Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 511-520

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 511

After Madeline and Jeremy gave each other a look, she picked up the phone and pressed on the speakerphone.

Rose had lowered her voice deliberately, trying to fake another voice over the line.

Opening her mouth, she asked for money, “Madeline, is the 50 million ready? I want it in cash! I want it in an hour, or I’ll kill your son!”

Madeline’s heart was faintly anxious and she tried hard to restrain her emotions. “I’ll give you the money, but you can’t hurt my son! Otherwise, you can dream about getting even a penny!”

Although Rose said she was dissatisfied, she thought about her getting the huge sum of money in a while and watched her mouth. “As long as you don’t play any tricks, your son will be fine. I’ll send you the address now and you’ll leave the money there later. Just be in that position. Remember, you’re not allowed to call Jeremy over and you’re not allowed to call the police. You must go alone!”

After she was finished speaking, she quickly hung up and Madeline soon received a message on her phone.

The mentioned address was consistent with the suspicious location that Jeremy had just discovered when he was going through the surveillance footage.

“It seems that Jack is near the village in the western suburbs.” Jeremy determined.

Madeline glanced at the location, then turned around and left.

Jeremy grabbed her decisively, “Where are you going?”

“To save my son,” Madeline replied simply without looking back, “Let go.”

“Knowing that this may be a trap, I can’t let you take the risks.” Jeremy walked to her. “Let me go.”

Madeline smiled and looked at the dignified man before gently moving his palm away. “No. If you really cared about Jack, he wouldn’t have been tortured by Meredith in the past five years till he almost suffered permanent mental damage.”

“It was just because I thought she was Jack’s mother and it’s also because I felt ashamed of what I’ve done to you, that’s why I was so indifferent toward Jack in the years since you left.”

Madeline glanced at him with alienation. “I won’t believe anything you say anymore.”

“If you really don’t believe me, you would have already gone to the police station when Ava asked you to call the police. Linnie, don’t lie to yourself. You truly still have me in your heart.”

Jeremy’s answer surprised Madeline slightly.

He was right.

At that moment, she had indeed chosen to believe in Jeremy.

It was because she felt that if Jeremy was really colluding with Rose and the others in order to save Meredith, then he would not have done anything extra like testify against Meredith in court.

However, what did it matter?

She still would not have any expectations for him, let alone love.

Madeline left decisively.

She went back to the apartment first, and when she was ready, she drove to the western suburbs by herself.

The evening breeze in early spring was blowing slowly, but it was still bitter.

Madeline dragged the suitcase and walked over to the address designated by Rose.

The suburbs were quiet at night and there were no people walking nearby. The dim yellow halo from the dilapidated street lamp flickered and dimmed. The atmosphere was very strange.

Madeline walked forward steadily until she reached a trash can.

Rose wanted her to put the suitcase full of money by the side of the trash can.

After putting it down, Madeline looked around, then turned around and walked back.

Before she went far, she heard movement from the direction of the trash can.

She guessed that it might be Rose or Jon who had gone to get the money. When she was about to turn around to follow them, she received a message on her phone from Rose’s number. A location had popped up with a few words.

[Mom, I’m here.]

Was it Jack?!

Madeline went to the location without hesitation.

She had not taken good care of this child in the past five years.

At this moment, no matter the danger or obstacle, she would definitely give her all.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 512

Madeline very quickly found the location as it was just a hundred meters away.

The house in front of her looked dilapidated as if it was vacant, but there was also light coming through from inside the house.

Madeline walked to the window and looked inside. At a glance, she saw Jackson sitting on the small bench while being guarded by Jon who was smoking beside him. There was a fruit knife beside Jon.

Sure enough, they were the ones behind it.

Madeline clenched her fists, her worried eyes falling on Jackson’s small face.

The little guy did not seem to be afraid of anything. He was even shaking his feet while nibbling on an apple carefreely. It looked like he was talking to Jon about something.

The situation looked a little unusual, but when one thought about it, it was not too surprising either when one remembered that Jackson was just a six-year-old child.

Madeline pondered silently about a way to deal with this, and as she was about to knock on the door, Jeremy’s face involuntarily jumped into her mind.

After thinking for a few seconds, she took out her phone, typed out a paragraph, and sent it to Jeremy. Then, she was ready to act.

At this moment, however, Madeline suddenly felt someone approaching her from behind.

As she was about to dodge, the man seized her by the waist.

To prevent her from screaming, the man also covered her mouth gently with his palm.

Suddenly, a familiar smell poured into the tip of Madeline’s nose as a familiar warmth surrounded her.

Madeline raised her beautiful eyes in surprise. She saw the delicately contoured face in the dark night.

“Shhh, it’s me.”

Jeremy’s low voice sounded warmly behind her ears.

Madeline froze for a moment, then struggled.

“Don’t move, somebody’s coming,” he whispered softly before retreating behind the wall of the house with Madeline in his arms.

Above them, there happened to be a window. Madeline raised her eyes and could clearly see Rose pulling the heavy suitcase into the house.

Jon greeted them hurriedly as the eyes of both people revealed greed.

“Hahaha… We’re rich! We’re really rich this time!” Jon was so happy that his smile stretched from ear to ear.

Rose walked toward Jackson triumphantly with her arms akimbo. “You, smelly brat, are unexpectedly quite valuable.”

She wanted to pinch Jackson’s face as she spoke, but Jackson avoided her with disgust.

“Tsk! Brat! I’ll let you live for a bit. I’ll give you and the b*tch who gave birth to you a piece of hell to avenge my daughter!”

Hearing this, Jeremy’s gaze darkened. He fixed his eyes on the two individuals who were about to unpack the suitcase. He already had a countermeasure in mind.

However, his attention was quickly pulled toward the woman he was hugging in front of him.

At this moment, Madeline was neither struggling nor resisting and had allowed him to hold her in his arms. Her back was against his chest. Although they were separated by her coat, he could still feel her warmth.

Jeremy could not help but lift the corners of his lips, his icy gaze instantly becoming tender.

He could not help but get closer to Madeline, greedily enjoying this hard-won intimate contact.

Madeline did not notice Jeremy’s strangeness. Looking at the scene in the room, she was prepared to contact Rose with her mobile phone while pretending to be ignorant, but she was stopped by Jeremy. His deep, attractive, and sexy voice passed her ears numbly.

“Linnie, don’t act so rashly. See the two barrels of gasoline over there?” He reminded her, his unusual voice drawing her attention.

Madeline followed his prompt and looked toward the direction. Sure enough, there were two barrels of gasoline in the corner of the room. She suddenly had a bad feeling. “Do you think they’ll set it on fire?”

“They’re probably trying to lure you into the house by using Jack so that they can deal with you and Jack at once.” Jeremy’s tone was calm. He then hugged Madeline tightly while softly promising. “But I’ll never let them hurt my wife and child.”

Hearing this, Madeline then realized that her and Jeremy’s current position was not right. She had just wanted to push him away when Jeremy suddenly released her and turned around.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat uncontrollably as she instinctively stretched out her hand to hold him. “Jeremy, what do you plan to do?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 513

The man looked back, a smile appearing in his slender, alluring eyes. “Are you worried about me?”

“…” Madeline quickly let go. “I’m not worried about you. I just don’t want Jack to be hurt in any way.”

“Don’t worry, I will never let anything happen to our son.” Jeremy solemnly promised. He shook Madeline’s hand all of sudden. “Linnie, wait for me in the car. I’ll definitely bring Jack back safely.”

Madeline was in a daze for some reason until Jeremy gave her a light push. “Quickly head back to the car.”

His eyes were sincere and his tone was as usual, but Madeline did not appreciate it. “Jeremy, I don’t want to owe you anything. My son is mine and I will save him myself.”

Jeremy’s gaze turned lonely. “You don’t owe me anything, I owe you. No matter how you deny it, you can’t change that Jack is both our child.”

Saying this, he pulled Madeline over and all the way to the car on the side of the road.

Madeline could not struggle as she was afraid that Jon and Rose would discover this oddity if she struggled too much.

“Wait for me here. Don’t come over,” Jeremy said solemnly.

Madeline was about to curse Jeremy when her phone vibrated.

Rose was calling her. Madeline had expected Rose to call because her suitcase was set with a password. Without the password, they could not open it.

Sure enough, upon answering the call, Rose had indeed come to ask for the password.

Jeremy originally wanted to take action immediately, but he heard Rose say on the phone, “Madeline, you actually dare to play tricks? Come on, what’s the password to the suitcase?”

Madeline dealt with her calmly. “If you don’t let me see my son, then I won’t let you see the cash.”

“You…” Rose was a little frustrated. “Okay! Since you want to see your son so much, come here! I’ll send you the location right away!”

Madeline smiled softly. “No need, I’m already here.”


Rose was dumbfounded for a moment when she heard this, and in the next second, she heard a bang! The wooden door in front of her was kicked open!

Jon, who had been working on the code, jumped with fright. When he saw Jeremy who had appeared in front of him, his expression changed greatly as he slumped onto the ground.

Rose was also abruptly shocked until the phone in her hands fell to the ground.

“You, you… How did you find out about this place?!” Rose’s eyes widened.

“Of course, it was I who told my mother.” Jackson’s tender voice sounded, clear and sweet.

Rose turned her head to look at Jackson who was nibbling on the apple with an expression of disbelief.

“Rose, Jon, I really didn’t think that you’d remain unrepentant. You’ve even wiped out your most basic humanity just for money,” Madeline scolded.

The corners of Rose and Jon’s mouths twitched. They dared not move.

Looking at Jeremy who was stepping forward, the breathtaking aura exuding from all over his body made them tremble and shudder.

Jeremy looked at the two pale-faced individuals in front of him, and there was a cold light in his deep eyes.

Unexpectedly, Jon and Rose were already so frightened till their current state even before he had made a move.

If he had known this sooner, he would not have wasted time.

His gaze flicked past Jon and Rose before landing on Jackson’s small face. His stern eyebrows were already dyed with love and gentleness. “Jack, come over here to Mom and Dad.”


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 514

Jackson nodded. Holding the apple, he ran toward them with his little legs.

Madeline smiled, her heart at ease as she stretched out her arms toward Jack. “Jack, come into Mom’s arms.”

“Mommy,” Jackson cried out to Madeline in a puerile voice and ran toward her.

The plan fell apart as Jack returned to Madeline’s embrace peacefully. Rose expected that Jeremy would definitely not let her go, and instantly, there was a fierce look on her face.

Rose grabbed the fruit knife on the table and stabbed toward Madeline fiercely, yelling, “Madeline, you b*tch! Go to hell!”

She cursed viciously while waving the fruit knife.

However, before she could get close to Madeline, she was kicked away by Jeremy.

Rose fell to the ground with a thud while the fruit knife fell to the side. She turned over and wanted to grab it, but Jeremy stepped on her pudgy hand. Rose immediately screamed in pain.

Jeremy’s deep, icy eyes were condescending. He looked just like a king who treated everyone under him as a captive.

“Linnie has already given you a chance, but you still insist on looking for death. If so, then go to prison and enjoy your final familial happiness with your baby girl.”

His cold voice was like a basin of cold water that was poured over Rose and Jon from head to toe.

Rose and Jon seemed to have felt a sense of doomsday as if Jeremy had ordered them to be killed without mercy. They instantly felt a chill running down their spines.

Just then came the sound of a police car from a distance.

Jeremy had called the police long before he set off to follow Madeline.

Jon and Rose heard the sound of the police car as simply the sound of the sirens signaling their end.

Rose’s teeth tickled with hatred from the warm and harmonious scene of the family of three as she looked at Madeline who was holding Jackson and leaving with Jeremy’s protection.

She got up abruptly, rushed to the door, and slammed the broken door heavily. She blocked the front of the door with her wide figure.

Jeremy instinctively stretched out his arms to protect Madeline who was holding Jackson behind her. “Get out of the way,” he uttered icily.

“As if any of you are allowed to leave! We’re in this life and death struggle together. I will bring you down myself!”

Rose gritted her teeth fiercely.

“Husband, we’ll fight them today! Our daughter is dying anyway and we have to go to jail, so we might as well just drag them to our deaths together!”

Jon had always been spineless and listened to Rose for everything, but he never thought of being buried together with Rose.

“Even now, you still persist to be set on the wrong path?” Madeline felt Rose was hopeless. “Meredith has already fallen to her end, and you both as her parents will be her accomplices.”

“You shut up!” Rose’s eyes were red with jealousy till her face shook with anger. “It’s all your fault, you b*tch! If it weren’t for you, Meredith would have become the young lady of the Whitman family. I would have long become the mother-in-law of a wealthy young master who didn’t have to worry about anything for the rest of my life!

“But I didn’t expect you miserable wretch to be so tough. You just won’t die! And you!”

Rose yelled at Jeremy too, a wave of burning anger in her eyes.

“You heartless man! Meredith has been with you for so many years yet you gave her no benefit. When the btch Madeline left three years ago, you were worried about her every day and ignored Meredith. You even told Meredith that you had in fact always liked this btch!”

Hearing this, Madeline’s eyes flashed sharply. She looked at Jeremy, whose expression was getting colder and colder, when she heard Rose roar again.

“Meredith has fallen till this point today is all thanks to you! You want to stay together? I won’t let you get what you want. I’ll bury you for my daughter!”

With this, she suddenly went berserk and rushed in the direction where the two barrels of gasoline were placed.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 515

Jeremy saw through Rose’s intention. He quickly grabbed Madeline’s shoulders and walked them toward the door. “Hurry up.”

Madeline had only wanted to take Jackson to a safe place as soon as possible and was prepared to leave according to Jeremy’s intention.

However, the wooden door that had been closed could not be opened. Something was stuck in the lock and the door could not open no matter what they did.

“Go to hell everyone!” Rose shouted coldly.

Jeremy turned his head to look at Rose and he saw that she had picked up the gasoline can. She splashed the contents to their side. Jeremy hurriedly protected Madeline and Jackson while retreating to the side.

All the gasoline that Rose had poured at them had splashed onto the door panel.

“Hahaha…” Rose laughed loudly as if she had gone mad. “Madeline, you b*tch. Let’s see how you’re gonna stay alive this time!”

A cold silver light shone in Jeremy’s eyes. He wanted to crush Rose to pieces.

At this moment, however, what he wanted most was to get Madeline and Jackson out of this small, dilapidated house.

Rose splashed the gasoline around madly while Jon was slumped to the side. His cowardly expression revealed that he was at a loss.

Jeremy took Madeline’s shoulders and led her to the window.

“Don’t worry about these two lunatics. Get out of here first.” His tone was determined, and he went to open the window.

It was probably because of the forming rust over the years but the locks on the windows were fastened tight.

Jeremy hardly hesitated. He stretched out his fist and smashed the glass.

The moment the glass broke, his right hand also split open with wounds of various sizes. Blood followed, quickly dying his hand red.

He did not seem to care, however, and continued to break down the uneven glass with his fist to ensure that Madeline would not get cut when she jumped out of the window.

“Linnie, you should go out first. I’ll hold Jack to you,” Jeremy said in a hurry, anxiety appearing on his usually calm and cold face.

The moment he said that, Rose suddenly took out a lighter.

After the fire started, Rose threw the lighter on the gasoline-soaked door.

The sparks followed the gasoline path, instantly turning into a big fire.

The whole house had suddenly turned into a sea of ​​fire while the raging flames spread unscrupulously, emitting a pungent smell and a crackling, burning sound.

In this critical situation, Jeremy decisively took Jackson from Madeline’s arms and put him to his side. Then, he carried Madeline, who was still unreactive, toward the window sill.

“Get out!” he said decisively with unprecedented tension in his voice.

Madeline dallied no more and quickly jumped out of the window.

Jeremy then picked Jackson up. “Don’t be afraid, Jack. Mom will catch you outside.”

He consoled with a soft voice and carefully handed Jackson to Madeline.

Madeline quickly reached out to hug Jackson but had involuntarily glanced at Jeremy.

His worried eyes at the moment held no pretense.

Just then, Jackson suddenly shouted behind Jeremy, “Be careful, Daddy!”

Madeline only then noticed Rose’s fierce face appearing in a cloud of smoke. Rose was holding a fruit knife and had stabbed it toward Jeremy’s arm fiercely.

Jeremy was holding Jackson to hand him over to Madeline. He could not let go and could only take the stab.

Rose pulled out the fruit knife at once and fresh, red blood poured from Jeremy’s wound, soon dying his coat red.

He just frowned, still handing Jackson over to Madeline securely.

After Madeline grabbed Jackson, she pushed her hatred to the side and stretched out her hand to Jeremy. Her eyebrows and eyes were also unknowingly infected with anxiety. “Quick, take my hand. Come out!”

A smile suddenly appeared between Jeremy’s solemn eyebrows. He held Madeline’s hand that she had offered on her own, and at the same time, he felt warmer while his heart felt sweeter.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 516

However, just as he moved, he was suddenly caught by Rose.

“Nobody should even think about leaving! I want you all buried with me!”

Outside the window, Jack, who saw Rose holding onto Jeremy, threw the apple in his hand at Rose angrily. “Bad guy! Let go of my dad!”

Jackson had thrown it accurately and the apple hit Rose in the face. She reflexively let go of her hand and touched her face with a painful squeal.

“Jeremy, hurry up!” Madeline held Jeremy’s hand firmly to remind him.

Seeing Rose coming back to continue to stop them, Madeline quickly said, “The password to the suitcase is six sixes, but it’s a pity that the 50 million will be burned into ashes by you!”

“What?!” When she heard this, Rose’s movements paused. Jon, who had been paralyzed on the ground, suddenly became energetic. He quickly ran to the suitcase that had still not been burned and entered six sixes.

With a click, the suitcase really opened!

However, seeing the contents of the suitcase, Jon was dumbfounded. “This… This is 50 million?!”

Rose looked at Jon’s stupefied expression, thinking he was taken aback by so much money, and hurried over.

However, when she saw the ‘money’ in the suitcase, she was dumbfounded!

There was no money in it. The stacks of paper were all plain A4 paper!

Rose gritted her teeth furiously. “Madeline Crawford! How dare you lie…”

Before she even finished her words, she looked up and saw that Jeremy had also left through the window safely. At this moment, the fire was raging. Jon and she were almost surrounded by the sea of ​​fire!

Feeling the increasingly hot and scorching temperature approaching and the stifling smoke entangling them, Rose finally knew to be afraid.

When the two of them also wanted to climb out of the window, the flames had already rushed toward the window sill. The two of them were completely swallowed by the flames…

After Jeremy got out safely, Madeline called for an ambulance and the firefighters.

Although Rose and Jon were cruel and really deserved to die, she still felt that they should be left to the law. She never thought that they would really be buried in the flames.

When the firefighters arrived, the fire was still ablaze. When Jon and Rose were rescued, their clothes and hair had all been burned off.

Jeremy subconsciously stretched out his hand to block Madeline and Jackson’s sight to prevent them from witnessing this terrible scene.

The medical staff at the scene noticed Jeremy’s injured and bleeding hand and walked over quickly. “Sir, your hand is bleeding a lot. Please get in the car and head to the hospital for treatment.”

Jeremy smiled indifferently. “Thank you but there’s no need. My wife will send me to the hospital.”

He glanced at Madeline after naturally saying those words.

“Mom, let’s go to the hospital. Dad’s hand is bleeding a lot!” Jackson urged worriedly.

Madeline glanced at Jeremy’s injured hand and turned around while holding Jackson. “Hurry up.”

She seemed to say these two words to Jeremy before walking toward the car parked by the road.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s hurried back and followed with a smile.

After getting in the car, Madeline threw a clean towel to Jeremy, then stepped on the accelerator.

She speeded several times unknowingly on the way, and finally, they reached the hospital.

After entering the hospital, she realized that Jeremy’s face looked unwell. His face was already quite pale, but now he looked even more so.

Apart from his palm that had been cut by the glass, Jeremy also had a deep knife wound on his right arm. A large amount of dried blood had covered almost the entire sleeve of his coat.

It had been dark out just now and Madeline did not realize that Jeremy was hurt so badly.

After he was done getting bandaged, the doctor gave some precautions and allowed him to leave.

Madeline had wanted to take Jackson back, but then Jeremy leaned on her weakly and put his hand on her shoulder. “Linnie, I’m a little tired. Can you send me back?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 517

Madeline raised her eyes with a little dissatisfaction, but she did not think Jeremy would be so close. His breath was warm, fanning her face. His beautiful and delicate facial features were softly reflected in her eyes.

Her heartbeat abruptly quickened by a beat. Seeing Jeremy’s face pale and weak, she turned her slightly hot cheeks away coldly but did not push him away.

She took Jackson’s hand and said gently, “Jack, come home with Mom.”

“Yeah, let’s go home. Jack will go home together with Mom and Dad!” Jackson blinked his big, lively eyes and nodded obediently.

Next to Madeline, Jeremy felt the heat from her body and the corners of his pale lips pulled up into a satisfied smile.

Once they returned to the villa, Madeline helped Jeremy into the room.

After letting go of him, she turned around decisively.

“Linnie.” Jeremy’s low voice slipped into her ears like the cool night breeze outside the window. “Can you not leave?”

Madeline turned to look back at the man’s hopeful eyes. She faced him with a calm expression.

“Jeremy, I took you to the hospital and brought you back not because I still have feelings for you, but because I don’t want to have any trouble with you anymore. I don’t want to owe you anything.”

Jeremy’s eyes went dim like ash for an instant. He truly realized then how Madeline had felt when she was coldly neglected by him back then.

This feeling was as if one’s heart was being devoured by tens of thousands of ants. It was indescribably unbearable.

He lowered his desolate eyes and laughed at himself.

Madeline did not say anything more. When she turned around, her phone vibrated again. This time, it was Felipe calling.

She picked it up, her tone not as cold as when she was facing Jeremy. There was even a slight smile on her face. “Felipe, don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I’ll head back once Jack is asleep.”

Jeremy heard Madeline’s conversation with Felipe and possessiveness suddenly surged in his lonely eyes.

Seeing Madeline walking toward the door of the room, Jeremy could no longer sit by idly and rushed straight over.

Madeline looked back toward the sound of footsteps, but the moment she turned her head, she saw Jeremy’s sharp eyebrows furrowed. The dignified, handsome face had suddenly magnified in front of her eyes.

She was at a loss for a moment. She backed up quickly but ended up hitting the wall.

Jeremy stretched out his palm to prop it against the wall and trapped Madeline in front of him.

“Don’t go.”

He suddenly stopped, his tone almost commanding. His deep eyes were aggressive and possessive as they locked with Madeline’s eyes forcefully.

Madeline confronted him, dissatisfied. “Why won’t you allow me to leave?”

Jeremy’s thin lips were pressed tightly while his bandaged right hand seemed to twitch his shirt collar in irritation. His sexy throat vibrated as he spoke, “Because I’m your husband and we’re husband and wife. I forbid you to have any dealings with men other than me!”

With a tone that revealed his intolerance for others’ opinions, he drew his handsome face close to Madeline’s eyes. His nose almost touched Madeline’s.

“Linnie, I know you won’t believe it, but it’s the truth. I really love you.”

He could not control what he was thinking, and his eyes gradually softened into a spring breeze.

“From the moment I thought you had really left this world, I also felt that my world had become dark. I truly regret not cherishing you at the beginning and letting you, the woman who loved me, suffer so much hurt and grievance…”

He closed his eyes that were filled with regret.

“Linnie, give me a chance to let me love you well.”

After hearing Jeremy’s words with furrowed eyebrows, Madeline’s expression remained unchanged.

“Are you finished?” she said indifferently, “Can I go now?”

Jeremy’s heart went cold as if heavy snowfall had drowned his heartbeat and breathing. His heart cavity was chilled.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 518

Seeing Jeremy who was just looking at her like that while refusing to let go, Madeline raised her hand and pushed him hard.

As soon as she touched his arm, Jeremy suddenly groaned in pain and his two swordlike eyebrows rose.

Madeline then remembered that his arm was injured.

As she was in a stalemate and did not know what to do, Jackson came.

The little guy flashed his big eyes. Looking at the two individuals in front of him, he raised his cute brows in confusion.

“Mom and Dad, what are you doing?”

“…” Madeline glanced at Jeremy speechlessly, then smiled. “Jack, how about I go to bed with you first?”

She thought Jackson would agree, but the little guy shook his head, “Dad is the one who needs Mommy’s company the most today. Jack can sleep by himself.”

“…” Madeline was speechless.

Jeremy bent over and touched the little baby’s head, “Jack is really considerate. Don’t worry, your mother will stay with me and never leave.”

Madeline gave him a dissatisfied look. “Jeremy.”

Jeremy showed a rare, unruly smile. “Wifey, take a bath and let’s go to bed early. Let’s not let our son worry about us.”


Madeline stayed to cater Jackson while Jeremy left the bed to Madeline and slept on the sofa.

In the dead of night, Madeline was lying on the bed thoroughly sleepy. After closing her eyes, the scene after she married Jeremy appeared in her mind, including the scene of him torturing her savagely on this bed…

After a peaceful night, Madeline got up early to make breakfast for Jackson.

She saw that the news was talking about what had happened last night.

Rose and Jon had planned to kidnap Jackson, but they got caught in the flames and met an unfortunate end.

Both of them had severe burns that affected 70 percent of their bodies and it was difficult for them to recover.

Even if they recovered, they would spend the second half of their lives in prison.

Madeline was watching the news on TV when she suddenly heard footsteps coming from the stairs.

She turned her head to see Jeremy coming down. He was wearing a casual beige sweater. The handsome lines of his face were softened by the morning light, making him look gentle.

The moment he met Madeline’s eyes, he pursed his lips and smiled.

“Linnie, do you remember the time when I asked you to have breakfast with me but you had stubbornly refused to sit next to me?”

Of course, Madeline would not forget that time because Jeremy had only eaten with her a few times—only once or twice.

In fact, Madeline still could not comprehend Jeremy’s behavior that day. He had actually ignored Meredith behaving like a baby and even so diligently sent her to work.

However, Madeline no longer wanted to explore Jeremy’s mood from that time.

Minding her own business, she put breakfast on the dining table and turned around to go upstairs to see Jackson. However, Jeremy held her and hugged her from behind.

Madeline struggled, but Jeremy hugged her even tighter.

“Linnie, you won’t believe that I love you and you still think it’s Meredith who I’ve always loved.

“Everyone thinks that Meredith is my favorite. It’s so ridiculous that I even pretended not to see it when she killed. I’ve indulged her those years as if I loved her, but it was not that.”

Jeremy spoke, his voice becoming softer and softer. He hugged Madeline tightly, his eyelashes drooping. “The reason why I indulged her was that I loved you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 519

After listening to Jeremy’s words calmly, Madeline moved his arms away coldly and turned to face him.

“If you’re going to make an excuse, at least find a reasonable one.” She looked at him contemptuously. “You said you love me? Your love for me allowed you to let Meredith trample on and hurt me?”

Jeremy frowned and tried to pull Madeline’s hand. “Linnie, listen to me first.”

Ding dong, ding dong!

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Jeremy’s swordlike eyebrows were even more tightly locked as he turned to open the door, feeling somewhat dissatisfied.

However, the moment the door opened, Jeremy’s face instantly fell cold. “What are you doing here?”

Felipe stood at the door. He glanced at Jeremy who had bandages on his hand, raised his eyes, and looked into the room. “Vera, it’s me. Are you there?”

Jeremy’s eyes became even colder as he kept Felipe outside. “Felipe, there’s no such person as Vera here. Leave immediately.”

However, as soon as his voice fell, Madeline had already walked up from behind him.

“Felipe? Why did you come here?” Madeline was quite surprised.

“I’m worried about you.” Felipe’s tone was soft, and the gentleman’s handsome face carried a small smile. “Why didn’t you return to the apartment last night?”

“This is my wife’s home. Why would she go back to that apartment?” Jeremy said coldly, displeased.

Madeline glanced at Jeremy and calmly parted her lips. “Jack wanted me to stay last night. I didn’t want him to be unhappy.”

Felipe nodded, expressing his understanding. “I’ve already booked the ticket.” His black eyes flicked across Jeremy’s face as if he was nothing. He finally smiled at Madeline, saying, “Once your divorce procedures are completed, we’ll take Jack back to Country F.”

Madeline could not help feeling a little lost after hearing this.

Jeremy suddenly grabbed her wrist and protected her behind him.

A cold current surged invisibly, and Madeline heard Jeremy solemnly say to Felipe, “Felipe, this is the last time I’ll warn you. You can take away everything from Whitman Corporation to Whitman Manor, but Linnie, I will never let her go with you.”

He had a gentle tone that was even a little lazy, but it was domineering. Every word was powerful and resonating.

Without giving Felipe the chance to refute, Jeremy pulled Madeline back into the house. After closing the door heavily, he gripped Madeline’s shoulders tightly and made a solemn request.

“Don’t follow him.”

Madeline pushed him away, feeling dissatisfied. “Why are you closing the door so loudly? What if you scare Jack?”

Jeremy was a little surprised. Seeing Madeline turning around angrily, he chased after her and hugged her tightly.


“Let go, Jeremy.”

“No, I won’t let go. I will never let you go again,” he whispered behind her ear with endless remorse and love that was hard to believe and accept.

Madeline took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

She clenched her fists and pushed the man who was holding her tightly with all her strength.

“Jeremy, when will you be satisfied with torturing me?”

He did not expect Madeline to have such a big reaction. Jeremy was startled by Madeline whose eyes were gradually getting red.

Madeline’s velvet brows tightened, moisture dotting her eyes. The wetness in those eyes also dampened Jeremy’s heart.

“Jeremy, please don’t torture me anymore. Can’t you just let me go? I really feel so tired.”

“Torture?” Jeremy’s thin lips moved lightly as he looked at Madeline in a daze. “So, I’m still torturing you and making you unhappy, is that right?”

“Yes!” Madeline gave her answer without hesitation, holding back her emotions that were almost out of control. Her pink lips parted slightly as she said, “Yes, I used to love you so very much. Even when you tortured me and when I was in pain, I still loved you. But it turns out that I’m not so strong. My heart has been utterly, completely broken by you. I don’t love you anymore, Jeremy. I really don’t love you anymore.”

She whispered and laughed.

The heart-wrenching scenes in the memory came to her heart, reminding her of when his coldness had drowned her last breath and heartbeat, as well as denied all her feelings and devotion.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 520

In her most helpless moment, he had watched indifferently.

It was at that moment that she awoke.

Her self-conceited infatuation was but an illusory dream.

True love should not be so dark and cold.

The air was quiet for a long time, then Madeline spoke again, “Jeremy, if you really want to apologize to me, then sign our divorce papers as soon as possible.”

Hearing the word divorce again, Jeremy felt as if he had fallen into the abyss once more.

He saw the determination in Madeline’s eyes. She would never look at him with that kind of loving and admiring look anymore.

She would never call him ‘Jeremy’ softly again.

This loss was caused by him.

Seeing Jeremy silent, Madeline made her final decision. “I’ll wait for you to sign our divorce at the law firm tomorrow. If you still have any conscience at all, give me custody of Jackson. If you refuse, I will fight till the end.”

Hearing these words, the corners of Jeremy’s lips twitched as he sobbed quietly.

He suppressed the painful emotions, raised his eyes, and smiled. “Will you really be happy if you’re divorced from me?”


Receiving her answer without hesitation, Jeremy felt a fierce stab in his heart.

After a few seconds of silence, he nodded. “Very well. I’ll fulfill your wish and won’t fight you for Jack’s custody.”

She had thought that Jeremy would continue to embarrass her. She did not think he would promise her so decisively.

Madeline looked at Jeremy questioningly but saw him smiling at her. “Linnie, if you could really be happy with this, then I accept.”

Seeing his sincere eyes, Madeline breathed a sigh of relief.

Madeline smiled faintly when she saw him looking at her desperately. “I used to love you arbitrarily, but I found out later that a love too strong would only end up hurting myself. Jeremy, I loved you. Although I hate you more now, I still want to thank you for giving me an unforgettable memory and Jack.”

After she was done speaking, she confirmed with him one last time. “I’ll see you at nine o’clock tomorrow morning in the lawyer’s office.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s back in a daze. There seemed to be no trace of being moved on his handsome face, but his heart was already flowing.

He had once thought he was unaffected by anything, but he did not expect that the person who would let him down was himself.

‘It turns out your love for me has really become a thing of the past. It turns out that the eternity that I thought we had already ended in our past and we can never go back again.’

The next day, Madeline arrived at the law firm at the agreed time.

Seeing that the time was approaching and Jeremy had not appeared yet, she subconsciously thought that Jeremy was going to regret it.

When she was about to call Jeremy, he appeared.

He still looked very noble and elegant. When he saw Madeline, he smiled slightly. “Did you wait long?”

Madeline shook her head. “The timing is just right. The lawyer is already here.”

“Yeah.” He nodded, Jeremy’s gaze sinking as Madeline turned to lead the way.

After entering the lawyer’s office and reading the divorce agreement in front of him, he saw that Madeline had already signed it decisively.

Jeremy held the pen, looked back at Madeline. “Linnie.”

He suddenly called out her name softly. Madeline turned to look at him. “Do you have any more requests?”

“I wish you happiness.” He blessed her painfully.

Madeline looked at him with some surprise in her eyes, but then she saw Jeremy curl his lips into a smile.

“I’ve given you too much pain in this life and no longer have the ability to give you happiness. I wish you a new life and all the happiness you want after leaving me.”

As his voice fell, Jeremy raised his hand and signed his name in the lower right corner of the divorce agreement.

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