Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 591-600

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 591
All the servants and bodyguards were awakened and came rushing out, but none of them could stop Jeremy who was giving off a murderous aura.

“Ask Felipe to come out and meet me.” He walked to the center of the hall and glared at the bodyguards who were blocking him.

“Why the crowd when it’s my nephew who wants to meet me?” Felipe’s voice was heard coming from upstairs.

Jeremy’s cold eyes shifted over to see Felipe taking his own sweet time to come down.

Felipe was in a loose bathrobe with a carefree expression on his face. “You guys should be resting when it’s time to rest. Don’t interrupt my reunion with my lovely nephew.” He then sent the servants and bodyguards away.

Soon, there were only the two of them in the hall.

“Felipe Whitman, is this your way of snatching someone’s wife? By constantly giving pressure to Linnie and making her suffer? Are you happy about it?” Rage was brewing within Jeremy’s orbs as he questioned.

Felipe smirked,” I pressured Linnie just so she could regain her memories sooner,” he looked at Jeremy with a disdainful and suspicious look, “Of course, you don’t wish for Madeline to recover her memories, because that will mean that she’ll remember how she used to hate you, right?”

“Haha.” Jeremy laughed. “Don’t think I’m as lowly as you. I’d rather have Linnie bearing a grudge against me as long as she’s happy, healthy, and without any suffering!”

After hearing Jeremy’s comment, Felipe felt even more crossed.

However, Jeremy was not even bothered about Felipe being mad. He warned, saying, “Never let me see you pressuring Linnie again. I’ll murder you if anything happens to Linnie.”

He glanced at Felipe with a stony gaze and spun around to leave.

Just when Jeremy was about to reach the doorway, Felipe called out to him, “Jeremy, it’s not only you who treats Madeline sincerely. I do too.”

Jeremy smirked before turning around. “Sincerely? You wouldn’t be pressuring Linnie if you really love her.”

“To you, it might sound like I’m pressuring her, but to me, I view it as a form of treatment,” said Felipe as his expression became serious. “Of course, I love Madeline. I’ve loved her since 18 years ago.”

’18 years ago?’

Jeremy’s expression darkened.

“Don’t you remember what happened 18 years ago at the beach of April Hill?” said Felipe as he sauntered over to Jeremy, putting on a smile. “I’m 18 years late, but this time, I’ll never hand Madeline over to you.”

After the rain, the atmosphere was extremely chilling.

Madeline did not know that last night, Jeremy had gone to look for Felipe.

During breakfast, there was a piece of news being broadcasted on the television. The news was about a killer, Meredith, who was about to be sentenced to death on that day.

Meredith had cost the lives of two people, so Madeline was not feeling the slightest sense of sorrow.

That year, she took all measures to protect those who were dear to her. In the end, it was these people who were plotting a scheme against her.

She was no noble being. Hence, she would not feel sorry for such an evil person.

“Hmph, I can’t believe she’ll be sentenced to death so soon,” said Karen suddenly, “Jeremy, don’t feel sad for this kind of woman. Just let her be dead for good.”

“Cough.” Winston coughed, beckoning Karen to keep her mouth shut. “Jeremy has clearly said that he never liked that woman. Why are you still talking gibberish?”

“How could he never have liked her? They’ve been together for six years. Are you saying that our son is that cold-hearted?” Karen raised her brows and observed Madeline’s expression quietly.

She thought of irritating Madeline but noticed that she was not even bothered by her.

Karen puckered her lips in dissatisfaction and added, “Say, my daughter-in-law, you really love Jeremy, don’t you? Even when Jeremy and Meredith were together back then, you still did whatever it took to come between them. I’d say…”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 592
Jeremy slammed the chopsticks on the table.

Karen immediately went silent. She raised her gaze only to find that even the old master was glaring at her, exasperated as if he was not satisfied.

Madeline, on the other hand, offered to wipe the old master’s mouth before meeting Karen’s gaze. She let out a smile and said, “I guess the saying about how one’s personality will not change is referring to people like you, right?”

“You know that spouting out such nonsense will make everyone unhappy, yet you still blurt it out. I can’t comprehend your actions. I wonder whether you’re a fool or if you just have low EQ?”

Karen’s face went pink. “You…”

“Stop it! Eat your food!” Winston cut her short, not allowing her to finish her comment.

However, Karen was not willing to give in. Staring at Madeline’s smirk, she felt as if Madeline was making fun of her.

Infuriated, Karen picked up her purse and went outside without finishing her breakfast.

She claimed to be heading out shopping when in fact, she went to a condominium to look for Yvonne.

Previously, she could just vent out her frustration on Yvonne after being angered by Madeline. Currently, she had to take a detour to vent out all her frustrations.

Upon entering the condominium, Karen starting cursing Madeline, “That b*tch is getting arrogant. If this goes on, soon Jeremy will never look at me as his mother!”

Yvonne rolled her eyes. “Aunty, no matter how much you curse, it’s useless. The only way now is to cooperate with me and steal the jewelry design draft that Madeline is planning to use for the competition. That’s the only way to get our revenge!”

Karen frowned, finding it hard to believe. “Are you sure it’s going to work out?”

“Why not? As long as I get my hands on her design and submit it before she does, then everyone will think that I’m the one who created it. When Madeline reveals the same design, everyone will think she’s a copycat!

“That’s when I’ll gain the benefit and fame while Madeline will lose everything!”

Yvonne got all excited as if she could visualize herself standing on stage and receiving the award.

“So, you’d better hurry and take action, Aunty. There are only three days left till the competition. Madeline will be finishing the design in these two days. You’d better keep an eye, and once you have the chance, steal it and hand it to me!”

“Alright! I shall wait to see that b*tch in a troubling situation!” Karen gave her words.

Yvonne was delighted. She raised her head and saw the news about Meredith. Meredith’s photo was even put up on the television screen. She added scornfully, “This cold-hearted murderer is Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend?”

“Damn it, ex-girlfriend my ass. Jeremy never liked her!” Karen disagreed and pursed her lips in dissatisfaction. “Your cousin only loves that cunning woman, Madeline!”

“F*ck.” Yvonne gritted her teeth and stared at Meredith’s photo on the screen.

On the other hand, Meredith was in handcuffs and was brought to the execution platform.

Along the way, she kept shrieking, claiming that she did not wish to be dead. However, nobody bothered.

After half an hour, the police car came to a halt. Meredith was so terrified that her face went extremely pale. Her legs were shaking furiously.

That was because she knew it deep in her heart that once the door was flung open, it would indicate that she was about to embark on her journey to the gates of hell.

She was not satisfied with dying before Madeline!

Just when the thought of escaping flashed through her mind, the door flung open.

A shot of ray went into the car, making Meredith squint her eyes in fear. Once she opened her eyes again, a glint of delightfulness was seen in her orbs. “You’ve finally shown up…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 593
Karen rushed back to the villa after having a thorough discussion with Yvonne at the condominium.

She noticed Madeline coming down from upstairs when she entered the villa. She put on a smile and greeted her as usual to prevent Madeline from suspecting her.

“My daughter-in-law,” Karen called out to Madeline. “I apologize for what happened in the morning. You’re right, I’m a person with a low EQ. I’m not good with words, so please don’t take my words to heart.”

Madeline replied with a smile, “I won’t take those foolish comments to heart.”

Karen could not tolerate Madeline’s straightforward reply. Her smile on her face froze as rage coursed through her. “Madeline, I apologized to you in a pleasant tone, yet you’re using this attitude against me? You—”

“Something fishy must be going on if something unusual happens. Haven’t you heard about it before?” Madeline cut her short, raising her proud gaze to glance at Karen. “Better use a smarter way if you want to go against me.”

Madeline then passed by Karen once she was done talking.

“You…” Karen was trembling with anger, gritting her teeth as she glared at Madeline’s back.

Karen’s eyes shifted and she saw Madeline entering the old master’s room. Then, she entered the study room sneakily.

She was glad that the study room was unlocked. She entered the room at lightning speed and strolled to the study table.

The table was tidy. Aside from some drawing tools and a laptop, all that was left on top was Madeline’s design.

She picked up and flipped through a few pages. What she saw left her stunned.

‘These designs are superb. If this were to be done, it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be a piece of jewelry that’ll be the most welcome by ladies.

‘It seems that Madeline has some skills. No wonder Miss L.ady’s designs are always such a big hit.’

While Karen was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly felt something was off. ‘She has drawn so many designs, so which is the one she’s planning to use during the competition?’

Just when she was cracking her head, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She quickly placed the drafts back and came out from the study, bumping into a person.

“Ouch!” Karen shrieked. She raised her head and noticed it was Winston. This made her let out a sigh of relief.

“Why did you come out from Jeremy’s study?” Winston asked, feeling curious.

Karen simply blurted out an excuse, “I just happened to walk past here and my phone dropped inside, so I went in to retrieve it.”

Winston suspected nothing but asked again, “Are you still in touch with your beloved niece?”

“No! How’s it possible that I’m in touch with her?!” Karen denied, and to avoid Winston catching her lying, Karen spun around to head to her room while putting on an act. She even cursed Yvonne as she went.

To prevent Felipe from coming forth to disturb Madeline, Jeremy brought all his office work back to his house to work on. Except for any compulsory social meetings, he would always remain by Madeline’s side.

Initially, Karen thought it would be a piece of cake to steal Madeline’s designs. However, with Jeremy constantly guarding Madeline, it was harder for Karen to make a move.

In the meantime, Yvonne kept calling to pester Karen. “Today’s the last chance, Aunty. If you can’t get your hands on the design that Madeline plans to use in the competition, we’ll always be below Madeline. We’ll never have the chance to stand up while holding our heads high!”

Karen was not willing to give up on this rare opportunity to cause Madeline trouble. She gave her word and prepared to make a move…

At that moment, she coincidentally eavesdropped on the conversation between Madeline and Jeremy. “Jeremy, even with so many designs, I still find this the best. Say, let’s use this. What do you think?”

Jeremy held onto the design, his eyes glinting with admiration. “Even though I’m not a professional, I also think that this design is the most suitable for this competition’s theme as it’s neat and generous. Linnie, you really have a talent for designing.”

Madeline chuckled. “Then it’s decided on this design then. In a moment, I’ll send an electronic manuscript over.”

Karen extended her neck to sneak a peek, but she was afraid that Madeline would notice her observing from a corner. Just when she was troubled about how she would get her hands on the design, Madeline bounced over.

“Jeremy, the day after tomorrow will be the finals. The atmosphere will be very grand at that time. Which gown do you think suits me better? Can you come upstairs with me and help me pick?”

Jeremy was very delighted to help out. Happily, he held onto her hand and they went upstairs together.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 594
Karen knew well that the opportunity had landed and she quickly went up to steal Madeline’s design. She also noticed the laptop on the coffee table that was displaying the software of the design. Immediately, she logged in to her email on the laptop and sent the electronic manuscript of the design to Yvonne. She also deleted the archive on the laptop.

After all the commotion, Karen picked up a glass of water and poured it over the sheets of paper. Then, she placed the glass at the top corner so that it would appear as if someone had accidentally tipped the glass over, drenching the pile of papers.

Meanwhile, Yvonne was thrilled as she had received the design sent by Karen.

She quickly called Karen to double confirm it was the one Madeline had decided to go with for the competition.

Yvonne looked at the design with satisfaction. “Madeline, I’ll acknowledge your talent. Unfortunately, no matter how good your drawing is, it’s still going to end up being my product! Haha!”

She burst into a peal of mad laughter as she put her signature on the electronic manuscript, eager to send it out.

Madeline and Jeremy finally came down after they were done choosing the attire. It was then when they saw the stack of papers on the coffee table that was drenched in water. Jeremy picked up a piece of tissue and one by one, he soaked the water away. He looked as if he was more anxious than Madeline.

“Forget it, Jeremy. I still have the soft copy of it.”

“No way, all these are your hard work. Even if you don’t want them, I’ll still prefer to store them properly.”

Madeline was dumbfounded to see Jeremy being so anxious about and treasuring her hard work.

After some time, she finally recovered and looked at the laptop. “Hmm, I think I’ve forgotten to store the electronic manuscript, but thank God everything is in my brain.”

Karen, who was standing behind the stairs while eavesdropping, was covering her mouth as she giggled away.

“Hmph, Madeline, wait till you’re done duplicating it. Yvonne would’ve long ago sent in hers. By the time you send in yours, it’ll just show that you’re copying others!”

She was thrilled and eager to see the consequences that were about to happen to Madeline.

Two days had passed, and it was finally the night of the competition that she longed for.

That was because the finals would deem the winner through a live voting session. Hence, before the start of the competition, no one would know what sort of designs would the contestants present.

It was an international designing competition. With lots of celebrities in attendance and tens of social media platforms showing live broadcasts, the entry ticket had risen to a price of at least four digits.

Karen used 2,800 bucks to buy herself a ticket in the front row just so she could witness the awful look on Madeline’s face later when she was wronged.

Just when she sank into her seat, she realized Eloise and Sean had occupied the best seats in the front row. It was obvious that they were present to give their support to Madeline.

Karen rolled her eyes disdainfully, but deep in her heart, she was envious of the luxurious outfit worn by Eloise. In the past, she could also wear branded clothing with jewelry as well.

She bore a huge grudge against Madeline and even deemed her the culprit for destroying her luxurious life.

The clock struck 8 PM, and the opening ceremony for the finals began. All 16 designers competing in the finals took their designated seats.

Among the contestants, Madeline took the limelight.

Regardless if it was her looks or her presence, it was a notch above others.

Jeremy was sitting below the stage, fixing his gaze upon Madeline’s charming smile.

Soon, the finals officially started, and according to their given numbers, the first designer went up on stage to show his design on the gigantic screen. The designer explained the concept and the meaning behind his design. Following that, it was the live voting session.

Madeline was the 12th contestant while Yvonne was the sixth.

In the meantime, Yvonne was longing for her moment.

She had spent a tremendous amount to rent a pricey dress just for that night. She put on meticulous make-up just so she could show off on the stage later where she would stand before the cameras.

At that moment, Yvonne immediately bounced to her feet while wearing her most charming smile on her face. As soon as the host called her name, she raised her head high while her high heels took her up to the center of the stage. Karen was giving her applause down the stage, waiting for something exciting to happen.

However, just when Yvonne was confidently displaying the design which she got from Madeline, all the guests who were sitting at the judges’ seats as well as some authorities revealed shocked expressions.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 595
The audience’s reaction was the total opposite of the judges’ as they looked as though they had been mesmerized by the design.

Seeing the expressions displayed on the judges and the audience made Yvonne’s lips curl in excitement.

‘It looks like this design has stolen the spotlight. Just look at these people! Their jaws have all dropped to the ground after looking at it!’

Karen, who was sitting among the audience, was proud as well when she heard the praises given by the crowd.

Her gaze met Yvonne’s, then she turned to look at Madeline who was sitting at the contestants’ area.

Both Karen and Yvonne were joyous to see Madeline dumbfounded.

‘Hmph, I bet you never saw this coming, right, Madeline?

‘Your hard work is now mine!’

“The sixth designer, are you sure this is the design that you submitted for this contest?” Mr. Lewinski, who was previously courted by Yvonne back at a charity banquet, pointed at the screen and asked.

Yvonne blinked her eyes, acting all obedient as she nodded. “Yes, Mr. Lewinski. This is my design for this contest!”

Mr. Lewinski turned around and exchanged looks with the other judges.

A female judge sitting beside Mr. Lewinski stared at the design and said, “This is indeed one splendid work.”

Yvonne thought they were praising her, and this made her even more delighted.

“Thank you and I really appreciate that you all like it. Actually, I’ve prepared this design for a very long time. I actually completed it a long time ago, but because I’m a perfectionist, I’d rather sacrifice my sleeping hours just to improve my work. It’s so that I can show the most perfect work for everyone to admire!”

“Oh? Really?” the judges said in a suspicious tone.

Yvonne nodded and answered firmly, “I’m the kind of person where if there’s something that I’m passionate about, I’ll go all out to make it perfect. Just like this design. I’ve paid full attention to complete it!”

She raised her gaze to sneak a peek at Madeline before adding, “I’m not the kind of person who will go online to steal other people’s work just for the sake of fame. Those people will just simply copy other people’s work, change it a little, and claim it’s theirs.”

“So you’d rather just use other people’s work without modifying it at all?”

‘What? What did I just hear?’

Suddenly, a female judge counter-questioned in a cold tone. The smile on Yvonne’s face suddenly faded.

The crowd down the stage, Karen included, was puzzled.

‘Other people’s work?

‘Does it mean that Madeline submitted her design way before Yvonne did?

‘That’s impossible. Even if she did send it right before Yvonne, this is still a live voting contest. The judges won’t know about Madeline’s work.’

“Why do you say so, if I’m allowed to ask the fellow judges? This is my work. I’ve never copied from other people.” Yvonne blinked innocently and denied.

“Honorable judges, I dare swear to God that this is a result of my hard work. If so happens that another design is completely the same as mine, it’s definitely the other party who copied mine and not the other way around!”

She had come prepared with these words. It was just that she did not expect the judges to have gone through Madeline’s work beforehand.

‘Isn’t this a live voting contest? Or did Madeline use an underhanded method?’

Then, the female judge sneered, “The sixth contestant, I’ve never seen anyone telling lies so boldly. What a shameless person.”

Yvonne was thunderstruck. She did not expect the female judge to lash out at her straight up. However, she knew she could not back down as she was standing up on the stage, facing so many live broadcasting cameras.

Immediately, Yvonne argued back. “Honorable judge, how could you say such a thing to me? As someone so impolite, are you even worthy of being a judge?”

“I’m impolite?” The female judge chuckled. “You’re Yvonne, right? On your resume, it’s stated that you graduated by furthering your studies on jewelry designing, but you don’t know that the design you’re showing is the work of the famous international jewelry designer, Victor.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 596

After hearing what the judges had to say, Yvonne’s expression slowly changed to become much more awful.

She stared at the design that was displayed on the screen, finding it hard to believe. She was absent-minded for a few seconds.

‘This… This is the work of a famous jewelry designer?

‘How did it come down to this?

‘Damn it!

‘It must be Madeline who copied that designer’s work, planning to use it for the contest!

‘Then doesn’t that mean I’ve become the scapegoat for Madeline?!’

That was what was coursing through Yvonne’s mind. Exasperated, she glared at Madeline.

Madeline sat under the lights quietly and elegantly. Her stunning face remained composed.

Madeline could not help but curl her red, sexy lips into a smile when she saw Yvonne glaring at her while clenching her teeth.

“Yvonne, how dare you say that this is the product of your hard work when all you did was copy a great designer’s work and submit it for the contest? You’re indeed hilarious and foolish. Designing a piece of jewelry is a form of art. We can’t tolerate the likes of you tainting it. You’re disqualified from this contest. In the future, you’ll be banned from joining any jewelry-related contest!”


Yvonne could not tolerate such an ending.

She desired to witness Madeline falling from grace. However, not only did she fail to do so, but she even got herself into trouble as well.

The crowd down the stage viewed her with scornful looks, making Yvonne anxious.

Even if it was the end for Yvonne, she still wished to drag Madeline along.

“You guys have all misunderstood!” She suddenly roared.

“Indeed, this is not my work, but I didn’t copy other people’s work! What you guys are looking at right now is actually the work of the 12th contestant, Eveline Montgomery!”

She tried all means to argue. “Because… Because I’m somehow related to Eveline. Earlier, we used to stay together, so my work and hers got mixed up! I didn’t look at it properly earlier but now that I’ve looked at it closely, I realize this isn’t my work. It’s Eveline’s!

“If it involves any copying, then it’s Eveline who has copied other people’s work! If you guys don’t believe it, you can look at the work that she has submitted for this contest. You’ll all believe that I’m stating the truth then!”

Madeline got up, her crystal clear voice that was like a soothing wind traveling into the ears of everyone present. “Then please display my work in advance to address the lies being spouted by this cunning lady who’s trying all means to defend herself.”

Yvonne’s eyes got wider as she stared at Madeline who was sauntering before her.

Under the lights above the stage, Madeline’s elegant presence and her gorgeous looks made everyone held on to their breaths.

Yvonne took in a deep, cold breath. She was speechless when faced with the pressure given out by Madeline.

The technicians behind the scenes quickly displayed Madeline’s work, and it was a fine piece of work that no one had ever seen before.

The sight of the picture made Yvonne and Karen dumbfounded.

“How… How is this possible?” Yvonne’s eyes were gigantic when she stared at the design, unable to accept what she was seeing.

It turned out that it was a completely different design from Yvonne’s.

Madeline put on a smirk as if she had seen through all the schemes plotted. “Why is it not possible? Do you think I’m as stupid as your aunty?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 597

Karen never expected that Madeline would so boldly call her foolish on such an occasion.

Even though her status was not the same as previously, most people in Glendale knew Madeline was Jeremy’s wife. As such, they would also know that the mother-in-law Madeline mentioned was no one other than Karen!

A commotion broke out at the scene as the crowd started heatedly discussing.

Jeremy was sitting not far away. His face was covered with a thin layer of ice even though he was not speaking.

Eloise and Sean, who were sitting in front of Karen, spun around. “Karen, did you do something to harm my daughter again? What’s with those statements blurted by your niece?!” Eloise questioned.

With Eloise’s comment, everyone came to realize that Karen was the foolish mother-in-law who Madeline mentioned.

Facing so many suspicious gazes, Karen immediately stood up. “Madeline, what are you blabbering in this kind of situation? I still want to conserve my dignity even if you plan to discard yours!”

Madeline raised her brows. “If you want to preserve your dignity, you wouldn’t have planned this entire act with your beloved niece in the very first place.”

Karen’s expression froze up as her cheeks gradually turned scarlet. “You… What gibberish are you talking about?! Since when did I plan this whole thing with Yvonne?”

Yvonne also quickly denied it. “Madeline, you shouldn’t blame others! It’s you who copied other people’s work and submitted it. I’m the one being wronged thanks to you!”

“Being wronged?” Madeline said with her eyes giving off an icy stare.

“Yvonne, do you think I’m an idiot?”

Madeline forced her glare upon Yvonne, making the latter take in a deep, chilly breath subconsciously.

“You and your aunt planned this to cause me trouble. You want to taint my pride as the designer of Miss L.ady and ruin my life. Do you think I’m not aware of it?”

It turned out that Madeline was fully aware of their scheme!

This left Karen and Yvonne dumbfounded.

Madeline shifted her critical gaze to Karen. “I knew you wanted to steal my design since a long time ago. That’s why I purposely let you do so and even allowed you to enter my study and use my laptop. I even let you in on which design I’ve decided to submit on purpose.”

“You thought that sending Yvonne a copy of my design would make her the original designer, and when I display the exact design, it’ll make me the copycat. Isn’t that what you both have been planning all this while?”

Without a single error, Madeline pointed out Karen and Yvonne’s plot.

They both thought they had planned a flawless trap for Madeline. However, it turned out that they were just two chess pieces in Madeline’s eyes.

Yvonne was apoplectic with rage. “You’re such a b*tch, Madeline! How dare you plot a scheme against me?!”

“Shut your crap.” Jeremy went up the stage and yanked Madeline to his side. His sharp gaze was fixed on Yvonne. “Who’s the one plotting a scheme against others? How dare you question Linnie?”

Feeling unsatisfied, Yvonne bit her lip and said, “It’s as plain as the sky that she’s the one setting up a trap for me!”

“Yeah, I set up a trap. My plot was to use your scheme against you two. If you both didn’t have any ill intentions, thinking about using such an underhanded method to set me up, things wouldn’t have ended like this.”

“Don’t you wish to see my life ruined? Well, I’m sorry to let you down. The one whose life is now ruined is you, Yvonne.” Madeline gave her last comment, which was like blades stabbing right into Yvonne’s body.

The obedient mask she was wearing slowly crumbled as her true cunning self was revealed. She fixed her pair of eyes that were filled with hatred on Madeline.

“I can’t believe there’s such a person.”

“Well, nowadays, people will go through all means just to be famous.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 598
“No wonder Young Master Whitman’s business has dropped drastically. Perhaps it’s because of having such a mother!”

“However, Young Master Whitman has such a capable wife. I’m sure it’ll be an easy task to start all over again.”

After hearing the comments from the crowd, Karen picked up her purse while feeling embarrassed and fled from the scene.

She had no choice but to escape from the scene to prevent further humiliation.

“Security, please take this lowly person out of here. Let’s carry on with the contest.” The judges glared at Yvonne.

Yvonne clenched both her fists, feeling dissatisfied from the bottom of her heart.

“Don’t touch me. I’ll walk on my own!”

She threw a temper and shoved the security aside. It was only after glaring at Madeline that she was willing to leave the scene.

Jeremy lowered his gaze and held onto Madeline’s hand. “Linnie, why didn’t you let me know that they were plotting against you behind your back?”

Madeline let out a smile and said with a faint tone, “Women shouldn’t always depend on their man, especially someone who had once harmed them so many times. I’ll never depend on those men.”

After blurting out her comment, Madeline retrieved her hand from Jeremy’s grasp.

His expression went icy all of a sudden as he felt his heartbeat skip a few beats. “Linnie?”

He called out to her, but Madeline ignored him and spun around to leave.

The crowd felt curious and looked at Jeremy who was standing on the stage as if his soul had left his body.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Are they having a fight?’

After some time, Jeremy snapped out of it. In the meantime, Madeline had already returned to her seat in the contestants’ area.

Jeremy headed down the stage, not conscious of his actions at all as his mind was all jumbled up.

‘Did Linnie change her personality again?

‘No way.

‘If she had, she wouldn’t have returned to the contestants’ area and continued with the contest.’

This threw Jeremy for a loop and this went on until all the designs were displayed and the result of the contest was out. Madeline emerged as the victor with a huge lead. At that split second, Jeremy managed to regain his regular breathing and heartbeat.

He glanced at Madeline going up the stage, along with the runner-up and the second runner-up.

She stood at the center of the stage. Under the lights, she appeared like a sparkling star, demonstrating the most gorgeous side of hers.

The uprising young lad was the one to present Madeline with the trophy, and this was followed by Madeline giving a speech of gratitude.

Jeremy listened to the speech absentmindedly as Madeline’s crystal clear voice tickled his ears.

“I’m grateful for the acknowledgment given by all the judges and most grateful for those who made the effort to vote for me. I’m able to emerge as the winner thanks to everyone’s support. However, among all the supporters, there’s one person I would like to express my gratitude for specifically.”

Her gorgeous eyes then fell on Jeremy.

“This person once used to rub salt against my wound when I was at my most helpless moment in life, and that’s my ex-husband, Jeremy Whitman.”

Jeremy never expected he would be named in such a situation.

He felt his heart skip a beat.

‘Could it be possible that she has recovered her memories?’

Many pairs of eyes were fixed on Jeremy, yet he remained calm as he stared at Madeline on the stage.

Madeline turned to face him as well. However, her gaze was much colder than her tone. “Jeremy Whitman, thanks for letting me understand that in a woman’s life, it’s not necessarily all about love. Without you, I can still live a better life.

“Today, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you one last thing. I, Eveline Montgomery, will no longer be your wife. From today onward, we won’t owe each other any favors and we’ll each go our separate ways.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 599
‘We’ll each go our separate ways.’

That phrase that sounded familiar was like an icy spear piercing through Jeremy’s heart.

He thought back to that fateful day three years ago.

She had lost her vision and came to his and Meredith’s wedding ceremony.

At that moment, she was gravely ill and was on the brink of death.

However, she summed up every bit of strength left within her to support herself and say to him firmly, “Jeremy, thanks for coming into my life. Thanks for all the wonderful memories you’ve given me in the past. However, I hereby return everything to you, including my ashes. From today onward, we don’t owe each other any more favors. I hope I won’t bump into you in the next life…”

Now, she had blurted out the same phrase.

He felt a pinch in his heart. Jeremy fixed his stare on Madeline’s gorgeous face, speechless.

‘Linnie, you’ve recovered all your memories, right?

‘In the end, you’ve decided to leave me, is that right?

‘The sweet memories that you’ve given me during this short time will vanish into thin air at this moment, gone for good.’

After Madeline left the stage, Eloise and Sean immediately went to the back of the stage to look for her.

The couple quickly halted her. “Eveline, the comments you made up on the stage… You… Do you remember everything about the past?”

Madeline smiled. “Judging from the way you’re asking me, that means I really hated Jeremy before I lost my memories, am I right?”

“This…” Eloise and Sean were speechless. They let out a sigh. “Indeed, he has made you suffer in the past, but he regretted it since the day you had the incident three years ago.”

“Regret?” Madeline sneered, “I don’t need his remorse. Anyway, he has nothing to do with me anymore.”

After spouting her comment, Jeremy appeared before her eyes.

Jeremy remained elegant except for his stunning eyes that were now brewing with sorrow.

Madeline glanced at him, then spun around and left.

“Linnie,” he called out to her with a low and attractive voice that was like a soothing wind.

Nevertheless, Madeline ignored him and seemed unconcerned about him.

She grabbed her coat, put it over her body, and continued heading to the main entrance.

On that first night of summer, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the dark navy blue sky as though a storm was about to occur.

Jeremy caught up to Madeline at the entrance and saw her standing at the roadside, perhaps waiting for a cab.

He strode toward Madeline, but a car suddenly came to a halt before her. It was Felipe who stepped out of it.

Madeline immediately put on a smile when she saw Felipe as if she was expecting his arrival.

In Jeremy’s eyes, that smile sparked a strong sense of stubbornness and selfishness within him.

He took quick steps and came to Felipe, grabbed hold of Madeline. “Linnie, you’re not allowed to go with him.”

He yanked her to his front and said in a domineering tone, “You’re my wife and forever will be!”

“Pfft.” Felipe laughed softly. “Jeremy, stop doing all these things that will only make Vera hate you even more. Let go of her.”

Jeremy raised his cold orbs. “I’ll never ever let go of Linnie. It’s you behind all this right, Felipe? You’re the one who turned Linnie into this state!”

“Enough.” Madeline cut him short, crossed.

Her shape gaze gave off an icy stare under the moonlight. Her gaze was so cold that it sent chills down Jeremy’s spine when she looked at him.

“Jeremy, perhaps the old Madeline used to love you madly to a point she would sacrifice herself, to a point where she would think she was blessed even if she was physically tortured, but I’m not that woman.

“I’m no longer that foolish Madeline! I’ll never be like her, thinking that you’re my everything and making you my only aim and belief!”

After hearing her words, Jeremy suddenly felt his fingers losing their strength.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 600
Madeline seized the opportunity to shove him away and added with a much colder tone, “I’ve no recollection of what happened before I lost my memories, and I’ve no intention to recall them. Now, I only have hatred for you, do you understand? Don’t come and look for me. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Her eyes were stony as she spun around mercilessly. “Let’s go, Felipe.”

“Alright.” Felipe was being a gentleman as he opened the door for Madeline. Before entering the car, Felipe glanced at Jeremy who was keeping quiet amid the gusty winds. Felipe’s eyes were glinting as if he had emerged victorious.


The first storm landed on the first night of summer.

Those without an umbrella were sprinting to prevent getting caught in the rain, except for Jeremy whose soul had left his body. He was still standing in the middle of the rain.

His eyes moistened as he got drenched with rainwater.

He sealed his eyes tight and saw only the wounds deep in his heart.

However, he firmly believed that the scar on Madeline’s heart had to be way bigger than his.

Soon, the storm was over, but the wound within Jeremy remained unhealed.

He received a notification that Madeline would be taking a flight back to F Country the next day.

She would bring Jackson along and was not planning to come back.

Jeremy knew that Madeline had no more feelings for him, but she still had feelings for Jackson.

Even though she could not recall her memories before the car accident, she could still remember everything after she lost her memories as the memories of both her personalities overlapped. Hence, she could still remember that Jackson was her biological son.

Jeremy quickly headed over to the kindergarten and fetched Jackson.

In the evening, Madeline went over to the kindergarten only to realize that Jeremy had fetched the kid.

She was not satisfied, and just when she was about to make a call to Jeremy, he showed up in front of her in his car.

“Linnie, I know you’re going to leave this place tomorrow. Nevertheless, Jack is our biological son and I want to spend the last night together with both you and Jack.”

Madeline stared at him coldly. “What if I don’t agree to it?”

Jeremy glanced at her and let out a smile helplessly. “For Jack’s sake, you’ll agree.”

His eyes sparkled with confidence. Before Madeline could answer, he got down from the car and offered to open the car door for her.

Madeline went straight into the car, not intending to waste her effort and time.

Along the journey, Jeremy kept driving the car straight ahead. He went away from the city and into an unfamiliar road.

Madeline felt that something was wrong. “Jeremy, where is this leading us to?”

“To our home, of course,” he replied with a low and attractive voice. He was smiling.

Madeline’s sixth sense was telling her that something fishy was about to happen. She ordered in an indifferent tone, “Stop the car, Jeremy.”

“Stop fooling around, Linnie. We’re almost there.”

“Don’t call me Linnie. I’m not your Linnie.”

“You are. You’ll forever be my Linnie. Forever.” He then turned around to face Madeline. His brows narrowed passionately as his eyes gave off a sturdy sense of stubbornness and possession.

Madeline found that Jeremy was not being his usual self. She quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and threatened him, saying, “Stop the car, Jeremy, or I’ll jump out from the car!”

However, Jeremy did not stop the car. Instead, he sped up.

Madeline felt her back being pressed against the seat as she reached out to open the car door.

“Don’t leave me, Linnie.” Jeremy suddenly extended his right hand and grasped Madeline’s shoulder, holding her in his arms. “Don’t leave me, Linnie…” He kissed her on the cheek and pleaded by her ear, yet he did not slow down the speed of the car.

“Let go of me. You’re out of your mind, Jeremy! Let go!”

Madeline struggled, but Jeremy hugged her even tighter. At that moment, a car suddenly showed up from a corner. Jeremy quickly turned the steering wheel as a loud crash sounded.

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