Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 801-810

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 801
The man’s voice slipped into her ears, sounding husky and cool as usual.

However, Madeline’s heart sank.

Mrs. Whitman.

He called her that.

What did his ‘Mrs. Whitman’ mean though?

Madeline calmly looked at the exquisite and stunning face, quietly heaving a sigh of relief.

Judging by his outfit, he had also come to participate in the bidding tonight. Since he could appear here so dashingly, it seemed that his body was fine.

“Mrs. Whitman, are you alright?” Jeremy asked with a faint smile.

Madeline shook her head. “I’m fine.”

“If you’re alright, then I’ll let go of you.” As soon as his voice fell, he quickly retracted his arms from her waist as though he felt no nostalgia at all.

Madeline then saw Jeremy turning around and leaving. Her heart suddenly froze.

She knew that Jeremy probably believed in her lack of feelings and indifference toward him three months ago.

Madeline impulsively wanted to tell Jeremy the truth. She stepped forward toward him. “Jeremy—”


Felipe’s voice suddenly cut in like a nightmare.

He seemed to be walking toward Madeline’s side with a gentle smile. He placed his hand gently on Madeline’s slim waist and bowed his head to put his thin lips close to Madeline’s ear. “If you want to tell Jeremy the truth, then you’ll never see Lilian again.”

Felipe’s voice was gentle and soft, but his words were full of threats and warnings.

Jeremy was certain he heard Madeline call out his name just now. He looked back and saw Felipe holding Madeline in his arms, whispering intimately to her.

“Eveline, don’t do something you’ll regret, okay?” Felipe reminded. “Be happy on an occasion like today. You must not know how beautiful you look when you smile.”

Madeline raised her finger but had to put on a smile to cooperate with Felipe.

She looked up and quietly glanced at Jeremy with her peripheral vision.

Jeremy was facing her with his back and seemed to be talking happily with someone.

Madeline turned around and left with Felipe. She made contact with those people from the industry.

Several people came over to make a toast with Felipe. They looked at Madeline and praised her appearance and temperament. They also praised Felipe’s insight and talked about how blessed he was to have such a beautiful wife.

Madeline was gracefully feigning her smiles. She wanted to find an excuse to get away when she saw Jeremy walking toward her.

“When did Uncle Felipe bring Aunty Eveline back? Why didn’t you tell me, your nephew?” he asked with a faint smile. No one could see what emotions he was carrying in those eyes of his at the moment.

However, Madeline was certain that he recognized her as Felipe’s woman when he called her ‘Mrs. Whitman’ just now.

Aunty Eveline…

Madeline chuckled ironically.

“What’s Aunty Eveline laughing about?” Jeremy caught Madeline’s smile and asked with a puzzled smile.

Madeline curled her pink lips, pretending to be contemptuous. “I’m happy to have met my ex-husband here.”

“Are you?” Jeremy chuckled cooperatively. He took two glasses of red wine from the passing waiter and handed one to Madeline. “Then, I wonder if I can have a drink with my ex-wife? Uncle Felipe wouldn’t mind, right?” He glanced at Felipe.

“Of course.” Felipe smiled generously. “We’re family, after all. After drinking this glass of wine, consider your and Eveline’s past affairs to have completely ended.”

“Mhm.” Jeremy seemingly lifted the corner of his lips. He looked at Madeline, who was smiling like a flower, and took his wine glass to gently clink it against Madeline’s. “My ex-wife, here’s to our amicable separation.”

He said meaningfully before downing the wine in his glass.

Madeline was stunned for a moment. Her heart seemed to be cut into pieces.

However, she had to force a smile and swallow the liquid in the glass into her stomach. She swallowed it together with the grievance and helplessness that was about to gush out.

“Aunty Eveline really drinks well.” Jeremy praised, then glanced at his phone. “My girlfriend is here, so I won’t bother Uncle Felipe and Aunty Eveline anymore. See you two later.”


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 802
This word cut across Madeline’s heart like an invisible sharp blade.

She watched Jeremy turn around unhesitantly, not even sparing a glance from the corner of his eyes.

‘Jeremy, you really believed my cold, hard lie back then.’

“It seems that he’s not as affectionate to you as I imagined he would be,” Felipe said with a soft smile, “There’s an important customer who wants to talk to me. You can eat something here first. I’ll come look for you later.”

Felipe turned around and left, leaving Madeline to stand there in a daze.

She walked to the long table, picked up a glass of red wine, and drank again.

However, she could no longer taste the sweet and delicate fragrance of the red wine—only the bitter taste reached her heart.

“Isn’t this Eveline Montgomery?”

“Whose woman do you think she is? Didn’t she just marry Jeremy a few months ago? Why is she with Jeremy’s uncle, Felipe, now?”

“Wealthy families are messy. I also heard that Jeremy and Felipe broke their relationship as uncle and nephew just to fight for her. Now, they remain friendly in appearance but are estranged at heart.”

“Tsk, beauty is a disaster. Indeed, the more beautiful a woman is, the more vicious she is!”

“Well, look at her, she looks like a vixen.”

Malicious whispers could be heard.

Madeline turned around gracefully while holding the wine glass. She faced the ladies who were trashing her while watching her.

“I understand your implications. If you want to praise me for being beautiful, you can say it straight to my face. There’s no need to beat around the bush. Everyone knows that the face of a vixen is usually very beautiful.”



The few ladies were humiliated when they heard her. They murmured while walking away angrily.

Madeline did not know if it was because she was angry with those people, but her chest suddenly became stuffy.

She drank another glass of red wine to try to relieve the tightness in her chest, but her stomach felt even more uncomfortable.

She wanted to go outside to get some air, but as soon as she turned around, she saw Jeremy walking in with a woman in a long dress.

Madeline looked intently and felt that this woman was a little familiar, but she could not put a finger on it.

Her face was really pretty, but it leaned to those popular faces one often saw.

Was this Jeremy’s girlfriend?

She guessed silently, seeing Jeremy leading the woman straight to her.

“Aunty Eveline, this is my girlfriend, Yvette Charis.” Jeremy introduced to her.

Madeline lifted the corners of her lips and maintained a smile. “Hello, I’m—”

She was about to introduce herself but was suddenly interrupted by Jeremy.

“This noble, elegant, and beautiful lady is my ex-wife, Eveline Montogomery. She’s the one I couldn’t get even after I had hollowed out my heart.”


She did not expect Jeremy to introduce her like this. Madeline did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“It turns out that you’re the Miss Montgomery who Jeremy’s heart can’t let go of.” Yvette smiled and lifted her hand to hold Jeremy’s arm. “Miss Montgomery, you’re indeed very pretty.”

“Thank you.” Madeline glanced at their tightly linked arms and smiled faintly, but her chest felt more stuffy and her stomach more nauseous.

“I won’t disturb the two of you. I’ll head to the washroom.” She found an excuse and turned around quickly. She really did not want to see Jeremy being lovey-dovey with another woman.

However, Madeline did not go to the washroom. She ran to the terrace to get some air. However, she could not relieve her discomfort at all.

The feeling of nausea welled up more turbulently and Madeline could not help but retch.

After retching a few times, she suddenly realized something.

As she touched her belly while frantically guessing in her heart, familiar footsteps were suddenly heard behind her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 803
It was Jeremy.

She would not have mistaken the sound of his footsteps.

Madeline hurriedly tidied up her state. She gently stroked her belly and pretended to stand beside the railing to get some air.

She heard Jeremy approaching her step by step. Her heartbeat, accompanied by his pace, became more and more disordered.

“It seems that you’re really living a better life after leaving a scumbag like me, Mrs. Whitman.”

His sarcastic words came from behind, making Madeline distressed.

Jeremy walked to her back. The moonlight was shining on her cold, fair skin. Her gown was swaying in the evening breeze while her beautiful back figure was reflected in his eyes.

Madeline held up her elegant mask before turning around to meet his deep eyes with a chuckle.

“I could say the same to you, Mr. Whitman. You also seem to be having a good life. You’ve found a new love so soon.”

“It can’t be helped. After being driven away by Mrs. Whitman in F Country that day, I was really saddened. When I came back, I found a new love to mend my heartache. It turns out that this method is really useful.”

“That’s great. My blessings to you and your new love.”

Madeline gave a casual blessing before leaving.

Jeremy stood silently on the spot and watched Madeline pass by. The faint fragrance she carried pierced his nose.

He suddenly reached out and held Madeline’s wrist. “You don’t want to see me that badly?”

He suddenly lowered his voice that carried a bewitching charm.

Madeline stopped her steps abruptly. This one touch caused endless grievances to surge in her heart. She pretended to be impassive and said disdainfully, “Why should I want to see you?”

As soon as her voice fell, Madeline felt Jeremy’s hands tightening.

He looked down at her, approaching her coldly and mightily. “Are you disappointed that I’m not dead?”

Madeline looked up at him unknowingly. What did he mean?

Looking at Madeline’s beautiful eyes, Jeremy’s gaze seemed to soften a bit. “Is Felipe good to you?”

“It’s none of your business whether he’s good to me or not.” Madeline broke free from his grasp. “Mr. Whitman, aren’t you afraid that your girlfriend will be jealous with you coming over to look for me like this?”

Jeremy chuckled in a low voice. “Since you’re questioning it like this, Mrs. Whitman, then are you jealous? Do you mind that I have a new love?”

Madeline looked away and sneered disapprovingly, “What is there to be jealous about? I haven’t had feelings for you for a long time. You’re not even a stranger to me, understand?”

She finished speaking coldly and left carefreely on her heels.

As soon as she walked out the door to the terrace, she saw Felipe’s men standing not far away.

Sure enough, even if Felipe had walked away, there would always be people arranged to monitor her every move.

If she had been soft-hearted toward Jeremy just now, then Lillian would be in danger.

Madeline suddenly felt the whole situation to be ridiculous. Should she be thankful for her heartlessness toward Jeremy?

After Madeline left, Jeremy stayed on the terrace alone.

The evening breeze brushed his cheeks. He was unable to remove the coldness between his brows.

He played with the wedding ring on his ring finger and laughed mockingly at himself.

After Madeline returned to the banquet hall, Felipe came to look for her, saying that the bidding would begin soon.

Madeline was not interested in it. She was just a tool, after all.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 804
Not long after entering the bidding venue and sitting down, Madeline saw Jeremy coming in with Yvette.

Madeline still thought that the woman looked familiar, but perhaps it was only because she had a typical influencer look that made her seem so.

She did not want Jeremy and Yvette to sit behind them. Jeremy was one seat away from the back of Madeline. When she looked to the side, she would be able to catch a glimpse of his delicate and handsome face.

Felipe also noticed Jeremy sitting behind them, so he deliberately reached out to hold Madeline’s hand as he approached her cheek more intimately and whispered into her ear.

“Ms. Montgomery and her husband have a very good relationship,” Yvette said with admiration when she sat next to Jeremy. “Jeremy, should we switch seats? Since you used to like Ms. Montgomery a lot, will it be uncomfortable for you to have her in your line of sight?”

“Of course not. My uncle and my aunt have such a good relationship, so I’m also happy for them. What’s more, now that I have you, why would I care about other women?”

Madeline sat diagonally in front of Jeremy so she could clearly hear the conversation between Jeremy and Yvette.

‘Other women?’

That implied that she was no longer in his heart.

Madeline looked ahead calmly, pretending not to care, but her clenched fingers were so painful that they started to go numb.

It seemed that he deeply believed in her unfeeling indifference at that time, so he started a new life, tried to forget about her, and completely disposed of her from his heart.

‘So, this is the love I longed for so much last time?’

Madeline smiled bitterly and listened absent-mindedly as the emcee talked on the stage. She vaguely heard that the bidding item was a piece of land.

The location of that piece of land was in an undeveloped area of ​​Glendale and was an attractive item.

Felipe seemed to have been prepared long ago and had a well thought out plan. Madeline guessed that the bidding event might have been the reason why he had been busy during these past few days.

After the emcee talked about the relevant information of the bidding project on stage, he announced the start of the official bidding.

Most people were not bidding since the reserve price was two billion and only a few companies could afford to bid for it.

However, Felipe did not give those companies a chance and straightaway offered a price of three billion.

It was clear that he had to get the project.

The wealthy businessmen at the scene all looked at Felipe and he just smiled slightly as he held Madeline’s hand. “Eveline, after the drawings are available, I’ll get people to build a large amusement park and holiday resort inside. Whenever we want to take a break and relax, we’ll go there. What do you think?”

All Madeline could do was nod with a smile. “Whatever you say.”

Felipe was very satisfied with her answer, and his arrogant gaze flicked across Jeremy’s face.

The emcee on the stage began to count. “Going once…”

“5.2 billion.”

Jeremy’s deep sexy voice interrupted the emcee.

Madeline felt constrained, and she also sensed that Felipe was surprised.

“5.2 billion, Jeremy? Do you have that amount with you right now?” Felipe turned his head and asked.

Jeremy smiled without saying a word, and the emcee on the stage immediately announced that the bid was successful as he happily invited Jeremy to come on stage.

He stood up gracefully with a well-fitted dark blue suit that outlined his perfect figure. Every action of his showed nobility and elegance.

Madeline was seated in the audience as she watched him with no surprise. Jeremy said, “A year ago, there was a lot of false news on the internet that said all of my business and property were swept away, that I can’t afford a villa, that I can’t afford to drive a sports car, and that I have to squeeze into a 100-something square feet apartment with my family. Anyway, whatever the truth is, I believe anyone with eyes can see it now.”

He confidently stepped down as he held the signed agreement of the successful bidding transaction.

As he passed by Madeline, he stopped.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 805
Madeline was uncomfortable when she felt Jeremy approach her. When he was near, he said, “I heard that Uncle Felipe originally wanted to use this piece of land to build a resort for Mrs. Whitman? Really sorry about that. I want to use this piece of land to build a castle for my most beloved woman too.”

He looked at Madeline on purpose even though she was not looking at him.

“I hope that one day, my beloved woman can live in that castle and be a carefree princess. I’m willing to unconditionally protect her, guard her, and be her knight for life.”

After he said that, Yvette approached Jeremy and said sweetly, “Jeremy, you’re so kind to me.”

Madeline turned her face away as she was torn with grief. She smiled at Felipe as she held back her heartache. “I’m hungry, Felipe. Can we get something to eat?”

“Okay.” Felipe smiled and stood up, looking at Jeremy with a calm expression. “It seems that I’ve underestimated my nephew’s ability. When Whitman Corporation had the handover, it seems that nothing bad happened to you.”

Jeremy smiled nonchalantly, his gaze still lingering on Madeline’s face. “I’ve also underestimated your abilities, Uncle Felipe. I can’t believe that the woman I’ve tried so desperately to get has fallen into your arms.”

When Madeline heard Jeremy’s sarcasm, she smiled indifferently. She gently pulled Felipe’s arm and turned around.

Before Felipe turned around, his dark eyes glanced across Yvette who was standing next to Jeremy.

Yvette raised the corners of her lips and smiled politely at Felipe. Her dimples on the sides of her lips made Felipe look at her for a couple more seconds.

After leaving the hotel, Felipe sent Madeline to the car. “I’ll get someone to send you back to the villa first.”

“I want to go back to my parents’ house,” Madeline said coldly.

Felipe pondered thoughtfully for a moment. “You can go back, but—”

“You don’t have to warn me again. For Lilian’s safety, I won’t say anything.”

“Eveline, I don’t mean to threaten you. I just want to keep you by my side.” Felipe furrowed his eyebrows and opened the door for Madeline.

Madeline did not say much to him and got in the car.

Her stomach was still writhing as her mind replayed what Jeremy said that night.

Her eyes looked down as she stared at the night view outside the car window and remembered how hard he had hugged her while telling her, “Linnie, I love you. I really love you.”

Now, he was hugging another woman, telling her that he would build a castle for her and treat her like a princess.

Eloise and Sean were watching the news in the living room. Suddenly, a servant rushed in to report to them, “Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, Miss is back!”

“Who?” Eloise and Sean thought they had heard her wrongly.

“Miss Eveline is back!” the servant exclaimed.

Eloise and Sean stood up quickly. When they were walking out, Madeline had already walked in.

“Eveline, when did you come back? Why are you dressed so formally? Where did you go?” Eloise was overjoyed. The woman she was looking at was like a dazzling princess who shone very beautifully.

Madeline said coldly on purpose, “I just arrived today and went to a bidding event with Felipe.”

“Is it that bidding event? I heard that that piece of land was sold at 5.2 billion.”

“Yes, Jeremy won the last bid.”

“Jeremy?” Eloise and Sean seemed shocked. ‘Didn’t Jeremy go bankrupt?’

“I’m a little tired. I’ll head back to my room and rest first.” Madeline did not say much because she was not sure who Felipe’s people were who were sent to watch her.

She felt that Felipe was watching everything she said and did except when she went to the bathroom and to bed.

Eloise and Sean did not dare to ask more questions because they could tell that Madeline was not in a good mood.

Just after Madeline lay down in her room, a notification for a reminder rang, reminding her that the day after tomorrow was the death anniversary of her grandfather, Len, who raised her.

“Grandpa…” she said softly as her heart started aching.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 806
“Grandpa, tell me what I should do.”

She furrowed her eyebrows with annoyance when her phone suddenly vibrated.

A stranger had sent her a friend request via her phone number.

Madeline took a look at the profile. The information showed that it was a girl and she had remarked: [I’m heartbroken and simply entered a number. I just want to talk to a stranger.]

Madeline felt very tired and was not in the mood to comfort the brokenhearted person. Soon after, she fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Madeline’s stomach began to turn as soon as she got up. She ran into the bathroom and tried to vomit, but nothing came out.

When she recalled being pregnant with Jackson, she had the same symptoms.

When she was pregnant with Lilian, she was completely emotionless and there were not many uncomfortable symptoms.

She touched her belly and remembered the night with Jeremy three months ago.

At that time, he had said softly in her ear, “Linnie, let’s have another baby.”

That was why they did not take any protective measures and he went all out…

Madeline did not dare to think about it anymore. She went downstairs after washing up and saw a hearty breakfast prepared by Eloise.

“Eveline, you’re up. I made breakfast for you. Come over and have some breakfast,” Eloise smiled and called out to Madeline affectionately.

Madeline glanced at the front door and walked toward the dining room.

Eloise knew that she had been too cruel to Madeline last time and thought that Madeline still held a grudge against Sean and her, so she was still treading lightly.

“Eveline, were you in F Country with Felipe for the last three months? How are you doing? I heard from my friends in F Country that Felipe and you often attended business receptions. They also said that the two of you are very affectionate.”

Madeline could not refute the perfect husband and wife relationship between Felipe and her since that was what the upper-class circle in F Country thought of them.

“I had a good time in F Country. Felipe loves me very much. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“That’s good.” Eloise nodded and sighed. “As long as you’re happy, that’s all your dad and I want.”

“Mm-hmm.” Madeline nodded slightly.

After having her breakfast, Madeline wanted to go to the hospital to do a check-up. However, as soon as she stepped out of the door, Felipe’s men were already waiting for her.

She had no where she could go without being under that man’s control.

For the sake of her only beloved baby girl, Madeline had no choice but to go along with it.

Felipe had already planned where she should go, but when Madeline said that she was unwell and wanted to go to the hospital, Felipe was a bit hesitant. However, he was still worried about her. As he was worried that Madeline was really feeling uncomfortable, he agreed to let her go to the hospital but ordered his men to watch over her.

After Madeline arrived at the hospital, she registered for a body examination.

After half an hour, her results came out.

After reading the report, the doctor told her clearly, “You’re pregnant. You’ve been pregnant for eight weeks. Haven’t you felt it?”


Madeline clenched the checklist in her hand and had mixed feelings.

She was pregnant again.

It was her and Jeremy’s flesh and blood.

How was she to deal with the situation?

Madeline crunched the checklist into a ball and wanted to throw it in the trash can. She did not want Felipe to find out about her pregnancy.

However, as soon as she stretched her hand out to the trash can, Jeremy’s voice suddenly rang behind her. “Mrs. Whitman, we meet again. It seems that we’re fated.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 807
His sudden voice startled Madeline and made her heart skip a beat.

Her hand shook as the ball of paper that was supposed to be thrown into the trash can fell to the ground.

She hurriedly reached for it, but Jeremy got to it faster.

He stooped closer, and his delicate profile lightly brushed across her cheek.

Their breaths intertwined for a moment.

Jeremy picked up the ball of paper and was about to throw it away when he saw how weird Madeline was acting.

When Madeline saw that Jeremy was about to open the ball of paper, she quickly reached out to grab it but was a second too slow.

When Jeremy saw the contents of the examination report, his eyes darkened sharply. His delicate and handsome face instantly turned cold.

Madeline noticed the change in Jeremy’s facial expression, so she reached out again, grabbed the examination report, and stuffed it into the trash can.

She was upset. She did not know if Jeremy understood the contents of the report. When she contemplated whether to leave straight away, she heard Jeremy chuckling coldly. “You’re pregnant with his baby.”


Madeline’s face stiffened upon hearing that and her heart skipped a beat again.

‘What did he say?’

She was not sure what she heard. A moment later, Jeremy’s cold voice repeated, “You’re pregnant with his baby.”

Madeline stared at the man with the cold look on his face.

Did he think she was pregnant with Felipe’s child?

Madeline felt wronged and helpless but could not blame Jeremy.

It was reasonable for him to think so.

For the past three months, she had been staying with Felipe. If she were to think from Jeremy’s point of view, she must have already spent countless nights with Felipe.

The truth was that she never once allowed Felipe to touch her.

Even the night Felipe thought they were intimate was nothing more than the illusion she created for him with the help of the fragrance she blended.

When Jeremy saw that Madeline was silent, he assumed she was admitting to it by default.

His eyes darkened as he suddenly reached out. He grasped Madeline’s wrist and pulled her forward.

Madeline could not break free from him and could only follow him. “Jeremy, what are you doing? Let go of me.”

When Felipe’s bodyguard saw what was happening, they immediately caught up to them and reported to Felipe at the same time.

“Jeremy, let me go!” Madeline really wanted to get away from Jeremy at that moment, but he was walking very anxiously. She was worried that she would fall if she could not keep up. She did not want the child in her womb to get hurt.

As she struggled, Jeremy pulled her into the escape corridor.

Madeline wanted to escape from him but he pushed her against the wall. His masculine and handsome face got closer to Madeline’s, trapping her between the wall and him.

Those deep eyes of his stared at Madeline with intense displeasure.

Madeline panted as her heart beat anxiously. “Jeremy, what are you trying to do?”

“It’s only been three months,” he whispered, his gaze suddenly turning sharp. “It’s only been three months and you’re pregnant with his baby.”

Madeline could sense that he was dissatisfied. She glanced at the door of the escape corridor and saw someone listening outside. She laughed disdainfully. “Does me being pregnant with anybody’s child have anything to do with you? Why? Can it be you that you still love me?”

Jeremy furrowed his sharp eyebrows and stared at Madeline. His thin lips moved lightly as he said, “Felipe isn’t a good person.”

“If Felipe isn’t a good person, does that make you one?” Madeline chuckled disapprovingly. “In my eyes, you’re the heinous scumbag. Jeremy, stop following me. I really don’t want to see your face.”

Madeline pushed Jeremy away and hurried out of the corridor.

Felipe’s men were listening at the door, as expected.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 808
She frowned and hurried away.

After getting into the car, Madeline felt her abdomen and thought about the look in Jeremy’s eyes.

‘Was it anger, jealousy, or heartache?’

Madeline could not tell.

What Madeline did not want Felipe to know, he soon learned from his men.

He seemed very happy. “Eveline, are you really pregnant with my baby?”

Madeline did not deny it. If she denied it, she was afraid that Felipe would use any method he could to get rid of the child.

She did not want to talk to Felipe about the child, so she changed the subject. “Tomorrow’s my grandfather’s death anniversary. I’m going to the cemetery to pay him a visit.”

Felipe immediately agreed to it. “Since the bidding for that piece of land has failed, I have something to deal with. I’ll get someone to send you there tomorrow.” He smiled softly. “Eveline, this is our first child. Don’t worry, even after we have this child, I’ll still treat Lilian as my own daughter.”

“If you really treat Lilian as your daughter, you wouldn’t have used her as a pawn.” Madeline bluntly exposed him.

Felipe’s face turned dark. As he looked at Madeline’s back, he inadvertently looked down and saw the hair band around his wrist.

As he stared at it, his mind drifted away.

Early the next morning, Madeline brought white chrysanthemums and candles to the cemetery.

The breeze in early spring was very gentle. It was accompanied by a light drizzle with a hint of coolness.

After Madeline got out of the car, she was displeased when she saw that the bodyguard was about to follow her again. “Don’t follow me. I want to sit with Grandpa alone for a while.”

The bodyguard stopped and did not dare to disobey Madeline. He could only stare at the sight of her back as she entered the cemetery from the parking lot.

A cool breeze blew by and he shuddered. He assumed that it would be fine if Madeline went alone to light some candles, so he turned around and got into the car. He scrolled his phone while he waited for her.

When Madeline walked to Len’s grave, she put down the white chrysanthemum and lit the candles.

The breeze and drizzle were not that big of a hassle, so she was able to light up the candles.

She cleared the weeds around the tomb, then walked to the tombstone and quietly stared at the name on the tombstone.

“Grandpa, it’s me, Little Eveline.

“Meredith was rescued by someone and is still alive, but you can rest assured that I won’t let her continue to get away with it.

“Grandpa, thank you for not giving up on me back then. Without you, I would have died a long time ago. Without you, I would not have met the man who taught me love and hatred…


Madeline traced the lettering on the tombstone and suddenly noticed an extra figure in her peripheral view.

She looked up suddenly and saw Jeremy wearing black clothes and sunglasses. He was holding a bunch of white chrysanthemums and placed them in front of the tombstone. After that, he bowed and said a prayer.

Madeline looked at the pious man and put on a mask of indifference. “Jeremy, when are you going to stop following me?”

Jeremy curled up his lips and took off his sunglasses. His charming round eyes approached her with a smile. “Mrs. Whitman, why do you say that I’m following you?”

“The hotel rooftop, the hospital, the cemetery. Do you take me as a fool? Is it really only due to pure coincidence that I meet you every time?”

“Isn’t it because we’re destined to meet each other?”

Madeline laughed after hearing what he said. “Jeremy, my fate with you was over long ago. Stop trying to put meanings into things. If you want to stay here, then I’ll go. You’d better stop following me!”

After warning him, she turned and left.

Jeremy stared at her back as a strong possessiveness enveloped his eyes. “Eveline, you dropped something.”

Madeline paused and looked down at her feet suspiciously, but she did not see anything that she might have dropped.

She suspected that Jeremy was playing tricks on her. When she turned her head back, the man suddenly walked toward her with a solemn expression.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 809
Madeline watched the man walking toward her and her heart started racing.

She was pregnant and was worried that Jeremy would behave irrationally, so she took a step back out of vigilance.

When Jeremy saw Madeline’s evasive behavior, he curled the corner of his lips and said sarcastically, “Mrs. Whitman, are you worried that I’ll do something to you? Are you afraid that I’ll hurt Felipe’s child?”


She was indeed worried that the child inside of her would get hurt, even though the child was Jeremy’s.

Madeline swallowed the secret down and said indifferently, “You’re right. The child inside of me is very important to me. So, Mr. Whitman, please act appropriately.”

As soon as she said that, Madeline saw Jeremy’s eyes sink as they instantly looked colder.

“Since you’re so worried, take this umbrella so that you won’t catch a cold.”

As he said that, he handed the umbrella in his palm to Madeline and took something out of his pocket.

Madeline looked intently at it. Amidst the drizzle, she saw Jeremy holding a faded colorful seashell.

“Last time, you told me that you wanted to give everything back to me so that we won’t owe each other anything anymore. So, I’m giving you what I owe you.” It was obvious what Jeremy meant. It was just that Madeline had not expected it at all.

She gave that seashell to him more than ten years ago and he had always cherished it, but now he was telling her that he wanted to return it to her.

‘So, is this what he meant when he said that I dropped something?’

When Jeremy saw that Madeline was confused, he pursed his thin lips and laughed. “What are you thinking about, Mrs. Whitman? Don’t you want to clear everything up between us?”

When Madeline heard what he said, she looked at him with a pretense of calmness. “You’re right. Since we want to clear everything up between us, we don’t need to keep any memorabilia of our past.”

She took out the bookmark that she had kept carefully from the compartment of her bag.

“I’ll give this back to you as well then, Mr. Whitman.” She handed it over.

Jeremy looked down at the bookmark. “Mrs. Whitman, have you been carrying this bookmark around with you? Is it because you still have a little nostalgia for a scumbag like me?”

“You’re wrong. I bring it around so that I can return it to you anytime and anywhere,” Madeline said nonchalantly, “Here, take it.”

Jeremy stretched out his hand and took the bookmark. “Since that’s the case, this bookmark is useless to you, right? You won’t mind what I do with it?”

“Of course,” Madeline said with disdain.

After she finished speaking, she saw Jeremy turning around and throwing the bookmark into the burning brazier next to the tombstone.

Madeline’s heart felt as if it was torn abruptly. She felt an unexplainable pain.

He actually burned the bookmark.

“Now this is actually clearing everything up,” Jeremy said, turned around, and looked back.

Madeline pretended to be indifferent and looked at Jeremy coldly.

He walked toward her and handed the seashell over. “Here, this is yours.”

Madeline stretched out her palm at Jeremy. As he reached out to place the seashell, their fingertips touched for a second. The very next second, he let go.

“Eveline, from now on, there are no more ties between us. Don’t worry, I won’t follow you again, nor will I love you again.” His low and deep voice echoed in her ears.

Jeremy brushed against Madeline’s shoulder when he walked past her.

The seashell fell on Madeline’s feet with a clink as he left.

Madeline suppressed the painful emotions that she was feeling at that moment. When she could tell that Jeremy had walked away, she cautiously squatted down and picked up the seashell.

The words he just said echoed in her head. ‘Eveline, I won’t ever love you again.’

He did not love her anymore.

That was why he could burn the gift that he had given her back then.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 810
The numbing pain her heart spread throughout her body again, and Madeline looked up to force her tears back.

She could not cry again.

She had to be strong for the child.

After Madeline visited Len’s grave, she was sent to Felipe’s villa.

Felipe was in a video conference in the study when he learned that Madeline was back. When he found out, he ended the conference early.

When he saw that Madeline’s jacket was a little damp from the rain, he was a little concerned. “Didn’t you use the umbrella? Why have you gotten yourself all wet?”

“It was just a tiny drizzle. It won’t hurt me.” She was cold and walked past Felipe as she went upstairs.

Felipe had gotten used to Madeline’s attitude. “You’re pregnant now. Getting wet in the rain will make you sick.”

‘Getting wet in the rain.’

Madeline looked down at the umbrella in her hand.

Jeremy had given the umbrella to her in the cemetery not long ago, but his residual warmth on the umbrella handle had long dissipated.

“I assume you miss Old Master Whitman too, right? Let’s pay him a visit tonight.”

Madeline paused as she walked upstairs. “Okay.”

She had no choice but to agree.

In the evening, Felipe asked the servants to send her clothes and jewelry which were all limited edition luxury items.

Madeline wore them just like Felipe wanted and also drilled a small hole in the colorful shell that Jeremy gave her back, stringing it into a necklace that hit her clavicle when she wore it.

Although the color of the seashell had faded, it still looked very beautiful.

Madeline looked in the mirror, put on the necklace around her neck, and hid it underneath her collar before going downstairs.

It was still raining, and Felipe was already waiting for her in the car. When he saw that Madeline was wearing all the clothes he had chosen for her, he smiled and was very satisfied. “Eveline, you’re really beautiful. I believe that the baby in your womb will also grow up to be as beautiful as you.”

‘Of course, the child will grow up to be beautiful. It’s because the child is Jeremy’s and he has excellent genes,’ Madeline retorted silently in her heart.

Felipe did not care about Madeline’s indifference toward him and ordered the driver to start the car.

When the sun was setting and the sky was getting darker, they arrived at Whitman Manor.

Just when Madeline got out of the car, she saw another luxury car stopping beside theirs and out came Jeremy from it.

Without looking at Madeline, he walked to the passenger seat and opened the door with an umbrella over it.

The woman named Yvette got out of the car and held Jeremy’s hand with a sweet smile. When she saw Madeline and Felipe, she looked surprised. “Mr. Whitman and Mrs. Whitman? Why are you guys here? “

Felipe looked at Yvette as an unexplainable complex feeling surged in his heart.

However, he looked calm on the outside and naturally placed his hand on Madeline’s shoulder. “I brought my wife to meet Old Master Whitman, our elder in the Whitman family. This is—”

“Yvette Charis. She’s Mr. Whitman’s girlfriend,” Madeline introduced.

Jeremy smiled. “Mrs. Whitman, you’re mistaken. She’s not just my girlfriend. She’s been my fiancée for quite a while.”

‘His fiancée for quite a while.’

Jeremy’s answer made another cut in Madeline’s heart.

She pretended not to care and smiled slightly. “Congratulations. Let’s go in, Felipe.”

Felipe did not turn around but looked at Yvette with a sweet smile. “Ms. Charis, have I seen you somewhere before?”

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