Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 561-570

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 561

No one expected the old master to speak up during that moment.

This left Yvonne’s mouth wide open as her face went pale white.

‘Didn’t everyone say that this old man is already paralyzed and won’t be able to talk or walk till the day he steps into his grave? Why is he showing a reaction at this timing?

‘All this while, I’ve been cursing and insulting him. Won’t everything come to light?’

“Grandpa.” Jeremy was extremely delighted as he spun around and returned to the old master’s side. “Grandpa, are you able to move? What do you want to say?”

The old master’s eyes were enormous as he gave his all to voice out, but they heard no words in the end.

However, with effort, he extended his shaking right index finger and pointed ahead.

Yvonne, who saw the scene, quickly took a step back and sneered, “Look, Jeremy. Grandpa is pointing toward this woman. Grandpa’s trying to say it’s this woman who caused him to end up in this state!”

Then, Karen smirked and said, “Jeremy, your grandpa has pointed out it’s her. Are you still planning to defend her? She’s pretending that she has lost her memories, trying to free herself from being held responsible.”

Her comments made Old Master Whitman exasperated as he panted out of anger.

“Look for yourself. Look at how angry your grandpa is!”

Jeremy raised his icy-cold gaze and said unpleasantly, “Grandpa is mad because of you two.”

As he was saying, he started packing up the old master’s clothing and passed them over to Madeline. “Linnie, we’ll bring Grandpa back home. With you taking care of him, I’m sure Grandpa will recover in no time.”

Madeline let out a smile and came forth to push the wheelchair. “Grandpa, I’ll bring you back home.”

The old master moved his orbs, showing that he was trying to answer Madeline’s comment. His emotions had calmed down as well.

“Jeremy, where do you plan on taking Grandpa to? Back home? Which home? Do you guys still have a home?” asked Karen in a dissatisfactory tone.

However, Jeremy ignored her.

Karen was Jeremy’s mother, but she was not like Jeremy who had already realized his mistakes.

Throughout so many years, she had never given Madeline any ounce of respect, let alone apologized for the things she did to her.

Hence, he decided not to respect anyone who did not respect his wife, even if that person was his mother.

Veins were throbbing in Karen’s temple when she witnessed Jeremy leaving the scene along with both the old master and Madeline.

As for Yvonne, she was utterly jealous of Jeremy defending Madeline.

She was feeling dissatisfied as she thought to herself and muttered, “Are we going to just leave it as such, Aunty Karen? Madeline has turned Grandpa into this state and is still trying to pretend that she has lost her memories to seduce Jeremy with an innocent look. She must have influenced Jeremy, making him treat you so coldly!”

Karen was a person who was easily influenced. She spoke through her gritted teeth, “This b*tch!”

“We shouldn’t let Jeremy leave just like that, Aunty Karen. We shouldn’t let that woman continue sticking around him. She’ll definitely join forces with Felipe and land Jeremy in tragedy!” Yvonne kept adding fuel to fire. “Have you forgotten, Aunty Karen? It’s because of that woman that you can’t even buy a purse right now!”

“She’s such a b*tch. Does she think that I’m scared of her just because I’m lying down low?”

“Well, back when she exposed her identity, you did look like you’re terrified of her. That’s why Madeline became even more arrogant!”

Karen felt that her pride was shattered.

Exasperated, she reached out for her purse, spun around, and headed out.

“Don’t do anything rash, Aunty Karen. Wait for me.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 562

Yvonne caught up to Karen and put on a fake, worrying face. In reality, her face was revealing a devilish smirk.

She thought Karen would cause Madeline trouble. However, she ended up arriving at the hospital.

With Karen’s previous social network, she got to know about Madeline’s illness.

After getting to know about the details of her condition, she burst into laughter. “Haha, it looks like that b*tch really lost her memories. No wonder earlier she greeted me as ‘Mom’ so politely. It turns out she has reverted to her stupid state!”

Karen felt that her chance had arrived as she hurriedly went back to pack up. She checked out from the house and dragged her luggage to Jeremy and Madeline’s wedding villa.

Just when she got down from a cab, she noticed Jeremy starting his car and leaving the villa.

Madeline was cleaning Old Master Whitman’s body meticulously and covered him with a blanket so he could hit the sack.

She heard the doorbell ringing just when she was about to speak a few words to the old master.

She opened the door only to find that both Karen and Yvonne were waiting at the doorway impatiently.

“Mom?” Madeline called out politely, “What brings you here?”

Karen rolled her eyes at Madeline. “This house belongs to my son. As his mother, I can come by whenever I want to! From today onward, Yvonne and I will stay here. Since you’re going to serve the old master, you might as well serve Yvonne and me.”

Knowing Jeremy had left the villa, Yvonne raised her brows and said, “Madeline, why are you standing here so absent-minded? Quickly take our luggage in and clean up two rooms for us. Go!”

Arrogantly, Yvonne entered. As she passed by Madeline, she intentionally knocked against Madeline’s shoulder forcefully.

Madeline shifted her gaze from the two figures to the two big bags of luggage that were standing at the doorway.

“Wow, this house is so huge and gorgeous!” Yvonne was impressed the moment she entered. She had the urge to make herself the owner of this house, thinking that a woman like Madeline was not a suitable match to Jeremy.

Karen had come to the villa a few times, hence her reaction was not as exaggerated as Yvonne’s. She sank into a sofa comfortably. Seeing Madeline dragging her luggage made her smile.

Ever since Madeline ‘reincarnated’, she had been enduring lots of suffering.

She planned to seize this opportunity when Madeline had lost all her memories and reverted to her foolish character to vent out all her frustration

“Madeline, go get the two rooms cleaned up right now. Also, prepare two brand new sets of daily utilities,” ordered Karen.

Madeline was deep in thought while staring at Karen and Yvonne. Then, she spun around and headed upstairs.

Pfft! Yvonne burst into laughter when she saw Madeline’s back. “Haha, this feels great, Aunty Karen. Can’t believe that b*tch will have such a day too!”

“Hmph! It’s all because she went against me earlier! Right now, I shall prove to her who’s boss!” Karen smirked. She thought of an idea when she saw the dustbin beside the coffee table.

After a moment, Madeline returned to the hall with a smile. “I’ve cleaned up the guest rooms.”

Karen flipped a blind eye over her. “So, you’ve cleaned the guest rooms. I guess it’s time for you to clean the hall now,” said Karen as she suddenly raised her leg and kicked the dustbin before her.

The garbage containing the skin of fruits splattered all over the gray floor mat.

“Why are you zoning out, Madeline? Hurry and clean it up,” said Yvonne, reaching out for the melon before throwing it on the floor.

“Clean up once I order you to do it. Are you dissatisfied with it? Do you not want to be my daughter-in-law? Do it now if you want to!” Karen barked. She then picked up the orange skin and threw it beside Madeline’s leg.

Madeline kept silent, spun around, and went to get a broom.

At that moment, the main door flung open and Jeremy showed up. He witnessed both Karen and Yvonne eating and throwing rubbish on the floor while Madeline had her head lowered as she cleaned the place with a broom.

A surge of rage coursed within him. “What the hell are you guys doing?!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 563

Jeremy’s sudden appearance made Karen and Yvonne feel a jolt course through them.

They both got choked by the flesh of the fruits and started coughing vigorously till their faces went scarlet.

Madeline lifted her eyes and saw Jeremy’s dark expression. His sharp gaze was looking right at her.

However, the moment their eyes met, his expression changed and became much calmer.

“Linnie.” He placed the daily supplies that he just bought at the supermarket down on the floor. Heartbroken, he took the broom away from her hand. “What are you doing, silly?”

“I’m cleaning up. Mom said that she’ll be staying here with Yvonne. I’ve already cleaned up the guest rooms.” Madeline explained with a smile.

Jeremy frowned, shifting his stony gaze to the two ladies.

“Get lost right this minute!” He chased them out without a single thought.

Karen put on a pitiful look when she saw Jeremy infuriated. “Jeremy, I’m your mom. Your dad went overseas again for the sake of minimizing the loss. How do you expect me to live alone?”

“Alone?” Jeremy was looking scornfully at Yvonne who dared not let out a breath. “Isn’t there another person here with you?”

Karen was speechless and knew where Jeremy was going. She glanced at Yvonne and sighed with a pitiful look. “Yvonne hasn’t graduated, and she has no friends or family in Glendale. Hence, the only choice she has is to tag along with me, but how can two jobless women be able to survive on their own?”

“You guys are incredible in a way,” Jeremy sneered as he sneaked a peek at the floor that was all messy.

“Jeremy, why don’t you let Yvonne and Mom stay here? Since there are rooms available too.” Madeline advised.

Jeremy did not intend to go against Madeline’s wish. He threw the broom in his hand to the two ladies.

“If you guys want to stay here, then you’d better get this place cleaned up. I’ll chase you guys out of here if you guys give any more trouble to Linnie.”



Karen and Yvonne dared not argue back as they just stood there, witnessing Jeremy escorting Madeline upstairs.

Karen felt troubled when she scanned through the dirty carpet that was full of rubbish.

‘I didn’t expect to be hoist with my petard.’

“Hurry and get this place cleaned up!” Karen ordered Yvonne in a dissatisfactory tone.

“Me? I’m going to do the cleaning?” Yvonne’s eyes were gigantic as she pointed her finger to herself.

“Who else is going to clean it up? Me? If you want to stay here, you’d better clean this up now!”


Yvonne puckered her mouth in dissatisfaction. Then, she started cleaning while cursing under her breath.

That night, Jeremy got another opportunity to feast on Madeline’s cooking.

He tasted the food meticulously and realized such a tranquil life was the most soothing one could ever have.

Madeline was holding onto a bowl and feeding the old master with patience. From time to time, she would look at Jackson. That sight gave her utter satisfaction.

Karen and Yvonne were burying their heads in their meals, keeping silent. They did not want to cause trouble for Madeline in front of Jeremy.

After dinner, Madeline pushed Old Master Whitman back to his room while Jackson trailed from behind.

Jeremy shifted his gaze to the two ladies before him. “I know very well what’s going on in your mind. Don’t say that I didn’t remind you guys. With Linnie’s current condition, you guys better not trigger her too much, or else, you two will bear with the consequences.”

He got up to his feet and bent his towering silhouette.

“Clean this up. Linnie is worn out after taking care of Grandpa. Since you guys insist on staying here, then you guys will be in charge of the house chores.”


Karen curled her lips and spun around to look at Yvonne.

Yvonne immediately got the hint and started cursing deep in her heart.

‘What the f*ck?! Doesn’t this mean that I’m going to serve as a maid here?!’

Seeing Jeremy had left, Yvonne started speaking to Karen in a coquettish tone, “Oh Aunty Karen, in the current situation…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 564

“It’s best not to provoke Jeremy now. You should clean this place up and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Karen left without turning back.

“…” Yvonne could only swallow her anger and clear the table before doing the dishes.

After Madeline put the old master and the little guy to bed, she saw Jeremy waiting for her at the door when she left the little guy’s room.

The moment she closed the door, he picked her up out of the blue.

Madeline let out a gasp of surprise and circled her arms around Jeremy’s neck subconsciously.

When she took in his scent, her face heated up. Then, she closed her eyes bashfully.

“Jeremy, I can walk myself. Please put me down.”

“Nuh-uh.” Jeremy shook his head. Then, he looked deep into her eyes. “Linnie, I’ll never let you go for as long as I live.”

His words were so touching and they enveloped her heart sweetly.

Madeline smiled while leaning against Jeremy’s shoulder. She was enjoying this moment of gentleness that he gave her.

Yvonne had just finished cleaning the kitchen and was coming upstairs when she saw Jeremy carrying Madeline into the room. She was so jealous that her eyes turned red.

Jeremy was the boy she admired since she was young. She would have confessed her love to him if they were not cousins.

She felt that Jeremy would prefer her more in her current state. However, she could not ruin their relationship, and what annoyed her the most right now was Madeline’s existence.

She had poisoned the old master while disguising as Madeline so that she could get rid of her. She did not expect the issue to just be set aside.

It looked like she had to think of another way to get rid of Madeline so that she could be the new matriarch of the house!

Jeremy carried Madeline into the room. After that, he joked about taking a shower with her.

In the end, Madeline pushed him out of the bathroom. After he was kicked out, he received a call from Felipe.

Felipe’s tone was neutral on the other end of the phone. However, it sounded threatening. “Jeremy, bring Vera back. If not, you won’t be able to handle the consequences.”

Jeremy chuckled lowly. “Felipe, I was too muddle-headed for the past few years, but now I’m awake. Do you know what’s the price that I can’t pay in my life?” he asked coldly.

“It’s Linnie.”

Jeremy gave Felipe the answer instantly.

“I can lose everything, but I can’t lose my wife, Linnie.”

He did not continue talking nonsense to Felipe anymore. He quickly hung up the phone.

On the other end of the phone, Felipe held his phone tightly as the screen darkened. There was an ominous glint in his eyes as he looked at the two men who were waiting for his order.

“Do it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Looking at his two subordinates who had just turned around, Felipe played with the wedding ring on his ring finger. He smirked all of a sudden. “Then, I’ll let you pay the price that you don’t want to pay the most.”

After Madeline walked out of the bathroom, she saw Jeremy waiting for her outside the door.

He was wearing a loose robe and there was a lazy smile on his face. When he saw Madeline, he picked her up again.

Madeline was shocked. “Jeremy, were you outside the door the entire time?”

The man looked at her with love and passion in his eyes. “Guess.”

Madeline said she could not and then, she was carried onto the bed by Jeremy.

His skin was pressed up against hers, and his scent enveloped her. These all caused her temperature to rise.

In her impression, whenever Jeremy was intimate to her, he would torture her relentlessly with icy rage.

Now, when he kissed her on the corner of her lips, Madeline could not help but tremble.

Jeremy opened his dazed eyes. When he saw Madeline looking dispirited, he was terrified. He was terrified if she had suddenly remembered how much she hated him. “Linnie, what’s wrong? Are you… scared of me?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 565

He looked at her, his eyes filled with nervousness and worry.

However, Madeline only shook her head. Her charming eyes were slightly lowered.

Jeremy understood Madeline’s reaction.

His brutal treatment toward her back then had left a mark on her heart, so at this moment, it was not her personality changing as she was truly scared.

When he thought about this, Jeremy held Madeline tightly while feeling sorry.

‘I’m sorry, Linnie. I’m so sorry…’

He pressed up against her gently and apologized in his heart.

“We’ve been so busy this entire day, so you must be tired, Linnie. We should rest early.” Jeremy suppressed the heat in his body and fell asleep with Madeline in his arms.

Finally, he could sleep peacefully with her in his arms again. Jeremy felt like he was in a dream. However, he hoped this dream could last and he could stay in this dream longer.

If possible, he did not want to wake up.

The next day.

Madeline woke up early. After helping the little guy up, she went to make breakfast.

After making breakfast, she cleaned the old master and fed him his breakfast patiently.

It was rare for Jeremy to have a good night’s sleep. When Madeline was not next to him after he woke up, he leaped out of bed and dashed out of the room. When he saw her and the old master in the dining room, all of the cells in his body calmed down.

He was afraid. He was scared that Madeline would revert into the Madeline who hated and forgot about him.

After cleaning himself up, Jeremy entered the dining room with a smile on his face.

His heart felt warm when he ate the breakfast she made.

However, he did not want Madeline to be too tired, so he decided to hire a maid.

Back when money was just a number to him, he could not give Madeline the comfortable life of being a wife to a rich man, so even if he had to live like a destitute man in the future, he would still want her to live a happy and carefree life.

Since Madeline needed to take care of the old master, Jeremy would be responsible for taking Jackson to school.

Jackson held the lunchbox Madeline made for him proudly. Before he got into the car, he even ran up to Madeline to ask for a kiss. Then, he turned around and waved at her. “Bye, Mommy.”


This word grazed Madeline’s heart sweetly.

It made her feel extremely pleased.

Madeline went back to the house and pushed the old master into the garden.

The sun in May was warm and comfortable. The old master closed his eyes and enjoyed the sun on his skin.

“Grandpa, enjoy your sunbath. I’ll bring you back to your room so you can rest later.”

The old master opened his murky eyes when he heard that. He looked at Madeline’s smiling face and his eyes were filled with love and peace.

Madeline turned around and walked into the house. When she was about to clean the room, she saw Yvonne and Karen coming downstairs.

Karen could not wait to cause trouble after she was certain that Jeremy was not around. She ordered Madeline with a horrible attitude, “Prepare our breakfast now. We want full English breakfasts. I want my eggs still runny and Yvonne doesn’t drink cow’s milk. She’ll only drink goat’s milk, so hurry up and prepare them now.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 566

Madeline nodded lightly and walked into the kitchen.

Karen and Yvonne looked at each other before smirking evilly.

“Aunty Karen, look at her. She’s so submissive. If it’s not for Jeremy protecting her, she’ll just be a piece of trash!”

“Hmph, if it’s not for Jeremy’s sake, I wouldn’t even let her into this house!” Karen scoffed arrogantly. “Just watch. Something interesting is going to happen.”

Karen said and walked into the kitchen. When she saw Madeline busy with the preparations, she urged impatiently. “Hurry up. Do you want me to die from hunger? Is this how you are as a daughter-in-law? You’re so slow. I wonder why Jeremy would want to marry a piece of trash like you!”

“It’s all because someone is such a wh*re and used all kinds of heinous methods to climb into Jeremy’s bed. If not, with her qualities, even the beggars on the street wouldn’t want her,” Yvonne chimed in sarcastically.

Yet, Madeline acted like she did not hear them. She just went on with her business.

After about ten minutes, she finished making breakfast according to Karen’s wishes.

Karen remembered how Madeline had slapped her the last time. This time, after she sat down, she started causing trouble again.

She used her fork and knife to chop up the eggs in pieces. “What kind of eggs is this? How did you make this? I said I want runny eggs, didn’t you hear me? Also, why is this waffle burnt? Don’t you know that I don’t eat burnt food? It’ll cause cancer! Do you want to kill me?”

Madeline smiled and explained patiently. “Mom, this egg is runny and the thing on the waffle is blueberry jam. It’s not burnt. I made everything according to your wishes.”

“Who are you calling ‘Mom’? Who’s your mom? Do you think a cheap wh*re like you are qualified to be my daughter-in-law?” Karen threw the knife and fork on the table. The cutleries made a loud sound as they hit the surface.

Yvonne started making trouble as well when she saw that. “Say, are you deaf? Aunty Karen told you I only drink goat’s milk and not cow’s milk! Why did you still give me cow’s milk? Don’t you know I’m allergic to cow’s milk? Do you want me to have an allergic reaction? You’re so heinous!”

Madeline frowned. “This is goat’s milk.”

“If Yvonne said it’s cow’s milk, then it’s cow’s milk!” Karen reached out her hand and picked up the glass. Suddenly, she threw it at Madeline’s feet.

Crash! The glass shattered into pieces after an ear-piercing sound. The white liquid spilled everywhere.

Madeline lowered her gaze as she dispiritedly looked at the shards of glass at her feet.

Karen crossed her arms across her chest arrogantly when she saw that Madeline was shocked by her sudden outburst. “Okay, since you said it’s goat’s milk, then prove to me by licking it clean.”

“Oh, Aunt Karen, look at her. Do you think she’ll tell Jeremy that we bullied her later?”

“Hmph, what a piece of trash. Just tell him! Does she think I’m scared of her?” Karen was getting more and more malicious.

Yvonne smiled even wider. She stood up and looked at Madeline in a mocking manner. “Didn’t you hear my aunt? Madeline, didn’t you say that it’s goat milk? Hurry up and lick it clean to prove it to me and my aunt.”

After Yvonne said that, Madeline lifted her alluring eyes and smiled. “What did you say?”

Yvonne pointed at the milk on the floor with an even more arrogant look on her face. “I asked you to lick the milk on the floor clean!”

Madeline frowned curiously after she heard that. Then, she displayed a thought-provoking smile on her face. “Lick it clean? How? Like this?”

When Karen and Yvonne heard that, they thought Madeline was going to lick the floor. However, when they wanted to get closer to take a look, Madeline stuck out her leg in front of Yvonne.

Yvonne was not paying attention, so she tripped and fell.

She started screaming when she saw the glass shards on the floor. “Ah!”

Despite doing her best to dodge the shards, they still stabbed into her palms. Plus, she almost landed face-first into the shards. Her mouth was full of blood now.

Madeline towered over Yvonne and glanced down at her. When she saw Yvonne struggling to get up, Madeline stood in front of her and pressured her with her domineering aura.

“How’s it? Did you manage to taste it? Is it goat’s milk or cow’s milk?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 567

“…” Yvonne was shocked when she heard that.

Karen was horrified by what she saw. She only came back to her senses after a long while. “Yvonne!”

She wanted to go help Yvonne, but Madeline was in her way. She roared in anger. “You piece of trash, get lost!”

“Piece of trash?” Madeline looked at her coldly.

Karen was taken aback. Suddenly, she saw a sharp and piercing glint in Madeline’s eyes. The glint was the same as when Madeline exposed her identity. “Madeline, y-you…”

“Why? Are you trying to threaten me when Jeremy’s not here? Do you think I’m that old Madeline who would allow you to do anything to her?”


Karen widened her eyes in shock. Then, she looked at Madeline’s face in dumbfoundedness. Suddenly, she felt nervous.

Madeline looked at her coldly as she picked up her knife and fork. Then, she pushed Karen’s shredded eggs together before pushing the plate in front of her.

“It’s a heinous thing to waste food, my darling mother-in-law. You have to finish this.”

“…” Karen was shocked. She was unconvinced, however, that she was defeated. Her face looked grim, but she did not dare to be too arrogant.

Madeline looked at Karen’s face in amusement. Karen was fuming, but she did not dare to say anything. Then, Madeline turned her face to look at Yvonne who was still on the floor. “Sweetheart, I’m asking you again, is that goat’s milk or cow’s milk on the floor?”

Yvonne widened her eyes in terror. She did not know why the weak and vulnerable Madeline suddenly became so overbearing and domineering.

“I’m asking you, so answer me. Is that goat’s milk or cow’s milk?” Madeline asked. Her overpowering aura caused Yvonne to shiver in fear.

She nodded her head quickly with her face that was painted with horror. “Y-Yes, i-it’s g-goat’s milk!”

Madeline frowned in curiosity. “Oh? Really? Did you have a proper taste?”

“I did! I did!”

Madeline nodded in satisfaction. “It’s good that you had a proper taste. Get up and eat breakfast then. Clear this up after you’re done, understand?”

Yvonne nodded in fear after she saw Madeline’s thought-provoking smile. “I got it! I’ll clean up!”

“Enjoy your breakfast.” Madeline smiled and looked at the aunt and niece duo. Their faces were turning green to white as Madeline turned around to leave.

Yvonne got up from the floor slowly. “Aunt Karen, she… What’s happening to Madeline? Her eyes were so scary!”

Karen looked at Madeline’s back with lingering fears. “Didn’t that woman lose her memories? Why did she react that way?”

“S-She must be pretending! I don’t think she really lost her memories. She must be scheming something, so that’s why she’s pretending to have lost her memories!” Yvonne guessed and concluded.

“That b*tch! Not only did she destroy Jeremy’s reputation, but she’s also working with Felipe to ruin Jeremy! What a devious woman!”

“Aunty Karen, we have to tell Jeremy that she’s just pretending!”

“Jeremy’s completely infatuated by that b*tch, so how would he believe us?” Karen was mad and troubled. “I think we have to come up with a plan.”

Yvonne pouted in dissatisfaction. “Before we do that, what should we do with this?” Yvonne pointed at the mess on the table.

“You should finish it, of course. Do you expect me to eat it?”

“…” Yvonne almost exploded from anger. However, she did not dare to go against Karen’s wishes. Most importantly, she did not dare to go against Madeline.

Madeline walked into the garden and spotted the old master who was sunbathing.

She looked at the old master’s peaceful face as her mind started to wander. When she was about to walk over, two men in black walked in from the front door.

The two men walked over rudely before heading straight to her. “Miss Eveline, sir is waiting for you to go back. He’s worried about you.”

Madeline looked at the two men nonchalantly. “Sir?”

“Mr. Felipe Whitman.” The man explained with a smile. “Miss Eveline, you must be troubled by everything that’s happening recently. If you go back with us, sir will tell you everything. It’s dangerous for you to stay with Jeremy Whitman.”

After the man said that, Madeline heard moaning sounds behind her.

She turned around and saw the old master with his eyes widened in the wheelchair. He was looking at her emotionally as if telling her not to follow those two.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 568

However, Madeline agreed. “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

“Ugh ugh ugh!” The old master was even more emotional than before.

Madeline turned around and walked toward him. The sharp look in her eyes softened. “I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry, I’m not the old Madeline anymore.”

Despite her comforts, the old master was still making sounds of protest with all his might. He wanted to stop Madeline.

However, Madeline still left with them.

The car arrived at the villa Felipe bought in the suburbs. He had already made Madeline’s favorite black tea.

When he saw Madeline, he poured her a glass of tea considerately. As usual, he displayed a gentle and elegant smile.

“Maddie, sit down and have some tea. I’ll explain to you what happened recently.”

Madeline smiled. “No need. I’m not drinking the tea as well.”

Felipe froze as he held the cup. Then, he looked over at her coldly.

On the other hand, Madeline was smiling calmly. Her eyes were twinkling with confidence. “I came here to talk to you about something.

Felipe felt that Madeline’s gaze looked familiar. He curled the corner of his lips in interest. “Go on.”

On the other side, after Jeremy sent Jackson to kindergarten, he went to a reliable agent to hire a maid.

Then, after he got back to the house, he realized Madeline was gone.

The old master was sitting in the wheelchair in the garden alone. His eyes were widened from anger as he kept on making sounds of protest.

Jeremy quickly went to Karen and Yvonne to ask them what was going on. The two of them stated that they had no idea.

However, they did see Madeline leaving with two men in black.

Jeremy found the security footage of the front door and saw that Madeline was taken away by Felipe’s men.

When he was about to go out to find Madeline, she came back unharmed.

Jeremy pulled her into a hug when he saw her. He held her tightly. “Linnie, it’s good that you’re back.”

He felt relieved, and his deep voice was filled with worry as well as nervousness.

“Did Felipe ask someone to take you away? Did he do anything to you? Why did he let you come back?”

After letting her go, Jeremy asked worriedly.

Madeline smiled softly. “I’m fine. Felipe didn’t do anything to me. He didn’t cause any trouble for me as well. I said I want to come back to you, so he asked his people to take me back.”

Jeremy felt that something was amiss. How would Felipe be so kind? However, he did not continue questioning her.

Madeline walked over to push the wheelchair. When the old master saw her, he calmed down as well.

Yvonne was watching from one side and mumbled in dissatisfaction, “Aunty Karen, that woman is such a good actress. She pretends to look so vulnerable in front of Jeremy when she’s just playing dumb to take advantage of him.”

After she said that, Yvonne felt a piercing gaze looking over at her.

Then, she lifted her head to see Madeline looking at her profoundly. At that moment, Yvonne’s heart was racing.

What kind of hearing did Madeline have? Yvonne was speaking so softly. Did she hear her?

Madeline had indeed heard Yvonne, but she did not pay any attention to her. She pushed the old master into the guest room on the first floor.

The old master started moaning again. However, he was not as emotional as before.

Madeline pushed the wheelchair to the bed and closed the door.

After she closed the door, she turned around and looked at the old master who was trying to talk with a strange look in her eyes. Then, she started walking slowly toward him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 569

Jeremy felt that something was not right. He knew that Felipe would not let Madeline come back so easily.

He was worried if Madeline was being threatened. After he entered the house, he went into the old master’s room to look for Madeline.

When he saw the door closing, he hesitated for two seconds before opening the door and walking inside.

After he opened the door, he saw Madeline making the bed for the old master. When she saw him, she smiled.

“Jeremy, you’re just in time. It’s time for Grandpa to rest. You should help him to bed.”

Jeremy did as she instructed. He helped the old master into the bed comfortably and placed the blanket over him.

“Grandpa, rest well. Linnie and I will be taking care of you, so you’ll recover soon.” Jeremy comforted the old master softly. There was a rare gentle smile on his face.

The old master could not move, so he could only blink to respond to him.

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand and left the room together. Ignoring the aunt and niece who were staring at them from the living room, Jeremy held Madeline and brought her for a walk outside.

Madeline frowned. “Jeremy, the GMA International Jewelry Design Competition is starting soon and I want to join. You should know that I learned jewelry design before I graduated. I want to use this chance to prove myself.”

Jeremy was slightly dispirited after he heard that.

She forgot the fact that she was Vera Quinn, so she also forgot that she was a famous and established jewelry designer.

“I want to stay home and work on my drafts these few days. This way, I can continue taking care of Grandpa. You’ll support me, right?”

Jeremy smiled with love in his eyes. Then, he nodded. “Of course, I’ll support my wife. As long as you’re happy, no matter what you want to do, I’ll fully support you and stay by your side the entire time.”

“Thank you, Jeremy.” Madeline smiled. Her sweet dimples were reflected in Jeremy’s eyes. They looked so lovely and alluring.

“What a coincidence, Madeline. I’m also taking part in the competition!” Yvonne interrupted all of a sudden.

Karen came to a realization and said, “I completely forgot about this! Yvonne, you studied jewelry design as well! What a coincidence, you can take part in this competition with Madeline!”

“Yeah.” Yvonne smiled in excitement and jogged in front of Madeline. She looked obedient and lovable. “Madeline, you’re more experienced than me. Can you go easy on me when the day comes?”

Madeline smiled softly. “The competition has to be judged fair and square. It’s not a good thing to win a competition that’s been rigged. If you don’t have the ability, you should just drop out of the competition. What do you think, Yvonne?”

“…” Yvonne wanted to play the part of an obedient girl to get close to Madeline in front of Jeremy. However, she did not expect Madeline to put her down instantly.

The corners of her lips twitched in embarrassment. Then, she heard Jeremy saying to Madeline, “My wife is right. Someone who can only win if the competition is rigged is not your competition at all.”

“Come, I’ll go buy some drawing tools for you.”


Madeline smiled and nodded. She glanced at Yvonne who looked like she was constipated.

Yvonne scowled at Madeline’s back while clenching her fists tightly. “Who do you think you are? Do you really think I need you to go easy on me? Madeline, I’ll know who isn’t my competition soon enough!”

“That’s right!” Karen sat up on the sofa. “Yvonne, show her what you got and prove to that b*tch that the Yalemans are not weak!

“If you defeat her in the competition, then her reputation as the head designer of Miss L.ady will be ruined! When that happens, she’ll be so embarrassed!”

“Hmph, not only do I want her to be embarrassed, but I also want her reputation to be destroyed on the stage of the competition! If I can’t do that, then I’ll kiss her feet!”

Yvonne swore confidently. Then, she confidently took out the works that she plagiarized and won when she was in the first year of university. She used them to enter the preliminary contest.

Madeline took part in the competition soon after.

The results of the preliminary contest came out not long after. Madeline and Yvonne both got into the semi-finals.

Yvonne waved the invitation card to the semi-finals in front of Karen boastfully. She even emphasized that her ranking was above Madeline when they were in the preliminary contest.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 570

Karen was proud of this ‘report card’. She felt that she could crush Madeline’s spirit with this.

However, Madeline was not bothered by this. She only worked on her drafts silently.

Her daily routine was pretty simple. She would draw in the morning and take care of the old master. At night, she would spend more of her time with Jackson.

She would read to the boy and teach him how to read. Sometimes, they would even make some arts and crafts. They were having the time of their lives.

Jeremy did not waste any time. Despite Felipe not making any moves recently, he knew he had to be hatching an evil plan at the moment.

He had promised that if he lost Whitman Corporation, he would definitely get it back. This was not a joke and he had already taken action regarding this.

Plus, he knew that Felipe was still attracted to Madeline. If he wanted to keep the love of his life with him, then he needed to be one step ahead of Felipe.

A few days later, the day of the competition was confirmed.

After the semi-finals, Yvonne started to be troubled.

Her results in school were horrible as she would always hang around with the boys. She did not pay any attention to her school work at all. She would sleep all morning and spend her nights in bars. She was not a disciplined student at all and led an unruly student life.

She plagiarized and combined the drafts in the preliminary competition and semi-finals. She had nothing to offer.

Now that the finals were coming, she was perturbed.

She had sworn so confidently back then. If she lost, she would be the one who was embarrassed.

She was vain and only wanted fame and success, so how could she let herself be embarrassed?

It was a weekend when Yvonne woke up. She saw Madeline playing with Jackson in the garden.

However, what attracted her attention was the draft on the easel that was propped up in the garden.

She did not know how to describe the draft that only consisted of an outline, but at that moment, she knew Madeline would defeat her.

Yvonne had an idea in her head.

If she stole Madeline’s design and submitted it before Madeline, then she would win for sure.

That way, she could also frame Madeline for plagiarizing her!

If she submitted it before Madeline, then it would be her design!

The more Yvonne thought about this, the greater this idea felt to her. She took her phone to take a picture of the draft, but at this moment, Jackson ran over.

She put her phone away and walked to the door as if nothing happened. At the same time, Karen walked in with Winston who had just come back from overseas.

“Aunty Karen, you’ve fetched Uncle Winston!” Yvonne smiled and greeted.

Jackson ran to Madeline and tugged at her skirt. “Mommy, are we still playing?”

Madeline caressed his hair gently and smiled. “Your grandpa is back, so go and say hi.”

“Oh.” Jackson listened to Madeline and ran in front of Winston. He called out sweetly, “Grandpa!”

Winston was happy, but he was dissatisfied when he saw Madeline.

After knowing that the old master’s paralysis was related to Madeline, Winston started being biased toward Madeline. Plus, Karen had added some other details to the story while on the way home, which caused him to hate Madeline even more.

However, Madeline walked in front of him magnanimously and called out to Winston, “Dad.”

Winston peered at her coldly. Then, he said, “Come with me. I have something important to tell you.”

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