Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 581-590

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 581

Madeline watched curiously as Eloise took out a vintage purse from her bag and handed it to her.

“It’s time I give this back to its rightful owner.” Eloise’s benevolent gaze enveloped Madeline. “Eveline, I know you’ve lost your memories and you can’t remember what happened in the past. However, I can’t use this opportunity to lie to you because one day, you’ll recover and remember everything,” Eloise said as she started getting tearful.

Madeline held the purse and felt a pendant inside.

At this moment, Jeremy called and asked about Madeline’s location. She told him she was with Eloise and asked him to wait for her in the car.

Jeremy did as he was told. One hour later, Madeline came back.

He got out of the car to help her with her bags and the door. Then, he brought her home.

On the way, Madeline held the gold pendant with her name carved on it. She caressed the pendant with her fingertip softly. Then, as she was doing that, some broken fragments of her memories started coming back to her.

Yvonne stayed one week in the detention center. Finally, Karen came and bailed her out.

Karen was wearing a beautiful outfit. When she saw Yvonne’s unkempt and messy appearance, she brought Yvonne to a hotel for a shower in disgust.

After Yvonne showered, she walked out of the toilet in a bathrobe.

The moment she walked out, she started cursing. “How dare that b*tch Madeline frame me?! I’ll never forgive her!”

She clenched her fist and slammed it down on the bed.

“Fortunately, the deadline of the competition is nowhere near. If not, my good days would’ve been ruined by her! That b*tch! I’ll teach her a lesson!”

Karen finished listening to Yvonne’s swears and scoffed. “Yvonne, you should just get over this. You’re not her competition at all.”

“Aunty Karen, do you think so as well?” Yvonne asked. She was unconvinced. “I’ll prove to you that I’m better than her.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Karen did not want to argue with her anymore. However, she warned solemnly, saying, “I’ve been extremely good to you by bailing you out this time. Win only promised to not look into this after I begged him for a very long time. You can do anything to anyone, but why did you choose that old man? Are you trying to tell me that you’re the one who poisoned that old man as well?”

“Aunty Karen, what’s this nonsense? That’s murder! Do you think I’m so insane?” Yvonne was lying through her teeth. She was not ashamed of what she had done at all.

After she said that, she realized that Karen was dressed impeccably today.

She was wearing a long dress and there was an expensive shawl on her shoulders. She even had a shiny brooch on her chest.

“Aunty Karen, are you going to a party later?”

Karen smiled arrogantly. “There’s a charity dinner tonight and all of the rich and famous of Glendale will be there.”

Yvonne’s eyes lit up. “Aunty Karen, take me! I want to use this chance to get to know some rich people.”

Karen’s expression turned awkward when she heard that.

She did not have any reputation nor status right now. She did not even receive an invitation to the charity party tonight. She wanted to sneak in when there was a crowd, so how could she bring another deadweight with her?

However, Yvonne had already started preparing in delight. She dragged Karen to the branded shops where she picked out a white gown. However, the dress cost six digits and Karen was only willing to spend a maximum of 500 dollars on her dress.

That night, Yvonne put on a 300 dollar dress. She was looking at it with disgust.

She kept feeling that her worth had been degraded by the dress.

When they got to the hotel, Yvonne saw a lot of wealthy women and socialites arriving. They were all in extravagant and elegant outfits, causing Yvonne’s eyes to turn green with envy.

As she was observing, a graceful figure wandered into her vision.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 582
That woman was wearing the six-digit white gown Yvonne saw at the shop this morning as she entered the hotel clicking her heels elegantly and gracefully.

The host who was wearing a suit bowed and greeted the woman like he was treating a queen. He was extremely deferential to her.

Yvonne watched in admiration. She dreamed that someone would treat her like that as well.

Yvonne only came back to her senses when Karen called her name.

Since they did not have invitations, they could only enter through the side door.

When they got to the party, Yvonne’s eyes twinkled.

She had seen similar sights in a lot of television shows before, but she had never experienced it on her own.

She saw a lot of poised and immaculately-dressed handsome gentlemen there. As such, she was already searching for her target.

After a few seconds, she had locked down on a handsome young man.

When she was trying to go over and pretend to crash into him, Karen grabbed her before stopping her in a low voice. “We snuck in here, so don’t cause any trouble.”

“Aunty Karen, you’re too timid. No wonder you’re always scared speechless by Madeline. Just watch!” Yvonne tugged her hand away and pulled down her collar. She then sashayed to the young man who was talking to someone.

However, when she was on her way, she heard someone talking about the jewelry design competition. As such, she turned around and realized that one of the men was the special judge for this competition.

Yvonne wanted to curry favors with him when she heard him saying, “I heard Miss Vera is at this party as well. I’ve been in love with her work and want to get to know her. I wonder where she is right now.”

“Miss Vera’s works are all so trendy. That’s why she’s so well-liked by everyone. I admire her a lot too. If that’s the case, we’ll go look for her.”

After Yvonne heard this and when she saw the two of them about to walk away, she pretended to trip and fall.

Then, just as she expected, the two men helped her up in a gentlemanly manner.

Yvonne turned around and thanked them gratefully. Then, she showed a surprised expression. “A-Aren’t you Mr. Lewinksi? Hello, I’m contestant number six for the jewelry competition, Yvonne Yaleman. I didn’t expect to run into you here.”

She told them her name before pretending to have a relationship with them while thinking she was being smart.

“Actually, I should be at home drafting tonight, but I heard Miss Vera is here so I came over! I love Miss Vera’s work. Her designs are all so unique and trendy. I decided to learn jewelry design because of her! However, I’ve been here for some time and I still haven’t seen her.”

Yvonne even lowered her gaze in fake disappointment.

The two poised men smiled politely after hearing what she said. “What a coincidence. We’re also Miss Vera’s fans.”

“Really? I guess we’re really brought together by fate!” Yvonne exclaimed in exaggeration.

When she was about to pretend to be obedient and lovable, she heard the man in front of her pointing to a distance behind her. He exclaimed, “That’s Miss Vera! She’s over there! Let’s go to her.”

Yvonne turned her head and realized that the woman in white she saw at the hotel entrance earlier was the Miss Vera the men were talking about.

Actually, she did not know who Miss Vera was. Her goal was to worm her way into having a relationship with these two men and curry favors with them so that she could have a higher chance of winning the competition.

She wanted to defeat Madeline no matter what!

When she saw the two men walking over, Yvonne followed behind them as well. She started exclaiming like an excited fan before the two men could say anything. “Miss Vera, I’m finally meeting you! I’m your super fan!”

The woman in white turned around calmly after she heard that. “Are you talking to me?”

When Yvonne saw her gorgeous face, she froze instantly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 583
She did not expect the Miss Vera who they were praising to be Madeline Crawford!

After thinking about it, she was also named Vera and the person they were complimenting was Miss L.ady’s head jewelry designer, Vera Quinn.

Vera Quinn was Madeline Crawford!

Yvonne felt like an idiot. Initially, she wanted to worm her way into having a relationship with these two men, but now, she was just asking for trouble and humiliation.

When Madeline saw Yvonne’s constipated face, a look of surprise appeared on her delicate face. “Why are you here? When did they release you?”


When everyone around them heard that, they started having suspicions about Yvonne.

“Release? Miss Vera, do you know this person?”

“Yeah, how would I not know her?” Madeline lifted her gaze and smiled softly. There was a sharp glint in her alluring eyes. “This is the author of the trending article about how I abused an old man,” she said with a smile, causing Yvonne to look more and more embarrassed.

“However, what’s interesting is that a week ago, she was brought away by the police. The reason she was brought away is that she’s the one who abused the old man.”


Everyone started looking at Yvonne with looks of disdain.

“So, the thief was crying thief.”

“People can really do anything when they want to get famous.”

“I didn’t! I didn’t do anything like that!” Yvonne explained with her face red. “If I really did something so heinous, why would they release me?”

Madeline asked calmly, “Do you want me to play the video of you abusing the old master to everyone? I still have the original file from that night.”

“…” Yvonne pouted. She gritted her teeth and did not have the guts to say anything.

She had lost all of her confidence.

After all, she had really done that.

“Why are you here?”

Yvonne trembled when she heard Jeremy’s voice out of the blue.

She lifted her head abruptly and Jeremy’s upright, handsome figure walked into her vision.

He strutted over. Despite his icy expression, he still looked handsome.

Yvonne was still attracted to him. She felt jealous when she saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s shoulder when he walked over.

To everyone, they were the perfect match made in heaven.

“I’m asking you, why are you here?” Jeremy asked in annoyance.

Yvonne stammered, saying, “A-Aunty Karen brought me here.”

After she said that, a commotion broke out from one side. Madeline looked over and saw Karen fighting with a waiter in black.

Karen lost all of her graceful manners and was pointing at the waiter furiously. “So what if I don’t have an invitation? I know the host of this party! Do you know who my son is? How dare you kick me out?! You—”

“Oh, my mother-in-law is here as well. I was wondering which shrew is causing trouble at my parents’ charity dinner,” Madeline said while walking over with a small smile on her face.

Karen knew that Madeline was acting like she was trying to get her out of this mess, but in reality, she was jeering at her.

However, she did not care about this anymore. She only wanted to preserve her image.

“Did you hear that? This is my in-laws’ dinner party! I can come and go as I please. Do you think I need an invitation?” Karen glared at the waiter arrogantly.

“This is not a place where anyone can just come to. However, for the sake of my precious daughter, you can stay.”

Eloise and Sean walked over slowly. They were obviously disgusted with Karen.

Karen saw that the crowd was still gossiping about her. Moreover, the wealthy women who used to hang out and have afternoon tea with her were also laughing at her. Karen felt her face heating up, and in that instant, she felt like a clown. Her elegant and magnanimous manner was completely ruined.

Madeline smirked when she saw Yvonne and Karen getting into embarrassing situations one after another.

Then, an old man who was dressed extravagantly walked over from the crowd. He looked at Madeline with admiration and smiled.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 584
“Is this Miss Montgomery? I finally get the honor of meeting you tonight.”

“Eveline, this is Sir Calver. He’s the previous chairman of our charity. He’s also your father’s good friend.” Eloise introduced.

Madeline smiled politely and shook hands with Sir Calver. “Hello, Uncle Calver.”

“Hello, hello. Miss Eveline, you’re so beautiful. The dinner tonight will be dazzling because of you. I wonder if I can ask you to play a song for us as the opening act for the charity dinner?”

“Play a song?” Madeline lifted her gaze to see a black piano in front of her.

Karen smirked. She was excited to see Madeline mess this up. “Hmph, you were humiliating me just now. Finally, it’s your turn.”

Yvonne walked over. “Aunty Karen, does Madeline know how to play the piano?”

“She doesn’t know squat! She was like a maid when she was living with the Crawfords. Do you think she was able to touch something as expensive as a piano? If that piece of trash didn’t have Jeremy, then she’d be nothing!” Karen gritted her teeth and jeered.

A sinister smile appeared on Yvonne’s face as well. “Hmph, she was so arrogant and proud of herself just now. I’m gonna have the time of my life humiliating her later.”

However, after she finished saying that, she saw Madeline sashaying over to the piano elegantly. She sat down, and her long fingers pressed down on the keys.

As her fingers glided against the keys expertly, ‘Mariage d’amour’ resonated in the hall soothingly and melodically.

Karen and Yvonne were beyond shocked.

Had they not established that Madeline was a piece of trash who knew squat about playing the piano? Then, what was this she was playing now?

After their shock, Yvonne was even more envious of her. Madeline was stunning with her gorgeous look and elegant demeanor. She could not imagine anything more beautiful right now.

Madeline sat there as she basked in the light glow of the chandelier. She looked like a princess, or rather, a queen in a dream as she ruled over everything in front of her.

Jeremy watched Madeline with love and admiration. However, there was a hint of loneliness coming from his eyes.

Madeline and Jeremy left before the dinner ended.

The inside of the car was abnormally quiet on the way home.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s frigid face through the rear-view mirror. Then, his hands felt nervous as they gripped the steering wheel.

“Linnie,” he called out softly. When Madeline turned over, she could not hide the sharp glint in her eyes anymore. “You remember, don’t you?”

Madeline smiled after staying silent for two seconds. “Shouldn’t you ask me if I’ve shifted my personality?”

She laughed, her tone getting more and more sarcastic.

“Jeremy, I really need to thank your amazing mother and cousin. They were the ones who triggered my current personality so that I no longer have to be stuck as that idiot Madeline who’s so easy to bully and who loves you so much that she would sacrifice herself.”

After she finished saying that, Jeremy slammed on the brakes frantically.

When the car came to a halt, Madeline undid her seatbelt and got out of the car.

Jeremy ran up to her and grabbed her hand. “Linnie, don’t go!” he begged.

Madeline pushed him away coldly, her eyes icy. “Get lost!”

When she pushed Jeremy away and turned around, two cars sped in front of her and crashed into each other as if they had timed this perfectly.

After the loud crash, Madeline felt as if her legs had been injected with lead. She could not move anymore.

“Linnie!” Jeremy ran over quickly to hold Madeline’s shoulders.

However, Madeline stood motionlessly as she stared at the car crash. After a while, Madeline held her head in pain. Broken fragments of her memories started playing in her head.


She let out a scream of pain before passing out in Jeremy’s arms.

“Linnie!” Jeremy held Madeline while feeling heartbroken. A figure appeared suddenly as he was about to carry Madeline to the hospital.

Felipe was standing in front of the car that had its hazard lights on. He was wearing all black, and the blinking lights enveloped him with a golden sheen. He looked at Jeremy who had a worried expression on his face before smirking demonically.

“Just in time,” Felipe said profoundly.

Jeremy understood immediately. “Did you arrange for the cars to crash?”

“Isn’t this good? Madeline will revert to the Madeline who loves you deeply. Isn’t that what you want?”

Jeremy’s eyes were red. “Felipe, are you insane? Even if I want Linnie to love me, I won’t let her suffer such pain deliberately! Why did you do that?”

“Why?” Felipe displayed an eerie smile. Then, he said…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 585
“Why?” There was an unreadable sneer on Felipe’s face. “If I was able to bring Madeline back from the dead back then, then I can let her love or hate anyone as I please.”

Jeremy lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms with a gentle gaze. When he lifted his head again, his eyes were like icepicks as they penetrated sharply at Felipe.

“No one’s allowed to manipulate Linnie’s emotions or thoughts. Felipe, Linnie will see your true self one day.”

Felipe laughed. “It won’t happen,” he said as he approached Jeremy. Against the light of the car, his handsome face was covered with a dark shadow.

“Jeremy, appreciate your last two days with Maddie because soon enough, you’ll completely lose her.”

Felipe finished his sentence with a laugh. Then, he turned around and walked to the side of the road.

A driver opened the door for him before they sped away.

Jeremy did not want to chase after him as he only had Madeline in his mind right now.

He brought Madeline to the hospital. It was time for Adam to get off work, and as soon as he stepped out of the hospital, he saw Jeremy carrying an unconscious Madeline while running toward him frantically.

Adam went back in again, astonished when he heard Jeremy tell him the reason why Madeline fainted.

“Didn’t Felipe save Madeline before? Why did he do that to her now?”

“He wants to get back at me,” said Jeremy in a firm tone. His eyes were filled with worry as he stared at Madeline who was still in a deep slumber. “Adam, what will happen to Linnie when she wakes up?”

“I can’t give you a precise answer. However, there’s a huge chance that she’ll go back to the Madeline who loves you.”

Jeremy was unable to feel happy even after he got this answer.

Actually, he noticed that Madeline was acting and speaking differently since a few days ago.

That day when Madeline exposed Yvonne as the true abuser, her gaze and aura were that of her strong personality.

He did not want to expose her as he wanted to spend more time with her.

No matter what she became and regardless if she loved or hated him, he would not mind as long as she stayed by his side.

However, he did not want to see Madeline switch between personalities so frequently as this would only worsen her condition.

Madeline was unconscious for the entire night. As such, Jeremy stayed with her in the hospital.

He held her hand from night till morning. He felt slightly relieved when he saw her brows that were no longer furrowed.

When he was accompanying her like this, it made him feel regretful of the six years he wasted.

They could have been deeply in love, but someone forcefully stopped that from happening.

When morning came, Jeremy quickly washed his face. After he was done, he saw that Madeline was awake when he came out of the toilet.

“Linnie!” He strode to the side of the bed and helped Linnie up. “Linnie, how are you? Do you feel unwell?”

Madeline blinked and lifted her dazed eyes to look at Jeremy.

Jeremy started worrying. He was afraid that Madeline would push him away and tell him to scram. He was also afraid that she would not know him.

“Linnie?” he was speaking cautiously with worry in his eyes.

“Jeremy, why am I in the hospital again?” Madeline asked curiously, her gentle tone causing Jeremy to let out a sigh of relief.

“Linnie, don’t you remember what happened before you passed out?” he asked probingly.

Madeline frowned and tried to recall. Then, she shook her head. “My head hurts.”

“Don’t think about it then, okay?”

“Okay.” Madeline nodded obediently. Then, she smiled bashfully at Jeremy. “Jeremy, I made you worry again.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 586
“You’re my wife, you dummy. It’s only normal for me to worry about you.”

Madeline’s smile grew sweeter after she heard that.

Soon after, Jeremy called Adam over. After making sure that nothing was wrong with her, Jeremy brought her home.

On the way, he was still thinking about what Felipe said last night.

Two days?

What would Felipe do after two days?

However, no matter what, he would still hold on to Madeline firmly.

After they went home, Jeremy told Madeline in a gentle tone that she had to stay home these two days. She could not go out no matter what.

Madeline agreed.

However, since Jeremy had to send Jackson to school, he had no choice but to leave her alone for a short period of time.

In the morning, Madeline pushed the old man to enjoy the sun since the weather was pleasant.

She sat down next to the old master with her drawing tools. When she was about to pick up her brush, her phone rang.

To her surprise, it was from the police. They told her that Meredith would be undergoing the death penalty tomorrow and her last wish was to see Madeline for the last time.

Madeline remembered what Jeremy told her. He told her that she should not go out these two days.

When she was about to reject, a police car stopped outside the house.

The police came straight into the premises after getting out of the car. Then, they told Madeline there was something important that Meredith needed to tell her before she died.

Madeline did not think she had anything to say to Meredith anymore, but the two police officers forced her into the car.

The old master watched as they took Madeline away. He tried to make some noises to stop them, but it was futile.

Madeline was brought to the prison where Meredith was held inside a single cell. She looked like she had been groomed and did not look as unkempt as before.

However, she did not have the vigor and liveliness that she once had.

When Madeline saw Meredith, the scenes of her framing and torturing her kept replaying in her brain.

She lifted her beautiful gaze, and her tone was sarcastic. “I didn’t expect you to have such power to make the police drag me here to see you for the last time even when you’re locked up.”

Meredith heard what Madeline said before bursting into a hysterical cackle.

After a long while, she stopped. Then, she grinned evilly. “I didn’t expect you to be alive after all that!”

She was glaring at Madeline while baring her teeth. She did not expect Madeline to be unharmed after such a horrifying accident.

Madeline smiled. There were determination and courage in her eyes. “The people who deserve to die are the vile low-lives who want to harm me.”

Meredith charged over at her like she was crazy after she heard that. Then, she grabbed the iron bars of her cell and snarled resentfully at Madeline’s delicate face. She wanted so badly to stab her with her glares.

“Madeline, just you wait. I won’t forgive you even if I turn into a ghost!”

“Is this the nonsense you want to say to me?”

Meredith gritted her teeth while feeling unconvinced. Then, her eyes became peculiar. “Madeline, do you really think you can defeat me? Actually, you’ve lost! Hahaha! You’ve lost!”

Madeline felt that Meredith had gone insane. She did not have the patience to play along with her anymore, so she turned around to leave.

“Madeline! There’s something you might not know. The boy you fell in love with at first sight at the beach in April Hill isn’t Jeremy!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 587
Meredith’s piercing screeches invaded Madeline’s eardrums.

Madeline felt something pull her heartstrings, but she did not stop walking.

Meredith was seeing red when Madeline was not affected by what she said. Then, she yelled even more hysterically, “Madeline, you’re investing your emotions into the wrong person! You think you’ve gotten together with the boy from back then, but in reality, Jeremy is not that boy! He’s not!

“He doesn’t remember making any promises because he’s not that boy! That’s why he tormented and tarnished you so cruelly! Do you think he treated me well back then because he thought I was you? Hahaha! No! It’s because he truly loves me! He’s only good to you now so that he can avenge me!

“Madeline, you’ve been looking for that boy for so many years and at the end of the day, you still got the wrong person! You even let down the boy who made that promise to you! I want to see how you’re gonna enjoy your life with Jeremy in the future! Hahaha!”

Madeline walked out of the front door of the prison. However, she could still hear Madeline’s crazy talk lingering in her ears.

She loosened her fists that were clenched tightly unbeknownst to her. Then, she took a deep breath.

‘I can’t get fooled by Meredith again.

‘How is it possible that Jeremy’s not the boy?

‘If he’s not the boy, then how does he know what happened back then?’

Plus, Madeline remembered clearly that the boy’s name was Jeremy.

Madeline recomposed herself. She was certain that Meredith was just trying to mess with her before she died so that she could ruin her relationship with Jeremy.

She could not fall into her trap.

Madeline went home and saw the old master still in the wheelchair in the garden.

When the old master saw her, he started making sounds at her. He looked straight at Madeline with eyes filled with worry.

“Grandpa.” Madeline walked over quickly and comforted him. “Grandpa, I’m sorry for worrying you. I’m fine.”

After Jeremy sent Jackson to school, he went straight back home.

When he got home, Madeline was drafting in the study quietly while the old master was napping in his room. Everything looked so peaceful and serene.

Jeremy let out a sigh of relief. When he went into the study after brewing some black tea for Madeline, his phone rang.

He looked at the unknown number for a few seconds before answering. Meredith’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Jeremy, I’ll be executed tomorrow and I want to see you for the last time.” Meredith’s voice was hoarse and lifeless. Her tone was flat as well.

Jeremy did not even want to waste any effort in rejecting her and was about to hang up straight.

“Jeremy, there’s something you want to hear from me right? If you don’t hear this, I’m afraid there will always be a wall between you and Madeline.”

Meredith’s voice was oddly confident. She chuckled. “Jeremy, I’ll wait for you.”

Before she could finish talking, Jeremy hung up the phone.

He held the tea and looked at the woman who was drawing in the study. His eyes gradually became softer and softer.

“Linnie, I don’t want any regrets between us,” he looked straight at her and mumbled. Then, he turned around slowly.

Jeremy sped to the prison as fast as he could. Then, he met Meredith who was being locked inside her cell.

When Meredith saw him, her lifeless eyes lit up. “Jeremy, you’re finally willing to see me.”

Jeremy did not have any patience. He said, “I’m not here to see you. Just tell me what you want to say.”

Meredith laughed in self-mockery. Then, she looked at the handsome face that she had been longing for every day. “It’s been six years. I’ve been by your side for six years. Have you ever liked me? Just for a little bit?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 588
Jeremy lifted his cold gaze. His icy gaze froze over Meredith’s passionate and expectant heart.

“I’ve only loved one woman in this life and that woman is Linnie. As for you, do you think that any man would like a sinister and despicable woman like you?”

“Heh!” Meredith laughed bitterly. Then, she clenched her fists. Her eyes were also filled with intense jealousy and hatred. “Alright, what a straightforward answer. It’s so straightforward that I’ll die with remaining grievance!”

She bit her lip tightly, tearing the flesh. She did not let go even when blood started pouring from her wound.

Jeremy had no interest in seeing her in this wretched state, so he asked impatiently, “I don’t have time to waste. Just spit it out.”

Meredith laughed bitterly at herself when Jeremy refused to look at her. “Jeremy, I’ll die tomorrow. Why won’t you look at me? Am I so hideous? Back then, you always told me that I’m the most beautiful and kindest woman in the world.”

The disgust in Jeremy’s eyes was even more evident now.

“If I hadn’t mistaken you as Linnie, do you think you’d even be worthy of those praises? Meredith, don’t try to gross me out even before your death.”

“Gross you out?”

Meredith’s expression changed as her rough and yellowish hands grabbed the iron bars. “I’m gross, but why did I do all those disgusting things? I did them all for you! I gave up my reputation for you, so why are you still not looking at me? Why did you never touch me for all those years I was with you?”

Jeremy was surprised when Meredith suddenly admitted herself that they had never been intimate before. There were some changes in Jeremy’s handsome face after he heard that.

Even though he had already guessed that he had never touched her before, it was still amazing to hear her saying it out loud.

Madeline finished her draft in the study and was about to go check on the old master.

She got up and looked out of the window subconsciously. Then, she noticed it had started drizzling unbeknownst to her.

The rain was not heavy, but the sky was grey.

Madeline walked to the old master’s room to shut the windows in case the rainwater got into the room.

When she was about to close the window, she saw a familiar figure from the corner of her eyes. That person was walking to the front door with a black umbrella.

She turned around to go to the front door. When she was about to open the door, she bumped into Felipe who was just about to knock on the door.

“It’s you?” Madeline looked at him.

Felipe smiled at her softly. “Maddie.”

Madeline currently did not know Felipe. Therefore, she looked at him cautiously. “Are you here for Jeremy?”

Felipe smiled and shook his head. “I’m just here to check on you. I want to know if you’re doing alright.”

“It’s none of your business how I’m doing.”

“Of course, it’s my business,” said Felipe in a gentle voice. Then, he walked closer to Madeline. “Maddie, you need to know that you’ve lost your memories. Before you did, you resented and despised Jeremy.”

Madeline listened to what Felipe said and her face was calm. “I only know that I love Jeremy very much now.”

“Do you still love him even after he has used you and lied to you?” Felipe asked calmly with a hint of desolation in his eyes.

Madeline answered firmly, “Yeah, I love him.”

Felipe sighed in disappointment. “Maddie, I’ll wait for you to recover. I’ll wait for you no matter what.”

After he made his promise, he held his umbrella and turned around in the rain.

Madeline did not pay much attention to him anymore. However, when she was about to go back to the house, she heard a subtle ding. It seemed like something had fallen from Felipe’s pocket.

She subconsciously turned around to look at what had fallen from Felipe’s pocket. At that instant, her expression changed.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 589
Madeline got down to her knees and picked the items that had dropped to the floor. She was much quicker than Felipe.

“Why do you have this with you?” Madeline frowned as her eyes glinted with curiosity and astonishment.

Felipe reached out for the colorful shell from Madeline calmly and held it dearly in his hands. “More than ten years ago at the beach of April Hill, there was a little girl who gifted this colorful shell to me personally. She even said that she hoped I’ll always be happy and wished to be with me forever.”

Felipe said as he looked at Madeline in the eye, revealing his pair of orbs that were giving out a sense of loneliness and sorrow.

“However, after over ten years, that girl came to fall in love with another man.”

“What are you talking about?” Madeline’s eyes widened after hearing Felipe’s comment.

She looked at Felipe’s handsome face before her, astonished. Her mind was flashing with memories of Meredith barking at her in prison.

“Impossible, that’s impossible.” Madeline kept denying with all her might, forcing herself not to recall the statements given by Meredith. She did not allow herself to be influenced.

Felipe discarded the umbrella aside and walked toward Madeline who was muttering away. “Madeline.”

“Don’t come near me.” Madeline forbade him from coming any closer to her. Her eyes suddenly became all sharp.

“I’ve indeed lost my memories, but regarding that incident back then, I remember it crystal clear. You’re not that man. It’s Jeremy!”

Felipe’s gaze lowered when faced with Madeline’s suspicion, but he did not argue. He let out a bitter smile and started explaining with patience.

“18 years ago, Jeremy and I followed Old Master Whitman to the beach of April Hill. To them, it was indeed a happy vacation trip, but to me, it was as if the entire world had turned black before me.

“My parents lost their lives in a well-planned car accident. In just a day, I became an orphan.

“That day, I sat at the beach looking at the vast ocean. I thought of jumping into the ocean, thinking of ending my dreadful life. I planned to go join my parents on the other side of the world, but at that moment, a little girl came to me and gifted me this colorful shell. She even told me, ‘Hey, I hope you’ll always be happy.’

“Her smile was therapeutic, and I felt my entire world brightening up. I felt that there was still something that I could hold on to in this world.

“And that little girl was you.”

Felipe told the entire incident in detail. When he was done, his passionate orbs were fixed upon Madeline’s face.

Madeline was lost in her thoughts after hearing the story. It had filled her innocent eyes with tears.

‘Felipe’s statement matches exactly what I have in my memory!

‘But how is this even possible?

‘I’m sure there’s something wrong.’

Madeline tried her very best to think about it, but this only made her head feel saturated.

“Madeline, actually, I just hope you’ll be happy. I didn’t wish to tell you this truth, but now, it seems that you’re not happy at all as Jeremy has cheated your feelings. His kindness to you is just an illusion. You were once deeply hurt by him and I don’t want to see you suffering again.”

Felipe’s angry yet sympathetic comment tickled her ears, and this made Madeline snap out of her thoughts.

Her vision became blurry, but she could still see Felipe’s patient and soothing smile.

Felipe reached out for her hand and held it dearly in his palms. “Madeline, stop allowing Jeremy to hurt you. He must have not told you this. Actually, we even have a daughter together.”

“What? You and I have a daughter?” Madeline was dumbstruck, her face turning pale.

Felipe nodded with certainty. “That’s right. Our daughter’s name is Lilian. You’re the one who named her. You named her that because back when you were with Jeremy, he only bestowed you darkness and coldness. As such, you named our daughter Lilian because you hoped that this child will always be loved.”

Felipe grasped her hand tighter when he noticed Madeline’s eyes sparkling. “Madeline, don’t give Jeremy any more chances to hurt you. You’ve never once loved him. I’m the one who you love.”

Then, Madeline grabbed onto her head as she felt an intense pain buzzing about.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 590
“Stop… Stop talking. My head hurts! Jeremy, Jeremy…”


Jeremy, who just returned from prison, arrived at the entrance of the villa and witnessed the entire scene.

Madeline cried out to his name desperately while Felipe was grabbing onto Madeline’s hands.

He quickly parked his car, rushed under the rain in huge strides, and hugged Madeline who was still muttering desperately in his arms.

“I’m here, Linnie. Don’t be afraid.” He hugged Madeline in his arms. He felt as if his heart was being stabbed when he saw her suffering expression.

Rage coursed through him as he turned to face Felipe with a malicious glare. Cold words were spewed from his thin lips, “Get lost. Stop disturbing my wife. You’d better vanish this instant.”

Felipe did not get angry and only let out a smile. His pair of cold orbs shifted from Madeline’s pale face to Jeremy’s eyes that were brewing with rage.

He said nothing and only revealed a smile.

Jeremy retrieved his glare after Felipe left. He then let out a soothing smile and provided Madeline a sense of security.

“Don’t be scared, Linnie. I’m here. I’ll protect you.” He bestowed her with warmth, yet his heartbeat was beating erratically.

Madeline’s brows narrowed. Her eyes were shut as her mind flashed with memories of incidents after she lost them. There were fragments of memories of her being abandoned…

Madeline gradually regained consciousness as the night came.

She had no recollection of when she had passed out. It was just that when she woke up, she felt her right hand being held on tightly. She spun around and realized Jeremy was guarding her by the bedside.

Both his hands were holding onto hers. Judging by the looks of it, he had never let go because Madeline could even feel the warmth in her palm along with some moisture.

She sat up and stared at Jeremy’s side profile. He was still sleeping soundly with a stony expression.

His delicate facial features were reflected in Madeline’s orbs.

After some time, Madeline forcefully retrieved her hand that was being held tightly.

Jeremy suddenly got up. Seeing Madeline awake made him thrilled. He grabbed onto her hands once again, saying, “Linnie, I’m glad you’re awake. Does your head still hurt?”

Madeline did not answer and only stared at Jeremy.

The glint of anxiety and warmth in his eyes were all reflected in Madeline’s orbs.

Jeremy frowned when he noticed Madeline not speaking. “Linnie?”

“Nothing, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me,” said Madeline, “I’m tired. I want to continue sleeping.”

“Alright, I’ll accompany you to sleep.” Jeremy smiled, feeling assured. He then covered Madeline with the blanket.

Jeremy stayed with Madeline till she was sound asleep. He then turned to look out the window to the quiet night sky. His gaze became gradually depressed…

At the villa on the outskirts.

Felipe was drinking a cup of tea while going through Madeline’s diary. A smirk curled at the corners of his lips.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound coming from downstairs.

His smile faded as his towering silhouette passed through the walkway to the balcony.

Under the drizzling night sky, he saw a figure giving out a murderous aura. It was rushing into the villa.

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