Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 641-650

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 641
The moment Jeremy let go, Madeline’s hands were cold and her heart seemed to have fallen into an icy abyss.

She called Jeremy’s name but received no response.

As Jeremy pushed her to safety, she heard a dull crash.

She did not know what it was but faintly felt that Jeremy was injured.

Madeline rolled from the wooden box to the ground. She coughed in discomfort. Ignoring her sprained ankle, she immediately stood up and ran to the door that was blocked by the wooden box.

“Jeremy, can you hear me? Jeremy? Answer me quickly!” She called out to Jeremy in a panic, but she could not get any response except for the sound of burning fire.

Madeline’s vision suddenly became blurred. She tried to push the wooden box, but it was to no avail.

The black smoke in front of her had blinded her sight and it seemed to swallow her breath and heartbeat as well. Seeing the tongue of the fire rushing out in front of her, Madeline dazedly opened her large eyes that were filled with tears. Her eyes flickered through similar scenes.

It was also a large fire with thick smoke.

There was a plump woman with a hideous smile pointing at her and cursing like a mad person, “Madeline, you b*tch! Let’s see if you still won’t die this time!”

The woman was still splashing gasoline everywhere frantically, and there was a wimpy-looking man lying on the side.

As the fire spread, Jeremy had carried her and Jackson who was bound out of the window.

The crazy woman took advantage of this moment and used a fruit knife to stab Jeremy’s arm fiercely.

Blood was flowing, but Jeremy did not let go of his hand that was holding Jackson. The firmness and worry in his eyes at that time were so real.

Madeline suddenly withdrew her thoughts and felt the scorching temperature spreading around her, but she also felt a chill all over.


She uttered his name blankly as tears fell silently from her eyes.

Madeline bit her lip and rushed to the door that was separated by the wooden box. As she shed tears, she shouted to the space in front that was about to be swallowed by the smoke, “Jeremy, there is no next life. We only have this life! If you really want to atone your sins toward me, then use this life to atone them! Jeremy, do you hear me?”

However, only the increasingly arrogant cries of the fire answered her.

Madeline dropped her hands, her eyes gradually dimming. The colors in front of her seemed to be fading slowly, turning to black…

Not long after, the firefighters and an ambulance arrived. They sent Jeremy, who was unconscious, to the hospital for emergency rescue.

However, after a while, the doctor regretfully informed Jeremy that he was seriously injured after inhaling a lot of dense smoke.

Madeline was listening on the side, her stifling pain knocking her out again.

“Mommy, Mommy.”

In a daze, Madeline opened her acrid eyes.

Coming into her vision was Jackson’s cute little face that looked like Jeremy’s.

Madeline’s consciousness abruptly awoke, but the intense pain was still hovering clearly on the apex of her heart.

She remembered what happened before falling asleep. The doctor had said that Jeremy died of severe injuries.

“Mommy, you’re finally up.” Jackson smiled happily.

“Jack.” Madeline looked at his face in a daze. She suddenly lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. She hurried out of the ward, ignoring her sprained ankle.

“Mommy, where are you going?” Jackson followed her worriedly, but his legs were not as long as Madeline’s. “Mommy.” The little guy followed closely behind.

Eloise, who was coming back from the doctor’s office, saw Madeline running out with a pale face while still in her medical gown. She hurried over to stop Madeline.

“Eveline, you’re awake? Why did you run out? Go back and rest, you’re still very weak.” Eloise persuaded worriedly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 642
Madeline held Eloise’s hand, her eyes looking panicked. “Where’s Jeremy? Is he really… Is he really dead?”

Eloise was stunned for a moment when she saw that Madeline’s face filled with panic and her eyes full of tears.

“Eveline, did you have a nightmare?” Eloise soothed, saying, “Jeremy is hurt quite badly, but it’s not life-threatening.”

After receiving Eloise’s answer, Madeline suddenly found her heartbeat again.

“He’s not dead?”

“No,” Eloise replied in the affirmative, “But his legs and hands are injured. Just like you, he also inhaled a lot of smoke, so he hasn’t woken up yet.”

It turned out it was just a nightmare.

It turned out that his life was not in danger.

Madeline suddenly felt that her heartstrings were no longer a jumbled mess and the pain that was suffocating her heart was instantly gone.

Eloise was observing the changes in Madeline’s expression, silently understanding.

It turned out that Eveline cared about Jeremy so much.

After calming down, Madeline asked lightly, “Mom, which ward is Jeremy in?”

Eloise heard her calling her ‘Mom’ and was very happy. She replied, “He’s in the ward next to yours.”

He was actually next door?

Madeline turned around and had just moved when she felt the pain in her sprained ankle.

She moved cautiously and was about to walk into Jeremy’s ward when Felipe quickly walked over to her. Madeline’s path to Jeremy’s ward was obstructed.

Felipe had a worried expression on his face. He was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand. “Eveline, you’re awake? Why are you standing here? Go back to the ward.”

He took Madeline’s shoulders with concern and hugged her, leading her back.

Madeline passed by the front of the ward where Jeremy was in and a sense of inexplicable loneliness emerged out of the blue.

“I thought you and Jeremy would settle your divorce certificate soon. I didn’t expect something like this to happen midway.” Felipe raised his long eyebrows, a touch of hurt appearing on his gentle, graceful, and handsome face. However, as he soon said that, he hid the hurt. He would never let Madeline see the unknown side of him.

Naturally, he would not let the person who kidnapped Madeline go.

Of course, he was also quite dissatisfied that Madeline and Jeremy had been obstructed again from getting their divorce certificate.

Did this mean that they could not make a clean break at all?


He would never allow such a situation to happen again.

Jackson was sitting on the sofa on the side, shaking his legs. He was not very fond of Felipe and Madeline being so close.

“Mommy, Daddy hasn’t woken up yet,” Jackson said such a sentence with a serious expression suddenly, “Mommy, if Daddy wakes up from his sleep, he must see you first.”

Felipe understood what the boy meant, but he did not express his dissatisfaction. Instead, he smiled and asked Madeline, “I heard that Jeremy saved you?”

“Of course, Daddy saved Mommy. That’s because Mommy is Daddy’s most precious treasure,” Jackson answered without thinking on behalf of Madeline.

Madeline was speechless for a bit before smiling slightly. “Felipe, I’m not hurt badly, but I’m still a little tired. Go on ahead. I want to sleep a little longer.”

Felipe nodded. “Then, you have a good rest. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah,” Madeline responded with a smile.

Not long after Felipe left, Madeline went to the door of Jeremy’s ward again. When she walked to the door and was still thinking about whether or not to enter, she heard movement inside. “Jeremy, are you awake?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 643
It was Winston’s voice.

Madeline quickly turned to the side and stood behind the wall.

With her gaze low, she saw Jackson blinking beside her while looking at her questioningly with his big, pure, and clean eyes. Madeline suddenly felt as if she had done something wrong and her cheeks became slightly warm.

“Mommy, what are you doing? Why aren’t you going in to see Daddy?” the little guy asked innocently.

A touch of ruddiness appeared on Madeline’s fair cheeks. “Your dad seems to have woken up, so I won’t go in.”

“Why?” Jackson fluttered his big lively eyes, not understanding.

Madeline bent over and touched Jackson’s head while smiling softly. “Jack, you’re still young and don’t understand many things. Mom is a little tired and wants to sleep a little longer. You can go in and see your father, but please don’t tell him that I was here.”

The little guy was now even more confused but nodded obediently.

Madeline returned to the ward and lay down quietly.

Recalling the moment when Jeremy was trapped in the fire and was unable to give any response, she felt an inexplicable lingering fear.

After Jeremy woke up, his throat felt dry and it was dark in front of his eyes. He stretched out his hand, but he could not even catch the outline of his palm.

Seeing that the situation was not quite right, Winston immediately called the doctor over. However, the first thing Jeremy asked about was Madeline’s condition.

“How is Linnie? Is she okay?” His low voice was a little hoarse and weak.

“Madeline is fine, don’t worry.”

Jeremy breathed a sigh of relief silently, a peaceful smile overflowing from the corners of his lips. However…

He raised his left hand again and opened his eyes, looking at it for a long time. Still, he could not see anything.

He laughed at himself calmly.

The doctor arrived soon and checked Jeremy’s condition again.

Jeremy told him that his vision was blurry and that he could not even see anything. The doctor hurriedly did a test and examined him. It turned out that Jeremy’s retina was damaged by the excessive smoke, which meant that he was now almost similar to a blind person.

Was this retribution?

Jeremy still smiled, finally feeling deeply Madeline’s confusion and helplessness back then.

After learning that Madeline’s ward was next door, Jeremy quickly made the decision that he was leaving the hospital.

“Don’t tell Linnie about my blindness.” He told everyone who knew about his condition that he did not want to cause Madeline any trouble.

He no longer had any regrets the moment she reached her hand out to him during that critical moment.

At least he knew that Madeline did not really hate him to the point of wanting him to die.

For him, this was enough.

Madeline slept deeply all afternoon, and when she woke up, there was no one in the ward.

She immediately got out of bed and carefully avoided stepping on her injured foot to go to Jeremy’s ward again.

She wanted to take a look at his condition and then leave, but she found that the ward was empty.

A nurse happened to be passing by, so she stepped forward and called out to them, “Excuse me, the patient in this ward, where did he go?”

The nurse glanced at the ward, smiled, and replied, “He was discharged not long ago.”


Madeline was stunned.

Although, since he was discharged from the hospital, it meant that he was not seriously injured.

She was thinking silently, but there suddenly seemed to be a feeling of loneliness flowing in her heart.

He was just across the wall. He had been discharged but did not come to say hello to her.

The corners of Madeline’s lips pulled up into a smile.

‘Eveline, he has already let go of you.

‘But why do I seem to be unable to let go again?

‘Why can’t I let go of this man who once made me want to die?

‘Don’t be stupid again.’

Eloise watched Jeremy leave from downstairs before heading back. She raised her eyes to see Madeline standing at the door of the ward in a daze.

She walked over quickly. “Eveline.”

Madeline abruptly returned to her senses. Seeing Eloise approaching, she asked casually,
“Has Jeremy been discharged from the hospital?”

“Yes, he… He was just discharged from the hospital.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 644
“Didn’t he hurt his leg? How did he get discharged so soon?” Madeline remembered that Jeremy’s hands and legs were injured.

Eloise avoided Madeline’s gaze as she went over to help her. She said slowly, “Since the doctor said he can be discharged from the hospital, I think there should be no major problems.”

“He’s fine. I don’t want to owe him anything,” Madeline said indifferently, revealing her determination to draw a clear relationship with Jeremy.

Eloise smiled and nodded, not daring to tell Madeline that Jeremy’s injuries were serious.

He had hurt the muscles and bones in his calf and was currently having difficulty walking.

He even lost sight in his eyes and could not see anything now.

After Felipe returned from the hospital, the first thing he did was to have his men investigate Madeline’s kidnapping.

Following the trail of Madeline’s kidnapping, he found Tanner who was hiding in an apartment building one step before the police. At the same time, he learned of the entanglement between Tanner and Madeline.

Tanner struggled all the way as he was taken to Felipe’s villa in the suburbs.

The sunset was magnificent here.

Felipe sat elegantly by the flowerbed in the courtyard, sipping his black tea in a leisurely manner.

“Who are you? Why did you bring me here? Hurry up and let go of me!” Tanner yelled as he neared.

Very quickly, Felipe’s men pushed Tanner, who was struggling wildly, in front of Felipe.

Tanner staggered and fell in front of Felipe. He raised his eyes sharply and was dumbfounded when he saw the handsome, distinguished, and elegant man in front of him.

“You… Who are you? Why did these people bring me here?”

Felipe lifted the corners of his lips superficially, his tone lazy and casual when he spoke, “Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

Tanner trembled. Could it be that the loan sharks were collecting his debt?

Just as he was making his guess, Felipe stood up. His smart and tall figure exuded a treacherous aura that pressed down the air around them.

“People who make Madeline unhappy can only wish to be happy in this life.”

He laughed, his eyes darkening suddenly.

“Give him a good memory and don’t get my place dirty.”

“Yes, Master Whitman.”

Hearing this, Tanner knew that this man had come for him because of Madeline.

Tanner’s mouth twitched at the sight of the burly bodyguards in black.

He finally knew to be afraid, but it was too late.

Half an hour later, the bodyguard reported back to Felipe and also informed him of Jeremy’s situation.

After hearing this, Felipe spread a smile on his lips. “Blindness? Broken calf? Are you sure?”

“Yes, and he left the hospital early in the morning to prevent Miss Eveline from knowing about his condition.”

Felipe’s eyes narrowed slightly as he heard this.

‘Jeremy, it seems that I’ve underestimated your feelings for Eveline.

‘But I really didn’t expect you to become blind. It seems that even God is giving me a hand.’

He opened the info record sent from F Country and smiled meaningfully.

In the past few days after having returned from the hospital, Jeremy had stayed in the room alone.

He experienced the darkness and anxiety Madeline had faced back then and felt even more distressed.

Only now did he know how difficult it was for a blind person to live a normal life.

He felt that he had lost the right to love her just because of the pain he brought upon Madeline back then.

Jeremy repeatedly listened to the song ‘Innocence and Evil’ that Madeline once sang under the heavy cloudy sky. Suddenly, there was a dispute from downstairs.

He listened carefully and found that Eloise had come over. Karen was angry and complaining about how Madeline made her son blind.

Although Jeremy’s leg injury had not healed, he did not have major problems walking. He fumbled downstairs.

Seeing him approach, Eloise walked toward him quickly.

“Eloise, your daughter has already hurt my son like this. Can you stop pestering Jeremy?” Karen ran over to stop her.

Jeremy looked up and showed his dissatisfaction with Karen before opening his mouth to ask Eloise worriedly, “Did something happen to Linnie? Why did you come to me so suddenly?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 645
Eloise was too lazy to argue with Karen. She raised her eyes to look at Jeremy’s beautiful but out-of-focus eyes. She sighed and said, “Jeremy, can I ask you just one question? Do you love my daughter?”

This question made Jeremy a little surprised.

“Answer me, do you love Eveline or not?” Eloise asked, her tone quite urgent.

Jeremy’s eyes softened. “Of course, I love her.”

“Well, since you love her, I’ll tell you this. Eveline will return to F Country with Felipe tomorrow and may never come back again.”

Jeremy’s soulless eyes were then tinted with a bit of loneliness and melancholy.

“I know.”

“Just like that?” Eloise looked at the man who had reacted so calmly in surprise.

Jeremy pulled up the corners of his lips into a smile. “Not bothering her and getting involved with her is the last thing I can do for Linnie.”

Eloise was surprised when she heard this.

Seeing Jeremy touching the handrails and turning back upstairs, she took a step forward. “Tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM. It’s your decision whether or not you’ll be there.” After saying these last words, Eloise left.

Jeremy paused as he was heading upstairs, then moved on.

Karen followed Jeremy and repeatedly emphasized, saying, “Jeremy, you must not go. You and Madeline are not a match for each other at all.

“Jeremy, listen to your mother’s advice. There are many women in this world who are better than Madeline. You don’t need to think about her anymore.”

No matter what Karen said, Jeremy ignored her.

Step by step, he returned to the bridal chamber that used to be Madeline and his.

However, there was no longer the remaining fragrance of her—only loneliness and desertion.

He found their wedding album from back then in the dark and stroked the grains of the photo. Jeremy’s fingertips were cold, and the coldness reached his heart.

‘Linnie, as long as you’re happy, I’ll be happy. Even if there will be this gap and regret that I won’t be able to fill up this life.

‘Linnie, I’ve just come to know that there really are people in this world who cannot be together because timing really is important.

‘I never did cherish the time when you regarded me as your only love.

‘Now when I have seen the light and truly regret what I’ve done, you already have hatred for me and not love.

‘Perhaps separation is the best ending for you and me.’

The next day at Glendale Airport.

Madeline followed Felipe, joining the line to check-in.

Felipe held her hand with a gentle smile. “Eveline, I know you’re reluctant to be here, so let’s go back to F Country to see Lillian. We’ll come back to pick up Jack after a while.”

Madeline nodded and looked toward the direction of Eloise and Sean who came to send them off. She could not help but look behind them.

She did not know what she was looking at or what she was waiting for, but she was looking forward to something in her heart.

Yet in the end, she could not wait for anything.

Madeline boarded the plane to F Country. The moment the plane took off, she felt weightless as if her heart had suddenly gotten lost.

She took out the leaf bookmark, and for a moment, she could not tell whether the boy she had met at the beach was Jeremy or Felipe…

Jeremy stood at the balcony silently, hearing a whistling over his head. Something in his heart shattered fiercely.

‘Linnie, you’ve really left this time.

‘You will never have to see this scumbag again.

‘Never again.

As the sun set and the moon rose several times over, it became late summer and early autumn in a flash.

Even during the hottest two or three months, Jeremy’s heart was cold.

He had visited many hospitals, both large and small, but none of them could effectively fix his blindness. No doctor dared to operate on his eyes rashly.

One weekend, Winston was accompanying Jeremy to an eye hospital. After the examination, the doctor said that there were no issues with Jeremy’s retina, and the reason why Jeremy’s vision had not recovered after so long could be due to other factors.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 646
Other factors?

Before Jeremy even thought deeper into it, Madeline appeared in his mind.

‘Linnie, three months have passed. I wonder how you’re doing recently?’

Someone hurried past Jeremy this moment. The person had bumped into his shoulder and knocked the medical record card as well as the examination report he was holding to the ground. “I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

The man apologized and ran away.

Jeremy was dissatisfied that his thoughts had been interrupted so suddenly. He squatted down to pick up the fallen objects.

“Sir, these are yours.”

A woman’s soft and gentle voice rang in front of him. Then, she handed over the medical record card that Jeremy had dropped.

Jeremy raised his eyes and was about to thank her when the woman in front of him suddenly took his arm and moved him back.

“Be careful, there’s a car,” she kindly informed.

After Jeremy stood firm, he immediately withdrew his arm. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The woman had a friendly tone. She looked at Jeremy closely with a pair of beautiful, almond eyes. “Sir, are you unable to see?”

Seeing Jeremy did not answer, the woman hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Winston had driven over just then and saw a woman talking to Jeremy. He got out of the car and walked over, “You are…”

He was halfway through speaking when he saw the woman’s face and was stunned.

The woman smiled and handed over a business card. “Hello sir, this is my business card.”

Winston looked away, took the business card, and glanced back up. “Felicity Walker, psychiatrist?”

“You’re a psychiatrist?” Jeremy raised his brows faintly.

Felicity nodded and smiled. “Yes, I’m a psychiatrist and my uncle works here. I’m here to see him this weekend, so I won’t disturb you anymore.” She turned around after speaking.

Although Jeremy could not see it, he noticed Winston’s strangeness.

“What’s wrong? Is there something about this woman?”

Winston shook his head quickly and glanced in the direction Felicity was leaving in. He then opened the passenger’s door. “Nothing. You should get in the car.”

Although there was something up, Jeremy did not ask again. “It’s still early, so send me to Whitman Manor. I want to see Jack.”

Winston acquiesced knowingly and sent Jeremy to a place not far from the gates of Whitman Manor.

“You head back first. I want to be alone for a while,” Jeremy said and got out of the car silently.

Winston did not try to persuade him and drove away alone.

Jeremy had come here often in the past three months, but he would not enter the gates of the house. He would just stand under a tree not far from the gates, looking toward one direction.

Three months had passed.

‘Linnie, do you still think of me occasionally?

‘Probably not.

‘Why would you think of a scumbag like me?’

Jeremy laughed at himself, touching the ring on his ring finger and twisting it gently.

He had lost a little weight in the past three months, but he did not expect that even his fingers would be thin.

In a daze, the wedding ring slipped from his fingers.

Jeremy’s gaze suddenly changed. He heard a clink as the ring fell to the ground.

He crouched down quickly and tried to look for it around him, but there was nothing but dust and dead leaves.

His eyebrows knitted tightly as his expression grew more anxious.

It was also at this moment that he realized what Madeline must have felt when she was lying on the ground, looking for something in a panic.

This wedding ring was the only token he had left of his bond with Madeline.

For him, it was a piece of treasure—the only one.

He was looking for it all flustered. A moment later, he unexpectedly heard familiar footsteps approaching him through the fallen leaves.

“Are you looking for this ring?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 647
The sound in his ears put a sudden stop to Jeremy’s search.

He felt a touch of surprise as he gently lifted his eyes that could no longer capture any light and color. “It’s you? When did you return to Glendale?”

“Yesterday.” There was suddenly light in Jeremy’s bleak eyes after he received that answer.

He slowly stood up, facing the man before him. “Is Linnie back with you too?” Felipe looked at Jeremy who was blind, then looked down at the wedding ring he had just picked up.

He played with it with his fingertips with interest, only to lift his lips. “Yes, Eveline came back with me too.”

As he spoke, Felipe saw the joy in Jeremy’s eyes. He smiled, saying, “Eveline and I are here to bring Jack back to F Country this time.”

His answer had very simply and decisively shattered the shade of joy on Jeremy’s face. “Eveline doesn’t want to see you again, so you’d better not appear in front of her, especially with the way you are now.”

“With the way I am now?” Jeremy laughed lowly. “Are you afraid that I, a blind man, would steal Linnie from you?”

Felipe’s sharp brows knitted into a frown unhappily. “Jeremy, you were not a qualified husband before and I hope you can be a qualified predecessor now. A qualified predecessor should be the same as dead.”

Jeremy’s gaze sank, and without answering Felipe’s words, he stretched out his palm nimbly. “Give me back the ring.”

“I can give the ring back to you, but you’d better remember what you said and don’t bother Eveline again.”

“I know what I’m doing, I don’t need you to tell me that.” Jeremy’s voice had become colder. “Give it to me.”

“Eveline and I will return to F Country in a week. I will have someone send you the ring then.”

Hearing this, it was obvious Felipe did not want to return his ring now.

Jeremy frowned. As he was about to reach out to pull at Felipe’s collar, he suddenly heard the sound of a car coming from a distance.

“Eveline is back,” Felipe said leisurely, smiling at Jeremy whose expression had changed slightly.

“You should stand behind this tree now and never show up again in Eveline’s sight. Otherwise, this ring will disappear. Also, you don’t want Eveline to be unhappy, right?”

Felipe’s tone was threatening. Smiling, he turned around, put Jeremy’s wedding ring in his pocket, and walked toward the approaching car.

After the car stopped, Felipe, ever the gentleman, opened the car door for Eveline. There was a small smile on his gentle and handsome face.

“You’re back.”

“Felipe.” Madeline smiled and nodded. Jeremy, who had already stood behind the tree, suddenly heard the voice he had been thinking of day and night. There was suddenly a sweetness in his heart even though she was calling another man’s name.

“Linnie.” Jeremy quietly smiled. However, he heard Madeline call out softly in the next second, “Lily, ​​we’ve reached grandma’s house.”

Lily? Jeremy was lost and in a daze as he felt a rush in his heart.

As Madeline’s voice sounded, a cute and beautiful face appeared in the car like a fairy.

When Lily saw Felipe, her pink and tender baby face burst into joy. “Dad!”

“Lily has been such a good girl.” Felipe stooped down and hugged Lily in his arms. He then turned and walked side by side with Madeline to the Whitmans’ gate.

Standing silently behind the tree, Jeremy felt Madeline’s footsteps getting closer. The early autumn wind was blowing and a familiar fragrance circled lightly at the tip of his nose.

It was Madeline’s scent.

Jeremy’s heartbeat quickened. To be able to hear Madeline’s voice again and to be able to get close to her again… He knew he should be happy.

Yet, Lily calling Felipe ‘Dad’ led a thorny flower to bloom in his heart.

He had always believed that Lily was his and Madeline’s biological daughter.

However, the paternity test had revealed that they did not have a father-daughter relationship.

Furthermore, Madeline had always emphasized that Lily was her and Felipe’s daughter.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 648
“Mom, can I really see Brother Jack later?” Lillian’s tender voice was like the clear spring in a mountain stream—it was extremely sweet.

Madeline’s eyes curved as she smiled. “Why would I lie to you? You’ll get to see Brother Jack in a while.”

“Great, I want to give my favorite lollipop to Brother Jack.” Lily happily patted her cute little hand.

The sound of clapping hands reached his ears, like a metronome hammering in his heart. Each click made Jeremy’s heart ache.

He could clearly feel Madeline walking less than a yard in front of him, accompanied by laughter.

He imagined the smile on her face at the moment and imagined her gentle, kind side while being the good wife and mother she was. He imagined that she would be sleeping peacefully in the arms of another man every night. Jeremy’s eyes were practically blown red by the wind.

He turned around quietly and drifted away from Madeline…

When Lillian first met Jackson, the two little babies were very friendly with each other. Now knowing that the other party was their own sibling, they were especially happy.

Although the two words ‘close relatives’ had vague meanings to them since they were young, their happiness was real.

Sean and Eloise had prepared a gift for Lillian early on.

Looking at such a beautiful and lovely little doll, the husband and wife blushed happily.

They thought these two children got along very well even though they were from the same mother but different fathers.

Madeline looked at the two siblings who were playing happily and could not stop Jeremy from popping up in her mind.

Seeing that Felipe had gone aside to make a call, Madeline sat next to Eloise. “Mom, has Jeremy’s leg injury from before healed?”

Eloise was looking at the two children when she suddenly heard Madeline’s question.

“He got injured from saving me. It’d be best if he’s fine now.” Madeline hurriedly explained.

Eloise nodded to express her understanding. “His leg injury has healed, but his eyes…”

“Grandma, Grandma!” Two little babies suddenly ran over happily, interrupting Eloise’s unfinished words.

After being interrupted, Eloise suddenly remembered Jeremy’s instructions.

She could not say anything.

She could not let Madeline know about his blindness.

Madeline’s attention was also drawn to the two of them, but she also noticed that Eloise was not done speaking.

When Felipe returned from his call just then, Madeline got up and immediately said, “Felipe, I want to take this opportunity to visit Grandpa again.”

Of course, going to see Old Master Whitman meant that she might meet Jeremy.

Jeremy refused in his heart, but of course, he could not deny what Madeline wanted.

He smiled softly. “It’s not convenient for me to accompany you. Do send my regards to Grandpa for me.”

“Alright.” Madeline nodded, an inexplicable expectation suddenly surging from the bottom of her heart.

Under the setting afternoon sun, she coaxed the two little kids to sleep before driving to the villa.

After getting out of the car, she walked slowly through the gates.

Everything here still gave her a sense of familiarity.

Jeremy had originally been sitting in the yard with the old man to soak up the sunshine when he suddenly received an unfamiliar call. He found that the call was from Felipe.

Felipe told him that Madeline would be coming to visit Old Master Whitman and asked him to avoid her and leave.

Madeline was coming. That made Jeremy’s heart beat disorderly.

He immediately got up and groped around for a familiar route. He wanted to go back to the house, but as soon as he turned around, he sensed an additional figure not far in front of him.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 649
“Linnie?” he called out tentatively, his nervous heart beating rashly in his heart just like the day he met Madeline in college. He actually felt on edge.

Jeremy did not know whether he should be happy or not. God had given him a chance to see the most beloved woman in his life again, but he could not see anything.

Madeline looked at the handsome face in front of her, her delicate eyebrows becoming a little less cold and a little more gentle.

She walked toward him calmly. “It looks like your leg is alright.”

Hearing Madeline’s voice, Jeremy’s heart was filled with incomparable satisfaction.

It was just that her words had slightly startled him.

Could it be that Linnie had come here specifically to see if his injury was healed?

Thinking of this, a smile overflowed from Jeremy’s lips, but he was only happy for a few seconds when Madeline’s cold voice followed, “I have nothing to do with you anymore, so I don’t want to owe you any favors.”

Jeremy’s heart went cold, but he kept a smile on his handsome face. “Linnie, you’ve never owed me anything. I, on the other hand, owe you too much.”

“You don’t owe me anything. If it’s a life, you’ve already paid it back last time. If there’s anything you owe to me, it’s a divorce certificate. You still owe me that.”

Madeline walked toward him. “I’ll be staying in Glendale for a week. I hope that you can take half a day to follow me to the town office, Mr. Whitman.”

After listening to Madeline’s words quietly, Jeremy nodded with a smile, unsurprised. “Okay.”

His answer sounded very straightforward. It was as if he felt no more nostalgia.

Madeline’s heart sank somehow. She looked at Jeremy’s beautiful, soft face. His pink lips were slightly parted.

“Alright, it’s a must.”

Jeremy responded with a smile, hiding his reluctance and nostalgia in his heart without a trace. “I have something to do. Grandpa is still in the yard. You can go and talk to Grandpa for a bit,” Jeremy said, about to turn around.

Madeline suddenly found it a little strange. Although Jeremy had looked in her direction, his sight and focus did not stop on her.

It seemed that he did not look at her even once.

Madeline watched Jeremy turn around and walk slowly into the house, feeling puzzled.

His left hand dangled in front of him, and his ring finger looked bare.

He seemed to have taken off the wedding ring.

However, Madeline was not sure since she was not able to see it clearly either.

Even so, Madeline still felt a sense of emptiness in her heart.


The old man’s call came from the side, and Madeline looked over again to see the old man maneuvering the wheelchair toward her.

Madeline was a little surprised. “Grandpa, you can move your hands?”

The old man looked at Madeline with a narrow eyebrow raised, his gaze loving.

“When did you come back?”

“Yesterday,” Madeline replied with a smile. She realized that Old Man Whitman’s speech was also sharper and sharper.

“Will you be heading back still?”

“Well, I’ll be staying here with Felipe for a week.”

Speaking of Felipe, the old man’s expression suddenly changed.

He stretched out his not very flexible hands tremblingly and gently held Madeline’s.

“Madeline, are you truly unable to give Jeremy another chance?”

Madeline pondered for a few seconds. She then knelt down and picked up a dead leaf from the ground.

“Grandpa, leaves don’t go back to their branches after they’ve fallen. Jeremy and I are just like this leaf here. We can’t go back again.”

Standing at the entrance, Jeremy heard Madeline’s words and felt as if a cup of bitter wine had been poured down his throat. The sour taste spread to the bottom of his heart.

‘That’s right, we cannot go back.’

Linnie, who had loved him the most, no longer loved him.

Jeremy laughed at himself bitterly before going upstairs quietly.

In the yard, the old man sighed and said meaningfully, “These dead leaves might not go back when they leave the branches, but come spring the next year, new branches and leaves will grow.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 650
Madeline was not a fool. She of course understood what the old man meant.

It was just that she did not want to go back.

Madeline stayed with the old man in the yard for a long time while Jeremy sat on the balcony of the bedroom, listening to her gentle voice. He was enjoying the joy of this moment in silence.

Felipe had received the news on his side and knew that Jeremy was avoiding Madeline. He had not let Madeline know about his blindness as well. He was quite satisfied.

However, he was also more certain of Jeremy’s feelings for Madeline with this and it exceeded his expectations.

He thought that Jeremy would use his condition to appeal to Madeline. He did not expect Jeremy to remain quiet about the matter but also consciously avoided her.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocked on the door of his study.

After receiving his consent, a woman walked in slowly.

“How are things going?” Felipe asked directly.

The woman raised her eyes to look at his stern face, then lowered her head in fear. “I’ve gone with the plan, but he has not come to me yet.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Felipe again.

Felipe raised his phoenix eyes lightly. Seeing the pink lips and the extremely beautiful face in front of him, his eyes were full of disdain.

“Do what you need to do. Just don’t entertain any askew ideas.”

“How would I dare?” The woman immediately expressed her determination. As she said this, her phone vibrated.

Seeing the number that she had long memorized, the woman’s eyes lit up. “He’s calling!”

Felipe opened his mouth indifferently. “Answer it, then.”

Hearing this, the woman hurriedly clicked on the answer button. She changed her tone of voice. At this moment, she sounded very calm.

The call was hung up just after a few words were shared.

“What did he say?” Felipe asked.

The woman was beaming. “He asked to meet at an outdoor cafe tomorrow.”

“Outdoor cafe,” Felipe repeated softly, his thin lips gradually bending in an intriguing arc.

The next day.

Winston took Jeremy to a cafe in the city center.

In the car, Winston asked doubtfully, “Jeremy, do you really think you being unable to see till now is because of a psychological problem?”

“My retina has recovered after being damaged, but I still can’t see anything. I can probably rule out my eyes being the problem.” Jeremy had calmly opened his mouth to say, but he understood the matter very well in his heart.

He had caused Madeline to suffer such painful injuries back then. He could not let go of it even today and it was still gnawing at his mind.

Of course, Winston also wanted Jeremy’s eyes to heal quickly, but he could not help a little sigh when he thought of the appearance of the psychologist named Felicity Walker.

Not long after arriving at their destination, Winston took Jeremy to sit down in the corner of the outdoor cafe.

“Jeremy, will you really be alright by yourself?” Winston was not convinced.

Jeremy nodded calmly. “You can go ahead.”

Winston decided not to be reluctant. Not long after he left, Felicity arrived.

Seeing Jeremy sitting in the corner, her eyes suddenly brightened. With her red lips, she walked over.

“Mr. Whitman, hello. I’m Felicity Walker.”

She introduced herself, her eyes lingering on Jeremy’s face since the start.

‘Jeremy, I’m sure you wouldn’t have expected that you and I will sit at the same table again one day.’

Jeremy could not see the expression on Felicity’s face, but he gave a polite smile. “Miss Walker, please sit.”

“Thank you,” Felicity replied. She turned her head and glanced at the stairs. When she heard the footsteps of someone coming up, she immediately made a move to fall on Jeremy’s body.

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