Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 421-430

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 421

“Look over there.” Eloise pointed not far away, her eyes suddenly looking sad. “My daughter is dead and I know that I can’t make up for this regret in my life. Only by doing this can I remedy a bit of this regret.”

“We know that this request is very selfish and a bit overwhelming. If you’re unwilling, Miss Vera, we won’t force it.” Sean’s tone was gentle while his eyes were filled with pleading.

Madeline looked at the photo studio not far away and smiled.

It turned out that they wanted to borrow her face for a family portrait.

Felipe was right. Sometimes the apology may not be done out of sincerity. They just hoped that they would feel better in their hearts, nothing more.

They would be better off after taking a family portrait, but what about her?

Madeline chuckled. She closed her eyes and could still clearly see the scenes of Eloise and Sean treating her coldly back then.

She had given enough during this time.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I can agree.” Madeline refused. “I don’t want to be regarded as Madeline’s substitute. She had such a sad life and I don’t want to repeat it at all, nor do I want to have anything to do with her.”

Eloise and Sean’s hearts sank as feelings of emptiness invaded their atria.

“Miss Vera, don’t get us wrong. We’re not treating you as a substitute for Madeline. It’s alright if you don’t agree. We did ask for too much.” Eloise hurriedly apologized. Although her eyes were filled with loneliness and sadness, she worked hard to give Madeline a smile.

“Miss Vera, you’ve helped us a lot during this time. It’s Sean and me who were too reckless.”

“Apologies, Miss Vera.” Sean also apologized.

“Miss Vera, you’re beautiful and outstanding. Mr. Whitman also values ​​you very much. I believe you won’t repeat the tragedy of my daughter. I sincerely wish you the best.”

Eloise looked at Madeline with gentle eyes. After saying this, her eyes became wet. She wiped the corners of her eyes and smiled again. “Let’s not delay Miss Vera. Sean, why don’t you send Miss Vera back?”

“No need to send me back. I’ll head back myself.” Madeline smiled and turned around decisively.

‘It turns out that I’m still unable to be completely hard-hearted. Just looking at their lonely and sad appearance makes my heart hurt.’

“Sean, let’s go. Let’s go to the detention center first. I have to ask Meredith about the whereabouts of Madeline’s ashes.”

Madeline had not gone far, so she could clearly hear Eloise’s words from behind her.

‘My ashes are gone?’

“Meredith Crawford! That woman is so vicious that she destroyed Madeline’s grave and stole her ashes. How could there be such a perverted person in this world?!”

Madeline’s pace slowed down involuntarily as her thoughts became a little messed up all of a sudden.

‘My grave was destroyed by Meredith? My ‘ashes’ were also stolen by her?’

As she pondered, the scene of Jeremy taking her to the cemetery suddenly popped up in her mind.

He had brought her to a particular grave, only to find that the grave was destroyed. Jeremy’s eyes had been red then as he looked for something amongst the shattered ruins almost devilishly.

‘Could it be that he was looking for my ashes?

‘Could it be that it was actually my grave?’

When she came to this conclusion, Madeline’s heart was torn violently.

Honk, honk!

The piercing sound of brakes whizzed to her ears.

Only then did Madeline regain her senses and found that she had somehow walked into the middle of the road in a daze.

In the moment of life and death, a pair of strong arms had hugged her tightly and brought her to safety.

“Miss Vera, are you okay?” Sean’s worried voice sounded above her head.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 422

Eloise had also hurried over, her eyes filled with anxiety. “Miss Vera, why did you suddenly run out onto the road? It’s so dangerous! Are you okay?”

Hearing this, Madeline finally came back to her senses completely. She shook her head and said, “I was thinking about something just now. Thank you, I’ll be leaving now.”

Eloise and Sean felt that Madeline was behaving a bit weirdly and were a little worried, but Madeline had quickly gotten on a taxi by the side of the road.

She got off when the car arrived at the building of Whitman Corporation. While on the way, Madeline had still been thinking about what she heard before.

Could it be?

‘The grave that Jeremy brought me to the last time definitely has nothing to do with me.

‘He hates me so much. Why would he give me a grave, let alone be so anxious as to have gone crazy when he couldn’t find my ashes?’ Madeline thought to herself silently while walking toward the doors.

As soon as she was about to step in, a strong smell of perfume suddenly wafted over. Madeline’s shoulder was then hit hard.

“What’s the matter with you? Do you walk without looking at what’s in front of you?” A woman’s dissatisfied voice sounded domineering.

Madeline raised her eyes and saw a bright, enthralling face.

The woman in front of her was dressed sexily and had delicate makeup on. Her taro purple hair reached to her waist in waves.

From a distance, she had superb manners and was a beautiful person.

However, after taking a closer look, she was a bit tackier while the perfume on her body was too strong.

Moreover, her eyes were filled with unparalleled arrogance and were extremely unfriendly.

Madeline calmly opened her mouth. “Lady, you ran into me.”

“If you hadn’t stood in front of me, why would I have bumped into you?” The woman looked at Madeline arrogantly, then folded her arms before smiling. “Are you an employee of Whitman Corporation? Do you know who I am? I’m one of the most important women in Mr. Whitman’s life. Can you afford to offend me? Hmph!”

The woman glared at Madeline pretentiously and turned around roughly as soon as she was done talking.

One of the most important women in Jeremy’s life…?

Madeline smiled at that arrogant view of her back. She was too lazy to argue and went toward the VIP elevator on the side.

After exiting the elevator, she walked straight to Jeremy’s office. As soon as she reached the door, she saw Jeremy sitting against the light at his desk while reviewing documents.

The corners of his eyebrows were softened by the warm sun. It took off the cold and sharp edge he usually had in front of others, giving him a little more of the rare warmth. The rarely worn white shirt also added a little sunshine to his cold temperament.

Thinking of her plan, Madeline turned around and entered the pantry to make a cup of coffee for Jeremy.

However, as soon as she stepped out of the door of the pantry, she smelled the pungent perfume again. In the next second, the arrogant woman ran into her once more.


The coffee cup in Madeline’s hand was knocked off.

“Ah! My limited-edition cashmere jacket!” The woman screamed angrily. Raising her eyes to see Madeline, she got even angrier. “It’s you again!”

She glanced at the overturned coffee cup angrily. “Just you wait. I’ll have Mr. Whitman fire you, you blind secretary!”


Madeline took a look at what she was wearing. Had she worn too professional-looking clothes today?

Jeremy seemed to have heard the noise just then. He went over, his worldly temperament stringing along his strong aura.

When the woman turned around and saw Jeremy, she greeted him happily like a bee that had seen a flower. “Cousin Jeremy!” she called out in a soft tone. “Cousin Jeremy, I missed you so much, did you know? As soon as I was done with my thesis, I flew over to come look for you!”
The woman finished her words delicately, then stared at Madeline who was not far away.

“But I didn’t expect to meet such a blind employee as soon as I got here. She not only ran into me twice, but she also dirtied my clothes. She didn’t even apologize to me. It makes me so annoyed to look at her. You should fire her immediately!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 423

She pointed at Madeline arrogantly, and after saying that, she wanted to hug him.

However, as soon as she stretched out her hand, Jeremy walked around her indifferently and went toward Madeline instead.

“Cousin Jeremy?” Yvonne Yalemen stared at Jeremy who had not even spared her a glance.

Jeremy glanced at the coffee that was knocked over to the floor and looked at Madeline with concern. “Are you alright? Were you burned?”

Madeline curled her lips. “It wasn’t hot enough for that, but…” She paused, looking at the woman whose expression had slightly changed. “This lady bumped into me twice. My shoulder hurts a bit.”

“…” Yvonne probably did not expect that Madeline would say this to Jeremy. She looked embarrassed and hurriedly retorted, “Cousin Jeremy, I didn’t bump into her. She bumped into me! “

While saying this, she stared at Madeline angrily.

“I had wanted to spare your dignity in front of my cousin, but it seems that you really don’t want to work here anymore. Cousin Jeremy, you should fire her and teach her a lesson!”

Jeremy’s handsome face sank as annoyance spread to the corners of his eyes and brows.

“I’ll teach you a lesson instead if you still won’t shut your mouth.”

“…” Yvonne closed her mouth, dumbfounded. She then saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s hand,

“Cousin, you… What are you doing? Why are you holding this woman’s hand?”

“Do I still need to report to you just to hold my wife’s hand?” Yvonne was dumbfounded. “Wife? Didn’t that b*tch Madeline die long ago? When did you get married again? Why don’t I know of it? “

Madeline’s eyes were cold when she heard Yvonne’s description of herself.

It seemed that Mrs. Whitman really did not hesitate to publicize her.

She was obviously a victim after being framed, but over the years, she had been burdened with all kinds of unbearable names.

These people did not know the truth but still opened their mouths and vilified her as a sl*t.

Really, it was hateful.

Jeremy glanced at Yvonne coldly before bringing Madeline into his office.

“Vixen!” Yvonne cursed in a low voice, feeling unconvinced. Then, she started following them.

Just as she was about to follow them through the office door, the glass door closed automatically.

Yvonne bumped her head on the glass and touched her forehead that was hurting. “Cousin Jeremy, open the door. I’m still outside.”

However, Jeremy ignored her and just kept talking to Madeline.

“I’m so angry!” Yvonne stamped her foot and turned away unwillingly.

Seeing that the uninvited guest had left, Madeline said casually, “Jeremy, is that really your cousin? When she was downstairs, she told me unhesitatingly that she’s one of the most important women in your life.”

When Jeremy heard these words, his eyes locked with Madeline’s. “The one and only important woman in my life is right in front of me now.”

“Really?” Madeline seemed to smile.

“She’s the daughter of my mother’s brother.” Jeremy explained.

Madeline nodded. That woman turned out to be his cousin.

However, did female cousins usually treat their male cousins in some kind of way?

It was not difficult to see that this Yvonne had a good impression of Jeremy.

Madeline pondered silently. She would not allow this person’s appearance to disrupt her plan.

“Jeremy, I plan to stay with you during this time to learn more about business management, can I?” Madeline took the initiative and said, “Although I founded Miss L.ady, my ability in this area is obviously insufficient, so I want to add value to myself.”

“As long as you want to, nothing is impossible.” Jeremy agreed simply.

Madeline smiled, leaning on his shoulder. “Jeremy, you’re so kind to me.”

She pretended to be happy and sweet, but this false happiness could not heal the wounds in her heart, let alone extinguish the spark of hatred.

Madeline followed Jeremy as his personal secretary that day.

Of course, her purpose was not to learn but the 70 percent worth of shares he held.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 424

Jeremy received a call from Mrs. Whitman the moment his regular afternoon meeting was over. “Jeremy, Yvonne is back. Do come back to the family home for the welcome reception. You must come. She’s your one and only cousin! “

Without giving Jeremy a chance to refuse, Mrs. Whitman hung up the phone.

Jeremy did not want to waste this time socializing with meaningless people, but Madeline had offered to go with Jeremy.

At the moment, Jeremy was parking the car while Madeline had walked to the gate to wait for Jeremy there. It was then when she suddenly heard Mrs. Whitman’s disdainful sneer from the house.

“Don’t think she’s like Madeline just because she looks like the scum. This woman is actually more difficult to deal with. I don’t know what has gotten into Jeremy, but he’s enamored and listens to that b*tch for everything!”

“I knew this woman was nothing good at first sight. Aunty, she deliberately ran into me twice today but complained to Cousin Jeremy that I bumped into her on purpose. How could Cousin Jeremy take a fancy to this vixen?” Yvonne opened her mouth to confuse the truth, her tone sounding contemptuous, “Aunty, this woman is not worthy of Cousin Jeremy. Let’s think of a way to separate them!”

“How do we split them? She’s already pregnant and Jeremy is so worried about her.”

“Pregnant?” Yvonne was taken aback. She was about to say something when her gaze changed all of a sudden. “Cousin Jeremy, you’re back!”

She stood up quickly, her smile appearing welcoming. Even her voice had become delicate, but when she saw Madeline who appeared next to Jeremy, the smile on Yvonne’s face became stiff. Then, she forced out a smile. “Sister-in-law, I’m so sorry for this morning. I hope you won’t take offense to today’s incident. I’ll walk carefully next time.”

She had changed her attitude probably because of Jeremy’s presence here.

Madeline smiled faintly. “It seems that you not only have to be careful when you walk but also when you speak. Otherwise, a no-good woman like me will hold a grudge.”

“…” Yvonne’s mouth twitched. She was extremely embarrassed.

She did not expect that the conversation she just had with Karen would be heard by Madeline.

Jeremy also understood the situation and glanced at Yvonne with a displeased look. He held Madeline’s shoulders and walked in.


Yvonne cussed secretly. She did not dare say the words aloud to Madeline’s face in front of Jeremy.

Mr. Whitman was not there and Old Master Whitman did not come downstairs as he was not feeling well.

Madeline could not help but worry. She had consistently heard that the old man was in poor health these days and was inevitably worried. She had wanted to take advantage of the night to meet Old Master Whitman.

Back then during those unwelcoming days, she knew that only Old Master Whitman had sincerely treated her well. She also sincerely hoped that Old Master Whitman would be healthy and safe.

“I’m going to see Grandpa.” Madeline grabbed the food that had been prepared by the servant and was about to head upstairs when Yvonne took advantage of Jeremy having turned around to answer the phone to take the food from Madeline’s hand.

“Vera, let me go. Grandpa Whitman has watched me grow up and loves me very much! He will be very happy if he knows that I’m here. If you go, Grandpa Whitman might not even open the door for you.” Yvonne looked innocent, but her eyes clearly revealed provocation and arrogance.

Madeline did not argue and went upstairs with her to the door of Old Master Whitman’s room.

Yvonne knocked hard on the door, her soft voice calling out, “Grandpa Whitman, it’s Yvonne. Surely you remember me? I came to see you. Please open the door.”

There was a long silence after her voice sounded.

“Grandpa Whitman must be asleep.” Yvonne turned around and raised her eyebrows confidently at Madeline. “Vera, let’s not disturb Grandpa Whitman’s rest…”

“My granddaughter-in-law is here, is she?” Old Master Whitman’s voice came from inside the room just then.

Yvonne was awkwardly surprised, then she saw the door open.

“Grandpa Whitman! I’m—”

“Come in.”

“Okay!” Yvonne eagerly agreed, not forgetting to cast triumphant eyes at Madeline. However, as soon as she took a step in, Old Master Whitman knocked her with a cane. “I didn’t let you in.”

“…” Yvonne was stunned and saw Old Master Whitman looking at Madeline kindly.

“Come in, Grandpa has something to tell you.”

Madeline nodded and smiled, her arrogant gaze passing over Yvonne’s flushed and awkward face as she walked into the room.

Yvonne gritted her teeth, turned around, and cursed while feeling dissatisfied.

After Madeline entered, she wanted to know of Old Master Whitman’s condition, but before she could even speak, she heard the old man’s long sigh. It was followed by, “Madeline, I know it’s you. My body is getting worse and worse recently, but I’m happy that I can see you come back safe and sound before I die. There’s one thing that I hope you will consider carefully.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 425

Old Master Whitman’s tone was calm. He had undoubtedly determined that the person in front of him was Madeline. He was obviously confident.

Madeline was a little surprised, but she stayed composed. “Grandpa, you’ll live a long life. Also, I really am not Madeline.”

Old Master Whitman smiled meaningfully, but his gray eyebrows were furrowed helplessly in a frown. “Madeline, are you asking me, this old man, to not die in peace?”

“…” Madeline was speechless for a moment.

“They told me that you died at Jeremy and Meredith’s engagement ceremony. This matter has always been in my mind, brooding.”

Old Master Whitman sighed.

“You’re a good child that’s hard to come by. It was Jeremy who didn’t know how to cherish you. I won’t fault you at all now that you chose to come back this way, but I hope you can stay away from Felipe.”

Old Master Whitman’s words of advice reminded Madeline of the past that Felipe had told her.

She looked at the old man in front of her seriously. Although his face was old and his temples were white, his time-beaten eyes still flowed with clarity and wisdom.

Madeline pursed her lips and smiled faintly. “I’m now Jeremy’s wife, so how can I have anything to do with Felipe anymore? Grandpa, I’m really not Madeline. Although I look a lot like her, I’m completely different from her in other aspects. I won’t walk the path she once walked.”

Seeing the confidence and determination in Madeline’s eyes, Old Master Whitman turned around and walked to the bedside cabinet. He then took out a stack of papers from the drawer and handed it to Madeline.

“What’s this?” Madeline accepted it quizzically. She looked down and found that a word was written on the first sheet of white paper that had been crumpled—Maddie.

She looked at the second and third sheets. All the sheets below were written with her name.

This familiar handwriting made Madeline’s heart beat faster.

“This was found by the servants who cleaned up Jeremy’s room here after your accident three years ago.”

Old Master Whitman’s answer made Madeline laugh involuntarily. “Grandpa, are you trying to tell me that Jeremy has been concerned about his ex-wife Madeline for the past three years?”

Madeline felt ridiculous as she said it.

She had died, and the only person in the Whitman family who felt sad for her was Old Master Whitman. Had the others not been very happy?

Even if there were strangers in the world who would feel sad or a little sorry about her death, it definitely would not be Jeremy!

“Madeline, do you still remember what I asked you when you said you were going to divorce Jeremy back then?” Old Master Whitman ignored Madeline’s repeated denials. He had already determined that she was Madeline.

Madeline looked at Old Master Whitman unknowingly. “Grandpa, I’m not Madeline, so I won’t remember what you told her back then.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten. Grandpa will tell you again now.” Old Master Whitman’s gaze was loving and patient. “At the time, I asked you whether Jeremy ever had sex with you after he was forced to marry you.”


“You know this answer very well, Madeline.” Old Master Whitman smiled kindly. “I don’t know about other people, but I know my grandson very well. If he didn’t like you, he’d never have any physical intimacy with you.”


Madeline suddenly felt as if she had heard a big joke.

A ridiculous joke that said Jeremy liked Madeline!

She laughed mockingly and put down the stack of papers in her hands onto the coffee table. “Grandpa, stop joking around. If Jeremy had liked Madeline even a little bit back then, then she wouldn’t have died so miserably.”

‘Yes, if he had felt any trace of love for me, he wouldn’t have let me bleed in the wind and snow. He wouldn’t have disregarded me!’

“Grandpa, I’m Jeremy’s current wife. I hope you won’t bring up Jeremy liking Madeline anymore because not only does it make me feel ridiculous, it also makes me uncomfortable.”

She took a deep breath, working hard to maintain her smile until the end.

“Grandpa, please rest well. You must go to the hospital if you feel unwell. Don’t worry the people who care for you. I’ll leave first.”

Madeline turned around after speaking. When she looked down, her gaze swept across the stack of papers on the coffee table. The mocking smile in her eyes became deeper.

She opened the door and saw Jeremy standing outside with an indifferent expression. He had a hand raised as if he was about to knock on the door.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 426

Madeline adjusted her emotions quickly and smiled. “Jeremy, Grandpa wants to rest. Let’s head back.”

Jeremy’s gaze focused closely on the fleeting mockery in Madeline’s eyes. He nodded lightly. “Okay.”

After they went back, Madeline took a cold shower to keep herself calm.

‘Grandpa really seems to have discovered my true identity and deliberately reminded me to stay away from Felipe.

‘Could it be that Grandpa has already investigated something in secret?

‘I have to speed things up.

‘If I drag on, Jeremy will see through me sooner or later.

‘After all, his IQ is not low.’

At midnight, Madeline slowly opened her eyes after Jeremy had fallen asleep.

Gently removing herself from Jeremy’s embrace, she went to his study using the moonlight.

After observing these few days, Madeline was certain that Jeremy’s study was not equipped with a security system.

She turned on the lights and looked through the documents on his study desk. Most of them were company documents, but they were all unimportant.

Madeline then turned on the computer and it showed the page of which a password was needed to enter after the screen lit up.


What password did he set?

Madeline tried to enter Jeremy and Meredith’s birthdates, but they both failed.

When she was about to leave it aside, a small figure appeared at the entrance of the study. “Mom.”

“Jack?” Madeline was surprised to see the sleepy little guy.

“Mom, do you still need to work this late at night?” the little guy asked softly as he slowly walked in.

Madeline could only nod. It felt exceptionally good to hear Jackson call her ‘Mom’. “Yes, I suddenly recalled that something hasn’t been done.”

“I’ll accompany you.” Jackson smiled slightly, his snaggleteeth showing.

Madeline wanted to reject him, but the little guy had already walked to her side.

“Jack, Mom’s very forgetful. I’ve forgotten the start-up password all of a sudden, so let’s just go to bed first.”

“You’ve forgotten the password? Don’t worry, Jack knows.”


Madeline looked at Jackson who said these words in surprise.

“Mom, wait for me.” Jackson turned around and walked out after he said this. When he came back again, he was holding a phone in his hand.

Madeline initially thought that Jackson had jotted down Jeremy’s password in his phone, but she saw him opening a software that she did not know of. Then, he connected the phone to the computer. After that, it processed for a while, and it did not take long for the eight numbers to continuously pop up on the phone screen.

Seeing the numbers that had appeared, Madeline was dumbfounded.

‘This is… the start-up password that Jeremy set?

‘How could it be?!’

She looked at the familiar, eight-digit number in disbelief and immediately saw Jackson inputting the numbers into the computer. After pressing the enter key, the computer unlocked in the next second.

At the same time, a notification sounded from Jeremy’s phone.

He opened his deep, black orbs and saw his empty arms. Then, he glanced at his phone before getting up and walking to the study…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 427

Jeremy made a beeline to the study and saw light streaming out of the room from afar.

His gaze sunk a little as his footsteps unconsciously slowed down.

Just when he reached the door of the study and was about to enter, Madeline walked out while holding Jackson.

Madeline was surprised when she saw Jeremy. “Jeremy, why are you also awake?” She smiled a little. “I’ll send Jack back to his room to sleep first.”

Jeremy did not ask anything and just nodded.

Seeing Madeline turning around and leading Jackson back, his gaze lingered for a while before he turned around and walked into the study.

After Madeline had sent Jackson back to his room, she whispered, “Jack, can you promise Mommy not to tell your dad what happened just now?”

Jackson blinked his clear, big eyes twice, then nodded his head. “Jack will listen to Mommy and not tell Dad.”

“Thanks, Jack.” Madeline caressed the little guy’s head and lovingly kissed his pink and tender cheek. “It’s very late, go to sleep.”

After Jackson lay down on the bed obediently, his small, fair hand gently pulled at Madeline’s skirt.

“Can Mommy put me to sleep?”

There was a hint of pleading in his infantile voice, and his expectant look made Madeline feel even more touched.

She could not refuse the little guy’s request at all.

She smiled gently. “Of course.”

Jackson showed his cute little white snaggletooth as he smiled happily, then he closed his eyes.

Madeline covered him with a blanket, then hummed softly. “Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop…”

She sang and sang, but suddenly, the corners of her eyes were wet with tears.

She could not help but think of the missing child.

She had already looked through the people related to Meredith and the Crawfords, but there was nothing suspicious.

Where would Meredith have hidden her child?

After Jeremy left the study, he walked to the entrance of Jackson’s room.

Seeing Madeline singing a lullaby to coax Jackson to sleep, an imperceptible gentleness gradually emerged in his cold, deep gaze…

After a while, Madeline went back to the room and saw that Jeremy was already lying on the bed.

Madeline walked over calmly and explained. “I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I went to the study to look for a book. I unexpectedly ran into Jack who was also an insomniac.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a faint smile. “Why are you suddenly an insomniac? Do you have any worries?”

“Perhaps many things have happened during this time and it has affected my sleep a bit.” Madeline casually presented an excuse.

She lay back down, trying not to make contact with Jeremy’s body after turning off the table lamp.

“Go to sleep. You need to get up early to work tomorrow.”

However, as soon as Madeline lay down, Jeremy approached her. He reached out to hold her in his arms.

The fragrance and warmth on Jeremy’s body lingered around Madeline, surrounding her.

Although Madeline let herself be indifferent, she still could not ignore the scorching warmth coming from behind her. It was pressed against her skin.

She suddenly recalled the eight-digit number of the start-up password.

The password to Jeremy’s computer turned out to be her birthdate.

This was outrageous.

Old Master Whitman’s words involuntarily repeated in her head. ‘If Jeremy didn’t like you, he’d have never had any physical intimacy with you.’

Madeline wanted to laugh. ‘He likes me?

‘Grandpa, if he really likes me, he wouldn’t have hurt me to that extent. He wouldn’t have been so inhumane to tear my love for him into pieces over and over again until I became disheartened.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 428

“What’s wrong? Why are you so nervous?” The man’s low and deep voice slid into her ears like thick red wine.

Madeline suddenly withdrew her thoughts. In the dark, a sneer appeared on the corner of her lips.

“It’s nothing. I just thought of a funny joke all of a sudden,” she said indifferently, but her eyes were burning.

‘That’s right, it’s a joke. A very big joke.

‘He may love any woman in this world, but he’ll never love me.’

The next day after Madeline got up early to prepare a hearty breakfast for Jackson, she then sent him to kindergarten with Jeremy.

It was obvious that Jackson’s current state was much better than before.

Madeline had never seen a child who became happier and more at ease after being without their biological mother.

What kind of a devil was Meredith to be able to destroy her own flesh and blood to the point of depression and mental damage?

Whitman Corporation.

After the morning meeting was over, Jeremy took Madeline to the department specializing in jewelry under Whitman Corporation.

“It just so happens that the department manager here went abroad to study some time ago, so I’ll leave this to you now,” Jeremy announced in front of all the employees in the department.

Those who made jewelry were familiar with the brand Miss L.ady, and they were also familiar with the name Vera Quinn. Most importantly, Vera was their president’s wife.

Madeline readily accepted this new role. She was now going to penetrate Whitman Corporation.

After familiarizing herself with the department all morning, Madeline then planned to look for Jeremy. Just as she got out of the elevator, she saw Yvonne holding an exquisite lunchbox while running directly into Jeremy’s office with a bright smile on her face.

It did not take long for Madeline to hear Yvonne’s coquettish voice saying, “Jez, I spent all morning making this. Quickly try it.

“Jez you don’t know how much I missed you when I was studying at F Nation…”

She had poured her heart out, but Jeremy seemed to be unresponsive to her. Not long after, Yvonne came out holding the lunchbox.

Madeline calmly walked over and Yvonne’s face darkened as soon as she saw Madeline.

Yvonne could not be bothered to put on a show and fake a friendly look in front of Madeline when Jeremy was not around to witness it.

Madeline ignored her. It was just that Madeline noticed how the other woman had curled her lips maliciously when she passed by. This was followed by Madeline feeling an obstacle under her feet.

She saw Yvonne intentionally stretching out her leg in an attempt to trip her.

Yvonne would actually do such a thing even with the knowledge that she was pregnant, but Madeline did not let herself fall.

Yvonne looked at Madeline, who was stable, in surprise. Then, she happened to meet her sharp and beautiful eyes.

Madeline curled her lips and smiled. “It’s better to steady your own footsteps before wanting to trip me.”

“…” In the midst of her shock and confusion, Yvonne suddenly tripped on her own foot. She immediately lost her balance, falling to the ground with a plop.

“Ah!” Yvonne exclaimed. Her lunchbox fell to the ground and the food inside was scattered all over. Her face, which had makeup on, also planted itself into a large area of the scattered meal.

Not only did she fall flat on her face, but even her makeup was ruined now.

“You! Vera Quinn, you dare trip me with your foot?!” Yvonne was outraged. She got up aggressively.

She was so loud that several staff members were now looking over.

Jeremy immediately walked out when he heard the words ‘Vera Quinn’ mentioned.

Yvonne cried and ran over to complain as soon as she saw Jeremy. “Jez, this woman is so vicious. She tripped me with her foot and now my lunchbox was overturned. Even my makeup is smudged!”

Madeline laughed. “Jeremy, she didn’t lie. I did intentionally trip her—”

“Jez, you heard her. She admitted it! Vera Quinn, you’re so vicious!”

“I admitted it, but do you dare to admit it as well? You wanted to trip me with your foot first just now. I was just returning the favor.”

Yvonne quickly shook her head and squeezed out two drops of tears. “Jez, I didn’t… She’s framing me. You know I’ve been kind since I was young. I would never do such a thing…”

“Look behind you before you lie.” Madeline smiled slightly and pointed at a spot behind Yvonne.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 429

Yvonne turned her head abruptly when she heard Madeline’s words, only to see a surveillance camera.

Yvonne’s confidence deflated instantly. She looked extremely embarrassed.

Jeremy’s icy cold eyes swept over Yvonne’s face. “Don’t let me see you get any closer to Vera.”

Yvonne trembled with fright. “Jez, I…”

“Get lost.”


Yvonne was not happy about it, but she saw the employees whispering on the side while looking at her. She suddenly felt her cheeks heating up immensely. She glared at Madeline angrily before running off.

Jeremy walked toward Madeline, the coldness in his eyes dispersing immediately. “Did she hurt you?”

Madeline shook her head and smiled calmly. “I’m okay.”

Jeremy seemed to be more relieved after hearing this. He gently held her hand and walked to the elevator. “Are you tired after working all morning?”

“All my fatigue went away when I saw you.” Madeline smiled with curved eyes.

Jeremy looked at her bright, smiling face, and a warm shade covered his cold face.

He even hoped that he could see this smile in front of him for a little longer.

The employees who had not yet dispersed could not help but feel surprised upon seeing this scene before them.

“It turns out that Mr. Whitman can smile.”

“Nonsense. Of course, he can. It just depends on who he’s with.”

“This Vera actually looks almost exactly like Mr. Whitman’s ex-wife, but why did Mr. Whitman hate Madeline so much yet pampers Vera?”

As the voices sounded, nobody could solve this puzzle.

Jeremy took Madeline to a nearby restaurant for lunch, but as soon as they sat down, he received a call.

The tone of the person on the other end of the call was a little pressing. Madeline could vaguely hear their conversation. It seemed to be work-related.

“Vera, I can’t accompany you for lunch anymore. There’s something I have to deal with immediately.”

“Work is important. You should go.”

“See you later,” Jeremy said and left a black card before leaving.

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s figure indifferently, her lips curling up.

Compared to having lunch with him and being forced to smile, she enjoyed her time alone more.

She ordered a bottle of red wine, and as the waiter poured the wine for her thoughtfully, she looked at the burgundy liquid. Her thoughts wandered away once again.
She thought of Jeremy’s start-up password as well as the graveyard and ashes. Madeline suddenly got up, left the restaurant hurriedly without taking a bite nor a sip, and went back to Whitman Corporation.

As expected, Jeremy had left due to an emergency, so he was not in the office.

Madeline entered his office freely. As there was a surveillance camera, she walked toward Jeremy’s office desk calmly and naturally.

Madeline then pretended to accidentally knock over a glass of water. She hurriedly took some tissues to wipe the desktop, then picked up the wet laptop and walked to the side. It looked like she wanted to wipe it down, but she had just taken the laptop to a place where the surveillance camera could not see.

Madeline wasted no time to turn on the laptop and enter the password that Jackson cracked last night. After keying in the familiar eight-digit number, the laptop easily switched on.

The password once again disoriented her for a few seconds.

Last night, she had heard Jeremy’s footsteps and immediately switched off the computer. She left the study without seeing anything. Now, she had plenty of time.

Madeline took out a USB flash drive from her bag decisively and began to copy the data.

It took about 20 minutes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 430

Madeline erased all her traces, then put the laptop back in place.

She held the light USB flash drive in her hand, but it felt heavy for some reason.

Although she had not been educated by her parents since she was a child, her grandpa always taught her to be a kind-hearted and honest person.

She always had a clear conscience and never did anything that caused harm.

However, at this moment, she actually felt hesitant.

‘Is this considered dishonest?

‘No, it’s not.

‘Jeremy Whitman, back then, you worked with Meredith to ruin me completely. Even on the day of my ‘death’, I still had to bear the cruel, critical attacks from you two.

‘Those non-existent sins, the harm from your tyrannical methods, the pain from three years of unjust charges, and the separation of flesh and blood are all vivid to me.

‘You’ve bestowed me such misfortune, so don’t blame me for fighting back now.

‘Jeremy, you owe me.’

Madeline held the USB flash drive tightly. She then turned around and left the office.

Felipe’s company was on the other side of the street, so Madeline reached there in no time.

It was lunch break, and Felipe had happened to come out. He was surprised and delighted upon seeing Madeline. “Are you looking for me?”

Madeline nodded. “I have something important to tell you.”

Felipe smiled faintly. “Let’s go to a restaurant. We’ll eat while we talk.”

“Okay.” Madeline nodded and followed Felipe to a Western restaurant nearby.

Not far behind, someone saw this scene and quietly followed.

In the restaurant, Felipe ordered Madeline’s favorite dishes and a bottle of red wine.

He poured the wine for her, his graceful, handsome face carrying a gentleman’s smile. “What’s the matter that you were looking for me in such a hurry? Shouldn’t you be accompanying Jeremy to lunch at this time?”

“He left to take care of an emergency.”

Felipe’s obsidian eyes sparkled with a golden light upon hearing this. “I’m happy that you came looking for me as soon as he left.”

Madeline froze a little. “Felipe, I really have an urgent matter.”

“Okay, go on.” Felipe smiled slightly and nodded. There was always an elegant demeanor in his gestures.

“I know the start-up password to Jeremy’s computer,” Madeline said softly.

Felipe’s eyes looked up. “How do you suddenly know his password?”

She thought of how Jackson had cracked the password last night and changed the topic. “How I know is not important. What’s important is this.”

She took out the USB flash drive from her bag. “I’ve copied all the information on his computer.”

Looking at the USB flash drive in Madeline’s hand, Felipe’s eyes seemed to have sunk. A strong sense of aggression suddenly appeared in his usually calm and gentle eyes.

He stretched out his hand slowly. “Give it to me.”

Madeline glanced at the USB flash drive, and suddenly, there was a trace of hesitation. At the same time, she also thought of Jeremy’s cruel and tyrannical treatment toward her in the past. In the wind and snow, he had used the ashes of her grandfather and her child as threats to torture her to the brink of death.

He then let Meredith destroy her face and take her corneas. He denied their vows and even disregarded her life until her very last moment.

‘Eveline Montgomery, if he can be so cruel to you, why do you still need to be merciful?’ Madeline asked herself. Her gaze narrowed and she passed the USB flash drive over without hesitation.

Felipe noticed Madeline’s struggle and hesitation, but he was happy when she finally handed the USB flash drive to him.

It was just that during the handover, someone suddenly rushed over and grabbed Madeline’s wrist.

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