Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 81-90

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 81
Madeline felt aggrieved now. How would he feel remorseful?

Even if he did, it was already too late.

Madeline slowly got used to her new working environment. Her colleagues were friendly and they were discussing a celebration for Madeline the newbie during lunch.

When it was lunchtime, everyone was discussing what they wanted to eat when the department manager, Elizabeth Snow walked over.

Elizabeth was very beautiful and young. She was dressed in a very stylish outfit as well. When she walked in, she clapped her hands and said with a serious face. “We just accepted a very important project. The current rising influencer, Lolly Tate is about to get engaged with her boyfriend. They came to Mr. Whitman and asked us to design a pair of couple rings, a necklace, and a bracelet for them. They placed a ten-million-dollar customization fee. If we have this deal, our department can get a 10% award bonus.”


“Does it mean every one of us will get tens of thousands?”

Everyone was elated and Madeline felt excited as well. She loved jewelry design and she only liked it because of Jeremy.

“So, you guys should just have a simple lunch and don’t eat out. We only have one month.” Elizabeth told them that they did not have much time. “Please look at the requirements for the project that I just sent to your emails.”

Everyone understood, but the huge bonus also played a huge part in this. They felt that anything would taste delicious when they got that money. So, everyone went back to their work stations.

Madeline was not hungry so she opened her inbox.

When she was about to read the content, Elizabeth walked to her.

“Are you Elizabeth Crawford?” She asked.

Madeline stood up quickly and smiled. “Hello, Miss Snow. I’m Madeline Crawford.”

“So it’s you…” Elizabeth started looking at her up and down in interest.

Madeline felt uneasy but she still maintained her polite smile. After a while, Elizabeth asked in curiosity, “I heard you served three years in prison because of plagiarism, is that true?”

After she said that, the office plummeted into silence.

More than then employees looked over at Madeline at the same time.

Designers looked down on people who plagiarize the most. Madeline could feel her colleagues who used to treat her pleasantly all looking at her differently now.

Madeline kept her cool and continued smiling. “I never plagiarized.”

“If you didn’t, why did the judge declare you guilty?” Elizabeth asked. She raised an eyebrow. “Never mind, you’re fortunate that you have support, but I want to remind you that I look down on plagiarizing thieves the most. Now that you’re in my department, don’t try to do what you did before. If not, I won’t go easy on you.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. After she warned Madeline, she walked away while clicking her heels.

Madeline stood on her ground and felt her colleagues looking at her with suspicious gazes. She felt aggrieved and helpless.

God loved playing tricks on her. She just saw the light and now he decided to put it out.

She sighed softly in self-mockery. She walked to the door to get some air. When she got to the door, she saw someone walking toward her.

Madeline was beyond shocked when she saw her.

It was Eloise.

When she saw Eloise, she felt an unknown friendliness rising in her chest. Even though their relationship was a little rocky because of Meredith, Madeline still greeted her politely. “Mrs. Montgomery.”

However, when Eloise saw Madeline, her face fell. She lifted her hand and slapped Madeline across the face immediately.

When everyone in the office saw this, they ran out to watch what happened in shock.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 82
Madeline clutched her aching right cheek. She was confused.

“Madeline, you vile woman! You evil witch!” Eloise shrieked as she pointed at Madeline’s nose.

Madeline did not understand why she felt so horrible when she saw Eloise’s piercing gaze.

“Mrs. Montgomery, why did you hit me?” Madeline tried to keep calm but her heart was beating fiercely.

“You still have the cheek to ask me why?” Eloise pointed at Madeline furiously. “You kidnapped my grandson with another person and you bullied my precious daughter, Meredith! Now, you’re even inciting another man to make him side with you. He sent Mer a lawyer’s letter and said she deliberately assaulted someone with hot coffee!”

As she said that, she threw the letter angrily at Madeline’s face.

“Madeline, you’re such an evil woman! Thank god your parents died early, if not, they’d die from shame! If you’re my daughter, I would have kicked you out of the family!”

As Madeline heard Eloise yelling at her, each one of her words stabbed in her heart like shards of glass.

She understood now. Eloise came all the way here to vent for her precious daughter, Meredith.


What a great mother. She did not know the truth nor what happened. However, mothers would always believe their children unconditionally, right?

Madeline felt tears sting the corners of her eyes. She felt as if her heart had been clenched by an invisible hand. She felt so horrible that it hurt when she breathed.

“Madeline, I’m warning you, don’t think you can go anything just because you have people backing you up! I’ll do double to you what you did to Mer and my grandson!”

Eloise pointed at Madeline with her warning. Then, she turned around with a dark expression on her face.

“I thought they just have the same name, but I didn’t expect her to be that Madeline Crawford.”

“She’s the one who stole her boyfriend and caused her sister to miscarry.”

“Tch, are we going to work with someone like this from now on?”

Madeline could hear her colleagues gossiping about her. She stood at the door of the office. She felt so embarrassed she did not know where she should go.

Why was her life so difficult?

She was so tired.

She wanted to have parents as well so that she could lean on them when she was sad and vulnerable.

However, aside from her sickness and infamy, she had nothing.

Tears rolled down her cheeks quietly as she bent down to pick up the letter. She did not expect Felipe to really sue Meredith.

It was fine. She did assault them. Felipe did nothing wrong.

A good deed goes unnoticed, but a scandal spreads fast.

Madeline was like a joke during this entire afternoon. People from other departments kept dropping by to look at her. They wanted to see what a vile and plagiarizing twit-face looked like.

Madeline felt she would not have the chance to get involved with Elizabeth’s project since everyone refused to trust her. However, Elizabeth said righteously, “Everyone makes mistakes. It’s fine if you’re willing to change. This project is very important, so everyone has to work together.”

She purposely walked to Madeline’s side and encouraged her. “Madeline, do your best. Don’t disappoint me.”

Even though Madeline was curious about Elizabeth’s sudden change toward her, when it came to work, she would not dare to be negligent.

Her colleagues’ attitude toward her changed slightly as well. Madeline knew they were just doing this for the sake of Elizabeth. However, no matter what it was, life still goes on and she had to be serious about her work. Besides, Madeline was fond of this job.

It was time to get off work and her colleagues started packing to go home. Madeline took a sip of water and continued her work.

Elizabeth walked out of her office and saw Madeline still here. “You’re not going home?”

Madeline lifted her head. “I want to finish the draft for the bracelet.”

“You can finish it at home. It’s pointless to pretend to be hardworking here,” Elizabeth said coldly and rolled her eyes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 83
Madeline was wondering if Elizabeth had Multiple Personality Disorder. The way she treated her was so inconsistent.

At this moment, a tall and slender figure appeared at the door.

Elizabeth’s eyes lit up. “Mr. Whitman, why are you here?”

Her attitude changed. She was now extremely gentle.

When the rest of the employees heard this, they placed down their bags and smiled respectfully at Felipe. “Mr. Whitman.”

Madeline finally came back to her senses. However, everyone had already finished greeting him. It would be as if she was trying to stand out if she greeted him now. So, she only nodded and smiled at Felipe.

Felipe smiled at Madeline before walking in. He had an imposing manner to him. He was very handsome and elegant.

“Everyone, thank you for your hard work. Good luck on the new project,” he said with a gentle tone.

Elizabeth eyed her colleagues immediately and everyone understood what she meant immediately. “Thank you for your concern, Mr. Whitman. We’ll do our best!”

“Okay.” Felipe nodded.

Elizabeth played with her long and curly hair. As she waited for Felipe to approach her expectantly, she saw him walking past her and headed directly to Madeline.

Elizabeth’s smile cracked. The other employees looked over in curiosity.

Madeline felt something was going on. It seemed that Madeline had feelings for Felipe. However, when her brain finally registered that, Felipe was already standing in front of her.

“Maddie.” He called out gently, “How are you holding up?”

Madeline stood up quickly. “Mr. Whitman, I’m fine. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity.”

“We’re family. You don’t have to be so courteous to me.” Felipe’s smile was gentle.

However, when everyone heard his response, the entire office exploded.

Everyone looked at Madeline in shock and puzzlement. They desperately wanted to know how Madeline was related to their boss.

“We’re having a family dinner tonight. I’m going home as well so I’ll take you along.”

Madeline hesitated and rejected the offer. “No need, I can go myself.”

“We’re going to the same place anyway. Why are you being so courteous?” Felipe asked with a smile. His tone was gentle.

Madeline did not know how to reject him anymore. She would look pretentious if she rejected him again.

However, if she did not, they would look too intimate.

When the atmosphere was getting awkward, Felipe opened his mouth.

“Even though Maddie and I have a special relationship, she got into our company with her own talents. Maddie is still new here, so I hope you’ll take good care of her.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Whitman, I’ll take good care of Maddie!” Elizabeth ran over just in time. After that, she even patted Madeline’s shoulder intimately. “Maddie, just ask me if there’s anything you’re unsure of. Mr. Whitman’s friend is my friend!”


Madeline looked at Elizabeth’s pretentious smile and felt extremely awkward.

Then, Madeline and Felipe left under everyone’s complicated gazes.

When the lift was on the first floor, Madeline’s phone rang. It was from Jeremy.

She looked at the caller ID. After a few seconds of hesitating, she hung up the phone.

This was the first time she hung up on him.

“Why didn’t you answer?” Felipe asked curiously.

Madeline smiled lightly. “It’s just a scam caller.”

After she said that, the lift arrived on their floor. When the door opened and Madeline was about to walk out, she saw Jeremy dressed in all black standing in front of her with cold air around him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 84
When he saw Felipe standing with Madeline, a cold chill immediately appeared in Jeremy’s eyes.

He lifted his head to look over and Madeline could feel her heart skip a beat.

Even though he was not the man she cared about, her body was still hinting to her that she still could not get away from his shadow.

“Jeremy?” Felipe walked out of the elevator in surprise. “Are you here to pick Maddie up?”

“It’s none of your business.” Jeremy’s tone was cold. His eyes landed on Meredith’s face. “Why did you hang up on me?”

“So you’re the one who called Maddie just now?” Felipe said with a laugh. “Maddie joked that it was a scam caller and hung up. Did you two fight?”

After he said that, Madeline saw Jeremy’s face darkened.

He stared at her. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.”

Jeremy said and grabbed Madeline’s hand.

It was already winter so it was very cold. However, Madeline could feel that Jeremy’s hand was burning.

She fantasized about him holding her hand to cross the road considerately so many times before. However, this searing heat was not what she longed for.

“I’ll just go with uncle.” Madeline got out of Jeremy’s grip and walked toward Felipe.

Jeremy felt his hand slipping from hers and then he was stunned.

“Uncle, please, let’s go.”

Felipe frowned slightly. Two seconds later, he nodded and looked at Jeremy. “So, we’ll get going now, Jeremy. Maddie, let’s go.”

“Okay,” Madeline replied and turned around following Felipe.

She was scared that she would hesitate if she delayed this. She was scared that she would follow the other man absent-mindedly.

“Madeline, are you sure you’re not coming with me?”

Before she could leave, she heard Jeremy’s questioning voice.

Madeline grabbed her bag tighter with both hands. Her nails dug into her palm.

She stopped and turned around. He saw Jeremy standing there alone. His tall and slender body looked lonesome for some reason.

However, the unhealed wounds on her body started hurting dully. She felt as if a million bugs were gnawing on her skin.

It was this pain that made her reply, “I’m sure.”

Madeline said without hesitation. After she said that, she quickly caught up to Felipe.

The moment Madeline and Felipe arrived at Whitman Manor, Jeremy arrived as well.

The moment his car stopped, he walked quickly to Madeline and wrapped his long arms around Madeline’s tiny and thin body. He was holding her so tightly and she could not get out of his hold.

Madeline’s heart started beating frantically. “Jeremy, what are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Jeremy questioned. His deep eyes were staring straight at Madeline. “Grandpa longed to see us being all lovey-dovey. Don’t you want to make him happy?’

“…” Madeline had no words. In order to make grandpa happy, she was more than willing to improve her relationship with Jeremy. However… “You don’t have to hold me so tightly.”

When Felipe saw this, he said, “Jeremy, even though you’re in a fight with Maddie, you don’t have to do this. Didn’t you notice that Maddie was very uncomfortable?”

Jeremy chuckled lowly. “How do you know whether my wife is uncomfortable or not? You two have such an extraordinary relationship.”

There was double entendre to his words. He lowered his head and saw that Madeline was feeling reluctant to be held by him. He felt anger rising in his chest. “This is between us. Don’t try to meddle in our business.”

Jeremy said that and went in while holding Madeline.

Madeline looked at Felipe awkwardly. She could only let Jeremy have his way with her.

It was a family dinner but Meredith was also in the dining room while making no secret to her presence. On the other hand, the old master was in his room and did not come downstairs as he did not feel well.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 85
When Meredith saw Jeremy and Madeline walking in together, she was so mad her hands were already in fists. There was something sinister in her eyes but she could not do anything about it.

However, when she saw Felipe, she was utterly shocked!

That man was Jeremy’s uncle!

She was feeling extremely uneasy. She did not expect that Jeremy’s uncle was the person who stood up for Madeline that day.

Plus, this man even gave her a lawyer’s letter to sue her!

She looked at Felipe nervously. She stood at one side and pretended nothing happened.

Felipe saw Meredith as well. He averted his eyes calmly.

Madeline was dragged by Jeremy to sit next to him. On the other hand, Meredith sat on Jeremy’s other side. The moment she sat down, she poured wine and took food for Jeremy like a perfect little wife.

Madeline felt that she was being an eyesore. There were all kinds of food on the table but she did not have much of an appetite. Plus, because of her health, she could only eat bland things.

“This is my mother’s best dish. You’ve never tried this before. Here, try it.” Jeremy suddenly put some curry into her bowl.

Madeline knew he was just putting up an act when he made such a considerate gesture. She wanted to cooperate but her body would not allow her to eat such spicy food. Plus, she was not a fan of curry.

“Thank you, darling, but I don’t like this.”

Jeremy’s face fell when Madeline rejected it.

“Maddie, Mrs. Whitman made this dish. Why don’t you support her a little? Plus, you love curry, so why are you lying?” Meredith said innocently.

Madeline wanted to laugh. When did she start liking curry?

On the other side, Mrs. Whitman’s face turned extremely dark. “Do whatever you want. Do you think I want you eating my food?”

“Madeline.” Jeremy looked at her in annoyance. “Are you eating or not?”

He was forcing her and Meredith was smirking at one side secretly.

Madeline held her spoon. She did not know how she should do this.

She really did not like this, plus she also could not eat this.

“Maddie is tired from work and she didn’t eat much during lunch so she can’t eat such spicy food. It would be better for her if she eats something bland.” Felipe smooth things over just in time. Then, he took some vegetables or Madeline. “You should eat this.”

Madeline was taken aback, then she thanked him. “Thank you, uncle.”

Jeremy was already enraged when Felipe chose to sit next to Madeline.

Now, when he saw Felipe taking food for Madeline, a dark wave started crashing over in his eyes.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to take food on behalf of my wife, uncle?” Jeremy asked in dissatisfaction. Then, he started at Madeline eerily. “You should know what you should eat.”

Madeline felt her head hurting all of a sudden. When did she start to lose the freedom to choose what she wanted to eat?

In order to not involve Felipe in this, she put the curry in her mouth.

The spiciness of the curry traveled from her mouth to her stomach. The burning sensation made Madeline extremely uncomfortable.

Madeline finished her food with no choice. Then she felt her stomach gurgling as it burnt uncomfortably.

Meredith even deliberately brought her more curry. “Maddie, you have to drink the curry while it’s hot. Piping hot curry is the essence of this dish. You can’t let Mrs. Whitman’s effort go to waste.”

Madeline was feeling unwell. There was a sheen of cold sweat on her forehead as well. At this moment, Jeremy urged, “Why are you not eating?”

“I don’t think Maddie can handle the spice.” Felipe could see that something was wrong with Madeline.

However, Jeremy laughed. He looked at Madeline. “You can’t handle the spice? Didn’t you have the time of your life eating tacos with hot sauce with Daniel last time?”

Madeline knew what happened back then. She felt sad when she recalled what happened.

She picked up the bowl with no choice. However, before she could drink much, she felt an extreme reaction in her stomach. Then, she felt her throat getting hot before she vomited blood along with the curry.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 86
Madeline was caught unprepared. She reached over to pull out some tissues to soak up the blood. She was frantic. She did not know why she vomited blood, however, she did not want to let Jeremy see this.

“Madeline! I don’t care if you don’t want to eat, but why did you tarnish my food?”

Mrs. Whitman did not notice that there was blood in the curry Madeline vomited out. She pointed at Madeline and screeched angrily.

“Tell me before you come here next time so that I can get away from you! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

“Don’t be mad, Mrs. Whitman.” Meredith ran over quickly to comfort her. However, she did not forget to look back at Madeline and smirked at her.

She saw clearly that Madeline was throwing up blood.

She knew very well that Madeline could not operate on her tumor anymore. Her lifespan would be shortened if she ate such triggering food now.

If Madeline died, then her chance to be the legally wedded wife would be here.

“Are you trying to gross me out?” Jeremy roared angrily next to her.

Madeline endured the burning pain in her stomach and covered her mouth. The taste of blood in her throat did not go away. She was afraid that she would throw up more blood if she opened her mouth.

“Jeremy, don’t be mad. Maddie did not do this on purpose.” Felipe’s tone was calm and he was worried about Madeline. “Are you okay?”

Madeline felt tears welled up in her eyes. At the end of the day, the person who was most concerned about her was the person she knew a few days ago.

She held back her tears and shook her head.

“I’m fine…” She squeezed those words out through gritted teeth.

However, her answer enraged Jeremy. “You played dead when I talked to you but on the other hand, you can’t wait to answer him when he asks you a question. Madeline, you’re really something else!”

He yanked Madeline up angrily. At this moment, the old master’s voice boomed from upstairs.

“Why is it so noisy?”

The old master’s eyes were squinted. He looked like he just woke up from his nap.

“Are you done eating? If you’re done then go home.” He looked at Jeremy who was holding Madeline and he smiled deeply. “Go now, go back and make a baby. I’m waiting for Maddie to give me a big fat grandson.”

A big fat grandson.

Madeline started crying. Her tears fell on the back of Jeremy’s hand.

Jeremy suppressed his anger and pulled Madeline into his arms. He smiled at the old master. “Don’t worry, grandpa. I’ll go home and make a baby with Maddie now.”

His tone was firm but Madeline knew he was mad. He was seething.

Jeremy forced himself to turn around while holding Madeline. When he passed Felipe, he looked at him with hostility in his eyes.

Jeremy sped home. When the car stopped, Madeline rushed into the toilet and started projectile vomiting.

When she saw the blood on the sink, her face was white. She supported herself lifelessly on the sink.

Was her tumor worsening?

Was she finally going to die?

She looked at her reflection in the mirror lamentably. She was as pale as a ghost.

Jeremy’s footsteps got nearer and nearer. Madeline quickly turned on the tap to wash the blood away. Then, she gargled hurriedly.

After she cleaned up, Jeremy dragged her away.

“Why are you so filthy, Madeline? Hm? It’s fine if you want to gross me out, but you even want to involve my family!”

Madeline crashed into his firm chest limply. Her brain was buzzing. The burning sensation in her stomach was still there to stay.

She wanted to run away badly, but Jeremy pulled her to the side of the bathtub like he was mad. He took the showerhead and sprayed cold water on her face and body.

It was in a house with the heater off during winter.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 87
It was freezing.

It was so cold that Madeline’s heart froze instantly.

However, she was hoping that it would get colder. It would be great if it was so cold that it numbed her entire body.

That was she would not have to feel pain anymore, be it her body, or her heart.

Jeremy saw that Madeline was not struggling at all. So, he stopped what he was doing and yanked Madeline up as she trembled.

He saw that her face was as white as snow and there was no color on her face. She looked like a puppet that had its blood drained from its body. What was left was only its empty shell.

Jeremy suddenly felt scared. “Madeline, Madeline…”

He was calling her name but she did not respond.

“Madeline, don’t play dead! I’m asking you to talk!” Jeremy’s heart was beating so fast he felt as if it was in overload. A fear that he had never felt before started taking over him.

When he saw that Madeline was still not reacting, he carried her and placed her on the bed.

He hurried over to take some clean clothes for her to change into, but he turned around and saw Madeline sitting up.

Jeremy felt as if he had been cheated. He threw the clothes on the floor and charged over to grab Madeline’s collar.

“Madeline, you’re indeed playing dead!”

He snarled through gritted teeth.

Madeline’s shaky body was being held in place tightly by Jeremy. If that sharp pain in her body was not preventing her from falling asleep, then she might have never woken up.

“Tell me, tell me if Felipe and you are in cahoots! If not, based on his personality, why would he pay so much attention to what you do?”

Jeremy’s questions were very amusing to Madeline.

The attention he thought Felipe was giving her was just his ignorance of her.

“What are you laughing at? Answer me! Do you like him?” Jeremy asked with eeriness in his eyes. He had some alcohol before so his eyes looked slightly intoxicated.

Madeline lifted her dazed eyes and then grinned at him. “Yeah, I like him. He’s much gentler and much mature than you. Plus, he’s even considerate about me. How would I not fall for a man like that? Since you don’t like me, then I should find a man who knows how to care for me.”


Jeremy was utterly infuriated.

Madeline was drifting in and out of consciousness, but when she heard him calling his name through his gritted teeth, she was completely awake.

However, Jeremy’s rage could not be diminished anymore.

He ripped apart Madeline’s clothes in anger and bit on her collarbone.

Madeline’s nerves were all wound up from the pain. He pushed her backward when she did not have any energy to fight him.

She could not fight back against Jeremy’s punishments. It was as if he wanted to tear her apart. He did not allow her the chance to even breathe.

She was truly terrified of this man’s violent mood swings.

When he was in a good mood, he would cook breakfast for her.

However, when he was in a bad mood, he would really kill her.

Madeline was scared that she could not endure this. She was scared that she would die before she got her revenge. She could not die like this.

“Mr. Whitman, are you sure you want to touch a filthy, lowly, despicable, and shameless woman who already had another man in her heart?”

When Jeremy was about to take action against her, Madeline said this to him calmly. The man froze and looked at her after she said that. He lost all interest instantly.

She said she had another man in her heart.

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s angry eyes. Then, she gathered her courage. “Jeremy, let’s get a divorce.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 88
After she said that, it felt as if the air around them had frozen over.

Jeremy towered over the woman beneath him. “What did you say? Say it again.”

“Us. Divorce.” Madeline repeated without hesitation. Those two words were firm and clear.

The air became silent again. After a few seconds, Madeline heard Jeremy snorted. His eyes looked like they belonged to Satan. They were dark and they looked like they were about to devour her.

“Divorce? Don’t even think about it!”

Those icy and bone-piercing words escaped from his seductive lips.

“Weren’t you so desperate to become my woman? I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Madeline could feel herself breaking down while looking at his sinister smile.

“I don’t need you to fulfill my wish! Jeremy Whitman, I want to divorce you!”

“In your dreams.” Jeremy rejected her with no mercy. Then, he pinched Madeline’s jaw. “You want to divorce me just because you have another man? Madeline, how shameless can you be?”

‘Madeline, how shameless can you be?’

His insults were always so fluent. His eyes looked ever more sinister than before.

“You said you had my child three years ago and you blamed me for that child’s death. Now, I think you must be pregnant with a bastard child back then! After all, you have so many customers. You even have Daniel and Tanner. I wonder if you even know who the child’s father is!”

Madeline was trying so hard to suppress her emotions, but now, they started crumbling down.

Her hands were shaking violently. It felt like her heart that had just been stabbed. It was in excruciating pain.

She gritted her teeth and her red eyes were staring intensely at the man who was mocking her.


Jeremy scoffed before peering at her in disdain. Then, he walked away.

“Don’t try to be pitiful in front of me. A woman like you deserve to be beaten to death in prison.”

Madeline watched as Jeremy walked further and further away. After she heard what he said, she finally could not hold down the feeling in her throat. She vomited a mouthful of blood again.

Her stomach was still burning. Her tumor was also hurting. Madeline slowly curled her pained body up and gripped the bedsheet tightly.

The pillow still smelled faintly of him. It was like the most lethal poison and it was slowly poisoning Madeline’s heart.

She thought she would have the most memorable love story after she met Jeremy.

However, the only thing he gave her was the most memorable pain.

Madeline stayed in bed for the entire day and no one noticed.

She looked up the reason why she vomited blood. It might be acute gastric mucosal lesions. She dragged her tired body and bought some medicine for herself.

She did not dare to go to the hospital. She was scared that they might find something bad again.

Worse comes to worst, she would still have at least a few month’s time.

Madeline was glad that this was the weekend. She changed the bedsheet and washed away the blood she vomited. Then, she packed a few pieces of clothes before going to Ava’s place.

Madeline went to work as normal on Monday. Perhaps it was because of her relationship with Felipe, her colleagues treated her pretty well except for Elizabeth. She was always behaving weirdly and she had severe mood swings.

When it was lunchtime, Madeline took some time to give back Felipe his clothes.

Coincidentally, he was in his office and he was on the phone.

Madeline wanted to leave after putting the clothes down. However, Felipe gestured to her to sit down and wait.

He finished the call quickly and Madeline handed the neatly-ironed clothes back to him. Felipe smiled. “I didn’t think you’d actually wash it.”

“I have to keep my promise. Besides, you only got splashed with Meredith’s coffee because of me.”

“As a man, how could I watch a woman get bullied and not do anything?”

Felipe’s answer warmed Madeline’s heart. Then, when she recalled the man who promised to protect her forever, her heart ached.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 89
“You don’t look too well.”

When Madeline heard Felipe say that, she touched her face awkwardly.

She was unwell. Her body was getting worse and worse so of course, she would not look too healthy.

“Are you okay?” He asked considerately.

“Thank you for your consideration, Mr. Whitman. I’m fine.”

Madeline thanked him quickly before getting up.

She remembered how she got Felipe involved because of Jeremy and she felt very apologetic.

“You can stop calling me Mr. Whitman when there’s no one around.”

Madeline hesitated and then she said, “I’ll get going now, uncle.”

“Actually, I’m only older than Jeremy by three years. I don’t like being called uncle, so you can just call me by my name.”

Madeline was taken aback. Then, she nodded. “Then I’ll get back to work, Mr. Whitman.”

Felipe looked at Madeline and smiled. “Go on.”

Madeline focused on her work. She could only forget about the things and people that made her unhappy this way.

Their one-month long project was already halfway done. Madeline was pretty happy with the part that she was responsible for.

According to the client’s orders, after Madeline finished with her design, she used her company email to send it to Elizabeth who was on a business trip. After that, she took her purse before going to the cafeteria.

When she was in the lift, she ran into Felipe coincidentally. When he saw her with her purse, he smiled and invited her. “I’m going for lunch as well. Why don’t you join me?”

There were other employees in the lift. They were all looking at Madeline with weird gazes. This made Madeline unsure of what she should do.

“Are you going to let me down, niece-in-law?” Felipe tried to ease the awkwardness with a mischievous tone.

Madeline displayed a forced smile on her face. “Thanks in advance, Mr. Whitman.”

She followed Felipe out of the lift. However, she could still feel the criticizing gaze behind her.

Madeline had never been to restaurants with five stars and above. She sat down after Felipe did while feeling ill at ease.

They were sitting near the window and they were able to see every corner of the busy street.

Madeline did not know what to eat, so she let Felipe decide for her. After a while, their food arrived. They looked and smelled delicious.

“Eat more. You’re too thin,” Felipe said gently.

“Alright, I will. Thank you, Mr. Whitman.” Madeline lowered her head. She was still not used to such a high-end restaurant.

Felipe could tell that she was uneasy. “Did Jeremy never bring you here? He’s an honorary member here.”

Madeline froze after she picked up her fork and knife. She shook her head and smiled. “He never ate with me alone.”

Felipe was surprised. When he was about to say something, two figures stopped next to them. It was Jeremy and Meredith.

When Madeline saw Meredith holding Jeremy’s arm and how intimate they were, she felt the juice in her mouth turning bitter.

She looked at Jeremy and she noticed that he was looking at her. However, his gaze was piercing and it felt like they were about to penetrate her.

At this moment, Meredith displayed an apologetic and warm smile at Felipe. “I’m sorry, uncle. I lost my cool that day. However, I was forced by Maddie. She had a history of plagiarizing and she even killed our child. So that’s why I did what I did that day. I didn’t think I’d hurt you by accident.”

She found an excuse for her true self that got exposed and pushed all the blame and mistakes to Madeline.

Felipe looked at Meredith indifferently. “Seeing is believing. I’ve seen those accusations you said about Maddie, but I did see you bullying my employee in front of my company like a shrew. Plus, you even assaulted her.”

“…” Meredith’s forced smile looked a little awkward. “Uncle…”

“I’m not your uncle. Don’t call me that.”

“…” Meredith deflated once again. She got near to Jeremy aggrievedly. “Jeremy…”

“Didn’t you say you’re hungry? Let’s eat before we talk,” Jeremy said softly to Meredith. Then, he lifted his head to look at Felipe. “Uncle, do you mind us sitting here?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 90
Jeremy said as he sat down. Meredith tugged at him pretentiously.

“Jeremy, I don’t think this is a good idea. Maddie doesn’t look too pleased.”

Madeline wanted so badly to throw her glass of juice on Meredith’s face. She wanted to ask her which one of her f*cking eyes saw that she was not pleased about this?

Amid the silence, Madeline heard Jeremy saying calmly, “Who is she to deny us?”


Yeah, who is she?

She had always been nothing to him.

When Meredith saw that Madeline did not dare to say anything, she was extremely pleased.

She put down her purse and sat down next to Madeline. However, she did not expect Jeremy to sit down next to Madeline.

Meredith was taken aback, on the other hand, Madeline was surprised as well.

However, based on their identities, there was nothing wrong with Jeremy sitting next to her.

Despite feeling unhappy about this, Meredith did not dare to make a fuss. So, she could only sit next to Felipe.

After she sat down, Meredith felt that this was rather nice. After all, Felipe was handsome and he had an exceptional demeanor.

Jeremy’s food arrived in a blink of an eye. They were all Meredith’s favorite food. When Madeline saw them, she lost her appetite.

She knew she told herself to not care about this, but her fragile heart kept getting bloody and bruised.

At this moment, Jeremy placed a spicy dish in front of Madeline. It was as if he was purposely going against her. “I ordered this especially for you.”

“…” Madeline lifted her head in confusion.

Jeremy was smirking. “Don’t you like spicy food? Especially tacos with hot sauce.”

“…” Madeline was suddenly amused. He still remembered her eating a taco with hot sauce with Daniel on the side of the road. This had even become the thing that he would bring this up occasionally to strike her down and humiliate her.

“Maddie, Jeremy ordered this just for you. You have to eat more.” Meredith added just in time.

Madeline looked at her with an amused look on her face. “How could I possibly have the appetite to eat this in front of a mistress?”

Meredith’s face changed and it became extremely dark. Jeremy stopped eating as well. “Madeline, are you trying to make something out of nothing?”

“How would I dare?” Madeline smiled briefly at Jeremy. “It’s so rare for you to sit down and eat with me, darling. I don’t even have time to be happy about this.”

Jeremy’s piercing gaze landed on Madeline while he had a fake smile on his face. “If you’re happy, then you should eat more.”

“Thank you for your kindness, darling, but I’m already full.” Madeline looked at the man opposite her. “Mr. Whitman, I should go back to the office now. Thank you for lunch.”

Felipe nodded. “Okay.”

Madeline got up to leave, however, she was sitting next to the window and the aisle was next to Jeremy.

Her heart started beating erratically. “Mr. Whitman, please move out of the way.”

It was as if Jeremy did not hear her. He did not react.

Madeline asked again while feeling slightly embarrassed. “Mr. Whitman, please let me through.”

When she saw that Jeremy was not moving, Meredith was extremely pleased. She loved when Jeremy forced Madeline into awkward and impossible situations.

“Jeremy Whitman, please get out of the way.” Madeline used ‘please’ for the third time. Her face was slightly red.

Jeremy finally lifted his head to look at her frantic eyes. “Are you talking to me? I thought you’re talking to that Mr. Whitman.”

Madeline looked at the unbelievable man in front of her. Finally, he got up lazily.

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