Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 751-760

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 751
Both Madeline and Jeremy turned to look in the direction the bartender was pointing and found a familiar figure in the circle of drinking and boxing men.

However, before they could take a better look at the woman thanks to the intersecting lights of the bar shining into their eyes, they saw her look down at her phone before leaving.

Madeline and Jeremy immediately rushed after her. Chasing to the entrance, a man who smelled heavily of alcohol came to stand in front of Madeline. “Hey, girl. It’s been a while and you look prettier already. I’m free tonight, so how about we go have some fun in a hotel tonight?”

Madeline was certain that the man had mistaken her for Felicity. She was about to speak when Jeremy reached out to take her hand. He gave the man a cold glare. “You have the wrong person.”

“How could I have the wrong person? Did you forget, baby? We were having so much fun on the bed last time—”



Jeremy sent a punch to the man’s face for he could no longer take the vulgar slander.

The man shouted and cupped his face in pain.

“Let’s go, Linnie.” Jeremy took her hand and turned to leave.

They had barely made two steps when the man behind them began to curse expletives at them.

Neither of them paid him any heed as they exited to the street to chase after Felicity. However, they soon heard a mixed cacophony of footsteps behind them. Turning to look, they saw the man who Jeremy had just punched chasing after them with a bunch of other ferocious-looking men.

“Go back to the hotel first, Linnie. I’ll deal with this.” Jeremy let go of Madeline.

He did not expect Madeline to grab his hand again the next second. “There are all sorts of people here willing to do almost anything. Killing is nothing to them. It’s not worth the risk, so let’s just leave.”

Seeing the people grow closer, Jeremy nodded and tightened his hand as they ran toward the street.

“Chase after them!”

“Get that young fellow and hit him! I want him dead!”

“Save that woman for me!”

A yell sounded from the man behind.

The two ran quite the distance when they found people blocking their way in front. Madeline looked around and pulled Jeremy into an alleyway.

Heavy footsteps sounded by their ears as well as the men’s shouts and curses.

“F*ck! They must be in front! Catch them! I’ll kill him for stealing my woman!”

It was only when the footsteps were a distance away that Madeline and Jeremy stood from behind the pile of debris.

“Come on.” Madeline dragged Jeremy in the direction opposite of where the men ran.

Walking on the busy street, Madeline realized belatedly that snow had begun to flutter.

She loosened her and Jeremy’s intertwined hands. “I don’t think we’re going to find Felicity today. Let’s just go back to the hotel instead.”

Jeremy nodded as he balled his fist to savor the lingering warmth. “Let’s go.”

Madeline walked toward the street to hail a cab when her eyes fell on a flower stall at the end of the street.

She walked over and held up a bouquet of baby’s breath, her eyes softening. “Baby’s breath had always been Lillian’s favorite flowers.”

Jeremy’s heart clenched as he pulled out his wallet to buy the bouquet.

Madeline did not say more as she held the flowers and began to walk.

The cascade of snow under the faint yellow of the street lamps that lit up the road was comparable to the bouquet of baby’s breath in Madeline’s hand—so pure, innocent, and perhaps even romantic.

Yet, the thought of the child they had lost immediately doused Madeline and Jeremy in heavy grief.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 752
Just then, the man who was chasing them appeared before them.

Realizing this, Madeline took Jeremy’s hand and turned again. “Let’s leave.”

Jeremy followed decisively, but his height and ethereal appearance made it easy for him to be picked out from the crowd. The man chased after them.

Without hesitation, Madeline pulled Jeremy onto a tourist bus that was passing by.

By the time the group chased over, the bus had begun to move.

They were temporarily safe.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief. The bus jostled, and with a hand holding the bouquet, she felt herself fall before she could grab the railing.

She had not fallen, though, as Jeremy managed to catch her by the waist.

She found herself being held in his broad chest as his long arms came to settle around her waist. It all felt so natural.

As far as others were concerned, the two looked the epitome of a sickly-sweet couple.

“Out of the two groups that chased after us, is there anyone you recognize?” Jeremy whispered.

Madeline shook her head. “None.”

Jeremy looked deep in thought. “They might be Felipe’s men. There’s no way he wouldn’t know that we’ve come to F Country, and if he had indeed played a part in Lillian’s end, then there’s no way he wouldn’t stop us from further investigating the matter.”

Jeremy continued, “Ever since that happened to Lillian, I can’t help but think that Felicity and Felipe are acquainted.”

“They are.” Madeline confirmed, telling Jeremy of the evidence she found from her investigation.

Jeremy was silent for a moment. “Get some rest tonight. It looks like we’ve got to take a different approach for our investigation tomorrow.”

“Different approach?”

Madeline did not understand. After returning to the hotel, Madeline took a bath and went to sleep while Jeremy slept on the couch.

The night passed and Jeremy was nowhere to be found when Madeline woke up the next morning.

He returned after she had washed up, holding some information in his hands.

Madeline knew that Jeremy had gone back to where they were last night and went alone because he did not want her to be put in any danger.

Knowing that it was for her safety, Madeline did not complain.

The two had breakfast before Jeremy rented a car to drive Madeline to their destination.

Upon arrival at a specific apartment block, they were surprised to find Felicity dressed beautifully as she entered a taxi. From the way she was dressed, she looked just like Madeline.

Madeline and Jeremy followed behind. After a while, Madeline realized that the road looked familiar. They soon arrived at Baby’s Breath Manor, the same place where Felipe had once let Madeline live in.

Felicity alighted the car and was greeted by a man in a black suit.

The man seemed to have noticed their car as he was slowly making his way toward them with a suspicious look on his face.

Madeline quickly explained, “This manor is under Felipe’s name, and since it’s in a rather rural place, it’s rare to have people stop here. I recognize him. He’s one of Felipe’s bodyguards. I think he might have noticed us.”

Jeremy immediately unclasped his seatbelt.

Thinking that he was about to alight the car, Madeline placed her hand over his.

“The manor was guarded by these bodyguards all the time over the past three years I lived here. We can’t fight them head-on, nor can we be found because these people recognize me.”

The bodyguard was almost at the car when Madeline was done speaking.

Madeline was wracking her brain for a plan to not be seen when Jeremy suddenly leaned over to scoot his attractive features before her. He cupped her cheek and leaned down for a kiss.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 753
Jeremy’s actions were too sudden and Madeline did not have the time to react, but she was quick to understand the reasoning behind his move.

He wanted the man to mistake them for a couple who was so deeply enthralled by each other that they could not help but act upon their desires.

The man was sharp, so he approached them anyway.

Madeline had no choice but to turn her face and reach out to hold Jeremy’s shoulders as she kissed him back.

Despite the cold December day, Madeline felt her body grow warm and her heart lose its previously calm tempo.

She could not tell if Jeremy was doing it on purpose or for the sake of keeping up their act, but she felt him deepen the kiss and reach a hand into her jacket to hold her waist…

Knock, knock, knock.

The man knocked on the window.

Jeremy’s kissing came to a halt.

“This is private property. If you’re going to get intimate, do it somewhere else,” the man said distastefully.

Jeremy gave the man a cold glare as Madeline let her head fall forward and out of view in a show of shame.

“Let’s go,” she told him quietly.

Jeremy obeyed and stepped on the accelerator.

Having gone a distance from Baby’s Breath Manor, Jeremy finally stopped the car.

It was exceptionally quiet inside, so much so that Madeline could hear her own heartbeat.

Jeremy opened his mouth to explain, “The situation was a bit rushed, so I—”

“I know,” Madeline replied nonchalantly. “But don’t use this method again. You could’ve just driven away.”

“Wouldn’t that have made us look more suspicious?”


Unable to refute, Madeline changed the subject. “We can confirm with certainty that Felicity and Felipe are in contact.”

“We can also confirm that Felipe had ordered Felicity to dress like you to kidnap Lillian so that he could cause a drift and a misunderstanding between us.

“Lillian’s too young. She must’ve thought that Felicity was you, or she would never have left willingly with her.”

At that, both Jeremy and Madeline fell deep into thought.

They were both thinking about the innocent child.

“Had I known he’d be so heartless today, I would rather he never have saved me at all.”

“I know you must think that I’m cold and selfish, but I’m glad he saved you Linnie, or I’d never get to see you again.”

Madeline was shocked, for she understood what Jeremy meant.

Not wanting to raise further suspicion, Jeremy parked the car somewhere hidden and began to observe the manor with Madeline.

They had spent the entire day there until it grew dark but they did not see even the slightest bit of activity within the manor. Jeremy could not help but trail his gaze to fall on Madeline’s side profile.

He hesitated for a while before opening his mouth to ask, “Could you tell me about the three years you spent away, Linnie? Was life here good?”

Madeline was silent before she broke into a chuckle. “Good? What do you think?”

She fired back, her tone heavily mocking.

“I was left cruelly to die by the man I devoted myself to for more than a decade. For Lillian’s sake, I pulled myself together, took care of myself, and absorbed whatever knowledge I could. Had it not been for the strength Lillian gave me and my desire to take revenge for those three years, I’d never be who I am today.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy. “Even in my dreams during those three years, I prayed that you’d suffer night and day… That you’d lose everything you had.”

Jeremy’s heart hurt from the overwhelming guilt as he took in the hatred Madeline used to have for himself.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 754
Madeline stared at the frowning man confusedly. “It plagued me back then whether you were truly blind to Meredith’s pitiful act. Yet your actions have been telling me that you knew what she was doing and still you defended her because of how much you loved her.

“What I never expected was that the reason behind your blind acceptance was a result of the promise you made to me when we were young.

“It had not occurred to me that you would take a childhood joke so seriously to the point of ignoring what was right and wrong, all just to keep the vow.”

Madeline found Jeremy staring deeply at her. “It wasn’t a joke. I promised you something, Linnie, and I’ll do everything I can to fulfill it, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was blinded.”

Just then, Felicity walked out of the manor and was sent home in a private car.

Jeremy and Madeline recollected their feelings and followed behind. However, due to Jeremy’s unfamiliarity with F Country’s roads, they lost sight of the private car once they made it out to the bigger roads.

Thinking about their next course of action, Madeline was shocked to see Ava on the streets outside the windows.

Ava was in F Country.

It was only when Madeline alighted the car to greet her that she came to know that Ava had come to F Country for business.

Ava was shocked to see Madeline as well. Upon realizing that Madeline had come with Jeremy, displeasure surfaced on her expression.

Recognizing the distaste for him in Ava’s expression, Jeremy left mindfully.

Madeline and Ava were left to chat in a dessert shop by the streets.

Ava was in disbelief as Madeline retold the latest events.

“How could that be? Felipe has always held himself with the poise of a gentleman. How could he possibly have someone do that to Lillian just so he can cause a rift between you and Jeremy…”

The truth was too harsh for Ava to continue, so she changed the subject.

“So that’s why you and Jeremy are here? To find out the truth?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded. “I have to get justice for my daughter.”

Ava let out a sigh of relief. “That’s great, then. Here I thought that you’ve fallen for Jeremy’s lies in a moment of weakness and followed him off again. Now that you’ve gotten your memories back, Maddie, I’m sure you remember how he treated you back then. Whatever you do, don’t go back to him. Don’t give the b*stard another chance to hurt you!”

Madeline thought quietly to herself for a moment before she ultimately broke into a carefree smile. “I know you’re worried about me, Ava, but…”

“No buts, Maddie. You can’t possibly have fallen for that man again, can you? Or are you telling me that you’ve never let him go at all ever since the beginning?” Ava interrupted, her expression stern.

Madeline was startled. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to answer your question, but I know for sure that I don’t hate him anymore.

“I’ve told him time and time again these few years that I don’t want to owe him anything or that I don’t want to see him again, yet something just has to happen every time I make such a statement. We then end up even more intertwined than we were before. Take now for an example.

“I found myself terrified for God knows what reason that he would disappear from the world the past two times he almost got into an accident. I must be mad, Ava, because how could someone who has hurt me so much still matter such a great deal to me?”

Feeling lost, Madeline asked Ava. In front of her dearest friend, she found herself letting go of the sharp edge she had in front of other people and opened up.

Honestly, she felt it herself as well that she had never let go of her feelings for Jeremy. She was merely unable to forgive him back then.

Ava frowned. She was about to persuade Madeline to keep her distance from Jeremy when her leader called to have her deal with an imminent issue. Ava had no other option but to leave.

Madeline sat dazedly for a while before she stood and got ready to leave. Turning around, she was met with Jeremy standing right in front of her.

She was surprised as she had no idea when the man arrived.

The blissful smile in Jeremy’s eyes told Madeline of the possibility that Jeremy had sat in an adjacent seat and managed to hear her conversation with Ava.

Setting his eyes on Madeline’s blank look, Jeremy smiled and opened his arms to pull her into a hug as he spoke softly by her ear, “I love you too, Linnie. You matter to me too, so much.”


He had heard them.

Madeline let Jeremy have his fill with the hug before calmly pushing him away.

She could not deny nor did she want to admit anything, for it seemed like meeting Jeremy was no longer a conscious choice she could make. She needed a clear path, so she spoke seriously, “Didn’t you say you wanted to place a bet with me, Jeremy? How about we bet now?”

Slightly stunned, Jeremy stared deeply at Madeline. “What are we betting?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 755
Staring at the hopeful yet slightly anxious peach blossom eyes, Madeline replied calmly, “Let’s bet whether our destiny ends here, or if it’s meant to pick up where we left off.”

‘Pick up where we left off.’

The six words sparked joy unlike any other in Jeremy’s eyes.

She was giving him a chance!

“How will we bet, Linnie?” Confident, he asked impatiently.

After all, he was certain that they were destined to be.

He became elated when he heard Madeline speak. “We’ll return by ourselves, each taking a separate path. If we manage to meet by the hotel entrance in less than five minutes of each other, I’ll take it that we’re still destined.”

“Alright.” Jeremy agreed quickly.

Leaving the dessert shop, he stared at her reluctantly. “Can I hug you again, Linnie?”

“What’s this? Are you afraid that we’ll never see each other again?” Madeline teased.

“Of course not.” Jeremy denied it. The only reason he felt the desire to hug her was because of the conversation she had with Ava.

He had spent every moment over the past years loving this person who mattered the world to him.

“Then we’ll each take our own paths. Fate will guide us.” Madeline then turned around coolly without giving Jeremy another glance.

Watching her walk away, Jeremy’s eyes were filled with warmth. “We’ll definitely meet again, Linnie.”

Walking to the corner of the street, Madeline hailed a cab. She glanced at the spot they had parted from before she got into the car, realizing that Jeremy was no longer standing there.

‘Whether we still have the chance to start over will depend on this, Jeremy,’ she thought to herself before getting into the car decisively.

Madeline was nervous the entire way back to the hotel.

She had no idea if she wanted to meet Jeremy or if she wanted things to end there.

In a daze, the taxi arrived at the hotel.

Madeline alighted the car and took a look around, but Jeremy was still nowhere to be found.

If Jeremy did not appear in five minutes, then whatever between them would end.

Madeline felt her heart pick up anxiously at the thought as she took a look at her surroundings in search of Jeremy. What she found instead was a car that was stopped at the opposite end of the road. It looked like the one that fetched Felicity earlier today.

Madeline crossed the zebra-crossing to the other side to take a look at the number plate. Indeed, it was the same car.

She stepped closer for a better look only for its windows to suddenly roll down, revealing a woman’s face.

Felicity looked at her with a knowing smile.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Miss Montgomery.”

It was too late when Madeline realized that something was wrong for someone had approached her from behind.

“Please get in the car, Miss Quinn.”

The man behind her was the very person who shooed her and Jeremy away this morning.

They had found the both of them out already.

Madeline was not frantic, nor did she compromise. “What if I refuse to get in?”

“You must. Unless you don’t want to know the truth behind your daughter’s tragic death.” Felicity quirked her red lips pridefully.

While the appearance before her eyes was a replica of her own, Madeline found herself unfamiliar and disgusted by the other’s eyes and wicked smile.

She had never worn such an expression herself, so to see Felicity show such expression with her face, Madeline felt a gust of abhorrence surge up within her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 756
“If you may, Miss Quinn.” The bodyguard opened the door. It seemed that regardless of her willingness, they were not going to let her leave.

Just as she was forced into the car, Madeline found Jeremy waiting by the hotel gates with a warm smile and a bouquet of baby’s breath.

He arrived three minutes after her.

They would have met had she not been forced into the car.

Felicity’s gaze fell on Jeremy as well. “What a shame. Looks like you aren’t destined, after all.”

Madeline grew cold.

Felicity knew about the bet she made with Jeremy moments ago.

Felicity smiled at Madeline’s shocked expression. “Looks like you don’t know anything about Felipe at all, Eveline.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hmph.” Felicity scoffed, her gaze hardening. “You’ll know soon enough.”

Then, the car drove away.

Staring at Jeremy who stood by the hotel gates, Madeline felt a heavy weight of loss fall over her heart.

She wanted to roll down the window to call after him, but the windows were locked. She wanted to call him, but the bodyguard had taken her phone.

She stared in the direction Jeremy stood as the distance between them grew until he vanished from her sight.

With the bouquet of baby’s breath in his hands, Jeremy waited patiently as seconds and minutes passed until it gradually exceeded the agreed time.

Joy slowly vanished from his eyes as his heart grew cold.

“Is this truly the end for us, Linnie?” He refused to accept such an end, for there was no way he had no destiny with the woman who he experienced so many life-and-death experiences with.

Yet the time told him they were not meant for each other anymore.

Jeremy returned to the hotel, only to realize that Madeline had not returned at all.

He went back to wait at the hotel entrance, but there was no sign of Madeline no matter how long he waited.

Time passed and Jeremy found himself worried.

‘Why has she not returned yet? Has she gotten into an accident?’

Worried, he called Madeline’s phone but his call was declined. He was about to call again when he received a message from Madeline: [The truth has shown that we’re no longer destined for each other, Jeremy. Let’s end things here. I no longer wish to see you again. I’ve returned to Glendale already, so please don’t come looking for me.]

She had returned to Glendale?

Just like that?

Jeremy could not and would not accept such an ending.

He returned to the room to take his passport and realized that Madeline’s passport was no longer there anymore.

Without another thought, Jeremy booked a flight back to Glendale to chase after Madeline.

At Baby’s Breath Manor.

Taking Madeline’s phone, Felicity sent the message to Jeremy in its owner’s name and turned the phone off.

Felicity sneered frivolously as she stared at Madeline who sat bravely on the couch. “He still loves you a lot, I see. All I said is that you’ve returned to Glendale and he immediately rushed to the airport to look for you. It won’t be long before he gets on a flight to Glendale.”

Madeline raised a cold and unamused eyebrow at Felicity, replying curtly, “You went so far just to drag me here and to con Jeremy back to Glendale. So tell me, what do you want?”

“Do you really want to know?” Felicity gave a mystifying look. “I’m afraid that you won’t be able to take it.”

“I’ve already died once. What do I have to be afraid of?”

“What if the person who dies is Jeremy, then? Would you still be unafraid?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 757
A frantic look flashed through Madeline’s eyes. “What are you implying, Felicity Walker?”

“Oh? Are you scared? Or worried that he’ll die?” Felicity’s tone seeped with disdain. “Didn’t you pray night and day for this man’s suffering? Well, you should be ecstatic then, since he’s going to hell any minute now.”

Madeline was now certain that they were monitoring her and Jeremy’s every move.

Felipe was the only one who could do such a thing.

He definitely had more power in F Country than she understood.

“However much I hate Jeremy is an issue between me and him. It is not up to you to determine and act on my behalf.” Madeline’s tone was cold and her gaze was sharp. “I’m not stupid enough to be oblivious of the fact that Felipe is using my hatred for Jeremy to get rid of him.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Felicity said innocently before her eyes grew cold. She said in a knowing tone, “All I know is that accidents happen all the time in the world. You never know which farewell you bid would be the last.”

Madeline’s heart stuttered as she jumped, her gaze piercing. “I want to see Felipe!”

“Master Whitman isn’t here,” replied a bodyguard from the side.

“If he’s not here and you’re not going to let me use the phone, then would you please kindly relay to him that should he dare to kill Jeremy in such an illegal way, I will never respect him even if he wins!”

Madeline’s every word echoed in Felipe’s ear clearly.

His pupils contracted as frost clouded his attractive features.

He took a look at the time. His slender finger came to tap at the display on his cell phone as he passed his order.

Locked in the manor, Madeline was deprived of all contact with the outside world. Everything she knew was from the television.

She had no idea what Felipe wanted to do by locking her in here.

It was midnight, and Madeline felt no sign of sleep. Felicity’s words echoed in her mind. She could not help but worry that something would happen to Jeremy.

Madeline spent the entire night sitting on the couch. In a daze, she heard the news report from the television.

Slowly opening her eyes, she realized that she had fallen asleep sometime during the night and it was already seven o’clock the following morning.

Madeline felt her head pound. She had not even gotten a hold of her own emotions when she suddenly heard the female anchor report regretfully, “As of 9 PM last night, a flight to Glendale airport fell into F Country’s waters due to an unknown issue ten minutes after take-off. Of the 112 flight attendants, pilots, and passengers, 111 have been confirmed dead while one is still missing. Investigation shows that the missing passenger is the young master of the number one family, Jeremy Whitman…”

Madeline’s mind blanked the moment she heard Jeremy’s name.

Madeline was deaf to anything else the female anchor spoke. All she knew was that the flight Jeremy took had fallen into the water and everyone had died while he was still missing.


Missing essentially meant that he was dead.

The chance of surviving a plane crash and falling into the water was too small.

Madeline stared blankly at the television screen when she suddenly heard the female anchor claim that a body had been fished out of the water. Through identification, it was believed to be Jeremy Whitman.

Madeline felt as if she was split in half.

The searing pain of being ripped apart had her body burning with pain.

Jeremy was dead.

The man she prayed day and night would suffer had died.

Madeline held a hand over the burning ache in her heart and shot up, marching toward the door.

She had just gotten to the door when she found Felicity holding her back. “You’re not going anywhere, Eveline Montgomery.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 758
“Move!” Madeline’s tone was cold and sharp.

Felicity was stunned for two seconds by Madeline’s aura, and by the time she snapped back to reality, she quickly went to hold Madeline back.

“Stand there, Eveline…”

Madeline caught her arm back, interrupting Felicity. She glared coldly at her. “I’m warning you, do not stand in my way.”


Stunned by Madeline’s aura and with the other flinging her hand, Felicity staggered before falling onto the floor.

Madeline paid Felicity no attention and ran toward the door. Pulling open the gates, she found a limited edition black car parked right in front.

Felipe alighted the car, his expression gentle and soft. However, his eyes no longer held the softness they once did.

“You don’t need to go to the scene. It’s already too late.” He walked toward Madeline. “Jeremy is already dead.”

Madeline’s heart felt as if it was ripped to shreds, and her eyes reddened as she mocked lightly. “You’re elated, aren’t you? Felipe Whitman, he’s your nephew!”

“He may be my nephew, but even so, that wouldn’t change the fact that accidents happen,” Felipe replied calmly.

Madeline balled her fists. “You killed Lillian, then made Jeremy’s death look like an accident. You’ve opened my eyes, Felipe, but let me promise you, I will uncover the truth about the death of Lillian and her father!”

She forced the sadness down and made her way around Felipe.

“Don’t forget, Eveline. I saved your life.”

“You’re welcome to take my life back if you want. I’m standing right here.”

Madeline stood fearlessly before Felipe’s slowly glowering eyes.

“You have a gun, don’t you? You can shoot me right now with it and take back the life you saved.”

Felipe’s defined brows knotted in the face of Madeline’s sharp gaze. “You know that there’s no way I’d hurt you.”

“Hmph! No way you’d hurt me, huh?” Madeline sneered, “So this is the side of you that you never wanted me to see, Felipe? Too bad, because I’ve seen everything now!”

With that, she turned and left.

Felipe then frowned deeply as he watched Madeline leave.

Felicity slowly walked toward him. “Look at her. She’s certain that Jeremy’s dead.” A greedy spark lit up in her eyes. “So, does this mean that I can…”

Felipe’s cold gaze pierced into her as he interrupted her with a soft voice that seeped with frost, “If you fail again, I’ll send you to hell.”

Felicity gulped. She knew that Felipe would and could do it, for he had no qualms hurting Lillian either.

Madeline rushed toward the funeral parlor only to be told that the body had been claimed, but they did not know by who.

Madeline felt her blood going cold as she remembered saying no when Jeremy asked if he could hug her again before they went their separate ways from the dessert shop.

She regretted not accepting his request.

Would she regret it any less if they had hugged?

‘Is this how we end, Jeremy? Separated by life and death?

‘If that’s so, then why did we even bother each other all these years in the first place?’

Madeline staggered back to the hotel in a daze and stood on the opposite street. Her mind supplied her with the image of Jeremy waiting foolishly by the entrance with a bouquet of baby’s breath in his hand. He must have felt hurt and disappointed. ‘But Jeremy, your Linnie’s here now. I want to see you, but perhaps we were never meant to be.’

Madeline stared at the hotel’s entrance, feeling at a loss. Tears suddenly began to fall.

In a moment of stupor, a familiar face flashed in her line of vision. Her eyes widened in disbelief. “Jeremy?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 759
Shocked, Madeline thought that she was hallucinating.

She quickly wiped away her tears and looked at the entrance of the hotel again with wide eyes, but there was not a familiar face in the crowd before her.

The vision felt real, so Madeline immediately crossed the zebra-crossing and ran toward the spot Jeremy had appeared moments ago. Looking around, she found nothing.

Battered by the chilling wind around her, Madeline felt her heart turn cold again.

Among the boisterous crowd, she felt alone.

‘All I ever wished for during the years of suffering and pain is for us to love simply, Jeremy. It’s such a small wish, yet why can’t it be fulfilled?

‘Are we truly not meant to be?’

Madeline returned dazedly to Glendale, back to their marital villa. Madeline stood there blankly for a moment before she finally stepped inside.

Karen’s face darkened when she set her eyes on Madeline.

She hated Madeline with every bone in her body, especially after she learned from Felicity and Yvonne that Madeline had taken part in her kidnapping. Karen’s distaste for Madeline had only grown since then.

“Why are you back, Madeline? Have you forgotten that you and Jeremy are already divorced?

“I’m telling you, don’t you even dare think about harming my family!

“There’s no way Jeremy will ever marry you again. He’ll never be with a woman like you anymore!”

Madeline wanted to ignore Karen, but the last sentence had struck a nerve.

She snapped around and met Karen with a cold gaze. “You’re right. Jeremy and I will never get the chance to be together again. Are you happy now?”

Karen was stunned for a few seconds by Madeline’s sudden forceful aura before she broke into a sneer. “You’re right, I am happy! Nothing makes me happier than the knowledge that Jeremy will never associate himself with you anymore!”

“Haha.” Madeline laughed while tears fell from the corner of her eyes. “Congratulations, then. He and I will never have the chance to be together anymore because Jeremy’s already dead!”

“…” Karen’s expression darkened. “What… What are you saying? What did you say, Madeline? Jeremy’s dead?”

“Yes, he’s dead! Are you happy now?” Suppressing the searing hurt in her chest, Madeline made her way to the bedroom upstairs.

Karen followed frantically. “Explain yourself, Madeline! You—”


Not wanting to waste any of her energy on Karen, Madeline locked the door.

A surge of mixed emotions overwhelmed Madeline as she stood in her and Jeremy’s bedroom.

Rifling through her memories, she could not recall any happy ones that took place in this room.

Now that she thought about it, every memory involved either blood, tears, or both.

She walked over to the bed and sat down, finally understanding why the layout of the room and even the style of the bedsheets remained the same over the three years she had spent ‘dead’. They were all testaments of the yearning Jeremy felt for her.

To the extent that even her clothes, accessories, and the expired skincare she used were still neatly lined where they used to be.

She picked up the wedding albums that were stacked by the bed and flipped through each as she caressed the features of the man in them.

Madeline then saw a diary next to the bed—her diary.

Flipping that open, Madeline read through the events of the sad past she had recorded. The roughness of the pages had her imagining the tears Jeremy shed when he flipped through the diary countless times, for there were many tear tracks left on the pages.

Swallowing her tears, Madeline held the diary in her arms as she lay down sideways on the bed. Tears rolled from the corner of her eyes, wetting the pillow under her head.

Madeline sniffed quietly, taking in Jeremy’s faint scent that lingered on it.

She thought to herself, ‘Perhaps this is how Jeremy felt when I died.

‘Most likely.

‘Looks like I could never have let you go anyway, Jeremy.’
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 760
‘I still love you even after I’ve gotten my revenge.’

Madeline had no idea when she fell asleep, but the sky was already dark when she woke.

She left the villa and made her way to Montgomery Manor.

Eloise and Sean were elated at her return.

However, they could not help but feel worried when they took in Madeline’s downcasted expression. “Are you still hurting due to what happened with Lillian, Eveline?”

Madeline felt her heart clench. “Jeremy’s dead.”

“Wh-What? Jeremy’s dead?” Eloise and Sean could not believe their ears.

“He flew back a few days ago, but his flight crashed.”

“His flight crashed? How could that be? There wasn’t any news of the like.” Eloise and Sean were confused.

Madeline halted. “There wasn’t?”

“Not at all. We didn’t hear about any accidents pertaining to any airlines as well.” Sean confirmed. “Are you sure you’re not mistaken, Eveline?”

Madeline felt her heart skip a beat as she pulled out her phone to check for relevant news only to find nothing about a flight from F Country to Glendale crashing.

Madeline’s heart raced.

Thinking back to the things that happened over these past couple of days, Madeline spent a moment in silence before she turned and ran out.

“It’s late, Eveline. Where are you going?” Eloise and Sean were concerned, but they knew that they could not hold Madeline back.

Madeline drove toward Felipe’s villa and marched inside. Holding on to her last thread of calm, Madeline made a beeline to the second-floor study and punched in the passcode. However, Felipe was nowhere to be found.

No longer as careful as she was last time, she directly started to go through the documents on the table and turned on Felipe’s computer.

The computer required a passcode, and by following the steps Jackson had taken to override the passcode from memory, she was surprised to find the computer unlocked.

Clicking into one of Felipe’s files, she was met with a line full of letters and symbols that she could not understand.

“Evie.” Cathy suddenly appeared.

Madeline closed the document and asked calmly, “Is Felipe back, Cathy?”

“Felipe went to F Country a few days ago but he hasn’t returned yet,” Cathy replied honestly.

“Then do you know if Felipe’s…” Madeline trailed off mid-question, not knowing how she should continue.

“Are you alright, Evie? You don’t look so good.”

Madeline chuckled humorlessly. “You can thank Felipe for that.”

“…” Not knowing how to reply to that, Cathy merely frowned.

Madeline was about to leave when she turned and saw Cathy covering her mouth, looking nauseated. “Did you get pregnant again, Cathy?’

Cathy’s expression paled. “No, there’s no way.” She shook her head in denial.

Madeline thought she saw something weird in Cathy’s shimmering eyes.

However, she did not have the time to think too deeply about such trivial matters now.

All she wanted was to know the truth behind the so-called plane crash and if it was even a true event or not.

Madeline returned home and spent the entire night deep in thought. She could not help but feel that she had fallen into someone’s well-thought-out scam.

Felipe could just want her to think that Jeremy had died when he was still very much alive.

Madeline went back to F Country again, thinking that Jeremy might still be somewhere in F Country.

She dashed back to the hotel and rebooked a hotel room. With her luggage in tow, she walked toward the elevator just as it arrived.

The doors opened and as Madeline was about to enter, she was met with the indifferent and ethereal features of Jeremy Whitman!

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