Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 651-660

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 651
Madeline had followed Felipe out to shop. After a round of shopping, Felipe took Madeline to this famous outdoor cafe.

As soon as she walked onto the terrace, Madeline saw a woman leaning in the arms of a man not far in front.

She glanced at them indifferently, but as she was about to look away, she realized that the man was Jeremy.

Jeremy was holding a woman.

“Eveline, what’s wrong?” Seeing Madeline staring blankly in a certain direction, Felipe asked in a concerned tone.

Madeline hurriedly turned her head. “It’s nothing. I just think that this cafe is very special.”

She sat down on the side casually, and when she raised her eyes, she saw the woman who was in Jeremy’s arms just now. She was currently sitting opposite Jeremy.

Felicity sat with her back facing Madeline. Madeline could not see her appearance. However, just by looking at her back, Madeline felt her manner as a woman to be quite good, so her appearance should be decent as well.

When the waiter handed over the menu, Madeline looked back.

On the other side, Felicity had sat down and apologized to Jeremy with a smile on her face. “I’m sorry, Mr. Whitman. I’ve just bought these shoes and am not accustomed to wearing them. Thank you for helping me just now.”

Jeremy’s jade-like face was cold. “I hope there’ll be no next time.”

The smile on Felicity’s face froze, and two seconds later, she gave a seemingly generous response. “Don’t worry, Mr. Whitman. There will be no next time.”

Madeline ordered a cup of iced coffee and could not help looking in Jeremy’s direction.

Felipe naturally noticed but pretended not to see anything. He then made an excuse to go to the bathroom and walked away.

Madeline and Jeremy were facing each other from a distance of more than ten yards, but Madeline realized that Jeremy did not seem to have noticed her presence.

He had been talking to the woman sitting across from him when Madeline suddenly noticed Jeremy holding a coffee cup in his left hand. She clearly saw then that his ring finger was bare.

Sure enough, he had taken off the ring.

Madeline smiled suddenly, laughing at her self-righteous and naive thoughts.

At the gates of the police station the other day, his eyes had been drooping as he was looking at the wedding ring as if he was reluctant. Yet, it turned out that it was all just an act.

Sure enough, he did not love her.

His so-called love was nothing more than his guilt after having severely hurt her.

He did not look back when she fell into the waters exactly because he did not love her.
That was why he did not give her any notice when he was discharged from the hospital that day.

That was why he never appeared the day she got on the plane and left Glendale.

Moreover, he had agreed without hesitation to get a divorce certificate with her.

‘Because he doesn’t love me, that’s why he has no lingering affection and has taken off the wedding ring decisively. He will never have any more ties or entanglements with me.

‘But is this not the best result?

‘Why do I still care?’

Madeline asked herself in a daze as she raised her coffee cup.

The cold liquid entered her throat, but she could not taste the mellow aroma of coffee. It was just a prolonged bitterness…

When Felipe returned, he saw Madeline stirring the coffee absent-mindedly. He raised his eyes and glanced in Jeremy’s direction, then turned to sit down beside Madeline. “Eveline, we actually have everything in F Country. We don’t need to buy too many things to bring home.”

“Yeah,” Madeline responded softly, “Then, let’s go. I’m a little tired.”

She picked up her bag and looked at Jeremy who was blind toward her. She turned around decisively and went downstairs.

Felipe followed, and at the same time, he sent a message to Felicity.

After receiving news from Felipe, Felicity reluctantly finished the last sip of her coffee. Looking at the handsome face that she had admired for many years, she raised the corner of her red lips and smiled openly.

“Mr. Whitman, let’s stop here today. We will discuss the specifics of your treatment plan the next time we meet. As long as you cooperate during the treatment, I believe your eyes will be restored soon.”

Jeremy opened his mouth calmly. “Sorry for the trouble.”

Felicity looked at him obsessively before getting up and leaving.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 652
Jeremy was sitting alone. An autumn breeze blew and he vaguely smelled a familiar fragrance in the air.

Then, his phone rang, interrupting his thoughts.

He picked up the phone to answer it and Madeline’s indifferent voice came from the other end. “Mr. Whitman, can you come to the town office at 9 AM tomorrow?”

After Jeremy’s momentary silence, he then answered affirmatively, “Tomorrow, 9 AM. I’ll wait for you at the town office on the dot.”

“Okay, see you then.” Madeline hung up after speaking.

She held the phone and was lost in a daze for a while before raising a smile to face Felipe who was driving. “Felipe, will you accompany me to the town office tomorrow morning? I don’t want any more accidents.”

“Of course, I can.” Felipe naturally agreed joyfully.

He had also been waiting for this day for a long time.

He did not want any more problems.

As the autumn wind gradually rose, Jeremy held the phone and closed his eyes listlessly.

The moment was finally arriving.

‘Linnie, we will finally go our separate ways.’

The next day, Jeremy was waiting at the town office since early.

He had to arrive earlier than Madeline, so as not to be noticed by her that he had eye problems.

He imagined that the divorce certificate would not be so smoothly obtained just like the previous times, but in the end, Madeline appeared on time.

Felipe had come with Madeline too.

Jeremy tried his best to behave like a normal person as to not be discovered by Madeline.

The staff looked at the beautiful young couple in front of them and eventually confirmed it with them. “Do the two of you really don’t want to think about it anymore? There will always be fights between husband and wife. Don’t be so rash as to get a divorce.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but we don’t need to think about it.” Madeline’s tone was decisive and straightforward, even tough. “For a marriage where there’s no reciprocal love, a divorce is the best ending. Please settle my divorce certificate with Mr. Jeremy Whitman as soon as possible because the man who truly loves me is waiting for me outside the door.”

The staff was shocked for a moment. She glanced at the silent Jeremy and quickly completed the formalities. After a while, two red divorce certificates were placed in front of them.

The previous photo of the two on the marriage certificate was now a photo of them by themselves.

As if the past had been torn apart, it could no longer be pieced together.


“Mr. Whitman, refrain from calling me that in the future.”

Madeline interrupted him indifferently, saying, “I wish you and your truly beloved woman will eventually get married.”

She uttered the words of blessing and without looking at Jeremy again. She brushed past him.

Jeremy faced Madeline in the direction of her departure. There was endless darkness where his vision could reach.

The darkness struck fiercely, leaving only the last glimmer of support in his heart.

‘Linnie, thank you for your blessing.

‘But the only woman I love is you, you fool.’

The moment she stepped out of the town office, Madeline not only did not feel at ease, but instead, she felt even more upset.

Felipe had gone to the parking lot to get the car. She stood at the intersection, dazed.

Suddenly a car whizzed past her, and it would have grazed her if it was just a few more inches closer.

She remembered that Jeremy had rushed over and held her away from danger before, but now…

Madeline looked back and saw Jeremy emerge from the town office desperately. His eyes were hollow as if he could not see the steps in front of him. He stepped onto the air.

Seeing this, Madeline’s heart suddenly trembled as she hurriedly turned and ran toward him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 653
Madeline reacted instinctively and wanted to help Jeremy, but right at this instant, a woman got out of the car that passed by in front of her.

That woman had run to Jeremy faster than her and held his arm.

Madeline stopped in her tracks and looked at the woman’s back. She suddenly thought of the woman who had had coffee with Jeremy yesterday.

She stood still as if she had suddenly come to a realization.

‘Jeremy Whitman, it turns out our divorce has helped you.

‘You already have a new lover.

‘And I was never your favorite.’

Felipe stopped his car in front of Madeline. When he got out to open the car door for her, he glanced toward Jeremy from his peripheral vision as the corners of his lips curved upward quietly.

The sudden appearance of Felicity surprised Jeremy.

However, Felicity’s explanation was reasonable. “I have a client who has been mentally abused by her husband for a long time and has some psychological problems. I came here today to accompany her to get the divorce certificate. I didn’t expect to meet you here, Mr. Whitman.”

She pretended to be confused but asked while knowing clearly in her heart, “Mr. Whitman, is that also a divorce certificate?”

Jeremy put the divorce certificate in his palm. “It’s none of your business.”

Jeremy was unexpectedly cold, and Felicity was taken aback for a moment. She turned her head and saw that Jeremy had fumbled to the side of the road.

He had lost his sight, but his sense of direction was still so precise.

Seeing Jeremy taking a taxi to leave, Felicity chased after him. “Mr. Whitman, let me send you back.”

“You and I only have a doctor-patient relationship. Apart from this, we’re strangers. I don’t need you to send me back.” He rejected impassively, got into the taxi, and left.

Felicity did not expect such a rare opportunity today, but she could not even open Jeremy’s heart.

She thought there would be progress today, but now it seemed that she had no chance at all.

Felipe left after sending Madeline back to Montgomery Manor.

Madeline went back to her room and looked at the divorce certificate absentmindedly. She thought of the marriage certificate that Jeremy handed to the staff just now.

She vaguely remembered the photo of herself smiling sweetly on the marriage certificate.

“Eveline.” Eloise walked in and saw the divorce certificate Madeline was holding. She sighed silently. “Let bygones be bygones. Don’t think about it anymore.”

Madeline nodded and asked, “Mom, do you think that if a person truly loves someone, they would do something irrational or even extreme?”

Madeline recalled how Jeremy had taken her to the small island forcibly and committed self-harm.

Eloise thought for a moment. “If they really love someone very much, I think they will. To not lose the person they love, reason is often overshadowed by persistent feelings.”

Madeline thought for a while, then went out.

She asked Ava to meet her at a small restaurant near Glendale University.

Knowing that Madeline and Jeremy finally got the divorce certificate and were completely cut off from their relationship, Ava drank a few bottles of beer happily. Then, she put down a bottle forthrightly.

“Ha! That’s great, Maddie! You’re finally self-aware!” Ava smiled happily and said proudly, “Before this, Dan made a bet with me and said that you’d love Jeremy even more after you recover your memories, but now it seems that I’ve won! You’ll never fall in love with that scumbag again!”

Madeline was a little tipsy, but her consciousness was clear at this moment. “Did Dan really say that?”

Ava nodded repeatedly. “Yes, Dan must be talking nonsense because he got heartbroken.”

“Dan’s heartbroken?”

Ava bumped into Madeline’s shoulder drunkenly. “Maddie, did you forget? Dan likes you. When you were in college, he liked you very much. He even confessed to you in public at the graduation ceremony!”

“But at that time, you—” Ava burped. “At that time, you were relentlessly in love with Jeremy. He was all that you could see. You would watch him quietly during your morning run and you would go to the library every night to see him. You even studied jewelry design for that scumbag.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 654
“But what’s so good about that scumbag? Doesn’t he just look handsome? Tell me, have you ever been happy after marrying him? You have not, so don’t ever believe what he says now about loving you and all that nonsense. He’s deceiving you. He’s trying to avenge Meredith.”

Ava said before falling asleep at the dinner table. In her daze, she was still drunk talking.

“Maddie, don’t ever look back again. He doesn’t love you. He’s deceiving you…”

‘He’s deceiving me.’

Madeline had also thought the same.

She looked down at Ava and saw that Ava was drunk as a skunk.


“You said you would come here to help me look for my memories.”

Madeline smiled and sighed, turning to see the figures passing by the window. Those energetic faces were permeated with the breath of youth.

There were also young couples holding hands and drinking the same cup of milk tea sweetly.

She thought of Jeremy again. As it turned out, she had really liked him so much.

She would peep at him during her morning jogs, would go to the library to wait for him, and even deliberately studied jewelry design for him…

Was this considered young and frivolous?

She did crazy and obsessive things for a boy she admired.

Madeline laughed. She lowered her gaze and saw the notebooks hanging under the table. She picked up a book curiously and read it, finding that it was full of notes written by the guests who came to eat here.

There were various words and sentences on the pages. Some people asked for contact information, some people wrote ‘I was here’, and others even expressed their feelings.

Madeline flipped through it casually, but unexpectedly, she saw her own name on one of the pages.

[Madeline Crawford, I like you.]

The five words written were concise and straightforward. The fluent handwriting was so clean that it struck her heart.
The time of the inscription was when she was in her freshman year, but there was nothing else other than the five words and the date.

She had no way of knowing who left this confession.

At this moment, Ava’s phone suddenly rang. Madeline retracted her thoughts and saw that it was Daniel who called.

Madeline answered the phone and informed him of the situation.

Daniel arrived in a hurry about half an hour later.

Seeing Ava who had passed out from drinking and Madeline who had flushed cheeks, he could not help but smile. Madeline helped him carry Ava into the car.

“Why did you guys come here to drink?” Daniel asked with concern.

“I couldn’t recall a lot of my past, so Ava said she wanted to help me find my memories here, but she got drunk instead.” Madeline glanced at Ava worriedly. “Dan, I still want to walk around for a while. Please help me send Ava back home.”

Daniel looked at Madeline worriedly. “Maddie, let me send you back first.”

Madeline shook her head. “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful,” she said before turning around.

Daniel did not stop her again. He drove back to the apartment with a drunk Ava.

Ava was still drunk talking on the way back. She kept on telling Madeline not to look back, not to be fooled by Jeremy, and even enumerated Jeremy’s faults while calling him a scumbag.

Daniel could not help but smile. He suddenly felt that Ava’s friendship with Madeline was really precious.

After arriving at the apartment, Daniel helped Ava into the room. He wanted to leave after putting her to bed, but Ava was very drunk.

She grabbed him by the collar and forcibly dragged him down on the bed. Daniel hurriedly wanted to get up and step aside, but Ava suddenly fell on him in the next second. Not only did she throw herself on him, but her mouth also fell on his lips by accident…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 655
An unfamiliar heat rushed past every cell in Daniel’s body. Even his heartbeat and breathing had lost their normal regularity.


Ava did not know that she had kissed Daniel’s lips and murmured uncomfortably. She looked for a comfortable posture, turned her face, and lay on Daniel’s body before continuing to sleep.

“Maddie, listen to me, don’t ever be stupid again.

“You were… really such an idiot. You only had that scumbag Jeremy in your eyes. You couldn’t even see the handsome, gentle, kind, and outstanding Dan…

“Do you know how much I envy you, Maddie? Aren’t you curious why I haven’t found a boyfriend? It’s because… Because all this while, I’ve liked Dan, but Dan only has you in his heart…”

Hearing the drunk Ava spitting out the truth at the moment, Daniel looked down at the sleeping girl lying on his chest in shock.

She was very drunk and her cheeks were abnormally rosy. Beneath her delicate and willowy eyebrows, the woman’s thick eyelashes fluttered from time to time. Her tiny mouth was still muttering drunken words. She kept on repeating what she had told Madeline and that she liked him.

Daniel listened motionlessly, his thoughts a mess.

He really never realized that Ava had a crush on him.

He did not even think that a girl with a cheerful personality and who loved to laugh like Ava would like a dull and boring man like him.

However, her words had turned him into a handsome, gentle, kind, and outstanding man.

Daniel did not know how long he maintained his posture before he cautiously helped Ava, who had already fallen asleep, up.

He carried her to the bed and lay her down, then gently covered her with a blanket.

Looking at the girl who was still muttering in her sleep, Daniel smiled faintly with a soft gaze.

“Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

Madeline was walking around Glendale University but still could not recall the memories she had made here.

She went back to Montgomery Manor, and Eloise told her that her children were already asleep.

Madeline called Felipe and told him she would be staying over with her two children at Montgomery Manor, then she went to take a shower.

She wore her pajamas and went to her children’s room afterward.

Hearing the sound of the door opening and her entering the room, Jackson lifted his blanket and got out of the bed.

“Jack? Why aren’t you asleep yet? What about your sister?”

“Lily’s already asleep, but I wanted to wait for Mommy to come back.” Jackson walked toward her, his big eyes filled with distressed tears.

Madeline knelt down and hugged Jackson. The little guy leaned into her embrace. “Mommy, Jackson hasn’t seen you for almost a hundred days.

“Does Mommy not want me anymore now that you have Lily?”

Hearing the little guy’s words, Madeline’s heart suddenly became sour while the corners of her eyes started to get wet.

“Silly, how could I not want Jack? You and Lily are both my treasures.”

“But why is Lily’s dad not my dad? Didn’t Granny say we’re real siblings?”

Madeline did not know how to answer for a moment.

Jackson looked a lot like Jeremy, so there was no doubt he was Jeremy’s and hers.

On the other hand, Lily looked like her and she only remembered Felipe telling her that Lily was their daughter.

“Mommy, Mommy.”

Madeline returned to her senses upon hearing Jack’s cries.

“Jack, I promise you that I’ll be with you forever. I’ll never leave you alone.” Madeline promised solemnly.

Jackson blinked his clear, big eyes and nodded. “Mom, you have to keep your promise. You can’t leave me alone.”


Madeline stretched out her finger and hooked it with Jackson’s.

Only then did the little guy go to sleep at ease.

Madeline immediately lay down beside the two little babies, but she could not get rid of the words she saw in the notebook from her mind even after a long time.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 656
[Madeline Crawford, I like you.]

Whose confession was that?

On the other hand, Jeremy had kept himself shut in his room after he came back from getting the divorce certificate.

Touching his empty ring finger, he did not know what else he could use to miss the woman he loved but could not get.

Only this deformed divorce certificate was proof that Madeline once belonged to him and him only.

However, that was only the past…

A week passed in a flash.

Jeremy knew that Madeline would leave for F Country with Jackson today.

Perhaps they would come back later, but he did not know when it would be.

He only knew that she was going further and further away from him.

However, even if she was now standing in front of him, he could not see nor touch her anymore.

Madeline was once again on the flight to F Country. Jackson was sitting beside her while Felipe carried Lily to the washroom.

Before the flight took off, Madeline had received a call from the head who managed the store on Crystal Street, asking her to confirm something.

Madeline turned on her computer to settle some work matters, but when she was about to shut it down, she accidentally clicked on a folder she had never seen before.

She randomly clicked on one of the txt files in the folder. She spaced out after opening it and seeing the contents.

[I never thought that you would leave me like this. You wouldn’t, right? This must be a prank, right? Don’t joke about things like this, Madeline. It’s not funny.

[You said you loved me and that you’d bother me forever. Why is your forever so short? It can’t be. I refuse to believe that it is…

[You must be doing this on purpose, Madeline. You’re doing this so that I would never forget you and so that I would miss you forever. You’re sly, but I won’t fall for it. Madeline…]

It was a diary.
She did not know whose diary it was, but she saw the person’s reluctance and heartache in the text.

After being frozen for a while, she clicked on the next document.

[Madeline, I miss you so much. Didn’t you say I’d regret it? I really regret it. Can you hear me?]

A short and simple sentence contained the repentance of the person who wrote the text.
Madeline’s fingers trembled slightly as she continued reading them one by one.

Then, she saw Jeremy’s name in the document.

[Madeline, this is the 100th day since you left. I never thought that the color of the sky could be so dark, but my world has become like this ever since I lost you.

[I always thought that you were not important to me, but the moment when you fell into my arms on the brink of your death, I wished the one who died would be me, Jeremy, instead.

[Madeline, I really miss you. I miss you so, so much… If I could do this all over again, I would rather we never met as long as you’re well.]

Seeing this, Madeline’s emotions gradually wandered on the verge of losing control.

These words and sentences that contained such affection were actually written by Jeremy.

He actually missed her and liked her this much.

However, his love and yearning for her had obviously expired. He took off the wedding ring which was enough to show that he had moved on.

“Mommy, are we really not waiting for Daddy to go to F Country together?” Jackson’s soft and childish voice was filled with reluctance for Jeremy. He gently pulled at Madeline’s hands. “Mommy, can we wait for Daddy and then go together?”

Madeline controlled her emotions and smiled at Jackson. “Jack, from now on, Lily’s dad is your dad.”

“Why?” Jack’s cute eyebrows frowned. “I want my own dad.”


“Mommy, is it because Daddy did something wrong and that’s why you’re not bringing him to F Country? Is it because Daddy can no longer see that Mommy doesn’t want him anymore?”

Madeline’s heartbeat stopped a bit upon hearing this. Her beautiful eyes widened in disbelief. “Jack, what did you say? Your dad can no longer see?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 657
Jackson’s pure, innocent eyes suddenly widened when he was questioned.

His fair, little hands hurriedly covered his mouth as though he had suddenly thought of something.

The little guy’s reaction made Madeline even more suspicious. She reached out and gently peeled away Jackson’s hands. “Jack, what’s the matter? Did you just say that your dad is blind?”

Jackson pursed his cherry-colored lips, hesitating to speak.

On the inside, Madeline became more anxious. “Jack, tell me quickly.”

“No, Granny said not to tell Mommy that Daddy can’t see.”


Madeline’s expression suddenly changed.

She suddenly recalled the weird look on Jeremy’s face the few times she saw him.

She had thought that he did not want to see her again but it turned out that he could not see her!

That was why he was just facing her, unable to capture her face at all.

Madeline’s heart stung for some reason. She quickly got up and walked out of the cabin in quick steps.

Felipe came back while carrying Lily. Seeing Madeline hurrying back while holding Jackson’s hand, he called out to Madeline, puzzled, “Eveline, where are you going?”

Madeline looked back, her face full of anxiety. “Jeremy is blind. Did you know about this?”

Felipe was slightly stunned upon hearing this, then he showed a surprised expression. “Jeremy is blind? How could it be?”

“If he’s alright, then I’ll come back immediately.”

Without giving Felipe a chance to stop her, Madeline walked away while holding Jackson. She did not look back.

If he was alright, then she would come back.

That meant she would not be coming back.

Jeremy was indeed blind.

Felipe stood fixed in his spot while carrying Lily. Seeing Madeline leaving in a hurry, darkness surged in his eyes.

‘Eveline, why do you still care so much about him even after you’ve lost your memories?

‘Even when you know this man has once hurt you so much.’

Madeline and Jackson took a taxi to the villa, but after she got out of the car, she stopped in her steps again.

Why should she care so much that he was blind?

Furthermore, he already had a girlfriend by his side, so why should she care?

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Jackson could not understand Madeline’s behavior.

Madeline looked down and smiled at him. “Jack, let’s go back.”

“Go back?” Jackson blinked his eyes. “Aren’t we here to bring Daddy with us?”

“No.” Madeline shook her head slightly, her gaze slowly darkening.

A sudden autumn wind swept over her strongly, blowing into her heart so roughly and so coldly.

Madeline held Jackson and turned around. At this moment, a black car passed by her.

She vaguely felt that the car was familiar. Madeline looked sideways and saw that the car had stopped at the entrance of the villa. A man in a black suit then got out of the car.

At the same time, Madeline saw Jeremy’s figure slowly appearing at the villa’s entrance.

Madeline spun around and watched Jeremy’s side profile quietly.

Jeremy was talking to the man in the suit. His expression was impassive and even cold. The corners of eyes and brows were dyed with a hint of coolness.

She could not hear what Jeremy was saying to that man, but she clearly saw the mocking smile on the man’s face. The man then raised his hand toward Jeremy.

He was holding a ring in his hand.

Madeline looked at the ring fixedly, her thoughts wandering far away.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 658
”Jeremy Whitman, the ring will be returned to you now, but you must remember to never show up in front of Miss Eveline again, or else you’ll bear the consequences.” The man in the suit warned.

Jeremy sneered lightly, “Your master dares not confront me head-on, so who are you to teach me how to do things?”

“You…” The man conceded and glared at Jeremy with an ugly expression.

“Give me the ring.” Jeremy’s tone was cold and pressing.

Seeing him reach out, the man suddenly smirked. “I’ll return the ring to you now. Mr. Whitman, catch.”

Hearing this man’s tone, it was obviously malicious.

Indeed, he deliberately threw the ring away from Jeremy’s palm.

The ring slipped past Jeremy’s fingers and rolled down to the concrete floor with a clink.

The man chuckled triumphantly, got into the car, and drove away.

Jeremy hurriedly crouched down, reaching his hand out in panic to feel for the ring that had fallen to the ground.

Madeline was completely despondent seeing this scene.

‘Is this Jeremy Whitman?

‘Is this the same Mr. Whitman who’s noble and elegant in other people’s eyes?’

He was so helpless at this moment, even looking pathetically for a ring that had fallen by his feet.

He could not find it no matter how hard he tried. Anxiousness gathered on that delicate and handsome face of his.

He was like an older child who had lost his treasure, anxiously fumbling for it everywhere.

He really could not see anything.

He did not even know that she was standing right in front of him, watching his helpless self.

Madeline suddenly felt a faint pain from a thorn growing in her flesh at this moment.

The autumn wind blew again and the corner of her eyes stung.

She stared at Jeremy blankly in silence and did not do anything.
Jackson let go of Madeline’s hand at this moment. He quickly ran to Jeremy and stuffed the wedding ring that fell to the ground into Jeremy’s palm.

“Daddy, for you.”

Jeremy felt the wedding ring and the gloominess on his handsome face was wiped away instantly. It was replaced by a touch of joy that was once lost but now recovered.

He took the ring and gently blew the dust off the surface, then put it back on the ring finger of his left hand. He cherished it as he held it, turning it slightly as if he would be at ease by doing this.

Madeline’s vision was suddenly blurry.

It turned out he did not discard the wedding ring but it had been taken away for some reason.

Jeremy seemed to have now realized something.

He reached out and felt the little boy in front of him. “Jackson?”

“Daddy, it’s me,” Jackson answered seriously.

Jeremy’s gaze softened. He gently caressed the little guy’s cheek. “Jack, why are you here? Didn’t you get on the plane with your mother?”

“I was about to leave, but Mommy suddenly brought me to look for you,” Jackson said as he looked at Madeline who was standing not far away.

“…” Jeremy was stunned hearing this. His heartstrings were pulled into a mess by the wind for a while. “Your mom is here?”

“Yes,” Jackson answered without hesitation. “Mommy, come here quickly. Daddy can’t see. We’re not playing hide and seek with Daddy anymore.”

Madeline’s tears fell instantly.

Jeremy froze for a few seconds, then he slowly stood up. He roughly estimated where Madeline was standing based on his senses. A hint of haste flashed across his face as his twinkling eyes further showed his awkwardness at the moment. However, he smiled gently.

“Silly, how can I not see? Get on the plane with your Mommy.” He smiled and gently pushed Jackson toward Madeline before saying, “Linnie, take Jack and go. I have things to do right now. Hopefully we can meet again in the future.”

He turned hurriedly after he was done speaking, but his disordered mind made him lose his sense of direction. As soon as he turned around, he bumped into the flower bed and almost fell.

Madeline suppressed the pain that spread in her heart seeing this scene. She let out a laugh and said, “Jeremy, do you not want to see me that badly?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 659
Jeremy’s fleeing footsteps suddenly halted, and he heard Madeline’s approaching footsteps.

His heartstrings tightened even more, but he forced a calm smile and turned his face slightly. “Take Jackson away and live the life you want. You’ll be happy staying away from a scumbag like me.”

Madeline walked to his back, the tears overflowing from the corners of her eyes getting blown dry by the autumn wind.

Seeing the calm and motionless appearance of the man in front of her, she chuckled again. “Live the life I want? Jeremy, do you know what kind of life I want to live?”

Jeremy lowered his beautiful eyes dimly and smiled. “At the very least, a life without me must be what you want.”

After his voice fell, the air was silent for a few seconds. Then, Jeremy opened his lips lightly.

“Now that we’ve gotten the divorce certificate and I’ve let you go, we’ll have nothing to do with each other from now on. I won’t bother you anymore, let alone pester you.”

As he said, he reluctantly turned his face away with his back now facing Madeline. “Miss Montgomery, I wish you a happy and long life with your loved ones.”

Miss Montgomery.

He called her that.

It felt so distant and alienated.

He walked around the flower bed and slowly stepped into the house. The view of his back appeared free and at ease as though he had put down all of the past.

However, she recalled the scenes of him losing control and hugging her as if he was paranoid, him kissing her side profile, and him whispering sweet nothings in her ear. The words and sentences he wrote in the diary were also vivid.

At this moment though, he said he had already let go.

Seeing his retreating back, Madeline’s heart was filled with unspoken sadness. She chuckled indifferently. “Mr. Whitman, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to ask you, did you lose your sight because of the fire?”

“Miss Montgomery, you think too much. There’s nothing wrong with my eyes, but thank you for your concern.” Jeremy did not even look back and continued walking as he said.

His tone was distant, as if she was just a stranger.

Madeline stood fixed on the spot as she watched Jeremy’s retreating figure. She thought of his reluctant look when he quietly followed her on the small island that day.

She suddenly felt that the time had long passed.

She did not chase after him and planned to go to the hospital to ask about Jeremy’s situation.

Just as she turned around, a car stopped in front of her.

Madeline vaguely saw a woman driving. She seemed to be the same woman who had stayed with Jeremy before.

As she was guessing, the woman opened the car door and got out.

The moment Felicity turned her face and met eyes with Madeline, there were strange expressions on the two’s faces.

Jackson blinked his big eyes twice, looking at the women in front of him who looked very similar to his dear mother in surprise.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Felicity Walker. Are you Mr. Whitman’s friend?” Felicity greeted first.

Madeline smiled politely. “I’m not his friend. I have nothing to do with him.”

Jeremy, who had not yet gone far, laughed bitterly upon hearing Madeline’s answer.

He thought for a moment, took a deep breath, and made a decision.

“Felicity,” he called out Felicity’s name, sounding so intimate.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 660
Felicity was stunned when she heard that, but she quickly understood Jeremy’s intention.

“Jeremy,” she called out Jeremy’s name, smiled, and walked to his side. She turned to look at Madeline who was standing at the gate of the villa. “There’s a lady at the gate. Is she looking for you?”

“I don’t know that lady.” Jeremy’s answer was crisp.

Madeline held Jackson’s hand and turned around. “Jack, let’s go.”

“But Daddy…”

“Be a good boy.” She smiled and coaxed, but she did not know why her smile was so strained.

Felicity stared at Madeline’s back with hatred and disgust. It was not until Jeremy walked to the side to put a distance between them did she withdraw her gaze.

“Mr. Whitman, the lady at the gate is actually someone you know, isn’t it?”

“Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Walker.” Jeremy did not answer Felicity’s question and just thanked her. “I’m not in the mood for any treatment today, so you can go back.”

His voice fell as he walked into the house. His back no longer carried the freedom and ease as when he faced Madeline earlier.

Felicity did not want to be too aggressive as she did not want to make Jeremy dissatisfied.

However, she was really surprised that Madeline would appear here. Should Madeline not be on the plane to F Country at this time?

Madeline took Jackson to the hospital.

She found the doctor who treated Jeremy after the fire.

When asked about Jeremy’s injuries from that time, the doctor told Madeline, “So you’re Mr. Whitman’s wife? I remember the incident very clearly. Mr. Whitman was rescued from the fire by the firemen. He was still unconscious when he was sent to the hospital. His hands and legs were bleeding, especially his right calf. His muscles and bones were struck by heavy objects and he couldn’t even stand upright.”

The doctor sighed as he said, “But what was unexpected was that the most serious injury was to his eyes. His retinae were damaged by the smoke and he could barely see anything. He was so badly injured and should have been hospitalized for treatment, but he was forcibly discharged from the hospital that very afternoon.
“His legs were badly injured at the time and simply moving around was very likely to render him disabled. I don’t know why your husband left in such a hurry.”

The doctor described the situation in a calm manner, but Madeline’s heart was already restless.

She took Jackson back to Montgomery Manor in a daze. Eloise, who was at home, was pleasantly surprised upon seeing the mother and son.

“Eveline, weren’t you bringing Jack and Lily back to F Country? Why are you back?”

“It’s because I said something wrong. That’s why Mommy brought me off the plane to find Daddy.” Jackson blinked his pure, big eyes and explained apologetically.

“Said something wrong?” Eloise gradually understood. “Eveline, d-did you go to see Jeremy? Then, did you see that he’s…”

“I saw. He’s blind.” Madeline’s tone was light as if she was talking about something that was irrelevant to her, but she knew that she was very restless at the moment. “Do all of you already know that he’s blind?”

“Eveline, I didn’t intend to hide it from you.” Eloise was deeply sorry. “It was Jeremy who deliberately told each of us not to tell you that he has lost his sight.”

After hearing the answer, Madeline found it a little unacceptable.

Then, she heard Eloise say, “In truth, in that fire, Jeremy completely ignored the safety of his own life in order to save you. But he didn’t want you to know that he had been seriously injured and even lost his sight because of you, so he quietly left the hospital that afternoon. I lied to you and said that if he was discharged from the hospital, it meant that his injuries weren’t serious, but in fact, he couldn’t even walk then.”

Every word of Eloise hit Madeline’s heart painfully. She was breathing uncomfortably.

She felt extremely perplexed at that moment. “Why did Jeremy do that? Why does he not want me to know?”

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