Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 731-740

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 731
Madeline and Felipe both looked at Cathy at the same time. Madeline already had some speculations in her heart.

However, she saw Cathy shaking her hand in embarrassment and pretended that it was nothing.

“I ate too much just now and had too many oily snacks, so that’s why my stomach isn’t feeling so good.”

She rubbed her stomach and burped. “Felipe, I’ll go back to my room now.”

Felipe looked at her ominously and nodded lightly.

Cathy turned around and ran away quickly because she was scared that Felipe would sense something.

When she went back to her room, her heart was beating so fast that she felt as if her heart was going into overdrive.

She touched her stomach and gasped in lingering fear.

‘I can’t let Felipe know that I’m pregnant.

‘I can’t!

‘If not, I won’t be able to keep this child.’

In the living room.

Felipe looked at Madeline’s painting and understood how Madeline was feeling at this moment.

“Eveline, I wanted to bring you on a vacation so that you can clear your head, but I just finished my online meeting and was informed that I need to take care of something back in F Country. That’s why I need to leave for a bit.”

“Work is important, so you should go.” Madeline understood. “Plus, I want to accompany Jack more as well. Felipe, I’m afraid we have to delay going back to F Country.”

“It’s nothing, you dummy.” Felipe held her hand gently. “The most important thing is that you’re happy.”

He said and looked out the window. Then, he noticed Jeremy standing at the door.

He was slightly pissed. When he was about to go down, Madeline stopped him. “Felipe, let me. I want to use this chance to break things off completely with him.”

Felipe was pleased when he heard that. He had been waiting for the day Madeline would cut things off completely with Jeremy.

Madeline held the umbrella and walked to the door with her drawing.

Jeremy had been waiting this entire time. When he saw Madeline appearing in his vision, he was surprised.

Even though he was also holding an umbrella, since he had been waiting for so long, his body was cold and wet.

“Linnie.” Jeremy walked toward her. “Linnie, I have something to say to you.”

Madeline looked at him flatly. “I have something to say to you as well.”

Jeremy was taken aback. Then, he smiled softly. “Go ahead, Linnie.”

“Please stop coming to look for me in the future. Also, stop appearing in my vision,” she said coldly with an icy gaze.

“I don’t want any sort of relationship with you. If I had been firm on my decision to go back to F Country with Felipe, none of this would have happened.

“Jeremy, I won’t care about you anymore. It won’t matter to me if you’re dead, alive, happy, or sad.”

Jeremy felt like there was a hole in his heart. The cold autumn wind was invading his broken heart along with the rain.

Jeremy grabbed her when he saw that she was about to leave. “Linnie, can you give me one minute?”

“Yes.” Madeline looked at him coldly. Then, she threw that drawing at him. “If the angel in this drawing comes back to life, I’ll give you a minute.”

Jeremy watched as the paper slowly fell. He reached out to grab it and saw a smiling face that was similar to Lillian’s.

He immediately understood what Madeline was trying to tell him.

She would never forgive him anymore—unless Lillian was alive.

Felipe drove the car over and Madeline got in.

Jeremy then saw Felipe’s victorious gaze, but he could only allow Felipe to take Madeline away.

The rain became heavier, and Jeremy held the drawing in his hands while his heart ached.

The next day, Felipe went to F Country.

Cathy was glad that Felipe had not noticed her pregnancy. If not, she could predict what would have happened to her.

On this day, Madeline brought Jackson to the pirate theme park.

This was Lillian’s favorite place in the world when she was alive, but she had never brought her here.

Since Lillian was too young, she could not go on any of the rides here yet.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 732
She had even promised the little girl that she would bring her here when she grew up.

However, she did not think that they would never get to the day when she grew up.

Madeline took out the little pendant she carried around her neck. Before this, Lillian would always carry it with her.

She opened her eyes that had gotten red in the wind and caressed the pendant. “Lily, I’m taking you to Pirate Land now. Can you see?”

She forced a smile. The pain in her heart was extremely evident and bone-crushing.

Madeline could not control her emotions. She held the pendant and started crying.


However, she quickly thought about Jackson. She did not want to show any negative emotions in front of another child.

Madeline wiped her eyes quickly and looked to her side.

However, when she looked over, there was no one next to her. Aside from the people behind her in line, she did not see Jackson anywhere.

Madeline felt as if her heart had plunged into a deep abyss. This loss of balance made her face white.

“Jack? Jack!”

She frantically started searching everywhere for him.

She could not bear the pain of another loss again.


Madeline screamed loudly, causing the people around her to look at her curiously.

They did not understand why she was crying so heavily.

“Why is this happening?” Madeline stood in the crowded theme park, and everything in front of her was black. She felt like she was going to suffocate at any second.


Jeremy ran to Madeline through the crowd and saw how pale her face was. When he saw her crying hysterically, he felt as if something had penetrated his heart and he was struggling to breathe.

“Linnie, what’s wrong? Linnie?”

“Jack…” She mumbled, feeling lifeless. “I lost Jack. Why am I such a horrible mother? I couldn’t protect my daughter and I can’t even watch over my son now. How am I even qualified to be their mother?”

Jeremy’s eyes turned red. He pulled Madeline into his arms and held her closely. He was trying to give her warmth and support.

“Linnie, don’t blame yourself. You’re a good mother. You’ve always been a good mother.”

He comforted her and recalled the past. Actually, he was the one who was the most unqualified to be a father.

She was able to risk her life for Jackson, so how could she be a bad mother?

When he thought about this, he felt more and more sorry for Madeline.

“Linnie, it’s all my fault. I’ve caused you too much pain. You’re right, meeting me is the biggest misfortune in your life. I want to change this misfortune into a blessing. Linnie, I’m so sorry.”

“Mommy. Oh? Daddy’s here too. How great!”

Suddenly, Madeline heard Jackson’s voice in her ears.

She turned around abruptly and saw Jackson standing there with a balloon and a stick of cotton candy.


Madeline ran over to Jackson like a child. Her tears immediately turned into laughter as she squatted in front of him. “Jack, where did you go?”

“I went to get cotton candy and a balloon. Didn’t I tell you just now?” Jackson blinked his crystal-clear eyes.

Madeline realized she might not have heard him when she was too busy missing Lillian.

She let out a sigh of relief. When she was about to ask why Jackson wanted cotton candy and balloons since he did not like them, she heard the little guy say seriously.

“Lily doesn’t have time to play with us today, so I’m buying her favorite cotton candy and balloons for her. She’ll be so happy when she sees them.”

Tears rolled down Madeline’s cheek immediately. She held Jackson and smiled in despair and relief.

The corners of Jeremy’s eyes were wet as well.

After a while, the atmosphere became less tense.

Jackson got into a bumper car happily while Madeline and Jeremy watched and waited for him patiently at one side.

Jeremy did not waste this chance to show Madeline the evidence he found. “Linnie, I found some clues to prove that Lily was not kidnapped by the human trafficker. Someone else kidnapped Lillian.”

Madeline did not want to talk to Jeremy, but after experiencing the helplessness of not being able to find Jackson just now, she was able to sympathize with Jeremy regarding his negligence.

She lowered her head to look at the screen. Then, she saw a woman who was dressed similar to her luring Lillian out of the shop from the footage that Jeremy had magnified.

She was still wondering which woman would do that when she spotted a peculiar detail.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 733
Madeline held the phone tightly in her hand. Then, she zoomed in on the woman’s reflection again.

Despite the woman intentionally wearing the same style of clothes as her, Madeline still noticed her shoes.

She recalled the hotel that Jeremy and Felicity had gone to that day.

When she entered the room, she saw this exact pair of shoes on the shoe rack by the door.

Even though she had just glanced at it, she was sure that she was not mistaken.

It was Felicity.

She was the one who impersonated her and kidnapped the innocent Lillian.

Since Felicity looked like her, Lillian must have thought Felicity was her dear mother. That was why she had run out without hesitation.

Plus, Felicity had interacted with Jeremy before.

When Madeline thought about this, she was conflicted.

Jeremy noticed the changes in Madeline’s expression and got closer to her. He asked in concern, “Linnie, did you notice anything?”

Madeline did not say anything after she came back to her senses. She only focused on watching Jackson who was playing happily.

Even though Madeline was still not speaking to Jeremy, he could clearly sense that Madeline was not so repulsed by him anymore.

After Madeline sent Jackson to Montgomery Manor, she went to Felipe’s place.

She knew the passcode to Felipe’s study, so she pushed the door and went in.

Madeline came to the front of the desk and started rummaging through the notebook next to Felipe’s laptop. She knew Felipe had the habit of writing everything down.

After only going through a few pages, Cathy walked in.

“Evie, why are you here?” Cathy walked over to Madeline curiously.

Madeline pretended to glance at the notebook before putting it down. “One of my drafts is missing and I was wondering if I left it in here. That’s why I came in to look for it.”

“Is it important?”

“Yeah, it is.” Madeline nodded and placed the notebook down. “I don’t think it’s here. I should look in other places.”

“I’ll help you, Evie.”

“Thanks, Cathy.” Madeline thanked and left the study.

Cathy looked at the hidden camera on the left corner of the room and let out a sigh of relief. Then, she closed the door of the study.

Madeline had wanted to look for clues in Felipe’s study, but now, she could not continue her search.

Although, she spotted a lot of medical records hidden in Felipe’s notebook.

Doctor’s visits?

Was he sick?

When she pondered upon that, she saw Cathy covering her mouth from the corner of her eyes. It was as if she was trying to hide something.

She remembered how Cathy had dry-heaved twice yesterday.

It looked like morning sickness.

“Cathy, are you dating someone?” Madeline asked probingly.

Cathy did not expect Madeline to ask her this, so she suspected that Madeline might have found out something. She wanted to keep it a secret, but she realized that she might not be able to lie to Madeline.

After contemplating it, Cathy admitted, “Yeah, I like someone, but Felipe won’t let me stay with him. So, this is all one-sided.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 734
“Is something wrong with that guy? Why won’t Felipe allow you two to be together?”

Cathy avoided Madeline’s concerned gaze. “The person I like already has someone he loves. Felipe’s worried that I’ll fall deeper and deeper into the mud, so he asked me to stop liking him.”

Madeline looked at Cathy as if she was in deep thought. “But it seems that you’re currently carrying his child?”

“…” Cathy’s expression changed as she looked around nervously. When she saw that the bodyguards and maids were not around, she grabbed Madeline’s hand and walked to one side. She begged, “Evie, please don’t tell Felipe. He’ll kill me. Please, you can’t let him know about this, Evie. I’m begging you!”

Madeline did not expect Cathy to react like this.

She also did not expect Cathy to be so scared to the point of thinking that Felipe might even kill her.

Felipe was always a graceful and composed gentleman to her. From the looks of it now, it seemed that he had a lot of sides that she had not seen before.

When Cathy saw that Madeline was pondering about something, she asked nervously, “Evie, Evie? You won’t tell him, right?”

Madeline shook her head. “I won’t. But he’s bound to find out on his own as time goes on.”

Cathy let out a sigh of relief. However, Madeline saw her past self on Cathy’s face. She used to be so dumb and stupid.

Cathy smiled and touched her stomach. “When that day comes, I’ll find an excuse to leave this place. I won’t let him know.”

“Even though I know Felipe will be mad at me for doing this, I really want to give birth to this child. Although the person I love can’t love me back, this will be the best gift between me and him.”

Madeline thought about Lillian when she saw the happy smile on Cathy’s face. She felt a sudden ache in her heart as tears started welling up in her eyes.

For a woman, not only was a child a link between her and her man, but it was also one of the reasons for her to continue living.

Actually, Felipe knew about Madeline’s presence in his study the moment she went in.

He had also arranged for Cathy’s appearance.

As he had been in a hurry last night, there were some things in the study that he could not let Madeline see. That was why he needed to stop her from digging through his documents.

However, he still saw Madeline picking up his notebook and flipping through a few pages.

He took care of his matters at hand hurriedly and came back to Glendale on a flight the next day.

Cathy had no idea that Felipe would come back so soon. She hid the baby clothes that she bought flurriedly and also kept the pregnancy report under her pillow.

She walked out of the room hurriedly when she heard footsteps walking upstairs.

The man walked over to her. She could not see any warmth on his handsome face. A domineering aura enveloped him, making him look extremely unapproachable.

Felipe quickly walked into his study and looked through his notebook. When he looked at the notes he had written down, there was a glint in his dark eyes.

“Felipe, why did you come back so fast?” Cathy approached him carefully and asked.

Felipe looked at Cathy coldly. Then, he tossed his notebook to one side. “Do you remember what I asked you to do before I left? I told you that no one’s allowed to come into my study, but did you follow through?”

Cathy’s heartbeat quickened. She did not dare to look into Felipe’s eyes.

When she heard his approaching footsteps, Cathy clenched her fingers unnaturally and backed away in fear.

Felipe grabbed Cathy’s chin with his cold fingers and forced her to look into his eyes.

However, his eyes were too alluring and charming. It was like they had the power to make her fall deep into them.

“Do you know what you’ll get for making a mistake?” His eyes darkened.

Cathy was terrified. She felt chills coming from the bottom of her feet. “Felipe…”

“You don’t have the right to call my name like that. Only Eveline is allowed to call my name in that tone.”

His voice carried no warmth, and it felt like an iceberg was crashing down on Cathy. At that moment, she was struggling to breathe.

She knew Felipe did not have her in his heart. She also knew that she would receive severe punishments if she did not carry out the task he gave her properly. However…

Suddenly, Felipe let go of his hand. His dark eyes scanned Cathy’s frantic face like a gust of cold wind. Then, he ordered the bodyguard outside the door coldly, “Make her remember this.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 735
Cathy’s entire body went cold when she heard that.

However, the man walked past her without even turning back. His broad shoulders bumped into her frail ones and the impact caused Cathy to shudder.

However, she did not fall because the bodyguard by the door had come in to bring her away.

In the humid and dark basement, Cathy’s right wrist was tied to a heavy chain. There were wounds of different sizes on her body under her thin shirt.

Her face was pale as she leaned against the icy wall while breathing lightly. She touched her flat stomach with her trembling and bloody fingers.

When she felt the faint warmth there, a small smile appeared on Cathy’s face.

Clank. The metal door of the basement was opened.

A ray of light came into the room, and Cathy looked up to see a man in a white shirt walking over. He had his back against the light, looking so gentle. Plus, he even had a hint of boyishness to him. All of these combined made her recall the memory by the beach.

“Feli…” When she said those syllables, she hurried up and added the last one. “-pe…”

She did not even have the right to call him by his name. To everyone, she was just a sister that he took in.

Felipe walked in front of Cathy and towered over her like an emperor.

Felipe reached out his hand to pinch her chin when he saw her shaking from the cold.

“I’ll let this go for the sake of our relationship. But if you don’t carry out my orders properly next time, you can just get out of here.”


Cathy begged weakly and grabbed Felipe’s sleeve.

“Don’t chase me away. I want to stay by your side forever.”

“There will only ever be one woman by my side, and it’s Eveline,” Felipe answered her firmly, his words feeling like an icepick through Cathy’s heart. “Remember who you are.”


The hand that was grabbing Felipe’s sleeve fell lifelessly.

An excruciating pain spread across her body.

She looked at the man she had admired for so many years with her beautiful eyes as she moved her cracked lips.

“I will. I will remember who I am.”

She promised as tears started falling silently from her eyes.

Felipe looked at her teary eyes and suddenly, he felt a pang of pain in his heart.

He furrowed his brows. Then, he flung his hand and walked away.

Cathy sat on the floor lifelessly and clutched her stomach which was starting to hurt. She did not have any energy to scream in pain, nor could she make Felipe turn around to look at her. She could only watch as the tall and slender figure became blurrier and blurrier in front of her.

Montgomery Manor.

Madeline and Jackson were playing with Jackson’s new DIY toys when the maid told her that Felipe was here.

He was back after less than two days.

Madeline remembered clearly Felipe telling her he had something urgent to take care of, but now, he was back.

As she thought about it, there was a hint of calmness in her eyes. After informing Eloise, she walked to the door.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 736
Felipe was walking in. When he saw Madeline, he walked over to her with a soft smile. “Eveline.”

“Why are you back so soon?” Madeline asked with a grin. However, she was looking at Felipe differently now.

“I’m worried about you.” Felipe’s eyes were filled with love. “Lillian just left and you must be feeling sad, so I want to accompany you.”

“Sad? Yeah, I’m devastated.” Madeline smiled superficially. Then, she looked straight at Felipe. “Can you take a walk with me nearby?”

“Of course.” Felipe smiled and nodded. Then, he followed Madeline to the street that was filled with fallen ginkgo leaves.

There was a sudden gust of autumn wind and the yellow ginkgo leaves fluttered down like butterflies before falling to the ground soundlessly.

Felipe noticed that Madeline was not in a good mood, but he understood why.

Lillian was her child who she carried for ten months, and now, she was gone. Perhaps she would need a long time before this pain could heal.

However, since the wound was deep, he believed that Madeline would not give Jeremy any chances.

They stayed silent for some time before Felipe finally said something. “Eveline, you have to stay strong. If Lillian was here, she would want her beloved mommy to be happy and cheerful.”

Madeline chuckled sarcastically. “A lot of people have told me that. They hope I can be happy and cheerful, but the people who said those to me are also the ones causing me pain and misery.”

There was a strange look on Felipe’s face. When he turned to look at Madeline, she stopped walking.

Her clear and beautiful eyes met his ominous ones. “Felipe, do you remember how old Lily is?”

Felipe did not stop to think about it. “About four.”

“Three years, ten months, and twelve days,” Madeline told him an accurate number.

Felipe frowned in remorse. “Eveline, you remember it so clearly.”

“I think every mother will remember everything about their children.” Madeline looked at Felipe, and there was a flash of disappointment in her eyes. “Felipe, do you still remember what was Lily’s first word? It’s ‘daddy’.”

Felipe’s expression became solemn and complicated. He saw probing and suspicion in Madeline’s eyes.

“Eveline, is there something you want to tell me?”

“I want to ask you just how cold-blooded a father has to be to hire someone to kill his own daughter?”

A hint of slyness flashed across Felipe’s eyes. However, he remained calm. “I think Jeremy should be able to answer this, since—”

“Or maybe you do too.” Madeline interrupted with a sharp gaze. “Do you know Felicity?”

“I don’t.” Felipe denied it.

Madeline smiled and took out her phone to open her album. “A woman you don’t know was driving your car and she became Jeremy’s psychologist. What’s more interesting is that this woman looks almost the same as me.”

Felipe did not think that Madeline would know about this, but at this moment, he did not have any justifications for it.

“Felipe, is this the happiness that you want to give me?” Madeline was utterly disappointed, and her eyes had turned icy as well. “You’re the person I trust the most and I never once thought about suspecting you. I’ve always believed you no matter what you said or what you did.

“It was because I didn’t think that a man who would risk everything to bring me back to life would do anything to hurt me. However, after all this time, I realized I’ve been wrong.

“Felipe, you’re so foreign and scary.

“You even took action against Lily so that I won’t get back together with Jeremy.”

Felipe frowned, but he still remained calm. “Eveline, Lily is our daughter. Even if I don’t want to see you with Jeremy, I wouldn’t do something so heinous. I think you’ve misunderstood me.”

“This isn’t a misunderstanding.” Jeremy’s voice appeared from one side. “Felipe, do you still want to lie to Linnie now that it has come to this?”

Madeline and Felipe looked over at the same time to see Jeremy walking over with a serious expression on his face. Then, he said confidently, “Lillian is Eveline’s and my daughter. This is the report I just got from the hospital and it’s stated clearly that your blood type is O!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 737
Felipe was unhappy with Jeremy’s sudden appearance.

However, he also did not expect him to appear with evidence.

Jeremy just got the report and was on his way to look for Madeline. However, before he could get to Montgomery Manor, he saw Madeline and Felipe walking together.

He handed the report over. “Linnie, this is Felipe’s result from the last time he had a check-up. It’s stated clearly that his blood type is O while yours is AB. If either one of the parents has O as their blood type, then they would not have a child with an AB blood type. However, Lily’s blood type is AB.”

Jeremy came up with a scientific explanation, so Felipe had nothing to say to that.

“Linnie, it’s obvious who Lily’s real father is. Felipe is the one exploiting your memory loss and lying to you.”

“Jeremy, it’s so funny when you’re the one who’s saying the word ‘exploit’.” Felipe mocked. His gentle gaze landed on Madeline’s face. “Eveline, the reason I did that is to stop you from having any contact with this man. Plus, you told me before that Lily is, in fact, my daughter. She will have nothing to do with Jeremy for as long as she lives.”

“Felipe, you’re the pathetic one. In order to stop Linnie from coming back to me, you didn’t hesitate to do all sorts of heinous things. You even went as far as killing someone.”

“Preposterous.” Of course, Felipe would not admit to that. “What proof do you have to prove that I killed Lily? Don’t forget, you’re the one who lost the child.”

“If you hadn’t asked someone to lure Lily out of my sight, none of these would have happened. Felipe, you should know what’s the truth!”



Madeline interrupted the two men who were engaged in a heated fight.

The air around them fell silent with only the sounds of rustling leaves.

Jeremy turned around and saw that Madeline’s eyes were red. Her face was frigid as well. He called out to her in pity, “Linnie…”

“Shut up.” Madeline looked at the two men in front of her with a piercing gaze. “One is someone I used to love but who also hurt me the most, and the other is a man who I trust unconditionally and view as my close friend.

“Both men say that they hope I can be happy, but now?”

Madeline smiled as hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You’re the ones who killed Lily, not me.”

“Linnie, don’t think about it like that…”

“We’ll just pretend as if we have never known each other from today onward. I don’t want to see you again. Never.” Madeline turned around and left.

Jeremy and Felipe watched dispiritedly as Madeline left. After a while, they exchanged glances for a moment before parting ways with their backs against each other.

Felipe went back to his place with rage burning in his chest. He felt agitated no matter how he thought about this.

Madeline knew everything.


There was still something she did not know. She did not know that Felicity was Meredith.

Even so, everything that he had orchestrated in the past three years was all ruined.

Felipe’s eyes darkened as he picked up the phone to call Jeremy. After the call went through, he said frankly, “Jeremy, you’re right. Lillian is your daughter.”

On the other end, Jeremy felt delighted when he heard Felipe admitting this to him.

However, when he thought about Lillian’s absence, his joy quickly turned into pain.

When he was about to say something, he heard Felipe say, “Although you’re her father, so what? I was with Eveline when she was pregnant with Lillian. Plus, Lillian’s first word when she learned to talk was ‘daddy’. Jeremy, to Lillian, I am her only daddy.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 738
“Felipe, what are you trying to say? Are you showing off to me?”

“Hmph.” Felipe snorted. “I just want to tell you now that things have come to this, we need to have a solution. I’ll wait for you where Lillian was killed half an hour later. If you show up, I’ll give you all records of Lillian from the moment she was born. If you don’t, then just pretend I never made this call.”

Felipe hung up before Jeremy could reply.

Cathy stood by the wall of the study while her body was covered in bruises and wounds.

She contemplated before going back to her room quietly.

After pondering, she picked up her phone and typed out a string of words…

Madeline did not go back to Montgomery Manor after she left.

She walked aimlessly along the streets. Despite the hustle and bustle around her, she still felt a bone-piercing chill in her heart.

Never in her wildest dreams would she think Felipe was capable of doing such heinous things.

Madeline felt that this was ridiculous. The man who told her he loved her was doing something that hurt her instead.

Suddenly, she felt lost. What was true love like?

Suddenly, she received a message from an unknown number. When she looked at the text, she was full of doubts.

After contemplating for a while, she decided to go to the place that was stated in the text.

When she got there, she saw Jeremy and Felipe talking.

It was already dusk and the sky was gloomy. Then, it started drizzling. In the midst of the coldness, Madeline saw them in a state of mutual hostility. They looked like they were going to fire at each other at any moment now.

From a distance, she could hear Jeremy saying, “Felipe, give me my daughter’s records.”

“Sure.” A thought-provoking smirk appeared on Felipe’s face. However, in the next second, he lifted his right hand and revealed a gun. “However, you need to give me something in exchange for these records.”

Madeline was surprised once again when she saw Felipe pointing the gun at Jeremy.

However, Jeremy did not dodge nor show the slightest trace of fear. He stood there looking calm and unperturbed.

Felipe held the gun without a hint of warmth on his face. “Jeremy, you and I are both descendants of the Whitmans, but why is your life so different from mine? You were brought up living the life of a prince with nobody going against you, but what about me?”

He scoffed and started venting all of the frustrations he had accumulated in his heart.

“My parents were killed by a scoundrel. Then, he abandoned me in F Country to let me fend for myself just to ‘train’ me. I even had to watch you marry the woman I love and witness you trampling all over her, hurting her over and over again.”

Jeremy’s expression was not as solemn when Felipe mentioned Madeline.

He was remorseful and regretful about what happened in the past few years.

“Jeremy, do you know how long I had to wait for Maddie to lose all hope for you and divorce you? I waited for ten years, but now?

“I brought her back from death and helped her stand on her own feet. I stayed with her during her hardest moments and I let her do what she loved so she could fulfill her dreams. I thought that when the time came, she would belong to me for the rest of her life. However, the truth has told me that her heart was never with me.”

“Felipe, you can’t just force someone into having a relationship with you. This whole time, your love was just one-sided.”

“No, it’s not one-sided.” Felipe curled the corners of his lips suddenly as an evil smirk appeared on his face. “Maddie and I will fall in love with each other as long as you disappear forever,” he said while loading the gun. His eyes were looking more and more ominous.

“Jeremy, you must be missing your daughter, right? I’ll send you off to see her now.”


After Felipe’s statement, the muffled sound of a bullet firing broke the silence of the outskirts of town.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 739
After the gun was fired, Madeline felt something tugging on her thoughts. At the same time, a muffled crashing sound appeared in her mind as well, and it was… a car crash.

In the next second, a lot of memories started flooding back in front of Madeline’s eyes, including how she used to so stubbornly love someone named Jeremy Whitman. Even if he was cold and heartless to her, she would still love him deeply. Then, the image of her doing everything for him without complaints appeared in her brain.

She remembered.

She remembered everything.

She also remembered how she stopped hating Jeremy before the car crash.

That day, in front of the house, she heard Jeremy sincerely telling Jackson about how remorseful he felt. Moreover, the sincerity on his face made her let go of her hatred toward him.

‘I’ve already stopped hating him.’

Madeline finally understood.

Her hatred toward Jeremy after that was all influenced by Felipe.


Madeline could not imagine how such a gentle and kind man would have such a scheming heart.

“Jeremy, think of the bullet just now as you repaying me for the sake of our relationship. Now, I won’t go easy on you no matter what.”

Felipe’s cold voice pulled Madeline back to reality.

She came back to her senses and saw Felipe pointing the dark muzzle of the gun at Jeremy’s heart.

They were standing very close to each other, so Jeremy would undoubtedly die if Felipe decided to fire.

Madeline’s heart started beating erratically. At this moment, she heard Jeremy saying calmly, “Yeah, I miss Lillian a lot, but before I find the real person who murdered her, I won’t allow myself to die.”

His tone was firm and he looked extremely confident.

“Heh.” Felipe scoffed, and there was a dark look in his eyes. “Then, let’s see if you’re faster than my bullet.”

After Felipe said that, he pulled the trigger.

The bullet fired out quickly from the muzzle at the speed of light.

However, the moment the bullet was fired out from the gun, Jeremy managed to dodge it!

Madeline ran out when she saw this.

Felipe’s face turned dark. It was obvious that he was not happy.

However, he quickly loaded the gun again and did not give Jeremy a chance to dodge before he pulled the trigger.

A spark appeared on the muzzle and the bullet fired out quickly.

Felipe curled the corner of his lips and was excited to watch Jeremy bleed out. However, within a few nanoseconds, he saw a figure appearing in his vision.



Jeremy and Felipe called out Madeline’s name at the same time.

The bullet passed through Madeline’s right shoulder. She let out a muffled sound due to the pain as the glaring redness invaded the two men’s vision.

“Linnie!” Jeremy never expected Madeline to appear at this moment. He also did not expect Madeline to run in front of him without hesitation, taking the sudden bullet for him.

Jeremy’s heart was broken when he saw Madeline’s face turning white as she frowned in pain.

Dumbfounded, Felipe looked at Madeline who had suddenly appeared to take the bullet for Jeremy. “Why?”

He could not accept this nor could he understand this.

“Why are you still willing to risk your life for this man after everything he’s done to you?”

Madeline endured the debilitating pain. There was a tenacious and fearless glint in her clear eyes.

“I’m not saving him. I just don’t want to owe any of you anything.”

“What?” Felipe’s eyes darkened as he could not understand.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 740
“Felipe, thank you for saving my life, but now, I’m returning the favor.”

When Felipe heard this, he was completely stunned.

Jeremy held Madeline who was bleeding out and ran to the car that was stopped at the side of the road without hesitating.

“Linnie, you have to hold on!” His eyes were filled with tears as he ran forward.

Madeline opened her blurry eyes, seeing the worry and fear in Jeremy’s eyes.

It was the same look as when she had vomited blood during Meredith’s engagement party.

Madeline slowly started to understand. Jeremy was scared, but what was he scared of? Was he scared that she would die?


Jeremy sat outside the emergency room while feeling flustered.

Even though the bullet had only hit Madeline’s shoulder, it was still a gunshot wound and not a normal wound.

After a long while, the surgery was done.

The doctor told him that Madeline’s life was not in danger and they also took the bullet out. However, the wound on her shoulder was pretty deep, so she needed a long while before she could fully recover.

Jeremy’s suspended heart felt slightly grounded now.

After transferring Madeline to a normal ward, Jeremy stayed by her side the entire time.

Looking at her pale yet beautiful face, he could not help but sob in devastation.

He did not know when he started being so weak and vulnerable.

Perhaps it was when he realized he was in love with her a year ago.

Felipe went back to his place dispiritedly. He still could not forget the scene when Madeline risked her life to save Jeremy.

She said she was going to give him her life. However, from another angle, she was trying to save Jeremy.


He was fuming as he pushed everything on the desk to the floor.

Cathy heard the commotion from outside and was so scared that her heart almost leaped out from her mouth.

She did not know what was going on, but she knew that Felipe was not happy.

She also knew that he was in the middle of his rage and if she went in now, she would only get burnt. However, how could she let him suffer all alone?

He might feel better if he was able to vent.

Cathy contemplated and walked in courageously without caring about the wounds on her body that were still in the process of healing.

She had never seen Felipe like this before. He was leaning against the chair in a decrepit way. His white shirt was damp with rain and loosely hanging to his body. On the other hand, his cold and handsome face was emitting a dark aura that made him unapproachable.

Cathy looked at him sadly. “Felipe, what are you…”

Felipe lifted his dark gaze in the middle of her sentence. There was a horrifying layer of frost in his undecipherable eyes.

Felipe stood up, his tall figure approaching her in an overbearing manner.

His long fingers lifted her chin. “You said you love me, right?”

Cathy’s eyes lit up as she nodded. “I do.”

“How much?” he asked before tugging his lips. “Do you love me so much that you’ll die for me?”

When Cathy heard this, her back went cold.

Her first thought was not about her, but it was about the child in her stomach.

She could die for him without a second thought, but now, she hesitated.

“Hmph.” Felipe scoffed and looked at the curious Cathy in a mocking manner. Then, he pushed her away forcefully. He did not look at her and only turned his back on her. “Get out!”

After Cathy was pushed away, her stomach hit the corner of the desk. Suddenly, the debilitating pain made her scalp numb. Then, warm liquid started flowing out from her body. She lowered her head in shock and looked at her stomach…

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