Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 741-750

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 741
She held her breath and felt the wetness seeping through her pants.

She lifted her head to look at Felipe’s cold back. Then, she held her clothes and endured the pain before slowly walking out.

She did not even have the right to call out to him with his name, so how would she dare think he would give her even an ounce of pity at this moment?

After Cathy walked out of the room while enduring the pain, she held the wall and walked back to her room.

Mrs. Sawyer, the housekeeper, had just finished cleaning the room and was on her way out. When she saw Cathy walking over with a pale face, she was shocked.

“Miss, are you—”

“Don’t tell Felipe,” Cathy told her with all her might. “Please, Mrs. Sawyer, help me back to my room.”

Mrs. Sawyer did not dare to ask much about the affairs of her employers, so she hurriedly helped Cathy back to her room.

Mrs. Sawyer understood immediately when she saw the trail of blood on the floor.

After Mrs. Sawyer cleaned up the blood on the floor, she went into Cathy’s room. Then, she saw Cathy walking out shakily from the bathroom before collapsing on the bed.

“Miss, aren’t you going to the hospital? Are you sure you don’t want to tell Mr. Whitman? Do you need me to call the doctor?”

Cathy shook her head and closed her eyes. “Thank you, Mrs. Sawyer. I just want to rest.”

Mrs. Sawyer did not dare to say anything more, so she left and carried on with her business.

Cathy stared at the ceiling with no emotions on her face, but tears were falling from her eyes silently.

She then remembered her first time meeting Felipe at the beach many years ago.

He was looking at the sea dispiritedly, walking slowly toward the open waters.

She ran over and pulled him back with a smile. “Hi, do you like shells? Do you want me to give one to you?”

His face was cold at that moment, but the second he looked at her, she was immediately infatuated.

She came from a village in April Hill. Her parents had a small villa near the beach and were not particularly rich. However, they could still be considered middle-class and lived a happy life.

She had no problems growing up, and every day, she would play with her friends by the beach cheerfully.

Then one day, she met Felipe.

All of the children had playmates except for Felipe. Even though she was young, her innocence made her approach Felipe voluntarily to become his playmate so that he would not be so lonely.

However, nothing good lasted forever. After they became friends, he had to leave.

Before he left, he gave her a bracelet and also promised her that he would definitely come back for her.

Cathy waited for him innocently, but even after a long while, Felipe never showed up. She even received terrible news that her parents had died from an accident and her relatives devoured their assets. Her relatives pretended to adopt her, but in the end, they abandoned her.

In just one night, she turned from a child with no worries to a homeless orphan.

Then, when she was 15, she met Felipe again.

She recognized him immediately.

However, it seemed that he did not remember her nor his promise to her back then.

Cathy rested for an entire day. She heard Mrs. Sawyer saying that Felipe went out early in the morning, so she changed into something simple and went to the hospital for a check-up.

After she bumped into the desk, she bled a lot, so she did not know whether her child was still there.

Of course, she prayed that her child would be safe and sound. After she did the tests, she waited for the result anxiously.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 742
However, to her surprise, she saw Felipe walking over with a bouquet of roses.

At this moment, Felipe was completely different from how he looked that day. He was back to his elegant and poised demeanor.

A few women were looking at him, admiring his looks like love-struck teenagers.

Cathy was like that as well. Whenever this happened, she would wonder if she was very lucky. Even if she could not get his love, at least she got his body.

As she was comforting herself, she saw Felipe walking to the inpatient department.

Then, she realized that Felipe was visiting Madeline with a bouquet of roses.

However, why was Madeline in the hospital?

Cathy remembered the text she sent Madeline that day.

She heard that Felipe wanted to meet Jeremy alone and had a bad feeling. Hence, she messaged Madeline and told her about this.

She was hoping that Madeline could stop the two of them and prevent anything bad from happening.

However, it seemed that something bad did happen that day because Madeline was now hurt.

When Madeline woke up in the morning, she knew Jeremy had been here this whole time. However, she did not want to interact with him, so she had been pretending to sleep this entire time.

Jeremy could sense her repulsion toward him, so he left just a while ago.

However, Madeline did not expect Felipe to get here the moment Jeremy left.

He placed the roses on the table, and there was remorse in his gentle eyes. “Eveline, I never wanted to hurt you.”

Felipe apologized and looked at Madeline who was looking out the window. “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but I really didn’t hurt Lillian.

“Even though she isn’t my biological child, I’ve always treated her like she’s my own. I love you, so I love Lillian too.”

Madeline smiled softly. After that, she parted her pale lips and said, “You don’t love me, you just want to dominate me. It’s the kind of male chauvinism that was birthed from your unwillingness to get defeated by Jeremy.”

Felipe furrowed his brows after he heard that. “Is that how you see me?”

Madeline turned her head slowly, her expression icy. “Back then, I didn’t. You were always a gentleman to me, an elegant and humble nobleman.

“I used to think that you were a blessing to my unfortunate life. You saved my life and helped me get back on my feet when I was in such dire straits. I treated you like you were my closest friend and even thought about spending the rest of my life with you. However, what I saw was just the side that you wanted to show me.”

Felipe’s face darkened. “Eveline, this is all a misunderstanding.”

“Perhaps I misunderstood back then. I misunderstood that you were a nobleman who is gentle, elegant, upright, and kind.” Madeline scoffed in self-mockery. “Do you know? I still believed everything you said until yesterday. I still chose to believe you even after Jeremy reminded me again and again that you’re lying to me, but in the end—”

“In the end, you still choose to believe the man who hurt you until you have nothing left?”

“No, I believe in myself.” Madeline’s eyes were sharp. “I remember. I remember everything that happened in the past and everything that happened recently.”

Felipe’s expression changed when he heard this.

She had regained her memories.

Then, it meant that she also remembered that she did not hate Jeremy anymore.

Cathy was eavesdropping outside the room. Suddenly, she did not hear any voices from the inside. She was feeling curious when she heard footsteps approaching. She immediately felt her heart accelerating as she turned around hurriedly to run away.

Felipe walked out of the room with an icy expression on his face. When he lifted his head, he saw a familiar figure flashing past.

Cathy came to the lobby hurriedly and remembered that she had not taken her report.

She quickly joined the queue, and the moment she took the freshly-printed report, the man appeared in front of her with an icy expression.

“Are you stalking me?”

Cathy’s entire body trembled as the report fell from her hand. Then, it landed by Felipe’s feet.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 743
When she saw the report falling in front of Felipe, Cathy’s body went cold.

She squatted down hurriedly to pick it up. However, when she stood up with the report, Felipe snatched it away from her hand.

Felipe looked at the words on the report, his eyes darkening with every passing second.

Cathy stood at one side, feeling so nervous that it was becoming difficult for her to breathe.

She did not even get the chance to look at the report before Felipe frightened her into stone.

She had not dared to tell Felipe about her pregnancy, but now…

Then, out of the blue, she heard Felipe scoffing. His voice was extremely icy. “No wonder you looked like you were about to hurl that day. You’re pregnant.”

Cathy’s face turned as grey as ash when she heard that.

However, in the next second, Felipe’s cold voice leaped into her ears.

“You’re something else. You aborted it the moment you got it.”


Cathy’s heart leaped into her mouth when she heard that. Did it mean that her child was gone?

She lifted her hand subconsciously to touch her stomach. The emptiness was drilling into all of her limbs and bones.

However, before she could be sad, Felipe dragged her over to one side.

He was very strong, so Cathy could not fight against him at all.

Her body was still weak and she started to feel breathless after walking for a while.

She could feel that Felipe was fuming. His entire body was coursing with terrifying coldness.

However, her love for Felipe made her feel happy because she could finally hold his hand.

Even though he was being forceful to her and was hurting her from his strong grip, she was still happy despite the pain.

Cathy thought Felipe would take her home and punish her severely. However, after he dragged her into the car, he transformed into Satan right away.

He snorted before his mocking voice glided into her ears.

“Cathy, is this your love for me?”

He pinched her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. “Back then, Eveline risked her life just so she could protect the child she had with Jeremy. On the other hand, you couldn’t wait to abort the child the moment you got it. I don’t think you love me that much after all.

“It’s fine. You did the right thing because you and I will never have a child together.”

His emotionless and deep voice drifted into Cathy’s ears.

Cathy’s heart broke once again. She wanted to explain and tell him how much she longed for the arrival of the child.

It was just that she had miscarried. However, he was now tormenting her in this way. She felt so wronged that her face had grown pale, but she could not say a word. The only thing she could do was let the tears well up in her eyes.

Madeline hurt her shoulder and since it was not a normal injury, it would take a longer time to heal.

A week later, she was discharged.

She went back to Montgomery Manor and stood at the front door. At that moment, she did not know whether she should walk in or not.

At this moment, Eloise came back from sending Jackson to school. When she saw Madeline standing at the front door while deep in thought, she walked over to her with benevolence in her eyes. “Eveline, you’re back from your business trip.”

Madeline came back to her senses and remembered that she did not tell anyone that she was hurt and had to be hospitalized for a week.

She only called Jackson and told him that she needed to go on a business trip. It was obvious that they did not suspect a thing.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 744
After all, she had called Jackson and told him that she would be out for business. They seemed to have taken her lie in a stride.

“You’re back just in time, Eveline. Your dad suggested going on a family trip yesterday, thinking that we could forget about the depressing past.” She sighed, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. “I know it hurts, Eveline, but we can’t change the fact that Lily’s gone.”

Eloise reached out to hold Madeline’s hand affectionately as the latter remained quiet.

“We can talk more when we get inside, Eveline.” Eloise then pulled Madeline into the house.

At the mention of Lillian, Madeline felt her eyes burn.

She remained in place and parted her lips to speak calmly, “My memory’s back.”

Eloise’s footsteps came to a sudden halt.

Madeline could feel Eloise’s hand grow cold in her grasp at her words, almost as if she was afraid.

Eloise turned around to look at Madeline with unease. “You… remember everything, Eveline?”

Madeline nodded with certainty. “Yes, I do.”

“That’s great.” Eloise was relieved, but she quickly let go of Madeline remorsefully.

She knew that Madeline hated her parents before she lost her memories because of how deep they had hurt her while the Madeline without her memories had called them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. Eloise was grateful enough as it was and did not dare to hope for more. She was merely disappointed and sad.

“Do you really remember everything, Eveline?”

“Yeah, everything.” Madeline’s eyes were mirthful. “I remember how you two hit and insulted me to protect Meredith. I remember how you turned a blind eye to the truth just to defend her heinous actions and shifted the blame to me.”

Eloise no longer had the courage to meet Madeline’s eyes. Guilt made her want to bury herself into the ground.

“I’m sorry, Eveline. We’re so sorry…”

Eloise apologized sincerely. She had resigned herself to silence as a response and was shocked to hear Madeline continue…

“Indeed, I do remember everything, but I also remember that you truly loved me and took care of me during the time I lost my memories. I saw the effort you put into making it up to me. I remember that too.”

“Eveline…” Eloise’s eyes brimmed with tears as her heart tightened with love and hurt.

Madeline gave Eloise a soft smile. “Mom.”

She had called Eloise her mother with the admittance that came from the depths of her heart.

Unable to believe her ears, Eloise’s tears came falling like the rain. “Eveline!” She rushed to hug her daughter as she sobbed against her shoulder.

Madeline’s tears fell too as she hugged Eloise back. Her heart felt full from the love her mother was giving, but it also reminded her of Lillian who she had not taken good care of.

She could understand how Eloise felt. The blind doting she and Sean once gave Meredith was truly out of the yearning they had for their daughter.

It was only by visiting the hospital that Jeremy came to know Madeline had been discharged.

He had not dared to disrupt her the entire time she spent in the hospital.

This was because she would pretend to be asleep every time he went to visit her as she did not want to see him.

The disappointment hurt him, but Jeremy still wanted to try his luck again.

He refused to believe that the woman who willingly took a bullet for him did not love him.

Madeline had just entered the house when a servant informed her of Jeremy’s visit. Rather than entering the house, he was waiting for her by the gates outside.

This time, Madeline accepted his visit.

She washed her face and recollected her emotions before she walked out to stand generously in front of the man with a calm look in her eyes. “We have nothing to talk about, Mr. Whitman.”

“Don’t be so cold to me, Linnie. I know you still care about me. Why else would you take the bullet?”

Madeline was calm. “If that’s why you’re here, Mr. Whitman, I can tell you the truth behind it.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 745
For some unknown reason, the indifference on Madeline’s small face brought unease.

He had prayed to see the admiration and reluctance to let go in Madeline’s eyes, only to be faced with a pond of uninterrupted calm.

Cutting the quiet, Madeline parted her lips. “You went blind because of me, Mr. Whitman, so I decided to save you when you were about to get into an accident back then at Glendale University.

“You saved me when I slipped and fell into the water on the island where I almost drowned at sea, so I saved you when you were in danger this time.”

Madeline explained the two times she had risked her life to save Jeremy.

“Do you understand now, Mr. Whitman? I didn’t do it out of love. I merely don’t want to owe you anything.”

Dazed, Jeremy refused to believe her.

“No, Linnie. That’s not it.” He denied it.

“That’s not it? Then how do you want it to be, Mr. Whitman?” Madeline chuckled. “Did you think that I’ll still be foolish little Madeline who’s head over heels in love with you?”

“Linnie.” Jeremy stared sorrowfully at the features of hers he loved deeply. “Can’t we start over?”

“Start over?” Madeline rolled the words off her tongue only to laugh at them after a moment. Her eyes were growing wet against her will.

“Please, Linnie. Don’t reject me so quickly. As long as you can remember the past, I promise you’ll remember how much you used to love me.”

Madeline replied nonchalantly as she stared at the thick layer of hope in Jeremy’s eyes. “Perhaps. I truly loved you in the past, so much so that I lost my sense of self. It went to the point where I’d just sit there and take it even when you hurt me.”

Jeremy felt his heart clench painfully as his eyes filled with regret. “Linnie…”

“But I’m sorry, Mr. Whitman. I no longer remember, nor do I wish to remember the time you spoke of.” Hiding the fact that her memory had returned, Madeline continued, “Lillian’s gone. We can’t go back to the past and change it, let alone start over, Mr. Whitman. This is it between us. This is where it ends.”

Having said her piece calmly, Madeline turned and left.

Jeremy strode up to hold her from behind.

Despite sharing their body heat, warmth could not seem to thaw her frosted heart.


His heartbreaking voice sounded by her ear.

“It’s because we’ve lost Lillian that we have even more reason to start over again. We can’t change the past, but in memory of Lillian, shouldn’t we live better now and into the future?”

“I think I’d live even better without you.”

Madeline stated coldly as she reached out to push Jeremy’s arms away.

“Goodbye, Mr. Whitman. I hope we never meet again.”

She walked away coolly, her figure vanishing from his sight.

‘Goodbye… I hope we never meet again.’

Jeremy stood frozen in place as he felt searing pain spread to every corner of his body.

‘Are we just destined to part forever, Linnie?’

Linnie returned to her bedroom to stand by the floor-to-ceiling window.

From her spot, she watched Jeremy stand in a stupor by the gates of Montgomery Manor for a long while. She suppressed the heartache in her heart and swallowed the tears that threatened to fall.

Scenes of years past where she had loved him all consumingly flooded her heart.

She could still remember his warm smile when she had crashed into his arms when they met again in university.

‘However, your love came too late, Jeremy.

‘There is no way we can turn back now.’

She turned her face away from him and decided that she would go on a trip overseas with her parents and Jackson to forget the past.

Madeline returned after the better half of a month, evidently more cheerful than before she left.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 746
Although Felipe had contacted her while she was away, Madeline made no move to reply.

Jeremy, however, had remained silent.

As if he understood her desire, he no longer disturbed her.

The few days after her return, Madeline dealt with matters of her work before bringing a signed check and a few documents to Felipe’s villa.

Felipe did not seem to be present when she arrived. Madeline walked in and was met with Cathy sitting despondently on the couch. Her complexion was horrible and she did not seem to be in the best mental state.

“Are you alright, Cathy?” Madeline approached and asked.

Cathy snapped back to reality and realized that Madeline was here. “Why are you here, Eveline? Felipe went out.”

“Call me Evie, Cathy.”

Cathy’s expression changed into confusion. “Why?”

Madeline shook her head with a small smile. “Let’s talk about you instead, Cathy. How are you doing? Why do you look so lost?”

“Hmm? I’m fine.” Cathy smiled carefreely.

Oh, how she wished she had someone to talk to her problems about, but Madeline was hardly an option.

Ever since Felipe realized that she had gotten pregnant and aborted the child, he resorted to punishing her every night with an aura of unadulterated anger.

Her body had yet to recover from her abortion.

Despite Cathy saying that she was fine, Madeline did not let the matter go and instead asked kindly, “Is something wrong with your baby? You can tell me if you feel uncomfortable somewhere. I might be able to help.”

Cathy’s eyes reddened at the mention of the aborted child. “The baby’s gone.”

Madeline was stunned. “How could it be?”

“Perhaps this child was never meant to be mine.” Cathy wiped away the tears that gathered around her eyes and suddenly reached out to grab Madeline’s hand, pleading, “I may not know what happened between you and Felipe, Eveline, but please. Don’t be angry at him anymore, okay? He really loves you, he does!”

The moment her plea fell, Felipe appeared in her line of vision.

Cathy immediately let go of Madeline’s hand. “Felipe.”

She greeted, staring behind Madeline.

However, Madeline had felt the sudden drop in temperature on Cathy’s hand. She turned around and saw Felipe walking toward her.

“You asked for me, Eveline?” Felipe did not spare Cathy a glance at all. Madeline was all his dark eyes saw.

Madeline nodded. “I would like to end things between us.”

Felipe’s lips curled humorlessly. “Follow me.”

Turning around, the corner of his eyes swept over Cathy.

Cathy stared anxiously at Felipe’s retreating figure as she clenched her fingers nervously.

In the study.

Madeline started right off the bat by handing the check and the relating documents to him.

Felipe spared them a glance and frowned. “What’s the meaning of this, Eveline?”

Madeline’s expression was solemn. “You saved me once years ago and that’s something I will never be able to repay you. The fact that I’ve become a jewelry designer with my own company is immensely thanks to your support. As a result, I’d like to transfer all of Miss L.ady’s stocks to you.”

“Are you severing our ties?” Felipe was close enough that he dominated Madeline’s entire vision.

“I cannot possibly bring myself to continue being friends with the person who killed my daughter.” Madeline was decisive. “I’m still very grateful that you saved me back then, Felipe, and I will do everything I can to repay you for saving my life. However, we’re no longer friends.”

Madeline then turned around. She was about to leave when Felipe caught her wrist.

She struggled, but Felipe was stronger and pulled her toward him.

He leaned down, his expression void of the warmth it once held. His eyes were filled with possessiveness. They were close enough that all Madeline’s determined eyes could see was him. He then spoke in a deep baritone voice that could almost be described as wicked.

“You know that’s not what I want, Eveline. You want to sever our ties? No problem. As long as you repay me for saving your life with yourself.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 747
There was no way Madeline did not understand what Felipe implied, yet she merely stared unyieldingly at the man’s piercing gaze.

“Do you mean it, Felipe? Because if you do, then it means that I’m not blaming you for something you didn’t do. You were never the gentleman I thought you were.”

Felipe’s gaze darkened as his hand around Madeline loosened its grip.

Madeline’s gaze was determined when she pulled her hand back without hesitation. “I will investigate what happened to Lillian and find proof of who did it. I won’t let my daughter die such an unclear death.”

“I’ve already told you that I didn’t do anything to hurt Lillian.” Felipe’s tone was assertive. “You’d rather believe a man who made your life a living hell than the one who pulled you back from the edge of death, Eveline?”

Madeline was unfazed as she responded, “Do you know what the biggest difference between you and Jeremy is?”

Felipe stared at Madeline in confusion as Madeline chuckled.

“You’re right, his actions are unforgivable. But at least he owns up to his mistakes and is willing to repent and change. He has never shifted the blame to anyone else.”

Madeline’s gaze turned into one of disappointment as she stared at Felipe.

“That’s the biggest difference between the two of you.”

Then, she turned and left without another word.

Felipe’s brows knitted tighter with every step Madeline took as she walked further away. The flames of fury roared in his chest. He felt more infuriated with each passing second.

“Hmph. Owns up to his mistakes?” Felipe scoffed as a dark look crawled into his deep eyes. “I won’t give him the chance to have you again, Eveline. If you won’t come to me, then don’t blame me for what I’m about to do.”

Cathy came to look for Felipe after she saw Madeline leaving.

Walking into the kitchen, she felt the temperature around her drop. Her eyes recognized the anger in Felipe’s expression and she felt that she was in danger.

She was wondering if she should enter when Felipe caught sight of her.

“Come in,” he ordered, his tone slightly gentle.

Cathy trembled in fear as she walked toward him. “Felipe.”

Felipe’s narrow eyes were cold as he looked Cathy over.

Suddenly, the corner of his lips quirked as a slender finger came to tilt Cathy’s chin up.

Cathy shivered reflexively at the skin-on-skin contact.

“Are you that afraid of me?” Felipe approached her, his minty scent engulfing Cathy. His tone was cheeky as he said, “Afraid that I’ll eat you alive?”

Cathy froze, her clear bright eyes filled with anxiousness and franticness.

With a look of interest, Felipe took in Cathy’s mixed emotions of fear while also wanting to be closer to him. His smile deepened. “It’s alright, hmm? Even if you’ve done something to anger me, I promise I won’t let you suffer too much.”


“I’ve provided for your education over the past decade, haven’t I? I even sent you to the most advanced and professional institution for your training. I suppose it’s time for me to check the results, hmm?”

Cathy’s expression shifted as unease and fear piled thicker on her feminine and delicate features.

She had prayed that the day she would need to use the knowledge she learned from that so-called professional institution would never come, but she could not go against Felipe’s wishes.

“Don’t fail me. You know how that angers me.” Felipe leaned down to capture Cathy’s pink lips in a light kiss.

Cathy was stunned. While Felipe had done almost everything to her as of recent, she had never received such a gentle kiss from him.

“Be good and complete the mission I give you. Or you can forget about being mine.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 748
Cathy’s eyes shone as she stared at the smiling man in front of her in disbelief. She felt herself fall under the hypnotic gaze of the man as she could not reject his allure.

“Don’t worry, Felipe. I won’t let you down.”

Felipe curled his lips in satisfaction before sealing Cathy’s with his own again.

He carried her in his arms, and heat seemed to blossom where their skin touched. Clothes littered the floor garment by garment as their bodies tangled and intertwined.

It felt like a dream to Cathy. It was so sweet that she closed her eyes and wished to never wake from it.

With all of Miss L.ady’s stocks transferred to Felipe, Madeline did not tend to the shop nor was she Miss L.ady’s lead designer anymore.

She spent every day focused on sending and picking Jackson to and from school while her free time was used to investigate Lillian’s death.

She wanted to start from Felicity, but the latter seemed to have vanished into thin air and could not be found at all.

After sending Jackson to kindergarten today, Madeline arrived at the hotel Felicity once stayed at.

It was not the first time she had been here, but the hotel refused to disclose any information regarding the woman.

The hotel did well when it came to the confidentiality of their customer’s data, but it also left Madeline with no leads at all.

At a loss, Jeremy suddenly appeared.

In a black leather jacket, the man’s aura thrummed with elegance.

It had been over two weeks since she last saw him and he seemed to have matured a great deal during the time.

Seeing him, the lobby manager approached Jermey with a courteous greeting. “How can I help you, Mr. Whitman?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline. “Give this lady whatever information she needs.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll print everything out.” The manager complied politely.

Madeline stared at the man in confusion.

Feeling Madeline’s gaze, Jeremy looked down to meet it with a faint smile. “This hotel is under my name. All Felipe took was a portion that belonged to Whitman Corporation.”

Madeline was stunned.

It explained why Jeremy was hardly frantic, for Felipe had not even gotten close to his main sources of income.

“I thought of giving all of this to you when you wanted to get a divorce, Linnie, but I knew you wouldn’t want it.”

Madeline smiled meaningfully. “What makes you think that I wouldn’t want it? You must know that what I want most is to see a jerk like you lose everything.”

Although he was shocked, Jeremy merely smiled. “Any time and day, as long as you want it, it’s yours to take.”

“Miss Montgomery, here is the information and room card you wanted.” The lobby manager interrupted them and handed the things over.

Taking the room card and the papers, Madeline left to take the elevator up without saying a word to Jeremy as the man followed her into the elevator.

From the papers, Madeline realized that Felicity had yet to check out of the room. It appeared that she had intended to rent the room for a long period of time even though she seemed to have disappeared.

Madeline swiped the card and entered the room, her eyes immediately falling on a familiar pair of shoes by the entrance.

The reflection on the glass closet was indeed that of Felicity Walker.

There was much to uncover of this woman who looked so similar to Madeline.

Madeline was trying to look for clues and hints when she suddenly heard Jeremy’s solemn voice calling out for her. “Come quick, Linnie. There’s something here in the bathroom you might want to see.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 749
Confused, Madeline went to the bathroom without hesitation.

The main difference between it and the living room was the gush of resentful energy that seemed to fester inside.

Walking in, she was baffled by the scene that met her eyes.

“Look at this, Linnie. These are all pictures and information on you and me.”

Jeremy walked toward the wall and took the image of Madeline. Her face was marked by a red pen and her portrait was marred by a sharp object. His brows furrowed and he felt uneasy.

Madeline could imagine the intensity of Felicity’s hatred for her from the images plastered all over the bathroom. “Something tells me that she despises me but is in love with you.”

Jeremy looked serious. “I didn’t know the two of you looked so similar, Linnie. And even if I did, there’s still no way I’d harbor feelings for her.”

“You might not feel anything, but she most certainly does. I’m inclined to believe that the similarities in our appearances are hardly a coincidence.” Madeline concluded. “This woman is most likely someone you, or we, used to know. She loves you a lot and therefore hates me, the woman you married and got a divorce with.”

Madeline met Jeremy’s peach blossom eyes.

“Perhaps you should rifle your memory for this fanatic follower who wants to kill me, Mr. Whitman?”

Madeline’s words reminded Jeremy of something.

This woman was picking on Madeline, which meant that as long as he had yet to uncover her true identity, Madeline would still be in danger.

He refused to endanger her.

Madeline was walking out of the bathroom when her eyes fell on the few sticky notes disposed into the trash can.

On them recorded the time and date that corresponded to Lily’s last known location before her death.

“Lillian.” Madeline exhaled, her heart aching.

Clenching the paper in her hand, she found more notes with words along the lines of [You’ll regret this, Eveline Montgomery. I’ll kill you] written on them.

It was evident how much this person hated Madeline.

Now that she thought about it, there was only one person who came to mind who fit the requirements of loving Jeremy and hating Madeline enough to kill her.

Meredith Crawford.

Madeline’s mind supplied her with the pitiful-looking appearance of the two-faced b*tch.

However, it had been a while since Meredith was executed. How could she still be alive?

Just then, Jeremy accepted a phone call from someone who seemed to have given him an important clue. His expression changed when he hung up the phone. “I think I know where Felicity went, Linnie.”

Madeline’s eyes sparked as she pressed on. “Where is she?”

“This person harbors too deep a hatred for you, Linnie. She’ll likely do something to hurt you if she sees you. I think it’s best I go alone this time.”

“What makes you think that you’ll be safe? This woman even resorted to drugging you just to have you. She’ll eat you alive before you even know it.”

Jeremy smiled as he read the nervousness on Madeline’s expression. “It won’t happen,” he swore. “And even if she drugs me or put me in a daze, I can promise you that I won’t feel anything for any other woman who isn’t you. Linnie, you’re the only one who makes me impulsive.”


Madeline felt her heart skip an inexplicable beat as her face grew hot.

With her memory recovered, Madeline remembered how Meredith had roared unrestrainedly in indignance because Jeremy had never touched her at all.

Now that she thought about it, Madeline found herself sighing internally.

Despite never coming home ever since they got married, it was obvious now that Jeremy had never stayed the night with Meredith as she previously assumed.

Madeline snapped back to reality only to find Jeremy staring at her. The warm smile in his eyes had Madeline feeling uneasy. “Why are you staring at me?”

“Your face is red, Linnie.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 750

Not wanting to argue about it, Madeline turned her expression into a serious one. “Tell me, where is Felicity?”

“F Country.”

“F Country?”

That further solidified her suspicion of Felipe’s involvement.

Without another thought, she pulled out her phone to book a ticket for the next flight out.

Jeremy immediately tried to stop her when he saw her. “Lillian is my daughter too. I haven’t even done much for her as her father, so let me do this alone.”

Madeline pushed away his impeding hand. “Lillian is my daughter as well, Jeremy. Do you have any idea what she means to me?”

Jeremy was pulled into a trance as he took in Madeline’s heavy look.

“Felipe may have brought me back to life when you ruthlessly left me to die back then, but I had already lost the will to live. It was Lillian’s presence that gave me the hope to start over and live. I may have given her life, but she gave me the strength to live on.”

Jeremy felt his heart tighten.

He knew that he had no reason to hold Madeline back, and that made his heart hurt more.

He opened his arms to pull an unguarded Madeline into his arms. “Alright then. Let’s go and find the truth about our daughter together.”

Madeline did not push Jeremy away this time. At that moment, she found her hatred and distaste for Jeremy vanishing.

Madeline and Jeremy left the hotel and returned to their respective homes to explain the situation to their families before they took off to F Country.

Three hours later, the flight landed.

As Madeline had lived in F country for three years, it could be said that she was more accustomed to the place than Jeremy.

They went to check-in at a hotel. However, as the hotel they chose was one close to the heart of the city, all but a double bed was booked.

“It’s alright, I can take the couch.” Jeremy suggested when he saw hesitation sweep past Madeline’s features.

With the room booked, Madeline then took Jeremy to a black market in F Country.

The place held a mix of all sorts of people who were all here for the same reason—money. Not to mention that this place was also the best and fastest place to gather information.

It was just after six o’clock when they arrived, but the sun had already set long ago.

The wet and bone-chilling winter night seeped into F Country.

Regardless, there were still many people drinking noisily by the bars and streets.

Men flashed wicked glances at Madeline as they walked past her, some even wolf-whistling at her.

Jeremy’s gaze grew cold. Seeing a few men make their way toward Madeline, he reached out to take her hand.

Madeline stared at the unfazed man in shock as warmth engulfed her hand.

“They probably won’t try anything if I hold your hand,” Jeremy responded reasonably.

Not wanting to argue, Madeline did not struggle against his hold.

They had come to search for Felicity, so she did not want to attract more problems.

Not to mention, for some reason unbeknownst to her, this was the first time she felt how warm Jeremy’s hands were.

Not too long later, Madeline and Jeremy entered a bar and searched for a bartender who went by the name Vodka.

Having paid a satisfying sum, Madeline handed over an image of Felicity. “Help me find this woman.”

The bartender took the image and glanced at Madeline again curiously with a smile. “I knew you looked familiar when you walked in. You’re in luck. The woman you’re looking for is right there.”

He pointed behind Madeline and Jeremy.

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