Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 701-710

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 701
Meredith lifted her head in confusion. There was a hint of disdain in her eyes. “Isn’t she just a perfumer?”

“Hmph.” Felipe looked at Meredith in disgust. “Eveline is Nell.”

“W-What?” Meredith’s eyes widened as she could not believe it. “M-Madeline is that perfumer? How is that possible? How is it possible that she even knows how to blend fragrances…”

Felipe looked at her from the corner of his eyes. “You’ve overestimated your capabilities.”


Meredith stared blankly ahead as she was completely dumbfounded.

She thought she had designed the perfect trap. However, in the end, she was the person who fell into the trap first.

Madeline was Nell the perfumer, which meant that in those three years of Jeremy suffering from insomnia, he was depending on Madeline’s aromatherapy kit to sleep.

She did not expect Jeremy and Madeline to have this kind of connection that was so mysterious and inexorable.

Meredith bit her lip unhappily. Then, she heard Felipe’s warning coming from the top of her head. “Stop provoking Eveline. If this happens again, I’ll let you have a taste of being blind as well.”


Meredith’s pupils constricted, and she could feel a chill traveling from the bottom of her feet to the rest of her body.

After Felipe went back to his study, he used half an hour to digest everything that happened in Glendale when he was absent. However, he still could not accept Madeline kissing Jeremy in the car.

The next day, he got out of the house early in the morning and drove to Whitman Manor.

When he entered the house, he saw Jeremy pushing the old master out of his room carefreely.

Felipe’s eyes darkened as he walked over with a chuckle. “A blind man pushing a cripple. How interesting.”

Jeremy heard that and stopped walking. Then, the old master looked over angrily and saw Felipe walking toward them with a mocking smile.

“Felipe, you… Don’t do anything rash. Your parents’ death is not what you think. I—”

“Shut up.” Felipe interrupted the old master with an icy gaze. “You don’t have the right to mention my parents, you murderer.”

“Felipe, your parents died in an accident. It had nothing to do with Grandpa,” Jeremy explained with a tone that was even colder than Felipe’s.

“Those were two human lives and you’re trying to distance yourself from the matter by saying that it’s an accident. Do you think I’ll believe you?” Felipe snorted. Then, he looked at Jeremy provokingly. “I’m here to see you today.”

Jeremy understood and asked the caretaker to send the old master back to his room.

Old Master Whitman was very worried and kept telling Jeremy to be careful and vigilant.

Felipe did not know that Jeremy had regained his vision, so he strutted over to him and narrowed his eyes.

“Do you remember what I told you last time? You should be a proper ex. Get out of Eveline’s life and memories completely by no longer appearing in front of her. However, it seems that you’ve forgotten everything.”

Jeremy scoffed after he heard that. His eyes were calm but cold. “I also said that if you can’t give Linnie the happiness she wants, I’ll steal her back from you even if I become blind.”

“The biggest mistake I made is saving Linnie from the sea that day on the island and handing her to you. After that, the second biggest mistake I made was pretending to not love her and ignoring her completely,” he said as a sharp glint appeared in his eyes. “Felipe, I won’t hand my woman to you on a silver platter again.”

An icy glint appeared in Felipe’s eyes after he heard that. “Jeremy…” He stopped himself and asked slowly, “Are you sure?”

Jeremy replied without hesitation, “I’m sure. Unless Linnie tells me herself that she never wants to see me again.”

Felipe laughed. “Okay, I’ll make you give up completely then. I’ll make Eveline say that to you,” he said in certainty. Then, when he turned around, he stopped abruptly and felt his heart skip a beat.

Madeline was standing quietly at the entrance of the house.

When Jeremy saw Felipe’s strange expression, he turned his face and saw Madeline at the door.

Felipe did not know how much Madeline heard, but from her face, he knew she heard something that might be detrimental to him.

Yet, Felipe still smiled and walked toward her. “Eveline, why are you here?”

“I come here to see Grandpa,” Madeline answered.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 702
“Grandpa is fine. I checked on him just now,” Felipe said, lifting his hand to grab Madeline’s shoulder. “Eveline, I have something to tell you. Let’s go.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy who had been looking at her the entire time. Then, she nodded. “Okay.”

Jeremy stopped Madeline as he watched her walking away with Felipe. “Linnie.”

Madeline stopped in her tracks, but she did not turn around.

“Linnie, I won’t do anything that’ll upset you anymore. I’m sorry about what happened in the car yesterday.”

Even though Jeremy did not go into details, Felipe knew clearly what he was apologizing for.

Madeline did not answer him. On the contrary, she walked away with Felipe.

Jeremy was starting to feel restless. ‘Did Linnie hear what Felipe said just now? Will she be mad at what I did back then?’

In the car.

The air was abnormally quiet.

Felipe stopped the car at the side of the road before saying, “Eveline, you heard everything just now, right?” he asked frankly.

Madeline did not beat around the bush as well. “Yeah, I heard everything.”

Felipe’s expression changed. However, he was still gentle when he was talking to Madeline and said with a soft tone, “Eveline, I hope you can understand.”

“I understand. You’re just trying to stop Jeremy from pestering me. You’re doing it for me.”

Felipe was surprised and delighted when he saw that not only was Madeline not mad, but she was even so understanding.

He reached out his hand to hold Madeline’s. “Eveline, it’s great that you’re so understanding. It was so difficult for us to be together after so long. I don’t want Jeremy to exist in your life again.”

Madeline nodded. Then, she lifted her head to look into Felipe’s eyes. “Felipe, I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“You knew that Jeremy was blind before I did, right?”

Felipe was stunned as he did not expect Madeline to ask him this, but he knew he did not need to lie to her anymore. As such, he was frank with her. “That’s right. I knew.”

Madeline frowned when she got a concrete answer from him. Then, she slowly removed her hand from Felipe’s. “I want to think about something myself. I’ll see you later.”

After she said that, she opened the door and got out of the car, leaving Felipe’s hand to remain suspended in mid-air. A storm was starting to brew behind his eyes.

He rarely drank alcohol, but this time, he drank alone for the entire afternoon in the study.

There was no warmth on his handsome face anymore. On the contrary, there was only a cold seriousness.

Madeline had seen the side of him that he did not want to show her and he was struggling to accept this.

After Madeline thought about this for a long time, she finally came to look for Felipe. However, when she got to his study, she heard the sound of smashing coming from inside.

She lifted her hand to knock on the door lightly.

“F*ck off!” Felipe’s irritated voice sounded from the other side of the door.

“Felipe, it’s me.”

After Madeline finished saying that, the other side of the door fell silent.

Then, Felipe opened the door.

Madeline saw that Felipe’s handsome and elegant face was bright red.

The collar of his white shirt was wide open, revealing his collarbone. He was looking extremely unruly.

Felipe always had the image of a composed gentleman and this was the first time Madeline saw him like this.

She furrowed her brows and walked into the study, noticing the strong smell of alcohol.

“Stop drinking so much.” She walked over to pick up the bottles, but Felipe suddenly appeared and grabbed her hand.

Madeline turned around and before she could see Felipe clearly, he pulled her into his arms. She wanted to get away from him but Felipe placed his hand on her waist and locked her in place. His red eyes captured Madeline’s gaze possessively.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 703
Madeline had never seen Felipe like this before. She figured it might be because of what happened in the morning.

She could see an intense possessiveness in his red eyes.

It made her extremely uncomfortable that he was holding her close to him.

“Felipe, don’t drink so much. Let’s talk,” she said as she tried to get away from his embrace. However, when this thought emerged in her head, Felipe saw through her and placed his hand on the back of her head.

He leaned forward, his face looking intoxicated under the dim light of the chandelier. Plus, his narrow eyes were dazed as if he was in a trance as he slowly got closer to Madeline.

Madeline turned her face away when she sensed that Felipe was about to kiss her.

Felipe frowned when he was greeted with nothing and grabbed Madeline’s face to force her to look at him.

“Felipe, you’re drunk…”

“Eveline, do you know how much I liked you the moment I laid eyes on you?”

Madeline was slightly stunned when she heard Felipe’s confession.

For the past three years, she could clearly feel Felipe’s love for her. However, he had never told her how much he loved her.

She remembered her promise to Felipe. After she sought her revenge, she would go back to F Country with him where they would live a peaceful life together.

However, now…

Madeline was in a daze when Felipe held her closer. His breath that smelled like alcohol fanned on her face, increasing the temperature of her cheeks.

“I chose to watch over you silently and was hoping that one day I’ll walk into your heart. I thought that day was coming, but now, I realize it’s getting further and further away.”

His deep voice was laced with disappointment and misery.

Madeline did not know what to say to him at that moment.

Felipe saved her life and gave her another chance at life. He was the one who gave her the chance to stay alive so that she could avenge her enemies without a care in the world.

However, he never asked for anything in return.

Perhaps he was selfish, but this selfishness might be the reason why he wanted to keep her by his side.

Felipe lowered his head, his warm cheek pressed against Madeline’s shoulder. At this moment, he looked like a defenseless child who needed treatment. He was trying to look for warmth and comfort from her.

“Eveline, you must be disappointed, right? I went to see Jeremy behind your back and asked him to stop seeing you. I knew he couldn’t see from a very long time ago, but I didn’t say anything to you. I was scared that you’ll worry about him and care for him. That’s why I lied to you.

“Eveline, will you hate me?” he asked, his eyes filled with careful provocation.

It was as if he was extremely concerned about what she thought of him.

Madeline shook her head. Aside from contradiction, there was nothing else in her heart. “How could I hate you? You saved me and helped me get back on my feet. Felipe, you have an important position in my heart.”

“An important position…” Felipe lifted his deep gaze and there was an ominous glint in his eyes.

He curled the corners of his lips while his hazy eyes started becoming clearer.

Actually, he was not drunk.

“Felipe, I understand why you did that and I don’t blame you.”

She did not blame him nor did she have the right to blame him.

She was just very surprised.

“Felipe, you’re drunk. You should rest now.” Madeline tried to push him away again.

“Eveline, can you stay here with me? Just tonight. I don’t want to lose you.” Felipe grabbed her hand frantically.

Madeline smiled softly. “I’ll help you back to your room.”

She did not answer him directly, but Felipe knew she was rejecting him.

Despite that, he still allowed her to help him back to his bedroom.

However, he kept a tight grip on her hand and refused to let go.

Madeline received a call from Jackson after Felipe was in bed. He asked her when she was coming home and that they were waiting for her to read them bedtime stories.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 704
Madeline removed her hand from his. “Felipe, I have to go now.”


“I’ll come to visit you tomorrow. Have a good night’s sleep and stop overthinking.”

Madeline turned around to leave, and the moment Felipe’s hand became empty, he felt his heart becoming empty as well.

After Madeline’s figure completely disappeared from his vision, Felipe sat upright as a layer of darkness covered his eyes immediately.

He had pretended to be drunk and fragile just so he could get some concern and care from her. However, she just walked away without turning back.

She did not have any longing for him at all.

The temperature in the room was plummeting from the coldness he was emitting from his body.

At this moment, he could hear footsteps from outside the door. Felipe lifted his head expectantly and saw Cathy walking over to him with a cup.

“Get out.” Felipe kicked her out impatiently.

However, Cathy still walked to him with a smile. “You drank a lot of alcohol. This tea will help you get rid of the alcohol in your system, so please drink—”

“I said get out.” Felipe looked at her frigidly. “Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time.”

Cathy looked at Felipe in fear with eyes filled with concern. “She doesn’t like you. Don’t torture yourself for someone who doesn’t love you.”

“Heh.” Felipe scoffed. “Why don’t you tell yourself this? Don’t have any fantasies about me.”

“But I like you. I liked you the moment I laid eyes on you.” Cathy confessed her feelings to him courageously.

Of course, this was not the first time she told him this and Felipe was already impatient from hearing these same words.

“Let me take care of you.” She squatted in front of him and reached out her hand to hold his hand carefully.

When she felt the coldness on the back of his hand, she felt her heart racing as her heart was filled with joy.

However, in the next second, Felipe pulled her to him like he had been possessed. There was an evil smirk on his face and darkness in his bottomless eyes. At that moment, he looked like Satan himself.

“You want to tarnish yourself like this? Alright, I’ll fulfill your wishes.”

He threw her onto the bed forcefully and entered her without any pity.

This was Cathy’s first time and her eyes turned red from the pain. However, she felt joyous.

That night, she endured the pain and allowed him to do whatever he wanted with her.

She did this because she loved him.

However, he was just mad and wanted to vent.

The morning sun shone into the room.

Felipe woke up from his sleep, his head throbbing from the hangover.

When he remembered what happened last night, he lowered his gaze to look at the woman who was sleeping in his arms. Then, he removed himself from her without hesitation and walked into the bathroom.

After he finished showering, Cathy was already up.

Cathy was 27 years old but was like a young girl with her first awakening of love. She was taking in the lingering scent he left on the blankets shyly.

When she saw Felipe walking over, her eyes lit up. From the reflection in her eyes, the man had a bathrobe draped over his body lazily. There was no softness on his handsome face, but it was his coldness that caused her to fall in love with him even more.

Cathy sat up while holding the blanket against herself and was looking at him passionately. “Felipe…”

“Last night never happened,” Felipe said, no warmth to his words at all.

Cathy looked at him, feeling dumbfounded. A bone-piercing chill spread all over her body along with excruciating pain.

“Did you hear me?” Felipe asked coldly.

“Yeah.” Cathy lowered her head and nodded before saying lifelessly, “I’ll be happy as long as I can stay with you.”

“That’s good.” Felipe glanced at her with his narrow eyes. “Go back to your room.”

“Okay.” Cathy bowed her head and nodded. However, when she started moving, there were knockings coming from the door. Then, Madeline’s voice followed.

“Felipe, are you awake? It’s me.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 705
Felipe was shocked about Madeline’s sudden appearance

However, he was not worried at all and said to the woman who was spacing out on the bed in a deep voice, “Go into the bathroom. Don’t make any noise before I ask you to come out.”

Cathy understood what Felipe meant. She nodded and went to pick up her clothes that were scattered all over the floor.

“Hurry.” Felipe urged her in a cold voice.

Due to her shock, the blanket she was holding fell to the floor. There was some dried blood on the bed and Felipe’s eyes darkened when he saw that.

However, he retained his cool demeanor. “Pick up your clothes. Go in.”

She did not dare to go against him or infuriate him.

Cathy was naked as she picked up the clothes on the floor hurriedly. After that, she ran into the bathroom.

Felipe spread the blanket over the bed before opening the door.

The coldness of his face disappeared when he saw Madeline, and there was only a gentle grin now.

“Eveline, why are you so early?”

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday that I’ll come over early today?” Madeline smiled and looked into the room. “Are you awake? I brought some porridge over. You drank too much last night so you should eat something bland in the morning in case you upset your stomach.”

Felipe smiled softly and looked at her. “I’ll change before I eat your porridge.”

Madeline nodded. “I’ll go get it ready for you in the dining room.”

She turned around and left. After Felipe watched her going downstairs, he went back into the room.

Even though Cathy was hiding in the bathroom the entire time, she could imagine how gentle Felipe was when he was with Madeline.

Then, when she recalled how possessive and dominant he was with her last night, she let out a sweet grin.

Even though this sweetness was covered in glass shards, it was still very sweet.

After Felipe ate Madeline’s porridge, he took a walk with her in the yard.

He apologized to her about what happened last night, and at the same time, he showed her how he felt toward her.

“Eveline, I can’t lose you.” He faced her, his eyes filled with passion. Then, he apologized again. “Remember how I told you about our childhood promise? I lied to you. You were right. The boy you had a promise with by the beach of April Hill was Jeremy and not me.”

Madeline was surprised at Felipe’s confession. However, she was not shocked by the truth.

Perhaps, in her foggy memory, she always knew that Jeremy was the boy.

That was why she was very calm.

However, Felipe continued, “Eveline, even though we didn’t make that promise to each other back then, we had indeed met by the beach of April Hill.”

“We did? Did you make a mistake?” Madeline recalled, but she really could not remember another boy in her memory.

However, Felipe nodded in certainty. His onyx-like eyes were filled with sadness. “Back then, my parents were murdered and I was all alone. Old Master Whitman brought me to April Hill. He told me he was trying to make me forget all the sad things and clear my head. However, how would I have the mood for a holiday?

“I would space out every day while looking at the sea. I even had the thought of jumping into the sea and ending my life. However, at that moment, a little girl wandered into my life. She gave me hope and new expectations toward life.”

“You’re saying that I’m the girl?” Madeline was curious. She did not think it was her because she did not have memories of this at all.

Felipe looked at her in certainty. “Eveline, you’re my light. Even though I just looked at you for a brief moment, I still remember your smile until this day.”

His gaze was sincere, filled with joy and love.

“It’s normal if you don’t remember. It’s because you haven’t recovered your memories yet.”

Felipe said and took out a colorful shell from his pocket. “You gave me this back then. These kinds of shells are all over the beach of April Hill. I remember I even gave you a bracelet in return.

Madeline was taken aback when she saw the colorful shell.

Did she have the habit of giving other people colorful shells when she was young?

At this moment, she saw a figure walking over to them from the corner of her eyes.

“Evie.” Cathy walked over and greeted Madeline with a friendly smile.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 706
There were no changes to Felipe’s expression at all.

It was as if this woman was not the same person who he had slept with last night.

Madeline smiled back at her. “Good morning, Cathy.” She smiled and turned to Felipe. “I promised Jack that I’ll take him to the bookstore later, so I’m going to go now.”

Felipe looked at her with love in his eyes. “I’ll call you later.”

“Okay.” She nodded. Before she left, she said, “Don’t drink anymore.”

Felipe nodded and watched as she walked away.

Cathy looked at the handsome and soft smile on Felipe’s face before lowering her head dispiritedly.

She knew clearly that she should not have any feelings for Felipe. However, he was also an obsession that she could not let go of after so many years.

After Madeline went back to Montgomery Manor, she took Jackson to the bookstore.

Sean and Eloise were planning to take Lillian to the playground, but when she saw Madeline taking her brother outside, she blinked her lively eyes and begged to go with them.

Lillian was only three years old, so she looked childish in every aspect.

Madeline could not manage two children all alone, so Eloise was more than happy to go with them. However, when they were about to go out, Jeremy appeared at the door.

Eloise was shocked when she saw the light in his eyes and that he was able to walk without assistance. She did not expect his vision to have recovered.

“Handsome Mister!” Lillian ran over to hug Jeremy the moment she saw him.

Jeremy picked up the soft little girl and looked at her face that looked similar to Madeline’s. He was very fond of her, but he felt a hint of bitterness in his heart.

Was she not their child?

“Why are you here?” Madeline asked Jeremy coldly.

“I told Daddy to come,” replied Jackson, “I want to go out with Daddy, Mommy, and Lily.”

Madeline suppressed her urge to chase Jeremy away after she heard what Jackson said.

Jackson liked Jeremy because they were indeed biological father and son.

However, Madeline was curious why Lillian liked him so much too.

In her memory, she remembered Felipe telling her that Lillian was their biological daughter.

Madeline did not think much before taking Jackson and Lillian to the bookstore with Jeremy.

After they bought the books, the whole family went to the playground.

To outsiders, they looked like a happy family of four.

This was the biggest achievement for Jeremy.

Back then, Madeline felt that a child could be the solution for her broken relationship with Jeremy.

However, the tables had turned and now, Jeremy was the one who was hoping Madeline would give him another chance for the sake of the children.

Yet, Madeline ignored Jeremy the entire day. He could only swallow his loneliness and misery all by himself.

On their way home, Lillian asked for a balloon. As such, Jeremy carried her and let her pick a pink and blue balloon with a cartoon on it. However, before she could hold it in her hand, the balloon burst.

Lillian was shocked and immediately buried her face into Jeremy’s neck, bursting out in tears.

Jeremy felt heartbroken when she saw the tears rolling down uncontrollably from the little girl’s cheeks.

He softly calmed her down for a long while before she stopped crying. Eventually, she leaned against his shoulder and fell asleep from exhaustion.

However, this intense heartbreak and concern caused Jeremy to be suspicious again.

He plucked a strand of hair from Lillian and placed it in his pocket. After he went home, he immediately went to a laboratory to get a DNA test.

That night, he tossed and turned while wide awake in bed. On the next day, he received the report of the test.

While scrolling down the e-mail, his hand was trembling softly until he saw the words that shocked him…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 707
‘Positive paternity test.’

Even though he had expected this result, Jeremy was still stuck in a daze for a long time on his bed.

He held the phone in his shaky hands, eyes glued to the three words. Then, his mind wandered into a faraway place.

That year, he had witnessed Daniel kissing Madeline on the forehead. Eventually, he was blinded by rage and forced himself on her.

Now, Jeremy finally realized how petty of a man he was.

He could not allow other men around her aside from him.

He felt that he was despicable and heinous. He always wanted to vent his feelings and emotions, never caring about how she felt.


Jeremy called Madeline’s name and there was a spark of joy in his pain.

He was glad that she belonged to him this entire time.

He was even more glad that she was able to come back to his life safe and sound. Plus, she even brought such a cute and lively daughter with her.

However, when he remembered that Madeline refused to admit that Lillian was his daughter, Jeremy felt sad again.

What should he do to make Madeline stop hating him?

Jeremy looked at his phone and fell into deep thought.

Then, as he looked at the device, a plan to get Madeline closer to him emerged from his brain.

Monday morning, Madeline sent Jackson to kindergarten and brought Lillian to Montgomery Manor.

When they were waiting for the light to turn green, Lillian spotted someone selling cotton candy by the roadside, so she told Madeline she wanted to have one.

Looking at the little girl’s twinkling eyes, Madeline only wanted to pamper and spoil her.

Madeline got out of the car with the little girl and walked to the stall.

After she got the cotton candy, she beamed. Madeline was also influenced by this innocent smile.

She took out her purse to pay when a figure sped behind her like a gust of wind.

Amid Madeline’s confusion, the little girl was forcefully pulled away from her by brute force.

She turned her head abruptly. “Lily!”

Madeline turned around to chase after the person, but the cotton candy seller stopped her. “You haven’t paid.”

She took out a banknote from her pocket and tossed it at him before turning around to chase the person.

However, she did not expect the person who snatched Lillian from her to brashly jump into her car that was still running. Then, they drove the car away right in front of her.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Lillian poked her head out from the window and screamed at Madeline.

“Lily!” Madeline’s heart was racing. She hurried to hail a car from the roadside but no one stopped for her.

While in her panic state, she saw a familiar car driving past her from the corner of her eyes. When she lifted her head, she saw the car rounding a corner.

She forced herself to be calm. Finally, after she successfully got a car, she called Felipe immediately.

The moment the call got through, Madeline exclaimed frantically, “Felipe, Lily was kidnapped on the road! That person even stole my car! Even though it’s just for a split second, I know who that person is!”

After Madeline finished talking, she heard Jeremy’s worried voice from the other end of the phone.

“Linnie, did you just say that Lily was kidnapped?”

Madeline was stunned as she held the phone in her hand. She looked at the screen and realized she had called the wrong number.

She wanted to call Felipe, but she accidentally called Jeremy instead.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 708
Madeline wanted to hang up the phone directly, but when she remembered who the person who kidnapped Lillian was, she asked the driver to change the route. They went straight to the house.

Jeremy waited for Madeline frantically. After he knew the person who kidnapped Lillian was Yvonne, he was fuming.

Karen was about to leave when she saw Madeline arriving. She wanted to avoid her out of guilt but ran into Winston when she turned around.

Winston was confused when he saw her in a panic and spacing out.

“You’ve been acting strangely after you were saved from Yvonne last time. What’s going on?”

“I’m not.” Karen denied it. Then, she looked at Madeline with an annoyed look on her face. “I wonder why she’s here. I think she’ll only stop after she kills all of us.”

Winston finally saw Madeline who was chatting with Jeremy at the door. Then, he frowned and complained. “If Madeline hadn’t saved you with the ransom, you would’ve been killed by your despicable niece.”

“Hmph.” Karen scoffed in disdain. “Do you think she was willing to save me? If the old master hadn’t asked her to pay the ransom, she would wish I was dead.”

“What do you know?” Winston was infuriated. “After the old master got to the hospital, he didn’t even get the chance to see Maddie. Maddie was the one who volunteered to pay the ransom, risking her life to drive over to you.”

“…” Karen was once again taken aback after she knew the truth.

During this period, she could not believe that Madeline was the one who saved her. She thought Madeline only did that because she was forced to. Madeline hated her so much, so how would she be willing to save her? However, from the looks of it now, Madeline had genuinely wanted to save her.

After a while, Karen lifted her head to see that Winston was already at the door. Then, Karen heard Madeline saying that her daughter, Lilian, was kidnapped by Yvonne.

Was Yvonne out of her mind?

She kept kidnapping one person after the other.

This time, she even took action against such a young kid.

Yvonne had been following Madeline for the past few days. After the kidnapping that day, she lost everything and was at a dead end. She knew the police were looking for her, so she was in hiding every day. She felt as if she was going insane.

As she was at the end of the road, she was willing to do anything.

Today, she finally got this perfect opportunity.

She drove the car to somewhere secluded, not expecting Madeline to have such an adorable daughter.

However, Lillian’s cuteness became hateful in Yvonne’s eyes!

“I want my mommy. Aunty, I want my mommy.” Lillian blinked her confused eyes and asked Yvonne for her mother.

“Aunty? How dare you call me ‘aunty’?” Yvonne glared at her aggressively and pinched Lillian’s cheek with all her might. “You little brat, let me tell you. If you want to blame someone, you should blame your mother for always going against me!”

“Boo-hoo…” Lillian started crying after she was pinched.

Yvonne yanked Lillian’s braids as she was getting more and more agitated. The more the little girl cried, the happier she became.

Meredith rested for a few days before going out of the house. However, she did not expect to witness a woman kidnapping Madeline’s daughter on the streets.

She was curious, so she followed them here. Then, she saw Yvonne torturing Lillian in a way that was even more cold-blooded than her.

Meredith felt extremely pleased. She wanted to see Yvonne torturing Lillian to death with her own eyes. That way, she would be extremely delighted.

However, she waited for an entire afternoon and Yvonne still did not do anything. Plus, Yvonne also abandoned Lillian in the car and left on her own.

She was wondering if Yvonne was leaving Lillian here to fend for herself.

However, Meredith could not help it anymore. She looked around and approached the car slowly.

When she got to the car, Lillian spotted her and cried aggrievedly. “Mommy!”


‘Is she calling for me?’

Meredith came back to her senses after hesitating for a while. She had plastic surgery before, so that was why she looked like Madeline. Hence, the little girl was mistaking her for Madeline.

She did not think much. She wanted to open the car door and strangle Lillian so she could then shift the blame to Yvonne. However, the moment she opened the door, someone tugged on her collar and she was slapped heavily across the face.

“Madeline, you b*tch! How dare you follow me here?!” Yvonne yanked Meredith’s hair. It was obvious that she did not notice that this was not Madeline. Then, she lifted her leg and kicked down on Meredith’s stomach. Her eyes looked as if they were painted with venom as she took out a dagger from her pocket. She started yelling angrily.

“Since you want to die with that little brat, I’ll fulfill your wishes!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 709
Meredith fell on the floor. She was in so much pain that she could not get up.

Suddenly, she heard Yvonne telling her that she would kill her, so she lifted her head to look. Then, she saw Yvonne waving the dagger at her as if she was crazy.

Meredith dodged hurriedly and backed away. “You’re insane! You psycho! Look closely, I’m not Madeline!”

“Don’t hit my mommy, Aunty. Don’t hit my mommy, boo-hoo…” At this moment, Lillian slammed her hands down on the window and begged Yvonne while bawling her eyes out.

Yvonne scoffed when she heard Lily’s pleas. With the combination of cigarettes, alcohol, and hallucinogens, under the setting sun, Yvonne was sure that Meredith was Madeline.

“You b*tch, how dare you lie to me? Do you think I’m blind? Do you think that I don’t know your face?” Yvonne lifted her hand angrily and slapped Meredith again.

“Ah!” Meredith was enraged. Her face was plastic, so she could not handle Yvonne’s torment.

When she saw Yvonne holding the dagger to kill her again, Meredith lifted her leg to kick Yvonne in the chest.

Yvonne was defenseless and almost fell.

Her eyes darkened when she saw Meredith running away. Then, she reached out and yanked Meredith’s hair.

“Ah!” Meredith’s scalp was numb with pain. “Let me go, you psycho!”

“Psycho? How dare you call me a psycho?!” Something snapped inside Yvonne. She yanked Meredith by the hair and pulled her to a tree.

Yvonne then slammed Meredith’s head again and again onto the tree.

Meredith’s head was split open instantly and she felt extremely woozy.

She wanted to fight back, but Yvonne had a knife in her hand. If she did something impulsive, that psycho might really kill her!

“Madeline, you b*tch! I only ended up like this because of you! Why do you have to go against me? If I have to go to prison, I’ll definitely drag you along with me!” Yvonne shrieked hysterically. When she saw Meredith not fighting back, she pushed her to one side.

Meredith fell onto the ground with a loud thud, her brain buzzing constantly.

She touched her forehead and felt something sticky on her hands. When she noticed that it was blood, her face fell.

She was livid as she turned around to pounce on Yvonne. However, when she did that, Yvonne slapped her twice across the face and caused Meredith to see stars.

“Get up, b*tch!”

Yvonne dragged the groggy Meredith to the tree and then tied her to it with a rope.

“Y-You psycho! You madwoman! Look closely, I’m not Madeline! Do you think Madeline is as beautiful as me? Open your eyes and look closely!” Meredith struggled. She wanted so badly to rip off this face that looked like Madeline’s. She was also regretting following behind this crazy woman!

After Yvonne tied her up, she scoffed. Then, her hazy eyes stared at her as she looked Meredith up and down.

“Madeline, why are you still pretending? You’re always so good at putting on an act. Do you think I’ll fall for it again? Do you think I’ll mistake your face?”

Meredith was about to explode. “I’m telling you one more time. I’m not that b*tch Madeline!”

Yvonne lifted Meredith’s chin with her dagger, staring at Meredith’s face under the setting sun. Her eyes were filled with jealousy.

“You used this face to tempt Jeremy, you wh*re. Now, I’m going to destroy your face!”

Meredith felt a chill running down her back as the knife approached her. “What are you doing? Don’t do anything stupid, you psycho. Don’t… Ah!”

A sharp pain started spreading all over her face, and the skin-splitting pain caused Meredith to shake violently.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 710
Yvonne started cackling loudly as if she had been possessed when she saw Meredith bleeding out in pain.

Meredith gritted her teeth and glared at her angrily. “You psycho! You… Hiss!”

Yvonne stabbed her again and a bloody ‘X’ appeared on Meredith’s face. Warm blood started pouring from her wounds.

Meredith was in excruciating pain. She wanted to struggle but could not as she was tied up.

Then, she saw Yvonne taking out a lighter.

Meredith started to panic. She could feel that Yvonne despised Madeline to the bone. However, this crazy woman thought she was Madeline and was releasing all of her hatred and resentment on her!

“W-What are you doing? What are you trying to do, you psycho?”

Yvonne’s eyes were filled with poison as she walked to the car with the lighter. Lillian was screaming for her mommy by the window.

“Madeline, I want you to watch your demon child die right in front of your eyes!”

She was trying to take action against the child, so Meredith let out a sigh of relief. Then, she said nonchalantly, “Just do it. I told you I’m not Madeline, so even if you crush that brat into powder, I won’t give a damn! Hiss!”

She exerted herself too much when she spoke, so the wound on her face broke open and her teeth chattered from the pain.

Yvonne turned around and slapped her again after she heard that. “You b*tch, I knew you’d say that. I’ve been tricked twice before and I won’t get fooled by you again!”


Meredith was stunned from all of the beatings, then she heard Yvonne say, “You always pretend to be so indifferent to make me put down my guard. Madeline, do you think I’ll get fooled again?”


“I’m going to light the fire now to kill that b*stard child! I want you to suffer for the rest of your life! Hahaha!”

Jeremy drove Madeline to the secluded area following the security footage. Suddenly, they heard Yvonne’s cackles.

“Madeline, are you scared now? Your face is now ruined and I want to see how you’re going to tempt Jeremy again! Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I want you to watch as your daughter gets burned alive! Hahaha!”

Madeline and Jeremy looked at each other after they heard that, hurriedly getting out of the car.

They smelled something burning from a distance and when they got closer, they saw Yvonne cackling like she was mad. On the other hand, a woman was being tied to a tree with blood on her face.

However, what scared Madeline and Jeremy the most was the burning car.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Lillian’s muffled voice came from inside the car.

Madeline felt a dull pain in her heart as she looked at the burning car. “Lily!”

She lost all reason as she ran over. However, Jeremy stopped her.

Madeline’s eyes were red with tears. She glared at him angrily and tried to get away from his grip. “Jeremy, what are you doing? Let me go! I’m going to save my daughter!”

“She’s my daughter too!” The man’s overbearing aura enveloped her, but his eyes were still kind. “Linnie, trust me. I’ll definitely bring our daughter safely back to you! Wait for me and don’t risk yourself.”

After he finished saying that solemnly, he released her hand. Like a sword that was pulled out from its sheath, he ran toward the burning car.

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