Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 901-910

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 901
Madeline looked up and saw Jeremy walking in with a trace of fatigue between his pretty eyebrows.

Seeing Madeline sitting on the bed, Jeremy relaxed his eyebrows and smiled warmly. “Linnie, did I wake you?”

Madeline shook her head and put down her phone. “Why didn’t you come back last night?”

Although Jeremy did not want to lie to Madeline, he also did not want Madeline to misunderstand anything.

“The client’s case was a bit urgent and I couldn’t leave. I’m sorry I made you worry.” Jeremy walked to the bed and kissed Madeline’s eyebrows.

When he approached her, Madeline noticed a scent on Jeremy’s body that did not belong to him.

She had a sensitive sense of smile, and if she remembered correctly, this unique fragrance was the same as Lana’s perfume.

After having gone through so much with Jeremy, Madeline did not think the man would do anything to betray her. Out of trust, Madeline did not question him. She got up and went to make breakfast for the two children as usual.

After breakfast, Madeline took a pill.

Today was Monday. After sending the two babies to kindergarten, Jeremy returned to the company with Madeline.

As soon as she entered, she saw Lana sitting at the front desk as if she had been waiting for them.

The staff in the lobby seemed to have seen the scoop from this morning. The article said Jeremy was having an affair and spent the night with the mysterious woman.

However, Jeremy did not know of the news. He saw Lana and felt disgusted. Yet at the same time, he was a little worried if Lana would talk nonsense in front of Madeline.

He did not want Madeline to know what happened last night.

However, Lana seemed to be doing it deliberately. She walked up to Madeline with a bright expression on her face. “Mr. and Mrs. Whitman, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Has Miss Johnson been waiting for us since so early in the morning?” Madeline asked with a faint smile.

Lana raised a smile and blatantly stared at Jeremy’s face for a while. “I made this special trip just for Mr. Whitman.”

Madeline glanced at Jeremy whose expression had changed slightly. Her gaze was calm with a faint sharp edge. She opened her mouth and said, “For what reason has Miss Johnson come looking for my husband?”

Lana curved her red lips meaningfully. “Mr. Whitman left something with me last night,” she said, opening her palm out to Madeline.

Madeline recognized it in a glance that the thing on Lana’s palm was Jeremy’s cufflinks.

The cuffs were custom-made, so there were no possibilities for a replica.

Jeremy’s handsome face turned cold for a moment. He understood Lana’s intentions. This woman was deliberately provoking Madeline.

He did not care what other people thought, but he cared about Madeline.

“So it turns out that these cufflinks were left at Miss Johnson’s last night. Jeremy had told me this morning that he couldn’t find them,” Madeline spoke up before Jeremy could.

She smiled calmly and gracefully before stretching out her long fingers to take the cufflinks into her hand.

Jeremy was surprised by what Madeline said. The smile on Lana’s face had even become a bit more rigid for a moment.

“Mrs. Whitman is truly open-minded. Your husband spent the night outside with another woman but you’re indifferent to it.”

Madeline lifted the corners of her lips and smiled. “It wasn’t just last night when Jeremy had spent the night out. In order to earn money for our family, it’s necessary to sacrifice one’s sleep time to talk business.

“Since Miss Johnson is so sincere and has asked for a cooperation over and over again, even sacrificing your beauty sleep to negotiate with my husband for the night, then I, as the head, agree to cooperate with Miss Johnson.”

Madeline finished her words neatly. Seeing Lana’s expression getting heavier, her smile became even brighter.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 902
“I will have my secretary follow up with you on the contract if there’s nothing else.”

After she said this, she smiled and pulled on Jeremy’s arm.

“Hubby, let’s head upstairs.”


Jeremy let Madeline walk them toward the elevator as she pulled on his arm. However, he was not calm.

Lana looked at the backs of Madeline and Jeremy. She heard the people around whispering about her. She took a slender vape out of her bag and took a puff, exhaling the white smoke skillfully.

“Eveline, the young lady of the Montgomeries.” She curled her lips and smiled before turning to leave.

In the elevator, the atmosphere at the moment was heavy with a deafening silence

Jeremy carefully looked at Madeline’s calm but cold face.

“Linnie, last night—”

“You weren’t negotiating business with anyone last night. You went to meet Lana. You stayed together all night?” Madeline immediately questioned while looking at the silent man. “She likes you?”

Jeremy could not deny that Lana had bad thoughts about him, but he solemnly promised Madeline. “Eveline, I will not fall in love with any other woman except you.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s affectionate gaze before she was then pulled into his arms in an embrace.

He hugged her, stroked her hair, and kissed her gently. “I don’t want anyone except you.”

Madeline did not question him anymore. She believed in Jeremy, but she did not believe in Lana.

After Jeremy went to a meeting, Madeline sent a screenshot of the ‘scoop’ this morning to Fabian, asking him to take good care of his sister.

When Fabian saw this, he immediately went to Lana and asked her about it. Lana admitted it readily, saying, “Yes, I like Jeremy. He’s such a handsome and masculine man, so how could I let him go?”

“Lana, he has a wife!”

“I know. You like that woman named Eveline, don’t you?” Lana joked with a vape between her fingers.

Fabian solemnly replied, “Don’t talk nonsense. I just like Eveline’s face. If she was single, I might have chased after her, but she has a husband.”

“Don’t you think the things snatched from other people’s hands are particularly fragrant?” Lana raised her arrogant gaze with a look of certainty. “You’d better not interfere with my affairs. Otherwise, I’ll send you back to F Country.”


Fabian was speechless. He sent a message back to Madeline, promising to keep an eye on Lana.

However, how could Lana be watched over by Fabian? At this moment, night was approaching. When she learned that Jeremy was still in the company, Lana took the initiative to look for him again.

Jeremy was waiting for Madeline, who was in the bathroom, to return. Seeing Lana coming, he was annoyed and dismissed her. “Talk to my secretary about the contract. I have nothing else to say to you.”

Lana took a breath of smoke, approached Jeremy, and exhaled out the smoke gently.

The smoke blew over and there was no pungent smell, only an indescribable fragrance.

Jeremy was in a daze when he heard Lana say to him in a soft tone, “Why not? Did you forget how happy we were last night? Anyway, since your wife trusts you so much, how about we keep it going tonight? I’ll be waiting for you at the hotel. “

A strong feeling of disgust arose within Jeremy’s heart. He wanted to avoid Lana, but somehow, seeing Lana’s face getting closer and closer, he seemed to be frozen. He could only look at her like this.

When Madeline came back from the bathroom, she heard Lana’s charming voice coming from the inside as soon as she walked to the door of the office.

“Jeremy, do you think I’m pretty? Compared to your wife, Eveline, who do you find more appealing?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 903
Lana smiled coquettishly as she drew closer and closer to Jeremy, the cigarette butt between her fingers fluttering silently with white smoke.

She looked at Jeremy’s despondent appearance at the moment, feeling satisfied. She was about to take the opportunity to kiss him, but from her peripheral vision, she suddenly saw Madeline holding up her phone with the camera pointed at her as she slowly walked in.

“Why don’t you continue, Miss Johnson? Don’t you want to be famous? I’ll help you,” Madeline said with a slight smile, “I’ll post this video online in a moment so that people from all over the world can see how a vixen seduces married men.”

Hearing Madeline’s clear voice, Jeremy seemingly recovered his thoughts. However, he felt a little fuzzy about what had happened just now.

Lana nipped the cigarette butt as her enthusiasm dampened. Smiling disdainfully at Madeline, she said, “I was just kidding. Mrs. Whitman doesn’t have to be so serious about it.”

“For such a joke, I would rather Miss Johnson look for another man and not approach my husband. After all, being a mistress isn’t something nice to show off.” Although Madeline was smiling, there was a sharpness in her eyes.

Lana had grown up being cradled in the palm of Paul Johnson’s hand. This was her first time being confronted this way and by a woman no less.

Her expression was dark as her lips tugged into a smirk. She looked at Jeremy intently. “Mr. Whitman, I’ll come looking for you again.”

Looking at Lana’s provocative smile, Madeline then realized that there were women in this world who were eviler than Meredith.

As soon as Lana left, Madeline stowed away her sharpness and touched her stomach with some discomfort.

Seeing this, Jeremy nervously walked to Madeline’s side. “Linnie, are you okay?”

Madeline avoided Jeremy’s arms that had stretched over and said coldly, “If I hadn’t walked in just now, would you have wanted something to develop further between the two of you?”

Jeremy hugged Madeline’s shoulders. “Linnie, don’t be ridiculous. No matter what she thinks of me, you’re the only woman I love.”

“I hope what you’re saying now will not be like the promise you made back then.”

After Madeline said this, she turned and left. Jeremy quickly followed after her.

Once they left the office, he felt as if his thoughts had become completely clear.

The next day, Madeline went to the hospital for a pregnancy test before she went to look for Adam.

There seemed to be an important guest in his consultation room at the moment. Madeline waited for more than half an hour before Adam was free.

After reading Madeline’s test results, a slightly complicated expression appeared on Adam’s face as he solemnly said, “Eveline, you can’t keep this child anymore. Your body’s indicators are beginning to drop. Your life will be threatened should you keep the baby. Surgery should be done soon.”

Madeline’s blood seemed to go cold when she heard this.

In despair, she went to the parking lot to look for Jeremy but saw Lana getting into Jeremy’s car.

What surprised Madeline was that not only did Jeremy not resist Lana, he even took the initiative to get involved with her.

Madeline’s breathing stagnated as she rushed over in disbelief, but her stomach suddenly hurt so much that she no longer had the strength to take another step forward.


She curled up on the ground in pain as a familiar chill spread all over her body.

Yet, no matter how she called for help, Jeremy ignored her.

Immediately following that, Lana walked up to Madeline’s face with a smile. She viciously pinched Madeline’s face, and there was an evil, triumphant smile on her face. “Eveline, your husband is now my man, so be good and get a divorce from Jeremy or you may just lose two lives at once.”

There was a growing chill over her body, and Madeline was hurting from head to toe.

She opened her eyes forcefully and realized that it was just a nightmare.

She dreamt that her child was gone and that Lana snatched Jeremy away. Jeremy had not only ignored her, but he also left with Lana.

Madeline took a deep breath, a thin layer of sweat coating her forehead.

She turned her head to look at the man who was sleeping next to her and her heartbeat calmed down drastically.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 904

Perhaps it was due to the psychological effects that were brought about by this nightmare, so Madeline somehow felt a little discomfort in her stomach.

She went to the hospital for an examination. Jeremy had to chair an important meeting, hence he could not accompany her.

After the check-up, Madeline gave the test sheet to Adam who then read it carefully.

“Eveline, I’ll prescribe another medicine for you. This medicine will not affect the fetus. It’s mainly used to stabilize your emotions. It’s enough for you to take one a day. You should not be working anymore in the near future so that you can get a good rest.”

Madeline knew that her mood as a pregnant woman would often fluctuate, and her dream last night was so vivid that she still remembered a little bit of it.

She nodded, thanked Adam, and went back.

When she had already left the room, a person leisurely walked out of the small room in Adam’s office.

Lana was smoking a cigarette, expelling clouds and mist. “It seems the medicine is slowly taking its effects on her.”

Adam perused Madeline’s real test results. “Yes, she’ll soon have hallucinations about the things she least wants to see.”

“What I want has never been impossible.” Lana raised his red lips with satisfaction. “Now what about Miss Montgomery’s family… I could leave her with nothing overnight, and I want her most beloved man to belong to me completely. He needs to obey me sincerely and become obsessed with me.”

She puffed out some smoke. “Although.. I’m not patient enough to wait for Jeremy to slowly become addicted to this. I want a faster method,” Lana said solemnly and began formulating her plan.

Knowing that Madeline would be raising her baby at home these few days, Lana would go to the company to look for Jeremy from time to time.

She would smoke her special cigarette every time, parading herself ostentatiously in front of Jeremy.

Jeremy was extremely disgusted, but this woman was using his care for Madeline to threaten him. “Jeremy, I’m not a kind woman. I have money, and money can be exchanged for a lot of things, including lives.

“I want you to join me for a candlelight dinner tonight, or else there will be a news headline about two lives lost the next day.”

Jeremy was furious and pulled Lana by the collar.

“If something happens to Eveline, I won’t let you live.”

“Do you think it’s worth using this life of mine in exchange for your wife and son’s? If it’s worth it, then don’t come tonight.

“Jeremy, who made you so attractive to me? I’m a truly evil and selfish person. As long as it’s something that I want, I must get it!”

Lana chuckled indifferently. After speaking, she took another breath and puffed the smoke at Jeremy.

Jeremy avoided it in disgust, but the strange smell had already entered his nose.

That night, Madeline had asked Jeremy to come to the Montgomeries for dinner after getting off work, but she suddenly received a call from him saying that he had an ad hoc video conference to chair and could not make it for dinner.

Madeline did not think much of it, but when she was playing with the two children, she suddenly received some news from Lana that was accompanied by a photo of Jeremy: [Eveline, your husband didn’t need to hold a video conference at all. He’s having a candlelight dinner with me.]

Madeline looked at the text on the screen and wanted to reply, but Lana sent another message again: [Jeremy will tell you that he has a client to meet and will be coming back later, when in fact, he’s already at the last hotel we were at with a room booked. He’ll be ready to be gentle with me. If you don’t believe it, you can come and have a look.]

Lana’s tone and manners were even worse than Meredith’s.

Madeline did not want to believe it, but it did not take long before she actually received a call from Jeremy saying that he had a client to meet and would return much later. He also asked Madeline to stay overnight at Montgomery Manor.

As soon as the call was hung up, Lana sent another inciting message. It was a photo of Jeremy driving.

The superior side profile of that man could not be easily faked.

Madeline wondered if Jeremy had been caught by Lana like how she was threatened by Felipe at the beginning, which was why he was cooperating with that woman like this.

She rushed to the hotel, and the door of the suite seemed to have been opened specially for her.

Madeline hesitated at the door for a few seconds before opening it. As soon as the door opened, she heard Lana’s coquettish voice. Madeline walked closer while holding her breath, and the scene she saw next made her speechless.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 905
Madeline clearly saw a man and a woman intimately hugging and kissing each other.
This woman was naturally Lana, and the man was…

It was absolutely impossible for her to misremember the contours of the man’s back that was engraved deep in her mind.


There was a dull pain in Madeline’s heart, and her thoughts suddenly became chaotic.

She forced herself to calm down, but her emotions seemed to be getting more out of control.

The dim light in front of her eyes and the unique fragrance made her dizzy.

Lana raised those charming eyes of hers and smiled triumphantly at Madeline who was gradually getting pale. “Mrs. Whitman, have you arrived?”

Her tone was arrogant, contemptuous, and provocative. “Mr. Whitman’s kissing is really so good. Such a man really makes me unable to extricate myself.”

She knew that Lana was deliberately provoking her, but Madeline could not calm herself down.

She quickly clenched her fists and walked up behind the man before pulling him and Lana apart. “Jeremy, what are you doing? Have you gone crazy?” she reproached while her heart continued to hurt. Her vision was blurred, but she could still clearly see the man in front of her chuckling disapprovingly. “It’s normal to put on an act in business, why are you making such a fuss?”

Madeline really thought that she had heard him wrong, but the voice in her ears was clear and real.

“A fuss? Jeremy, do you know what you’re talking about?”

Madeline looked at the man in front of her incredulously. Then, she heard him say, “Go back and don’t disturb Miss Johnson and me from discussing business.”

This answer gave Madeline a splitting headache. She even felt the people and things in front of her beginning to become more and more muddled.

Looking at Madeline’s reaction, Lana curled up her lips with satisfaction and walked behind Madeline proudly. “Did you not hear that, Mrs. Whitman? Your husband told you to leave. If that’s the case, you should quickly go and not disturb us from ‘talking business’.”

She stressed the last two words ambiguously.

Madeline turned around, raised her palm, and slapped Lana across her face.

Her eyes were dyed with razor-sharp edges as she said imposingly, “Talk business, eh? Then, this slap is my reward for you accompanying my husband to talk business!”

Lana clutched her face, her eyes turning extremely fierce in an instant.

Not once in her entire life had anyone dare say a word to her let alone hit her.

Her eldest brother, Paul, had influence in both the dark and light sides of society. She, the second young lady, had been doing whatever she wanted in F Country ever since she was young.

All the men she set her eyes on had obediently submitted to her, and when it came to the women she took issue with, she could render them unable to lift their heads with just a word!

Yet now, Madeline had actually hit her.

Oh, that was great.

Now she had a legitimate reason to deal with this sore sight!

However, Madeline was not afraid at all. She even warned Lana, saying, “Lana, I don’t care who you are. If you harass my husband again, it won’t be just a slap next time.”

However, as soon as she said this, her wrist was suddenly held tightly by the man behind her. “Eveline Montgomery, you dare hit Miss Johnson?”

The sight of Jeremy defending Lana shocked Madeline.

In a daze, she looked at his face that was filled with hostility aimed at her.

She was about to speak but was thrown to the side by the man. “Leave now, don’t get in the way.”

Madeline almost lost her balance. She was in disbelief that this was Jeremy’s attitude toward her. “Jeremy, what’s the matter with you?”

“I’ll let you off.” The man strode off dissatisfied. Without even looking at her from the corners of his eyes, he comforted the pretentious Lana.

Madeline’s heart was sore.

She could not believe that the man in front of her was really Jeremy.

Thinking of how she had been threatened by Felipe because of Lillian before, she wondered if Jeremy was going through similar difficulties now.

‘Jeremy, what reason is there that would allow you to hug and kiss Lana?’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 906
Madeline returned to the car. The air in the basement made her mind less chaotic than before, but her hands that were holding the steering wheel were shaking.

She persuaded herself to calm down, but she had no strength to drive anymore.

Her mind was now filled with images of Jeremy and Lana kissing each other.

The woman’s triumphant smile and the man’s disdainful eyebrows resembled his cold attitude toward her back then.

Yet, Madeline kept feeling that Jeremy had a reason for his behavior today.

She was incapable of driving now, so she had been waiting in the car.

She did not know how long she had been waiting. She imagined Jeremy and Lana still being in the same room at this moment, imagining what they might be doing. Madeline’s heart hurt.

She could not sit here and wait.

Madeline got out of the car and was about to take the elevator up when she saw Jeremy walking toward where she was.

The man was now neatly dressed, looking awe-inspiring and elegant.

“Jeremy,” Madeline called out to him.

Jeremy paused after hearing her voice.

He raised his eyes and saw that Madeline, who was standing not far away from him, was looking a little pale. His eyes turned bleak.

“Linnie, why are you here?” He quickly walked to her.

His gentle tone was completely opposite to the indifference he displayed earlier.

Madeline looked at the handsome face in front of her and tried her best to soothe her emotions that were about to lose control. “Jeremy, why are you deceiving me and secretly being with Lana?”

Jeremy felt guilty when he thought about how Madeline might have found out about him having dinner with Lana not long ago.

“Linnie, I didn’t mean to lie to you,” he explained, reaching out to hold Madeline’s hand.

Madeline avoided him. “Don’t touch me, I think it’s dirty.”

Jeremy’s heartbeat sank, his palms hanging stiffly in mid-air.

The feeling of being thought of as disgusting by Madeline made him cold all over.

Madeline had also thought that she would be able to listen to Jeremy’s explanation calmly, but no matter how she convinced herself, she could not erase the scene from just now.

For whatever reason, she could not accept him kissing another woman.

Seeing that Madeline’s eyes were red, Jeremy wanted to explain himself, but Madeline had driven away.

He was worried that Madeline’s bad mood would affect her driving, so he followed her.

After returning to the villa, Madeline went straight into the room. Jeremy followed closely, but as soon as he walked to the door of the room, he was stopped by Madeline.

She then threw his pillow out. “I don’t want to continue sleeping with a man who’s having an affair with a third party.”

Jeremy was turned away. Before he could say a word, Madeline closed the door.

Jeremy did not leave, however. He hugged the pillow and stood at the door, apologizing.

“Linnie, I lied to you, but Lana and I are not in the kind of relationship you think.

“Linnie, I’m wrong. Please don’t be angry. Be careful with your body.

“Linnie, I’ll wait for you to open the door for me.”

Madeline sat on the edge of the bed, her fingers gripping the sheets.

The more she thought about the scene that she saw with her own eyes, the more Madeline felt unwell. Even her stomach began to feel unwell.

At first, Madeline thought that this kind of slight pain would end soon, but the pain became more intense. A thin layer of sweat soon oozed out of her forehead.

Madeline searched for the pain medication Adam had prescribed, but as soon as she opened the medicine box, her abdomen hurt so much that she could not even hold onto the medicine box securely. The medicine box in her hand fell to the ground and the pills scattered all over.

As she bent over to pick them up, she lost focus and fell to the floor feebly.

Madeline saw a shadow under the crack of the door with her dimming vision. She stretched out her hand strenuously, “Jeremy…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 907
Jeremy suddenly heard a dull crash, like a heavy object falling to the ground

He thought Madeline was smashing things while sulking and became more worried.

“Linnie.” He knocked on the door and called out, “Linnie, are you alright?”

Jeremy asked but did not receive any response from Madeline.

His sudden and restless heartbeat made Jeremy unable to wait any longer. He tried to open the door, but it was locked from the inside.

“Linnie, what are you doing inside? Linnie!”

Jeremy’s voice held a little more panic and confusion.

He threw away the pillow and lifted his long legs to kick the lock of the door.

As soon as the door was kicked open, Jeremy saw Madeline lying on the bedside and the pills that were scattered all over the floor. His eyes were suddenly filled with horror.

“Linnie!” He hurriedly ran to Madeline’s side and hugged her.

Seeing Madeline’s face that was as pale as snow, Jeremy was in a mess. “Linnie, wake up! Eveline! Eveline Montogomery!”

No matter how Jeremy called out to her, Madeline did not respond.

Jeremy immediately picked Madeline up and rushed to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible.

The doctor inspected Madeline and said there was nothing wrong with her, but Madeline had not regained consciousness.

Jeremy stayed by the hospital bed, holding Madeline’s icy cold hand and kissing it gently. His worried gaze was full of affection and apology as he stared at Madeline who was still unconscious.

Suddenly, a woman’s figure intruded his peripheral vision.

Lana leaned against the door frame, her face full of smiles. “Mr. Whitman, do you know which part of you I’m attracted to the most? It’s when you care about your wife like what you’re doing right now.”

Jeremy placed Madeline’s hand under the blanket. He quickly got up and walked toward Lana.

“Get out.” Jeremy’s gaze was cold.

He pushed Lana out, then closed the door of the ward gently.

Lana was still smiling, obsessively admiring Jeremy’s face. His handsome appearance was not affected by his anger at all.

“Do you know, Mr. Whitman? I grew up a princess who was pampered by my brother. I get whatever I want.

“I’ve had many boyfriends, but none of them were sincere. I really want to know what it’s like to be treated sincerely by an almost perfect man like you.

“No man will have sincere feelings for a woman like you who’s so unscrupulous to achieve a goal.” Jeremy poured cold water over her with his words, his bottomless eyes full of appalling hostility. “Lana, if anything happens to my wife, I’ll break up the Stygian Johnson Gang completely. Eveline Montgomery is my bottom line. You can touch anyone but her.”

“Now that you’ve said that, I’m more reluctant to let go of a good, affectionate man like you.” Lana smiled leisurely. “Do you know why your wife showed up in the hotel’s parking lot just now? It’s because I sent her a message, telling her that you and I had booked a room at the hotel. That’s why she came.”

Jeremy thought of Madeline’s expression and reaction at the time. He had wanted to hold her hand, but she avoided him in disgust.

Could it be that she believed Lana’s words and thought that he had really booked a room in the hotel with this woman?

Seeing Jeremy frowning and deep in thought, Lana approached him with a sorry look. “Don’t be so upset. Of course she wanted to believe you, but it can’t be helped when she really did see us hugging and kissing.”

Jeremy’s eyes narrowed tightly. “What nonsense are you saying?!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 908
“I’m not talking nonsense.” Lana opened the video in her phone gallery and handed the phone to Jeremy.

The contents of the video showed Madeline entering the hotel room not long ago.

Jeremy watched the video and listened to the dialogue, an expression of shock over his face.

Madeline had mistaken this strange man who was dressed just like him as him!

He understood why Madeline had not let him touch her, even calling him dirty.

Yet, how could this be? The man was clearly not him. They looked completely different. Apart from the clothes, there was no similarity between him and this man, but Madeline really thought that the man was him.

“Lana, what tricks did you use? Why is Madeline like this?!” Jeremy questioned, his heart tightening inch by inch by something invisible.

He could imagine how upset and disappointed Madeline had been when she thought the man was him.

Lana tossed a bag of pink pills into Jeremy’s hand. “A type of drug that can cause hallucinations. Isn’t it amazing?”

Jeremy looked at the thin and long pink pills in his hand. He then took out the medicine he carried in his pocket for Madeline, and they were exactly the same.

A horrible speculation emerged in his mind. He tightened his fist, clenching the pills in his hand.

It turned out that the medicine Adam Brown prescribed Madeline had a hallucinogenic effect.

Adam Brown.

“I want to tell you a cruel fact. Adam Brown is not a mere doctor. Your wife is just his guinea pig.”

Guinea pig!

When these two words were used on Madeline, Jeremy felt a chill.

Lana smiled meaningfully. “Adam has been experimenting on Madeline to see if she can safely give birth to her son after taking his medicine or if she’ll manage to keep the baby through her own efforts. Everything has been a part of Adam’s experiments, and they’ve all been very successful.”

Jeremy’s cold gaze was like a knife made of ice gouging fiercely at Lana. He suddenly reached his hands out to strangle Lana’s neck.

“Lana, are these the tricks you were talking about? Do you really think that this will make me fall in love with a despicable woman like you?” Jeremy said as he tightened his grip.

Lana was choked till she was out of breath, and her face was flushed. Even so, she still smiled.

“Jeremy Whitman, do you think you can kill me like this? If I’m dead, your most beloved woman will be muddle-headed all her life, living in her terrifying fantasies.”

Veins popped out on Jeremy’s forehead. He threw Lana away unhappily.

Lana’s back hit the wall and it hurt terribly, but she still smiled. She flung her short, gray hair as her eyes became filled with intense possessiveness. “Evil never winning against the good is just a fairy tale. Jeremy, you can’t do anything to me because I know no limit.”

Jeremy looked down at her condescendingly, his eyes sinister and ruthless. “If something happens to Eveline, I’ll do something worse than what you’re capable of.”

He continued coldly, “Lana, ask Adam to bring me the medicine to help her regain her consciousness. Otherwise, I’ll stuff all these pills into your mouth right now.”

“…” Lana was shocked by the cold light that was cast from the bottom of Jeremy’s eyes. “It’s not difficult for Eveline to regain her consciousness, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Lana stared at Jeremy’s face greedily and walked toward him. “I want you to be my man.”

Jeremy fixed his eyes on Lana sharply and firmly. “There’ll only be one woman in my life and her name is Eveline Montgomery.”

Lana’s gaze sank upon hearing this. Through the small window on the door of the ward, she saw that Madeline had woken up and was looking toward the door. Lana smirked. Taking advantage of Jeremy’s unpreparedness, she suddenly placed her hands on his shoulder and planted her red lips on his thin lips.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 909
Madeline had just regained consciousness. The last thing she wanted to see as soon as she opened her eyes was Jeremy and Lana talking in front of the door of the ward.

The last thing she expected was for Lana to kiss Jeremy so suddenly with a bright smile.

Madeline suddenly clenched her fists and sat up. She was about to get off the bed when she felt a throbbing pain in her abdomen. She reflexively held her belly.

Lana knew that her attempt this time would not succeed, and indeed, she was pushed aside harshly by Jeremy once again.

However, their position and actions just now were enough to make Madeline think that Lana kissed Jeremy.

Jeremy still wanted to ask Lana to get the medicine, but when he heard the noise in the ward and looked back, he found that Madeline was already awake.

“Get out of here, don’t be an eyesore in front of my wife.”

He sent Lana away in a cold voice and immediately pushed the door to enter. Seeing Madeline frowning and holding her belly, he felt even more worried.

“Linnie, you fainted at home just now. How are you now? Is your stomach still uncomfortable?” Jeremy went to hold Madeline’s hand, but she avoided his hand decisively.

Jeremy knew that Madeline was under the influence of drugs, causing her to misunderstand him. He wanted to explain to her clearly, but what was he going to say?

If he said that Adam Brown was treating Madeline as a guinea pig and that all she saw was just her own hallucinations, her mood would only worsen.

“I don’t want to see you right now, get out.” Madeline drove him away and lay back on the bed.

Jeremy did not want to upset Madeline at this time, so he walked out of the ward to stand guard.

He made a call to Adam. The call went through, but no one picked up.

He made another call to Daniel. Daniel and Adam’s relationship was considered good, but when asked about Adam’s whereabouts, Daniel also knew nothing.

Jeremy hung up the phone without telling Daniel about Madeline’s situation.

When he thought about it, Adam had suddenly changed Madeline’s medicine a while ago, but they did not have any suspicions as Adam once helped Madeline through a difficult time.

However, he would never have thought that the medicine Adam gave was just for his experiment.

Of course, Jeremy could not tolerate it. However, he also felt powerless.

Due to Madeline’s current physical condition, only Adam’s medicine could guarantee the safety of the mother and child.

It was just that those pink pills were completely redundant. They were all Lana’s tricks.

However, what was the relationship between Lana and Adam?

Jeremy could not figure it out, so he immediately called Ken to investigate it. For the whole night, he waited and guarded the door, taking a peek at Madeline through the small window from time to time.

The next day was the weekend. Jeremy received a call from Eloise early in the morning, saying that the two little buns wanted to play with their parents.

Jeremy glanced at Madeline who was still sleeping and did not tell Eloise that Madeline had been admitted into the hospital.

He asked the nurse to look after Madeline, then picked up the two little buns from Montgomery Manor.

On the way, Jeremy urged the kids not to tell their grandparents about their mother’s illness. The two siblings nodded obediently.

Jeremy bought a bouquet of flowers. He entered the hospital while carrying Lillian and holding Jackson with one hand.

“Handsome Mister, can we still go out and play with Mommy today?” Lillian asked while blinking her big glassy eyes.

Jeremy was a little disappointed. “Lillian, I’m your father. Call me ‘Daddy’.”

Lillian smiled innocently, but her face was serious. “You’re Handsome Mister. Lillian’s dad is not here.”

The meaning was clear. Lillian still regarded Felipe as her biological father.

Jeremy could only be disappointed in silence as he could not blame the little bun.

Just as he arrived at the inpatient department with his two children, the nurse ran over and told him, “Your wife was just discharged from the hospital. She was picked up by a man.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 910
Madeline was picked up by another man?

“He’s a gentleman with glasses, quite handsome.” The man described by the nurse immediately reminded Jeremy of Adam Brown.

However, he now knew that Adam was no longer a mere doctor.

If Madeline went with him, she would only end up in a more dangerous situation.

He immediately called Madeline, but the call was hung up.

In the car, Madeline looked at the darkened screen and simply turned off the phone.

Adam glanced at Madeline as a rare smile appeared on his handsome and proper face. “Aren’t you worried that Jeremy won’t be able to find you if you follow me out like this?”

Madeline chuckled. “He wants to see another woman more now.”

Adam pretended to be puzzled. “Another woman?”

Madeline did not speak anymore and merely looked out of the car window. After a while, she saw a familiar car in the rear-view mirror.

It was Jeremy’s car.

Madeline’s head was full of the ambiguous scenes of Jeremy and Lana. She turned to look at Adam. “Dr. Brown, please drive faster.”

Adam glanced at the rear-view mirror knowingly and sped up.

However, Jeremy was even faster. When passing the intersection, he accelerated and took over Adam’s car, forcing Adam to stop.

Madeline wanted to make Adam turn around and go, but she saw Lillian and Jackson getting out of Jeremy’s car.

Jeremy was walking over with a solemn expression.

Her expression immediately changed, and she quickly unfastened her seatbelt.

At this moment, Adam’s cell phone rang. He glanced at the message and said to Madeline, “Eveline, I have something important to do and have to leave first.”

“Thank you, Dr. Brown.” Madeline thanked him and got out of the car hurriedly.

Before Jeremy had the chance to stop Adam, he saw Adam turning the steering wheel and leaving.

He wanted to chase after Adam, but Madeline questioned him, “Jeremy, how can you speed with Jack and Lillian in the car? Do you know how dangerous it was when you forced Adam to stop his car just now?”

Jeremy held onto Madeline’s shoulders with a dignified expression. “I don’t know, all I know is that I want to get my wife back.”

Madeline was stunned for a moment. Jeremy’s gaze was strong and domineering.

“Come back home with me.”

“Mommy, come back and play with Lillian, okay?” Lillian walked toward Madeline, blinking her clear and pure eyes.

Jackson also walked over, but the little guy looked serious. “Mommy, are you sick?”

Looking at the two cute and sensible children, Madeline compromised.

She went back to the villa with Jeremy.

The servant obeyed Jeremy’s order to look after the siblings while he held Madeline’s shoulder and went back to their room.

As soon as they entered the room, Madeline pushed him away and said coldly, “Go find Lana. Don’t touch me.”

She went to take the medicine that Adam prescribed as she spoke. Jeremy felt his heart hurt when he saw the pink pills. He strode over to Madeline and snatched the pill that she was about to put in her mouth.

“Jeremy, what are you doing?” The man’s behavior puzzled Madeline.

However, Jeremy did not answer her. Instead, he went into the bathroom. He poured the pink pills, including the ones he carried with him, into the toilet bowl and flushed them all down.

Madeline was stunned. She walked over hurriedly and grabbed the man’s collar. Her gaze was sharp. “Jeremy, are you really crazy? Back then when I was sick to death, you coldly stood aside and destroyed all my painkillers. Are you going to do the same to me today?”

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