Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 481-490

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 481

After Jeremy finished saying that, the crowd drew a sharp, astonished breath.

Back then during the press conference of Montgomery Enterprise, they finally knew that Madeline was the true Miss Montgomery. They were also shocked at first, but they were more surprised by what Jeremy had said now.

Who did not know that the young master of the richest family in Glendale was in love with Meredith Crawford? Why did it suddenly become Madeline Crawford now?

Madeline should be the woman he despised the most.

“Mr. Whitman, you mean that you’ve always been in love with your ex-wife, Madeline Crawford, and not Meredith Crawford?” a journalist broke the silence and questioned.

“You got half of it right,” Jeremy replied. He stared at Madeline with tenderness in his eyes. “I don’t have an ex-wife because this whole time, I’ve only had one wife.”

The journalists were stumped for words. “But Mr. Whitman, you divorced Madeline Crawford three years ago…”

“There were indeed some contradictions and unhappiness between us, but I can tell you with certainty that she’s still my legally wedded wife.”



The journalists looked at each other, evidently confused by Jeremy’s answer.

Madeline was calm and unperturbed. However, at this moment, she was slightly moved.

She saw the confidence in Jeremy’s eyes and her heart started beating faster all of a sudden.

‘What did he say?

‘Did he just say that I’m still his legally wedded wife?’

Back then, he was the one who had forced her to sign the papers. How could she still be his legally wedded wife?

The strange atmosphere continued for a while. The journalist from just now asked cautiously, “Mr. Whitman, even if that’s the case, we hope that you can restrain your grief because Madeline Crawford passed away three years ago. I’m afraid—”

“I think you’ve made a mistake.” Jeremy interrupted the journalist. “My wife’s alive and well.”


The crowd was all taken aback. Then, they saw Jeremy walking away.

The journalists and onlookers around him tactfully made way for him.

They looked over to where Jeremy was looking and they saw Madeline standing in a distance.

Her figure was tall and slender while her face was graceful and gorgeous. If one remembered it correctly, this was how Madeline used to look.

However, she did not look as casual and simple like she did before. Not only did she look classier now, but she also had the air of a monarch around her.

The journalists knew that face too. Was she not the founder and designer of Miss L.ady, Vera Quinn?

Was Vera Quinn Madeline Crawford?

This conclusion appeared in everyone’s brains immediately.

After Madeline sensed something was wrong, it was too late for her to run away as Jeremy had already approached her.

His gaze was gentle while his tone was as soft as the spring breeze. “Maddie, I was wrong. I wronged you and made you suffer so much. I know it’s difficult for me to get your forgiveness, but I hope that you’ll still give me another chance to love you.”

The journalists swarmed toward her after they heard what Jeremy said. “Miss Vera, are you really Madeline Crawford?”

“I heard you passed away after you were diagnosed with a fatal illness. How did you come back safe and sound?”

“Meredith Crawford stole your identity and took everything that was supposed to be yours. What do you think of this?”

“Did you not divorce Mr. Whitman? If so, will you forgive Mr. Whitman?”

Madeline felt that the sudden wave of questions was too noisy.

Under the impatient gazes of everyone, she looked into Jeremy’s expectant eyes while remaining calm and undaunted.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 482

“Your words were so touching, Mr. Whitman. However, it’s too bad that I’m not Madeline Crawford.” She denied it. Then, she chuckled sarcastically. “Even if I was Madeline, I wouldn’t forgive you nor give you another chance.”

The hope in Jeremy’s eyes was crushed. His heart also plummeted heavily.

Actually, it was not surprising for him to get this answer. However, when he heard her denying it, the words felt like a knife was slicing his heart.

Felipe rushed to the scene immediately after he saw the live broadcast online.

He pushed the crowd away and walked next to Madeline, his gentle and refined face filled with anger.

He grabbed Madeline’s hand in front of everyone. His gaze was overbearing and possessive as he looked at Jeremy.

“Jeremy, don’t force your hypocritical apology and love on Vera. She’s not your ex-wife Madeline Crawford who you used to abandon and tarnish. She’s my fiancée, Vera Quinn.”

Felipe sounded like he was warning Jeremy.

On the other hand, this was the first time Madeline saw such obvious rage and aggression on Felipe’s face.

“On behalf of our relationship, I can let you off the hook this time. Please have some self-respect.”

After Felipe said that, he held Madeline’s hand and walked away.

Madeline did not look at Jeremy before she left with Felipe. However, the moment she started walking, she felt another familiar hand holding her.

She stopped walking immediately, causing Felipe to stop as well. Felipe frowned in agitation when he saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s hand.

“Let go of Vera.”

Jeremy ignored Felipe and walked in front of Madeline.

Looking at her icy gaze, Jeremy leaned down and got closer to her ear before he started talking.

He said something in Madeline’s ear, but no one else heard it. However, they saw Madeline’s eyes lighting up instantly.

Then, the onlookers and Felipe heard Jeremy saying four words. “I’ll wait for you.”

It was apparent that he was saying those words to Madeline.

Then, Jeremy turned around. Unexpectedly, Madeline also let go of her hand that was holding Felipe’s.

Felipe’s expression changed. “Vera?”

Madeline’s eyes were filled with apology and anxiety. “I’m sorry, Felipe. I need to leave. Something urgent came up. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Felipe did not have the chance to stop her before Madeline walked away hurriedly.

Judging from the direction she left in, it was obvious that she was chasing after Jeremy.

All of the onlookers were clear about this.

This also made them more suspicious about whether Vera Quinn was the wife who Jeremy had abandoned back then, Madeline Crawford.

After Jeremy got into the car, he saw Madeline chasing after him from the rearview mirror.

He was a little happy, but at the same time, he felt pathetic.

At this time, he could only use this method to get her to spend some time with him.

At the end of the day, he was the one who did this to himself.

While he was stuck in a daze, Madeline had already climbed into the passenger seat after opening the door.

“Jeremy, stop beating around the bush with me. Take me to my child now.” Madeline ordered straight away.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s stunning side profile with a smile on his face. “I promised that I’ll bring the child to you today, so I’ll definitely do it.”

Madeline chuckled after she heard that. “More than ten years ago, someone promised to protect me and take care of me forever, but what happened in the end?”

She mocked with a cold look on her face as she said, “Jeremy, stop wasting time. Unless you let me see my child, I won’t believe anything you say.”

“Alright, I’ll take you to see our child now.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 483

Jeremy started the car instantly.

After Madeline heard his words, an expectant smile appeared on her cold face.

Through the mirror, Jeremy could see that Madeline was holding her hands tightly. There were endless emotions in her eyes along with a hint of nervousness.

Jeremy curled the corners of his lips when he saw the look of genuine happiness on Madeline’s face.

He was finally seeing a smile on his face.

However, after driving on the busy roads, the car ended up in a place where Madeline was familiar with.

She was puzzled as she reminisced about the scenery outside the window.

‘Has my child been living in April Hill this entire time?

‘Then who’s taking care of my child?’

The car came to a stop slowly as she was thinking about these questions.

Madeline did not wait for Jeremy to open the door for her and got out hurriedly.

Everything in front was not foreign to her. They were at the beach of April Hill.

It was the depths of winter and the sea breeze was bone-chillingly cold.

No one would come to the beach during this season. Even the villagers nearby would rarely come to the beach.

Madeline looked at the vast emptiness in front of her before running toward Jeremy.

“Jeremy, where is my child?” she asked hurriedly, “Why did you take me here? I want to see my child!”

“I’ll definitely let you see our child before the day ends.”

“Before the day ends?” Madeline finally caught the loophole in his sentence. “Jeremy, what do you want? Are you trying to fool me?”

Jeremy curled the corners of his lips helplessly. “I don’t have any other choice.”

“What do you mean?” Madeline did not have the patience to beat around the bush with him.

“I know you won’t forgive me and you won’t love me like you used to, so I can only use this way to spend some time with you.”

Madeline burst out laughing after she heard him saying that. “Jeremy, do you know how pathetic you sound?”

“I know,” the man muttered. Madeline’s smirking face was reflected in his eyes. However, his expression was filled with tenderness. “Just think of me as despicable or shameless, but I just want to spend this day with you.”

Madeline stared straight into Jeremy’s fawning eyes. Then, she pressed her lips together and decided to compromise. “Jeremy, if I don’t see my child by the end of this day, I will never let you off the hook so easily.”

Jeremy smiled as he looked at Madeline’s angry face.

‘Linnie, you have no idea how much I want you to keep pestering me.’

He thought about that in silence. When he came back to his senses, he saw Madeline leaving on her own.

The breeze kept blowing over. It was so salty and tasted like their memories from so many years ago.

However, after these memories went away like the tide, the only things left were the pain that was too unbearable to look back on.

Jeremy followed after Madeline. She was so close to him, yet she seemed so untouchable.

He wanted to find a topic to talk to Madeline about. Coincidentally, an old woman appeared in the field in front of them. The old woman had just dug out an entire basket full of sweet potatoes, but since she had too many, a few of them rolled out from her basket.

Madeline quickly ran up to help her. Jeremy ran up as well.

The old woman thanked them repeatedly. Then, she raised her head to look at Madeline and Jeremy. When she saw them, she smiled and said, “It’s you two! You two came here even though it’s so cold. Are you here to look back on your childhood memories again?”

Madeline and Jeremy were taken aback when they heard that. At this moment, they finally realized that this old woman was the retired doctor from back then.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 484

Jeremy went with her and smiled. “Yeah. My wife and I wanted to relive the memories.”

Madeline spared a displeased gaze at Jeremy which the man paid no attention to as he helped the old woman pick up her potatoes and carry her basket.

“You live nearby, right? I can help you take them back.”

“Thank you.” The old woman accepted their help and began showing them the way.

Jeremy smoothly held Madeline’s hand in his before following.

Madeline’s attempt to break free was to no avail.

“The two of you sure are a loving couple, coming to the seaside despite how cold it is.” The old woman looked back with a smile that deepened when her eyes fell on Madeline and Jeremy’s interlocked hands. “You sure are a lucky lady to have such a loving husband. I remember how he ran all the way when you hurt your leg years ago, panting when he arrived at the health center. Oh, how worried he must have been. I knew right then that the two of you would end up together, and I was right.”

Madeline’s lips curled mockingly at the words as she looked at Jeremy.

“All you see is just the surface of the truth, old madam.”

“This old madam saw nothing short of love and affection in this handsome young man’s eyes when he looks at you,” the old woman teased, saying, “Quarreling is not uncommon when it comes to married couples. I used to nag my late husband every day too, but I found the world growing too quiet the moment he passed.

“Life is much shorter than you think, so cherish the people in front of you now.”

“You’re right, old madam. I’ll definitely cherish my wife and make her happy,” Jeremy quickly piped up.

The old woman turned to look at him hopefully.

Soon after, the trio arrived at the old woman’s house.

Madeline took the chance to pull away from Jeremy’s hold and bid her farewell, but the old woman seemed passionate about inviting them for lunch.

Realizing Madeline was about to reject her, Jeremy agreed before she could.

The old woman began to prepare lunch joyfully. “My children are all in the city and they don’t return very often. I’m glad that there’s finally someone who’d spend time with good old me today.”

Half an hour later, a table of simple yet delicious home-cooked dishes was made.

Placing some of the dishes on Madeline’s plates, Jeremy had never felt such a simple meal to be so fulfilling.

It seemed like Madeline’s presence made anything he did satisfying.

Madeline helped the old woman with the dishes after lunch and made a move to leave.

The winter afternoon sun was pleasantly bright and warm today. Madeline returned quietly to the beach.

Turning around, she stared at the man who followed her here.

Jeremy’s smile was gentle, his eyes never once leaving her today.

“You have half a day left, Jeremy. Is there anything else you would like me to do?” Madeline’s tone was cold as she took the entire situation as it was—a business deal.

There was not a shred of patience in her eyes, for she complied merely for the sake of her child.

Jeremy slowly walked toward her, an enchanting smile gracing his ethereal appearance.

“Anything you want to do, as long as I get to spend the day by your side.”

“Hmph.” Madeline raised a delicate brow at the absurdity of his words. “Since when have you cared when I stayed wide awake for nights waiting and hoping for you to come home to me? Now you’re telling me that you want to spend the day with me? Jeremy Whitman, don’t look so satisfied with yourself. Don’t you realize how shallow you’re acting?”

Jeremy’s sharp brows pinched. “Yes, it is shallow. I can’t believe I’m stooping so low either, but what else am I supposed to do?

“I can’t turn back time. I can’t go back to when you first returned to my life so that I can hug you and tell you I like you.”

The light in Jeremy’s eyes dimmed as his shoulders grew heavy with gloom.

Suddenly, he reached out to hold Madeline’s shoulders.

“What’s done is done, Madeline. I can’t force you to forgive me because I can’t bring myself to forgive me either. I’d be a fool to believe that you could love me again, so the only thing I can do is to make you hate me. At least then, you’ll still keep me in your heart.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 485

At that, Madeline broke into a mocking chuckle.

Even so, her eyes grew wet as the sea wind blew despite her laughter.

“Do you even hear what you’re saying, Jeremy?” She scoffed, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. “You’re telling me that you loved me since the moment we met again, yet you’ve taken a part of my flesh away?”

Madeline’s expression darkened the most at the mention of ‘love’.

“Is this what it means to love someone, Jeremy? Being in love means that you wish the best for that person! Not to break, destroy, and torture them!”

Madeline let out the rage within as her tears began to trickle from the corner of her eyes with the sea breeze.

They fell on the back of Jeremy’s hand, the warmth of the tears searing his flesh.

“You don’t need to lie to yourself, Jeremy, and I don’t need you to lie to me. The one you’ve loved this entire time has been Meredith all along, I can see it in the way you protect her despite the evil things she has done. Yet what did you do when I was slandered and scolded? You left me outside by the road in the pouring rain. You left me to die!”

Jeremy choked in silent agony at the words.

He opened his arms to hold Madeline in them. “Stop talking, please…” He pleaded softly, his tone weak.

Madeline struggled to get out of Jeremy’s embrace, but it was to no avail.

Infuriated, she raised a fist to hammer it against his chest. “Let me go, Jeremy! Why can’t I keep talking, hmm? If you had the galls to do it, then why can’t you have the galls to hear it from me?

“You crushed me under your foot time and time again when I was so irrevocably in love with you! Even until the day I ‘died’, you were still getting happily engaged with Meredith. Do you have even the slightest idea what it feels like to have your heart pierced? I wish I had actually died because even that would hurt less!”

Jeremy’s arms tightened as he took in every word of rage Madeline threw at him.

Each one of them cut into his heart like daggers, bringing him to a whole new height of unbearable pain.

He dared not revisit that blood-filled memory, let alone watch her ‘die’ in his arms again.

Tears fell freely from Jeremy’s eyes silently while his throat ached with every gulp.

Not knowing what comforting and apologetic words he could offer, Jeremy tightened his hold in fear that she would once more slip away from his life again.

Madeline took a deep breath to calm the raging storm of emotions within her, but she seemed to be unable to hold her tears back.

Her heart ached as she relived the past.

Void of the strength to struggle and hit him, she resorted to light scoffs.

“I was so happy when I met you the first time. You were my friend and the first boy who I impulsively decided I would live forever with. Yet, the fact that I love you is of the past, just like the rainbow shell I gifted you back then. It doesn’t exist anymore!”

Jeremy’s hold finally relaxed, only to have him procure something from his pocket and display it on his palm.

Madeline was stunned to find that it was the rainbow shell she had previously thrown away in the busy street.

Did he get it back?

“I still have the shell you gifted me.” Jeremy’s reddened and wet eyes rushed with joy. “Does that mean we still have a chance, Madeline?”

Madeline reached out to take the shell.

Looking at the hope in Jeremy’s eyes, Madeline’s heart growled crudely before she moved to fling it at the ocean.

“Madeline, no.” Jeremy immediately tried to stop her, his hand lifting her off the ground by her waist as the other reached for her hand.

“Let go of me, Jeremy. There’s no future for us anymore!” Madeline struggled furiously. “I’m not going to believe your lies about loving me either! I’ll never believe you, not even if I die!”

Jeremy immediately tried to comfort her. “Listen to me. Madeline, I mean what I said. I love you, I do.”

“No! Let go of me, Jere… Mmph?”

Madeline had not expected Jeremy to lean over to kiss her amidst her struggles.

His overpowering scent was all she could breathe in. It was tender and greedy as it overwhelmed the fragrant and sweet scent of her own.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 486

Madeline parted her lips only to bite down harshly on Jeremy.

The man’s brows furrowed slightly as he blinked his alluring eyes open.

Mirth swam in his eyes as he took Madeline’s harsh rejection as a sign of her enjoyment.

His grip loosened and he was immediately given a slap across his face.

Madeline glared at him, balling her fists at the sight of blood on Jeremy’s lips.

“Don’t kiss me with the same mouth you used to kiss someone else! It’s disgusting!”

She raged, fuming as she turned around.

Jeremy lifted a slender finger to wipe off the speck of red from the corner of his lips. “You’re the only woman I’ve kissed.”

Madeline’s steps slowed.

Jeremy turned around to stare at her back. “I know you won’t believe me, but it’s the truth. I’ve never kissed another woman.”

Madeline slowly lifted her ferocious gaze. “Yeah, you’ve never kissed another woman, so I take it that you’ve never touched Meredith too, right? Then how did Jack come to this world? The sheer force of will?”

“…” Jeremy had nothing to say.

Madeline’s mocking laughter grew in Jeremy’s silence. “What now? Did you forget the many times she had gotten pregnant? She even got a miscarriage this one time because of me, this oh-so vicious woman. You didn’t even come home at all during our marriage. No, you spent every night with that monster!

“At least have the decency to admit it if you had the guts to do it, Jeremy. Save some dignity for yourself.”

Madeline marched back to the car after her outburst and got in, closing its door with a bang.

Jeremy was left stunned in place as the icy sea breeze added to the coldness he felt.

He was not lying. Ever since the moment he knew that Jackson was not Meredith’s child, he already had the feeling that his and Meredith’s relationship had never gotten to such a stage.

Not to mention that he was certain of never having touched her when he sober. The two times Meredith claimed she was ‘pregnant’ was when he had fallen asleep drunk.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed likely that Meredith was behind his drunken state and her ‘pregnancy’ was faux.

That meant he had never engaged in a physical relationship with Meredith.

Jeremy strolled over to the car to find Madeline lying against the back of the seat with her eyes shut.

Perhaps it was because she did not want to see him, hoping that the day would end by the time she woke.

Jeremy made no move to disturb her. Instead, he took to guarding the car from the outside as the wet and cold wind blew and turned his heart cold…

Madeline ended up napping before she realized it, and by the time she woke, it was already dusk.

She turned her head to look out the window and found Jeremy standing alone by the car like an exquisite sculpture.

As if feeling her gaze on him, Jeremey suddenly turned around.

Through the window, the two gazes locked. Then, Madeline averted her eyes indifferently.

Jeremy smiled faintly at her reaction and got in the car. “Good morning.”

“It’s getting late, Jeremy. Bring me to my child.”


Madeline felt suspicious of his quick reply. “Don’t waste my time.”

“I’m really bringing you to see your child.” Sparing Madeline a glance, Jeremy started the engine and stepped on the accelerator.

Half an hour later, Jeremy’s car arrived at Montgomery Manor’s gates.

Madeline’s expression darkened. “Why did you bring me here, Jeremy?”

“To see our child.” Mirth filled Jeremy’s gaze. “Our son’s right inside.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 487


Madeline was stunned.

‘Meredith lied to me. I gave birth to a son, not a daughter!’

Madeline felt her heart stop.

Doubt tinted her gaze as she stared at the joyous man.

Reading the words left unspoken in Madeline’s eyes, Jeremy looked at her before giving her a weighted nod.

Madeline felt all doubt vanish within her heart at his silent acknowledgment and quickly alighted the car. She ran into Montgomery Manor with large steps.

Jeremy closed his eyes remorsefully as he stared at Madeline’s impatient figure.

Sure, Meredith was heinous, but was he not too?

It was dinnertime within the manor and Eloise was walking toward the dining room with Sean by her side and Jackson’s hand in hers when a servant suddenly proclaimed, “Sir, Madam, Miss Eveline is back!”

Neither Eloise nor Sean could believe their ears. Turning around at the same time, the couple met an impatient Madeline with surprise and elation.

“Eveline!” Eloise called for Madeline lovingly before she could hold herself back.

Sean watched Madeline approach them with hope and happiness in his eyes. “You’re just in time, Eveline. Come eat dinner with your mom and dad.”

Staring at the couple before her, it was evident that Madeline’s mind was not on them.

Impatiently, she began to scan her surroundings before her eyes suddenly fell on Jackson’s small figure walking out from behind Eloise and Sean.

“Mommy,” Jackson greeted Madeline coquettishly.

The boy’s handsomely childish cheeks bloomed with an angelic smile.

Madeline felt her heart race suddenly as she stared at Jackson.

“What’s wrong, Eveline?” Eloise approached her worriedly as she took in Madeline’s weird expression. “Eveline, what—”

“Aside from Jack, are there any other children in the house?” Madeline asked softly, her gaze fixed on Jack who was currently walking toward her.

Eloise and Sean shared a confused look, only to see Jeremy walk over just as they were about to open their mouths. Understanding of Madeline’s question slowly seeped into them.

“Are you and Daddy here to eat dinner with me, Mommy?” Jack asked as he walked over to Madeline, blinking his innocent and round eyes. Madeline felt her heart speed up at the mirth in his eyes.

An epiphany immediately came to her, but she did not dare to think more of it.

“Mommy,” Jackson called out again.

Just then, Jeremy arrived by Madeline’s side. His low baritone was tinged with guilt as it sounded by her ear.

“When you told me that Meredith had given Jack’s face a gash with a fruit knife, I thought you were framing her because I refused to believe that Meredith would do such a thing. Not even tigers prey on their cubs, so why would she hurt her Jack, her own son?”

Jeremy let the words echo in the air for two seconds before he continued in a grim tone.

“It was only after that I found out she could indeed do something so heartless because Jack was never her child to begin with. So why would she have any qualms about doing it?”

At that, Madeline felt her heart begin to tremble.

She lifted her misted gaze to meet Jeremy’s loving and guilty ones.

Jeremy reached out to wipe away the tears gathered at the corners of Madeline’s eyes with a slender finger.

“Jack’s the child you were forced to give birth to in prison, Madeline. Jack is our son.”

The tears in Madeline’s eyes fell relentlessly the moment he confirmed it.

Staring dazedly at Jeremy, Madeline finally trailed her gaze to look at the small boy standing in front of her.

Jackson looked back with confusion in his pure marble-like eyes, though an innocent smile remained on his dewy cheeks.

Madeline’s heart broke.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 488

Madeline dropped to her knees while her trembling fingers began to caress Jackson’s brow.

They went from his eyes to his nose to his adorably small mouth…

“What’s wrong, Mommy? Why are you crying?” Jackson blinked confusedly as he reached out to wipe Madeline’s tears away.

Madeline lovingly clasped Jackson’s fair and small hands in her larger ones.

“Jack… Mommy’s precious little boy. Mommy finally gets to see you!”

Unable to hold back, Madeline pulled Jackson’s small frame into her chest.

Holding Jackson tightly, the storm of joy and sorrow within her intertwined and came out in the form of wet scalding tears that streamed down her face.

She knew she should be elated, but her heart felt like it was going to shatter.

Meredith was just too wicked. How could she come up with such a way to torture her and her child?

Madeline felt her chest tighten as she imagined the wicked things Meredith had done to Jackson in the past five years.

She did not even dare to recall the scene of Meredith cutting Jackson’s face. It hurt too much.

It made sense that Meredith could do such ruthless things.

For the child Meredith had been torturing was Madeline’s!

While Jackson did not understand the reason behind Madeline’s distress, he loved the feeling of Madeline’s hugs for they were filled with adoration.

Eloise leaned against Sean’s shoulder as happy and hurt tears trickled out her eyes at the scene before her.

The gods were hardly fair.

Why did they force their daughter to go through so much pain?

The corners of Jeremy’s eyes burned as he quietly watched the mother and child hug and recognize each other by the sidelines.

Oh, how he wished that he could redo the past six years.

He would never self-opinionatedly push away the woman he loved again.

Madeline choked and sobbed for a while as her onslaught of emotions did not seem to calm, at least not until Jackson patted her back and comforted her. “Don’t cry, Mommy. Jack and Daddy will go beat up the bad people who bullied you!”

Madeline shook her head with tears in her eyes, feeling her heart clench and warm at his attempt. “Nobody bullied Mommy. These are happy tears. Mommy’s very happy…”

She pecked Jackson’s cheek with a teary laugh before holding him in her arms lovingly again.

“Mommy’s never going to leave you again, okay, Jack? Mommy’s going to take good care of you and give you happiness.”

Her eyes bloomed with motherly love as she promised.

Jeremy, too, leaned down to ruffle Jeremy’s cute head. “Dad’s going to take good care of you too, alright? Your family won’t be apart again.”

At that, Madeline snapped out of her joy and sorrow.

Wiping her tears decisively, she gave Jackson a small smile before turning to face Jeremy indifferently.

“Come out for a bit. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.”

Madeline stood up before turning around to look at Eloise and Sean. Hesitating, she spoke, “Please help me look after Jack for a while. I’ll be back soon.”

“Eveline…” Eloise watched sadly as Madeline turned to leave.

Giving Jackson’s head one last pat, Jeremy quickly stood up and followed Madeline out as well.

The frosty wind sunk into the bones of those who stood outside in that mid-winter night.

Silently waiting under the lamppost, Madeline turned around when she heard Jeremy’s footsteps draw close. There was no sign of warmth in her eyes.

Jeremy remained kind and gentle. “What did you want to talk to me about, Madeline?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 489

Madeline’s eyes held nothing but frost in them as they met the man’s warm gaze.

“If you have any shred of conscience left, Jeremy, you’ll give my child back to me.”

“Was this what you wanted to talk to me about?” Jeremy tugged his lips into a bitter smile. “Jack can’t lose his dad just because he has his mom now.”

“Dad?” Madeline scoffed ironically as she sent a strong wave of despise at Jeremy. “Does your conscience not hurt, Jeremy? You’ve done nothing to redeem your worth as Jack’s dad.”

“…” Jeremy pursed his lips and remained silent.

Madeline walked up to him, frost oozing off her delicate and slender figure as she stood in front of the lithe man.

“Do you even remember what you fed me every time you were done with me? Contraceptives, that’s what. You told me that a woman as wretched as me will never be worthy of having your children. Do you remember?”

“…” Jeremy’s sharp brows knitted tightly at Madeline’s interrogation.

“I was already pregnant with your child when Meredith lured you over to the hospital under the guise of suicide. I was so naive to think that my pregnancy would salvage what remnants of our relationship, yet all I got was contraceptive pills thrown in front of me before I could even tell you the great news.”

Jeremy’s eyes sparkled at her words.

He stared at Madeline in shock. “You were already pregnant then?”

“I was, and with Jack, but so what? It’s not like you cared anyway!

“You couldn’t even bring yourself to speak to me personally, so you had to inform me we were getting a divorce through text. You told me to abort the b*stard child because I wasn’t worthy of bearing your children and that Meredith was the only woman in the world who could bear them! You even went so far as to warn me that you’d kill the illegitimate child with your bare hands if I didn’t abort him.

“You called your son a b*stard child, Jeremy Whitman. How could you have the audacity to call yourself Jack’s dad?”

Madeline took a deep breath to calm her emotions before boring her fierce red eyes into Jeremy’s.

“I begged you, I begged for a chance to love you on behalf of our child, but so what? In the end, all I got from you was humiliation and disdain. All I got from you were scars that will never heal!”


Jeremy felt the blood within him freeze at Madeline’s accusations.

His eyes burned with the threat of tears as he stared at Madeline’s cold expression. His heart hurt, but his mind was blank.

Since when had he messaged Madeline something like that?

He had never heard her ask for a chance to love him because of their child.

Why would she say that?

His memory felt incomplete.

He had no recollection of anything Madeline was referring to.

He knew with certainty that Madeline would not lie about this, so the only possibility that remained was that someone else had used his name to say such inexcusable things to Madeline.

Snow suddenly began to fall from the midnight blue sky.

Recollecting her emotions, Madeline lifted a slender finger to rid the droplets that had gathered around the corners of her eyes with a scoff.

“The pain I felt when I gave birth to Jack isn’t something I can possibly describe with words, Jeremy, nor do I want to waste time trying. Our divorce was a fact three years ago, and since Jack is my son, I can promise you that I’ll fight until the end for his custody.”

After stating her will, she brushed past him and left.

Jeremy was quick to hold Madeline’s hand to keep her, but she sent him an icy look before he could open his mouth to speak.

“All you’ve done is push me away, and when I was finally in too much pain to stand, you left me alone.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 490

“What about when Meredith framed me and locked me in prison? Do you remember what you told me then? You told me to kill this b*stard child of mine to make up for Meredith’s miscarriage.

“Have you forgotten everything you’ve told me, Jeremy? What makes you think you have the right to promise Jack a happy family after every heartless move you’ve made against Jack and me? You have no right to be Jack’s father!”

Madeline flung Jeremy’s hold off and turned around cooly.

Jeremy stood rooted in place with his heart rate and breathing running wild.

Snowflakes littered across his shoulders before they seemed to melt into his heart, leaving his chest cold and moist…

With a warm smile, Madeline made a beeline for Jackson upon entering the house. “Do you want to live with Mommy from now on, Jack?”

Jackson nodded joyfully despite not understanding the situation. “I want to live with Mommy! And Daddy too, so that I can be just like the other kids with both a mom and dad!”

The sparkle in Madeline’s eyes dimmed.

“Does that mean I can go home with you and Daddy after dinner, Mommy?” The child’s eyes swam with hope.

From afar, Jeremy felt his heart grow numb at the pain.

He was so sure that Madeline would deny him, so he never expected her to nod in return.

She nodded to Jackson’s question! She said yes!

“Yeah. Mom and Dad will bring you home after dinner, Jack.” Madeline smiled as her eyes flooded with motherly love. “You’ve always been Mom and Dad’s precious baby, Jack. Tell me if anyone dares to say that you don’t have a mom or dad, okay? Mommy will teach them a lesson!”

“Yay!” Jackson clapped his hands excitedly as he turned around to run toward Eloise and Sean. “Granny, Grandpa, I’m going to go home with Mom and Dad later. I’ll come to visit you again next time, okay? So don’t miss me too much.”

The corners of Eloise’s eyes burned as she patted Jackson’s head lovingly. “Granny and Grandpa will miss you dearly, Baby Jack.”

Of course, they would miss him—much more than they did before too.

How could they not love him, when he was a part of their darling daughter?

Thanks to Jackson’s presence, both Eloise and Sean ate dinner happily with Madeline.

After dinner, Madeline held Jackson’s hand as they got into Jeremy’s car.

Eloise and Sean watched them leave.

The fact that they could see Madeline was enough.

Jeremy quietly watched the woman who was currency talking animatedly with Jackson from the rearview mirror as he drove. The loneliness in his eyes grew, and his heart hurt as if countless needles had pierced it.

The car stopped in front of what used to be his and Madeline’s marriage villa, and Madeline brought Jackson into the house.

Madeline then brought Jackson to his room and only left when Jackson had taken a bath and went to sleep.

Exiting the room, Madeline was met with the sight of a downcasted Jeremy standing by the side.

He must have been there for a while as he had not changed out of his clothes yet.

Sparing him a cold look, Madeline brushed past him and left.


Jeremy called after her, only to have Madeline ignore him and walk further away.

“Madeline, Madeline,” Jeremy continued to call out as he suddenly grabbed her hand to stop her in her tracks. Jeremy’s grip tightened just as he felt Madeline about to throw his hand off in disgust. He took big steps to stand before her. With a thud, he fell on one knee in front of her.

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