Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 61-70

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 61
She had to stay alive until the day Meredith got her retribution!

Madeline did not successfully leave Glendale. Jeremy would bring her back to Whitman Manor occasionally.

Old Master Whitman was weirdly fond of Madeline and was oddly kind to her. He even patted her shoulder and said, “This child looks so familiar. Do you think we were grandfather and granddaughter in our previous lives?”

To be honest, it was not only the old master who had this feeling, but Madeline also felt the same.

The moment she met the old master, she felt like she had seen him before.

Whenever Madeline went to Whitman Manor, aside from pretending to be gentle and kind to Jeremy, everyone was treating her as if she was an eyesore—especially Meredith.

Initially, she was able to kick her away and get the position of Mrs. Whitman successfully, but now, they could not get past Old Master Whitman. Getting the position of Mrs. Whitman now was as difficult as flying.

Monday afternoon, Madeline was looking for a job. Suddenly, she received Jeremy’s call. He told her that he wanted her to go to Whitman Manor with him tonight.

Before she could reject, he said, “I’m busy today, so I don’t have time to go pick you up. You should go over yourself, but before you go, remember to buy Grandpa the muffins that he likes.”

After interacting with the old master, Madeline also knew that he loved muffins, especially the ones from the shop on Cypress Road. Jeremy would buy some every time he passed that shop.

Madeline packed her things and took the subway to Cypress Road.

When she was about to leave after buying the muffins, she saw a familiar tiny figure in astonishment.

It was Meredith and Jeremy’s son, Jackson Whitman.

Madeline looked around and did not see Meredith. On the other hand, Jackson was looking around as if he was looking for someone.

‘Is he lost?’ Madeline thought. She saw a few passersby looking at him curiously. Some even went up to talk to him.

Jackson was only two and could barely walk, so how could he tell people his thoughts?

When she saw a man who looked like a hooligan approaching Jackson, Madeline rushed over quickly.

“Jack,” she called out and Jackson turned around.

He had seen Madeline a few times before, so he could recognize her. He called out adorably, “Maddie.”

When the man saw that Jackon knew Madeline, he walked away angrily.

“Jack, why are you here? Is no one with you?”

“Mommy…” the little guy looked at Madeline and called out for his mother.

Madeline felt an ache in her heart.

She had the chance to be a mother as well, but she would never have the chance again in the future.

Madeline held Jackson’s hand and waited for more than ten minutes. Still, no one came to pick Jackson up. She called Jeremy, but no one picked up the phone. She remembered him telling her that he was busy, so she stopped calling him.

She remembered that she was going to Whitman Manor tonight anyway, so she could bring this child back on the way there. At this moment, a cab drove by and Madeline brought Jack into the car.

While she looked at the child next to her, Madeline felt as if she was in a daze.

This was Meredith’s child. Why could she not treat this child as badly as how Meredith treated her daughter? Why could she not just ignore him and let him get kidnapped on the street?

Right, she could not do that. Not only could she not do that, but she even felt that this child was cute and friendly.

Perhaps she was tired, so Madeline rested her eyes for a while. After a long while, she was woken up by someone violently shaking her. Madeline opened her eyes in exhaustion and saw Meredith holding her shoulders while crying hysterically.

“Maddie, tell me! Where’s my Jack? Please give me back my child! Please!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 62
Madeline’s head felt heavy. After she was shaken by Meredith, she felt even dizzier.

“Maddie, why are you so cruel? I don’t care how much you hate me and resent me, but my child is innocent. Why’d you do this to Jack?”

This sounded so familiar.

Madeline did not forget how she almost said the same things to Meredith.

However, what was going on now?

What was Meredith saying to her?

“Maddie, tell me, where did you hide Jack? Tell me!”

When Madeline was still confused, Meredith screeched and questioned her hysterically again.

“Jack?” Madeline remembered what happened before she fell asleep. Then, she looked at her whereabouts. She was at her current home.

She was taking Jackson back to Whitman Manor earlier. Why was she here now?

Madeline felt a cold gust of air creeping up from the bottom of her feet. She quivered. She did not dare to imagine what had happened.

“Madeline, I didn’t expect you to really do what you claimed you would.” A bone-chilling voice said from above her head.

She lifted her head and Jeremy’s handsome but cold face appeared in her vision.

His words held a deeper meaning, and Madeline was confused. However, Meredith’s heartbreaking cries sounded once again.

“Maddie, I’m begging you. I don’t want anything anymore as long as you give me back my Jack! I’ll ask Jeremy to treat you nicely as long as you give me back my Jack.” Meredith grabbed Madeline and pleaded sadly.

Madeline looked at Jeremy in horror and explained herself. “I ran into Jack when I was at Cypress Road and he was lost, so I wanted to bring him home…”

“Maddie, why are you still lying at this point? Jeremy and I watched the security footage. He wasn’t lost. You’re the one who took him away! Tell me, where is he?” Meredith wailed loudly.

Madeline felt fear and trepidation in her heart. Her rationality told her to stay calm. She looked at Jeremy. “Since you can look at the footage, then I’m sure you’ll be able to find out that I did intend to take Jack to Whitman Manor, but then…”

Then, she felt sleepy and she fell asleep.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, something clicked. “The driver! That driver was suspicious! He’s the one who took Jack!”

“Hmph.” Jeremy scoffed suddenly. He looked at her with an icy glare, causing Madeline to shiver in fear.

“Jeremy, I didn’t hide your son. I never hurt him!” Madeline looked into Jeremy’s sharp and piercing eyes bravely.

“Madeline, are you still going to keep acting at this time? Did you forget what you said to Mer in front of me? You told her to be careful and that not only will you kill her when you go crazy, but you’ll also take action against the little guy. You’re still trying to quibble now, huh?”

Madeline felt a chill running down her back. The fear and anxiety spread to every inch of her body immediately.

Right, she had said that, but she only said that to infuriate Meredith.

How would she do something like that?

“Maddie! For the sake of our relationship, I’m begging you!” Meredith knelt suddenly.

Jeremy gathered Meredith into his arms, his eyes penetrating Meredith like ice daggers. “I’ll give you another minute to think. If you don’t tell me, I’ll send you back to prison again.”

Madeline felt her entire body going cold. Her eyes were filled with terror and fear.

She was still unable to repel and forget about the thousand days she spent in prison, how she was beaten and tortured, and the hurt she got physically and mentally.

Those dark days almost forced her to end her life.

She could not die!

However, at the same time, she did not want to go back to that hell where she was unable to carry on even for a single day.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 63
One minute was up in a blink of an eye.

Madeline was woken by Meredith’s cries. Jeremy looked at her coldly and pressed three numbers on his phone. He was about to call the cops!


Madeline’s tightly wound nerve finally snapped.

She walked in front of Jeremy with a pale face. “Jeremy, I truly didn’t hide your son! I won’t do that kind of thing even if I despise Meredith!

“I experienced the pain of being separated from my own flesh and blood, so I know it feels even worse than death. I’d never—”

“So you’ll only be happy if Mer goes through this pain as well, right?” Jeremy interrupted Madeline. His gaze was like sharp knives, stabbing Madeline’s heart mercilessly.

“Madeline, a leopard never changes its spots. A woman like you can die 1,000 times and still the resentment in my heart will never be diminished!”


His furious words penetrated Madeline’s heart like bullets that she was unable to dodge away from.

“Don’t even think about coming out after going in now,” Jeremy said, hitting the dial button of his phone. He still called the cops in the end.

It was the end of summer and nearing the start of fall. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck as a clap of thunder rumbled loudly.

Madeline shuddered subconsciously while her face turned white instantly.

The memories of the nights when she was beaten violently and the night when she was inducted into labor appeared in her brain again.

She felt her heartstrings snap as she knelt before Jeremy’s feet while having an emotional breakdown. “Jeremy, please believe me! I didn’t do it!”

Madeline was terrified.

Despite being strong, she was still a woman at the end of the day.

Madeline knelt in front of Jeremy as she grabbed his pants tightly. Tears drenched her eyes. “Jeremy, please believe me!” She roared. She was almost in a state of despair.

She did not forget how she used to beg him like this and yet, he had kicked her away mercilessly.

However, this time, he was hesitating.

When Madeline thought Jeremy was about to let her off the hook, Meredith’s cries triggered Jeremy at the right moment. “Jeremy, will Jack leave us forever?”

Jeremy sent Madeline to prison again without a moment’s more hesitation after Meredith said that.

Inside the interrogation room, Madeline kept on repeating that she did not do it. However, no one believed her.

This scene was exactly like what happened back then.

Madeline had lost all hope.

Fate loved to torture her. She recalled what she had done and realized she only loved the wrong man. However, she had to pay such a huge price for it.

When she was on the brink of giving up, the officer released her.

When she walked out of the station, she saw Jeremy’s car waiting for her.

It was already dark and it was raining cats and dogs. Madeline did not care. She ran straight to the car.

When she was about to say something, Jeremy rolled down the window and threw her phone at her face. Then, he grabbed Madeline’s collar and yanked her close to him. “Did you work with this man to kidnap my son? Madeline, why are you still trying to argue when it has come to this?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 64
Madeline’s vision was blurred by the rain, but she could clearly feel Jeremy’s wrath.

He grabbed her collar tightly, making Madeline almost unable to breathe.

Looking at her red face that was on the brink of suffocation, he finally let go of his hands as if he was releasing his anger. Then, he pushed her away.

Madeline gasped for air as her body was drenched in the rain.

She picked up her wet phone and saw her messages on the screen.

There was a message from an unknown sender at the top of the list. ‘The kid refuses to listen to me, so I beat him up good. He’s not making a sound now. When can you make the Whitmans pay up to get this kid back?’

When she read this message, Madeline’s brain exploded. Then, her mind went blank.

It was obviously a message about the kidnapping, but why was this message sent to her?

“Madeline, you’re really something else. You even went as far as working with a ruffian to kidnap my son. If my son is hurt in any way, I’ll slice a piece of your flesh off you.”

Madeline shuddered. When she was about to stand up, she felt debilitating pain in her stomach.

She could not stand, so she could only kneel next to Jeremy’s car while lifting her head and gritting her teeth. “Jeremy, I don’t know this person! I didn’t kidnap your son. This is slander!”

Rain fell on her face and she was in so much discomfort that she could not open her eyes.

“Slander? Did Mer slander you again? She’s using the life of her own flesh and blood to slander you again and again, huh?”

Jeremy’s eyes looked like they were hungry for blood.

“Madeline, I’m telling you now. If I don’t see my son right this second, I’ll help you accomplish your aim of accompanying your dead b*stard child!”

After he warned furiously, he sped away.

The wheels picked up the rainwater and mud on the floor, splashing Madeline. The words he left her felt like a million arrows aiming for her heart.


Madeline clutched the part of her stomach where it hurt and bent down to curl up her body. However, she could not get any relief from the bone-piercing pain at all.

The rain was getting heavier and the cold air almost drowned Madeline’s heart.

The three years of imprisonment was not enough to make her come to a realization.

She was still so weak and fragile.

She clenched her fist and bit her lip to make herself stand.

She called Jeremy. However, not only did he not pick up, but he even hung up immediately.

Madeline’s fingers shook as she read the message about the kidnapping. She called the number immediately.

The person on the other end picked up the phone almost instantly. A man’s voice said, “Madeline, is the money ready?”

The man was asking her like it was a matter of course. Madeline’s mind went blank. However, she vaguely felt like she had heard this voice before.

“Who are you? Why did you say that?” Her heart was beating erratically.

“Madeline, what nonsense are you talking about? I’m your close friend! You’re the one who called me about this business,” the man said smoothly. “Get the money quickly. That kid is so annoying. I’m worried that I might kill him.”

When she heard that he would kill Jackson, Madeline felt a dull pain in her heart.

“Don’t hurt Jackson!” she yelled without even hesitating.

“I know, I’ll get less money if I hurt this kid. Come over quickly! I can’t wait,” the man said as he was about to hang up.

“Don’t hang up! Where are you? I’m going over now!” Madeline was scared to lose any information on Jackson, so she asked quickly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 65
The man told her his location before hanging up.

Madeline called Jeremy instantly, but she noticed that he had probably blocked her number.

Then, she looked at her empty contact list. The only number she could dial now was Old Master Whitman’s.

However, after thinking about it, Madeline gave up that thought.

Time did not wait, and Madeline did not have any other choice. She called a cab and told the driver the address.

The driver was a friendly-looking man. When he saw that Madeline was pale and in pain, he wanted to send her to the hospital out of kindness. After Madeline thanked and rejected him, they continued their way to their destination.

About half an hour later, she finally reached the location the man gave her.

It was somewhere in the countryside that was surrounded by mountains and bodies of water. Trees with yellowing leaves were everywhere.

The night wind blew past her, the bone-chilling coldness invading her entire body.

Madeline shivered, and the tumor in her stomach was still aching.

However, when she thought about Jackson’s safety, she still gritted her teeth and took a step forward.

She followed the gravel road and walked for about 100 meters before she saw a house in front.

When she was about to arrive, she slipped and fell.

Her palms were slashed open by the gravel. She flicked away the gravel and stood up with a clenched fist.

Those wounds were nothing compared to the pain of her tumor. Plus, all of these were nothing compared to Jeremy’s sharp and piercing gaze in addition to his cold-blooded warnings.

Madeline dragged her tired and drenched body until she finally reached the house.

She tried to open the door but she found that it was locked.

When she was about to knock, the wooden door was opened. The face that appeared behind the door shocked her.

It was Tanner!

When he saw Madeline, he pulled her inside.

Madeline was pulled inside the house without a warning. Before she could stand still, she heard Tanner’s disgusting voice.

“Maddie, I miss you so much!” he said as he was about to hug Madeline.

Madeline endured the pain in her body and used all of her might to push Tanner away.

“Where’s Jackson?” she asked as she looked all around her.

Tanner shrugged nonchalantly and smiled. “Why are you in such a hurry to see that kid, baby? We haven’t seen each other in so long and we’re finally together again. Let’s have some fun first,” he said before pouncing on Madeline.

Madeline was already exhausted on the journey here. She did not have the energy to push Tanner away. Eventually, she was pushed down on the wooden table.

Tanner used his legs to press Madeline down. Then, he ripped open her clothes with his hands.

“Let me go! Tanner, you animal! Let me go!”

Slap! Tanner slapped Madeline across the face. “Why are you yelling, Madeline? This is not our first time anyway. Why are you pretending to be pure and naive? You’ll do it with anyone as long as they pay you.”

After he slapped her, Madeline turned her face away and there was blood on the corner of her lips. However, she still continued to struggle. “Nonsense! I didn’t do anything with you. Why are you framing me?”

“Framing you? You’re the one framing your sister, Meredith!”

When Tanner said that, Madeline was stunned.

“Madeline, I didn’t expect you to still be this evil after getting locked up for three years. You contacted me the moment you got released and told me to work with you to kidnap Meredith’s son to get some money from her. Now, you’re saying that Meredith is the one who framed you! You’re so bad! Today, Daddy will see clearly just how evil your heart is!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 66
After Tanner said that, Madeline’s shirt was ripped open.

Madeline was in so much pain that she did not have the energy to struggle. When she thought Tanner was about to get away with this, the door was kicked open with a loud thud.

The door tilted to one side before falling on the floor.

Madeline turned her head and saw Jeremy’s handsome yet terrifying face that looked similar to that of Satan’s.

When her eyes met his sinister and treacherous gaze, she shivered.

Jeremy strode over and pulled Tanner, who was pressing on top of Madeline, away.

“How dare you kidnap my son? Are you tired of living?”

He punched Tanner heavily on the side of his face, making Tanner wail in pain. One of his teeth fell out and blood started pouring from his mouth. Jeremy kicked Tanner to the corner of the wall, and in that instant, Tanner could not get up from the pain.

Madeline fell on the floor limply. She tried to cover her naked body with her tattered clothes.

Jeremy glanced at her in disgust. “Madeline, you’re even more depraved than before.”

He looked at her in repulsion before walking to the room inside the house.

After a while, he carried the sleeping Jackson out from the room.

When Madeline saw that Jackson was unharmed, she let out a sigh of relief. However, Jeremy still looked at her with a murderous gaze. She immediately felt uneasy again.

She looked at him pleadingly to try to gain his trust. “Jeremy, this has nothing to do with me…”

The man chuckled coldly, his voice sounding sinister. “Madeline, do you think I’m blind or deaf? You deserve to die.”

After he said that, he turned around with Jackson.

Madeline got up from the floor while her entire body felt cold. Then, she ran to the side of the car.

The rain fell on her battered and bruised body. The searing pain started to spread to every inch of her body.

“Jeremy, this is Meredith and Tanner’s trap! They knew each other from a long time ago! They’ve even dated before. Meredith had two abortions because of Tanner! Jeremy, I’m telling you the truth! I never did anything immoral! They’re working together to frame me!”

Her hands were on the half-opened window as she kept emphasizing. Her pale face made her eyes look even redder.

She so desperately wanted to gain his trust, even just a little bit. A little bit would be fine.

However, Jeremy did not even look at her. He only peered at her from the corner of his eyes.

“What did Mer do to get a sister like you?”

His words were laced with trust and protection for Meredith. In addition to that, he only had utter despise for Madeline.

“If it isn’t for Mer, can you even live until this day? Someone like you should have died a long time ago.”

His words pierced her heart.

Her hands that were holding the window slowly lost their energy.

“Jeremy, am I so untrustworthy in your heart? If that’s the case, why did you make that promise to me that back then?” she yelled at him while on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

Jeremy frowned and turned his face in confusion. He scoffed as he looked at Madeline’s pale face.

“Go to the doctor if you’re sick. There’s no back then between you and me. I only made a promise to one girl in my life, and her name is Meredith Crawford.”

After he said that, he rolled up the window.

His handsome side profile gradually became blurry in Madeline’s vision.

She collapsed onto the mud as if she had become corrupted. She allowed the wind and rain to have their ways with her.

The wounds on her flesh were not as heart-wrenching and bone-chilling as the words he said before he left.

The beautiful encounter that she had in her memory and the promise that he told her when he held her hand as they walked along the beach all dimmed and decayed at this exact moment.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 67

‘So you only made a promise to Meredith in this lifetime?

‘So what you said back then were all just meaningless words? And I was just a scenery that you passed by in your life that’s not worth remembering.’


Madeline closed her eyes. She could not tell whether it was tears or rain that drenched her eyes.

Before she had the energy to stand up, Tanner and she were brought into the cop car.

During the 48 hours in detention, Madeline could not escape from being beaten up again.

However, she was numb to all this. She was so numb that she did not feel any pain when she started vomiting blood.

Only tears escaped her eyes uncontrollably. The tears seared her heart, blurring her vision and drowning her heart.

Madeline crawled on the ground and got to the iron bars. She received all kinds of kicks and punches on her back.

When she looked at the sunlight outside, she smiled lamentably.

While she was living in a world that she had created herself for so many years, that man had already completely forgotten about her.

It had been so many years and it turned out to be just her one-sided obsession.

Daniel spent a lot of time and effort to finally gather enough manpower and evidence to bail Madeline out.

He brought Madeline to Adam for a check-up. When Adam got the result, his face fell.

The medication was controlling the growth of the tumor, but it had suddenly worsened.

He did not know what Madeline experienced during this period that caused the index to plummet. He prescribed some painkillers for Madeline, then started discussing with other experts in regards to Madeline’s immediate surgery.

When Jeremy went to the station to look for Madeline, he was told Madeline was already bailed out by someone.

He was livid. He found Madeline’s home and grabbed the woman who was just about to rest after coming back from the hospital.

“You’ve done so many immoral things and you’re still able to sleep so soundly?”

Madeline’s head was throbbing in pain. When she looked at his angry face, she smiled.

“Then what do you want, Mr. Whitman? Do you want to hire more people to beat me up or are you going to make it quick and just kill me this time?”

It was evident that Jeremy was not happy with Madeline’s attitude. He pulled her up. “You must be dreaming if you think you can die so easily.”

His words awakened Madeline’s muddled thoughts.

She saw an eeriness and coldness that she had never seen before in Jeremy’s eyes.

That terrifying cold air invaded Madeline’s entire body once again.

She struggled in terror. “Jeremy, what else are you trying to do? Will you only be happy when I die?”

“You’ll only benefit from being dead. Madeline, I want you to live a life that’s worse than death.”

Madeline did not know what cruel tricks Jeremy still had up his sleeves to deal with her. She wanted to escape from his hold, but he was too strong. He dragged her out of the house easily.

He did not use too much force to drag Madeline to the car before pushing her in. Then, he ordered the driver to start driving.

Madeline had spent so much time calming herself down, but now she was on the verge of a breakdown again.

“Jeremy, I never hurt anyone. Meredith is the one who keeps on framing me. Why don’t you go and investigate her? You’re such a smart man, so why are you being fooled by Meredith?”

Perhaps Madeline’s tears had touched Jeremy as he seemed to have hesitated slightly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 68
The air in the car plunged into sudden silence. Madeline laughed bitterly in exhaustion.

“Jeremy, even if you don’t believe me, what about Grandpa? He’s a wise man with a lot of experience in life. If I’m such a battered person, then why did he agree to let me marry you? Why would he take care of me and give Meredith the cold shoulder?”

She thought Jeremy would ponder about this, but the moment she stopped talking, he laughed.

“You know clearly why you got to marry me and why Meredith gets the cold shoulder from Grandpa.”

He was obviously saying that Madeline was secretly inciting disharmony between Old Master Whitman and Meredith.

However, he never thought about how a woman like Meredith who willingly became a mistress was already problematic.

“Madeline, stop acting. I’m going to take you to see Grandpa now. I’ll let him see your true self.”

Madeline smiled bitterly. She did not want to explain herself anymore.

Her existence had become a lie that was wicked beyond redemption.

Madeline was brought back to Whitman Manor by Jeremy, and she was forced to go into the living room with him.

Old Master Whitman was sitting upright and still in front of them. His face looked solemn.

Meredith sat at one side tearfully while Jeremy’s mother was comforting her considerately.

When Jeremy’s mother saw Madeline, she stood up and pointed at her.

“Madeline, how can a b*tch like you be so cruel? You could even sink your claws into such a young child. What did Meredith do to you? Why did you do that to her?”

Jeremy’s mother pointed at Madeline and started yelling.

“Three years ago, you stole Mer’s boyfriend with such heinous tactics and now you’re doing this to her child. You’re such a terrifyingly cruel woman!”

As she said that, she lifted her hand and waved it down on Meredith’s face.


Madeline thought she was unable to avoid the slap. However, at this moment, she heard the old master’s voice.

She saw the smirk on Madeline’s face vanishing. It was as if she did not expect the old master to side with Madeline at this moment.

Madeline did not expect this as well.

“Dad, you’re still helping this woman? Even an outsider won’t be able to stand what she has done!” Jeremy’s mother felt agitated. “If it wasn’t for this b*tch, Mer would have been your granddaughter-in-law. She even gave us a grandchild and yet, she has to suffer all kinds of grievances. You have to stand up for her!”

After she said that, Meredith raised the volume of her sobbing. Then, she wiped away her tears softly.

“Old Master Whitman, I don’t have the wishful thinking of being your granddaughter-in-law. I gave birth to that child willingly for Jeremy. I don’t want to split hairs with Maddie. I just hope that you can tell Maddie to stop hurting your great-grandson.”

What an awe-inspiring speech. Jeremy’s mother was on the brink of tears from feeling so sorry for Meredith.

Madeline wanted to laugh. She looked at Jeremy and saw that he was looking at her.

When her eyes met his, Madeline averted her gaze quickly. Then, she heard the old master grunting.

“Great-grandson?” The old master’s words sounded sarcastic. “I’ll only recognize the great-grandson who Maddie gives birth to. She’s the daughter-in-law who has legally wedded into this family.”

When he said that, the air in the room froze.

No one expected the old master to say something like this.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 69
Meredith stopped putting on her pitiful performance and looked at Old Master Whitman with an awkward expression on her face.

The old master’s face was solemn and his manner was imposing. “You’re a woman who meddled into another marriage and you even gave birth to a shameful illegitimate child with so much courage of your convictions. Not only are you not shameful about what you’ve done, but on the contrary, you’re proud of yourself. The Whitmans don’t have a granddaughter-in-law who doesn’t respect and love herself.”

“…” The corner of Meredith’s lips twitched as her fake gentle mask was about to crack.

Perhaps she had never expected herself to be such a character in the old master’s heart.

No wonder the old master did not like her.

Madeline saw Meredith clenching her fists. She was finding it difficult to keep up her act, and yet, she still could not drop her kind and gentle facade.

“Dad, you can’t say that. Madeline was the one who meddled in their business first. She’s the mistress! If she hadn’t come between them to plot against Jeremy, Mer and Jeremy would be married by now! Plus, she even kidnapped Jackson. You can’t ignore this!”

“I didn’t kidnap Jackson. I didn’t plot that thing three years ago as well. I’m the victim of that incident.” Madeline tried to explain.

Jeremy’s mother glared at her. “That Tanner guy has already admitted to everything about Jackson’s kidnapping incident and you have the audacity to say that you didn’t do it? You obviously plotted against Jeremy three years ago because you loved him for a very long time but couldn’t have him.

“If you didn’t plot against Jeremy, then why did he sleep with you? You guys were even photographed by the reporters. You planned everything! Madeline, you’re the most heinous and cheapest woman I’ve ever met!”

“Tanner was bribed into doing this. I don’t even know him.” When Madeline said this, she stole a glance at Meredith. After that, she looked at Jeremy. “Yes, I like Jeremy a lot, but I’ll never do such devious things to get a man just because I like him.”

She looked at Jeremy, her gaze magnanimous. Then, she smiled bitterly.

“However, I understand and see everything clearly now.”

Madeline’s words were deep. Jeremy frowned and looked at Madeline’s fake smile with a deep look on his face.

“Grandpa, thank you for your trust and support. I’m not destined to be the daughter-in-law of the Whitmans. I’ve thought it through and I want to divorce Jeremy.”

Everyone was shocked once again by what Madeline said.

Meredith was ecstatic. She could finally become the lawfully wedded wife!

Madeline saw Meredith’s delighted expression. However, when she glanced over, she saw Jeremy frowning deeply. His face was gloomy and his bottomless eyes were staring at her intensely like he was about to devour her. His eyes were deep and terrifying.

Her heartbeat accelerated when she saw this, so she quickly avoided Jeremy’s eyes.

“Dad, since she has proposed the notion of divorcing Jeremy, then you should agree to it.” Jeremy’s mother could not wait for it to happen. Meredith was also looking at her with longing in her eyes at one side.

Old Master Whitman turned a deaf ear and reached out his hand to Madeline. “Come to me.”

When Meredith and Jeremy’s mother saw this, their faces fell.

Madeline hesitated for a few seconds, then she looked at the old master’s benevolent and friendly face. Finally, she walked over.

Old Master Whitman looked at Madeline with kind eyes. “I’m going to ask you two questions,” he said with a gentle tone. “Do you really want to divorce Jeremy and stop being our family’s daughter-in-law?”

It was this question. Madeline looked at Jeremy who had a grim expression on his face. Then, she nodded. “I’m not worthy of the noble Mr. Whitman.”

After she said that, Madeline felt a cold air invading her body. She could even feel that it was coming from Jeremy.

Old Master Whitman nodded after he heard that. After he looked at Jeremy, he said humorously, “Then, did that noble Mr. Whitman sleep with you after he was forced to marry you?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 70
Everyone in the room did not expect the old master to ask a question like this, let alone Madeline.

Madeline’s stabled heart rate went up again instantly. She did not know how to answer that question.

Old Master Whitman saw Madeline’s blushing face and he understood.

He smiled gently and lifted his head to look at Jeremy. Then, he solemnly looked at Meredith and Jeremy’s mother who had awkward expressions on their faces.

“No one is allowed to destroy this marriage as long as I’m here!” The old master announced seriously.

Madeline saw that Meredith’s face was as dark as a piece of coal and it was extremely grim. She reckoned she must be cursing the old master with all the swears she could think of.

“Miss Montgomery.”

The old master addressed Meredith this way as she was the young lady of the Montgomery family now.

Meredith forced out a smile on her face. “Yes, Old Master Whitman.”

“I trust that my granddaughter-in-law didn’t kidnap your son. If you insist that she’s the one who did it, then you should ask someone to talk to my lawyers.”

“…” Meredith’s smile froze instantly.

She did not expect the old master to defend Madeline like this!

This was too much!

He kept on calling Madeline his granddaughter-in-law, making Meredith so jealous that her face had become contorted beyond recognition.

Jeremy’s mother was also stunned. “Dad, are you confused? Madeline did so many heinous things. How can you—”

“I’m old, but I’m not confused!” Old Master Whitman retorted with a powerful voice. Jeremy’s mother did not dare to say anything else. Meanwhile, Meredith was livid but did not dare to say anything.

“It’s late. Jeremy, take your wife now.”

The old master made that statement, and indeed, Jeremy walked next to Madeline cooperatively before taking her hand intimately. “Let’s go home.”

When their hands touched, Madeline’s heart skipped a beat reflexively.

His palm was slightly cold, but when it touched Madeline’s palm, it felt like a layer of searing hot iron. It was making her uncomfortable.

When Madeline saw Meredith’s wide eyes, she lifted her head to smile at Jeremy. “Okay.” She pretended to nod obediently.

After they bid farewell to the old master, Madeline followed behind Jeremy quietly.

On the way to the car, Madeline could feel a ball of fire following behind her. She turned her head to take a look and saw that Meredith’s features were squeezed together in anger.

Madeline felt great. However, her hand was suddenly flung away.

Jeremy stepped on the accelerator and said coldly, “Madeline, I’ve underestimated you. What did you drug my Grandpa with so that he’s willing to defend you so much?”

Madeline looked at Jeremy. His side profile still looked as handsome as before, but the gentleness was nowhere to be seen.

It started raining again.

Madeline pushed back the stray strands of hair on her face and smiled sweetly at him.

“What nonsense are you talking about, honey? If I have the drugs to do that, then I’d use it on you first.”

After she said that, Jeremy slammed on the brakes.

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