Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 431-440

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 431

Madeline’s outstretched hand was suddenly hauled up and Felipe was immediately interrupted right when he touched the corner of the thumb drive.
He looked up unhappily with his cold eyes and saw an angry face.

“Vera Quinn, how could you be so shameless?!”

Yvonne yelled, “As soon as Cousin Jeremy walked away, you immediately came to have a sweet lunch with another man. Both of you are even holding hands publicly. You’re so cheap, you don’t deserve to be my cousin-in-law! I’m going to tell Cousin Jeremy about this right away!”

Madeline really did not expect Yvonne to have tailed her. As she was listening to Yvonne’s slanderous words, she withdrew her hand unhappily and said, “Speak with your respect. This ‘other man’ you’re talking about is Jeremy’s uncle.”
“What?” Shocked, Yvonne looked at Felipe who had a cold facial expression. It was only then she noticed that this man not only looked handsome and extraordinary, but his facial features were indeed somewhat similar looking to Jeremy’s.
She knew that Jeremy had an uncle, but she never saw him before. Now that she had seen him, it was unexpected to her that he would be such a rare handsome man.
“Apologize to Vera,” Felipe demanded unhappily.
Yvonne pointed to Madeline. “You want me to apologize to her? Why?”
“I could sue you just based on the few words you’ve said,” Felipe replied indifferently.
Madeline smiled and glanced at Yvonne. “Felipe, forget it. False apologies are never needed for me.”

“You…” Yvonne’s face was flushed in anger.

At this moment, a reminder tone rang from Felipe’s mobile phone. He glanced at the screen and his brows slightly furrowed. “Vera, I have to go back to the company to attend to some important things.”
Madeline smiled. “Go ahead.”

Felipe nodded. He glared at Yvonne, then turned around dissatisfied.
“Tsk!” Yvonne sneered contemptuously. She rolled her eyes irritatedly at Madeline before leaving as well.

Only Madeline was left alone again now.

She looked at the sumptuous lunch and freshly unbottled red wine on the table, then sat back down slowly.

Holding the thumb drive in her hand, she simmered in her thoughts for a moment before immediately returning to the office at First Crystal Street.

She copied all the contents of the thumb drive to her personal computer, then clicked on a folder to open it.

Madeline scanned through it roughly and found that most of them were the plans of various projects, contracts, and some related materials of Whitman Corporation.
These were all highly confidential documents. The corporation would inevitably suffer serious damage once they get leaked out.

Madeline also discovered that a recent project plan that Whitman Corporation was secretly working on was also amongst the files.

It was a cooperative project with ZF, and no mistakes could be made. Otherwise, the consequences would be more than the mere loss of money.

With this data now in her hands, Madeline’s lips gradually curved upward.
It turned out that destroying one person was really this easy.

‘Jeremy, you must have never thought that the woman you hate the most isn’t only alive, but she’s also even about to make you experience the feeling of being ruined.’
She chuckled, her mind filled with his cold and merciless eyes from that time.
However, just as Madeline was about to shut down the computer, she suddenly found a folder with no name.
She clicked on it easily and found that there were thousands of txt files in it. Madeline clicked on one at random and found that there was only one line inside, ‘It’s nice to see you again. I mean it.’
Madeline immediately withdrew her fingers that were holding the mouse.
“I love you. I really do.”

The six words that Jeremy uttered to her while hugging her on the seashore of April Hill before they were married resonated clearly in her ears now.

‘I really do.’

‘Is he emphasizing something?’

Ring, ring, ring… Suddenly, her phone rang.

Madeline was pulled back from her thoughts and saw Jeremy’s name displayed on the screen.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 432

She paused for a few seconds before picking it up.
A man’s deep and hoarse voice sounded softly, “Have you returned to the company?”
“No, I returned to my store,” Madeline said calmly, “Aren’t you busy? Why do you have the time to call me?”
“I suddenly missed you,” he said softly. After saying this, he added, “For real.”
These two words made Madeline’s heartbeat skip all of a sudden. Her gaze shifted to the computer screen, her heart feeling disturbed.
“Vera, I might not be able to go back tonight. Will you miss me like how I miss you?”
Madeline was silent for a while as she listened to his words.
Not knowing how much time had passed, she then replied softly, “Of course, of course I’ll miss you.”
After obtaining her answer, Jeremy chuckled softly and said with a sweet tone, “Don’t worry, everything will be resolved soon. We’ll never be separated again after this.”

Madeline listened to Jeremy’s words blankly. By the time she had come back to her senses, it was unknown to her when the call ended.

She vaguely felt that something was off, and after switching off the computer, she immediately went to the detention center.

Meredith was very happy to know that someone had come to visit her, but when she saw that it was Madeline who was sitting in the interview room, her face turned gloomy.
Meredith had dark circles under her eyes. She glared at the noble and elegant-looking Madeline with hatred as she dragged her handcuffs and shackles.
She saw on the news a few days ago that the Montgomery family already knew that Madeline was their biological daughter and had announced it publicly. Yet, they did not seem to know that Madeline was now Vera Quinn.

Meredith glared at Madeline with ferocious eyes, suddenly sneering, “Want to know the whereabouts of the mix breed you gave birth to back then?”
“I indeed want to know, but I don’t think you’d tell me.”

Madeline was very clear in her heart. “Meredith, let me ask you, why did you destroy my grave and even stole my ashes?”
“Ashes?” Meredith laughed loudly the moment she heard it.

“Madeline, I really wish you were just a handful of ashes! You damn b*tch! If I knew you weren’t dead, I wouldn’t have wasted time in that kind of unlucky place!”
Madeline’s eyes lit up when she heard the words. “So you admit that you really did destroy my grave?”
“Yes, so what?! I even found someone to curse you, to make you not have an easy life even as a ghost!”

Listening to Meredith’s spiteful cursings, Madeline was shocked into a daze.
It was not because of Meredith’s evil curse but the fact that she had confirmed through Meredith’s answer that the destroyed grave was really made for her.

“Madeline, don’t be happy just yet. I’ll definitely get out! When that happens, I’ll kill the little one first and leave you with regrets for the rest of your life!”
Madeline got up slowly and looked over Meredith condescendingly.

“There’ll be no such day. Once the truth behind the death of Brittany and my grandfather is revealed, what awaits you will be the death penalty. That day is about to come very soon.”

“Madeline! Don’t leave, Madeline! Don’t think you’ll ever find that mixed breed of yours!”

Madeline ignored Meredith’s roaring curses behind her and proceeded to leave the visitor room.

That night, Madeline stood on the balcony without feeling sleepy. She faced the evening breeze of early winter.

‘That destroyed grave was really mine?

‘Why would he set up a grave for me? And why did he look so crazy when it was discovered that my grave was destroyed?’

Madeline could not fathom it and decided to stop thinking about it.
Early the next morning, after Madeline had sent Jackson to kindergarten, she went to Whitman Corporation.

As soon as she reached the doors, she heard someone calling her. “Vera.”
Madeline looked back and saw Felipe walking toward her. She quickly recalled the thumb drive.

Felipe then said immediately, “Vera, is the thumb drive with you?”

Madeline no longer let herself think about anything else. She took out the thumb drive decisively from her bag and handed it over, “Here you go.”

At this moment, Madeline’s wrist was grabbed again.

The familiar heat and breath made her heart tighten. She raised her eyes and locked them with Jeremy’s deep gaze.

Jeremy looked at Madeline, his thin lips parting slightly as he said, “You can’t give it to him.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 433

Madeline did not expect Jeremy to appear so suddenly at this time. Not only did he stop her, but he had even said something like this.
Felipe’s gaze turned cold. “Jeremy, aren’t you on a business trip?”

“Am I not allowed to come back after my business trip? How would I be able to witness you pestering my wife if I hadn’t come back just in time?” Jeremy said in a cold tone, then he held Madeline’s hand in his palm. “Let’s go in.”
He ignored Felipe and turned away while bringing Madeline to the door.
Madeline looked back at Felipe, then followed Jeremy into the corporation silently.
Upon returning to the office, Madeline thought that Jeremy would question her, but he did not ask anything.
“Don’t you have something to ask me?” Madeline inquiringly looked at the man who had a calm expression.
Jeremy took off his coat and replied in a soft tone, “Do I have something to ask?”
“Won’t you ask me what is in this thumb drive and why I was giving it to Felipe?”
“If you wanted to tell me, you would have naturally done so.” Jeremy smiled with his lips parted. Listening to his words, it seemed that he did not have the intention to pursue it.
“You don’t want to question me, but you did stop me just now. It’s because you know what’s inside, right?” Madeline asked with a slight smile.

“How would I know what’s in the thumb drive? I just don’t like seeing you and him having any interaction.” Jeremy explained patiently. Seeing Madeline frowning and looking unhappy, he walked toward her.

His tone was pampering and coaxing, something she had never experienced before.

“Vera, I don’t want to see you get too close to any one of the opposite sex, especially Felipe.”
His soft gaze fell onto her like the warm sun in winter, then he hugged Madeline.
“Promise me, never meet him alone again, okay?”

His humble words bloomed beside Madeline’s ears in a begging tone.
“I don’t want to lose you. I really don’t want to…”
He whispered, his embrace tightening even more.

Madeline raised her hand slowly and gently hugged them around Jeremy’s waist. “I promise.”

As if having received a joyful promise, Madeline heard Jeremy chuckle relaxedly. “That’s good.”

After a while, Madeline followed Jeremy to the regular meeting.
She was not in the mood to listen to the content of the meeting, however, as Jeremy’s behavior had planted a certain speculation in her heart.

When the meeting ended, Madeline received a call from Eloise all of a sudden saying that Diana’s case was going on trial this afternoon. She called to thank Madeline for her help back then.
They would never know that Vera was precisely the party involved in this matter.
At 1:30 PM in the afternoon, Madeline appeared in the audience.

Diana stood in the area of the defendant and admitted that she had switched the babies back then, but she still did not think it was a big deal.
“It’s not that I’ve done anything bad to the child.

All I did was switch them around. My sister can prove that I gave her that child back then. She was still alive at that time! Then she died, and that means her death was well deserved.

Who asked her to kill my daughter? My daughter is the most innocent and most pitiful in this case! Your Honor, you must seek justice for my daughter!”

Hearing this, Eloise and Sean were angered while wishing they could go up and teach Diana a lesson.

This ridiculous remark made Madeline feel that Diana was indeed hateable and pitiful.

Diana sounded like she loved Brit very much, but in fact, she was only immersed in her own self-righteous, motherly love.

The judge was also shocked by Diana’s remarks. Was this what a humane person would say?

Making it look reasonable even after she had destroyed another family that could have been warm and complete.

Immediately right after, Diana’s sister appeared as a witness.

Diana was very excited the moment she saw her. “Your Honor, this is my sister! Ask her whether I gave her the child back then! I really didn’t do anything to that child.”

“Silence,” the judge said solemnly before asking, “Witness, please answer the prosecution lawyer’s question.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 434

Diana’s sister looked like an honest person. However, her tone was extremely disdainful when she spoke, “About 28 years ago, my sister Diana handed me a child. She said it’s a child who someone had abandoned. As she pitied the child, she asked me to adopt her.

“Back then, she gave me a huge sum of money to keep the child, so I took care of the baby for a few days because I needed the cash. However, that child would cry non-stop every night. I thought she was too annoying and gave her to my father.”

When Eloise and Sean heard about the truth, they were so heartbroken that they could not breathe.

Their daughter had cried every night because she wanted her parents’ cuddles and comfort. However, no one was giving that to her. On the contrary, she was even abandoned.

At that same moment, they were doting on Diana’s biological daughter.

Diana even had the nerve to say that she was a child who was abandoned by her parents and only kept her around because she felt sorry for her.

What she said was so horrifying.

Diana always looked so dumb and innocent, but she actually knew everything. If not, how would she know to let her own daughter enjoy such a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle?

Then, Diana’s sister said, “My dad isn’t right in the head. However, he seemed to like that child. After I gave him the child, I didn’t ask about her anymore. Then, I heard that my father moved just so he could send her to school. I don’t know where he went. It’s been 30 years since I last saw him. I didn’t see that child anymore as well.”

When she heard about this, Madeline understood.

Her grandfather was Diana’s father.

His children ignored him for more than 30 years. They did not even know that he had died.

Madeline felt debilitating pain in her heart. It was for her and for her grandfather who raised her ever since she was small.

At this moment, Eloise got up all of a sudden and pointed at Diana angrily with red eyes.

“Diana! Is this the amazing sister that you mentioned? Did you hear that? Not only did your ‘good sister’ didn’t take good care of my daughter, but she even left her with your father. How can you say that this is just a minor matter with such righteousness?

“You caused my daughter to have no parents since she was young and she died without her parents by her side. On the other hand, you let your daughter enjoy all the luxurious things in the world since she was young. You’re not human! You’re heartless!”

Even though what Eloise did was not right, the judge did not look into it. Perhaps he felt that it was understandable.

Diana lowered her head as she could not say anything more.

The hearing ended, and the court would sentence Diana in an hour.

After they got out, Eloise looked at Madeline through her tears. Her face stunned Eloise.

She ran toward Madeline and held her without saying anything.

“Eveline… My Eveline…”

Madeline was touched. She lifted her hand to pat Eloise’s shoulder and comforted, saying, “Mrs. Montgomery, stop crying. It’s all in the past now.”

‘Yeah, it’s all in the past. Soon, everything will be over…’

When it was time to go back, Jeremy arrived. His face looked gentle when he said he was here to pick Madeline up.

“How did you know I was here to watch?” On the way, Madeline asked curiously.

Jeremy smiled. “How could I be your husband if I don’t know what you’re thinking about?”

His answer sounded sweet, but Madeline did not think so.

On the other hand, she realized that they were not heading home. They were heading to the cemetery.

After they got out of the car, Jeremy held her hand and led her into the cemetery.

“I didn’t expect that to happen the last time I brought you here. However, you must be curious about something, right?”

After he said that, they got to their destination.

This was the grave that was destroyed last time, but now, it had been cleaned up.

Madeline looked at the empty grave. She smiled softly and asked, “Who was buried here before?”

“My ex-wife, Madeline.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 435

Even though Madeline could guess this from Meredith’s replies, when Jeremy gave her an affirmative answer, she was still stunned all the same.

The cold wind from the early winter caressed her face. That bone-chilling coldness made Madeline recall the man’s cruelness back then.

She could never forget about his cruel and cold-blooded actions as well as his gaze.

After a while, Madeline curled her lips superficially. “You hate Madeline so much, so why did you even erect a tombstone for her? You’re even giving her roses. I don’t understand this,” she smiled as she said. She could not accept this reality.

He hated her so much that he wanted to crush her into dust, so why was he commemorating her passing?

Jeremy smiled when he heard that. His gentle gaze landed on Madeline’s face. “I know you won’t believe me because even I’ve lied to myself a few times.”

Madeline turned her head. “Lied to yourself?”

Jeremy smiled and looked at Madeline. “I lied to myself that her passing is just a lie and I lied to myself that… I didn’t love her.”


After he said that, Madeline felt as if her heart had been ripped out from her chest. A sarcastic smile spread across her face.

What an emotional speech. However, she could not feel any arousal of emotions or sweetness from his words. There was only pathetic hypocrisy.

She laughed as she turned around. She said slowly, “You brought me all the way here just to tell me you love Madeline?”

After she asked this question, Madeline chuckled lowly.

“I don’t know what happened between you two, but I know if a man truly loves a woman, he wouldn’t let her cry. If you really cared and was concerned about her, she wouldn’t have died just like that.”

Madeline clenched her fists that were hiding in her sleeves. She controlled the hatred in her heart as she looked at Jeremy coldly.

“Jeremy, you don’t love Madeline. You love Meredith. Everyone in Glendale knows that.”

She denied everything. The man in front of her looked straight at her without arguing.

“I got it. After Madeline died and you learned about the truth during this period, you’ve started feeling that you’re indebted to Madeline, so that’s why you erected a tombstone for her. You also give her flowers as an apology, right?”

Madeline explained why Jeremy was doing that. This was also the most reasonable reason she could think of.

However, Jeremy only smiled at Madeline while keeping silent.

After they went home, Madeline went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Of course, she did not have the mood to make dinner for Jeremy anymore. However, she was more than happy to make a delicious meal for Jackson.

Madeline made three different kinds of dishes and some soup. It was a simple family meal.

Back then, she had spent so many evenings making dinner for Jeremy and yet, he never even tried her food before.

Now, looking at him devouring her food, a hint of sarcasm appeared in Madeline’s eyes.

‘Jeremy, if you weren’t blind back then and did not believe everything Meredith said, this would’ve been a harmonious moment for the four of us as a family.

‘However, you’ve destroyed everything.

‘We made a promise when we were young and also made a vow on our wedding day, but in the end, it became my one-sided wishful thinking. Eventually, you even destroyed my last ounce of yearning.

‘It was the best moment of my life and yet you gave me the darkest and most painful memories.

‘Back then on that snowy day, I told you that if you didn’t kill me, I’d definitely seek revenge.’


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 436

At this moment, Madeline’s phone chimed with the notification sound.

Madeline gathered her thoughts and looked at the screen. It was from Felipe.

Felipe was hoping that Madeline would send him the documents on the USB drive.

“Daddy, is Vera going to be my mommy from now on? Can I tell the other kids that my mommy is Vera Quinn when they ask me?” Jackson asked in a childish and innocent voice.

Madeline looked over and saw Jeremy spooning some food into Jackson’s plate. Then, he smiled warmly and nodded. “Jack, no matter in the past or the future, you only have one mommy and she’s sitting in front of you.”

After he said that, Jackson smiled naively at Madeline.

There was a glint in Jackson’s eyes that instantly healed Madeline’s wounded heart.

Suddenly, she felt an ache in her heart. Then, she felt reluctant.

She was reluctant to make Jackson’s smile disappear in the future.

The moment Jeremy’s reputation was ruined and the Whitmans fell from grace, Jackson would not be happy again.

The next morning, Madeline went to the shop. She organized the files on the USB drive and deliberately deleted some important documents before sending them to Felipe.

However, when Felipe saw the documents, he immediately went to look for Madeline.

Madeline was about to go to Whitman Corporation. When she saw Felipe, she could predict the reason why he had come over in such a hurry.

Felipe was a smart man, so he was able to tell that the documents that were sent over were of no use to him.

The inside of the office was quiet.

Not only did Felipe not question her or feel dissatisfied with her, he only looked at her with a disappointed look on his face.

“Vera, are you regretting this?” His tone was calm. “You don’t want to see him fall from grace. You still love him.”

“I stopped loving him a long time ago.” Madeline denied without hesitating, and there was sarcasm in her eyes. “I just don’t want to go all out. After all, Jackson is innocent.”

“I don’t think you’re going all out. Just think about how he treated you back then.”

Felipe walked in front of Madeline, his eyes as bright as onyxes. Yet, they were looking at her with pity.

“Maddie, please allow me to call you this. I think you won’t forget about how he abandoned and ignored you in the rain so cruelly. And remember how he allowed Meredith to frame you, causing you to be wrongfully imprisoned for three years?

“Remember how they tortured you during the three years of your imprisonment and how they stole your child? What did he do to force you to divorce him? He asked Meredith to remove your corneas and even treated your life with contempt. You’re already very benevolent to him by doing this.”

There was a hint of rage in Felipe’s usually calm and warm eyes.

“Stop hesitating. He has already committed so many crimes. You don’t have to go easy on him.”

After Madeline heard those words, tears welled up in her eyes.

What happened in the past had built up into a mountain of indestructible hatred. Her gaze was determined.

‘Yes, I can’t hesitate anymore. I can’t continue being so soft-hearted.”

Madeline made her final decision, but she still could not hand all of the documents in the USB drive to Felipe. It was because she remembered the old master’s reminder all of a sudden.

Monday morning, Madeline and Jeremy walked into Whitman Corporation’s door and saw the employees in bad moods. However, the employees still smiled and greeted them because of Jeremy’s aura.

Even though Jeremy did not show any emotions, Madeline could detect that he felt that something was amiss. She knew clearly what was the reason behind his strange expression.

When they got to the office, Jeremy’s assistant, Ken, walked in with a solemn expression. “Mr. Whitman, something’s wrong.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 437

Madeline looked at Jeremy indifferently when she heard that. The man flipped through a stack of documents in his hand slowly without raising his head. “What’s going on?”

Ken looked at Madeline hesitantly.

Madeline understood what he meant and smiled before getting up. “You guys should talk. I’ll go back to the jewelry department.”

“Vera is my wife. There’s nothing she’s not allowed to know.” Jeremy stopped Madeline from leaving.

Ken nodded and said, “Mr. Whitman, the project in Cielo Aqua Bay with ZF is met with a bit of a hiccup.”

Jeremy took care of the work in front of him and asked slowly, “The project has not started yet, so what can happen?”

“Since it hasn’t started yet, someone snatched it away from us.”

After Ken said that, Jeremy stopped flipping through his documents.

He lifted his eyes that were as deep as the ocean. “Someone snatched it from us?”

Ken nodded. “It’s a company named Simis. They signed the contract with the relevant department of ZF yesterday.”

“Simis?” Jeremy muttered to himself quietly.

“Mr. Whitman, our company will suffer a huge loss if the collaboration stops so abruptly. The preparation we did back then would all go to waste.”

After Ken said that, the sound of knocking came from the glass door of the office.

A few heads of departments stood outside the door with grim expressions on their faces. Jeremy’s eyes darkened. His bottomless eyes had already detected some clues.

The heads walked in. After they were all in the room, they started talking frantically all at once.

“Mr. Whitman, the shipping to South America was put to a stop all of a sudden. The products are all left at the dock. The customers in South America are livid.”

“Mr. Whitman, the clients from RS want to reexamine the collaboration with us all of a sudden for no reason. All of the relevant businesses are forced to come to a stop.”

“Mr. Whitman, something went wrong with the project in Cielo Aqua Bay. The shareholders from the board want to have an emergency meeting. They’re already on the way.”


Ken was stunned for a few seconds after he heard these.

Why were they all happening at once?

It seemed as if they had been targeted.

Madeline listened to all these quietly. She turned around and saw Jeremy getting up slowly. “Prepare for the meeting.” He ordered flatly. He walked in front of Madeline and smiled gently before saying, “I’m going to take care of something. You should go do your work.”

Madeline nodded. “Okay.”

She did not intend to follow him since the content of the meeting was not important to her anymore.

Madeline stood where she was as she watched Jeremy turn around.

He still looked elegant and poised. It was as if he was just facing something minor.

Madeline lifted her gaze to look at the winter scene outside the window as her eyes darkened.

‘Jeremy Whitman, your winter is coming.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 438

‘I will leave a ray of light for you in the winter for the sake of Grandpa and Jack.

‘This is my last act of kindness to you.’

Two days later, not only was the crisis not solved, but the shares of Whitman Corporation were also greatly affected. There were also a lot of rumors about the possibility of them closing transactions.

However, Jeremy did not look worried. On the other hand, he brought Madeline back to have dinner in Whitman Manor.

During dinner, Jeremy’s phone rang non-stop. This time, he received a call and walked away. His mother placed down her fork in worry.

“Aunt Karen, what’s wrong?” Yvonne looked concerned.

“What else can be wrong? So many things have been happening to the company recently. I have no idea what’s going on. They all happened at the same time.”

“Aunt Karen, don’t worry. With Jeremy’s abilities, he’ll be able to settle anything.” Yvonne had a look of admiration on her face as she flattered.

“What do you know? This is related to ZF as well. I think there’ll be some trouble coming,” Jeremy’s mother said in dissatisfaction. When she saw Madeline holding her fork and eating carefreely, her face darkened even more.

“Hmph, Vera, what kind of wife are you? Your husband is so busy that he doesn’t even have time to eat and you’re having the time of your life wolfing down your meal. If anything happens to Whitman Corporation, you’ll have to suffer as well!”

Madeline chuckled lowly when she heard that. “I won’t be affected even if something were to happen to Whitman Corporation. I have my own company and business. I don’t need to depend on a man.”

“You…” Jeremy’s mother glared at Madeline angrily.

Yvonne quickly comforted her before starting to attack Madeline. “Vera, how can you say that? Are you even Jeremy’s wife? If you don’t know how to be Jeremy’s wife, then you should divorce him soon.”

“Why? Do you want me to divorce him so much?” Madeline lifted her gaze. “Even if I divorce him, you’ll never have the chance to have a relationship with him.”

“…” Yvonne’s face turned red as her thoughts had been exposed. “W-What are you talking about? I only have respect and admiration for Jeremy. I’m not as filthy as you imagine!”

“You should know yourself whether you’re filthy or not.” Madeline smiled and reached out her fork nonchalantly.

Jeremy’s mother reached out and swatted away Madeline’s hand that was reaching out to the food.

“Why are you still eating? As Jeremy’s wife, not only are you refusing to share his burden but you’re also carrying on with your life so carefreely. Vera Quinn, let me tell you, you should know your place. If not, I’ll make sure you end up like that b*tch Madeline Crawford!”


Madeline slammed her fork on the table. Her actions had scared Jeremy’s mother and Yvonne. They looked at Madeline with shocked looks on their faces.

Madeline lifted her gaze and there was a powerful aura coming from her eyes. “You keep calling Madeline a b*tch, but what has she ever done to you? Is that how you should behave as a mother-in-law?

“How much did your son torture Madeline because of that vile woman, Meredith? Now that the truth has come out, not only do you not feel remorseful for what you’ve done, but you even want to treat an innocent person like this. Why? Did Madeline owe you anything? Or do you think that you’re better than her because you’re her mother-in-law?”

Jeremy’s mother’s jaw dropped. “H-How dare you talk to me that way?”

Madeline curled the corners of her lips in arrogance. “I’m not your maid, so why can’t I talk to you that way? On the other hand, I don’t think you’re able to talk to me in that tone soon enough.”

“…” Jeremy’s mother looked at the domineering Madeline with a look of loss on her face.

After Jeremy ended his call, he realized that the atmosphere in the room was weird.

His mother stood up and pointed at Madeline furiously. “Jeremy, this woman is utterly undisciplined and out of control! She yelled at me while pointing at me. She doesn’t even respect me at all!”

“Yeah, Jeremy. I saw and heard everything! Not only did Vera scream at Aunt Karen, but she also scolded you. She said you made Madeline suffer a lot, but Madeline was a bad woman! She deserved to die!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 439

“Shut up!” Jeremy roared angrily.

Yvonne immediately kept quiet out of fear. She saw a coldness in Jeremy’s eyes and did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

Jeremy walked past Yvonne and his mother as he approached Madeline. When he saw Madeline’s displeased expression, he asked gently, “Are you full? If you are, then let’s go home.”

Madeline got up slowly, her arrogant eyes scanning across Yvonne and Jeremy’s mother. She said slowly, “I don’t want to eat anymore. How can I have an appetite when I’m facing those people.”


Jeremy’s mother exploded immediately. “Jeremy, did you hear that? She’s talking about me with that kind of attitude!”

Madeline smiled coldly. “So what if I’m talking to you that way? Do you think I’ll let you bully me like Madeline?”

“Y-You…” Jeremy’s mother was at a loss for words. “Vera Quinn, what do you mean? Are you outraged by the injustice Madeline suffered? How interesting. But you can’t stop me from scolding her when she is a b*tch! She said Meredith was framing her, but if she had behaved well, who would have wanted to harm her?

“That heartless b*tch slashed my grandson’s face and I still haven’t avenged my grandson for that. Thankfully, she’s dead now. If not, I will never forgive her!”

“I told you to shut up! Didn’t you hear? Do you want me to get angry?” Jeremy was livid now, and his eyes were filled with ice. “Madeline was proven to be Miss Montgomery. Do you dare to say all these to Eloise and Sean?”

“…” His mother pressed her lips together in awkwardness.

When she found out that Madeline was the Montgomeries’ daughter, she was completely stunned.

Madeline was a feral child who was brought up by a mentally ill old man but she turned out to be the young lady from the influential Montgomery family. She refused to accept this.

Back then, she even curried flavor with Eloise. She said it would be amazing if they could be in-laws. In the end, Madeline’s true identity came back and slapped her across the face.

The room plunged into silence as Jeremy’s gaze softened. “Vera, let’s go back.”

Madeline released her tightly clenched fists as she glared at Jeremy’s mother with an icy gaze that was filled with flames of anger.

When Jeremy’s mother saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s hand considerately, she started muttering to herself angrily, “Hmph, so what if she was the Montgomeries’ daughter? I’m just telling the truth. That b*tch really almost disfigured Jack and she must have been involved in Brittany Montgomery’s death too!”

Madeline stopped in her tracks. She turned her face, her piercing gaze landing on Jeremy’s mother’s face. “You didn’t see it with your own eyes or have any evidence, but you’re accusing someone of a crime. If the truth came out one day proving that Madeline was innocent, will you apologize? You won’t. You’ll just bully the weak and kneel to the strong.”

“…” Jeremy’s mother looked at Madeline’s mocking gaze with awkwardness on her face.

Of course, she was unconvinced and unsatisfied. However, she did not dare to say anything when she saw how much Jeremy protected Madeline. She could only endure her anger.

Madeline was right. She would only bully the weak and kneel to the strong. She would also take unfair advantage of the weak and fear the strong.

This time, she knew she was faced with a rival.

Vera was indeed something else. Madeline was not able to compare to her.

On the way home, the inside of the car was oddly quiet.

Madeline looked out of the window and saw the changing scenery outside. Her gaze looked desolate.

She would always remember this road. She remembered how he had choked her so cruelly just to protect Meredith. He also warned her and was suspicious of her.

Despite her using her life to plead for an ounce of trust from him, in the end, she was still kicked out of the car in disdain.

On that day, it had been very windy and was also raining cats and dogs.

She endured the pain in her body and collapsed to the icy ground.

If it was not for Felipe, she might have gotten run over by a car and would have died in the middle of the road. Perhaps, she would have died from pain.


‘In my memories, you’ve only ever brought me pain.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 440

‘However, now you’re ridiculously exploiting my death and saying that you love me?

‘Jeremy, you’re pathetic.’

“I need to go to F Country three hours later. I’ll be gone for about two days.” The man’s deep voice sounded.

F Country?

Madeline’s eyes twinkled. Then, she replied flatly, “Okay.”

When Jeremy heard her emotionless answer, he lifted his eyes and saw Madeline’s cold expression from the rearview mirror.

After the car stopped, Madeline got out of the car and went into the house herself. When she wanted to go see Jackson, she remembered that Eloise had picked him up this morning.

Although Jackson was not their biological grandson, he was still Eloise and Sean’s grandson in their hearts. They genuinely loved this child as well.

Madeline went back to her room and grabbed her pajamas. She was about to go take a shower.

However, when she turned around, she saw Jeremy looking at her with a complicated look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you going to berate me for talking to your mother that way, or are you agreeing that your ex-wife Madeline was a despicable b*tch so I have no right to defend her?”

She smiled sarcastically in a nonchalant manner. She then walked in front of the silent man.

“If you want to lecture me, you can save it. I won’t change my attitude.”

However, the moment she finished talking, Jeremy lifted his hand and placed it behind her head gently.

He bent down and closed his eyes. Then, his thin lips were pressed against hers as he kissed her deeply.

Madeline was caught off guard. She did not expect that Jeremy would be quiet and not mad at her, but instead, he would just kiss her.

She was taken aback for a few seconds. When she came back to her senses, Jeremy had already detached himself from her.

He looked straight at her, his eyes filled with gentleness and tender sentiments.

“No matter what you say or do, I won’t blame you.”

After Jeremy said that, he spread out his arms and pulled Madeline into a hug.

His force was gentle yet passionate. It was as if he would hurt her if he held her too tightly or too gently.

“Wait for me to come back. I’ll take care of everything. Trust me.”

His gentle voice lingered in her ear.

Madeline sighed deeply and did not move. She allowed Jeremy to hold her, letting the two of them get entangled with each other.

Suddenly, she smiled.

‘Jeremy, this will be our last embrace.

‘When you come back from F Country, Vera Quinn will disappear from the face of the earth.

‘I won’t smile at you anymore. I won’t even give you a fake smile.’

Three hours later, Jeremy boarded the plane to F Country.

Large white birds soared in the deep blue sky. They left undetectable traces in the night sky.

The next day, Madeline attended the meeting as the president’s wife. However, before she could sit down, Yvonne and Jeremy’s mother, Karen, barged into the meeting room aggressively before cornering her to one side.

“Vera, don’t think that you’re the person with the most power in this company just because my son isn’t here.”

Karen glared at Madeline. Then, she walked to Jeremy’s usual seat in the room and sat down in front of all of the heads of departments. “Everyone, the affairs of the company will be handled by me and Miss Yvonne Yaleman who’s beside me during the absence of my son. If there are any documents to sign or examine, you should pass all of them to me.”

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