Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 601-610

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 601
“Linnie! Linnie!”

Amid the confusion, Madeline heard someone anxiously calling out to her.

She tried her very best to open her eyes but her efforts ended up fruitless.

After passing out, Madeline began her long dream.

At a snowy area, she dreamed that she was drowning in an icy cold pond. She could not swim and struggled to climb up the shore. Jeremy was there, standing at the edge of the river.

He stood tall and mighty. There was an ignorant smile plastered across his charming looks.

She screamed, “Save me, Jeremy!”

The man did not move an inch and even cast a disdainful look at her.

The slim ray of hope that Madeline was holding onto vanished bit by bit as she continued to sink deeper into the cold pond.

Facing such a desperate situation, she saw Meredith hugging Jeremy. They were both being affectionate in front of her.

Madeline felt her heart sink straight down into the bottom of the lake. At that moment, she could vividly hear Jeremy’s stony comment. “Listen up, Madeline. I’ve never liked you, not even the slightest, let alone love you.

“Not even the slightest…”

His deep and attractive voice was like a demon pestering about Madeline’s ears.

Suddenly, Madeline’s eyes opened.

She got up, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. It was then she realized it was all just a dream.

However, the dream seemed so real to a point where she could even feel a slight pinch in her heart.

‘Is that the memory I lost after the car accident?’ Madeline thought to herself.

The sound of a door opening was heard suddenly. Madeline turned to face the source of the sound and glanced at Jeremy’s towering silhouette.

The anxiety in his expression faded when he saw Madeline awake.

“You’re awake, Linnie.” Jeremy greeted her with a smile as he strolled to the bedside, holding onto Madeline’s hand. “Linnie, why are your hands so cold? Are you not feeling well?”

Madeline looked at Jeremy silently. As she kept staring at him, the spark of hatred slowly lighted within her orbs.

She retrieved her hands back forcefully and scanned the man before her, feeling disgusted. “Quit the act, Jeremy. Do you think I’m not aware of what you’re up to?”

Jeremy’s hands hovered in the air as he looked into Madeline’s indifferent face, not speaking a word.

Madeline removed the blanket and got down from the bed. She put up her guard and stared at him with a hateful look. “Your lover has been sentenced to death. You wish to avenge her, and you want to vent it out on me by torturing me, right?”

All of a sudden, Jeremy was stunned when faced with Madeline’s doubt.

He did not wish to defend himself, so he let out a smile instead. His expression was calm as he said, “I know that no matter what I say, you’ll never believe that I really love you. I’ve prepared a set of daily necessities. Go get yourself cleaned up. I’ll go prepare something for you to eat.”

Then, he spun around and left.

Madeline quickly caught up to him. “What do you mean by that, Jeremy?”

Eventually, he came to a stop, turned to his side, and replied with a smile still plastered on his face, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t harm you.”

“Jeremy, you—”

“I’ll be back in just a moment.”

He then exited the room and closed the door shut.

Madeline could faintly hear the lock of the door turning. She ran to the door and noticed that she had been locked inside.

“Open up, Jeremy! Are you thinking of locking me up in here to torture me? Where’s Jack, Jeremy? Where did you bring him to? Jeremy!”

Madeline kicked on the door with all her might, but there was no reply.

She bit her lip, turned around, and scanned the surroundings.

‘This place looks unfamiliar. Where is this anyway?’

She spotted a balcony not far away and ran to it.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 602
She opened the ceiling-to-floor window and a chilling breeze struck her, blowing her long hair.

She looked toward the endless ocean and the golden sun that was shining right on the surface of the ocean. As the wind passed, waves formed on the ocean. The branches of the palm trees beside started waving as well.

‘What a nice scenery.

‘But where is this place?’

Madeline thought hard, trying her best to recall whether she had been to this place, but nothing struck her mind.

Then, Jeremy returned.

He was holding onto a bowl of seafood noodles and a glass of warm water. His stunning face remained wearing a smile.

He spoke when he saw Madeline not moving at all on the balcony, “Have something to eat, Linnie.”

Madeline remained motionless until some time when she tilted her head and put on a sharp expression.

“What are you plotting at, Jeremy? Do you want to lock me in here and torture me to death?”

Previously, Jeremy would never come to realize how heartbreaking it was to have a loved one cast such a malicious expression. At that moment, he finally experienced it firsthand.

“I won’t harm you. I just want to be with you. I don’t wish for you to leave me.” He expressed his feelings with a gentle tone and smile.

“Come and have something to eat. You must be hungry after sleeping for the entire day. Even if you hate me, please eat up before continuing to hate me.”

He placed the bowl of seafood noodles and the glass of water on the table beside the ceiling-to-floor window.

Madeline stared at the bowl of seafood noodles and the glass of water scornfully. Then, she lifted her hand and swiped it all to the floor.

The ceramics broke into pieces and Jeremy also felt something in him tearing apart as well.

“I’ll never eat any food prepared by you, Jeremy. I don’t want to see you. Didn’t you say you love me? Then, please listen carefully. I don’t love you, not even the slightest!”

Jeremy felt his heart aching.

He found that comment rather familiar. After giving it some thought, he remembered back when he forced Madeline to sign the divorce documents, he had also blurted similar comments.

Currently, those words were directed back to him and it was many times more hurtful.

“Get lost, I don’t want to see you!” Madeline chased him away, disgusted. “Don’t ever treat me like that Madeline who was madly in love with you. Right now, the only thing I have for you is hatred!”

Jeremy was not infuriated when he faced Madeline’s roar. He let out a smile instead.

“I’ll prepare other things for you if you don’t like the noodles.”

Madeline felt something was off about Jeremy.

He left, and soon after, he returned to the room with another dish.

Madeline slammed the dish right to the floor as well without even tasting it.

Jeremy cleaned up the mess and brought in some fruits and desserts. He was patient and tried to get on Madeline’s good side. He was acting very stubborn as though he was obsessed.

Madeline was locked up in the room for the whole day, not eating and drinking at all.

The sunset and the beach revealed a stunning scene, but Madeline was not in the mood to enjoy it…

At that moment, Jeremy came in with another dish he had prepared for her.

Madeline glanced at the fruit knife on the fruit plate and came up with a foul idea.

She picked up the fruit knife sneakily and hid it in her pocket as she just looked at Jeremy who was inching closer to her.

Seeing Madeline remaining all cold while ignoring him, Jeremy lowered his gaze. A surge of determination coursed through him.

He held onto the bowl, placed a few dishes in, and fed Madeline like a child by delivering a spoonful of rice straight into Madeline’s mouth.

“Be a good girl, Madeline. Eat something.”

Madeline frowned and slapped the bowl away from Jeremy’s hand.

“I won’t eat your food! Give up already!” She was still being determined as well.

Seeing Jeremy turning around to get another bowl of rice, she grasped the fruit knife and placed it at his chest. “Let me go, Jeremy, or I’ll kill you!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 603
A sharp and glittering knife was directed at Jeremy’s chest.

Jeremy lowered his bushy eyelashes to look down, then a spellbinding smile appeared on his face as he lifted his eyes.

He was staring at Madeline’s beautiful orbs which were giving out a courageous and extraordinary vibe.

It seemed that she was serious about it and was not just trying to scare Jeremy.

However, Jeremy was serious as well.

“Linnie,” he called out to her softly. He did not back off but inched forward instead. The sharp edge of the knife was now buried deep into his clothes.

Madeline was dumbfounded as she never expected Jeremy to take the initiative to come closer against the knife.

At the same time, he was still smiling at her.

“Linnie, I know that you’ve forgotten everything in the past, but it doesn’t matter because I still remember them,” he said with a smile, his eyes fixed on her.

“That year when it was snowing heavily, I did a very inhumane thing. I exhumed your grandfather’s tomb and even threatened you with his ashes. That time, you clenched your teeth so hard that you started bleeding. You told me courageously, ‘Jeremy, I’ll kill you one day if you don’t kill me today.’”

He repeated what Madeline had told him in the past. A ray of warm sunlight shone through the window, but he could still feel the coldness deep in his heart.

Madeline could not recall ever saying such a thing to Jeremy, but she somehow sensed that she must have really hated him.

She held onto the fruit knife even tighter, her eyes brewing with hatred.

Jeremy caught sight of the hatred that was oozing off from her gaze. He gently raised his hand and grabbed onto the fruit knife in Madeline’s hands before saying lazily in a soft tone, “Say, Linnie, what should I do to gain your forgiveness? Or is it that no matter what I do, you’ll never forgive me?”

“Yup, you’re absolutely right! I’ll never forgive you, Jeremy, regardless of what you do!”

As Madeline spouted out those words, all of Jeremy’s hopes were drowned by a sense of hopelessness.

“Jeremy, even if what you’re saying now is true and even if you really love me, it’s all too late. Let me tell you this, I don’t love you. All my love is for Felipe. I even gave birth to his daughter. He’s the one who’s been treating me sincerely. He’s the man who will bring me happiness!”

“No, you don’t love him.” Jeremy denied it. “Lilian is our daughter, not yours and Felipe’s. He’s cheating you. Linnie, don’t trust him.”

“So you’re saying I should trust you instead? I should put all my trust in a demon who once nearly sent me all the way down to hell?!”

Every word she spoke pierced through his eardrum as though a fine needle was prickling his heart.

Jeremy was stunned as he looked at the pair of orbs that were brewing with strong hatred. He was absent-minded.

“You know what, Jeremy? Even though I’ve lost my memories and I can’t recall those cruel things you’ve done to me in the past, I can still somehow feel the painful feeling from time to time!

“Even in my dreams, your cold-hearted temperament felt so real and made me disappointed!

“I can’t deny the fact that I used to love you sincerely, but I believe that after being hurt by you, I’ve opened up my eyes and realized what I’ve done wrong. That’s why I only have hatred against you, to the point I wish for your death!”

As soon as Madeline was done talking, Jeremy grabbed onto the fruit knife in her hands and stabbed it into his chest forcefully.

The knife pierced through his flesh. It was soundless, but weirdly enough, Madeline could hear an ear-piercing sound. It was as if the sound was amplified in her ears, making it extremely painful.

Fresh, red blood flowed down the knife. It was as if a gorgeous rose was blooming on Jeremy’s clean, white shirt, except that the color of the so-called flower grew darker as it grew bigger.

Madeline stared at the wound where blood was pouring out with a blank stare. She could feel that the wound hidden somewhere deep in her heart was bleeding out and it was painful as well.

That feeling was unbearable.

She removed Jeremy’s hands with effort, and the fruit knife that was stained with blood dropped to the floor with a thud.

‘Is he out of his mind?

‘Is he really crazy?’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 604
“Jeremy, I don’t give a crap if you want to die, but just don’t dirty my hands.” Madeline stared at him, and all of a sudden, her heart rate increased.

She thought that she would be happy to hear that someone who she hated with all that she had wanted to die, but at that moment, she felt strangely uncomfortable.

Seeing that the bloodstain on Jeremy’s white shirt was growing in size, tears suddenly came to her eyes. She felt uncertain and pushed him away anxiously. “Scram, Jeremy, get out of here! Even if you die in front of me, I will never forgive you!”

She pushed him away forcefully, but Jeremy stood firm. She was unable to move him no matter how hard she tried.

“Jeremy, get out! If you don’t leave, I will!”

Madeline rushed toward the door, and just as she passed by him, Jeremy hugged her tightly from behind.

“Linnie, don’t go.”

“Let go of me!”

“No, I won’t let go. If I do, you’ll leave and disappear from my life forever.”

Jeremy seemed to be talking to himself. His warm breath warmed Madeline’s ear.

Madeline thought that Jeremy was going a little crazy.

He was holding her so tightly that she could not break free. Through her skin-tight top, she could feel the wet and sticky liquid from his body. It was Jeremy’s blood.

When she thought of that, she felt a sense of fear that she knew she could not ignore.

“Jeremy, let go of me. I promise I won’t leave.”

“You will leave, and you’ll never come back again.” He was acting stubborn and a little childish.

Madeline took a deep breath and said, “I said I won’t leave, so let go of me. Jeremy, if you really love me, you won’t keep upsetting me like this.”

When he heard that, Jeremy seemed to realize something and hurriedly released his grip on Madeline.

He was in the wrong again?

Yes, he was.

He thought of the Madeline who he knew years ago. She had loved him and admired him. She was always silent and never did things that made him unhappy.

What about him?


Jeremy regained his senses when he heard the sound of the door opening. He looked over and realized that Madeline had left the room.

He sat down on the chair dejectedly, allowing his blood to flow. It seemed like he had lost his mind. Tears filled his eyes.

‘If you really love someone, you should give her freedom and protect her instead of forcing it on her. Jeremy Whitman, don’t you get it? Why do you keep making her angry?’

He looked at the door that was wide open and laughed.

‘Linnie, if this is what you want, I won’t force my love on you. Do whatever makes you happy and just think of me as a good-for-nothing.’

He closed his eyes and choked on his tears. His tears were overflowing from the corners of his eyes.

He never thought that he was an emotional person, but here he was, tears welling from deep inside as they coursed down his cheeks.

Just as he thought that Madeline had left, he heard footsteps approaching.

Jeremy opened his eyes and through his blurry vision, he saw that Madeline had come back with a first aid kit.

“Linnie?” He could not believe it. He had to do a double-take to make sure that it was her.

Jeremy’s heart jumped with joy. He reached out his hand and held Madeline’s warm and soft hand tightly.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 605
Madeline rolled her eyes and said coldly, “Let go of me or I’ll leave right this minute.”

Jeremy hurriedly let go of his grip on her.

Madeline kept quiet and took out the disinfectant and wound dressing from the first aid kit. She then unbuttoned Jeremy’s shirt.

His well-defined chest presented itself to her. Unlike other men who were more tanned, Jeremy was fair.

This also created a stark contrast between his skin and the blood on his chest, making it look more glaring.

Although the cut was not deep, it was still of concern. Madeline used the disinfectant-soaked cotton to wipe off the blood on his wound. Then, he picked up the sterile gauze dressing and pressed it onto the wound. Lastly, she secured it with sticky tape.

Jeremy kept quiet and just stared at Madeline with a blank expression.

She was very close in proximity. Her gentle and beautiful face was deeply ingrained through the windows of his soul—his eyes.

Her slender eyebrows, her soft lips, and her dainty nose were all perfect.

Jeremy’s gaze became softer and softer. He involuntarily lowered his head slightly as he greedily sniffed the fragrance from her hair.

He thought to himself, ‘How could I ever have hurt such a beautiful woman?’

He suddenly felt that he was a despicable man. How could he ask for Madeline’s forgiveness, and how was she ever going to forgive such an evil man such as himself?


“If you don’t want the wound to be infected, pay attention to it.” Madeline interrupted Jeremy with an indifferent tone, then got up after packing the first aid kit.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Jeremy did not force her to stay.

He did not want to wrong her again.

He thought that Madeline would have found an excuse to leave, but she stayed beside him.

“It’s too late now. I’ll leave at dawn tomorrow. If you force me to stay here, I will only hate you even more.”

After she said these words to him, she turned and went downstairs.

Jeremy sat in the same place with a lost expression. He looked down at the wound on his chest and stroked it while smiling slightly.

‘Linnie, you still care for me.’

Madeline went to the kitchen downstairs and made some food to fill her growling stomach.

She then went outside for a walk and found out that the villa was actually on an island.

There were also several villas of different styles nearby. They looked like holiday houses used by rich people for the summer holidays.

Madeline thought that the villa where Jeremy was trapping her in was one of his many properties.

She had heard that Whitman Corporation was no longer under his name. She thought that he would be broke.

However, it seemed that this man was not as desolate as what she had heard through the grapevine.

Jeremy stayed in the room in a daze. Before he knew it, it was dark outside. It was so quiet that he could only hear the rustling sounds of the palm trees.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the familiar footsteps. He looked up and saw Madeline come into the room while holding a bowl of noodles.

“I’ve told you previously that I don’t want anything to do with you. I don’t want to owe you anything, nor do I want you in my life moving forward,” Madeline said in an indifferent tone as she put down the bowl of noodles. She then turned around and was ready to leave.


Jeremy hurriedly stopped her.

His tone was anxious as if there were a thousand words that he wanted to say to her, but in the end, he blurted out just two words.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 606
“Thank you.”

Madeline paused when she heard that. Then, she walked off.

Jeremy’s eyes were gentle as he looked at Madeline as she left. He ate the noodles with a heart filled with joy.

Both of them had not eaten anything for the entire day.

At that moment, he was extremely happy eating the bowl of noodles that was prepared by her.

Eloise and Sean were worried sick when they found out that Madeline had gotten into the car with Jeremy. Madeline was last seen at the entrance of the kindergarten.

They could not get in touch with Jeremy nor Madeline. They also could not find out where Jeremy took Madeline.

Jackson sat on the sofa obediently. He looked at them with his bemused and innocent eyes, asking, “Grandpa and Granny, Daddy said that he’ll take me to the playground with Mommy. Where are they?”

Eloise hurriedly wheedled him with a smile on her face. “Jack, your parents have something to do. They’ll be back in two days. It’s fairly late now, so let’s get ready for bed?”

Jackson nodded obediently. “Granny, can you sing me to sleep? Mommy always sings this song when I sleep. Mommy’s voice is so pretty.”

Eloise felt a pinch in her heart and was tearing up. She held Jackson’s tiny hand and walked him upstairs. “Granny can sing for you, but Granny’s singing is not as nice as your mom’s.”

“Granny loves Jack as much as Mommy loves Jack, so Granny’s singing is nice too,” Jackson said charmingly, his eyes sincere and certain.

Eloise wiped the tears from her eyes and said softly, “Granny will never be as good as your mom. Granny has done many wrong things and will never be able to match up to your mom…”

She said that in a low voice so that Jackson would not hear anything.


Sean looked through the security footage again and again. He sighed and said to Felipe who was silently sitting on the sofa, “Mr. Whitman, I don’t think Jeremy would hurt Madeline.”

“He will,” Felipe said in a calm tone, “Jeremy’s soulmate, Meredith, is dead. He took Linnie for one and one reason only—to avenge Meredith.”

“No, no, he won’t do that.” Sean defended Jeremy. “It’s clear that Jeremy regrets what he did to her, so how could he bear to hurt Eveline again?”

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed in Felipe’s eyes. However, a smile appeared on his gentle face as he said, “Do you really believe that Jeremy will change? You’ve forgotten how Eveline almost died on the operating table. It was all his fault. Before Eveline lost her memory, she had already decided to return to F Country with me. Do you think that it’s coincidental that she got into a car accident around the same time?”

When he heard that, Sean was stunned for a moment. “Mr. Whitman, you mean—”

“After the accident, the police told us that the brakes of Eveline’s car were messed with. Who else can do this kind of thing aside from Jeremy?”


“I hired a private investigator and found out the truth. Jeremy is guilty. I’m really worried now that Eveline is being held hostage by him…”

“Jeremy did it?” Sean asked in disbelief.

Felipe nodded affirmatively. He was just about to get up when he suddenly got a notification on his phone.

He turned around and found a mobile phone that was left on the sofa. Felipe then picked it up.

“This is Jack’s phone,” Sean explained.

“Jack’s phone?” Felipe lowered his gaze and looked at the notification that popped up on the screen. The image that popped up stunned him for a moment. Eventually, he understood what he had to do. A broad smile appeared on his face.

On the island.

When the sun rose, Jeremy woke up from a dream. As soon as he opened his eyes, he went to look for Madeline.

Seeing that Madeline was not in any of the rooms, he hurriedly ran out of the holiday house and looked around the coast. He did not find any trace of Madeline.

‘Linnie, have you left?’

Nervous thoughts were clouding his head when he noticed the footprints on the beach.

His heartbeat increased rapidly. He followed the footprints and was taken aback by the sight in front of him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 607
He felt disappointed and slowly walked over.

The gorgeous morning sun was a stark contrast against the azure blue waters. It also highlighted his delicate features.

Madeline was barefooted and sitting by the coast.

She had something in her hand. She looked down as a smile appeared on her face.

When she heard his footsteps, the sweet smile on Madeline’s face vanished upon seeing Jeremy.


Madeline ignored him, got up, and intended to leave.

Jeremy felt lonely and quietly followed behind her.

She was physically right in front of him, but she felt so distant from him.

“In half an hour, there’ll be a boat arriving. You can leave then.”

Madeline heard Jeremy’s voice from behind, then she replied softly, “I know. I’ve already gone to check it out.”

Jeremy knew he could not make Madeline stay, so he laughed bitterly. “You’re leaving for F Country with Felipe, right?”

“That’s none of your business.”

Madeline stopped walking and turned around. She saw that Jeremy was looking at her with a gentle smile on his face.

“Jeremy, do you know what it’s like to really love someone? If you love me, you wouldn’t have done what you did to me. You don’t love me at all.”

She rejected the idea that he still had feelings for her.

Although Jeremy felt deeply hurt by what she said, he still had a slight smile on his face.

He did not argue nor attempt to give any explanation.

‘I love her, and it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t think so.’

They could now hear the sound of ships nearing the shore.

Madeline looked toward the source of the sound with a smile on her face.

She passed by Jeremy without the slightest reluctance.

“Linnie, can I hold you just once more?” He made a humble request to her.

Madeline gave him the side-eye and said, “No.”

She refused his request with an indifferent tone before walking away.

The sea breeze blew at Jeremy’s eyes. He started tearing up.

Felipe stood at the bow of the ship and used binoculars to observe the situation on the small island ahead.

Sure enough, he saw Madeline and Jeremy by the coast.

“It seems that the kid inherited your tricks. He knows how to strategize at such a young age.” Felipe put down the binoculars and smiled.

A man in black walked out of the cabin and went to Felipe’s side. The man respectfully said, “Master Whitman, that woman has successfully arrived in F Country.”

“Okay,” Felipe answered.

“Following your instructions, she has been admitted to Royal Hospital. She can go for surgery at any time.”

“Okay, wait for my instructions.”

“Will do,” the man in black replied in a respectful tone before leaving.

On the island, Jeremy silently followed behind Madeline to the shore.

The ship was getting closer, and at the same time, Jeremy felt that Madeline was starting to get further and further away from him.

She was beautiful, but she was soon to be a beauty who he could never touch again.

‘Linnie, I wish the best for you. I can’t give you the warmth and happiness that you deserve, so I hope you can find another man who can give you that. I’ve wronged you.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 608
’I’m undeserving of you. Goodbye, my dearest Linnie, my one and only.’

Jeremy looked at Madeline for one last time and silently turned around.

Tears welled from deep inside, streaming down his cheeks.

He knew that it was all his own doing. He could not blame anyone but himself.

‘My heart hurts so much. It feels like I can’t breathe.’

As the ship got closer, the intensity of the sea breeze increased.

The wind messed up Madeline’s hair. She tried to tidy her hair and caught a glimpse of Jeremy who was about to leave.

Madeline’s heart felt as though it was being stabbed when she saw him.

In a daze, something fell from Madeline’s hand.

She bent down to pick it up. Unfortunately, she stumbled and lost her center of gravity.


Jeremy, who was not too far off, heard Madeline’s cry for help. Then, he heard the sound of someone falling into the water.

His heartbeat immediately increased. When he turned around, he did not see Madeline’s figure and only saw a ripple on the shore.

“Linnie,” he said her name softly, and in the next second, he ran over as fast as he could.


He called out to Madeline as he jumped into the sea.

When Felipe saw what was happening from the boat, he was worried that Madeline would be injured. However, he was still far from where Madeline fell into the water and he did not want to swim the distance.

The moment Madeline fell into the sea, she drank a few mouthfuls of seawater.

She did not know how to swim and was struggling to stay afloat.

She gradually lost her strength to continue paddling.

When she was losing her consciousness, a familiar image appeared in her mind.

In that icy and snowy scene, she did not know how to swim but had jumped into the frozen lake.

Jeremy jumped in with her. He grabbed her and wanted to drag her to shore, but she stubbornly pushed him away, saying that she did not need his help.

‘Is that my missing memory?’ Madeline asked herself but could not be sure.

She swallowed more seawater and eventually lost her consciousness.

It was also at that moment that Jeremy got to her.

He dragged her until she was ashore, but Madeline was no longer responsive.

“Linnie, Linnie, please wake up.” Jeremy patted her pale cheeks in a panic.

Seeing that Madeline was not responding at all, he began to do CPR on her. He kept calling her name.

“Linnie, wake up, Linnie! Please don’t let anything happen to you. Linnie, you can’t just leave me like this, Linnie…”

He begged and begged for her to wake up. He kept going with the CPR. His wound was torn apart again and the dazzling bright red blood spread across his top.

For Jeremy, those ten plus seconds felt like ten years.

Madeline’s condition was freaking him out.

He lowered his head again to give Madeline CPR, and when he touched her lips, she was cold.

“Linnie, please wake up!”

Tears came out of his eyes.

Madeline’s unresponsiveness made him cry like a child while he continued to give CPR.

“Linnie, don’t torture me like this. I know I’m in the wrong. I regret not treating you right. Don’t punish me in this way. Linnie, I love you. I really love you. Can you wake up? Wake up and see how I’m regretting it, Linnie!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 609
Jeremy’s mood completely collapsed and fell apart.

He hung his head in despair and pressed it to Madeline’s smooth forehead.

His trembling hand gently stroked her warm and soft cheeks as the hot tears that he was unable to hold back came streaming down.

“Why do you want to torture us so much? Why did I do such stupid things when you loved me so much? Linnie, please don’t leave me. Please…”

Jeremy embraced Madeline’s pale face, his heart shattering along with his dripping teardrops as a bone-cutting pain invaded his whole body.

“Linnie, if you really want to go to another world, I will accompany you.”

His warm fingertips groped about her profile while his eyes were shrouded in darkness.

“I’ll go wherever you go in the future.”

He smiled, his thin lips falling on Madeline’s as he kissed her deeply.

At this moment, Madeline coughed.

Jeremy’s heart that was almost dying suddenly found its rhythm once more.


He was so surprised that he looked at Madeline who had suddenly responded.

“Linnie, are you awake?”

Cough, cough, cough!

Madeline coughed repeatedly, large mouthfuls of seawater spurting out of her mouth.

“Linnie, this is great.” Jeremy embraced her joyfully, letting her lean into his arms. “Linnie, are you awake? I’m Jeremy.”

He stared at her and saw her two delicate eyebrows twisting into a frown. Her eyelashes that were soaked in the seawater fluttered twice as if to open her eyes.

Jeremy hugged Madeline by her waist, thinking about carrying her back to the holiday house to rest, but when he turned around, he saw Felipe’s figure appear in front of him.

The water-like gentleness on Jeremy’s face turned into a sharp edge. “Move aside, don’t block my way.”

Felipe did not retreat but moved forward and walked up to him with a solemn expression.

Seeing Madeline who was leaning against Jeremy’s arms and gradually waking up, he frowned before saying, “Give Madeline to me.”

Hearing this, Jeremy felt like he was listening to God’s joke. “I won’t give Linnie to any man other than me. And if it’s you, it’s even more impossible.”

His tone was cold with a domineering and strong momentum.

Wanting to prevent Madeline from feeling uncomfortable, Jeremy was too lazy to deal with Felipe. He walked around him, then walked straight forward.

“Jeremy, you keep saying that you regret your past actions and that you love Madeline. If you really love her, you’ll give her to me now. And from now on, you’ll never see Madeline again.”

Jeremy’s pace slowed down little by little.

Felipe looked at his back and said, “You should be very clear about how much Madeline hates you. If you really love her and want to make it up to her, let her live the life she wants. Don’t disturb her tranquility.”

“If you continue to pester her, it’ll only make her unhappy. This is not the way to truly love someone.”

After Felipe’s words fell, Jeremy’s mind echoed the words Madeline had said to him not long ago.

“Jeremy, do you know what it’s like to really love someone? It’s definitely not what you did to me.

“So, you don’t love me at all.”


He did.

Jeremy denied it.

He lowered his eyes desolately as he looked at Madeline who was gradually regaining consciousness. She was about to wake up. In his tears, he forced a smile on his face.

“Linnie, I love you.”

His confession fell lightly before Madeline woke up. Felipe then walked to his front and took Madeline away from his arms.

Jeremy dropped his empty arms, his heart feeling the same way.

He watched Felipe hug Madeline aboard the boat before it quickly sped away. The ripples that spread gradually across the waters recovered their calm, but his heart seemed to have fallen under the deep sea, falling down and never to return in this life…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 610
Not long after Felipe brought Madeline onto the boat, she woke up.

She opened her feeble eyes and saw Felipe’s handsome face that was filled with concern and worry.

“Eveline. Eveline, are you awake?” he asked softly.

Madeline was not fully awake yet. She rolled her eyes and looked around as if she was looking for something in her confusion


“Felipe?” Madeline looked at the man holding her questioningly. “Why is it you?”

“Dummy, who else would it be?” He stroked her cheek. “I knew you were taken away by Jeremy, so I‘ve been looking for you. When I had just taken a boat to the shore, I saw you accidentally falling into the water.”

Listening to him, Madeline slowly recalled what happened before she passed out.

She saw Jeremy turn and walk away, and as he walked farther and farther, for some reason, she was in a daze. The bookmark she was holding had fallen out of her hand as well.

She was anxious to retrieve the leaf bookmark, but it had fallen into the sea accidentally.

“Thank goodness, you’re okay. Do you know how scary it was just now? I was really afraid that just like that, you wouldn’t wake up anymore.”

Madeline froze for a few seconds before blinking her tired eyes. “You rescued me? Jeremy—”

“He was gone when you had the accident.”

With this answer, Madeline felt like her heart had fallen to the bottom of the sea again.

At the time, she had vaguely felt Jeremy fishing her up from the sea, holding her on the shore while calling her name anxiously.

It turned out that it was an illusion.

He was gone.

He was indeed gone.

He did not even look back.

“Felipe, I’m still a little dizzy. I want to sleep for a while,” Madeline said lightly.

“Well, you go ahead and sleep. I’ll stay with you.”

“Yeah,” Madeline replied, squeezing the bookmark in her hand and slowly closing her eyes.

After handing Madeline over, Jeremy remained on the bank of the river as if he was a body that had lost its soul.

His wound was bleeding and inflamed, but he was indifferent.

The piercing heartache had made him lose all his other senses.

It was getting dark. He looked at the vast sea and faced the sea breeze, desperately shouting Madeline’s name at the borderless sea…

Madeline was picked up by Felipe, and they returned to his single-family villa in the suburbs.

After a few days of recuperation, Madeline’s state was almost recovered.

For fear of more disturbances if they delayed things a few days more, Felipe booked flight tickets to return to F Country for Madeline and Jackson. He also decided to return to F Country with the mother and son.

When Madeline knew about it, she had said that she would definitely board the plane this time, but she suddenly proposed to go back to Montgomery Manor in the last two days to spend some time with her biological parents.

Felipe agreed.

He also had to deal with some matters in these two days.

Eloise and Sean learned that Madeline would be taking Jack to live in F Country. They felt really reluctant in their hearts, but they still agreed.

They had only gotten her to call them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ because of Madeline’s amnesia. In exchange, they got this rare happiness as a family. They could no longer be greedy and could not ask for more.

However, Jackson did not seem to be very happy. He pulled Madeline’s skirt and blinked suspiciously. “Mommy, are we really going to live elsewhere? What about Daddy? Shouldn’t Dad come with us? “

Madeline heard the words, and the image of Jeremy’s back after he had left her alone on the coast suddenly appeared in her mind. Her heart hurt for no reason. In her daze, she heard Jack suddenly shout, “Dad!”

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