Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 761-770

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 761
Madeline’s throat clamped as she stared at the lean and jaded figure. “Jeremy?”

Madeline stared at the features in shock, the heavy feeling in her chest dissipating.

There was surprise in Jeremy’s eyes as well when he looked back at her.

“You’re really alright, Jeremy!” Madeline ran toward him, her hands reaching out to hold his before she realized.

Feeling the warmth of his hands, Madeline relaxed.

At that moment, Madeline knew that there would not be anything more important than Jeremy being alive and well.

Jeremy stared at Madeline who was clutching his hands excitedly. Beautiful as her smiling appearance was, the woman had tears in her eyes.

“You look a lot like the person I like, miss,” he spoke, the baritone of his voice as magnetic and alluring as she had remembered.

Madeline thought that Jeremy was joking with her when he slowly removed his hands from her grasp. He asked faintly, “Do you recognize me?”


Madeline was confused by Jeremy’s question. Was he doing this on purpose? He had no reason to make such a joke, though.

“What are you saying, Jeremy? Don’t you recognize me? It’s Linnie.”


Jeremy rolled the words in his mouth as his gaze turned cold. “I think you have the wrong person.”

Then, Jeremy left only to stop after a few steps. He turned and stared at Madeline who was still rooted in place.

He walked back toward her. Madeline assumed that Jeremy was done playing with her and that he no longer wanted to joke. However, he only bent down to pick up the rainbow shell in front of her feet before taking his leave once more.

His chain of actions had Madeline’s heart feeling like it was suspended mid-air by a thread.

She had no idea what happened to Jeremy over the past few days, but it seemed that he truly did not recognize her at all.

It did not seem like he lost his memories as he still knew who he was.

Could he possibly be showing traits of a dissociative identity disorder as she had before?

No, that was impossible.

There were hardly such coincidences.

Madeline ran after him. Reaching the entrance, she watched Jeremy get into a car. It was the same car that Felicity had been sitting in a few days ago.

The car drove off, and Madeline hailed a taxi to follow it.

Around ten minutes later, the car arrived at the apartment Felicity lived in. Madeline watched Felicity and Jeremy alight the car before entering the apartment.

Had Jeremy and Felicity’s friendship gotten so close to the point that they could now walk side by side?

Finding it hard to imagine, Madeline followed confusedly and was met with the sight of Jeremy following Felicity into the same apartment complex. She quickly followed after and slammed her hand on the wooden door before it could be closed.

Felicity quirked her red lips in a prideful smile as her eyes fell on Madeline.

“What did you do to Jeremy? Why doesn’t he recognize me?” Madeline asked, going straight to the point.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 762
Felicity did not have the time to respond when Jeremy’s magnetic voice drifted from inside. “Who’s out there?”

Felicity’s expression immediately changed into a tired and frustrated one. “Why are you here again, Miss Montgomery? I’ve told you multiple times before that I’m the person Jeremy loves. It’s because we look similar that Jeremy took a liking to you as my replacement. Jeremy and I are back together now, so would you kindly please stop bothering us?”

Madeline was certain that Felicity was acting at that point. She wished to rip apart the woman’s mask when Jeremy suddenly appeared in her line of vision.

Jeremy stared calmly at Madeline with his deep and analyzing peach blossom eyes before averting his gaze to look at Felicity as he spoke in a warm tone, “Pack your things quickly. Our flight back to Glendale is in three hours.”

“Alright.” Felicity nodded, the provoking tint in her smile deepening.

Madeline could not believe her eyes as she watched Jeremy ignore her. He even closed the door in her surprised face without giving her another look.

Not only did he fail to recognize her, but he was also being cold and disdainful.

It reminded her of how they started.

However, in comparison to the ruthless person he once was, it was evident that this version of him still loved her deeply.

Madeline knew that there had to be a reason behind Jeremy’s attitude, so she took a cab toward Baby’s Breath Manor to look for Felipe without another thought.

Felipe was indeed at the manor. In the garden, the man was sitting casually with a cup of black tea and a book in his hands.

Madeline stood before him and spoke curtly, “The plane crash, the missing, and the dying were all fake. You had Felicity and your bodyguard drag me into the car just so that Jeremy and I wouldn’t meet. You separated us so that you could do as you wish, didn’t you?”

Felipe placed the teacup down nonchalantly while his otherworldly appearance remained unfazed. “Your heart must’ve hurt so much when you found out that he died, hmm?”

Felipe sneered at Madeline’s silence. “It never crossed my mind that you’d still be so in love with him, Eveline.” He stood and leaned toward Madeline, his voice deep and bewitching when he spoke, “It must hurt, hmm? Watching the man you love so deeply ignore you to defend another woman.

“Do you know how I feel now, Eveline?”

Madeline understood it more or less. “You did all of that just so that Jeremy and I would never get together? You even killed Lillian, the little girl who called you her daddy, just to get what you want!”

“I didn’t hurt Lillian.” Felipe proceeded to deny it. “You’ll know soon enough that while I can be ruthless to anyone, I will never disappoint you.”

Felipe then made a move to leave only to have Madeline stand in front of him. “What did you do to Jeremy?”

His smile was faint as his eyes glowed with a deluding tint. “He wouldn’t be flying back to Glendale to get registered with another woman if he loved you so much, would he?”

Madeline had indeed heard Jeremy telling Felicity that they were boarding back to Glendale in three hours, but could they truly be going to get registered?

What happened to the man who claimed that he loved and only had feelings for her?

Madeline immediately booked the same flight back as well.

She and Jeremy had already spent too many years suffering. She refused to let the two of them miss each other again just because of someone else’s purposeful interference and schemes.

Madeline was sitting two seats diagonally from Jeremy.

She watched Felicity stare elatedly at Jeremy’s face as she sat next to him.

After roughly an hour, Madeline found that Felicity had fallen asleep. She was shocked to see Jeremy cover her with a blanket as if in fear of her catching a cold. He then slowly stood up and went to where she assumed was the bathroom.

Suppressing her own emotions, Madeline immediately rushed over to hold the door just as Jeremy was about to close it.

Jeremy had not the time to react when the door was wrenched open. She marched into the bathroom and the door then closed behind her with a click.

Jeremy looked shocked, but Madeline held him by his collar and pressed him against the isolation board before he could open his mouth to speak. She stared into his eyes. “Let me ask you, Jeremy Whitman. Do you truly not recognize me at all?”

The man suddenly reached up to hold the hand on his collar and squinted his eyes. “I do. Of course, I recognize you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 763
Madeline’s eyes shone with hope at Jeremy’s response. “You remember me, Jeremy? Then why did you—”

“Felicity told me that you’re one of my crazy fans who did plastic surgery to look like Felicity just to get my attention.”

Madeline initially thought that Jeremy only said such words before to get closer to Felicity so that he could investigate the truth of her identity. She thought that he was just pretending that he did not recognize her, but his reply proved her wrong.

Madeline had no other option but to accept such was the fact as she stared into Jeremy’s cold eyes. The Jeremy before her no longer recognized her.

“I hope you’ll be more rational, miss. Feelings are not something to be forced. Even if you’ve done plastic surgery to look like Felicity, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re not the person I love,” Jeremy added.

Letting go of Madeline’s hand, he turned and left without looking back.

His cold rejection was a replica of how he used to be.

Staring at his retreating figure, Madeline spoke calmly, “I don’t know what they did to you to make you forget me and think that the person you love is Felicity, but everything I’m going to say next is the truth, Jeremy. Ever since we first met over a decade ago, the only person you’ve ever cared for is me.

“Over the past few years, we’ve both become victims of the other’s schemes and plots. You’ve made a horrible mistake once, causing our family to break apart, and for that, you’ve also knelt in front of me and apologized. I gave you the chance to make up for it. Are you really going to make the same mistake again today?”

Madeline walked toward him.

“I can tell you with certainty, Jeremy, that you’ll regret everything you’re doing and saying to me right now should you wake up one day and remember the past we shared.”

Jeremy’s footsteps halted at the word ‘regret’.

His fingers were on their way to open the door, yet they seemed to have frozen mid-air.

Realizing that Jeremy seemed to be persuaded by her words, Madeline walked to stand behind him. “You refused to believe whatever I said back then, Jeremy. Are you going to reject me again now?”

“Believe.” Jeremy rolled the two syllables over his tongue in thought. Frowning, he left anyway without another word.

Madeline’s heart grew cold. “Jeremy, you…”

She called out only to lose her footing as the airplane slanted suddenly. Falling on her side, she knocked onto the isolation board.


Madeline exclaimed in pain.

The plane seemed to have run into turbulence for it began to jostle about.

Jeremy had half the mind to grab onto the railing when he saw Madeline wobbling on her feet before knocking into the isolation board. Without a moment of hesitation, he dashed toward her to hold her in his arms.

While the woman in his arms was far from familiar, Jeremy felt the cells in his body celebrate upon making contact with her.

“Are you alright?” he asked caringly before he realized what was going on.

With effort, Madeline finally got onto her feet and looked up at the man who was holding her tightly. Her lips parted as she wanted to reply only for the plane to sway. Weightlessness overcame them.

Madeline could hear passengers screaming in fear outside.

Were they truly about to crash?

In a moment of panic, Madeline felt Jeremy’s arms tightening around her. His warmth and scent engulfed her. She had never felt safer despite the danger of their current crisis.

Madeline suddenly curled her lips into a smile.

She reached out to loop her arms around his waist, tightening them slowly as she pulled the man into a tight hug.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 764
She had wished countless times over the past many years that she would get to hug this man in such a way and to feel the warmth of a sincere hug from this man.

She had never expected this moment to come so late.

This was their first and perhaps their last as well.

“Jeremy,” she called out his name in an unusually calm manner.

The man averted his deep peach blossom eyes to meet her, the long alluring slits staring into her flawless appearance that was mere inches away from his. Her glossy eyes were mesmerizing.

“It’s okay, it’ll be alright soon. It’s just turbulence.” He comforted softly.

Then, he found his own behavior weird.

After all, in such a situation, should his priority not be to protect Felicity? Why did he find it so difficult to let go of the girl in his arms and let her face the danger herself?

Within him came a persistent voice reminding and telling him to protect Madeline, to ensure that nothing would happen to Madeline.

Madeline smiled. Looking at his face now, she found no more traces of the heavy hatred in his eyes.

“There’s something I need to tell you now, Jeremy, or I might never get the chance to tell you anymore.” She stared at his lips. Despite the weightlessness from the jostle of the plane, Madeline had never felt more fearless. She only had one goal in mind.

Jeremy looked at her. “What is it?”

She parted her lips mirthfully and said, “I don’t hate you anymore.”

‘I don’t hate you anymore.’

Jeremy was shocked. The words were incomplete without any context, yet his heart seemed to understand what she meant. Relief flooded the inside of his chest, threatening to burst out.

“If this is how our story ends, I don’t think I’d mind it too much. If we get the chance to meet again in our next life, Jeremy, I only hope that you believe everything I say and won’t hurt me again. Don’t make me suffer because of my love for you anymore, okay?”

Madeline’s eyes glistened with tears.

Every tear that escaped the corners of Madeline’s eyes cut into his heart like knives.

Without further thought, his body moved on its own. He suddenly leaned down to kiss the tears away from the corner of her eyes before he straightened to look at her.

“Okay,” he replied instinctively despite the voice in his head telling him that Felicity should be the woman he loved the most.

His heart took control at that moment and it told him to treat the woman in front of him with gentleness and warmth, to do everything within his capabilities so that she would not cry again.

The corner of Madeline’s eyes burned as she buried herself into Jeremy’s arms with a teary smile. “Jeremy…”

“Linnie,” he called out her name. “That’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Hmm.” Madeline hummed. “You’re the only one in this entire world who calls me by that name.”

Jeremy tightened his hold on her, their cheeks almost touching. As the feeling of weightlessness grew, they leaned into each other to regain their sense of center.

The feeling lasted for another ten or more minutes before the plane slowly steadied itself. The cries and howls outside came to a stop as well.

“I think it’s over now.” Jeremy patted Madeline’s hair comfortingly.

Madeline slowly loosened her grip as well now that danger seemed to have passed, but Jeremy seemed reluctant to let her go.

Just then, the toilet door was flung open, revealing a pale-faced Felicity who stood before them. Her hair was a wild mess.

Staring at Jeremy hugging Madeline, shock filled Meredith’s eyes.

How… How did this happen?

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 765
How could it be?

How could Jeremy be hugging Madeline?

Had he already broken out of the hypnosis? That was impossible!

Frantic, Meredith shouted anxiously, “Why are you here, Jeremy? Why are you hugging this woman? Did you mistake her for me again?”

Jeremy snapped back to reality and turned to look at Madeline. Two seconds later, he let go.

Meredith immediately ran to pull Jeremy away as she glared at Madeline with animosity. “Please mind your behavior, Miss Montgomery. Stop trying to seduce my fiancé. You’re still a fake even if you’ve gotten plastic surgery to look like me. Jeremy won’t fall for it!”

Regaining her footing, Madeline gave her an elegant smile. “You’re accusing me of plastic surgery? That I changed my looks to replicate yours so that I could seduce Jeremy?”

“Are you finally admitting it now, Miss Montgomery?” Meredith fired back.

Madeline remained unfazed. “If you’re so certain, Miss Walker, then how about we do it this way. We look too similar, so one of us has definitely done plastic surgery. Let’s swear on it, then. The b*tch who got the procedure done and tried to seduce Jeremy will suffer the karma of having their appearance mutilated and their organs failing before they end up dying a horrible and tragic death.”


Meredith had not expected Madeline to shoot back at her like that. Still, there was no way she would willingly swear such a thing and curse herself.

“What’s this? Are you afraid, Miss Walker?”

“Hmph. Me, afraid? I did nothing wrong, so I have nothing to be afraid of. Only fakes like you would come up with such moves to prove your innocence.”

With such an excuse, Felicity turned to look at Jeremy. Her aura immediately shifted to that of a harmless little lamb. “Let’s go back to our seats, Jeremy. I was so scared just now without you there.”

Jeremy nodded lightly before turning to look at Madeline.

“Don’t forget the words I told you, Jeremy.” Madeline reminded.

Meredith frowned distastefully as she turned to speak coquettishly at Jeremy, “Don’t listen to that woman, Jeremy. She’s lying.”

Jeremy turned around and followed Felicity back to their seats after responding to her.

Madeline made no move to hold them back, for she was no longer the same foolish girl who would wail and beg the man to believe her.

She was not the person she used to be.

Upon their arrival at Glendale, the first thing Madeline did was to seek Adam out. Having relayed Jeremy’s situation, Adam stated that he needed to observe Jeremy’s behavior first before he could provide an objective conclusion.

However, Adam had also somewhat evaluated the situation. “You say that Jeremy doesn’t remember you but somehow also claims this other woman as the person he loves the most. It doesn’t seem very much like amnesia to me, let alone a dissociative identity disorder. It’s more likely that someone has implanted a false memory into him and removed original memories as well.”

“Could something so outrageous be done?” Madeline asked in disbelief.

“More outrageous things have been done throughout history. However, I’m not inclined to believe that Jeremy has undergone neurosurgery.” Adam concluded. “Try to get him to see me if you can. I’d like to give him a full check-up myself.”

Madeline felt that bringing Jeremy over seemed too difficult a feat.

It was evident that Jeremy’s care for her when the plane ran into turbulence was an instinctive action. He may not remember her, but it seemed that somewhere deep within, Jeremy still loved her and felt the need to protect her.

Just like how despite his cold words, he had still shared her bed and gotten intimate with her back then.

Karen had not been able to contact Jeremy at all over the past few days. When she saw him return with Felicity, she found herself relieved.

Karen was elated as she accepted the expensive skin and health care products from Felicity and began to rant about how horrible Madeline was.

“You have no idea how evil that Madeline is, Jeremy. She even deliberately frightened me the other day telling me that you’ve died!”

“What? Did Miss Montgomery really say that?” Felicity wore an expression of utter innocence.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 766
“I’ve always hated that woman ever since the beginning. I can’t believe that she’d team up with that damned b*tch Yvonne to kidnap me!” Karen pursed her lips into an expression of distaste before she turned her head to smile at Jeremy. “I’m glad to see that you’ve chosen the right woman, Jeremy! Felicity’s a great girl. This time, you’ve got to sever all your ties with Madeline!”

“Madeline? Isn’t her name Eveline?” Jeremy was confused.

“Her name used to be Madeline, but that was when she was adopted by the Crawford family. On the topic of the Crawfords, that was a family full of heinous people, especially that Meredith. Just what kind of misfortune have our family garnered to meet such a b*tch? I will never know!”

Karen spouted in disgust. Looking up, she found Felicity frowning. Her face was dark as she appeared to be deep in thought. Then, Karen continued, “You might not know this, Felicity, but that Meredith Crawford is so much worse than Madeline!”

“Meredith might look obedient to the eyes, but she was truly abominable and vile underneath. She had no morals at all and even killed people! Good thing she’s dead, though. People like her are a waste of oxygen.”

“Is that so?” Meredith smiled lightly, suppressing the anger within.

Karen nodded with certainty. “Jeremy’s luck was horrible to have met such horrible women before, but it’s a relief that he’s found such a wonderful woman like you now, Felicity. I’m sure our family will only be getting better now that you’ve become a part of it.”

While she was displeased, Meredith reveled in the fact that she was about to officially be Jeremy’s wife. Not wanting to delay it any further, she tugged on Jeremy’s sleeve with a coquettish remark. “It’s still early, Jeremy. How about we go get registered in the town office now?”

Staring at her, Jeremy’s mind echoed with the words Madeline told him on the flight.

“What’s wrong, Jeremy? Do you not want to get married to me?” Meredith pretended to look disappointed.

Jeremy smiled faintly. “How could that be? Let’s go.”

“Okay!” Meredith broke into a joyful smile.

Watching Jeremy go upstairs to take his birth certificate, Felicity took the opportunity to hand Karen a check worth 200,000 dollars. “We’re a family now, Aunty Karen. It’s my first time being someone’s daughter-in-law, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.”

Karen pretended to be reluctant as she accepted the check. “You’re such a good kid, Felicity. Jeremy sure lucked out this time.”

Meredith sneered internally. Oh, she was going to wreak havoc once she married into the family! She would make Karen’s life a living hell!

Madeline went to look for Jeremy the moment she left the hospital. She was just arriving at the villa when she watched Jeremy and Felicity drive away in the same car.

Following behind them, they arrived at the entrance of the town office.

Was Jeremy really going to get registered with Felicity?

Just what did Felipe do to Jeremy that would make him listen to Felicity so obediently?

Staring at the impatient expression Felicity wore, Madeline refused to allow this woman to continue holding control over Jeremy. A fierce glint sparked in Madeline’s eyes as she made a decision.

Felicity and Jeremy walked toward the doors. They were just about to enter when Felicity suddenly received a message.

Her expression changed as she stared at her phone. “I left something in the car, Jeremy. I’ll be back soon.”

Jeremy nodded. “I’ll be right here.”

Felicity smiled and turned around.

Watching Felicity walk back to the car park where her car was, Madeline quickly tied her hair up into a fresh ponytail and draped a jacket over her shoulders before she went to meet Jeremy by the doors.

“Jeremy,” she called out with a smile.

Jeremy was dazed for a few seconds as he stared at Madeline before he parted his lips. “Did you change?”

“The outfit just now didn’t seem right, so this one is better. Let’s go and get registered.”

“Let’s go.” Jeremy turned around and took the initiative to grab Madeline’s hand, intertwining their fingers.

Jeremy’s hand was warm in hers and Madeline felt her heart race at the contact. The scene reminded her of how she felt the first time they stepped into this place years ago.

Now that she thought about it, they had run in circles only to be each other’s other half again.

Jeremy was nowhere to be found when Meredith returned from the car park to the town office’s entrance. She was about to call him when she saw Jeremy walking out from the office with another girl’s hand in his.

Upon closer inspection, Meredith realized that the woman was Madeline.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 767
Watching the scene, Meredith had a bad feeling.

She quickly rushed toward Jeremy with an anxious expression. “Jeremy!”

Jeremy looked up at the sound to find Felicity running toward him, then turned to look at a smiling Madeline in shock.

“You again, Eveline Montgomery!” Meredith pulled Jeremy and Madeline’s intertwined fingers apart. “Why won’t you leave us alone, Eveline? Stop trying to seduce my fiancé! Jeremy loves me! It’s all in your head. You’re delusional!”

“Fiancé? I think you’re the one who’s delusional, Felicity.” Madeline smiled as she stepped toward Meredith, her aura completely domineering. “Allow me to introduce you two. This handsome man who I’ve just gotten registered with is my, Eveline Montgomery’s, husband.”

“What? Registered?” Meredith widened her eyes.

Madeline pulled the marriage certificate out of her bag and waved it in front of Meredith.

“Yeah. Registered. Married.”

“…” Unable to accept it, Meredith was about to explode with infuriation. “How could you, Jeremy? How could you get registered with such a sinister woman?”

“Indeed. If it were not for how sinister I am, why would I ever con this innocent Mr. Whitman into getting registered with me when you walked away for just a moment, Miss Walker?”


Jeremy stared at Madeline with a meaningful look.

Madeline’s smile deepened as a cheeky look tinted her eyes. “What’s done is done. Jeremy is now my legal husband. You’re nothing more than a mistress.”

“…” Meredith’s eyes flickered with fury as the fumes suffocated her chest. “You got played, Jeremy! You’ve fallen into this woman’s plan. Divorce her! Quick!”

Jeremy stared at Felicity’s impatient expression, then back at Madeline’s elegant and faintly smiling one.

He frowned, seemingly annoyed. “The two of you are making me confused.”

Then, Jeremy turned and left.

“Jeremy? Where are you going, Jeremy? You have to get a divorce with Eveline first before you leave, Jeremy!” Meredith frantically ran after him.

Madeline immediately held Meredith back by her wrist.

Meredith’s footsteps halted as she turned around in displeasure, meeting Madeline’s fierce and overwhelming gaze.

“Don’t even waste your time imagining that I’ll get a divorce with Jeremy and give you another chance to take advantage, Felicity Walker.”

“Eveline Montgomery, you b*tch! You’re the one who took advantage of my leaving and scammed Jeremy into getting registered with you!”

“You know better than I do who the true scammer here is, Felicity. Don’t think that just because you have Felipe backing you up that you’ll be safe. It’s just a matter of time before I rip that mask off your face!”


Madeline then flung Meredith’s hand away forcefully and strode off coolly.

Meredith could only glare in frustration. “Enjoy this while it lasts, Eveline! I will have Jeremy divorce you!”

Madeline turned around slightly, her small face exuding with confidence. “So what if he agrees? As long as I don’t, the marriage won’t be annulled straight away. It’d take at least a year and a half from your application for a divorce to separation, but do you honestly think Jeremy would continue to let you guys control and step over him by then?”


Meredith’s expression paled.

She grew frantic as Madeline’s argument was not without reason.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 768
Jeremy was currently under hypnosis. That was the only reason he believed that the person he loved was her, Felicity. He had forgotten everything about Madeline. However, hypnosis was unstable in the sense that it could always be lifted at any time.

What was she supposed to do?

She dared not tell Felipe the truth.

The knowledge of her failure would surely end up in Felipe killing her!

After Jeremy left, Madeline drove to the villa under the assumption that he had returned home.

Standing at the doors again, Madeline felt nostalgic.

She had once again become the Whitman family’s daughter-in-law—Jeremy’s Mrs. Whitman.

‘But did you truly assume that I was Felicity when we got registered, Jeremy?’ Madeline thought to herself as she walked inside.

Knowing that Jeremy and Felicity had gone to get registered and would return for dinner, Karen happily went to the kitchen to fix up a flavorful dinner.

Winston was shocked and confused when he found out. “You said Jeremy went to get registered with Felicity, his psychiatrist? When did they get together? Why would Jeremy get married to another woman when he’s only ever had Eveline in his heart?”

“Hmph. Who said Jeremy still loves Madeline? That woman is sinister and evil. She’s been past tense long ago.”

Karen rolled her eyes, her expression a testament to her gratefulness that Jeremy had washed his hands off Madeline. Her expression was blissful when she spoke next.

“Felicity is different, though. She might look like Madeline, but she’s gentle and understanding. Where does one even find such a great daughter-in-law?”

Winston felt himself grow uncomfortable as he heard her. “Eveline even risked her life to save you with the ransom. Yet instead of thanking her, you’re here bashing her? What is wrong with you?’

“What is wrong with me?” Karen grew infuriated. “Let me tell you, the entire incident was a plan that Madeline and Yvonne came up with together. You think Madeline saved me because she’s kind? No, she played me!

“You have no idea. Madeline slapped me harshly across the face when she pretended to save me. That’s been her motive the entire time! Yvonne told me herself!”

“What?” Winston was affronted. “You’d rather believe the inhumane woman you call your niece than Eveline, the person who saved you?”

“What’s there to believe when it comes to that woman? I’d die before I believe that b*tch again!”

Madeline smiled meaningfully when she heard the entire conversation. “Dad, Mrs. Whitman, what are you talking about? You two seem agitated.”

Winston turned his head over to look at Madeline who was standing at the entrance. “Eveline? What… What did you just call me?”

“She’s no Eveline. This is Felicity!” Karen interrupted, greeting Madeline with a smile before saying in a kind tone, “Have you and Jeremy registered already?”

“Yeah,” Madeline replied with a small smile.

Karen nodded in satisfaction. “That’s great. We’re a family now. Mom will organize a huge wedding for you and Jeremy after a while, alright? We’ve got to tell the whole world that you’re Jeremy’s wife.”

Madeline curled her lips into a meaningful smile. “Thank you, Mrs. Whitman.”

“Silly child. What Mrs. Whitman? I’m your mom now.”

Madeline frowned uncomfortably. “Mom? That doesn’t feel very right of me.”

“What right or wrong is there? Call me Mom! I’d like to see who’d dare to say it’s wrong,” Karen spoke with certainty.

Madeline chuckled. “Of course, it’s wrong. Since when have I, Eveline Montgomery, ever had a mom like you?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 769
Karen, who was smiling a moment ago, instantly became petrified when she heard these words!

Her eyes widened in confusion. Looking at the delicate and beautiful face in front of her, she finally realized. “You’re Madeline!”

“It’s Eveline Whitman, thank you.” Madeline opened her mouth to correct her.

“How is it you?!” Karen was extremely unhappy. “What on earth do you want until you’re satisfied? I’m warning you, don’t pester Jeremy anymore. He’s going to get a certificate with my future daughter-in-law, Felicity. They will soon be a legal couple! If you come pestering again, I will tell the whole world that Glendale’s glorious big shot, Miss Montgomery, is a shameless homewrecker!”

Faced with Karen’s threat, Madeline took out the fresh and warm marriage certificate from her bag, feeling unperturbed. After opening the folded half, she presented the marriage certificate to Karen.

“Is my dear mother-in-law literate? Do you understand the words above?” she asked with a smile.

Karen was stunned. She saw the words on the marriage certificate that read: [Wife, Madeline, and husband, Jeremy.]

The time the certificate was obtained was today!

In the photo above, the handsome man and beautiful woman with the same smiles were Jeremy and Madeline!

Although Madeline and Felicity looked alike, when one looked closely, Madeline’s features were much more refined!

“This… What is this?!” Karen was dumbfounded, her chest feeling tight and out of breath.

Winston walked over and took a closer look at the marriage certificate. Compared to Karen’s horrified startlement, he was pleasantly surprised. “Eveline, have you forgiven Jeremy? You’re finally willing to give Jeremy a chance to make it up to you, yes?”

Madeline put away the marriage certificate and smiled at Winston. “I don’t hate him anymore. He was truly wrong at the beginning, but in retrospect, he was also used by others and blinded. He has worked hard to mend his ways,” she said as she looked at Winston meaningfully.

“In comparison, some people who contributed to the flames and feared that I would not leave him have become even more hateful.”

Karen’s expression collapsed. “Who are you talking about?”

“Must you make oblique accusations? I’m talking about you, my dear mother-in-law,” Madeline said bluntly.

“You… There must be something wrong with this. This marriage certificate must be fake!” Karen was angry. She took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Jeremy when Jeremy returned at this moment.

Karen hurriedly questioned him, “Jeremy, what is going on? Didn’t you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Felicity? How did she end up being this woman?”

Jeremy ignored Karen and looked at Madeline who was smiling at him. Her sweet, dimpled smile made him want to look at her more.

“Yes, I got the certificate with her.” He opened his mouth to confirm this fact.

Karen was dumbfounded.

Madeline curled her lips with satisfaction and walked to Jeremy. “Jeremy, can you come with me somewhere?”

Jeremy looked into Madeline’s eyes, feeling that his heart could not help but want to be drawn to her. “Where to?”

“To…” Madeline paused and looked at Karen. “I want to go to our two-person world to celebrate our remarriage,” she smiled brightly and said, holding Jeremy’s hand.

Seeing the pair from their backs, Karen was furious. She did not mention the dinner that she had carefully prepared. How could she still be at peace with Madeline about to enter their doors later?

Jeremy was sitting in Madeline’s car. He did not know where she was going to take him, but he was willing to follow.

Just then, he received a call from Felicity all of a sudden. “Jeremy, where are you? I’m not feeling well now. Can you come and accompany me?”

Listening to the aggrieved voice of the woman on the phone, Jeremy felt he should be distressed, but instead, he felt nothing.

Even though there was always a voice in his mind reminding him that Felicity was his beloved woman in this life.

“Jeremy, are you listening to me, Jeremy?”

Jeremy returned from his daze when he heard Meredith’s repeated calls for him. He was about to speak when Madeline took over the phone.

“Felicity, if you still have any dignity left, don’t bother my husband again. Otherwise, I will have you understand the consequences of being a mistress.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 770
Madeline ended her warning unceremoniously before hanging up the phone. She even blacklisted Felicity’s number.

She stopped the car and handed the phone over with a serious expression.

“Jeremy, you’re my husband now. Don’t interact with other women anymore or I’ll be unhappy.”

“Don’t be unhappy. I can promise you that.” His answer sounded unpleasant, even reluctant, but he agreed very readily.

Madeline was satisfied with this answer. She brought Jeremy to Adam’s clinic. Adam did several checks on Jeremy and did not find any problems with Jeremy’s body. Moreover, Jeremy’s physique was very good compared to ordinary people.

Adam also gave Jeremy a psychological evaluation and they all showed that he had no problems.

With this, Adam could not start treating Jeremy. As such, Madeline had to take him away first.

As they passed a red light on the way back, Madeline could not help but stare at a flower shop outside the car window in a daze. Following that, she heard the sound of the car door opening. When she looked back, she saw Jeremy getting out of the car and leaving.

Madeline thought Jeremy did not want to stay with her and wanted to look for Felicity instead, but then she saw him entering the flower shop. Not long after, Jeremy returned with a bouquet of pink and blue baby’s breath.

“Do you like this flower?” He gave her the baby’s breath.

Madeline’s heart instantly felt sweet and sour.

Even though Jeremy had somehow forgotten her because of another’s tampering, it seemed that he still subconsciously remembered to love her and be nice to her.

On the other end, Meredith could not find Jeremy and her number had been blacklisted. She was distressed when she suddenly received a call from Felipe. He was here to confirm whether she had obtained the marriage certificate with Jeremy.

Meredith did not dare to say that she had not, so she repeatedly said she had settled it.

Felipe seemed satisfied with this answer, and at the same time, he ordered Meredith to get Jeremy to hold a wedding with her as soon as possible.

Meredith did not know what Felipe was planning for next, but she promised it all. How could she dare refuse?

After the call was hung up, Meredith became angrier and angrier.

She was just one step away from Mrs. Whitman’s throne but she did not expect that Madeline would take the lead.

She would never give up and compromise like this.

The enmity and jealousy that had accumulated in her heart over the past few years were burning in her heart. In any case, she would destroy Madeline and never let her live happily with Jeremy for the rest of her life.

Meredith rolled her eyes before smiling suddenly.

She had thought of a good way to make her the apple of Jeremy’s eye once and for all.

It was dark now, and Madeline had brought Jeremy to have a simple dinner near Glendale University. She then walked around the campus side by side with him.

“Jeremy, did you know that I used to follow you secretly and walk the paths you did?”

“You don’t look like someone who would do such silly things.” Jeremy’s voice sounded cold, but his tone was joking.

At this time, a pair of young lovers ran past them, chasing each other and playing around. The girl had accidentally run into Madeline and Jeremy instinctively reached out to grab Madeline, who had almost fallen, into his arms.

She raised his eyes to look at him as he looked down at her. The moment their eyes faced each other, there seemed to be the same tingling sensation that had surged years ago on the apex of their hearts.

“Jeremy, it doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten me, but you must believe me. You must remember that your Linnie would never lie to you.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s eyes as if bewitched and nodded meekly. “I believe you.”

An hour later, Madeline sent Jeremy back to the villa.

She had decided to head back to Montgomery Manor to pack up some things before officially moving back to this house the next day.

As soon as she left the gates of the villa, however, a figure suddenly appeared next to her. The man was holding a drugged wet wipe and had covered Madeline’s mouth.

Madeline also heard a familiar nightmarish voice in her ears. “One Eveline is enough for this world! Go to hell!”

Although Madeline’s consciousness had begun to fade, she was still very tenacious. She broke free from the man’s imprisoning arms and shouted, “Jeremy, save me!”

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