Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 671-680

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 671
Madeline saw Felipe’s back that was facing her. His body was tall and slender, but a chilling aura spilled out from his body.

On the other hand, Jeremy was sitting on the chair calmly. His side profile appeared gentle and quiet.

A while later, Jeremy opened his mouth and said lightly, “That is mine and Linnie’s memory. It’s unrelated to you.”

“Unrelated?” Felipe chuckled arrogantly. “Eveline is my wife now.”

The word ‘wife’ pierced into Jeremy’s heart. He pressed his thin lips tightly together and looked forward silently, not refuting anything.

Seeing that Jeremy was silent, Felipe raised a corner of his thin lips and smirked deeply. “Jeremy, you were the one who didn’t cherish her at the beginning, so don’t you ever hope to take Eveline back today. You don’t deserve Eveline at all.

“Stop having any hopes toward Eveline. She no longer belongs to you. You should stop being two-faced and trying to get close to her again.”

Listening to Felipe’s shocking words, Jeremy raised his delicate eyebrows unhurriedly.
“Two-faced?” Jeremy smiled and said with a low voice, “What do you mean by that?”

“Stop pretending to be stupid in front of me. You agreed that you’ll never disturb or pester Eveline ever again, but the truth is that you keep looking for opportunities to approach Eveline again and again. You let her know about your blindness and let her think that the reason behind your blindness is because of her. You’re making her feel that she owes you. That’s why she has been reluctant to return to F Country with me for such a long time now. Isn’t this what you’re wishing for?”

Madeline was surprised when she heard this.

Unexpectedly, Felipe already knew about Jeremy’s blindness.

She did not even expect that Felipe, who had always been gentle and noble, to have such a cold and hostile side.

Madeline did not know whether she should continue to eavesdrop, but as she was about to turn around, she heard Jeremy’s voice.

“On the island that day, from the moment I handed Linnie to you, I had already made up my mind. I’ll never take the initiative to look for her or to see her again in my life.”

His voice was soft like the wind that blew past her ears, but his light and soft voice fell heavily into her heart.

Madeline stopped in her footsteps. Her eyes widened as she was stupefied.
‘On the island that day, it was Jeremy who passed me to Felipe?

‘How could it be? Didn’t he leave me behind without looking back?’

“Felipe, as long as you can give Linnie happiness, I’ll be a rightful predecessor as you wish and withdraw from Linnie’s life like a dead person. I’ll fade out from her memories.”

He said this so calmly, but only he himself knew the pain in his heart.

In the next second, however, Jeremy’s tone turned sharp and aggressive.

“But if you can’t give Linnie the happiness she wants, I’ll take her back from you even if I’m blind.”

“Then, you would be better off as a dead person. Otherwise, the next time you meet her, there might be other missing parts from your body or it might even be the people around you who will be missing something.”

Felipe’s words were obviously threatening.

Only when Madeline heard the sound of footsteps approaching the door did she then come back to her senses. She hid quickly behind the stone pillar.

Felipe did not notice Madeline and drove away.

Madeline walked to the gates again and in a glance, she saw Jeremy who was still in the courtyard.

Under the warm autumn light, he sat quietly. A layer of haze lingered around his jade-like and gentle face.

Madeline noticed him moving his lips, saying her name gently, “Linnie.”

At this moment, Madeline’s heart broke in silence.

She saw Jeremy’s cell phone that was placed on the side table. Madeline took out her cell phone expressionlessly and dialed Jeremy’s phone again.

When the phone rang, she saw Jeremy’s facial expression changing.

It was the special ringtone he had set for her. In addition to the three calls not long ago, this was the fourth call.

He was worried if Madeline was looking for him for an urgent matter, but he did not have the courage to answer it. As such, he only listened to the ringtone while his eyes became filled with loneliness.

“Why aren’t you answering my call?” Madeline’s question suddenly rang out.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 672
Jeremy was startled, completely unaware of someone approaching him. Furthermore, that person was even his beloved.

“Jeremy, I’m asking you a question. Why aren’t you answering my call?” Madeline asked again with her indifferent tone.

Several seconds passed before Jeremy responded, “I didn’t know that it was you making the call, Miss Montgomery. And there seems to be nothing to be said anymore between us.”

Seeing his cold and indifferent attitude that appeared as if he wanted to cut off all relationships between them, Madeline’s mind was filled with what he said just now.

Even though it was clear that she was the only thing that filled his heart and eyes, at this moment, none of those were mentioned.

Madeline chuckled, but her eyes turned hot as she said, “Jeremy, are you sure you have nothing to tell me?”

Jeremy shook his head quietly. “Not a word.”

“Alright, Jeremy. If that’s what you say…” Madeline continued with a determined tone, “Then, this will be the last meeting between you and me. From now on, you and I will no longer be related. Let’s not think of each other anymore again.”

Jeremy listened on as if nothing was happening, but each of his slender fingers was clenched tightly.

He heard Madeline’s footsteps as she left and held in his sobs until he confirmed that Madeline had gone far away. Then, he hurriedly got up, fumbling as he walked to the gates. He was staring in the direction that she had left in.

After a long time, tears appeared in his eyes.

“Linnie, why did God arrange for two people who cannot love each other at the same time to meet?” he asked himself. Without realizing it, more and more tears accumulated in his eyes.

“Linnie, I hope Felipe can give you everything that I cannot.

“Remember to forget me, but you’ll always be in my heart.”

He confided what he could not speak from his heart in the direction Madeline had left in.
After a very long time, he turned around in despair.

However, he did not know that Madeline had not left. She had been quietly standing a few feet away from him, listening to him telling the truth with wet eyes.

Madeline was completely convinced at this moment that Jeremy was sincere toward her.

It was not the same as what Felipe and Ava had said, that Jeremy deliberately approached her in order to avenge Meredith and was lying to her about loving her.

He was not lying.

He really loved her.

This love was once stubborn and domineering, but at this moment, it became a secret he was keeping determinedly.

Madeline returned to the car so that she could sort out her emotions.

‘From the moment I handed Linnie to you on the island that day, I had made a decision. I will never take the initiative to look for her or to see her again in my life.’

Jeremy’s words rang in her ears again.

She had always thought that after she fell into the water, Jeremy continued to walk forward without looking back.

Now, it seemed that it was not the case.

However, she would not be able to know the exact situation. On the other hand, the different side that Felipe revealed just now shook her.

She had always trusted Felipe, never once suspecting or doubting him. This time, however, she really did not expect it.

Madeline decided that she wanted to seek clarification on this matter. As she was about to leave, she saw a familiar car driving to the door of the villa.

After the car stopped, Felicity Walker got out of the car.

Looking at this woman who looked like her, Madeline’s instinct told her that something was off.

She snapped a photo of the license plate number and dialed a number. “Dan, can you check a license plate number for me?”

Daniel agreed and very quickly called Madeline back. Madeline was shocked once again after getting her answer.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 673
Madeline drove to the cafe where she would be meeting up with Daniel.

After obtaining the relevant information, Madeline felt lost.

The car Felicity drove turned out to belong to Felipe.

Felicity and Felipe know each other.

This woman who looked so much like her had now become Jeremy’s girlfriend?

This intricate relationship did not seem to be a coincidence.

Daniel looked at Madeline again, but the element of nostalgia was missing compared to before. His care for her now stemmed from a pure friendship.

Seeing her solemn and serious look, he asked worriedly, “Madeline, did anything happen to Felipe’s car that you’re checking it?”

Madeline pulled herself back from her thoughts, but she did not know how to express them. She had now seen another side to Felipe, the man she trusted. Meanwhile, Jeremy, the man she had always doubted, treated coldly, and even wished for his unhappiness, was silently sacrificing himself while guarding her.

“By the way, after you and Ava got drunk that day, have both of you met?” As he asked this, Daniel took a gulp of coffee while feeling guilty.

Madeline stopped her thoughts when she heard his words. “We haven’t met up since the day Ava got drunk. Is there a reason why you’re asking this, Dan?”

“No, there’s no problem.” Daniel quickly denied it. “I was simply asking.”

Madeline nodded but noticed that Daniel’s expression was a little unnatural.

Not knowing whether it was because of the hot steam from his coffee, she noticed a blush appearing on Daniel’s handsome face.

She thought for a while before saying, “I only have Ava and you. Both of you are two good friends of mine in Glendale. Although I haven’t recalled the past, to think that I was able to survive my most difficult days back then, it must be from your support.”

Madeline smiled and suggested, saying, “I’ve been back for some time now. Why don’t we find a time to get together?”

Daniel immediately agreed. “Let’s do it tonight!”

Seeing the smile on Daniel’s face, Madeline’s sixth sense told her that something might have happened between Daniel and Ava.

At this moment, Madeline received a call from Felipe.

Before today, Madeline had felt grateful whenever she was facing Felipe, but what happened earlier made Madeline feel differently now.

Felipe’s tone of speech toward Madeline was still gentle like a spring breeze. He said he had urgent matters to deal with and needed to set off to another country immediately.

Madeline coldly replied a goodbye before hanging up the call.

After separating from Daniel, Madeline returned to Jeremy’s villa.

As soon as she arrived at the door, Madeline could hear the voices of Karen and Felicity. They were talking and laughing inside.

“Aunty, the weather has turned cool and dry recently. This pumpkin spice mix will be good for you.” Felicity’s intention to fawn was obvious.

Karen liked the fawning very much and gladly accepted the gift. “Felicity, you’re really sensible. Jeremy has finally found a daughter-in-law who’s pleasant to me this time.”

“Aunty, was Jeremy’s ex-wife not good?”

“Of course, she was not good! That woman wasn’t pleasant to me at all! I hated it whenever I had to look at her. I don’t even know what Jeremy liked about her.” Karen complained while feeling dissatisfied.

Felicity’s smile grew wider when she heard this, and she began testing the waters. “I heard that there was another person named Meredith who was with Jeremy before Madeline. Was she not pleasant to you as well?”

“Hush hush, let’s not talk about that btch.” Karen’s expression sank. “Jeremy never liked that Meredith. It was merely that btch’s wishful thinking from the start till the end!

“Let me tell you about this woman. Not only was she scheming, but her intentions were much worse! What a waste it was that I had trusted her so much back then. I didn’t expect that she would be so bad that she would even dare to kill people. Now that she has been shot dead, she totally deserves it!”

Listening to this, Felicity’s expression collapsed.

Her expression darkened and she was holding back her emotions when she caught a glimpse of a slender figure who was walking in gracefully.

Felicity quickly put away the dissatisfaction in her eyes. She appeared surprised as she said, “Miss Crawford?”

Madeline raised her lips and said, “My name’s Eveline Montgomery. You can call me Miss Montgomery.”

Karen turned her head abruptly when she heard the sounds. “Madeline Crawford? What are you doing here again?” She opened her mouth and questioned immediately, showing her an unpleasant expression.

Ignoring Karen and Felicity, Madeline walked in freely. “I’m here to find my ex-husband who has become blind because of me. I’m not looking for you, so you’d better shut up.”

“You…” Karen’s face turned pale out of anger.

Felicity quickly retorted, “Miss Montgomery, how can you talk to Aunty like this? After all, you’re Jeremy’s ex-wife.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 674
Madeline’s beautiful eyes looked up a little as she glanced at Felicity who had a smile on her face. “You’re Ms. Walker, right? I’ve always talked like this. If you don’t like the way I talk, perhaps you can choose to not listen to me. Besides, you’ve said so yourself that I’m Jeremy’s ex-wife. Since I’m his ex-wife, why should I be nice to my ex-in-law?”


Felicity did not expect Madeline to be so witty and was speechless for a while. She could only look at her with a helpless and hurt facial expression.

Karen did not want to be embarrassed in front of Felicity and raised her hand to teach Madeline a lesson.

However, when she stretched out her hand, Jeremy said, “What are you trying to do?”

Felicity was expecting Madeline to get slapped and did not expect Jeremy’s prompt appearance. “Miss Montgomery, are you here to see me?” he asked Madeline.

Madeline looked at him. “Yes.”

Jeremy seemed to pause before he casually said, “If I remember correctly, you just said that we won’t ever meet again, Miss Montgomery.”

“If I remember correctly, Mr. Whitman, you seem to have said that I’ll always be in your heart.”


Upon hearing that, Jeremy’s facial expression changed. He suddenly remembered the words he uttered in the direction where Madeline had left.

‘Could it be that Linnie was still there at the time?

‘Did she hear what I said?’

Looking at the lively back and forth between Madeline and Jeremy, Karen and Felicity were both confused and displeased.

“Jeremy, I’ve invited Ava and Dan to meet and have dinner tonight at a restaurant near Glendale University. I’ll wait for you there until ten o’clock.”

When Madeline saw Jeremy thinking deeply about it, she dropped the bomb on him and turned away before he could respond.

Karen immediately persuaded. “Jeremy, you must not go! You’ve already broken up with her. Besides, Felicity will be jealous if you go.”

“Jealous? Why should my doctor be jealous?” Jeremy smiled before going upstairs.

That night, Madeline and Ava were drinking in a small restaurant near Glendale University again.

Daniel sat by the side and looked at Ava from time to time.

She did not seem to remember what happened after she got drunk.

However, his memory of it was still fresh. Every night before going to bed, he could not help but think of the accidental kiss and her confession.

“Dan, is there something on Ava’s face? Why do you keep staring at her?” Madeline asked on purpose.

At the same time, Daniel and Ava were taken aback by her remark.

Ava looked up curiously, meeting Daniel’s slightly uneasy gaze. She then felt around her face. “Dan, is there something on my face?”

“No.” Daniel quickly denied it. “It’s just that the two of you are drinking a lot. I’m just worried that the two of you will get drunk again.”

“You have to enjoy a little! Sometimes it’s nice to get drunk. Come on, Maddie! Let’s have another shot!” Ava boldly took another shot.

Following Ava’s lead, Madeline drank a few more shots as well. When she glanced at the time, she noticed it was past nine o’clock and her phone had not rung yet. Jeremy had not shown up either.

For some reason, she felt a little empty inside.

Time slipped away silently, and it did not take long for Ava to get drunk again after drinking too much.

Madeline thought it was nice to be drunk. There was a saying that if the woman did not get drunk, the man had no chance. She looked at Daniel with great interest.

“Dan, you can send Ava back first. I want to stay here for a little longer.”

Although Daniel wanted to do that very badly, he was worried about Madeline being alone after getting drunk.

However, Madeline insisted. As such, he had no choice but to take Ava back first.

Madeline sat there alone, drinking until it was ten o’clock.

After looking at her silent phone, she slowly walked out of the restaurant.

It was drizzling, and the cold chill that accompanied the night sky blew past her.

Suddenly, people in twos and threes hurried past. When Madeline looked over by chance, she heard them say, “There’s a car accident ahead!”

“Was the man blind? The car ran straight to him!”

“That sounds horrible. He won’t be able to survive after losing that much blood.”

Madeline’s heart jumped when she heard that.

The man who was hit was blind?

‘Jeremy?’ The name popped up in her head. She turned around in a panic and ran to the scene of the car accident while braving the rain.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 675
While Madeline ran, uncontrolled memories of the past popped up in her head.

It was years ago when she walked on that road, quietly following behind Jeremy while treading along the path he had walked with joy.

It was also that year when she ignorantly stepped into the main entrance of Glendale University and ran into the bright, handsome, and gentle boy.

She apologized with embarrassment and he replied to tell her that it was okay.

His smiling and gentle eyes at that time were still clear in her mind.

That boy was Jeremy.

Madeline was sure that it was her past memory, but she was not sure why she suddenly remembered it at that moment.

She ran forward in a panic, the words she had just heard still echoing in her head.

A blind man was hit by a car. The man was now covered in blood and might not survive.

Her heart felt as if it was being clamped hard by something. It was still beating, but it felt extremely uncomfortable.

On the misty and rainy night, Madeline finally saw the scene of the car accident at the intersection ahead.

The sight of the blood at the scene suffocated her while the adrenaline from the alcohol made her heart beat even faster.

Madeline quickened her pace suddenly. The panic she felt caused her to ignore everything in front of her. She could only focus on the scene of the car accident.

In a hurry, Madeline slammed into someone and a thin fragrance wafted into her nose. However, she did not take notice of it.

“Sorry.” She hurriedly apologized, eager to leave. However, her wrist was held tightly by the person in front of her.

Madeline thought that the person who had been hit by her would not let her go, but when she looked up, her pupils reflected the face she wanted to see most at that moment.


She looked at him in astonishment as tears started to form in her eyes unconsciously.

It turned out that he was fine.

“It’s me.” Jeremy squeezed Madeline’s wrist. “Why are you so anxious? Did you think that the person who got into the car accident in front was me?”

Madeline was stunned and took a moment to stabilize her emotions. She looked at the man in front of her.

He was dressed in casual clothes and holding an umbrella. Even if he was blind, the elegance that exuded from his bones was still there.

When Jeremy noticed that Madeline was not saying anything, he approached her while furrowing his sharp and handsome eyebrows. He looked worried. “Linnie, have you been drinking?”

Madeline broke away from Jeremy’s hand and said bluntly, “Why aren’t you calling me Miss Montgomery?”


Jeremy’s fingers that held the umbrella handle tightened slightly. Suddenly, he laughed as if he was laughing at himself. “Well then, Miss Montgomery, have you been drinking?”

When Madeline heard him change the way he addressed her, her intoxicated face bore a sarcastic smile. “Mr. Whitman, why do you care so much about your ex-wife?”

Jeremy looked away and changed the subject. “Miss Montgomery, you were the one who asked me to come here. What did you want to talk about?”

Madeline’s heartbeat was stabilizing, but the adrenaline still lingered. She was fixated on the face in front of her as a smile appeared across her cheeks that were flushed from the alcohol. “Jeremy, do you love me?”

Out of Jeremy’s expectation, Madeline had asked such a question. He was startled.

The traffic police arrived soon and dealt with the car accident. The crowd dispersed, and for a moment, it felt as if the two of them were the only ones left on earth.

Jeremy, who was dumbfounded for a moment, smiled and replied, “I don’t love you anymore.”

His tone was dull while the words were simple and clear. They came out of his lips without any pain or discomfort. His dark eyes made his appearance look even colder.

“Oh. It turns out that you don’t love me anymore, Mr. Whitman.” Madeline went along with him. “If you don’t love me anymore, why does your new girlfriend look so much like me?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 676
Jeremy’s facial expressions changed slightly when he heard that.

He knew that who Madeline meant was Felicity, but he did not know what Felicity looked like and was even more surprised that Felicity looked very similar to Madeline.

‘Is she telling the truth?’

Despite his doubts, Jeremy smiled nonchalantly. “I only met Fel after I became blind. I don’t even know what she looks like.”

“Fel? Is that a nickname for her? It seems like your relationship with her must be very good, right?”


Jeremy pursed his thin lips lightly. He could not tell what Madeline meant, but he smiled and nodded. “Yes, Felicity and I have a very good relationship. We hit it off right after we met. She was the light for me at the end of the tunnel. She allowed me to understand what it’s like to truly love someone.”’

He said something that he did not believe and smiled forcefully.

“Miss Montgomery, if you asked me to come here just to ask if I still love you or not, I’ve already given you the answer. I used to love you, very much, but now… I don’t love you anymore. I love someone else now. Miss Montgomery, you and I are a thing of the past. As you said, we don’t owe each other anything anymore and we should never see each other again.”

He said those cold words without any fluctuations and handed the umbrella in his hand to Madeline.

“It’s getting late. I’m going back, Miss Montgomery. Take this so that you don’t catch a cold and a fever. Those who truly love you will worry about you.”

When Madeline saw him handing the umbrella over to her, she chuckled.

“Since the two of us don’t owe each other anything anymore, I’d like to ask you not to do these unnecessary things.”

She refused indifferently as the raindrops fell on both of their faces and bodies. The cool autumn wind blew by.

Jeremy frowned lightly. ‘Unnecessary things?’

He did not understand, but he soon heard Madeline’s voice ringing in his ears.

“Mr. Whitman, please don’t bother about whether I’ll get sick or not. Don’t take care of me when I get a cold or a fever, and don’t turn around to save me when I fall into the water and am drowning, let alone when I’m burning to death as I fight and struggle with fate.

“I don’t need it. And I especially don’t need you to pretend to be the bigger person by handing me over to another man!”

Madeline said those words in a cold tone. She pushed aside the umbrella Jeremy handed over, knocked it to the ground, and turned around without looking back.

‘Hand her to another man?’

Jeremy was confused when he suddenly realized something. He looked up with discomfort as his heartstrings broke.

“Linnie? Linnie!”

He called her name anxiously and chased Madeline in the direction where she had left in the dark rainy night.

The rain drenched his clothes and seemed to have wet his eyes as well.

Only then did he realize that he had made another unforgivable mistake. He had made her unhappy again.

‘How did it turn out this way?’

He just wanted her to be happy and carefree for the rest of her life.

Why could he not do such a small thing for her?

‘Jeremy, what stupid thing have you done again?! Can’t you just do one thing that makes her happy?’


Jeremy called out to Madeline and stumbled as he chased after her.

However, since he had lost his sight, he was unable to chase after her.

He walked onto the road blankly, and in the darkness, he heard the honking of cars that sounded both near and far.

Madeline, who had not gone far, looked back and saw Jeremy walking out to the middle of the road.

When she saw a fast-moving truck about to hit Jeremy as it could not hit the brakes in time, a fear that she had never felt before instantly lifted Madeline’s heart into her throat. The unspeakable panic made her scream uncontrollably, “Jeremy!!!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 677
Jeremy was surprised to hear Madeline call his name amidst the sound of the harsh honking.

The words that he had yearned to hear from her lips made the bitterness in his heart taste sweet again.

Jeremy was delighted and turned to the source of the sound.

The moment he turned around, he felt the wind from the car that was speeding in his direction.

The foreboding sense of what could happen in the worst possible situation electrified his body, and suddenly, an unexpected warmth surrounded him.

Madeline leaped toward him with great strength and threw Jeremy right onto the ground as she hugged him tightly.

“Linnie.” Jeremy was shocked and tightened his arms.

In the next second, big trucks whizzed past their bodies.

The flow of air under the trucks was extremely strong and hot, but Madeline’s palms were full of cold sweat.

When she heard the roar in her ears, it meant that she had caught him right in time. In the afterglow, she opened her eyes.

Madeline knew that there were huge gaps at the bottom of big trucks, but she did not expect that the two of them would be able to pass through safely as they lay down on the road.

The driver of the big truck hurriedly stopped and looked at the two people who had escaped from under the car in disbelief.

When he saw that Madeline and Jeremy were alright, he hurriedly stepped on the accelerator and slipped away for fear of being held accountable.

The autumn rain was lingering and still falling as the raindrops pattered away.

It was quiet around them as if there was no more sound. The only thing that sounded clearly was their two hearts beating irregularly.

With both of their lingering palpitations, Madeline lay on Jeremy’s chest for a long time. She was out of it until he raised his hand to touch her face, whispering, “Linnie.”

His voice slid into her ears with a warm and cool magnetism. He sounded soft and gentle.

Madeline sat up abruptly, and under the dim light of the streetlamps, she saw blood on Jeremy’s hands.

He got hurt.

Madeline hurriedly called for a cab on the side of the road. Together with the taxi driver, she helped Jeremy into the car and they rushed to the hospital.

On the way, Jeremy sat next to Madeline. He was bleeding, but there was still a smile on his lips.

“Linnie, you called my name just now.” His tone was weak, but he could not hide his joy.

Madeline turned her head and saw a smile on Jeremy’s dust-stained handsome face. His eyes that could no longer see stared forward quietly.

When Jeremy noticed Madeline ignoring him, he became nervous again.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and touched Madeline’s hand. He felt relieved but also anxious. “Linnie, did I make you unhappy again?”

Madeline withdrew her hand. “It’s not like this is the first time. Mr. Whitman, when are you going to stop caring about my happiness?”

Jeremy hung his empty hand by the side and was unable to refute Madeline’s words.

There was still a slight smile that hung on his lips, though. He would never forget how Madeline flew toward him at the moment of crisis.

At least she was reckless for him. If she did not care about him, he would have been crushed and bled everywhere.

Very soon, they arrived at the nearest hospital. After they arrived, Madeline found that Jeremy could not walk by himself.

She stepped forward and took his arm, holding him close to her.

Jeremy did not think that he would ever be in such close proximity with Madeline anymore. His hand on her waist tightened slightly.

The truth was, Felicity had been following Jeremy the entire time.

She had been following him since he took a taxi out to Glendale University.

She had seen everything that happened just now clearly.

The moment Jeremy was about to be hit by a big truck, she panicked.

Unexpectedly, Madeline saved Jeremy without any hesitation.

She could not figure out why she did that because she thought Madeline’s memories were gone.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 678
She was confused as to why Madeline, who had amnesia, would still do such a thing for Jeremy.

‘Wouldn’t she only act out through her emotions if she remembered that she once loved that man deeply?’

Felicity could not figure it out, so she waited at the entrance of the hospital. After a long time, Jeremy and Madeline still had not come out.

Felicity paced as she waited. After running out of patience, she edited the videos that she had recorded.

She originally wanted to take pictures of Madeline and Jeremy meeting up alone for Felipe to see, but she was having other ideas now.

She edited the video so that it looked like Madeline and Jeremy were arguing on the streets before Madeline eventually turned around and left. Then, she edited Jeremy chasing after her and almost getting hit by a car. The scene of the previous car accident with the pool of blood on the road was then added.

Finally, she included descriptions of how an unreasonable girlfriend and her blind boyfriend were arguing on the street before her boyfriend got killed in a car accident.

Felicity posted it on the internet on a throwaway account and paid for it to go viral. Soon, the video was quickly spread around.

Many netizens scolded Madeline badly after watching the video.

When girls saw the handsome blind guy in the car accident, they all felt distressed and sad for him. They also speculated that Madeline must have disliked him because of his blindness and that was the reason she broke up with him by the roadside.

Jeremy was hit by a car and ended up getting killed because he still wanted to stay with her.

Felicity felt really good when she saw the incoming flood of comments scolding Madeline.

When Madeline accompanied Jeremy for his full-body examination, she realized that his arm was badly injured.

It seemed that when they were under the truck at that time, he wanted to make sure that she was not hurt by the chassis of the truck and shielded her head. As a result, he hurt himself.

By the time he was discharged, it was dawn.

Madeline called a taxi and brought Jeremy back to the villa.

Initially, she wanted to go back home straight away, but when she saw how Jeremy could not even walk properly, Madeline got out of the car again.

At that moment, Old Master Whitman and both of Jeremy’s parents were still asleep.

Madeline helped Jeremy back to his bedroom. Before she turned around, she saw their wedding photo album on the bed and a familiar-looking diary. She stopped in her steps.

She picked up the diary and flipped through a few pages, realizing that it was her own diary from a few years ago.

Inside it, she had written about her infatuation with Jeremy, but her love was only let down and trampled on by him.

In the end, she concluded, [I only wish to never meet him again in the next life]

Jeremy knew that Madeline had not left yet, but when she suddenly stopped moving, it made him nervous.

“Linnie, Linnie?”


Madeline threw the diary on the bedside cabinet as a touch of anger appeared in her eyes.

“Linnie?” Jeremy was still calling out to her, but Madeline just turned around and left.

The moment she stepped out of the place, she stood in the rainy darkness and suddenly felt lost. She wondered what was going on with her.

Was she going to repeat the same mistakes?

Was she once more going to have feelings for the man who once hurt her so much, even if she had lost her memories?

‘No, of course not.’

Madeline denied that she had any feelings for him. She just did not want to owe him.

That was the only reason.

After Madeline left, Jeremy touched the diary and understood why Madeline had suddenly gotten angry and left.

He touched the diary as if he was stroking Madeline’s face and smiled contentedly.

Madeline returned to Montgomery Manor. She tossed and turned the entire time she was in bed. When she started feeling a little sleepy, she suddenly heard rapid knocking on the door.

She opened her eyes in distress and found that it was already morning.

“Eveline, Eveline. Are you awake?” Eloise sounded anxious.

Madeline got up and opened the door. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 679
Eloise sadly handed her phone to Madeline. “Eveline, look at this.”

Madeline looked down and saw the headline: [Wayward and unreasonable girlfriend killed blind boyfriend in the streets.]

She clicked on the video and saw that it was the scene of her talking with Jeremy on the side of the road last night.

However, the video was clearly edited.

It was true that Jeremy had chased after her, but she was no unreasonable wayward girlfriend and neither was Jeremy hit by a truck which caused him to lose a lot of blood and die on the spot as the video implied.

It just so happened that there was a serious car accident near Glendale University last night.

“Eveline, what happened? Did Jeremy—”

“Of course, he isn’t dead,” Madeline replied without hesitation. She then clicked in to find out about the original poster’s information. “It’s just someone who wants to troll. That’s why they deliberately wrote such a title.”

She could not help feeling the absurdity of the entire situation when she saw the comments talking rudely about her.

Netizens who did not know facts loved to convict people online.

When Eloise saw Madeline reacting coldly to it, Eloise could not bear the criticism and insults of the netizens toward her beloved daughter. “I’ll get someone to take this video down immediately.”

“Don’t waste that kind of money.” Madeline stopped her. “If you try to take it down, people will think that I’m actually guilty.”

As she spoke, she glanced at the video again and there was a touch of clarity in her beautiful eyes.

Karen was eating breakfast leisurely when she suddenly saw Felicity rushing in.

Felicity ran to her in a panic with worry written on her face. “Aunty Karen! Where’s Jeremy? Where is he?”

Karen looked at Felicity in surprise. “Jeremy is in his room. What are you in such a panic?”

Felicity looked anxious as if she was about to cry and took out her phone. “Aunty Karen, didn’t you see this news?”

“What news?” Karen looked over curiously.

After reading the content, she was shocked.


She hurriedly got up, and when she was about to run upstairs, she saw Madeline coming in from the front door.

Karen spun around and cursed without any explanation, “Madeline! Are you only going to stop when Jeremy’s dead?! How can you be so evil? To what extent did the Whitman family wrong you that you have to treat us this way? When you were disfigured, blinded, and got your child taken away, it was all that b*tch, Meredith’s, doing! It wasn’t our fault! Are you never going to stop until you kill Jeremy?!

“Meredith is the evil witch who harmed you back then! If you want revenge that badly, go to hell and find that b*tch for your revenge. Can’t you just let Jeremy go?!”

The more Karen scolded, the more agitated she became. Felicity was initially very happy to watch the scene in front of her, but she did not expect Karen to curse her instead!

‘B*tch? Evil witch?

‘She greets me with a smile but turns around and calls me those names?’

Felicity gritted her teeth as a flash of anger flitted across her gaze.

After indifferently taking Karen’s scolding, Madeline looked at Felicity with a weird expression. She then said casually, “How can the death of Meredith quell my hatred when all I get is just another funeral?”

“A-Are you saying that you really want Jeremy dead?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 680
“No, someone else deserves to die more than him.” Madeline glanced at Karen with a deep and arrogant look.

Karen’s facial expressions changed. “What do you mean, Madeline? Are you talking about me?”

“Those who added fuel to the flames are more despicable than those who turned a blind eye. Jeremy should die, but as the helper and encourager of that fake b*tch, Meredith, you deserve to die even more than him.”

When Karen and Felicity heard that, their faces sank.

Madeline raised her brows and looked at Felicity. “Miss Walker, do you agree with what I said?”


Felicity was stunned.

“Since you’re Jeremy’s girlfriend, you should know about his ex-girlfriend, Meredith, right?”

“I don’t know much about their situation.” Felicity denied it and faked ignorance.

Madeline nodded and smiled. “Oh, Miss Walker, you don’t know about Meredith? Well, let me tell you.”

As she said that, her lips grew into a wide smile.

“Meredith is the most despicable, sinister, and venomous fake b*tch I’ve ever met. Her character doesn’t stop just there. She’s also a cruel killer. Thank God karma’s real. She was sentenced to death, but it’s a pity she died so easily.”


Felicity gritted her teeth secretly while she listened to Madeline’s description of her. She almost blew her cover!

She wished she could grab Madeline by the neck right there and then and watch the smile on her face fade into fear. She wished that she could see the fear on her face growing as she proudly told Madeline that she was actually Meredith!

That she was the fake b*tch everyone was wishing would rot in hell. She was the scheming and evil witch, Meredith!

However, Meredith endured it for her ultimate purpose.

She took a deep breath and showed a puzzled expression. “Miss Montgomery, are you exaggerating? Was Meredith really that bad?”

“No, but I was playing her down. I didn’t describe her as vicious enough.”


“Madeline, stop talking nonsense! How is Jeremy right now?!” Karen angrily interjected, “Is he what it says on the internet? Is Jeremy r-really…”

“What’s on the internet?”

Suddenly, Jeremy’s voice came from the stairs.

Karen and Felicity turned their heads to look over at the same time.


“Jeremy, you’re fine!” Felicity ran over with a surprised and happy expression. “I was worried to death!”

“Jeremy, what happened last night? What happened to your hand?”

Karen was concerned about her son. When she saw Jeremy’s bandaged right hand that was unable to move, she naturally started blaming Madeline.

“Is it Madeline again? She asked you to go to Glendale University last night. I knew she was up to no good. Wake up, Jeremy. Do you think that she’s still the ignorant and stupid ex-wife who let everyone push her around? She’s not the same Madeline anymore. She’s a lunatic who wants to get revenge on the Whitman family. She won’t stop until she kills you!”

“Yeah, I’m here to take my revenge.” Before Jeremy could speak, Madeline went straight to Jeremy. “My car is outside. Follow me.”

“Madeline, what else are you going to do to Jeremy?” Karen was angry and anxious. “Jeremy, don’t go with her!”

“Jeremy, listen to your mother. Don’t go out with Miss Montgomery. You still have your therapy session today.” Felicity persuaded gently with worry in her eyes.

Madeline looked as if she was in no hurry and glanced at Karen’s glaring eyes. She asked calmly, “Jeremy, are you done thinking about it? Are you going to leave with your ex-wife or are you going to stay here and whisper sweet nothings with your new girlfriend?”

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