Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 921-930

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 921
Upon hearing this, Lana’s eyes lit up immediately.

She hurriedly got up and walked into the room.

The man sitting on the bed was looking at the wounds on his body. When he suddenly heard someone barging in, he raised his eyebrows and looked toward the direction coldly.

Lana looked at those charming eyes, and the corners of her lips curled up ambiguously.

“You’ve finally woken up.”


A month later, Madeline was still numbing her thoughts by working daily. She would force herself to stop thinking about sorrowful things.

For the sake of the child in her belly and her lovely pair of children, she lived every day positively and optimistically.

As she was still unable to accept the fact that Jeremy was no longer alive, she still had to face insomnia during the lonely nights.

Madeline came to Whitman Corporation early Monday morning and sat in the seat that once belonged to Jeremy. She then proceeded to handle all kinds of complicated documents skillfully and swiftly.

When it was time for the morning meeting, she went ahead and attended it.

Although she was already the new CEO of Whitman Corporation and was recognized by Old Master Whitman, Madeline still asked her employees to call her Madam.

This address gave her the illusion that Jeremy was still alive, and this illusion had the ability to heal her broken heart.

It was almost noon, and just when Madeline was about to have a meal, her secretary came to inform her, “Madam, the head of Riverdawn Corporation mentioned that they want to change the shipment date and design of the perfume. Mr. Jones has come over to discuss it with you. He’s currently waiting for you in the restaurant next door.”

Customers came first, so Madeline headed over to the restaurant immediately.

Since it happened to be lunchtime, it was a common thing in the business field to talk about work over lunch.

Madeline went to the restaurant, but she did not expect the meet-up place to be the restaurant with many memories.

Although those memories were not beautiful, as long as there was him in the picture, they were all memorable to Madeline.

It was the same table by the window. The only difference was that the person in front of her was no longer Jeremy.

Madeline ordered the dishes she had ordered before, but when she ate the food, she felt that even the taste was not as good as before.

She knew that it was all because of Jeremy who had left.

Seeing Madeline’s light appetite, Ryan asked with a polite smile, “Are the dishes here not suited to Mrs. Whitman’s appetite?”

Only then did Madeline pull her thoughts back together after hearing his words. She smiled lightly, saying, “My appetite might have changed a lot because of my pregnancy. I used to like the food here.”

“It’s because you were with Mr. Whitman all the times before that’s why the food here was delicious, yes?” Ryan’s words made Madeline dwell deeply in her thoughts again.

Seeing that Madeline had been struck dumb, Ryan apologized to her. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Whitman. I’ve reminded you of something unhappy.”

Madeline shook her head as she came back to her senses. “It’s okay. Mr. Jones, you can go ahead and tell me about the request regarding the wedding ring design. I’ll change it later when I get back.”

She smiled and looked at the man in front of her.

Ryan was the only child of the Jones family, one of the four giants in Glendale.

This man had a blessed and superior appearance. He was tall and had good looks as well.
Coupled with his munificent family background, he was the dream lover of many ladies.

However, he got engaged a month ago. It was said that his partner was a rich lady from Advent City, a lady with both beauty and wisdom.

Madeline had been in contact with Ryan several times before. This man was indeed the same as what she had heard from others. He was gentle, polite, gentlemanly, and very fond of his fiancée.

That was why he invited Madeline to talk about the design of the wedding ring today.

Madeline noted down Ryan’s request one by one, then proceeded to pay the bill and was prepared to leave.

Unexpectedly, the moment she stood up, she stepped on a small puddle by her feet and suddenly lost balance of her body.

Madeline instinctively protected her more than six months pregnant belly and held onto the table with her other hand. Yet, before she could grab onto the edge of the table, a palm held her hand tightly. Her body was then stabilized by a strong arm.

“You scared me there, Mrs. Whitman. Are you alright?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 922
Ryan’s concerned voice rang in her ears, and Madeline breathed out a sigh of relief. She quickly thanked him. “Fortunately I had Mr. Jones. Thank you for your help.”

When the waiter saw this scene, he quickly came over to apologize and offered to give Madeline a waiver on her bill.

Madeline did not pursue the matter further. She went back to the company after she thanked Ryan.

After returning home, Madeline began designing the wedding ring seriously.

Then on the next day, she went to Whitman Manor early in the morning.

In a blink of an eye, Jeremy had been gone for a month and today was the one-month anniversary of his death.

The moment Madeline stepped in through the door, however, Karen then said to her strangely, “Oh, it seems that you remember what day it is today? You’re actually putting on quite the comprehensive act for this affectionate scene.”

Many relatives and friends were currently offering their respects to Jeremy, and there was even a funeral conductor present.

Upon hearing Karen’s words, they all looked at Madeline in unison.

Not wanting to argue with Karen, Madeline silently went forward to give her respects to Jeremy.

Seeing that Madeline was ignoring her, Karen’s expression collapsed as her tone became even more aggressive. “Eveline, don’t pretend to have any affection for Jeremy here. You have long wished that something would happen to Jeremy. The happiest person when Jeremy died would be you.”

Winston, who had just returned from outside, heard Karen targeting Madeline again as soon as he entered the door.

He hurried over to stop her. “Karen, are you done? If Eveline really doesn’t love and care about Jeremy, why would she still carry Jeremy’s posthumous child with so much difficulty?! Stop going overboard with your words!”

“What posthumous child? Maybe this child doesn’t even belong to Jeremy at all!”
The words that Karen blurted out were completely thoughtless.

Madeline turned around swiftly and said, “Karen, you can question my feelings for Jeremy and you can look for things to pick on me all day long, but please have better control of your mouth and don’t insult my children.”


Karen pouted, feeling dissatisfied.

Winston then became upset. “With so many relatives and friends here, do you have any sense of rationality? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?”

“Of course I know! I even saw it!” Karen took out her phone angrily. She pointed to a news headline and threw the phone on the coffee table. “Eveline, I’m not wrongly accusing you! Jeremy has only left for slightly more than a month but you couldn’t even wait before hugging and cuddling other men publicly. And you’re still saying that you love Jeremy? Is this your love for Jeremy?”

Madeline looked down and saw the striking headline: [A month after her husband passed away, his wife threw herself into a new man’s embrace happily.]

There was also a photo attached to it, which showed the scene where Ryan was holding her back when she had almost fallen over at noon yesterday.

From the angle the photo was taken, they really seemed to be ‘hugging’.

Winston still trusted Madeline even after he was done reading it. “This must’ve been forged by someone else. If not, it’s probably a misunderstanding.”

“How could it have been forged? The man in the photo is Ryan, the only son of the Jones family!” Karen looked at Madeline contemptuously. “Huh, you’re pretty good at looking for a target and found yourself an engaged man. Is that how Mrs. Montogomery taught her daughter?”

After these words were spoken, everyone whispered and gossiped about Madeline.

“Jeremy had only left for so long and already she couldn’t bear being lonely.”

“I’ve heard Karen say that this woman isn’t obedient at all.”

“It’s really unfortunate for the family.”

Madeline listened to the slander directed at herself. She walked up to Karen calmly and said, “Even as Jeremy’s mother and my mother-in-law, I don’t expect you to treat your daughter-in-law well. But you don’t even have the slightest respect when it comes to being a human. Karen, I’ll immediately prove to you that the gossips on the internet are all imaginary fabrications. By then, I want you to apologize to me in public!”

“What? You want me to apologize to you? You were the one who did something that you should be apologetic to Jeremy for, and you dare to ask me to apologize?! You—”

“Stop it! Don’t you think you’re being shameful enough already?” Winston grabbed Karen who was criticizing Madeline non-stop.

Madeline did not want to argue with Karen any longer. She left right after she gave her respects to Jeremy.

The summer thunderstorm came suddenly. While Madeline’s car was stopped in front of the red light, she stared blankly at the wedding ring on her ring finger.

‘Jeremy, I’m so tired, I really miss you so much.’

Her eyes were warm. She then looked out the window, but this one look shocked her completely.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 923
Through the car window, Madeline saw the face that she had been dreaming of.

She hurriedly lowered the window and stared blankly at the man sitting in the passenger seat of the car next door.

Through the curtain of rain, the outline of the man’s resolute and graceful profile fell into her sight.

Madeline stared incredulously while her heartbeat gradually became faster. “Jeremy…” she softly called out, and the man in the car turned his face toward her.

However, the light had turned to green at this moment and the car drove away right past her with a swish.

It seemed that what happened at that instant was merely an illusion.

Madeline was in a daze until a honking sound came from behind, urging her to move. Only then did she step on the accelerator, but the car from just now was already nowhere to be found. She did not remember the license plate number of the car either.

Madeline immediately investigated the incident through her connections, but nothing was found.

‘Jeremy, is it because I miss you so much that’s why I’m having hallucinations?’

She asked herself, but no one could answer her.

The next day, just as Madeline had arrived at the company and before she could even enter the building, a group of gossip media reporters had already surrounded her. They started questioning her immediately.

“Mrs. Whitman, I heard that you and Mr. Jones are dating privately. Is this true?”

“Have you forgotten your identity as Mrs. Whitman?”

“Someone broke the news that you were only faking it with Mr. Whitman. In fact, you don’t even love Mr. Whitman at all. They say the posthumous child in your stomach was just to attain a bargaining chip for the succession of Whitman Corporation.”

“Ryan already has a fiancée. Won’t you be a mistress by doing this? Mrs. Whitman, in your mind, do you think love is more important than reputation?”

Against these pairs of doubtful and even contemptuous eyes, Madeline smiled and faced the camera calmly. “In my opinion, all of you bloodsucking pests with your vile behavior of trampling on others under the guise of pursuing the truth are really annoying.”


The group of reporters all looked awkward and dissatisfied after her remark.

“Mrs. Whitman, your words seem to be crossing the line. How are we trampling on others?”

Madeline chuckled. “Crossing the line? Do you all actually understand what this means? When you ask me these slanderous questions one by one, have you ever wondered how overboard your questions are?

“Posting these kinds of false gossips on the internet, writing a headline full of gimmicks, and completely ignoring the misunderstanding that the victim was put into… Using my misfortune to help you earn views, how is this different from trampling on others?”


The group of people who were being questioned rhetorically became speechless and embarrassed in an instant.

Madeline glanced at the group of people in front of her coldly. “I don’t want to waste my time with you, but listen here. I, Eveline Montgomery, will only have one husband in my life.

“Regarding the rumors and slanders, I’ll definitely have all of it looked into till the end, so you all can wait to receive my lawyer’s letter.”

Madeline spoke with an awe-inspiring aura before turning away. Just then, a woman’s sarcastic voice came from the crowd. “Mrs. Whitman, you were already captured in a photo with Ryan as you embraced each other in a restaurant. Your affair has already been proven, so how can you still speak nonsense like this with a serious face?”

As soon as those gossip reporters heard this, they became bold once more. “Mrs. Whitman, how do you explain this?”

Madeline did not notice who was the person who voiced out, but her calmness remained. “Why should I explain it to you? Even if I explain myself, will you believe me? You only want to believe what you see because the truth can’t bring you views. Only by creating more intense contradictions will you get the results you want to see.”

A certain male reporter chuckled disapprovingly. “Mrs. Whitman, you’re talking as if we’re bullying you. You were photographed flirting with Ryan openly. You say we’re slandering you just because you can’t find a reason to refute. If you have evidence, the evidence would already be slapped onto us in the face.”

“That’s right.”

“We can tell you’re lying at first sight.”

“Sure enough, the more beautiful a woman is, the more hateable she is!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 924
More blatant and targeted words flew toward Madeline from everywhere as she turned sharply. “Fine! I’ll just do as you wish and allow the truth and evidence to slap you in your face!”

As Madeline said that, she fiercely threw a USB flash drive onto the face of the male reporter who had just said that.

“H-How can you hit someone?”

“Oh, was there a person here? I thought I was just hitting a foul-mouthed, nasty stink bug!”


“This is the surveillance video I just got from the restaurant. It clearly recorded the situation when I was with Ryan at the time. Pick it up, watch it for yourself, and apologize to me publicly after. Otherwise, I’ll make sure that all of you will never get a job in this industry ever again!”


Madeline turned around after speaking what she wanted to say.

Those people could not wait to get their hands on the USB flash drive to see what it contained. The video showed that when Madeline got up from her seat in the restaurant, she slipped on a pool of water. When she tried to grab onto a table for support, Ryan stepped forward and supported her from the back. Madeline had almost fallen over, so a waiter hurriedly went over to apologize to her.

It was obviously just an accident.

The so-called cuddling was just Ryan supporting her from her fall, but all the heartless paparazzi exaggerated and falsified the story.

The people who chased after Madeline and questioned her just now were embarrassed and ashamed.

The paparazzi were even more panicked and quickly apologized, but they were also afraid that Madeline would hold them accountable.

If Madeline wanted to burn them all to the ground, there was no stopping her.

A woman in the crowd saw what was happening and stared at Madeline’s back while she snorted with contempt.

After Madeline returned to the office, she soon saw clarifications on the internet and apologies from major certified media companies.

Madeline scorned when she read the articles.

Suddenly, Madeline received a call from Ryan. It was clear that he had done nothing wrong, but he still apologized. “I didn’t think that helping you would give way to a nasty rumor. I’m very sorry for troubling you.

“Today is my fiancée’s birthday. I’d like to invite you to join a dinner party tonight. I hope that you can make it. Both my fiancée and I want to offer you an apology face to face.”

Madeline thought for a while and decided to go.

It was because it could also be an opportunity for her to show her unyielding attitude to the public.

She would not avoid a big event despite what happened.

However, when she saw Ryan’s fiancée, Naomi Lionel, that night and heard the charming girl speak, Madeline was surprised to find that her voice was exactly the same as the voice of the person who questioned her earlier today.

It turned out that the person who said such words was Ryan’s fiancée, Naomi.

However, the smile she had on at that moment was friendly and amiable—completely opposite to the way she was when she stood in the corner this morning.

Madeline did not want to expose her.

Naomi also greeted Madeline politely at that moment. “Mrs. Whitman, I heard all about you in my city. The jewelry you design is all so beautiful. Thanks for putting so much effort into our wedding rings.”

She was soft-spoken and gentle. When she looked toward the entrance of the banquet hall, she said, “Excuse me, Mrs. Whitman. My friend is here. Rye, let’s go over and greet her.”

Madeline smiled and nodded. When she looked toward the crowd casually, she saw a person who was ingrained deep in her heart.

Madeline’s heartbeat suddenly sped up. “Jeremy?”

She suspected that she was having hallucinations again.

Even if it was just an illusion, Madeline wanted to chase after the person.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 925
She stared at the handsome figure not far away as she hurriedly pushed aside the crowd in front of her, working hard to get closer to that figure.

If it was not for her being pregnant, Madeline would have run up to him.

She could only walk steadily one step at a time, but that seemed to separate them even further.


She shouted at the man from the back, her heart racing even more and more anxiously.

She expected the man in the distance to look back, but he did not respond to her call.

In the end, Madeline chased after him to the outside of the banquet hall, but after turning toward the long corridor in front of her, it was empty.

The figure that had been in her line of sight just now disappeared without a trace as if it was just a phantom.

Madeline stood blankly in the hallway, suddenly wondering if she had gotten mentally sick from missing him so much that she began to have hallucinations.

She lowered her bleak eyes and smiled bitterly.

‘Eveline, he has already left you.

‘He has already left forever…

‘From now on, you can no longer feel his warmth or get his gentle care.’

Madeline turned around lifelessly to walk back, but the moment she turned around, she suddenly found a person standing behind her.

A small glimpse from the corner of her eyes made Madeline’s heart lose its normal beating frequency.

She glanced back suddenly and the man’s sharp but delicate handsome face came into view for a moment.

Madeline’s eyes widened. She was completely stunned.


She whispered, not knowing whether what she was seeing at the moment was an illusion or reality.

He was very close to her, and his familiar cold fragrance wafted into her nose. It felt so real.

Madeline’s heart was pounding frantically. She raised her trembling hand, stretching it toward his face. When she was about to touch the man’s face, however, her wrist was suddenly held tightly by the man in front of her.

This painful force cleared up the fog in Madeline’s thoughts and consciousness.


‘This is not an illusion!

‘This is real!’

She never once forgot his touch and the warmth of his palm!

“Jeremy, it’s really you!” Madeline shed tears from being so surprised. She wanted to hug the man, but she was pushed away.

“Who sent you? Why have you been following me?” the man asked in a cold voice. His eyes that were as deep as night was filled with iciness and coldness.

Madeline was slightly stunned. She looked at the man with the cold eyes in disbelief. “Jeremy, I’m Eveline.”

“Eveline?” It was clear that he had never heard the name.

Even though he saw that Madeline’s eyes were brimming with tears, he let go of her hands indifferently.

“Don’t follow me anymore, or I won’t be so kind next time.”

After the man warned her, he walked past Madeline.

Madeline took a deep breath, restrained her disordered emotions, and quickly took the man’s hand. She asked nervously and with worry, “Jeremy, what’s wrong with you? Did you lose your memory? Did you hurt your head when the yacht exploded that day? Did you forget about me?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 926
The man frowned his beautiful eyebrows with discomfort. When Madeline gripped his hand with even more force, he forcefully broke away from her. His low magnetic voice was very cold.

“Are you trying to get my attention by acting this way? I’m not interested in pregnant women, so stop following me.”

When Madeline’s palm became empty again, her heart seemed to have followed suit and hollowed out.

She could not believe that she was looking at the man who did not know her. It was clear that he was starting to dislike her. She was not sure whether she should be happy or even sadder.

She should feel happy.

After all, he was still alive.

There was nothing more important for her than for him to be alive and living well.

Madeline told herself so and caught up with him. “Jeremy Whitman, don’t go.”

When he was stopped by Madeline again, unpleasant emotions appeared on the handsome man’s face. “If you pester me again, I’ll definitely make you regret it.” He warned.

Madeline looked at the cold-eyed man with distress in her eyes. “Jeremy, I know there must be some reason for you to be acting like this. If you go with me, I’ll prove to you who we are to each other.”

She took his hand and wanted to walk off with him, but when she turned around, Lana had appeared in front of her.

Madeline grabbed Jeremy’s hand with even more force, her eyes turning hostile as Lana walked toward them.

Lana wore a sexy short skirt, and her short hair was changed into another style once more. It was dyed blue-gray now, but one thing did not change about her—she was still as pretentious as ever.

“Eveline, please let go of my man’s hand,” Lana said.

When Lana said that, Madeline’s clenched hand was broken free.

The man behind her walked straight to Lana’s side. His eyes that were initially indifferent suddenly looked at Lana with gentleness. “I don’t know where this woman came from. She suddenly told me that she wants to take me away.”

Madeline listened to the man in disbelief and saw Lana’s red lips curving up into a big smile.

“Lana.” Madeline understood what had happened. “It turns out you were the one behind all of this. You ordered someone to do the yacht shooting. Your goal was to get Jeremy.”

Lana smiled brightly and walked to the man’s side. “Mrs. Whitman, let me introduce you. This is my boyfriend, Hans Zimmerman, not your husband, Jeremy.”

Based on her personal experiences, Madeline did not believe that there was someone who would look exactly the same in this world. What was more, the warmth and touch that she felt from Jeremy was one of a kind.

When she saw that Madeline was full of questions, Lana explained, “That’s right. I loved Mr. Whitman so much that I found a man who has almost the same body type as him and got a plastic surgeon to reproduce his face on Hans’ face, perfecting the look.”

Lana glanced at the man next to her with satisfaction. She then looked over at Madeline with pride and sarcasm. “It seems that the surgery was very successful that even Jeremy’s wife can’t tell the difference.”

“Lana, do you think I’m a three-year-old child? This is Jeremy!”

Of course, Madeline would not believe what Lana said as she felt that Lana was very bad at lying.

She loved that man for many years. Everything from the expression in his eyes to his breath was carved in her heart.

Even if there were actually two people in the world who looked the same, there would never be a second man who would be able to give her the same heart-throbbing feeling.

When Lana saw Madeline’s steadfast and sharp gaze, she looked flirtatiously at the man beside her. “Baby, go to the banquet hall and wait for me over there. I’ll be there with you right away.”

The man nodded and left as Lana wished, but his gaze did not leave Madeline at all.

“Jeremy.” Madeline walked toward him and chased after him. “Jeremy, don’t go.”

“Don’t waste your time. He won’t care about you at all,” Lana smiled triumphantly and softly said to Madeline who passed by her, “Eveline, you’re right. He is your husband Jeremy. I was the one who ordered the shooting. I originally wanted to kill you, but I didn’t expect that he would give his life away and take the bullet for you.”

Madeline stopped abruptly, her heart throbbing painfully.

‘It turned out that the reason he suddenly ran behind me and hugged me was to save me.’

“I told you, Eveline. I always get what I want. Your husband is now my man. We’re very happy every night. His physical strength is really good. I haven’t felt so good in such a long time. Haha…”

Her words gave Madeline a splitting headache. She raised her hand quickly and slapped the complacent smile off of Lana’s face. “You b*tch!”

Madeline was trembling with anger. When she wanted to slap her for the second time, the man who had turned back suddenly grabbed hold of her wrist.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 927
Madeline’s hand that wanted to give her another slap was tightly held in the air.

She saw Lana smiling wickedly, but soon, she showed a sad look to Jeremy. “Hans, she hit me.”

When Lana said that, Madeline could clearly feel the strength of Jeremy’s palms increasing.

She furrowed her eyebrows in pain and wanted to recall the man’s memory, but Jeremy’s eyes merely looked down coldly at her.

It had been a long time since she saw him look at her with such cruelty.

At that moment, he was looking at her the same way.

That showed that he had completely forgotten about her.

“You dare hit my woman? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Jeremy tugged at Madeline’s wrist.

No matter how painful her hand felt, it did not hurt as much as the words he was saying at that moment.

‘His woman.’

Madeline choked down the urge to cry. Her eyes remained unyielding and sharp. “I’m the only one who’s your woman.”

She stared at Jeremy’s cold eyes. “Jeremy, you won’t forget me forever. One day, you’ll remember me.”

Jeremy looked at her gaze, his grip seemingly relaxing a bit.

When Lana sensed that Jeremy was moved by Madeline, she immediately walked over. “Hans, my face hurts.”

Her words were obviously used to antagonize Jeremy, but Madeline did not expect Jeremy to get so angry about her slapping Lana.

His eyes narrowed fiercely, and Madeline felt as if her wrist was about to be crushed.

She did not cry out for pain, let alone begged for mercy. All she did was stare right at the man who looked like he was going to kill her.

“I don’t hit women. Since you’re pregnant, I’ll let you go this time. If you dare to mess with my woman again, it won’t end as well as this time.” Jeremy warned before tossing her hand.

He had used a great force and did not save any pity for her.

Madeline staggered onto the wall behind her and felt a sudden pain in her abdomen.

She instinctively protected her belly, but when she looked up, she saw that Jeremy had already turned around and was protecting Lana.

The two’s back view was reflected in Madeline’s eyes, and the image seemed to be ingrained in her heart. It stung her.

She still believed in Jeremy, believing that in the deepest part of the man’s heart was her shadow.

He had just temporarily forgotten her.

Madeline was no longer in the mood to stay at the party. She was almost seven months pregnant, and the push from Jeremy discomforted her a little.

She was about to call her secretary to pick her up when Ryan happened to pass by and saw her.

When he saw that Madeline was not quite right, he quickly walked over to support her. “Mrs. Whitman, are you feeling alright?”

“My stomach feels a little uncomfortable. Mr. Jones, can I trouble you to walk me to the seat over there for a while? My secretary will be here to pick me up soon.”

Ryan nodded and helped Madeline onto the bench. When he saw that she was getting paler and paler, Ryan suggested. “Why don’t I take you to the hospital?”

Just as Madeline was about to refuse, Naomi walked toward them.

Although Naomi had a friendly smile on her face, her eyes were clearly dissatisfied.

“Rye, what’s the matter?” She walked over to them with a puzzled look.

“Mrs. Whitman is feeling a little uncomfortable and I’d like to take her to the hospital,” Ryan explained.

“Mr. Jones, thank you for your offer, but I can go to the hospital by myself. Please stay at your party and don’t worry about me.” Madeline stood up and walked toward the elevator.

Madeline’s finger that pressed the elevator button began to tremble as a thin layer of cold sweat formed on her forehead.

She did not know if it was because Jeremy’s push had triggered her pregnancy nausea but she started to experience sharp pain with increasing frequency in her abdomen.

She told herself to stay calm and to go on.

In any case, she had to restore Jeremy’s memory before the baby was born.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 928
However, the pain continued to come in waves. Madeline suddenly felt that everything in front of her eyes was slowly becoming hazy.

Right at the moment when she was about to fall to the ground, she caught a black figure swiftly approaching her before steadily grabbing her…

“Jeremy, Jeremy…”

Madeline kept calling out to Jeremy’s name unconsciously, and suddenly, she heard someone calling out to her with worry.

“Eveline, are you awake? Eveline.”

Madeline opened her eyes abruptly and saw Eloise looking at her anxiously.

She looked around and realized that she was in a hospital.

“Eveline, thank God you’re okay.” Eloise breathed a sigh of relief but was still worried. “Why did you suddenly faint? I was so worried that you had an accident.”

Madeline thought about what happened before she fainted and her heart started racing again. “I saw Jeremy.”

“W-What?!” Eloise was shocked and thought that she had heard her wrongly. “Eveline, did you just say that you saw Jeremy?”

“Yeah. I saw him.” Madeline nodded affirmatively as a hot tear ran down from the corner of her eye. “He’s still alive. Mom, he’s alive. He didn’t leave me.”

When she said this, Madeline’s eyes lit up. There was an indescribable sense of excitement in her heart.

‘Jeremy, as long as you’re still alive, I don’t mind if you’ve forgotten me.

‘I will make sure you remember everything. I promise.’

Madeline thought that the black figure that ran toward her before she fainted was Jeremy, but after listening to what happened from Eloise, she realized that it was Ryan.

Madeline called Ryan to express her thanks.

After being discharged from the hospital, she asked Ken to investigate the Jeremy who she just saw. However, she realized that the man was indeed Hans.

Lana’s story of Hans seemed to match up. He was just a stranger that a doctor had done plastic surgery on to make him look just like Jeremy.

However, Madeline still would not believe it.

If Felipe was able to create a seamless fake identity for her back then, so could Lana.

Madeline wanted to get close to Jeremy again. She wanted to figure out what happened to him and why he forgot about her, but she did not get another chance.

After that day, Madeline never saw Jeremy again, nor could he be traced at all.

Since all of Madeline’s focus went to Jeremy, the progress of her designs all slowed down. She then received a call from Naomi asking about the progress of the wedding rings.

It took Madeline two days of concentration to finally complete the draft. After sending it, Naomi said that she was not satisfied and wanted to change some details and ideas. She asked Madeline to go over to her place.

Madeline asked her secretary to accompany her to Ryan’s place.

His villa was very luxurious. She was told that he bought the place for Naomi when he proposed.

The moment Madeline entered the place, she saw Jeremy standing by the swimming pool.

There was a burning cigarette between his slender fingers. Madeline recognized that it was the cigarette Lana had been smoking, but now, he actually started smoking that brand as well because of Lana.

It was also then when Madeline found out that Lana and Naomi were friends.

It was no wonder why Naomi targeted her the other day.

Jeremy felt that someone was staring at him. When he looked back suddenly, his deep gaze saw Madeline’s face.

When their eyes met, he merely looked at her for a moment while taking a puff of smoke lazily. The smoke that he exhaled blocked the view of the expression on his face.

She knew it was not the time to meet yet. Plus, Jeremy still did not know who she was.

Madeline resisted the throbbing in her heart, pretended to be indifferent, and turned her face away as she followed behind the servant.

However, as soon as she walked to the hallway and was about to enter the place, a strong force grabbed Madeline’s arm.

When she was about to push the hand away, she recognized the familiar scent.

The very next second, Madeline was pushed by the man against the wall. She raised her head and was met with Jeremy’s face that was very close to hers.

Madeline’s heartbeat quickened involuntarily. “Jeremy.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 929
There was a glimmer of hope in Madeline’s eyes.

She thought that perhaps the man still had feelings for her.

However, Jeremy looked at Madeline as if she was just a stranger, or perhaps even an enemy.

“You’re following me again. Who sent you?”

It turned out that he thought she was following him again.

Madeline knew that the man’s memories were still lost, so she decided to suppress her emotions. She looked at him sadly and asked, “Are you really not Jeremy?”

Jeremy tried to figure out Madeline by looking at her. He stared deeply into her lonely and teary eyes.

Madeline frowned as she lifted her hand, her round fingertips falling on the man’s cheek.

She only got a light touch when Jeremy grasped her hand tightly.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his tone and expression extremely cold.

Madeline’s eyes looked hurt. “Mr. Zimmerman, you look exactly like my dead husband.”

As she said that, she took her phone out of her pocket. The photo on the screensaver of her phone was the family photo they took on the yacht that day.

Jeremy looked surprised when he saw the man in the photo.

However, he still gave her a solemn warning without mercy. His eyes were narrowed when he said, “Don’t think of me as your dead husband anymore.”

He let go of Madeline’s hand unhappily before walking away naturally and without restraints.

Madeline swallowed all the grievances and sadness she felt, packed up her emotions, and went into the house.

Ryan was not there, and Naomi was looking at Madeline’s design intently.

After looking at it for a while, Naomi put down the iPad and her face showed contempt. “The industry seems to have overstated your abilities, Mrs. Whitman. Even my six-year-old nephew can come up with a design like this. I can’t believe that this came from a top-notch designer like you.”

Madeline’s female secretary, Coco, quickly explained with a smile, “Ms. Lionel, the design of the wedding ring was done according to Mr. Jones’ ideas. If you feel that it’s unsatisfactory, you can bring it up with your husband and we’ll modify it as you wish.”

When she said that, Naomi suddenly looked at her with a cold look. “Who the hell are you? Why are you speaking on behalf of your boss?”

Coco was stunned by Naomi, and her facial expressions changed. She did not dare to speak anymore.

Naomi’s attitude at the moment convinced Madeline even more that she was the woman who had secretly attacked her.

When Ryan was not there, her nasty personality showed its ugly head without holding back.

Naomi glanced at Madeline with even more contempt. She asked mockingly, “Mrs. Whitman, are you not in the mood to design it properly because your husband’s dead? This design costs six figures. Are you worth that much?”

“Whether I’m worth that much or not is not based on my opinion, but it’s different when it comes to whether you’re worthy of this six-figure design.” Madeline calmly and casually returned the insult. “Since your six-year-old nephew is capable of doing this design, I’ll have to suggest you not to waste your money and let your little nephew design it for you instead.”

Naomi did not expect Madeline to reply to her in this way. She was a little frustrated and said, “Is this how Whitman Corporation treats its customers? Eveline, are you trying to lose business?”

“The motto of businesses is indeed the customer is always right, but if the customer doesn’t even have the minimum respect for people and things, I’ll just treat them this way.”


“Also, Whitman Corporation doesn’t need your business, Ms. Lionel.”

Madeline smiled lightly, picked up the iPad, and looked at the secretary. “Let’s go, Coco.”

She turned around sharply, but when she looked up, Lana was in front of her smoking a cigarette. A proud smile appeared on her face as Jeremy followed behind her.

“Eveline, apologize to my friend. Otherwise, don’t think about leaving here today.” Lana threatened and walked to Madeline as she took another puff. “You should know, I’m not a good person.”

Madeline looked at her calmly. “Lana, if you’re so capable, go ahead and get your hired killer to come out and kill me now. If not, move so that I can leave.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 930
When Lana heard what she said, she paused from smoking as her face sank.

When she saw Madeline walking toward the door without any scruples, she turned around quickly. “Hans, don’t let her go.”

Madeline had just walked to the hallway when she was suddenly pulled by Jeremy.

She looked up and saw the man’s indifferent piercing eyes. “Go and apologize to her.”

His tone was commanding and his attitude was tough.

There was a sliver of pain in Madeline’s heart, and from her peripheral view, she saw the evil smiles of Lana and Naomi watching the scene unfold.

A few seconds later, Madeline smiled at the man who was holding her tightly and said softly, “Since Mr. Zimmerman wants me to apologize, then I will.”

Lana and Naomi wanted to see Madeline look miserable, but the scene before them was completely opposite to what they thought would happen.

Jeremy looked at her bright smile and was at a loss.

Madeline easily broke free from Jeremy’s hold, apologized to Naomi, then left the villa calmly.

After getting in the car, Madeline’s mask of strength was torn down.

Her heart was in a lot of pain.

However, she kept everything in.

‘Jeremy, what should I do so that you’ll remember me?

‘What is the cause of your amnesia?’

As soon as Madeline left, Lana put out the cigarette butt unhappily and said fiercely, “Sh*t! I’ve never seen a woman who’s more arrogant than me! I’ll make sure she’ll never feel this at ease again!”

Lana was exasperated and lit another cigarette.

“We really ought to teach her a lesson.” Naomi was also dissatisfied and said, “Actually, I don’t think it’ll require a lot of work to deal with Eveline. Don’t you have the best weapon in your hands?”

Lana heard what she said and looked at the man standing in the yard at the moment. She squinted her eyes and licked her red lips as a smile crept up on her face again.

So far, Madeline had only told Sean and Eloise about the news that Jeremy was still alive. She wanted to tell the Whitman family about it too, but when she remembered how cold Jeremy was after he had his amnesia, she felt that perhaps it was not the best time to break the news yet.

The new Jeremy heeded almost every word of Lana.

When Madeline recalled what Lana said the other day, she felt a pain in her heart.

‘Jeremy, do you really spend each night with Lana? Did you really… With her…’

Madeline did not have the courage to think that the man she loved was blindly in love with another woman. No one could accept such a thing.

On the day of her check-up, it was supposed to be Jeremy accompanying Madeline, but it was Eloise who was with her instead.

After her examination, the doctor said that Madeline’s physical indicators were all right and that the fetus was healthy. When Madeline heard the result, she was overjoyed like a warm sun in winter.

Madeline took the pregnancy checklist and was about to go home with Eloise.

However, when she walked to the entrance to get into the car, Jeremy appeared in front of her.

Eloise looked at him in shock. “It’s really Jeremy!”

Although Madeline’s heartstrings were also pulled painfully by the sudden appearance of the man, she put on a calm front. “Mr. Zimmerman, is there anything I can do for you?”

The man strode to her. The high sexual tension and his cold aura engulfed Madeline. He suddenly lowered his head, put his thin lips to her ears, and said in a low voice, “Linnie, meet me at the place where we first met at seven o’clock tonight. See you there.”

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