Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 491-500

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 491

Madeline never expected to see the day when Jeremy would kneel for her.

It would be a lie to deny that she was shocked, but as shocked as she was, it would be more fitting to claim that she found the situation absurd.

The man before her was one of noble status and his name was known throughout the entirety of Glendale. It was a given that anyone who crossed paths with him would treat him with respect, while some went the extra mile to get on his good side.

It was hard to imagine such a man kneeling in front of her, in front of the woman he had once cast away.

Madeline lowered her aloof gaze to stare at Jeremy’s handsome face, his knitted brows radiating the sorrow he felt.

“Who would have thought that the young master of the greatest family would kneel for the woman he had once tossed away? Don’t you find it hilarious, Mister Whitman?”

Jeremy took Madeline’s mockery in stride. “I would do anything for your happiness.”

“Hah.” Madeline scoffed. “You’ll make me very happy if you stop appearing in front of me.”

Jeremy’s eyes dimmed, feeling his heart ache in cold and pain as Madeline’s frosty gaze pierced into his chest.

All he could do was hold Madeline’s hand as he greedily took the warmth her hand provided.


“Don’t call me Madeline when the moment I became Madeline Crawford was the beginning of the tragic turn my life took.”

Madeline interrupted Jeremy coldly as she tried to pull her hand away, only for the latter to tighten his grip.

“Let me go, Jeremy. I don’t want our lives to be intertwined anymore. Don’t you have an idea how much I dislike and how much I hate you already?!”

Jeremy felt his body grow cold at her determined and annoyed tone.

She said she disliked and hated him.


Jeremy silently pushed the heartache away for later as his Adam’s apple bobbed with the suppressed grief.

It took a while before he finally lifted his hurt-filled eyes, allowing his deep and dark irises to fall on the other’s beautiful features. Her features dripped with heavy fury.

“Eveline,” Jeremy called her by a different name. “You’re right, I’m blind and I’m a fool. I should never have allowed such a heinous woman to harm my wife and my child. I’ve done too much wrong to possibly hope that you could forgive me, but there’s something that you have to know.”

“It’s too late now. I don’t want to listen to you, nor will I believe anything you say anymore.” Madeline savored the serious and adamant look on the man before suddenly flinging his arm off as hard as she could. “I don’t love you anymore, Jeremy. Leave your shallow displays of affection for another woman. I don’t need it from you!”

Then, Madeline turned and left coolly.

Dazed, Jeremy kneeled in place as he felt his heart break. Frost swarmed in through the cracks, freezing him from the inside.

He swallowed soundlessly as his deep eyes reddened.

He scrambled to run just as he heard Madeline open the door to leave. “Eveline!”

Madeline was at the door when Jeremy hugged her again.

Pissed, she tried to push him away, but her strength was no match for his.

The cool scent of the man attacked her nose, and for a moment, she felt her heart quicken inexplicably.

“What do you want from me, Jeremy?”

“Don’t leave me, please. Don’t leave me again…” he murmured frantically by her ear.

“I don’t want you to vanish from my world again, Linnie. I won’t survive it a second time…”

“Leave your honeyed words for the woman in prison!”


Jeremy rejected stubbornly and tightened his hold.

“I know you won’t believe me, but I’ve never said this to anyone else. I mean it, Eveline. I love you, ever since the beginning. You were the only one for me.”

For what was supposed to be the most touching phrase in the world, ‘I love you’ now sounded like the biggest joke as it drifted to Madeline’s ears.

“Haha…” Madeline scoffed. “You remind me of a saying, Jeremy.”

Confused, the man’s grip around her slacked.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 492

The two pairs of eyes locked under the dark of the night. Madeline’s gaze was cold as she parted her pink lips to speak, “The deaf heard the mute say that the blind saw love.”

“…” Jeremy’s reddened eyes widened when he heard Madeline.

“Perhaps it’s because you’ve never meant the words that you say, Jeremy, which is why you see your promises as pranks and your professes of love as jokes. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten them.”

She paused for a moment, the mockery in her eyes thickening.

“You were the one who told me that Meredith has an irreplaceable spot in your heart, that the moment your eyes fell on her, you knew that she’s the only girl you’ll ever love and protect your entire life.”

Repeating Jeremy’s words to him, the contempt in Madeline’s smile grew.

“You were the one who said Meredith is your one and only, yet now you’re telling me it’s been me all along? Hmph. If this is what your love looks like, Jeremy, then I don’t want it.”

With that, she turned around decisively and left before Jeremy had the chance to stop her.

Jeremy broke into a self-deprecating smirk as he stared blankly at Madeline’s retreating figure.

There was nothing he could say about the happenings of the past.

How was he supposed to explain to Madeline that he only allowed Meredith to do as she wished as an extension of the love and care he had for Madeline when they were children?

Snow began to flutter from the night sky.

The snow was silent, yet Jeremy heard something shatter within him…

He had no idea how he endured the night.

Wide awake, he spent the night sitting by Jackson’s bed.

Remorse and guilt filled him as he stared at the familiar brows and eyes on the small face.

His heart felt like it had been stabbed as he thought of how difficult Madeline must have had it when she was pregnant with Jackson.

The day finally brightened and Jeremy heard activity from downstairs.

His heart raced, knowing that Madeline had returned.

Walking downstairs, he found Madeline bustling in the kitchen just as he had imagined.

Jeremy felt his gloom lift considerably, but he did not dare disrupt her for she was most likely here for Jackson.

Not wanting to give Madeline more reason to be angry at him, Jeremy waited for Jackson to wake before helping the boy wash up and change. Then, he took him downstairs.

Seeing the father-son duo appear hand-in-hand, Madeline ignored Jeremy to smile at Jackson.

“I made you breakfast, Jack. Would you like me to send you to kindergarten after breakfast?”

Jackson responded with a hopeful smile, “Can I have both Mommy and Daddy send me to school?”

“Of course,” Jeremy replied, sighing a breath of relief at Madeline’s lack of protest.

When breakfast was over, Jeremy then drove the three of them to the kindergarten.

Reaching the kindergarten, Jackson tugged on a young female teacher and pointed a finger at Madeline and Jeremy. “Look, Ms. Laurens, that’s my mom and dad! My mom’s a beauty!”

His classmates exclaimed innocently as their gazes landed on Madeline, “Jackson’s mom is so pretty.”

“His Daddy is so handsome too.”

A proud smile graced Jackson’s boyish features at their praises.

It was a smile that comforted Madeline.

Her child would no longer be as gloomy as he used to be.

Madeline turned to leave after she watched the child enter only to have Jeremy follow behind. “Where are you going, Eveline? I’ll send you.”

A car stopped in front of Madeline just as his words fell.

Alighting the car was Felipe who merely spared Jeremy a faint glance before he turned around to open the passenger seat door for Madeline.

Realizing Madeline was about to leave with Felipe, Jeremy stepped forward to loop his arm around her slender waist decisively. He then pulled her toward himself. “Please leave, my wife will not sit in your car.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 493

Madeline was taken by surprise when she found herself being held tightly in Jeremy’s arms. She had not the chance to avoid him.

A smudge of anger tinted Felipe’s gentle features. “Let go, Jeremy. Stop bothering her. Vera’s my fianceé.”

“You’re very well aware who exactly I’m holding in my arms, Felipe, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that Madeline and I are still legally married. Don’t become a homewrecker.”

Felipe’s expression darkened.

Jeremy tugged lightly on Madeline’s waist with a faint smile. “Let’s go, darling.”


Madeline had half the mind to struggle only to realize that several parents were watching her and Jeremy.

Remembering how happy and proud Jackson was as he introduced her and Jeremy moments ago, Madeline relented.

Sparing Felipe and his cold eyes a glance, Madeline followed Jeremy into his car.

It was only after they had left the kindergarten perimeters that Madeline requested Jeremy to stop his car.

He listened and stopped by the roadside.

Madeline gave him a cold look. “I would never have gotten in your car had it not been for Jack, Jeremy. Stop bothering me, please. I’m not your wife anymore.”

Jeremy’s grip tightened around the steering wheel.

He turned around when he heard Madeline push open the car door. “You are. You still are the wife of Jeremy Whitman.”

Madeline turned back with a scoff. “Did you forget how you forced me to sign the divorce papers three years ago? I said no, but you held my hand and forced me to sign just so you could marry Meredith Crawford, that evil woman. How could you still call me your wife?”

Jeremy’s brows furrowed slightly when he remembered how heartless he had been.

His gaze was remorseful when he looked at Madeline.

Yet, Madeline saw a tint of relief in Jeremy’s eyes.

He opened his mouth to speak, “Indeed, you signed the papers. But I’ve never formally gone through the divorce procedures.”

“…” Madeline was stunned. “What did you say?”

“I told you then, didn’t I? I don’t have an ex-wife. You’re the only wife I’ve had, ever since the beginning.”


“We’re still legally married, Eveline. Be it the past or the present, you’re still the only wife I, Jeremy Whitman, have ever married.”


Madeline’s expression was no longer calm.

Balling her fists, she stared at the man’s gentle and happy expression in disbelief.

“What do you want, Jeremy? You forced me to agree to a divorce, only to tell me that you’ve never completed the procedures?”

The absurdity of the situation had Madeline losing control over her emotions.

“Fine. Since we haven’t divorced yet, then we can divorce for real now!”

She alighted the car decisively and gave the man in the car an indifferent glance.

“I’ll draft up the divorce agreement and give it to you as soon as possible. I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.”

Madeline slammed the door with a bang and strolled away.

Jeremy gripped the steering wheel harder, his heart in pain as his gaze locked on the figure that was walking away. A bitter smile tugged on his lips.

Who would have thought? History was repeating itself.

He had forced a divorce back then.

Now, she was the one who would place the divorce papers in front of him.

He had done this to himself.

Half an hour later, Madeline arrived at the shop on First Crystal Street.

Locking herself in the office, she began to search for reference materials to draft the divorce papers.

However, every draft she made ended up being deleted.

She was unable to calm herself down, for she could not wrap her head around why Jeremy had not divorced her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 494

She was still his wife!

Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocked on the office door.

Looking up, Madeline was met Felipe who wore a warm and small smile on his lips.

After clearing her table, she opened the door for Felipe to enter and made him a cup of black tea.

Felipe took a light sip before going straight to the point. “Why did you turn your phone off the past two days? Did Jeremy say something that day in front of Whitman Corporation?”

At the mention of this topic, Madeline beamed with a beautiful smile. Her eyes were filled with joy.

“I found my child.”

Felipe trembled. “Yours and Jeremy’s first child?”

“Yeah. Who would’ve thought that he has always been by my side?” Madeline smiled sweetly, revealing her dimples. “Jackson’s my son.”

“Jackson is your son?” Felipe was stunned.

Madeline nodded. “It explains why I always felt a special connection and intimacy when it came to Jack.”

Felipe’s eyes softened as he stared at the sweet and carefree smile Madeline had never worn in front of him before.

“Congratulations on finally finding your child.”

He smiled faintly, but there was a crease between his brows.

“This morning, you followed Jeremy into his car because of Jackson, didn’t you?”

Madeline nodded as he spoke her mind. “While I never intended to be separated from Jack, I still owe it to him as his mother. After all, Meredith only tortured and hurt him that way because of me.”

“It’s not your fault.” Felipe gently held Madeline’s hand. “You’re not at fault. The ones to blame are Meredith and Jeremy. I can help you if you want to fight for custody over Jack when you’re divorcing Jeremy.”

Madeline frowned in frustration at the mention of divorce. “Felipe, the—”

“Just give me a little more time to deal with some old issues. Then I’ll bring you and Jack back to F Country to see Lily. We can get married then and live simple and happy lives as a family of four.”

Felipe’s obsidian-like eyes gleamed with tenderness.

Then, he pulled Madeline into his arms lightly.

Madeline did not know whether she should hug him back or push him away for a moment. Sure, that was her plan too, to leave this land of rumors after she completed her revenge.

Yet, she had no idea why her determination wavered now.

Not too long after Felipe’s departure, Ava came to visit her at the shop as well.

Madeline told Ava everything that had happened over the past two days, which ended in Ava being too shocked to hold the cup steadily in her hands.

“What? How could that b*stard be so shameless as to tell you he loves you? Love my foot!” Ava was furious. “You can’t fall for that, Maddie. He’s got to be lying to you! He might just be saying that so he can reclaim Whitman Corporation’s stocks.”

Madeline nodded. “Relax. My feelings for him died long ago.”

“Yeah!” Ava exclaimed satisfactorily before leaning over to hug Madeline’s shoulder affectionately. “As evil as the b*stard is, I’m so happy you got to find your son back, Maddie!

“After going through so much to give birth to him and being tortured to death by that bstard and that btch, I’m glad he’s doing alright. Not to mention how cute he’s grown to look.”

“Jack’s a really quiet and understanding child. It hurts me a lot to know what he’s gone through.”

“I’m hurt for you.” Ava’s eyes reddened. “You can’t soften your heart because of the child, Maddie. Don’t go back to him, not after how he left you battered and bruised.”

Madeline’s mind echoed with Ava’s remarks after she left.

She would not go back to him again.

Definitely not.

Madeline began to redraft her divorce agreement, locking herself in the office for the entire day.

The sky was grim as the icy wind blew outside the windows.

Just as she was about to finish typing it up, Madeline accidentally clicked the exit button before she could save the document.

Despondent, she ruffled through her past resources and had accidentally clicked on one of the nameless files she previously copied from Jeremy’s computer.

Madeline remembered how the file was filled with thousands of .txt documents. She simply clicked on one of them and it opened to reveal a single line—‘It’s nice to see you again. I mean it.’

Madeline realized that something was wrong as she pondered over the phrase.

She immediately closed it only to open the first document saved in this file.

The words within it had Madeline in a daze…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 495

The document was formatted as if it was a diary.

Clicking into it, the first thing Madeline saw was the date above.

It was dated three years ago, the day after she had ‘died’.

Its content left Madeline tongue-tied.

[I never thought you would leave me like this. You wouldn’t, right? This must be a prank, right? Don’t joke about things like this, Madeline. It’s not funny.

[You said you loved me, that you’d bother me forever. Why is your forever so short? It can’t be. I refuse to believe that it is…

[You must be doing this on purpose, Madeline. You’re doing this so that I would never forget you and miss you forever. You’re sly, but I won’t fall for it.




Everything afterward was just her name typed again and again.

Her hand that was on the mouse trembled lightly.

While she could clearly read the words typed in the document on her screen, Madeline found herself unable to imagine how Jeremy must have felt while he wrote it back then.

Nor did she understand why Jeremy would type the words he did.

It was as if he could not accept the fact that she had ‘died’

Hints of a breakdown could be seen within the lines.

Madeline stared at the words at loss, but the timestamp dating when the document was saved made it impossible to have been forged.

Madeline frowned as her gaze darted between the thousands of documents filed within.

She found it hard to click her mouse and delve into the other documents.

Just then, an employee came over to remind her. “Mr. Whitman’s here, Miss Vera.”

There was a hint of mockery in her eyes.

“He said he’s here to fetch his wife from work.”


Madeline immediately closed the file and looked for the divorce agreement that had been saved under ‘history’ before printing it out.

“I’m not his wife. There’s nothing between us anymore.” Madeline explained curtly before rolling up the divorce papers and going downstairs.

Arriving downstairs, Madeline was met with the sight of Jeremy holding a large bouquet of fire-red roses. He was standing elegantly not too far away.

With his attractive features, exquisitely defined brows, and eyes that reminded others of ink, the man looked noble and dignified.

Not to mention his cool appearance was currently graced with a small smile, and his dark eyes swam with warmth under those dense and long eyelashes as they stared in the direction Madeline walked out from.

The man’s charms and aura oozed, causing numerous female employees and customers to stare at the gorgeous view with smitten looks.

“What a handsome young man!”

“I recognize him. That’s Mr. Whitman!”

“Who would’ve thought he’d still be so romantic even though he and Miss Vera have already been married for quite some time?”

“Miss Vera sure is lucky.”

The female workers and customers sighed enviously.

Madeline found herself unable to argue, for it was public knowledge that she had gotten married to Jeremy as Vera Quinn.

Yet regardless if she was Madeline or Vera now, she was going to sever all ties with this man!

Seeing Madeline approaching, Jeremy walked over with adoration in his eyes as he handed the bouquet to her. “Let’s go fetch Jack from school, Eveline.”

Hearing him, Madeline smiled lightly as she gripped the divorce papers in her hand tighter. She gave up on her initial plan to cut straight to the chase. “Let’s go.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 496

While Madeline did not take the roses, he was happy enough with her silent acknowledgment.

However, Madeline threw the divorce papers at the driver’s seat the moment she got in the car.

“I’ve already signed my part. Give it back to me when you’re done signing yours.”

Jeremy felt his heart sink the moment he set his eyes on the words atop the document.

Forcing himself not to think too much into it, he kept the papers and stepped on the accelerator.

“Jack hasn’t known what a complete and happy family feels like for the past six years, Eveline. Do you really—”

“Don’t try to use Jack as an excuse not to sign the papers, Jeremy. I don’t know what you’re trying to gain, but it’d do you good to stop believing that I would believe your lies about loving me.”

Madeline’s tone was cold and held no room for negotiations.

As such, Jeremy kept quiet and stewed in his own heartache.

After arriving at the kindergarten, Madeline moved to the back seat so that she could talk to Jackson easier.

Her heart clenched when she saw Jeremy in the child’s features.

‘Mom’s so happy to see you again, Jack.

‘Knowing that all the pain I endured has led to our reunion makes it all worth it. Mom’s satisfied enough with the way things are.’

Madeline did not protest as Jeremy drove them to the villa.

Walking in, Madeline immediately went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, Jeremy sat and guided Jackson through his homework. By the time he finished it, so had Madeline with dinner.

Jeremy felt his heart shrivel as he stared at the mouth-watering dishes and soup on the table.

She used to cook him dinner too back then.

It was just that he never returned home.

Still, unlike what Madeline thought, it was not because he spent the night with Meredith.

In truth, he had spent every night in the office. He never once spent the night alone with Meredith.

As everyone got seated, Madeline began to help Jackson to some of the dishes and peeled some prawns for him.

The smile on the little boy’s face was enough to fill Madeline with warmth and mirth.

After dinner, Jeremy took the initiative to wash the dishes, though Madeline ignored him and merely took Jackson’s hand as they went out for a walk. The mother and child were basking in each other’s presence.

Having cleaned up the kitchen, Jeremy decided to look for his family in the park nearby. Jackson waved when he saw him and called out to his dad.

Not wishing to destroy Jackson’s elation as he called for his dad, Madeline could only smile and stare longingly at her recovered child.

Half an hour later, the sky was dark.

With a drowsy Jackson in his arms, Jeremy and Madeline walked back to the villa under the guidance of the street lamps.

The cold wind cut into his bones, yet Jeremy had never felt warmer.

Realizing from the corner of his eyes that Madeline was trembling in her light jacket, he reached out to take her slightly cool hands into his own pockets.

Madeline tried to pull her hands away but decided against it as she did not want to disturb Jackson who was slowly falling asleep.

The silver moonlight shone on their backs, enveloping them in a heartwarming glow.

It was only when they had returned to the villa and Jeremy tucked Jackson in for bed that Madeline reverted to her aloof attitude. She handed him the divorce papers again. “Sign them.”

Jeremy furrowed his brows. “I won’t.”

It was a familiar response, one Madeline had stubbornly given him before.

“I’ve already made my mistake once and I don’t want to make it again.” Jeremy fixed his gaze on Madeline. “Give me another chance, Linnie. For Jack and for Lily?”

Madeline was quiet for two seconds. “I’ve already told you, Lillian is not your daughter.”

“Lily is our daughter.” Jeremy’s gaze was warm. “I refuse to believe that you’d throw yourself into another man’s arms after you’ve been so thoroughly hurt by this b*stard who you loved so much.”

He slowly walked toward Madeline. “Lily is our daughter, Linnie. You got pregnant with her from the time I forcefully took you in that apartment three years ago.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 497

Madeline’s eyes flared as she clenched her fists tightly, her tone sounding determined. “Lily is not related to you in any way, Jeremy! Stop your wishful thinking!”

Her control over her emotions loosened as she fought to deny. “It’s because you hurt me so thoroughly, you b*stard, that I gave myself to Felipe. He was the only ray of light in the darkness you put me in!”

Madeline met Jeremy’s growingly somber gaze.

“Lillian is Felipe’s and my child. She will never have a person like you as her father, so stop lumping Lily with the likes of you!”

With that, Madeline raised her hand to push away the man in front of her.

Without realizing how boneless his legs had gotten, Jeremy felt himself stagger backward at the push.

Madeline took her bag and left the villa without another look.

Sitting in the taxi she hailed to head home, Madeline’s mind began to take a trip down an agonizing memory lane…

Picking up her weak body, Madeline had Ava bring her to Jeremy and Meredith’s engagement venue.

Her heart hurt, but she managed to take the cold words of the man she loved and the hatred of her dearest parents with a smile until she could not take it any longer.

She was so certain that she had died in the engagement venue and she never expected Jeremy to act so out of character by rushing over to hold her, asking her what was wrong.

She had lost consciousness two sentences in.

She thought that she was done for.

Still, she woke again. This time in F Country’s royal hospital with a gentlemanly and elegant Felipe Whitman standing in front of her.

He had saved her from her dying breath.

In F Country’s royal hospital, Madeline underwent tumor removal surgery. The surgery itself was rather successful and Madeline was no longer in life-threatening danger.

While she was physically alive, her heart had already been completely shattered. Her onslaught of memories made her life a living hell.

Then one day, the doctor told her she was pregnant.

Lillian’s presence gave Madeline hope again, and she lived through her most difficult times with Felipe by her side.

The memories slowly came to an end with Madeline staring determinedly at the scenery of the night outside from the window.

She would sever all ties she had with the horrid man who hurt her!

Madeline arrived at the villa early every day to make Jackson breakfast before sending him to kindergarten.

Jeremy would arrive on time outside Madeline’s shop in the evening so that they could pick Jackson up and return to the villa to make dinner.

Madeline would then take Jackson out for a walk after dinner but return to the villa with Jeremy in tow.

Madeline only left when Jackson had taken a shower and gotten to sleep.

Madeline remained indifferent when it came to Jeremy, but the latter was already satisfied enough as it was.

He had no other excuse or method to contact Madeline, so he saw what he had now as an immense gift from the heavens.

At the same time, Jeremy received a court notice.

Whitman Corporation was to be fined a thundering amount for the forced cease in a few partnered projects with RS and South America.

While the amount should have been dealt with by Whitman Corporation’s finance department, it somehow ended in Old Master Whitman’s hands.

Unable to pay the debt, Whitman Manor was to be let up for auction.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 498

Like an ant on a hot pan, Karen called Jeremy over.

Not too long after his arrival came Felipe’s.

Dressed in a black suit, Felipe’s normally elegant and gentlemanly aura was tinged with a hit of dominance.

Realizing Old Master Whitman, Jeremy, and the rest of the Whitman family were present, Felipe had his assistant hand over a document before going straight to the point.

“This house is now mine. Considering our relationship, I’ll give you one day to pack everything and move out.”

Karen jumped up and pointed a finger to rage at Felipe. “Felipe, you *sshole! How could you scheme to snatch away the assets under the Whitmans’ name? You already took Whitman Corporations, but now you’re taking the old master’s retirement house too? You have no conscience!”

Felipe smiled unconcernedly. “Conscience?”

His dark eyes shone with an ironic glint.

“We wouldn’t be here if you guys had a conscience.”

“What… What are you trying to say?”

Felipe scoffed and met Jeremy’s deep gaze without sparing Karen another look.

“Madeline wouldn’t have tethered over the brink of death had you even the slightest conscience.”

Then, he turned to look at a silent Old Master Whitman, the frost in his eyes screaming with hatred.

“My parents would never have died such painful deaths had it not been your lack of conscience!

“Who are you, a bunch of heartless f*cks, to accuse me so ostentatiously of not having a conscience?”

“…” Karen was infuriated. She wanted to raise her voice, but the harsh look in Felipe’s eyes had chased away all her courage to do so.

Felipe’s cold eyes swept over Old Master Whitman whose complexion had long lost its flush before landing on Jeremy.

“You two are to blame for the ruin of the Whitman family.”

With that, he turned around to instruct his assistant coldly, “Keep an eye on them. I want them gone from the house within a day.”

“Yes, Mr. Whitman.”

Jeremy finally spoke as the other took his leave, “Felipe.”

Felipe’s footsteps came to a halt.

He allowed Jeremy to walk over with a solemn expression on his face. “Grandfather hasn’t done anything on purpose to hurt you and your parents, Felipe. What happened back then was an accident. This is the house Great-grandfather left for him, so I can’t allow you to take it away.”

“You expect me to believe you?” Felipe smiled mockingly, replacing all gentlemanly aspects of his elegant features with unpredictable and sinister darkness.

“Worry about yourself, Jeremy. You’re going to lose your only son very soon.”

Jeremy’s gaze hardened as his expression immediately turned fierce. “Don’t touch Jack, Felipe. I’m warning you, don’t even try to approach Madeline either. We’ve never divorced which means that she’s still my wife. Do not try your way with her!”

“What? You didn’t divorce Madeline?” Karen exclaimed in shock, “What are you talking about, Jeremy? Didn’t you divorce that b… Divorce her three years ago? How—”

Felipe’s phone rang, cutting Karen off.

Looking at the caller ID, Felipe smirked and looked at Jeremy as he accepted the call. “Vera.”

His voice was gentle, a stark contrast to his cool tone seconds ago.

A storm brewed behind Jeremy’s eyes as he bore his icy eyes at Felipe who was currently on a call with Madeline.

Following that, he heard Felipe’s gentle words of comfort. “Relax. I’ll be right there. Wait for me.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 499

Jeremy felt a tug on his heartstrings.

He immediately tried to call Madeline once Felipe’s call with her ended, but it was without doubt that Madeline had already blacklisted his number.

Felipe chuckled lowly.

“Don’t waste your energy. Madeline loves me now. All she feels for you is hate.”

Jeremy’s expression darkened. “What happened to Madeline, Felipe? What did she tell you?!”

“None of your business,” Felipe replied coldly, “You have no right to ask about Madeline again.”

“Who cares about what’s going on to that woman?!” Karen hounded confidently at Felipe from behind before Jeremy could speak and held her son back.

“That Madeline helped Felipe. It’s their fault our family’s like this now, Jeremy. Why are you still thinking about her? What’s wrong with you? Did you forget how much you hated her in the beginning?”

Jeremy snatched his arm back in annoyance. “Leave your nose out of Madeline’s and my business.”

“Jeremy, Jeremy!”

“Stop shouting,” Old Master Whitman finally spoke after a long lapse of silence, “Go back to your rooms and pack up. We’ll leave tomorrow.”

“What?” Karen widened her eyes, unable to accept such an agreement. “Are we really going to give this house to Felipe, Old Master? He said you killed his parents. What happened? I thought his parents died in a car crash? What—”

“Enough! Plack your things and leave.”

“…” Karen pursed her lips in indignance. “Where are we moving to? Do we really have to move and live in those kinds of 200 square feet apartments? No way am I going!”

Karen huffed as she climbed up the stairs, frantically keeping all her jewelry and valuable things away despite her words in fear that they would be taken to repay the debt.

On the other end was Jeremy driving behind Felipe as they arrived at one of the city’s many streets.

From afar, Jeremy’s eyes fell on Madeline who was standing next to a car.

Her exquisite features looked even more beautiful under the sun as her aura stood out elegantly.

Jeremy immediately found a spot to park his car before running toward Madeline.

Hearing footsteps, she turned around. Seeing Madeline’s soft smile, all gentle and sweet, directed at him, Jeremy felt his heart race.

Dazed, Jeremy found the situation unrealistic before he realized that she was smiling at Felipe who was behind him.

March brought the colder end of spring and Jeremy felt it seep into his heart.

Madeline’s gaze was cold as it fell on Jeremy. “Why is he here too? I don’t want to see him.”

Felipe replied with a warm smile, “Then you can sit in my car first. I’ve already called someone to tow yours.”

Madeline nodded. “Alright.”

It dawned on Jeremy that the white car that broke down by the road was Madeline’s.

She had a driver’s license. She could drive.

His heart felt barren, feeling as if he had missed one of Madeline’s crucial moments in life.

Jeremy stepped forward to hold Madeline’s thin wrist just as she was about to leave with Felipe. “Don’t leave with him, Eveline.”

Madeline halted and looked up. “Let go.”

The two words were all she gave.

Jeremy’s grip tightened reflexively. “I won’t let you leave with him. You’re my wife.”

“Wife?” Madeline scoffed before flinging Jeremy’s hand away and looping her arms around Felipe’s. “Let’s go, Felipe.”

“Alright.” Felipe nodded with a gentle smile before shooting Jeremy a cold and mocking look from the corner of his eyes.

The cold wind blew amidst the busy street as loneliness filled Jeremy’s heart.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 500

There were thousands of reasons to keep Madeline by his side, yet he resigned himself to watching her leave with Felipe.

Time slowly ticked by as he waited for evening to come. He immediately made way to fetch Madeline from First Crystal Street only to be told that Madeline had left.

Jeremy immediately went to the kindergarten, but the class teacher told him that Madeline had already picked Jackson up.

Jeremy felt his heart go haywire at the news.

He had a feeling that Madeline was about to leave him.

Frantic, he stepped on the accelerator and made it to Madeline’s apartment in record time.

He pressed the bell continuously, but no one answered.

Jeremy grew cold. Darkness returned to his entire world as the unease that overwhelmed him made it hard for him to breathe and his heart to beat.


‘Do you hate me so much that you can’t even bring yourself to look at me again…’

Jeremy leaned despondently against the wall with his peach-blossom eyes drooping. His long lashes left lonely shadows under the setting sunlight.

He had no one to blame for the one he hated was himself.

The sunset blurred his vision as the corners of his eyes grew wet.

He could almost see the scene of him chasing after Madeline happily by the sea years ago when they were still young. He had left her there, never to be found again…

Madeline walked out of the lift with a sleeping Jackson in her arms. Not two steps out, she found someone standing in front of her apartment.

Jeremy Whitman.

He was leaning lifelessly against the wall. The man stared blankly in front of him like a plank of wood that had lost all thoughts and feelings. He was rooted foolishly in place.

Jeremy had always been cold and untouchable as far as she was concerned, dignified and bossy.

She had never seen such a dispirited look on the man.

Perhaps he felt her gaze, for Jeremy looked up. His downcasted eyes fixed clearly on Madeline’s face while everything else blurred.


Jeremy strode forward, the gloom in his eyes vanishing in place of relief.

He reached out with a smile as he saw Jackson in Madeline’s arms. “I’ll hold him.”

“It’s fine.”

Madeline rejected, but Jeremy had already taken him.

Afraid to wake the child, Madeline did not protest.

All she could do was open the door so that Jeremy could carry Jackson into the house.

Tucking Jackson in bed, Jeremy carefully closed the door behind him as he left for the living room.

Madeline reached out to take two new copies of the divorce papers from her bag as he walked out.

“Since you’re here already, sign first before you leave.”

Jeremy frowned at the divorce agreement. “I’m not signing.”

Madeline chuckled and walked toward Jeremy with a pen in hand. “That’s what I said too, but what did you do instead?”

“I’ve already told Jack that you’re going on a long business trip and won’t be coming back. Felipe and I will then bring Jack to F Country. We’re not coming back anymore. Hate me or love me, we’re our own entities from now on.”

She placed the pen in Jeremy’s hand. Affection would no longer exist in her calm gaze. There would only be alienation that was even colder than what strangers would have.

“Sign it, Jeremy. Let’s get divorced.”

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