Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 531-540

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 531

Meredith suddenly returned to her senses upon hearing this. Only then did she realize that she had just revealed the truth that should not have been revealed!

It seemed to her that what she said was a great gift to Madeline but was an ultimate mockery of herself!

Meredith’s expression suddenly changed. She regretfully wanted to take back those words, but it was too late.

Seeing Madeline turning around gracefully, Meredith yelled in panic, “Madeline, come back! You come back! What I said just now was a lie. Jeremy doesn’t love you! He doesn’t love you at all, he loves me! Meeeeeeee….”

At the end of the argument, Meredith’s emotions completely collapsed.

The more Meredith wanted to cover up and reason fallaciously, it only made Madeline all the more convinced of the fact that Jeremy loved her deeply.

On the way back, Madeline’s thoughts could not help but wander. Her mind was unable to rest.

The words that Meredith had roared out repeatedly resounded by her ears. Those unbelievable truths hit her heart deeply.

What Madeline did not expect the most was that Jeremy had never touched Meredith all these years, not even once!

The two times Meredith was able to ‘get pregnant’, was probably because Meredith made Jeremy drunk and created the illusion.

It now seemed that the ambiguous moaning by Meredith on the phone was completely fake. It was Meredith who used Jeremy’s phone to call her on purpose.

Since Meredith was able to access Jeremy’s phone, it also meant that the insulting text message sent in Jeremy’s name six years ago was very likely to be Meredith’s doing as well.

Now that she thought about it, with Jeremy’s style of doing things, how could he have been so bored to send such text messages?

He had always been swift and decisive. Even if he wanted to torture her, he would be straightforward and direct.


Those bloody, dark, and cold memories surged up her heart once again, crashing Madeline with the truth that he loved her. Her heart was beating, but she did not know if it was in pain or joy.

It was true that he loved her, but it was also true that he hurt her.

Madeline gripped the steering wheel tightly, a determined light flashing in her eyes.

Maybe love and hate could really offset each other, but after the offset, there would really be nothing between them…

Ten minutes later, Madeline’s car slowly stopped at the villa’s side door.

After lowering the car window, she saw Jeremy playing with Jackson in the yard.

The man was smiling with his eyes. There was a gentle and loving look on his face that was never seen before.

He picked up Jackson and let the little guy ride on his shoulders.

He ran happily, telling beautiful fairy tales while coaxing the smiling, happy little baby.

She could see that the smile on Jeremy’s face was genuine, and Jackson was also really happy.
Madeline knew that she had a lot to ask Jeremy. She wanted to confirm with him the things she had just learned. At this moment, however, she suddenly did not want to disturb the father and son duo.

After tomorrow, she and Jeremy would get the divorce certificate and she would bring Jackson away. From then on, they would go their own separate ways.

This was probably the last time Jeremy and Jackson could spend time together.

Thinking of this, an unknown sorrow and loneliness circled over Madeline’s heart.

She took out the bookmark from her pocket and lowered her eyes, her curled eyelashes seemingly pricking her eyes all of a sudden. It caused a slight soreness in her eyes.

‘Jeremy Whitman, you and I are destined for nothing.

‘When I was deeply in love with you, you loved the wrong person.

‘When I lost my heart, only then you told me that you’ve always loved me.

‘It turns out that timing is really important.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 532

It was a shame they could only miss it.

“Daddy, why didn’t Mommy come to see me today? She said she would play with me this weekend.” Jackson’s voice pulled Madeline’s thoughts back.

She raised her head and saw the little guy pulling at Jeremy’s trouser legs, his head facing up as he asked expectantly.

Jeremy stretched out his hand and stroked his small head with a gentle smile. “Jack, starting from next Monday, Daddy is going on a business trip and will not be able to come back for a long time. You have to listen to your mother, okay?”

“How long is a long time?” the little guy asked innocently.

Jeremy smiled reluctantly. “You’ll understand when you grow up.”

Jackson fluttered his big, bright, and smart eyes. “Then, I must grow up quickly so that I can see Daddy again soon.”

“My baby, you’re so good.” Jeremy praised. He suddenly knelt down and hugged Jackson into his arms.

“Daddy, what’s the matter with you?” Jackson blinked ignorantly.

Jeremy stroked the little guy lightly as he choked and whispered, “Daddy wants to say sorry to Jack.”


“Jack, I’m sorry. I didn’t take good care of you and made you suffer so much in the past few years. I’m really sorry.”

Jeremy apologized, his every word sincere from the heart.

“Jack, promise me you’ll be a strong and sensible man. Take my place and protect your mother and make her happy.”

“Why doesn’t Daddy protect Mommy and make her happy?”

Jeremy released his arms and stared at the big eyes that looked like Madeline’s.

“Because I’ve made a mistake and am no longer qualified to give your mother happiness and joy.”

Jeremy’s guilt-ridden words slipped into her ears deeply and heavily.

Madeline’s heart started beating quickly. She no longer wanted to listen anymore. Just as she was about to drive away, Jeremy’s cell phone rang.

She heard Jeremy say anxiously, “Grandpa was sent to the emergency room?”

How could Grandpa suddenly be sent into the emergency room?

Madeline was also instantly worried. She did not think much and drove the car to the gate of the villa. “Jeremy, quickly grab Jack and get into the car.”

Hearing her, it was only then that Jeremy noticed Madeline had arrived some time ago.

He immediately picked Jackson up and got into Madeline’s car. She then drove straight to the hospital.

After getting out of the car, Jeremy hugged Jackson and rushed to the emergency room in strides while Madeline followed him closely.

Walking through the corridor, Madeline saw Karen and Jeremy’s father, Winston, waiting outside the emergency room with anxious and worried faces. Yvonne was also there.

Seeing Jeremy arrive, Karen immediately greeted him.

As soon as she saw Madeline walking behind him, Karen then suddenly pointed at Madeline while yelling, “Madeline, how dare you come here?! If anything happens to the old master, you’ll be a murderer!”

Mr. Whitman, Winston, also faced Madeline with an ugly expression. “Madeline, even if Jeremy has let you down before and even if it was the old man who forced Jeremy to marry you and created this mistake of a marriage, you still shouldn’t have been so hateful to kill the old man!”

At this time, Yvonne also came over and accused her. “Vera, you’re too cruel for wanting to kill the old man. It seems that you and Felipe have colluded on this long ago! You’re too inhuman!”

When Yvonne’s voice fell, Jeremy’s face was already cold. “Shut your mouth! Who are you calling inhuman, huh? Say it again.”

“…” Yvonne’s face immediately paled. Chills were running down her spine out of fright.

Karen rushed forward fiercely while pointing at Madeline and cursing, “Jeremy, your grandfather is lying in the emergency room now and we don’t even know whether he’s alive or dead. It’s all because of this woman! She killed him! Why are you still helping her? She’s already having an affair with Felipe! Maybe Jackson is not your son at all but a wild thing that she and Felipe gave birth to!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 533

Jeremy’s face was shrouded in dark clouds for a moment as stormy waves were seen in his deep eyes.

“Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re saying?” His eyes flashed with a dazzling cold light while his words were like ice. “With your words, you’re not even worthy of being Jack’s grandmother!”

Karen felt a chill running down her back when she realized that she had made a mistake.

She hurriedly corrected herself and softened her tone. “Jeremy, I only said the wrong thing because I was so angry, but this woman did indeed break our family apart while colluding with Felipe.”

“Let’s not mention this matter for the time being, but she did intend to kill your grandfather!” Winston glared at Madeline furiously.

“Linnie wouldn’t do such a thing.” Jeremy assured without hesitation.

Madeline never thought that Jeremy would one day choose to trust her without hesitation, but as soon as he said this, Madeline heard Karen scolding her again.

“Why wouldn’t she? She has done many of those sordid things before!”

“Those things in the past were all Meredith’s doings. The truth has long been revealed. Are you still pretending to be confused now?” Jeremy’s eyebrows were knitted tightly. He then said in a cold and domineering manner, “I will never allow anyone to slander my wife like this!”


The word went into Madeline’s ears.

Yes, she would still be his legal wife, but only until tomorrow.

Karen did not expect Jeremy to trust and protect Madeline this much. Compared to when he was with Meredith before, he had never gotten so angry.

It seemed that she had no choice but to believe that Jeremy’s feelings for Madeline were true.

“Jeremy, what Aunty and Uncle said is true. Madeline really wants to kill Grandpa. We have proof!” Yvonne interjected.

In the past, Madeline would have panicked with fear, but now, instead of panicking at all, she was calm.

“You keep saying that I want to murder Grandpa and there’s evidence. So where’s the evidence?”

Yvonne raised her eyebrows arrogantly when she heard the words. “Madeline, let me ask you this, did you go to the nursing home to see Grandpa yesterday?”

“I went to see Grandpa, so what?”

“You’re willing to admit it! You gave Grandpa a box of tea cakes through the nurse there before you left. Grandpa ate your tea cakes before he was poisoned and was sent to the emergency room!”

Tea cakes?

Madeline remembered that this was indeed a snack that the old man loved.

She was about to speak when she heard Jeremy say, “I brought Linnie to see Grandpa yesterday, but Linnie was with me from when we got there until we left. She never brought any tea cakes.”

“Was she really with you the whole time? Not once were you separated?” Mr. Whitman asked, unconvinced.

Jeremy replied solemnly, “Yes, Linnie was always with me.”

His answer obviously made Karen and Yvonne dissatisfied. “It’s also possible that she could have gone back after you left!”

“Absurd,” Jeremy said unhappily, “Grandpa is so good to Linnie, so why would Linnie hurt Grandpa?”

Karen rolled her eyes unwillingly. “She’s pretending. Otherwise, why would she join Felipe to steal the Whitman family’s house? She even forced Grandpa to a nursing home!”

“The reason Grandpa wants to live in a nursing home is to avoid you. He wants to be clean!”

Jeremy exposed that truth hardly with any tact and Karen was immediately speechless. Her face turned purple with anger.

Just then, the door to the operating room opened and the doctor came out. He said solemnly, “The old man was infected with a kind of potassium cyanide poison. He has temporarily passed the critical period. However, because he’s too old, his bodily functions could decline and something may happen anytime. You must be mentally prepared.”

After listening to the doctor’s words, Karen looked indignant and wanted to cast her anger on Madeline.

Madeline ignored her without surprise. There was no need for her to argue. “I will find the murderer who really hurt Grandpa and I’ll prove my innocence.”

She threw out the assurance, then turned around calmly.

Jeremy did not stay long either and followed Madeline while carrying Jackson.

Madeline knew that Jeremy was behind her and she said lightly, “I went to see Grandpa yesterday. You weren’t with me at all. Was your assurance a bit too sloppy?”

“I don’t think it’s sloppy.” Jeremy was still very assured. “I made a very terrible mistake before and I won’t make it again.”

Madeline chuckled softly. “Maybe you’re wrong again this time.”

“As long as I stand on the same side as you, even if there’s hell ahead, I’ll jump in without hesitation.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 534

Madeline stepped out of the hospital door and slowly came to a stop. The corners of her lips curled into a smile. “There will never be a day where you and I can stand together anymore.”

Jeremy’s heart was instantly broken into two pieces when he heard those words. He looked at Madeline’s back that was close at hand, but he felt that there was a distance of endless mountains and rivers between them.

“Eveline? It’s really you, Eveline!” In the distance, Eloise called out to Madeline in surprise and ran over.

Madeline looked at the person who was gradually approaching, feeling surprised. While she was still feeling puzzled, the little guy in Jeremy’s arms asked, “Grandma, why did you come to the hospital as well?”

There was a flash of worry in Eloise’s eyes as she replied, “It’s nothing. Grandma and Grandpa are just here for a routine check-up.”

“Are both of you really okay?” Madeline opened her lips slightly.

Seeing Madeline caring about herself and Sean, a smile appeared on Eloise’s face. “Don’t worry, Eveline. It’s really fine. It’s just a minor problem.”

Madeline gave a vague smile. “Since we’ve met here, let us bid farewell to you as well.”

“Farewell?” Eloise was dumbfounded. “What farewell?”

“I’ll be bringing Jack along with me to leave Glendale next week and I won’t be coming back again.” Madeline’s answer was straightforward, as straightforward as the ice cones that pierced through Eloise’s heart.

Although even as she said that, Madeline knew that she would definitely not leave just like this before Old Master Whitman woke up and before she found the real person behind everything.
Eloise was completely stunned, and her eyes felt hot all of a sudden. “Eveline, you… Are you leaving?”

“Yeah.” Madeline confirmed. “You don’t need to be sad. You’ve gotten used to not having me as a daughter for more than 20 years anyway, so you can just take it as your daughter is already dead.”

“No, it’s not like that. I couldn’t…” Eloise burst into tears immediately.
Seeing this, Jackson immediately asked to come down from Jeremy’s arms and turned to comfort Eloise.

Madeline pretended to smile indifferently. “Then, let’s have Jack accompany you for now. I’ll come back and pick him up later.”

“Eveline, Eveline!” Eloise could not let go of her, yet she also could not stop Madeline from leaving.

Madeline walked with her back facing them, appearing free and easy.

She walked to the parking space and took a deep breath before she stabilized her emotions that were almost out of control.

“Give me a ride.” Jeremy’s voice gently passed through her ears. “I still have a few last words to say to you.” He opened the car door as he said this and got into the passenger seat.
Madeline was surprised. ‘Did she not lock the car door just now?’

She got into the car in a daze, started the car, and soon, she heard Jeremy speaking to her. “You won’t throw away the bookmark, right?”

Madeline did not answer him.

Jeremy looked at her cold side profile affectionately before opening his mouth. “Linnie, I know you won’t believe what I want to say, but since you’re leaving soon, there’s something I want to tell you seriously this once.

“Linnie, I love…”

“What’s going on?” Madeline suddenly frowned and interrupted Jeremy’s confession.

Only then did Jeremy realize that the speed of the car was getting faster and faster. He thought it was because of the road that was going downhill at first, but now he realized that there seemed to be a problem with the brakes!

The road ahead was going downhill. If they did not slow down anytime soon, they would definitely hit the barrier and get into a serious car accident.

Jeremy immediately pulled the handbrake. “Linnie, hold tight onto the steering wheel!”
Madeline squeezed the steering wheel fully after hearing his words, then she heard the sound of tires rubbing against the road. They still lost control of the car in the end.

Seeing that the car was about to hit the barrier, Jeremy decisively unfastened his seat belt and hugged Madeline tightly to his side. He was using his flesh and blood to shield Madeline from the upcoming damage as much as possible.

“Jeremy, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

Realizing Jeremy was thinking of protecting her with his own body, she wanted to push him away, but the man hugged her even tighter as his warm breath gushed into her ears. “Linnie, don’t push me away again. There might not be a chance for me in the future, so listen to my last words.”

His tone was almost pleading as he tightened his hug.

“I won’t listen to you, Jeremy. Let me go! Let go!”

“No, Linnie, I will never let go of you again. I’m sorry, I love you.”

Accompanied by his apology and confession, Madeline’s heart hurt as if it had been stabbed fiercely. Before she could give any response, the front of the car slammed into the barrier…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 535

With a crash, the car windows shattered instantly as billowing smoke emerged from the front of the car. The wheels were still rubbing violently against the asphalt road and the airbag had blown open the moment the car crashed.

At that moment, Jeremy tightened his arms even more and went all out to protect Madeline.

Hearing Madeline’s weak and painful whines, Jeremy could care less about his injuries and raised his deep eyes that were filled with worry to observe Madeline’s situation.

However, as soon as he did, he saw that Madeline’s velvet brows were tightly knitted and her face was pale.

What made him even more flustered was that Madeline’s head was hung weakly and her eyes were tightly closed.

Jeremy’s mind was blank for a moment, feeling that his heart had fallen into an abyss. His eyes went wide as his bloody hands, which were cut open by the glass of the car window, cupped Madeline’s increasingly pale face.

“Linnie? Linnie!” He called out to Madeline in a panic, “Linnie, wake up. Don’t go to sleep, Linnie!”

Madeline’s eyelashes fluttered slightly after hearing his screams.

Jeremy’s dark, wet eyes lit up with a flash of light. His eyebrows were furrowed deeply as he called out to Madeline who had not fully recovered, “Linnie, don’t go to sleep.”

Madeline lifted her eyelids weakly, but in the end, she could not open them.

With half-squinted eyes, her delicate face was filled with anxiety and fear. The memories in her mind seemed to be instantly muddled, bringing her back to a time long, long ago…

“Linnie, don’t go to sleep. Please don’t leave me again, Linnie!” Jeremy’s eyes were crimson, and the tears that had gathered came streaming down his cheeks, dripping onto Madeline’s bloodless face.

Then, Madeline’s pink lips moved. “Jeremy, Jez…”

Jeremy was all of a sudden startled as hot tears soaked his eyes. “Linnie, I’m Jeremy. I’m your Jez. Linnie, please don’t go to sleep. Don’t leave me again. No!”

He hugged Madeline by her neck in a panic and took in the fragrance of her body, for fear that she would slip away from his life if he did not hold onto her tightly at this moment.

“Linnie, Linnie…” he whispered softly, “Don’t leave me again, Linnie…”

Hearing the sound of the ambulance approaching, it was as if Jeremy had seen a savior.
He clasped Madeline’s cold hand tightly, crying while choking out encouragement. “Linnie, the ambulance will be here soon. You’ll be fine. Jez will protect you. You’ll be fine!”

He comforted Madeline, but it was more like he was comforting himself.

While in a panic, he finally faced Madeline’s increasingly dimming eyes.

“Linnie, don’t leave me again.”


“I’m here, Linnie. I’m here!”

“I really didn’t push Meredith, Jeremy. Please believe me…”

He never thought that Madeline would say such a sentence under such circumstances. The past events of the year rushed into his mind as a strong sense of guilt violently invaded Jeremy’s heart.

He felt more remorseful and guilty. He squeezed Madeline’s hand and kissed it.
“Sorry, I’m sorry…”

Before his words of apology fell, Madeline’s hand slipped weakly from the palm of his hand.
Jeremy’s heart suddenly lost its weight. Looking at Madeline who was completely unconscious, he hugged her in desperation. “Linnie, don’t punish me like this. Don’t leave me again. Please give me a chance to atone for my sins. Please give me a chance to love you, Linnie!”

As the site of the accident was not far from the hospital, Madeline was quickly taken to the emergency room.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 536

Eloise and Sean, who had not left the hospital, almost fell when their legs went weak after learning that Madeline and Jeremy had been involved in a car accident.

They hurried to the emergency room and saw Jeremy who was waiting outside. He was sitting motionless on the chair, his hands still dripping with blood.

His whole person seemed to be frozen, and his body exuded a cold, bitter air. Approaching him was as if being stabbed by the sharp ice skates on his body.

Eloise still remembered what happened three years ago when Madeline was sent to the operating table. Jeremy had also been like this, frightened out of his mind.

Eloise seemed to understand at this moment why Jeremy had been uncharacteristically angry at her and Meredith back then. It was because he was afraid of something happening to Madeline.

Now, Eloise also had a foreboding. She really did not want the scene three years ago to recreate itself again.

Seeing the red light coming on outside the emergency room, Eloise and Sean’s hearts were tight.

‘Madeline, please be alright. Don’t punish your parents and your children with this…’

Karen and Yvonne learned that Madeline was in a car accident and was now being operated on in the emergency room. They immediately rushed over with joy.

Seeing that Eloise and Sean were also there, Karen chose to ignore them and walked straight toward Jeremy.

Seeing Jeremy’s bleeding hands, Karen looked nervous. “Jeremy, your hand is injured. We need to stop the bleeding!”

She pulled Jeremy as she said this, but before she could even touch the corner of Jeremy’s clothes, she heard him saying coldly, “Stay away from me.”

Karen was embarrassed for a moment, finding it hard to hold onto her pride a little.

Seeing this, Yvonne immediately took out a tissue and leaned over to Jeremy with concern. “Jeremy, don’t do this. Aunty cares about you. Look at you, you’ve lost a lot of blood. It’s really distressing.”

She said in a worried tone as she reached out to wipe Jeremy’s wounds.

Yet, she unexpectedly heard Jeremy’s frosty reply. “Go away. Don’t touch me.”

Yvonne pursed her lips, feeling aggrieved. “Jeremy, I also care about you—”

“I don’t need your care. Don’t get close to me. Get out.”


“Jeremy, how can you talk to Yvonne like this? She’s your cousin!”

“My cousin?” Jeremy’s tall, handsome figure stood up slowly. His deep eyes were drooping, and the shadows that shrouded him were terrifying. “My wife is the one who’s lying in the emergency room with the doctors fighting for her life. She’s in between life and death. Did I ask for a cousin to care about me?”


“Go away! Get away! I don’t want to see this so-called cousin!”

He was unexpectedly so disgusted, causing Yvonne to be frozen in place with embarrassment and dissatisfaction.

“What kind of wife is she? She has had sex with other men since a long time ago and even poisoned and murdered your grandfather. It’s not a shame for such a woman to die!” Karen said vexedly.

“Karen, what are you even saying? How is it not a pity for anyone who would lose their life? How can you slander my daughter like this?!” Eloise and Sean rushed in angrily.

“What Aunty said is the truth!” Yvonne chipped in.


Jeremy slammed a fist against the wall as a chilling light shot out from his cold eyes. “If you slander Linnie again, don’t blame me for not being considerate of our relationship!”

Karen’s mouth twitched with fright as she quickly shut her mouth. Even Yvonne did not even dare to breathe.

Eloise was so angry that she was about to retort when the lights in the operating room suddenly went out.

Jeremy raised his eyes all of a sudden and saw the door of the operating room opening. He ran toward the doctor in a white coat in large strides with an anxious expression. “Doctor, how’s my wife? How is she?!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 537

The doctor looked at Jeremy who was looking anxious and comforted him kindly. “Sir, you don’t need to worry so much. There’s no life-threatening danger to your wife and there are no scratches or bruises on her body either, but the injuries on your hands look more serious than hers.”

Jeremy did not even look at his bleeding palm. “Mine is only a surface injury. I want to know my wife’s condition. If she’s fine, why did she pass out so uncomfortably? How is she now? I want to go in and see her!”

As he was speaking, he was already about to rush into the emergency room.

Three years ago, Madeline had entered the emergency room in a similar way and never came back out.

The happenings from that day left indelible wounds and trauma in his heart.

He was afraid that the scene from that day would happen again and Madeline would never come out after entering the room.

He could not bear the pain again.

When the doctors and nurses saw this, they quickly grabbed Jeremy. “Sir, your wife really isn’t facing any threat to her life. She’s only experiencing a concussion and a small blood clot in her brain. The clot will disappear on its own depending on the situation. What she needs most now is a good rest.”

“You aren’t lying to me?” Jeremy asked dubiously.

The doctor smiled. “Why would I joke about a patient’s condition? Sir, you’re too anxious about your wife.”

Hearing the doctor’s final conclusion, Jeremy, Eloise, and Sean all breathed out a sigh of relief.

Karen and Yvonne glared toward the emergency room while feeling dissatisfied, then they turned away in anger.

After a while, Madeline was then sent to the VIP ward.

From day till night, she slept the entire time and had yet to awaken.

Jeremy took care of her by her side all day long.

After Felipe saw the license plate of the car that was involved in the accident near the hospital on TV, he understood why Madeline could not be contacted all this while.

He rushed to the hospital immediately, and after knowing the location of Madeline’s ward, Felipe hurried over with big steps.

Just as he arrived at the door, he saw through the small window on the door that Jeremy was wiping Madeline’s face with a towel as she lay unconscious.

His movements were careful, gentle and light as if he was afraid that his actions would hurt Madeline.

Today was supposed to be the day when Jeremy and Madeline got their divorce certificate, but the sudden car accident had stopped the matter.

An unpleasant, cold light burst out of Felipe’s calm black eyes.

He held the bouquet of flowers and opened the door of the ward with a cold expression.

Just as Jeremy held Madeline’s hand, wanting to tell her his thoughts, he caught a glimpse of Felipe’s sudden appearance. The tenderness in his eyes instantly faded away.

“What are you here for?” Jeremy walked up to Felipe, feeling displeased and stopping him from approaching.

Felipe put the bouquet on the coffee table and raised the corners of his lips. “I’m here to visit my fiancée. Do I actually need your approval for that?”

“Heh.” Jeremy chuckled with a low voice. “There’s no fiancée of yours here. Leave this place immediately.”

“Jeremy, if Vera is awake now, who do you think she’ll ask to leave the place? You know the answer clearly in your heart.” Felipe stepped over slowly and walked to the bedside.

Seeing Madeline’s sleeping and languish face, he frowned.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 538

Dissatisfied with Felipe staring at Madeline so affectionately, Jeremy stepped forward and blocked Felipe’s gaze. “Come out, I have something to talk to you about.”

Felipe smiled casually when he heard Jeremy’s words. He then turned to follow him out.

At the end of the corridor, Jeremy said to him bluntly, “Felipe, you may be able to deceive Linnie, but you can’t deceive me. You’re using Linnie to achieve your purpose.”

Felipe listened quietly without arguing. He smiled instead, saying, “That’s right, I’m using Vera. If it weren’t for Vera, it would’ve been really difficult for me to get Whitman Corporation and Whitman Manor so quickly.”

After he listened to his unremorseful answer, Jeremy bent his fingers with his knuckles starting to creak. “Felipe, you’re really despicable.”

“Despicable?” Felipe chuckled as arrogance flowed out from his eyes. “Aren’t you despicable as well? You injured Vera till she almost lost her life back then, but now you want her back after seeing her completely transformed. Jeremy, it looks like you’re way more despicable than I am.”

In this matter, Jeremy knew that he had wronged Madeline.

However, he did not want Madeline back just because she had transformed as what Felipe mentioned.

He loved her. It was the secret in his heart that was not known or believed by others in all these years.

“When Vera wakes up and her injury is healed, she’ll immediately apply for a divorce certificate with you. At that time, I will send her and Jackson to F Country first.” Felipe revealed his plan to Jeremy, not caring if Jeremy would interrupt his plan.

Seeing the frustration and loneliness flashing across Jeremy’s eyes, Felipe’s smile grew deeper.
“My good nephew, it seems that whether it’s your wife or your son, you’ll never be able to get them back again in this life. Vera will soon be my woman and Jackson will also be calling me his father soon enough.”

No man could accept such a loss and change, let alone Jeremy who wholeheartedly cared and loved Madeline.

A coldness rose in his eyes as his gaze was now filled with intense aggression and determination. “Linnie will only be my woman in this life. Felipe, don’t you even think about taking her away from me!”

“Really? Then, we shall wait and see.” Felipe smiled playfully before turning around to leave.
Jeremy wanted to stop him at first, but with Eloise suddenly running out from Madeline’s ward in a panic, he subconsciously felt that something was wrong. He immediately ran back into the ward.

Seeing Madeline lying on the bed with fluttering eyelids, he rushed to the bed in excitement and shook Madeline’s cool hand with pity.

“Linnie, Linnie, are you awake?”

Felipe followed him into the ward and felt dissatisfied when he saw the scene before him.

Then, Eloise called the doctor into the ward who suddenly realized that there were two more men in the ward. She looked at the doctor, asking, “Doctor, my daughter seems to be awake. Can you see if she’s alright?”

“Jeremy, get up first and let the doctor examine Eveline’s condition.” Eloise reminded Jeremy who was still holding onto Madeline.

Seeing the doctor approaching them, Jeremy let go of Madeline’s hand. At the same time he let go, Madeline slowly opened her eyes.

“Eveline, you’re really up! That’s great!” Eloise’s eyes were wet with joy.

Jeremy also felt the weight in his heart falling off.

Madeline blinked her large, hazy eyes warily before looking around.

The doctor quickly stepped forward to check on Madeline, but she avoided him vigilantly all of a sudden with a suspicious expression on her face. “What are you doing?”

Jeremy hurriedly went over and calmed her down with a soft voice, saying, “Linnie, you’ve just woken up after being injured. Let the doctor examine you. Don’t be afraid.”

Madeline stared at Jeremy’s face thoughtfully for a bit before suddenly fixing her gaze on Felipe who was standing by the door. “Felipe, who are these people? Why are they saying that I’m injured?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 539

The question Madeline asked startled everyone in the ward.

“Eveline, I’m your mother.” Eloise pointed to herself while looking panicked. Tears were already rolling in her eyes.

It was difficult for Jeremy to believe this. It was even more unbelievable when he saw the confused and guarded expression on the delicate little face in front of him.

How could it be?

How could such a thing happen?

The woman who had loved him so much, who both hated and loved him to his bones, actually forgot about him?

After going through the shock, Felipe took the shortest time to sort out his doubts. He then curled his lips and walked to Madeline with a warm smile. “Vera, don’t worry. No matter what happens, I’ll be by your side. Let’s have the doctor take a look at your condition first.”

After listening to Felipe’s words carefully, Madeline cooperated and let the doctor examine her.

Jeremy really did not want to believe what he was seeing before him.

Madeline did not know him nor Eloise, but she could still remember Felipe clearly and even obeyed him so docilely.

Feeling as if tens of thousands of cold arrows had passed through his heart, Jeremy was frozen

in his spot until the doctor was done examining Madeline.

In the doctor’s office, Jeremy frowned and listened to the doctor as he explained Madeline’s condition.

“The blood clot in her brain is almost gone based on the CT result, but she’s suffering a sudden partial memory loss most likely due to psychological reasons.

“Maybe she wanted to forget some people or things that have made her particularly unhappy and that’s why this kind of dissociative amnesia happened.

“She doesn’t want to look back on the bad memories, so now she only remembers the things that made her happy.

“Try not to trigger her. We will have to observe the patient’s condition for a while more.”

After listening to the explanation, Jeremy and Eloise felt a strong, painful feeling of breaking down the moment they understood.

They understood in their hearts that the injuries and torture they had inflicted on Madeline were all too cruel and unbearable to be recalled.

It was normal for Madeline to want to forget.

No one would want to remember things that hurt them if it was possible. Of course, one would hope that all their memories were filled with happiness and joy.

However, in the years when Madeline had been the most eager to be trusted and warmed up to, all they gave were only hurt and indifference.

Jeremy was feeling an extreme heartache, and no one could understand the extent of it.

He returned to the ward and saw that Madeline had already gotten out of bed. She was talking to Felipe.

The sunlight poured gently onto her flawless and clean face. When she smiled, her curved eyes seemed to be flashing with stars.

Yet, she had never shown such a smile in front of him.

This was because he had never given her the opportunity to smile like this.

“Felipe, when can I be discharged? I don’t want to stay here. This place makes me uncomfortable.” Madeline looked at her surroundings and suddenly caught sight of Jeremy who was standing at the door of the ward.

The moment their gazes met, Jeremy was hoping to see something in Madeline’s eyes, even if it was hatred. Yet, Madeline’s eyes were only indifferent as she looked at him like a stranger.

“Why does that person keep looking at me?” Madeline looked away and asked Felipe suspiciously.

Felipe curled his lips into a thought-provoking smile as he introduced, saying, “He’s my nephew, Jeremy.”

“Jeremy,” Madeline repeated with a blank expression. She turned her head to look at Jeremy again before walking toward him.

Jeremy’s heartbeat accelerated instantly when he saw her getting closer. Anticipation was ignited in his eyes again.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 540

While Madeline had walked up to him, she only showed a polite smile. “Hello, Mr. Whitman. I’m Felipe’s fiancée, Vera.”

Her introduction shattered Jeremy’s heart, but it made Felipe quietly reveal a triumphant smile.

Jeremy forced himself to calm down, but in the end, he could not restrain himself and held Madeline’s hand suddenly. “Linnie, I’m not Mr. Whitman. I’m your husband!”

Madeline pulled her hand back forcefully all of a sudden when she heard the words. She glared at him, displeased. “Mr. Whitman, please have some respect. I’m your future aunt.”


Those familiar words passed through Jeremy’s eardrums again, causing his battered heart to be sprinkled with salt on top.

Blood filled his heart as the pain of it being ripped and torn made his breathing strained.

“Jeremy, don’t make such a joke. Vera will get angry.” Felipe walked over and gave a serious reminder.

His eyes subtly met Jeremy’s hostile ones and his smile became deeper.

“Vera is not well yet. I think you wouldn’t want your future aunt to be triggered anymore, right?”

He hinted that Jeremy should stop mentioning the past to Madeline, especially his relationship with her.

In order to improve Madeline’s condition now, Jeremy had no choice but to endure it.

At this moment, he had no other choice but to hand Madeline over.

It felt like his heart was being pierced by a thousand arrows alone just from merely seeing that his beloved woman was falling into the arms of another man.

That afternoon, Old Master Whitman had also awakened.

However, due to his aging body, coupled with the side effects from the poisoning, Old Master
Whitman had lost the ability to take care of himself. His chance of recovery was low.
In other words, although the old man still had his own thoughts, he could no longer speak or move. This situation would continue until the day of his death.

Karen had only taken care of the old man for one day when she pushed the responsibility onto Yvonne.

It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to hire a caregiver. She was not willing to pay the amount of money no matter the currency.

She used to spend more than that amount for a day’s worth of pocket money, but now, she did not even have pocket money!

With these various stressful conditions, Karen naturally blamed it all on Madeline. She walked toward Madeline’s ward angrily. She wanted to get Madeline into trouble while Jeremy was not here. However, she found a young nurse tidying up the bed instead. Only then did she find out that Madeline had just left the hospital.

“Didn’t she knock her head silly and have a blood clot in her brain? How can she be discharged so quickly?” Karen asked with dissatisfaction.

The nurse frowned and said, “She didn’t knock her head silly, and the blood clot is gone. It’s just that she has amnesia and has forgotten some things.”

“What? Amnesia?” Karen did not believe it. “She really dares to pull this kind of trick from TV dramas! She must really be trying to win Jeremy’s favor again!”

Karen walked out of the ward while cursing continuously. She did not expect to see Madeline’s figure appear not far in front of her.

Madeline was waiting for Felipe to complete the discharge procedures and had happened to pass by Old Master Whitman’s ward.

The door of the ward was ajar and she looked inside curiously.

With a fallen expression, Yvonne poured a basin of water meant to wash one’s feet directly onto Old Master Whitman who was paralyzed in the wheelchair. She then slammed the basin on the ground.

“Motherf*cker! You old immortal, why don’t you just die? This poison didn’t even manage to kill you and now you actually want me to serve you, a dead old man!”

Yvonne stretched out her finger to poke the glaring Old Man Whitman’s head.

“What are you glaring at? Glare at me again and I will have you drink the foot wash! I’m really angry! I had finally figured out how to pretend to be Madeline so that everyone would think she was the one who tried to kill you. The only mistake in all that planning is the hardy fate of you old thing! It seems that next time I’ll have to increase the amount!”

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