Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 51-60

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 51
If it was him, what identity was he using to help her repay her debt? Her husband?

However, Madeline’s expectations were soon crushed. The other party stated a name—Daniel.

Madeline called Daniel immediately. After a while, he arrived.

When Madeline told him about this, he let out a sigh of relief. “I thought something bad happened to you, Maddie. It turns out it’s about this. It’s nothing. You don’t have to put this to heart.”

“It’s not nothing.” Madeline looked at Daniel seriously. “Dan, I don’t know when I’ll be able to pay you back. Thank you so much.”

“No rush. I don’t need the money urgently.”

“I know you don’t, but—”

“If you really want to thank me, Maddie, then you can treat me to a meal. I came here with an empty stomach.” Daniel interrupted Madeline. He looked at her intensely with a gentle gaze. “I’m happy to be able to share your burdens with you.”

Madeline could detect the intimate kind of love between a man and a woman in Daniel’s eyes.

She averted her gaze abruptly and nodded. “Okay.”

Madeline just got out of prison and did not have much money. She was afraid that she would not be able to treat him to one meal.

However, Dan had thought about this and said he wanted to eat taco with hot sauce.

He was the young master of a rich and influential family and yet, he was eating taco with hot sauce on the side of the road. Madeline was feeling apologetic, but Daniel found a place to sit down carefreely. “You have no idea right, Maddie? I love taco with hot sauce, so I always ordered taco with hot sauce when I was in university.”

Despite Daniel’s explanation, Madeline also knew that the reason he did this was so that she would not break her wallet.

When Madeline thought about this, she felt a surge of warmth in her heart.

She knew it would be much better to owe Daniel than to owe the nightclub. However, she would also owe Daniel a favor.

Madeline watched as Daniel finished eating. She could not eat taco with hot sauce because of her health condition. She was unable to eat anything that might trigger her.

Walking on the streets occupied by neon lights, Daniel sighed lightly. “Do you know, Maddie? When I was in university, I always fantasized about the day I’ll be able to walk next to you on the street. I didn’t expect that dream to finally come true. However, we’re almost in our 30s now.”

Madeline could detect a hint of forlorn in his tone. However, he also sounded happy.

Madeline smiled softly. “Dan, it’s a pleasure meeting you this time, but—”

“Are you willing to be with me, Maddie?” He parted his lips and interrupted Madeline as he stopped walking.

Madeline froze in her tracks. Her heart started beating extremely fast.

“You’ve already divorced Jeremy, right? It seems like he’s about to get married to Meredith.”

She thought she had already lost all love and hope for that man, but when she heard about the news of him getting married to Meredith, the debilitating pain in her heart reminded her that she was still concerned about him.

However, she was just concerned. It was over between them now.

“Maddie, I’ll wait for you.” Daniel did not pressure Madeline and smiled lightly. When he was trying to hold Madeline’s hands, two rays of strong light shone down on them.

A car stopped before them and an extremely familiar figure got out of the car.

It was Jeremy.

He was looking refined and frigid. When he saw Madeline standing with Daniel, he scoffed.

“Madeline, you’re so cheap. You just got out of prison and you’re flirting with another man behind your husband’s back? If you want to be with this man, why’d you do everything to climb into my bed? Or do you like the excitement of sneaking around?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 52
Madeline’s face turned white. She was indeed so dirty and battered in his heart.

“Jeremy, put some respect in your words!” Daniel pulled Madeline behind him and the atmosphere between them suddenly became a state of mutual hostility.

Jeremy chuckled lowly. “Respect? You’re in cahoots with a wedded woman in public and you’re still trying to talk to me about respect?

He was using sharp words, showing that he did not even care about Madeline’s feelings.

“When have you treated Maddie as your wife? Plus, she’s not your wife anymore!” Daniel was not afraid of Jeremy. He was facing him head-on.

Jeremy’s face was covered with a layer of cold air. He looked at Madeline with an eerie look in his eyes. “Is this how you seduce a man outside?”

Madeline felt a chill running down her spine. She did not understand the frustration in Jeremy’s eyes.

He reached his hand over and pulled Madeline to his side. His arrogant eyes peered at Daniel. “She’s still my lawfully wedded wife, and even if I’m tired of her one day, I won’t let you have the chance to get my hand-me-downs.”

He humiliated Madeline with the cruelest words he could think of, and after he said that, he pushed Madeline into his car roughly.

Daniel rushed over to stop him when he saw this, but when he saw Madeline stopping him with her eyes, he stood still.

Plus, what Jeremy said just now was lingering in his head. They were still married…

Madeline did not know where Jeremy was taking her. He was driving very fast, causing her to feel dizzy and nauseous.

She remembered what he warned her about and she burst out laughing all of a sudden while she looked at the man who was driving. “You’re going back on your words, Mr. Whitman. You said a woman like me isn’t worthy of getting in your car. Why are you not afraid of me dirtying it now? I’m filthy, don’t you remember?”

After she said that, Jeremy’s face was extremely dark. He did not say anything, but Madeline could feel the car speed up even more.

The feeling of car sickness became more and more intense. Madeline could not endure it anymore. “Jeremy, stop. Where are you taking me?”

“Do you want to get out and look for Daniel so much?” His tone was icy.

Madeline felt frustrated. “So what? We’re over!”

“Heh.” Jeremy chuckled lowly as if she had just told him a joke. “Madeline, do you think you can start and end a marriage with me any time you want?”

He looked at her with an icy gaze, causing her heart to skip a beat. She did not understand what he was saying.

However, she understood one thing, and it was the fact that Jeremy was going to marry Meredith soon. If that was the case, their tomfoolery should end soon.

The car finally came to a stop and Madeline saw that it was a high-end beauty salon.

Jeremy pushed Madeline to the staff and told them to make her look decent.

Madeline did not know what Jeremy wanted to do, but she did not want to cooperate with him.

“If you don’t want the people around you to get involved, then do as I say.” He warned her.

The people around her…

Madeline could only think of Ava.

Her grandfather was dead and he could not threaten her with him anymore.

Ava was the only friend Madeline cared about.

One hour later, Madeline’s makeover was done.

She was wearing a champagne-colored gown that accentuated her curves. Her short hair made her face look even more delicate and dainty. She looked extremely classy.

When Jeremy saw Madeline, his eyes lit up, but it disappeared quickly.

Madeline did not expect Jeremy to bring her to Whitman Manor.

When they got out of the car, his warm hand reached over and grabbed Madeline’s waist. His palm was in close contact with her skin.

It was fall and the wind was cold. However, Madeline felt that Jeremy’s palm was burning hot.

“Grandpa wants to see you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 53
His low and deep voice lingered in her ears, and Madeline’s heart beat faster. However, she would not have the naive expectations that she used to have anymore. Now, her love for Jeremy was overpowered by her hatred toward him.

Madeline did not expect that Old Master Whitman would not mind that she had been to prison for three years. Instead, he kindly told Madeline to restart her life and live a good life with Jeremy.

The old master was obviously an old-fashioned person. Therefore, it stood to reason that he should be furious and even disgusted by his granddaughter-in-law for having done such a crime. However, at this moment, Madeline was stunned. She felt grateful and warm.

The old master also reminded her of her grandfather who had passed away. They were all such kind-hearted old men.

Madeline ate dinner at Whitman Manor. She could clearly feel that everyone except for the old master was sneering at her, especially Jeremy’s mother.

After the old master left, Jeremy’s mother showed a look of contempt at Madeline. “If you’re smart, you should take the initiative to propose a non-contentious divorce and not hinder Jeremy and Meredith’s wedding.”

She was extremely snobbish and was looking down on Madeline.

“You killed Meredith’s child once. If you have a conscience, you should divorce Jeremy immediately.”

Slowly, Madeline understood what was happening. She looked at Jeremy. He sat at one side and did not speak. It was obvious that this was his intention.

She wanted to burst out laughing. After trying to wrap her head around this for so long, she finally realized that they did not dare to disobey the old master, so they wanted her to be the one who proposed the divorce instead.

Then, Meredith arrived just in time while holding a little boy whose cheeks were blushing pink.

Madeline’s heart throbbed. Looking at the boy’s pink and tender face, she thought of her precious daughter who had died tragically.

She looked at the child who was standing next to Meredith and her heart felt as if it was being stabbed by a knife.

If her child had not died, she would be at his age now.

Suddenly, there was a strong reluctance in her heart.

Seeing Meredith’s triumphant face, Madeline smiled deeply. “Why should I take the initiative to file for divorce?”

When she asked this question, the smile on Meredith’s face disappeared.

Jeremy’s reaction was surprisingly calm. He glanced at Madeline with interest and said nothing.

Madeline was a little uncomfortable with how he looked at her. “Jeremy, I won’t divorce you. Otherwise, how would I be worthy of all the things I did to get on your bed?”

She said this deliberately just to disgust Meredith and the people who could not wait to see Jeremy dump her.

“Madeline! How can you be so cheap? Don’t be so shameless!” Jeremy’s mother said angrily.

Madeline did not care. She watched as Meredith’s eyes became darker.

Meredith was obviously very upset, but she could not do anything. She said innocently and softly to Madeline, “Maddie, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Jeremy and you have lawfully wedded after all. I’m the superfluous one.”

“If you know that you’re superfluous, why don’t you go away? Are you proud of seducing a married man?” Madeline did not go easy on Meredith at all.

Meredith was stunned and had an awkward expression on her face. A few seconds later, she ran out while covering her face aggrievedly.

“Mommy.” Seeing Meredith’s departure, the child waddled adorably after her.

Madeline was tired of watching Meredith putting on a show, but unfortunately, it still worked on these people.

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a dark expression before turning around to chase after Meredith. Jeremy’s mother also walked away while grumbling.

Madeline left, but she did not expect to see Meredith and Jeremy’s child as soon as she went out.

Looking at his delicate and angelic face, Madeline was heartbroken.

Why should her baby be cruelly burnt to ashes while Meredith’s son was so favored by everyone?

How unfair!

Madeline clenched her fists and was unable to control the flames of hatred in her heart.

She walked forward and went straight to the child.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 54
The little guy turned around as he probably heard the sound of footsteps approaching. His cute and blank face was facing Madeline now. His bright and clear eyes were like glazed tiles as they blinked and stared at Madeline.

The spark of hatred in Madeline’s heart seemed to be extinguished in an instant. Then, it was replaced by unspeakable love and kindness.

Tears stung the corner of her eyes and she suddenly had an urge to cry.

‘If my baby’s still here, she would be as cute as him too.’

After all, Jeremy was so outstanding. His offspring who inherited his genes would surely be as good-looking.

Madeline bent over and stroked his delicate, cute face. “What’s your name, honey?”

The little guy blinked and said adorably, “My mommy and daddy call me Jack.”

‘Mommy and daddy’.

Those words hurt Madeline.

Her baby should have her mommy and daddy as well, but now…

“Maddie, what are you trying to do again? You can do anything to me but please don’t hurt my and Jeremy’s son!”

Meredith’s screaming sounded unusually exaggerated. In addition to that, she especially emphasized that this was her and Jeremy’s son.

Madeline had never thought about doing anything to this innocent child. When she heard what Meredith screamed, she wanted to laugh.

Maybe she should really learn some lessons on how to be cruel from this woman.

“Mommy.” The little guy ran over immediately.

Meredith lifted Jack with a worried look, then she inspected him nervously. “Let Mommy see if you’re injured.”

Madeline chuckled softly. “Meredith, your acting skills are really getting better and better.”

“Maddie, why are you so cruel?” Meredith looked at Madeline grievously. “Three years ago, you stole my boyfriend and killed my first child with Jeremy. Why do you still want to hurt my son three years later? Although we’re not biological sisters, I’ve always treated you well.”

Seeing Meredith’s hypocritical performance, Madeline sneered after listening indifferently, “You really do treat me well, so I’ll definitely repay you, my good sister.”

“…” Meredith was stunned when she heard those words. She was speechless for a while.

Madeline was quite pleased when she saw Meredith’s bewilderment and puzzlement.

Not wanting to waste any more time talking to her, Madeline was about to leave when she saw Jeremy walking over.

Under the moonlight, his cold air of asceticism was even more charming than it was three years ago.

Madeline’s heart beat faster, but she would never have any expectations or fantasies about this man again.

She glanced at him indifferently and passed by him without stopping.

Jeremy frowned and reached out to grab Madeline’s arm.

“Where are you going, Mrs. Whitman?” He parted his lips, his tone filled with puzzlement.

Madeline stopped and noticed Meredith’s face turning darker and darker from the corner of her eye. She pursed her pink lips and smiled at Jeremy.

“What do you think, darling? It’s already so late. Of course, I’m going home.”

Madeline smiled pretentiously, and then she saw a subtle glint in Jeremy’s eyes. The man let go of her hand when she was not sure what it was.

“Wait for me in the car. I’ll come right away.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 55
Should she go back with him?

Madeline lifted the corner of her lips into a smile and answered sweetly, “Okay.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head and looked at Meredith. At this moment, Meredith’s face was as black as charcoal and her lips were tightly pressed together. She was so pissed that she almost crushed her teeth.

However, it was her contradictory appearance that made Madeline feel pleased the most. She was on the brink of explosion, yet she did not want to spoil her image of a gentle and loving woman.

Madeline saw Jeremy walking toward Meredith. He was definitely going to comfort this two-faced b*tch.

From a distance, Madeline saw Meredith holding her child while getting close to Jeremy with a pitiful look.

“Jeremy, I’m so afraid that Maddie will harm me and my child again. She has been in jail for three years, and she seems even more unhinged now.” Meredith complained to Jeremy.

“Jeremy, you didn’t forget what you promised me when we were kids, right? You said you’d take me as your bride and protect me forever.”

Madeline thought she would no longer care if Jeremy got close to another woman, but just seeing them talking at such close proximity made Madeline feel as if someone was crushing her heat. She almost could not breathe.

However, she did not believe that this was love. This was pure hatred.

She hated the couple. They killed her daughter in such a selfish and cruel manner but they were still so happy and carefree.

Madeline did not wait for Jeremy to return. She called for a cab on the side of the road and left without turning back.

Not long after, Madeline received a call from Jeremy. Although she had changed her phone and did not save his number, the numbers that she had already memorized deep in her heart felt like needles pricking her eyes.

Madeline did not answer, and Jeremy made a total of three calls. Madeline just watched the screen light up before turning gray once more. She was sitting in the taxi, and it was as if she was seeing her life lighting up and darkening in the past few years. Finally, she plunged into a life of total darkness.

How many times had she naively expected that he would like and care about her even if it was just a little bit? The disappointment that she gathered finally piled up into a mountain of despair.

Madeline placed her hands where her heart was. The feeling of heartache was still strong. ‘But Jeremy, this is no longer my love for you. Instead, it’s hatred!’

Madeline continued looking for a job, but she would hit the wall again and again.

If this continued, her life would be over.

Madeline talked to Ava and told her that she wanted to leave Glendale to go to another city to start a new life. Otherwise, she would never have the opportunity to avenge her daughter.

In order to seek revenge, she had to make herself stronger.

Ava told Madeline that no matter what she did, she would support her. Ava even took out her savings over the past few years and gave all of them to Madeline.

Madeline refused. No one in this world got their money for free.

She packed light and booked a high-speed rail ticket to the next city. As soon as she went out with her suitcase, she saw a familiar car stopping in front of her.

Jeremy got out of the car coolly. When he saw that Madeline was about to leave, he stepped forward in a chilling manner. “Where are you going, Mrs. Whitman?”

Madeline’s heartbeat suddenly quickened. She squeezed the handle of her suitcase and gave him a fake calm smile. “It’s better to ask that shameless mistress what she did to cause me, the lawfully wedded wife, to not be able to have a proper meal.”

The expression in Jeremy’s eyes changed slightly. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and pulled Madeline into the car.

It would be a lie to say that she was not afraid, especially when his skin touched hers. She trembled at that warm touch.

Madeline struggled immediately. “Jeremy, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 56
Jeremy’s grip on her was strong, and despite Madeline struggling to escape, she was still forced into the car.

Madeline did not know when he stopped thinking that she would dirty his car. He was even letting her sit in the passenger seat now.

The sky suddenly became gloomy. Soon, it was accompanied by strong wind and heavy rain.

Madeline’s mood started to take a hit. Whenever it rained heavily, she would think of the night when she was inducted to give birth.

In the narrow carriage, the fear in her heart was infinitely magnified. She did not want to look back on that dark night, that bloody night that separated her and her daughter.

“Jeremy, where are you taking me? Are you planning to kill me as well because I refuse to divorce you? I won’t let you succeed again!” Madeline lost control of her emotions and she even tried to open the car door.

She could not die. She had not avenged her daughter yet!

Jeremy quickly locked the door and slammed the brakes.

“Madeline, are you insane?” He furrowed his eyebrows and dragged Madeline over to him. His handsome face was covered with a layer of frost.

Madeline stared at him with scarlet eyes. “Yes, I’m insane. I was crazy a very long time ago! Otherwise, how could I fall in love with a scumbag who could kill his own flesh and blood like you?”

She gritted her teeth. When she said this, her heart was in severe pain.

How cold-blooded could a person be to be able to do such a heartless thing?

Yet, he did it.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s tearful face, and for a moment, he was stuck in a daze.

After a while, he returned to his senses. His eyes were locked on Madeline’s face. “Were you really pregnant three years ago?”

“Tch.” Madeline scoffed and laughed as if she had just heard a big joke.

Tears fell from her eyes. A few seconds later, she displayed a sarcastic smile. “Mr. Whitman, you’re so forgetful. If you don’t remember, I can remind you again. At first, you were sure that I pushed Meredith and caused her to have a miscarriage. What did you say to me in the meeting room when I was holding your trousers and begging you?”

Madeline’s misty and teary eyes met Jeremy’s dispirited ones.

“You kicked me away and told me, ‘Then you should bury that b*stard child in your stomach along with Meredith’s child’.”

She repeated what he said at the time.

Jeremy’s pupils shrank. He was inexplicably shocked when he saw Madeline’s face that was between laughter and tears.

“Jeremy, you did it. You buried our child with Meredith’s b*stard child that she had with someone else.

“Have you ever thought that even if I am really so unbearable and disgusting to you, that the child is innocent? She was your own flesh and blood!”

Madeline was having a complete emotional breakdown. She yelled hysterically at the silent man, each and every word piercing her flesh and bones.

“Jeremy, wasn’t that punishment enough? Then, what about these?”

As Madeline spoke, she removed her coat and started peeling off her clothes one by one in front of him.

She went all out and showed her most unbearable side before him.

Although Jeremy did not bother to look at Madeline every time he tortured her, he could remember that her skin was fair, tender, and smooth. There were almost no flaws or defects on her body.

However, dark marks were growing all over her body so obtrusively now as if to describe the severe beatings and punishments she had suffered.

Jeremy could feel a vein popping on his temple suddenly, and his eyebrows were furrowed together deeply.

He stared intensely at Madeline. Then, he gradually loosened his hands that were tightly holding Madeline’s shoulders.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 57
“Do you see them? Mr. Whitman, thank you for your concern. You allowed me to live such a fulfilling life every day during my thousand over days in prison.”

Madeline smiled bitterly, her hot tears falling on the back of Jeremy’s hand. His slender fingers trembled lightly. He never knew that tears could be so hot.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and Madeline heard the sound of the wiper wiping against the windshield.

The air around her body seemed to quiet down suddenly. Madeline wiped away her tears, the look in her eyes becoming calmer all of a sudden.

“Jeremy, if I could do it all over again, I would rather that I never met you.”

After hearing Madeline’s words, Jeremy seemed to come back to his senses. He stared at her with his bottomless eyes.

“Madeline, you have no choice. You’ve become my wife, and you’ll never be able to change this fact in this lifetime.”

Madeline sneered sarcastically, “Oh? Really? Mr. Whitman, you’re saying that you’ll never divorce me in this lifetime? What about your little miss two-faced? Are you not afraid that she’d be so sad that she’ll try to commit suicide after hearing this?”

Seeing Madeline’s tearful and mocking smile, Jeremy’s thin lips moved. However, in the end, he did not say anything. He merely stepped on the accelerator.

Madeline cried and fell asleep unknowingly. When she woke up, she found herself lying on the bed she used to sleep in.

Jeremy had brought her back to the house she stayed in before. Madeline was a little surprised. The layout and decorations of the place had not changed at all. However, when she thought that maybe Meredith would make love to Jeremy in this bed every night, Madeline felt so sick that she started having stomach cramps instantly.

She ran into the bathroom and vomited, but nothing came out.

It was already dark, and she had slept for the whole day.

She did not have anything to eat either.

She lifted her eyes to look at herself in the mirror. Her haggard face and red eyes reminded her of the times she screamed at Jeremy in her most battered state.

At this moment, her phone rang and it was from Daniel.

Madeline hesitated for a moment before picking up. Daniel was very worried about her current situation. Madeline felt warm, but she did not know how to repay Daniel apart from thanking him profusely.

Knock, knock. Madeline’s body shuddered reflexively when she heard a sudden knocking on the door. She hung up the phone after saying goodbye to Daniel.

The door opened, and a middle-aged woman came in. She greeted Madeline respectfully, “Madam, dinner is ready. Do you want to eat now?”

Madeline was a little surprised, but when she recalled the time Jeremy ordered someone to put drugs that would cause her to miscarry into her soup after she fainted, she absolutely refused to eat anything this time.

“I’m not eating. I’m leaving immediately,” she said coldly and got up.

The maid frowned awkwardly. “But Mr. Whitman said—”

“Mrs. Hughes, where are you? Where the hell are all of you?”

Just as Madeline was about to leave, Meredith’s impatient screech came from the stairs.

Mrs. Hughes’ expression changed, and she turned around quickly. She seemed to have suffered a lot from Meredith’s wrath. At this moment, Meredith had already walked to the door of the room.

“Miss Crawford, why are you here?” Mrs. Hughes said while trembling. At the same time, Madeline was surprised at what she called Meredith. She actually felt a little pleased.

Meredith had caused so much trouble while she was by Jeremy’s side for so many years, and still, she was just Miss Crawford.

Although Jeremy resented her and treated her badly, she was still Mrs. Whitman after all.

Madeline smiled when she thought about this.

Meredith walked over. When she saw Madeline standing next to the bed while chuckling softly, her face changed drastically as she pointed at Madeline angrily. She cursed, “Madeline? Why are you here, you b*tch? Who let you in?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 58
Meredith pointed at Madeline and yelled at her. She abandoned her usual hypocritical and gentle image.

Mrs. Hughes was not surprised by Meredith’s fierceness and viciousness. It was obvious that she had seen Meredith’s true face a long time ago.

Madeline originally wanted to leave, but seeing Meredith being all flustered and exasperated at this moment, she simply sat on the sofa and parted her lips unhurriedly. “I’m the matriarch of this house, so is it strange that I’m here? What’s weird is why an outsider like you is inside my house?”

“You’re the matriarch of this house?” It was as if Meredith had heard a huge joke. “Madeline, did you become stupid while you were in prison? I’m the real matriarch of this house! And you’re just a dog who’s chasing after Jeremy!”

Her words were extremely insulting and slanderous. She looked malicious with her snarling teeth, and she did not have the demeanor of a young lady from a rich family at all.

Madeline chuckled lightly. “If I were a dog, so are you. Don’t forget that I donated my bone marrow to you to save your life. You have my blood coursing through your body.”

Meredith’s face suddenly froze as the corners of her mouth twitched. “Madeline, you…” She stared exasperatedly at the innocent Mrs. Hughes. “Do you have Alzheimer’s disease? How dare you let irrelevant people come in? Kick her out immediately. Don’t even think about keeping your job if Jeremy comes back and sees her.”

Madeline looked at Meredith in amusement as she was about to explode. Then, she said unhurriedly, “Mrs. Hughes, you tell her who brought me here.”

Although Madeline had fallen asleep from exhaustion after crying just now, she was not stupid. Who else would dare to do this aside from Jeremy?

Mrs. Hughes glanced at Meredith fearfully and said, “Yes, Mr. Whitman was the one who carried the madam back. Plus, Mr. Whitman also said that she’ll be living here for a while.”

Although the answer was similar to her guess, Madeline was still surprised by Mrs. Hughes’ last sentence.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why would Jeremy carry this b*tch?”

Madeline was still in surprise when she heard Meredith’s shrill retort.

She raised her eyes and saw Meredith’s eyes widening in anger. She looked as if she was going to explode on the spot. This instantly made Madeline feel at ease.

“Meredith, don’t you think what you’re saying is ridiculous? I’m Jeremy’s lawfully-wedded wife. What’s so weird about a husband carrying his wife? On the contrary, why are you so angry? Were you seriously thinking that you’d be able to go from a mistress to taking my spot as his legally wedded wife in the three years of my absence? You’ll always be a mistress the moment you decided to be a mistress!”

Meredith was even more furious after Madeline said this.

She thought that she was better than Madeline in every aspect. The only thing she lost to Madeline was the position of Mrs. Whitman.

She wanted to kick Madeline from that position and stop people from calling her a mistress.

“What are you looking at? Get out of here!” Meredith released her anger on Mrs. Hughes.

Madeline stood up and said, “Mrs. Hughes, I’m hungry. Set the table for me and I’ll go down soon.”

Mrs. Hughes was still feeling miserable that she was unable to avoid this battlefield. Upon hearing Madeline’s words, she nodded and retreated.

Seeing that only she and Madeline were left in the room, Meredith was no longer able to hold her hands. She lifted her hand and slapped Madeline across the face.

“You bitch!” she yelled, looking exactly like a shrew.

Madeline already had her defense up against Meredith, so she managed to avoid her. Meredith swung her hand and only managed to hit the air. Due to excessive force, she almost fell.

When she saw Madeline looking at her carefreely, Meredith gritted her teeth.

“Madeline, don’t be so pleased with yourself. Jeremy is only keeping you temporarily for the sake of that old man in his family. Sooner or later, the position of Mrs. Whitman will be mine!” she said through gritted teeth.

Madeline chuckled. “You said the same things three years ago.”

“…” Meredith had finally gotten back some confidence. After Madeline said that though, her face fell again.

“Meredith, don’t be so proud of yourself. Those who do bad things will get retribution sooner or later. Just you wait. I’ll avenge my daughter.”

After she said that, Madeline walked away while feeling unaffected.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 59
To be honest, Madeline was still extremely disturbed and uneasy. With her current ability, she could not fight Meredith at all.

Furthermore, she could not read Jeremy’s attitude toward her today.

When she was thinking about it, there was a movement from the hallway.

Madeline raised her head just as Jeremy’s noble and elegant body came into her vision.

The rain had not stopped yet, and his usual frigid temperament seemed a little colder because of the rain.

He happened to look over, his eyes meeting Madeline’s. His eyes were too deep. It was as if she would sink deep into his eyes with one more look.

Madeline’s heart jumped inexplicably. When she was about to avoid this gaze, she felt a gust of wind blowing by her side.

Meredith clutched one side of her face and ran to Jeremy while sobbing. Then, she buried herself in his chest.

“Jeremy…” Her voice trembled as if she had been greatly wronged.


This two-faced bitch was about to start acting again.

Madeline lifted the corners of her lips in amusement. She was really tired of this.

Jeremy’s gaze stayed on Madeline’s face for a few seconds before he comforted Meredith. “What happened?”

His voice sounded very nice, but he had never used this gentle tone with Madeline before.

Meredith leaned on his chest and shook her head. “It’s all my fault. It’s got nothing to do with Maddie. Jeremy, if you want to blame someone, just blame us for falling in love at the wrong time. Don’t force Maddie to divorce you. I’m afraid that if this continues, Maddie will really harm me and Jack. I can’t let anyone hurt our child anymore.”

She said those empathetic and innocent words so softly, but those words were clearly aimed at Madeline.

When Madeline saw Jeremy’s questioning look, she did not bother explaining. Instead, she nodded her head cooperatively. “Yes, so a mistress like you better be careful. I may go crazy again. Not only will I kill you, but I’ll also take action against that little one.”

Meredith stopped sobbing and glanced at Madeline with a bewildered look. She pitifully wiped away her tears a few seconds later.

“Jeremy, I’m so scared. Just think of us as star-crossed lovers. I’ll raise Jack by myself.”

After she finished speaking, she got out of Jeremy’s arms and ran to the door.

Madeline thought that Meredith was about to leave, but then she saw her running to the hallway and pretending to twist her ankle. After that, she sat on the ground in pain.


For God’s sake.

“Mer.” Jeremy ran over immediately while feeling nervous.

When she saw this, Madeline felt a pang in her heart.

How many times had he thrown her away, causing her to be in so much pain that she was unable to stand up straight? When had he cared for her? He would even kick her and watch on coldly.

Madeline clenched her fists and turned to walk into the dining room.

Not long after, Jeremy and Meredith also came over.

He thoughtfully helped the limping Meredith to sit down. Then, he ordered Mrs. Hughes to serve her an extra bowl of pasta.

Meredith’s lips curled up secretly while she gave Madeline a triumphant look. Then, she opened her mouth coquettishly. “Jeremy, my foot hurts. I want to stay here tonight. I have a change of clothes and my daily necessities here anyway.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 60
Meredith blinked innocently and harmlessly, her tone soft and weak.

However, men seemed to be blind to the most obvious performances. A performance like this was especially effective on men.

Madeline knew Jeremy would agree without even thinking about it. Soon, she saw him nodding. “Stay, then.”

Sure enough.

Madeline found it ridiculous, and she could feel Meredith looking at her provocatively from the corner of her eyes.

However, Meredith could only feel proud for a few seconds as she soon saw Jeremy glancing at Mrs. Hughes. He ordered, “Go and prepare a guest room for Miss Crawford.”

Madeline was drinking her soup and almost choked when she heard this.

The triumphant color on Meredith’s face almost completely disappeared in an instant.

What the hell?

Meredith felt that this was too unbelievable. ‘Am I the Miss Crawford he mentioned?’

When she thought about it, Madeline felt that it was not right.

How could Jeremy neglect the love of his life?

However, the fact was that he really meant Meredith.

Seeing Meredith trying to maintain a gentle and generous image while the veins on her forehead were near to bursting, Madeline felt extremely pleased.

However, Madeline did not think that Jeremy really wanted to snub Meredith. He was probably too embarrassed to carry on his clandestine love affair with Meredith when the housekeeper was here.

However, not long after Madeline returned to the room, Jeremy arrived.

Madeline was exhausted as she looked at the man who was slowly undressing. “Jeremy, what do you want?”

After she said that, the room fell silent. The only sound was the sound of rain falling outside the window.

After a while, Jeremy said in a cold voice, “Don’t you want to keep your position as Mrs. Whitman?” He turned his head and there was an intriguing light in his deep eyes. “Since you’re so reluctant to give up the position of Mrs. Whitman, then you should thoroughly enjoy it.”

He sounded very calm, but Madeline felt a blast of cold air all over her body. This coldness penetrated her skin and went straight to her heart, making her shudder.

The next day when Madeline got up, the entire house was empty.

Madeline knew in her heart that Meredith was enraged by her last night, so it was impossible for her to stop causing trouble now.

To avoid being framed by Meredith again, Madeline left immediately and returned to Ava’s place.

Ava had not yet woken up. She jumped up from the bed after hearing Madeline’s detailed retelling of what happened yesterday. “Jeremy didn’t divorce you? Say, Maddie, did Jeremy suddenly find his conscience? Is that why he feels sorry for you and wants to make things up to you?”

Madeline shook her head and smiled sadly. “How would he care about me? He has no choice but to do it because of the old master. The person he loves is Meredith.”


He told her that ever since the day he met Meredith, that he wanted to take her as his wife.

He loved Meredith, and it was impossible for him to let his beloved woman feel any sort of grievance just because he felt guilty about what he had done to her.

What was more, he could ignore his biological daughter, so how would he care about her life or death?

She felt a sudden pain in her heart and the area where the tumor was also started throbbing. Madeline quickly took the pill given to her by Adam.

Fine beads of sweat soon covered her forehead. She bit her lip hard as she felt the tearing pain while completely sober. She thought about the baby girl who had left the world before she could even take a look at her. Tears quickly blurred her vision.

She needed to hold on.

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