Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 661-670

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 661
Looking at the confusion on Madeline’s face, Eloise held her hand preciously. “Silly daughter, the reason is simple. It’s because he loves you.”

‘It’s because he loves you.’

The words that reached her ears fell onto her heart like strange needles.

“Three months ago, on the day before you were prepared to leave Glendale, I actually went to look for Jeremy.” Eloise recalled the situation back then. “I told him that you were leaving for F Country with Felipe the next day and hoped that he would stop you. But he just told me indifferently that not bothering and not pestering you was the last thing he could do for you.”

Not bothering and not pestering her…

Madeline chewed on those six words as if she was gradually understanding Jeremy’s distant behavior toward her now.

He had done it on purpose?

Purposely alienating her, treating her coldly, and drawing a clear line with her just to not let her know that he was seriously injured because of her so that he would not bother her anymore?

“I don’t know how much one person has to love another to do this, but I think Jeremy did it.” Eloise sighed silently, raising her eyes to observe the changes in Madeline’s expression.

In fact, she noticed that Madeline also cared for Jeremy.

Now that Madeline could not even board the plane because of Jeremy, it was the best proof.


Madeline stayed in Glendale again, so naturally Felipe did not go back as well.

On the way back to the villa, Felipe received a call from Felicity. Felicity told him that she met Madeline in front of Jeremy’s house not long ago.

Although he knew that Jeremy was now consciously distancing himself from Madeline, he realized that Madeline cared about Jeremy.

Felipe looked at Lilian who was sitting beside him playing. The corner of his thin lips lifted.



“Good girl.” Felipe smiled and caressed Lily’s head, a subtle smile appearing in his slender phoenix eyes.

It seemed that he needed to do something more.

Night fell.

Jeremy was alone in his room, thinking about what had happened this morning.

Madeline’s sudden appearance had caught him off guard.

He had smiled forcefully and pretended to be free and easy, but he did not have the courage to look back when he called her ‘Miss Montgomery’.

She was clearly standing in front of him at such a close distance, but it seemed that she was across mountains and rivers, extremely far away.

He stroked the wedding ring on his ring finger to comfort himself.

The phone beside him suddenly vibrated, and he picked up the Bluetooth headset to answer.

Felicity’s gentle voice sounded from the other end. “Mr. Whitman, 7 PM tomorrow is a good time for psychological intervention. I hope you can come over for psychological treatment on time.”

“Got it,” Jeremy replied coldly and hung up the phone.

He raised his dull eyes and looked ahead. Only Madeline’s appearance was clear and profound in the dark void.

He thought about it all night.

The next evening, Madeline drove to the villa.

She was walking in when she happened to see Karen walking out.

Karen’s face instantly fell upon seeing Madeline. Her tone was extremely unfriendly as she said, “Madeline, why are you here? Have you not hurt Jeremy enough? Do you want our whole family to have no peace before you’ll be happy?”

Madeline did not want to argue with Karen. She calmly opened her mouth and said, “I came looking for Jeremy to discuss something.”

“There’s nothing to discuss!” Karen refused. “Jeremy became blind because of you and you still don’t want to let him go? When will you be satisfied?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 662
Madeline curled her lips and smiled. “Do you want me to be satisfied? It’s simple. I’ll be satisfied if you shut up.”

“You…” Karen was exasperated. When she was about to drive Madeline out, she saw a car stopping at the entrance.

Seeing Felicity getting out of the car, she was startled. She turned her head and looked at Madeline’s face again.

The two faces were so similar!

Madeline had also noticed Felicity. She looked at that face suspiciously and could not help but feel strange.

‘Is there really someone in this world who would look so much like me?’

“Who are you?” Karen pointed at Felicity and asked, looking closely at this face that was very similar to Madeline’s.

Felicity glanced at Madeline and showed a bright smile. “Hi Aunty, I’m Jeremy’s girlfriend, Felicity Walker.”

“What? Jeremy’s girlfriend?” Karen’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked at Felicity’s face with some disgust. However, after thinking about Madeline, Karen’s face immediately changed. “It turns out you’re my future daughter-in-law.”

She obviously chose to stand on Felicity’s side and did not forget to cast a provoking glance at Madeline after she was done speaking.

“Madeline, did you hear that? Jeremy already has a girlfriend. You and Jeremy have gotten your divorce certificate and have nothing to do with each other anymore. Don’t come looking for Jeremy from now on. Just leave!” Karen dismissed with dissatisfaction.

Felicity looked at Madeline in surprise. “So you’re Jeremy’s ex-wife.”

Madeline looked back and vaguely caught the flash of an extremely strange shade in Felicity’s eyes.

“I’ll be taking my leave.” She smiled gracefully and calmly. She turned around and walked away, but a feeling of loneliness dispersed in her heart.

Seeing that Madeline was gone, Karen rolled her eyes and snorted while feeling quite pleased.

She turned her head to look at Felicity. This face that looked so similar to Madeline’s made Karen feel repulsed and confused.

“You’re Felicity Walker? Are you really Jeremy’s girlfriend? Why do you look so similar to Madeline?”

“Hi Aunty, this is my business card.” Felicity smiled and handed her business card over. “I’m a psychologist and I’m carrying out psychological intervention with Jeremy, hoping to help him regain his vision. As for why I look so much like Jeremy’s ex-wife, I’m also quite surprised.”

“What psychology intervention? What do Jeremy’s eyes have to do with psychotherapy?” Karen stuffed the business card back to her for some unknown reason, then glanced at Felicity again. She said unhappily, “It seems that Jeremy hasn’t given up on Madeline. Even his new girlfriend looks so much like her!”

She was roasting her softly when Jeremy came out of the house.

He had vaguely heard Madeline’s voice from his room, but when he walked to the entrance, he only heard Karen and Felicity.

“Why are you here?” he asked Felicity.

“I was afraid you couldn’t find the place, so I came over here to pick you up. Psychotherapy is also about timing. It’ll be just right if I take you over for treatment now.”

Jeremy nodded. “Wait for me here. I’ll go change.”

“Okay.” Felicity smiled. After seeing Jeremy entering the house, she took out a few coupons to a high-end spa. “Aunty, our first meeting is a little sudden. I don’t have a gift prepared, so I hope you’ll like these.”

Karen was initially a little repulsed because of Felicity’s appearance, but when she saw the gifts, she immediately smiled.

She had not been to a high-end spa in a long time.

After Madeline walked out of the villa, she sat in the car and did not leave.

She thought that she would look for Jeremy again after Karen and Felicity left, but now she saw Jeremy and Felicity coming out one after another.

Seeing that Jeremy was about to get in the car and leave, Madeline decisively got out of her car and walked toward him. “Mr. Whitman.”

When Jeremy suddenly heard Madeline’s pleasant voice, he realized that what he heard earlier was not an illusion.

“Linnie?” He called out the name almost reflexively, but then changed his words and calmed his tone. “Miss Montgomery, were you looking for me?”

Madeline walked up to him. Her tone was amused. “Can’t I look for my ex-husband?”


“Jeremy, I need to talk to you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 663
Madeline’s tone suddenly became serious.

Jeremy seemed surprised, but the darkness in front of him prevented him from capturing Madeline’s expression at that moment. He could not even guess why Madeline was looking for him.

“My car is just at the front. Jeremy, let’s find a place to sit down and talk.”

Her proactive invitation made Jeremy’s heart beat faster.

However, he smiled and refused. “No, Miss Montgomery. I have something else to do.”

Madeline glanced at Felicity who was waiting at the side. “It’s alright. You can go out with your girlfriend first. We’ll make an appointment again.”


Jeremy then came to understand. He felt a pain in his heart.

‘Jeremy, why are you disappointed?

‘Didn’t you want her to misunderstand?’

He mocked himself silently but still gave Madeline a warm smile. “Please help yourself, Miss Montgomery.”

He got into Felicity’s car after he said that. He had behaved nonchalantly from beginning till the end, but only he knew how much he cared. He cared about every word Madeline said and every breath she took.

Felicity curled her red lips and smiled. She glanced over at Madeline before driving away.

The look in her eyes made Madeline feel that it was particularly familiar.

This feeling made Madeline uncomfortable.

Seeing Felicity and Jeremy driving away, Madeline subconsciously followed them.

She did not expect that Felicity would bring Jeremy to a hotel to get a room.

‘So Jeremy, it seems you’re already starting a new relationship to let go of me completely, right?’

Madeline gripped the steering wheel tightly. She did not know what she was doing. Was she concerned that the reason Jeremy lost his sight was because of her?

Madeline could not figure it out and silently opened the backed-up document in her phone which she had copied from the computer. There were thousands of text files in it. It was Jeremy’s diary after her death.

She read the notes word for word, imagining Jeremy’s heartache and regret over her departure during those thousand days and nights.

After an hour, Madeline saw Jeremy coming out of the hotel, followed by Felicity. However, the distance between the two of them was not like a couple’s.

Jeremy had issues with his eyesight, but Felicity was not helping him.

He fumbled to the side of the street alone, got in a car, and left.

Although the sky was dark, Madeline clearly captured the unhappy look on Felicity’s face.

Madeline felt as if she had seen this dissatisfied look before.

However, Madeline did not think too much of it. She quickly followed the taxi that Jeremy had gotten on.

Unexpectedly, she followed the taxi to the beach of April Hill.

There was no one at the beachside at this time and season.

Jeremy sat alone on the bench by the sea for half an hour.

The taxi was also waiting by the side. It could be assumed that Jeremy had paid and booked it.

However, the driver seemed to be a little bored while waiting. He was holding a pack of cigarettes and smoking while walking forward.

Seeing this, Madeline opened the car door and moved a little closer to Jeremy.

In the dark blue night, Jeremy was like an intricate and elegant ancient Greek statue that was sitting motionlessly in the wind.

If it were not for him gently turning the ring on his finger all the time, Madeline would have thought that he was paralyzed.

However, there was a sudden drizzle and Madeline thought for a moment before starting to walk toward Jeremy.

Just as she stepped forward, three rakish thugs rushed up from behind and surrounded Madeline.

“Hey, since when was there a beauty around here?”

“Tsk tsk, how pretty.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 664
“Hey beautiful, why don’t you play with the three of us? We won’t treat you badly.”

The hooligans said frivolous things while eyeing lecherously at Madeline’s face and body.

Madeline swept her glance at the three men in disgust. Her gaze was sharp and cold. “Get out of the way.”

The beach was vast and empty. Jeremy, who had been sitting still, unexpectedly heard Madeline’s voice.

He turned his face to listen carefully, but he heard the vulgar voices of several men instead.

“What an attitude!”

“We happen to like this kind of beauty with an attitude!”

“Come on, we’ll make you very happy!”

Madeline cast a cold gaze. “Don’t touch me. Go away.”

However, the more Madeline resisted, the more excited the three drunken men became.

“Linnie?” Jeremy was now certain that it was really Madeline’s voice.

He did not expect that Madeline would be nearby and that three rascals were now harassing her.

His gaze sank as he got up hurriedly. He was running toward the source of the sound in strides.

The three men had already begun to grope at Madeline’s hands and feet. Madeline used the self-defense methods that she learned to bring down one of the hooligans.

When the other two saw Madeline’s self-defense skills, they were even more cheerfully arrogant.

“Brothers, this woman is very interesting. We’re not men if we can’t deal with this beauty tonight. Come on! Let’s get her!”

The three thugs pounced on Madeline together. She immediately reached out to block them but was grabbed on the arm instead.

“Let go!” She struggled, raising her elbow to hit the man’s chest. Without showing any weakness, she gave a kick to another thug who came close to her.

However, there was a natural disparity between the strength of men and women. Madeline’s arms were still held down.

Two men held each side of her arm while the third man grinned and walked toward Madeline with a wicked smile.

“Tsk, beautiful, you can’t move now, right? Then you shall now see how powerful the three of us are!”


That person tore off Madeline’s coat roughly. Seeing Madeline’s exposed skin under the streetlamp, the three of their eyes lit up as they got excited.

Just when that person wanted to violate her further, Jeremy kicked away the man who wanted to be frivolous with Madeline like a blast of wind.

“Ow!” That thug suddenly fell to the ground and wailed.

“Linnie?” He looked for Madeline’s direction in concern.

Madeline’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Jeremy, I’m here!” she yelled to him. Seeing that the other thugs were distracted, she immediately broke free from their shackles and ran to Jeremy.

Sensing Madeline’s presence approaching, Jeremy stretched out his arms based on his senses. He hugged Madeline nervously. “Linnie? Linnie, is it really you?”

“It’s me,” Madeline responded. In the next second, she felt Jeremy hugging her so tightly that she could hear the sound of his strong heartbeat. Her nose was surrounded by the scent of his body.

As soon as Jeremy hugged Madeline, he felt that her clothes were torn.

His gaze suddenly became cold. He took off his jacket and put it on Madeline. “Linnie, why are you here?”

“I told you, I have something to talk to you about,” Madeline answered calmly.

“Nate, are you alright?”

“F*ck! Where did the pretty boy who stole our woman come from?”

“Nate, they seem to be a couple!”

The two other thugs looked at Jeremy’s extremely handsome and unusually cold face. They were feeling a little frightened, but the head, Nate, got even more arrogant.

“I don’t care if they’re a couple or not, I must fck this woman today! I must fck her even if this pretty boy is her husband!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 665
How could Jeremy tolerate a man using such vulgar and frivolous words about Madeline’s body? His eyes sank, and his words were like ice.

“Although you guys have simple minds and simple limbs, you have good vision. She’s indeed my wife.”

His voice fell, and with his sensitive hearing, he knocked the three hooligans to the ground with thunderous force.

“Ow, ow!” The b*stard named Nate yelled, blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Jeremy retracted his hand and once again embraced Madeline in his arms, spreading wings of shelter over her.

The rain gradually got heavier, but Madeline felt a warm current passing from Jeremy’s body to hers. This warmth made her feel inexplicably at ease.

Although blinded, Jeremy’s eyes were still sharp and were dyed with a breathtaking vibe.

“If you don’t want to die, apologize to my wife immediately.”

His commanding tone made the three hooligans tremble.

When the one named Walter was about to apologize, one of them suddenly realized that Jeremy’s eyes were a little off.

“Nate, I think this pretty boy is blind.”

“What? A blind man?”

“Haha… Then what are you afraid of him for?”

The man named Nate suddenly pulled out a switchblade from his trouser pocket.

Under the moonlight, the blade glowed with a cold silver light. The sharp tip of the knife was aimed at Jeremy.

Madeline was about to tell Jeremy when she realized that he was holding her tighter.

“Jeremy, they have a knife.” She raised her eyes to look at him. From this angle, the curve of his chin was graceful and resolute while his face was full of cold loftiness. However, the corners of his eyes and brows were softened.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

He calmed her worried heart softly.

“I won’t let anyone touch a hair on you. Trust me.”

When his voice fell, the three gangsters could not hold back.

“Pretty boy, let me show you how great I am now!” The hooligan sneaked over with the blade.

Jeremy tightened his arms for fear that Madeline would get hurt if she got out of his embrace.

Madeline did not expect Jeremy’s reaction to be so strong even when he could not see.

Those three hooligans were no match for Jeremy at all and were all beaten to the ground in two or three moves.

“Apologize to my wife,” he commanded in a cold voice, his sharp sword-like gaze shooting straight over.

The three hooligans were so frightened that they did not dare to mess with him anymore. They apologized in a panic. “Lady, we’re sorry. We didn’t know.”

“Sorry, please spare our miserable lives!”

“We’re sorry, so sorry…”

Seeing the three kneeling down and begging for mercy, Madeline glanced at them indifferently. “Jeremy, I have something to talk to you about. Let’s go back first.”

Jeremy nodded and turned around with Madeline.

However, as soon as she turned and walked a few steps, Madeline heard movement behind them.

When she looked back, the b*stard named Nate was holding the blade and waving it toward Jeremy with an unresigned expression.

“Be careful!” Madeline called out, her heartbeat almost rising to her throat at the moment.

Jeremy had instinctively stretched out his hand to protect Madeline while the hooligan swiped the blade down and struck Jeremy’s arm.


Seeing that Jeremy had been cut, Madeline suddenly remembered something. She took out the self-defense spray that Jackson had given from her pocket and sprayed it on the man who was laughing wildly.

The man immediately screamed and covered his eyes that were stung by the pepper spray.

Madeline unceremoniously raised her foot and kicked the man in his lower half.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 666
With that move, the man threw away his blade in pain and rolled onto the ground with a pale face.

“Get lost!”

Madeline denounced aggressively.

The other two saw this scene and were so scared that they turned and left.

Madeline immediately called the police, but after seeing the blood still running from Jeremy’s arm and how it was raining, she was not patient enough to wait for the police to arrive. As such, she took Jeremy to the car.

“I’ll take you to a health center nearby to bandage the wound.”

“How did you know that there’s a health center nearby?”

Madeline was also surprised when Jeremy asked this all of a sudden.

Yeah, how would she know?

However, it was a truth in her memory.

Without delay, she took Jeremy to the health center based on what she remembered.

When they came out after treating the wound, it was raining even heavily.

Just then, Madeline received a call from Felipe. He was asking her where she was.

Madeline glanced at Jeremy who was standing beside her and said, “I’m with a friend, and there’s something I need to settle.”

Felipe did not ask who this friend was, but he had guessed that Madeline was with Jeremy.

After hanging up the call, Madeline held up an umbrella for Jeremy.

“Let’s go, Mr. Whitman.” She reminded, stepping onto the sidewalk.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, Miss Montgomery.” He had switched back to this unfamiliar term of address.

Madeline chuckled. “You don’t have to be so polite with me, Mr. Whitman. You were blinded saving me and the wound on your arm is also because of me. It’s not bothersome at all for me to just hold the umbrella for you now.”

When Jeremy heard this, he did not know if it was a misperception, but Madeline sounded a little angry.

In the silence, Jeremy heard the sound of a car driving from ahead. He subconsciously raised his hand to put his arm around Madeline’s shoulder, bringing her into his arms as if to prevent her from being splashed by the rain and mud on the road.

Madeline was caught off guard, so when she was suddenly brought into Jeremy’s chest, the tip of her nose plunged into a familiar cool fragrance. The smell pierced her heart, strumming her heartstrings.

Jeremy and Madeline did not speak another word, and there was only the trickling sound of the rain falling onto the umbrella.

After returning to the car, Madeline handed Jeremy a dry towel. She had been entangled with the three gangsters in the rain for too long and was almost completely wet.

She was about to start driving and head back when the police called and told Madeline to go to the nearby police station to make a record.

When she was done giving her statement, it was already close to the wee hours.

The rain had stopped, but the autumn breeze was still blowing and the coolness penetrated one’s skin. Madeline could not help sneezing twice.

Jeremy frowned lightly. He thought for a moment before opening his mouth to say, “Didn’t Miss Montgomery have something to discuss with me? If there is something you wish to discuss today, why don’t we head to a hotel nearby and have our talk in a room?”

Madeline glanced at Jeremy in surprise and was just about to speak when she sneezed again.

Jeremy frowned again but smiled nonchalantly. “Miss Montgomery, are you worried that I’ll make a move on you? Don’t worry, I’m blind now and can’t do anything to you.”

“If I was afraid of you, I wouldn’t have come here with you.” Not to be outdone, Madeline immediately took Jeremy to a nearby hotel and got a room.

Upon entering the room, Madeline was first going to take a bath.

She was drenched all over, so if she let herself remain in this state, she might really catch a cold and fever.

Jeremy took advantage of Madeline taking a shower and fumbled downstairs to find the proprietress. “Please help me prepare two cups of ginger tea, thank you.”

He was worried that Madeline would catch a cold and was even more worried about being unable to take care of her if she really did get a fever.

Jeremy returned in the same way and opened the door with his room card. As soon as he opened the door, he heard Madeline screaming in the bathroom.



Thinking that something had happened to Madeline, Jeremy held no consideration for his own situation and bumped his way into the bathroom. He looked panicked and worried.

“Linnie, what’s the matter? Linnie! Where are you?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 667
Jeremy’s face appeared worried, but he was still blankly looking for Madeline’s figure in the darkness.

Although Madeline was no longer a weak woman, she was still inevitably surprised when a gecko had crawled to her side so suddenly. She also did not expect Jeremy to just suddenly enter so anxiously.

“Linnie? What happened to you? Where are you?” Jeremy fumbled around. There was intense uneasiness and worry in his tone.

Madeline was standing aside, and she saw how Jeremy was searching for her in confusion as her heart trembled secretly.

“Linnie, please answer me quickly. Where are you?” he asked again nervously. Madeline could no longer remain silent.

“I’m here.”

As soon as he heard Madeline’s voice, Jeremy followed the direction it came from. The moment he touched Madeline’s body, he embraced her tightly while wishing he could melt her into his own blood.

“Are you alright?” His low voice was trembling with a hint of tension.

Madeline was stunned for two seconds before she replied, “I’m fine. I saw a gecko that was crawling around just now, so I screamed a little.”

“Glad to know that. I’m glad to know you’re fine.” He seemed to only be able to give a sigh of relief now.

Although she was obviously the one who was surprised, it was him who was frightened.
Thinking of Jeremy’s reaction just now, Madeline smiled lightly and said in a playful tone, “Mr. Whitman, don’t you already have a new love interest? And don’t you no longer care about your ex-wife from a long time ago? Why are you worrying about whether I’m alright now?”

Hearing her words, Jeremy realized that he had lost his composure.

However, he had already in fact lost his composure ever since the three gangsters were planning to dally with Madeline.

He could pretend that he had let go of the past, but during the emergency situation just now, he could not ignore her existence.

Jeremy quickly released his hand. “Miss Montgomery is a woman, so as a man, I need to give a helping hand when a woman is in danger.” He found a very reasonable excuse for himself.

“Oh…” Madeline responded meaningfully, “Then, Mr. Whitman, as such a good man who is so helpful, why did you treat your weak ex-wife so cruelly?”

As the words left her mouth, a trace of regret appeared on Jeremy’s face.

Madeline picked up the bathrobe beside her hand and covered her body quickly.

“Mr. Whitman, you should also take a bath. I don’t want you to catch a cold because of me again,” she said as she put the daily necessities along with the bathrobe on the shelf. “Don’t let your wound come in touch with water to avoid inflammation. I’ll be right outside. If you need any assistance, you may call for me.”

Madeline walked out of the bathroom after she said her words.

She glanced at him again before she closed the door and left.

After a short while, Madeline could hear the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom.
Someone had knocked on the door then. She went to open the door and found that the proprietress had brought two cups of ginger tea.

Madeline felt her heart warm up as she said, “My lady, you’re too thoughtful.”

The proprietress smiled, putting down the cups and saucers. “It’s your boyfriend who’s considerate. He was worried that you might catch a cold from the rain, so he specifically asked me to brew this for you.”

Madeline was surprised when she heard this from the proprietress.

She only came back to her senses when she heard a crash from the bathroom. By then, she had realized that the proprietress was gone.

Madeline walked toward the bathroom door, guessing that Jeremy might have bumped into something since he was unable to see.

She thought Jeremy would call her for help, but he did not say anything until he came out of the shower.

Madeline looked at the man who was walking forward cautiously. With a loose bathrobe draped over him, he walked slowly. A few strands of his hair on his forehead were still dripping with drops of water, adding a bit of bewitching charm on such a night.

Madeline handed a cup of ginger tea to Jeremy. “Drink this ginger tea from the proprietress.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 668
Jeremy stretched out his hand to take it but did not manage to touch the cup for a while.
Seeing him struggle blindly, Madeline inexplicably felt an unease in her heart.

She held Jeremy’s hand and placed the teacup precisely into his palm.

The skin contact during this brief moment made Jeremy feel a little bit lost in his thoughts.
He felt Madeline’s warm and soft palm on the back of his hand for a short moment. The ginger tea that slid down his throat was unusually sweet.

Madeline handed their wet clothes to the proprietress, and when she returned, Jeremy had already finished his ginger tea. He was sitting quietly by the window.

She walked toward him, and as she was about to speak, her nose suddenly itched. She then turned away to sneeze.

Jeremy turned his head and looked at her with his eyebrows furrowed. “Miss Montgomery, if you’re feeling unwell, you should rest earlier. Don’t worry, I won’t leave until you’re done discussing what you intend to discuss with me.”

Madeline looked into Jeremy’s eyes that had lost their glow and were now as deep as the sea. After staring at them for a long time, she then turned toward the bed and laid down.
The room had slowly quieted down, and Jeremy listened to Madeline’s breathing as she gradually fell asleep. Yet, his eyes were filled with more worry.

Sure enough, just as what he was worried about, Madeline started developing a fever.

She had been tossing and turning on the bed in the second half of the night. He measured the temperature of her forehead with his own and found that she was really hot.

He asked the proprietress for Tylenol, then helped to physically cool her down in the dark. As he was thinking of pouring a glass of warm water to feed her the medicine, Madeline suddenly held his hand.

“Why?” she muttered dreamily, “Why are you doing this?”

Jeremy was dumbfounded. Although he did not know what Madeline was asking about, he felt that she was talking to him.

He looked down at her face, but what he could only catch in his sight was boundless darkness.
“Linnie,” he called out her name softly and reached out to touch the face he desperately wanted to see.

The unusually warm touch made him feel even more distressed.


Suddenly, he heard her calling his name in a weak tone.

His gaze became full of pampering instantly as he gave a tender smile. “Linnie, I’m here. If I could, I really wish to be with you forever.”

‘However, what rights do I even have to be with you forever?’

He squeezed her hand tight as he slowly lowered his head and dropped a kiss between her brows.

Madeline opened her hazy eyes in a daze, and Jeremy’s gentle, handsome face was reflected in her pupils. She quickly fell asleep again afterward.

A night had passed. Not knowing when he fell asleep, Jeremy found himself lying with Madeline when he woke up.

She was nestled in his arms, sticking by his side like a clingy kitten.

Jeremy’s lips curled up satisfyingly and when he measured Madeline’s body temperature again. He found that it had almost returned to normal.

He quietly let go of his worries and gently loosened his embrace.

After washing up, Jeremy wanted to order breakfast for Madeline but someone had coincidentally knocked on the door just then. He thought it would be the proprietress who had come to return their cleaned clothes. However, when the door opened, he felt an unusual airflow.

“Felipe?” Jeremy could feel the invisible smoke.

Felipe did not go straight in. He saw Madeline sleeping on the bed with rosy cheeks and only a bathrobe on her. His eyes became overcast and stormy in a moment. A cold murderous intention could even be seen from his eyes.

He walked decisively to the bed and carried Madeline who had not yet woken up.

Feeling Felipe pass in front of him while carrying Madeline, Jeremy grabbed Felipe’s arm firmly and asked in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 669
Felipe squinted his icy eyes at him. “What are you doing?” he questioned back in a cold voice with a dark expression. “Eveline is already my woman. She no longer has anything to do with you, Jeremy. Think about what you did to Eveline before. If it weren’t for me, Eveline would already be a handful of ashes.”

Felipe’s words hit Jeremy’s heart hard.

If Felipe had not saved her, she would have gone to another world…

It was Felipe who gave Madeline the chance to be born again.

Jeremy seemed to suddenly have had all his strength sucked out of him. He released his grip on Felipe.

“Jeremy, remember what you said. Don’t disturb Eveline’s peace anymore.”

Felipe left a final reminder before turning around while carrying Madeline in his arms.

Listening to the furthering footsteps, Jeremy felt as if Madeline was the tide in the ocean that was slowly fading away outside the window. She had become his past that he could no longer reach.

Madeline’s fever had subsided, but her head was still feeling a little heavy.

She woke up from her deep sleep and felt that she was being carried by a man. She thought that it was Jeremy carrying her, but after a closer look, she found that it was Felipe.

“Felipe?” Madeline was surprised.

The coldness in Felipe’s eyes disappeared immediately as he lowered his gaze. He gently met Madeline’s stare.

“Are you awake? Your fever isn’t completely gone, so I’ll take you home first.”

Madeline looked at Felipe in a daze, but she could only remember that she had spent the last night with Jeremy in a hotel.

In the middle of the night, she seemed to have gotten a fever. She had felt someone by her side, taking care of her restlessly. She even saw Jeremy’s face when she was still groggy from sleep, but it was Felipe who was in front of her now.

Felipe brought Madeline back to the villa and had his private doctor check on her.
After Madeline took her medicine, she fell back asleep again.

The moment Felipe closed the door and turned around, his eyes, which had always been gentle like a spring breeze, were suddenly covered with a cold current.

He walked to the study. Felicity had already been waiting for a while.

Seeing Felipe entering, she stood aside cautiously. “I really didn’t notice that Madeline had been following Jeremy and I didn’t expect them to…”

“If you would have thought of it, you wouldn’t have been played in the palm of Eveline’s hand to the point you almost lost your life back then.”

Felipe’s gaze was contemptuous as the cold words were spat out from his lips. “The reason why I allowed you to come back here alive is because you’re still worth using, but if you can’t even carry out the task I give you, I will personally send you to hell.”

Hearing this, horror showed on Felicity’s face as she quickly promised. “I will definitely complete the task! I will gain Jeremy’s trust before his eyesight recovers!”

“Recover?” Felipe chuckled. “He will never be able to recover his eyesight in his life, do you understand what I mean?”

“…” Felicity lowered her head timidly. She really dared not look back at Felipe.

The look in Felipe’s eyes at this moment was even more spine-chilling and terrorizing than Jeremy’s eyes back then.

“Do you still love Jeremy?” Felipe asked.

Felicity did not dare answer, but her silence was actually the best answer.

Felipe chuckled. “What kind of charm does my little nephew have to be able to attract admirers like you who would risk their lives like a moth to flames?”

The moment he finished his sentence, his phone rang.

Felipe picked the call up, said a few words in a foreign language that Felicity could not understand, then prepared to head out.

“Settle Jeremy as soon as possible. Otherwise, I won’t have any use in keeping you alive.” He warned mercilessly.

Felicity nodded her head nervously. It was only when Felipe was gone did she feel less strain on her breathing.

After leaving the study, Felicity secretly sneaked into Madeline’s bedroom.

She opened the door and went in. When she saw Madeline who was still sleeping peacefully on the bed, hatred instantly sparked in her eyes.

Looking at Madeline’s picturesque face, she clenched her teeth and stretched out her palms inch by inch, approaching Madeline’s neck. She was thinking of choking Madeline to death just like that.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 670
Just as she was about to come in contact with Madeline’s skin, she drew her hands back.
“Madeline, if you can change your name and come back to life, so can I.”

Felicity chuckled with a low voice, her eyes growing even gloomier.

“Madeline, I will definitely not allow you and Jeremy the chance to be together again. He belongs to me, and you… Just you wait. One day I’ll prove to you that the final winner will be me!”

She fiercely swore to Madeline who was deep in sleep before secretly leaving the room.

After resting for two days, Madeline’s mental state completely recovered.

Recalling what had happened at the hotel that night, she called Jeremy.

No one answered the phone after a long time.

She tried to make another call, but the result remained the same.

While she was thinking of going to Jeremy directly to clarify, Felipe appeared in front of her. His brows were tender as he asked her softly, “Eveline, have you decided when to take Jack and Lily back to F Country with me?”

“Felipe, I don’t have plans to return to F Country for the time being.” Madeline’s answer was simple and neat without any hesitation.

Felipe felt unsatisfied in his heart, but his smile still remained. “Why not?”

Madeline pondered for a moment and replied, “There’s something I still can’t let go of.”

Felipe nodded thoughtfully. “In that case, we’ll go back when you’re done with what you want to do.”

“Thank you, Felipe.”

“Silly, there’s no need for thanks between you and me,” Felipe said with a soft and adoring tone. “I have something to deal with now. Call me if anything happens.”

He had turned around with a smile, but at the back where Madeline could not see, Felipe’s smile could no longer be found on his face.

She said there was something she still could not let go of.

Felipe knew that it was not a thing that she could not let go of, but a person.

This person was Jeremy!

He could no longer tolerate things continuing like this. He could not tolerate Madeline, who had lost the memory of the past, having feelings for Jeremy once again.

Felipe got into the car with a hostile aura before going to Jeremy’s villa.

After Felipe left, Madeline called Jeremy again, but her call was still not answered.
She could not tell whether Jeremy was deliberately not answering her call or if it was just inconvenient for him to answer it now.

After thinking for a bit, Madeline also drove out.

However, when she arrived at the destination, she was surprised to find that Felipe’s car was parked not far away.

“Felipe?” Madeline found that it was a little strange.

Felipe said that he had something to deal with, so why did he come to Jeremy?

She subconsciously parked the car further away before walking over.

As soon as she walked to the gates of the villa, she heard Felipe’s voice from inside. His cold, emotionless voice pierced her ears.

Madeline was dazed for a short moment. She could not believe that it was Felipe’s tone of speech.

“Jeremy, tell me. What did you and Eveline do during the two days on the island?” Felipe questioned.

‘Did Felipe come for this?

‘Is he concerned about the two days Jeremy and I spent on the island?’

As Madeline was wondering this, she raised her eyes and looked into the courtyard.

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