one who asked someone to set the fire.”

Jeremy was taken aback when she said that.

On the other hand, Madeline felt an excruciating pain in her heart. She looked at the emotionless man, and when she was about to say something, she lost consciousness from her heart shattering into pieces.

Before she collapsed on the ground, Jeremy ran forward and held her. “Linnie!”

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